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Sheet associating

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270 - Sheet-material associating


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270580070 Performing operation on stacks (e.g., binding, cutting) 174
270580310 Inserting marker sheet 10
270580020 Sheet arrival sensor 7
270580180 Plural stackers 4
20090001649SHEET STACKING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SHEET STACKING APPARATUS - A sheet stacking apparatus which is capable of efficiently stacking sheets of various sizes while making efficient use of space therein to realizing compactness of the apparatus. Stacker trays that are driven by respective tray lift motors perform a lifting/lowering operation to have sheets stacked thereon. Selection is made according to the size of sheets between a first stacking mode for stacking sheets having a size not larger than a predetermined size on one of the stacker trays and a second stacking mode for stacking sheets having a size larger than the predetermined size in a state extending on the stacker trays. When it is determined that one of the stacker trays is faulty, execution of the second stacking mode is inhibited, and execution of the first stacking mode using the other stacker tray is permitted.01-01-2009
20090001650SHEET STACKING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SHEET STACKING APPARATUS - A sheet stacking apparatus which is capable of efficiently stacking sheets of various sizes while efficiently using space therein to thereby realize compactness thereof, and maintaining a high availability. Stacker trays for stacking sheets discharged from an image forming apparatus can be separately removed. It is detected whether any of the stacker trays is removed. When large-size sheets are stacked, a stacker control section causes the stacker trays to operate as one tray to stack the sheets in a state extending on the stacker trays, whereas when small-size sheets are stacked, the section causes one of the stacker trays to stack the sheets. Further, when one stacker tray is removed to make it impossible to stack the large-size sheets, the section causes a display section to display a guide message advising setting of the removed stacker tray.01-01-2009
20090206538POST-PROCESSING APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND POST-PROCESSING SYSTEM - Provided is a post-processing apparatus which sequentially receives sheets one by one from an image forming apparatus to execute a post-processing on the sheets, including: a first transport device which receives the sheets delivered from the image forming apparatus and transports the sheets; a sheet overlap device which stays the sheets transported by the first transport device and causes another sheet transported sequentially by the first transport device to overlap at least one stayed sheet; a second transport device which transports a plurality of sheets overlapping each other by the sheet overlap device; a plurality of stacking devices capable of stacking a plurality of sheets transported by the second transport device; and a controller which changes control of sheet overlapping caused by the sheet overlap device depending on which stacking device selected from among the plurality of stacking devices the sheets are to be transported to.08-20-2009
20120193860SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INLINE CUTTING AND STACKING OF SHEETS FOR FORMATION OF BOOKS - This invention provides a system and method for aligning, feeding, trimming, slitting, rotating, cross-slitting and stacking sheets, each containing one or more discrete page images thereon that allows for greater automation of the overall process so that reduced or no manual intervention is required to generate completed book stacks or “blocks” from a stream or stack of printed sheets. Sheets are fed to a first, upstream trimming station to remove margin edges and optionally separate the sheets relative to the discrete page images. The sheets are then rotated 90 degrees and fed to a second, downstream trimming station that trims the right-angle edges and optionally separates the sheets into a final group of full-bleed pages, removing margins and gutter strips. The sheets are feed to a stacking assembly to be tacked in page order and any rejected, defective sheets or stacks are removed from the order.08-02-2012
270580230 Sheets received from plural supplies 3
20110248438DEVICE AND METHOD FOR COLLATING TWO-DIMENSIONAL OBJECTS - An apparatus and a method for compiling flat objects, wherein a gripper conveyor is used, the grippers of which either act directly as support elements or contact surfaces for the products to be compiled, thereby constituting a receiving unit, or interact with a separate support element to form a receiving unit. The use of a gripper conveyor having a controllable opening state and a controllable orientation of the gripper jaws of the individual grippers, and/or a controllable orientation of the separate support elements, has the advantage that the orientation of the contact surfaces and the clamping function within a receiving unit can be set independently of the adjoining receiving units. In this way, greater flexibility is attained.10-13-2011
