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271 - Sheet feeding or delivering

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271207000 To receiver for pack of sheets 129
271279000 Multiple discharge 67
271306000 With transfer means between conveyor and receiver 35
271314000 Rotary conveyor 31
271198000 By endless conveyor 8
271194000 By pneumatic conveyor 7
271084000 Reciprocating conveyors 1
20090160121CAM DRIVEN INSERT GRIPPER - An apparatus includes a frame, a rotatable first shaft, wherein the first shaft includes a first cam, a rotatable second shaft, an item gripper connected to the second shaft by a connection including a link and an offset shaft rotatably connected to the link, and a linkage. The link is adapted to rotate with the second shaft for pivoting the offset shaft about the second shaft. The item gripper includes jaws adapted to open and close when the offset shaft is axially rotated relative to the link. The linkage connects the first cam on the first shaft to a rider on the offset shaft. The linkage includes a second having a stepped surface for a stepped movement of the rider along the stepped surface to open the jaws during a predetermined angular movement of the offset shaft about the center axis of the second shaft.06-25-2009
271069000 Endless conveyors to other conveyors 1
20130161895PAPER SHEET MATERIAL RECEIVING AND STACKING SYSTEM - A paper sheet material receiving and stacking system includes a conveying unit including a feed table for receiving pieces of paper sheet material cut out of a continuous web, a receiving and adjustment unit including a carrier frame pivotally connected to the conveyor unit for transferring the received pieces of paper sheet material and a driving device for biasing the carrier frame between a horizontal position and an inclined position and an adjustment mechanism for controlling the gap of a sheet-transfer passage, and a stacking unit including a platform adapted for receiving pieces of paper sheet material passing through the sheet-transfer passage and a transmission mechanism controllable to move the platform horizontally forward, backward, leftward and rightward and vertically up and down and a sliding limiter for stopping pieces of paper sheet material on the platform in a stack.06-27-2013
20090194939SHEET CONVEYING DEVICE FOR IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - In an embodiment of the present invention, a plate is laid over sides of a second guide and a first guide that pivots relative to the second guide. The plate pivots with a first pin on the side of the second guide as a fulcrum. A second pin on the side of the first guide is inserted through a slit of the plate. The plate is pivoted by pivoting of the first guide in an opening direction. The second pin is fit in a stop slit provided in the slit to maintain the first guide in an open state. The first guide is pivoted in a closing direction to remove the second pin from the stop slit and close the first guide.08-06-2009
20080290595CASH HANDLING SYSTEM - A cash handling system 11-27-2008
20090174140Retention device of barcode printer - A roller retention device is provided for a barcode printer and includes a base and at least one peeling board, wherein the base is mounted to an enclosure of the barcode printer. The base has a front portion forming at least one first channel for accommodating a rear portion of a label sheet hold-down roller of the barcode printer. The first channel has a peripheral portion forming at least one connection segment. The peeling board has a rear portion forming a second channel which matches with the first channel in order to accommodate a front portion of the label sheet hold-down roller. The second channel has a peripheral portion forming a coupling segment which corresponds to and is fixed to the connection segment of the base, allowing the label sheet hold-down roller of the barcode printer to be retained and accommodated between the first channel of the base and the second channel of the peeling board. The peeling board features the function of peeling the barcode label stickers off a release paper. Thus, a retention device that features both retention of the roller of a barcode printer and peeling of the barcode label stickers is provided.07-09-2009
20100171261DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THE TRANSFER OF FLEXIBLE, ELONGATE OBJECTS - A device and method for transferring flexible flat objects, in particular printed products, between two conveyors. The device includes a first gripper conveyor with first grippers moved along a first gripper conveyor path for hanging transport of the objects in a conveyor direction by gripping a first object edge, a second gripper conveyor with second grippers moved along a second gripper conveyor path, for receiving the objects by gripping a second object edge which lies opposite the first object edge, and at least one actuation device for opening and closing the first and second grippers such that, in a transfer region, the objects may be transferred from the first grippers to the second grippers. The distances of the first and the second grippers are different to one another in front of the transfer region, wherein the distances of the first grippers are smaller than that of the second grippers.07-08-2010
20090091077Printer and issuing apparatus - In order to provide a printer and an issuing apparatus for effectively preventing occurrence of jam even when a user picks a leading end of a printed sheet discharged from a discharge port, a leading end of a guide plate (04-09-2009
20110169217Method and Device for Transporting Paper Within a Paper Handling Installation from a First Conveyor to a Second Conveyor - In a method and a device for transporting paper within a paper handling installation from a first conveyor to a second conveyor, the second conveyor has a velocity which at least partially follows a drive curve of the first conveyor. A frictional force between the second conveyor and the paper is set to a first value when the first conveyor and the second conveyor are in engagement with the paper. The frictional force between the second conveyor and the paper is set to a second value, which is higher than the first value, when the papers is conveyed by the second conveyor.07-14-2011
20080309009SHEET POST-PROCESSING APPARATUS, IMAGE FORMING SYSTEM AND POWER SAVING CONTROL METHOD - A sheet post-processing apparatus has a sheet conveying portion which receives and conveys a sheet discharged from an apparatus on an upstream side, and discharges it to an apparatus on a downstream side or a discharge tray, a sheet post-processing portion which carried out post-processing on the sheet, and a power saving control portion which renders the sheet post-processing apparatus into a power saving state, and the power saving control portion maintains electric power supply to the sheet conveying portion, and interrupts electric power supply to the sheet post-processing portion. The sheet post-processing apparatus, even in the power saving state, is capable of discharging the sheet discharged from the apparatus on the upstream side to the apparatus on the downstream side or a discharge tray.12-18-2008
20080272539Intermediate Adjusting Module For A Scaling Machine - A device for scaling cut-out cardboard blanks (11-06-2008