20100252984IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A method for controlling an apparatus which inserts a second sheet fed from a second sheet feeding unit into a plurality of first sheets that are fed from a first sheet feeding unit and discharged to a sheet stacking unit after an image is formed. The method includes setting a number of a plurality of sheets to be fed from the second sheet feeding unit as one set of second sheets, outputting the second sheets to the sheet stacking unit, receiving a confirmation request of the second sheets, and performing control to output a predetermined number of second sheets which corresponds to the set number from the second sheet feeding unit, when the confirmation request is received.10-07-2010
270580300 With lapstream 2
20090146360UNDER-SHINGLED ARTICLE HANDLING AND STACKING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A device and process for processing flat articles such as pieces of paper by utilizing a stream of under-shingled flat articles and generating a gap at predetermined intervals. The under-shingling process incorporates an accelerating and decelerating portion wherein each flat article is accelerated and then decelerated while a tail portion of the article is lifted such that the next flat article can slide underneath to establish an under-shingled stream.06-11-2009
20100270725POST-PROCESSING APPARATUS, SHEET EJECTION METHOD THEREOF AND IMAGE FORMING SYSTEM - Provided is a sheet ejection tray to which sheets are ejected; a stacker in which, after a plurality of sheets have been stacked, these sheets are ejected to the sheet ejection tray; a sheet ejection control section capable of controlling in such a way that it is selectable whether the sheets are ejected to the sheet ejection tray after having been stacked in the stack section, or the sheets are ejected to the sheet ejection tray without using the stack section; and an input button employed by an user to perform input operations. The sheet ejection control section provides control in such a way that, when the input button has been operated to perform an input operation while the sheets are ejected to the sheet ejection tray without using the stacker, the sheets will be ejected to the sheet ejection tray after having been stacked temporarily in the stacker.10-28-2010
270059000 Stop sheet 2
20080308993Method for Collating Documents and Device for Carrying Out this Method - A collating method, particularly for a continuous production line of mailing covers that makes it possible to simultaneously collate the documents to be folded and their envelope and fold them in order to obtain a mailing cover finished in a single pass. The method includes, during the collating step, that the documents (12-18-2008
20130214475SHEET PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING SYSTEM - A first discharging portion that discharges a sheet received from one of image forming apparatuses and a second discharging portion that discharges a sheet received from the other image forming apparatus are disposed so as to be opposite to each other in order to stack the sheets discharged in a common processing tray. A controller that controls the first discharging portion and the second discharging portion, when the sheets are continuously discharged by the first discharging portion and the second discharging portion to the processing tray, controls a timing when the sheets are discharged by the first discharging portion and the second discharging portion to the common processing tray such that a leading edge of the sheet discharged from one of the discharging portions abuts on a sheet surface in the downstream of a discharging direction below a leading edge of the sheet discharged from the other discharging portion.08-22-2013
270580060 Envelope stuffing 2
20110109032INSERTION APPARATUS AND INSERTION METHOD - An apparatus for, and a method of, inserting flat articles, e.g. printed pre-products or additional products, parts of newspapers, goods samples, leaflets, fliers and other inserts, into folded printed products. Use is made of a rotary system with compartments which run along a closed circular rotary path and are oriented as a tangent or secant to the rotary path (U). This makes it possible for the printed products and the articles to be fed in the direction of rotation, as a result of which the forces acting on the products can be reduced. There are also advantages relating to format adaptation, since the opening angle of the product upon adjustment of the compartment base does not change to such a pronounced extent as is the case with radially oriented compartments.05-12-2011
20100059918Inserting apparatus for discrete objects into envelopes and related methods - An apparatus for inserting a paper or film object or a stack of such objects into an envelope. A feeding apparatus moves the object toward an insertion station and a vacuum drum has a surface adapted to engage and move the envelope toward the insertion station. A ramp element is coupled to the vacuum drum and is adapted to support a leading portion of the envelope as the envelope moves With the vacuum drum.03-11-2010
270580280 Vertically movable stacker 1
20080237965SHEET PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING SYSTEM - An image forming system which is capable of preventing paper jam from occurring in a sheet processing apparatus to thereby maintain the stability of the system. An alignment plates of an alignment unit movable in a lateral direction each sheet are brought into abutment with opposite side edges of sheets stacked on the sheet stack unit to laterally align the sheets. A lateral registration sensor unit detects a lateral position of the sheet being conveyed. When the detected lateral position of the sheet is beyond a predetermined position, the CPU of the apparatus changes the standby positions of the alignment plates such that spacing therebetween in the lateral direction the sheet is widened by a predetermined amount, and extends the conveying interval of sheets in the image forming apparatus by a predetermined time period.10-02-2008
270580040 With dissimilar-sheets sensor (e.g., different sizes or weights) 1
20110095469STITCHER/STAPLER FOR BINDING MULTI-SHEET COLLATIONS AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A system for binding variable thickness multi-sheet collations includes first and second processing stations including a stitcher and stapler, respectively and a means for determining the thickness of a multi-sheet collation. A processor is responsive to a thickness value signal and selects one of the first and second processing stations to bind the multi-sheet collation. A conveyance system then transports the multi-sheet collation to the selected one of the first and second processing stations. A method includes the steps of: stacking sheet material to produce a multi-sheet collation, determining the thickness of the multi-sheet collation, and selecting an apparatus to bind the multi-sheet collation from one of at least two binding apparatus based upon the thickness of the multi-sheet collation. The multi-sheet collation is then conveyed along a feed path to a selected one of the binding apparatus. The method further includes the steps of disposing the multi-sheet collation between a pair of opposed registration members and aligning opposed edges of the multi-sheet collation by oscillating at least one of the registration members into and out of engagement with at least one of the opposed edges based upon the thickness of the multi-sheet collation.04-28-2011
270060000 Cylinder collecting 1
20080272533Document stream merging method and apparatus - A collation control mechanism is used to transfer a collation from a dual accumulator to an exit nip of a collation machine. The collation control mechanism has a middle drum and two side rollers to form an upper nip and a lower nip. The drum is caused to rotate alternately in a clockwise direction and in a counter-clockwise direction for transferring a collation from the upper bay and the lower bay, respectively, to the exit nip. A motor is used to drive the drum in both the clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. A coupling mechanism including two sets of one-way clutches is used to engage the motor to the upper and lower rollers of the exit nip so that the upper roller is caused to rotate only in the counter-clockwise direction while the lower roller is cause to rotate only in the clockwise direction.11-06-2008
270580270 With edge aligner 1
20080237964Post-processing apparatus and image forming system having the same apparatus - A post-processing apparatus, including a stacker which stacks sheets, including a sheet stopping member which aligns the sheet and an urging member which urges the sheet to move toward the sheet stopping member, an accumulating section which is positioned upstream of the stacker in a sheet conveyance direction, a first sheet detection section which is positioned upstream of the accumulating section, and a control section which controls the accumulating section, based on a sheet detection signal, to superimpose a secondary sheet on a primary sheet in the accumulating section, wherein a leading section of the primary sheet is positioned toward an upstream side for a first predetermined length from a leading section of the secondary sheet, and controls the urging member to rub a leading section of the primary sheet which protrudes from the secondary sheet toward the sheet stopping member.10-02-2008
20100090387Printer and control method for printer - A setting acceptor is operable to accept printing settings for a current printing job, including a setting of a first printing condition involving a confirmation print to print a copy set of sorted pages before a temporary pause waiting for a continuation instruction to print a designated number of copy sets, and a setting of a second printing condition involving a sorting print to print the designated number of copy sets of sorted pages, and a controller stores a last stack position in a previous printing job, as a first stack position, and is operable, as the printing settings accepted includes the setting of the first printing condition and the setting of the second printing condition, to discharge sheets in the confirmation print to a second stack position offset from the first stack position, and after the continuation instruction, discharge sheets of the designated number of copy sets in the sorting print to an alternating stack position alternating every copy set between the first and second stack positions, starting from the second stack position.04-15-2010