20080272540EQUIPMENT FOR THE AUTOMATIC DEPOSIT OF BANKNOTES - An equipment (11-06-2008
20100201065Adjustable delivery web conversion apparatus and method - An adjustable delivery web conversion apparatus is provided. The adjustable delivery web conversion apparatus includes a variable cutting apparatus cutting a printed web into a first signature and a second signature, a first assembly receiving the first signature and a second assembly downstream of the first assembly receiving the second signature. Also included are a first delivery section for receiving the first signature from the first assembly, a second delivery section for receiving the second signature from the second assembly and a stack receiving conveyor for receiving the first signature and the second signature. The first delivery section is movable between a first delivery and a first non-delivery position. The second delivery section is movable between a second delivery position and a second non-delivery position. The stacking receiving conveyor is movable between a conveying position and a non-conveying position. A method of producing and delivering signatures is also provided.08-12-2010
20090026699MEDIUM EJECTION DEVICE AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A medium ejection device includes an ejection member, a stacking member and a rib. The ejection member ejects a medium toward a medium ejection direction. The stacking member stacks the medium ejected from the ejection member. The rib is disposed in a substantially up and down direction, and is contacted by a tailing end of the medium ejected from the ejection member. The rib includes a convex portion protruding toward the stacking member in an upper portion thereof.01-29-2009
20090230619SHEET PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - Provided is a sheet processing apparatus for processing sheets, including: a sheet process tray on which sheets to be processed are stacked; a sheet transport means for transporting processed sheets on the sheet process tray; a pressure member which is provided on an upstream side of the sheet transport means with respect to a sheet transport direction and which moves in the sheet transport direction while pressing the processed sheets, for transporting the processed sheets in cooperation with the sheet transport unit; and a controller for selectively operating the pressure member.09-17-2009
20090033030SHEET CONVEYING APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A first detecting unit S02-05-2009
20090014949Sheet post-processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image forming system - A sheet post-processing apparatus includes a sheet stacking unit, a moving member, and a discharging member. The moving member moves up the pile stacked on the sheet stacking unit to one of a plurality of scooping positions, and the discharging member receives the pile from the moving member at the one of the scooping positions and scoops up the pile by supporting a bottom edge of the pile for discharging the pile out of the sheet stacking unit.01-15-2009
20090001662SHEET CONVEYING DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - A sheet conveying device that is capable of performing a stable sheet conveying operation without being influenced by a characteristic of a sheet. A sheet conveying device includes lots of conveying roller pairs configured to convey a sheet by nipping the same and conveying motors configured to drive the respective conveying roller pairs. A downstream conveying roller pair and an upstream conveying roller pair cooperate with each other to convey the sheet by nipping the same. A CPU controls the conveying motors such that the circumferential speed of the downstream conveying roller pair becomes lower than that of the upstream conveying roller pair. The speed difference in circumferential speed between the downstream conveying roller pair and the upstream conveying roller pair is changed according to a characteristic of the sheet.01-01-2009
20110079955SHEET STACKING DEVICE, SHEET PROCESSING DEVICE, AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - In order to stack a larger number of sheets on trays by reducing a total thickness of the trays and enabling the trays to ascend and descend actually over long distances, a sheet stacking device includes an upper-tray and a lower-tray which are ascendible and descendible and on which sheets delivered from a delivery roller pair are stacked, a motor and a belt for allowing both the trays to ascend and descend, a clutch for disconnecting the upper-tray and the belt from each other, and a claw and a rack for stopping self-weight descent of the upper-tray when the clutch effects the disconnection. A clearance between the upper-tray under the disconnection by the clutch and in the stop of the self-weight descent by the claw engaged with the rack and the lower-tray connected to the belt is adjustable by ascent and descent of the lower-tray by the motor.04-07-2011
20090174139Label sheet out-feeding detection device for barcode printer - A label sheet out-feeding detection device is provided for a barcode printer and includes a guide member coupled to a front enclosure of the barcode printer. The guide member forms at least one pair of opposing rails. Two casing members are combined to each other to form a combined casing movably received between the rails of the guide member for conducting up and down movement. The combined casing has a top portion forming a detection channel. A guide rail is formed inside the casing. A least a pair of photo-electric detection elements is respectively mounted on wall portions of the casing respectively above and below the detection channel for detecting out-feeding of a label sheet passing through the detection channel. At least one resilient device has an end coupled to the guide member and an oppose end engaging a bottom portion of the casing. At least one positioning bar has an end pivotally jointed to the guide member and an opposite end forming a positioner fit into and movably received in the guide rail of the casing. When the casing is depressed, the location of the positioner of the positioning bar within the guide rail is changed. The casing is selectively and resiliently raised up for conducting detection or depressed down for being concealed inside the casing. Thus, a label sheet out-feeding detection device that is switchable between an operation condition and a concealed and stowed condition by means of depression is realized.07-09-2009
20080315515Image forming apparatus - An image forming apparatus includes a first guide portion disposed to be movable for opening a transportation path of a medium; a second guide portion disposed to be movable for opening the transportation path and arranged adjacent to the first guide portion; a first transportation member for transporting the medium to the transportation path; and a second transportation member for discharging the medium from the transportation path to outside the image forming apparatus. Further, when the first guide portion and the second guide portion close the transportation path, the second guide portion is arranged to guide a rear edge of the medium.12-25-2008

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