20090194927SHEET COMPILING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A compiling unit includes a collection tray and a variable-speed compiling system adapted to operate at at least two speeds to thereby receive a sheet of media at a higher speed and register the sheet of media within the collection tray at a lower speed. A control system is adapted to selectively operate the variable-speed compiling system at the at least two speeds. A printing system having a sheet media source, at least one marking engine, such a compiling unit and such a control system is included. A method of compiling sheet media is also included.08-06-2009
20120181739ADJUSTABLE CONVEYOR APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR BOOK BLOCK FINISHING MACHINE - An apparatus for conveying a plurality of sheets into a receiving member includes receiving member and a conveyor for conveying a plurality of sheets into the receiving member so that the sheets are stacked one upon another to form a book block. The conveyor can have a downstream end that is moveable relative to the stack of sheets in the receiving member. The apparatus can also include an actuator connected to the conveyor that is operable to move the downstream end of the conveyor relative to the stack of sheets in the receiving member.07-19-2012
20090278299DOCUMENT COLLATING APPARATUS - An apparatus for collating sheets, the apparatus comprising: a collating station having a collating position limited at its downstream end by a stop member against which the sheets abut whilst they are being collated; means for conveying sheets to the collating position so as to form a collated sheet set comprising a predetermined number of stacked sheets; a collating station eject device for moving the collated sheet set away from the collating position to an exit position; and means for conveying the collated sheet set from the exit position out of the apparatus to a downstream sheet handling device; wherein the collating station eject device comprises at least one movable pawl arranged to push each collated sheet set away from the collating position to the exit position and wherein the apparatus is adapted to collate a second sheet set at least partially overlying the first sheet set.11-12-2009
20090261522Sheet processing apparatus and image formation system using the apparatus - To provide a sheet processing apparatus enabling a bunch of sheets to be neatly stored on a stack tray without a crease, buckling and the like occurring in the bunch of sheets in carrying out the bunch of sheets on a processing tray to the stack tray on the downstream side, provided are a sheet discharge path (first carry-in path P10-22-2009
20120068397METHOD AND DEVICE FOR INSERTING SUPPLEMENTS INTO MULTIPAGE PRINTED PRODUCTS - A method for inserting a supplement into a multipage printed product having a back and composed of signatures and/or individual sheets, and being transported with the back oriented parallel to a conveying direction. The multipage printed product is supplied with a signature or an individual sheet projecting from the multipage printed product to define a predetermined separating location between the projecting signature or individual sheet and an adjacent signature or sheet. The multipage printed product is opened at the predetermined separating location and then the opening is expanded. The supplement is thereafter inserted into the expanded separating location.03-22-2012
20110109031APPARATUS FOR, AND METHOD OF, INSERTING FLAT OBJECTS INTO A FOLDED PRINTED PRODUCT - A device and a method for inserting flat objects into a folded printed product, wherein the products are held by grippers of a gripper conveyor which opens only briefly for inserting the flat object. In order to also stabilize the product in the open state of the gripper, a support element is provided, which moves between the two product parts before the gripper opens and rests on one of the product parts. If the orientations of the support elements and the grippers are selected in a suitable fashion, this will suffice in order to position the product and keep it open such that the flat object can be inserted and the gripper can then be closed again, while clamping the product with the flat object into position. Optionally, further support elements are present, which additionally support the product from the outside, such as the folded edge.05-12-2011
20120242028SHEET POST-PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SHEET POST-PROCESSING SYSTEM - A sheet post-processing apparatus includes a guide portion, a command input unit, a post-processing unit, and a guide controller. The guide portion guides a sheet bundle including the sheet carried from a carry-in portion to the processing position. The command input unit that accepts input of a manual execution command. The post-processing unit performs a predetermined post-process on the sheet bundle disposed at the processing position based on the manual execution command input through the command input unit. The guide controller is connected to the image forming apparatus in a signal-receivable manner to receive sheet size information in an image formation period of the image forming apparatus and to control driving of the guide portion to change a guide size based on the received sheet size information so as to match the guide size with sheet bundles having different sheet sizes.09-27-2012
20080315492SHEET PROCESSING APPARATUS - In a sheet processing apparatus that performs processing for sheets after image formation such as sorting or stapling of the sheets, sheets conveyed into a waiting tray are temporarily stopped while being kept clamped by a driving roller and a pinch roller in the waiting tray and the clamping is once released. A waiting tray unit on a left side is shifted to a right side by a predetermined amount, whereby an end of the stacked sheets is pushed and shifted by a lateral wall on the left side. Thereafter, the sheets are clamped again by the roller pair and discharged.12-25-2008
20120205853Post-Processing Device for Performing Post-Processing on Sheets and Image Forming Apparatus Including the Same, and Control Method for Post-Processing Device for Performing Post-Processing on Sheets - A post-processing device includes a processing tray on which sheets are to be stacked, a transport portion for transporting, a sheet introduced through an introduction port, a turn-aside portion for turning aside the sheet to delay arrival of the sheet at the processing tray, and a delivery mechanism for delivering the sheets stacked on the processing tray to a delivery tray on a boundary between copies. When a remaining number of sheets of one copy unstacked on the processing tray exceeds a maximum number of stacked sheets that is an amount of sheets stackable on the processing tray, the delivery mechanism delivers a sheet stack of the one copy a plurality of times so as to avoid delivery of only one sheet on a last page of the one copy, and the turn-aside portion turns aside a sheet on a first page to be stacked after delivering the sheet bundle.08-16-2012
20120169004METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING A SUB-GROUP OF A GROUP OF SHEETS IN A STREAM OF SHEETS - A method for determining a subgroup of a group of sheets in a sheet stream starting from a group start of the group comprises determining the subgroup end of the subgroup based on a sheet state parameter. The subgroup is determined by the group start and the subgroup end and comprises a variable number of sheets. The sheet state parameter determines which sheet in the sheet stream is a group end of the group of sheets.07-05-2012
20100052235CONVEYING APPARATUS - A conveying apparatus with conveying compartments (03-04-2010
20080203647SHEET POST-PROCESSING APPARATUS - A support member 08-28-2008
20130168914SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MINIMIZING THE CONVEYANCE FEED PATH OF A SHEET MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEM - A method for operating a sheet handling system including the steps of: determining a location of a next collation mark on select sheets of the stack of material, selecting an operating mode based upon the proximity of the next collation mark relative to a leading or trailing edge of each of the select sheets, processing the singulated sheets in a first operating mode when the next collation mark is proximal to the leading edge of each of the select sheets, and in a second operating mode, when the next collation mark is proximal to a trailing edge of each of the select sheets. Each of the select sheets is buffered to change the spatial relationship between each of the select sheet and each completed collation of sheets along the feed path. By selectively processing the sheets based upon the location of the next collation mark, the conveyance feed path is minimized.07-04-2013
20130093134SHEET STORAGE APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMATION SYSTEM USING THE APPARATUS - To provide a sheet storage apparatus for enabling sheets that are carried out of an image formation apparatus or the like on the upstream side to be loaded and stored in a predetermined position with a correct posture neatly at high speed, a sheet discharge roller and a reverse roller spaced a distance are disposed in a sheet discharge outlet and a tray, a kick member is provided to be swingable in a vertical direction passing a sheet discharge path of a sheet discharged from the sheet discharge outlet, and a posture of the kick member is controlled by shift means. The shift means controls the kick member among a waiting posture retracted upward from the sheet discharge path, an engagement posture for imposing a load on the sheet to engage, and an actuation posture dropping onto the tray together with the sheet.04-18-2013

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