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269216000 Means to actuate jaw(s) (i.e., apply holding force) 65
269257000 Jaw features 40
269165000 Means for direct manual adjustment of jaw(s) 27
269095000 With means to fasten holder to support (e.g., portable) 12
269090000 With separate means to lock jaw(s) after actuation 11
269134000 With means for "hold-down" component of force 9
269152000 Plural jaw pairs 8
269104000 Plural jaw pairs, angularly oriented, for common work 7
269140000 With separate positioning means for each of jaw pair 5
20110266734Lock mechanism for bar clamp - A bar clamp includes a handgrip; a fixed jaw carrier; a slide bar comprising two opposite wing members; a moveable jaw carrier and comprising a transverse channel, a trough extending from center of the channel to one end of the channel, a bottom recess, and two opposite stop members in the recess wherein the slide bar passes the channel with the wing members being stopped by the trough in a locked position; and a U-shaped spring-actuated lock assembly in the recess and comprising inverted U-shaped opposite first and second lock members being engaged with the wing members in the locked position, and first and second projections between the lock members and a bottom of the lock assembly and being engaged with the stop members in the locked position. Pushing the locking assembly until being stopped will disengage the lock members from the wing members.11-03-2011
20090026681Device for applying pressure to a workpiece and clamping tool - A device for a clamping tool for applying pressure to a workpiece is provided, comprising a contacting area for a workpiece, a holding head locating space for a holding head of the clamping tool, and at least one locking element for fixing the holding head in the holding head locating space, which said locking element is arranged in a locking element locating space and must be passed through by the holding head, wherein the at least one locking element and the locking element locating space are formed in such a manner that the amount of force required to pass through the at least one locking element in the direction of insertion of the holding head into the holding head locating space is smaller than the amount of force required to pass therethrough in the direction of extraction of the holding head from the holding head locating space.01-29-2009
20080258369VARIABLE GEOMETRY WORKTABLE - A worktable having a leg supports (10-23-2008
20130193627Adjustable Clamping Device for Stair Assembly - An adjustable clamping device for use in temporarily securing together opposed stairway stringers about one or more stair tread members includes a body member having opposed upper and lower ends. A length adjustable first arm is connected to the body member upper end and a length adjustable second arm is connected to the body member lower end. The clamping device includes a pressure plate having a generally planar configuration and situated parallel to the body member. An actuator having a first portion is operatively coupled to the body member and to the pressure plate to selectively move the pressure plate between retracted and extended configurations. A user input is attached to a proximal end of the actuator by which a user may operate the actuator to move the pressure plate.08-01-2013
20090315238Modular Adjustable Vise - A modular adjustable vise is provided. The modular adjustable vise includes a base and a plurality of vise units mounted to the base. The plurality of vise units are spaced apart. Each vise unit includes a pair of jaws movable toward and away from one another to form an adjustable gap therebetween. Each of the vise units are independently adjustable such that the adjustable gap of each vise unit can be adjusted independent of the gap of the other vise units. A method for configuring a vise is also provided that includes machining a clamping surface of a jaw of the vise unit after the jaw has been mounted to the base.12-24-2009
269164000 With means for lateral adjustment of jaw portions 5
20080265480Worktable Clamping and Folding Apparatus and Methods for Operating Same - A worktable clamping apparatus wherein an adjustable clamping jaw is operable between an adjustable mode (allowing both forward and backward movement on a supporting frame and a clamping mode whereby a work piece is clamped by opposing jaws. The clamping mode is selectively effected by actuation of a clamping assembly which prevents backward movement of the adjustable clamping jaw away from the work piece to be clamped. The clamping mode is not effected automatically but is selectively effected by the user. The time taken to clamp a work piece is significantly reduced as compared to conventional clamping apparatus. In a further aspect of the invention, the clamping apparatus can be collapsed into a partially deployed state to allow the “A” frame structure to be used for alternative purposes.10-30-2008
20090020935Assembly for clamping a workpiece - An assembly for clamping a workpiece, the workpiece comprised of two pieces. The assembly includes a clamp having an L-shaped member. The L-shaped member has a leg and foot portion. The clamp also has an upright extending generally perpendicularly to the leg and the upright has a threaded portion. The clamp includes a threaded adjuster having a head, a threaded body, and a base. The base includes outer walls defining a polygon shape and handle. The handle has removed ends thereon. The handle has outer walls and inner walls, the inner walls are dimensioned to removably, slideably and snugly engage the outer walls of the base. The handle has more than one set of walls and so can be positioned to apply different torque to the base. A drill, a drill bit, and a socket may also be included in the assembly, to engage the handle and drive the threaded adjuster.01-22-2009
20090206536TILE RETAINING ARTICLE - A tile retaining device that secures a tile or other work piece for cutting is disclosed. The tile retaining device can be used in combination with a circular saw, a wet saw, a band saw, or any other type of mechanical cutting or manipulating device. The tile retaining device secures a tile and provides additional surface area for a user to grasp during the cutting process, which can aid in manually manipulating the work piece through a mechanical cutting or manipulating device. The tile retaining device can also provide cutting guides, and can be adaptable to a variety of shapes and sizes of tiles.08-20-2009
20080296821Quick release electronics platform - A device mounting platform apparatus having a reconfigurable biasing mechanism. The device mounting platform apparatus includes a frame member capable of being mounted in a vehicle and having a device mounting surface facing generally upward. A clamp member is slidably interconnected to the frame member along a first direction. A biasing mechanism is coupled between the frame and clamp members. The biasing mechanism is reconfigurable for urging a jaw portion of the clamp member along the first direction heading either toward or away from the frame member. The biasing mechanism is thus reconfigurable for either urging the clamp member open or urging it closed.12-04-2008
20080224376CLAMP DEVICE - The disclosed clamp device for clamping blank pieces may comprise a mounting table, first and second clamping units, positioning units, and lock units. The mounting table is for placing thereon first and second blank pieces. The first and second clamping units have respective clamp plates that are able to be put on the first and second blank pieces while permitting a guided movement of the first and second blank pieces on the mounting table. The positioning units move the first and second blank pieces to establish a positioning of the first and second blank pieces on the mounting table. The lock units apply a given force to the first and second clamp plates to lock the first and second blank pieces.09-18-2008
269091000 Clamp couple element with fastening means 5
20090026680ELECTRIC POSITIONING AND CLAMPING APPARATUS - A small-sized electric positioning and clamping apparatus is provided. A panel material is supported on a workpiece supporting face and is positioned by a locating pin being fitted into a positioning hole. A clamp arm is accommodated in a slit formed in the locating pin, and the panel material is clamped by the clamp arm. The clamp arm is coupled to a driven rod, and the driven rod is coupled to a driving rod via a compression coil spring. A cam face is formed in a cam block assembled reciprocably in a gear box, and an engagement cam contacting with the cam face is attached to the driving rod. The cam block is reciprocated by an electric motor via a reduction gear mechanism.01-29-2009
20120181736MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A mounting apparatus for securing electronic devices is disclosed. The mounting apparatus comprises a base; two supports secured to the base; a positioning member located in each of the two supports, wherein the positioning member and each of the two supports are configured to move relative to each other along an axis parallel to a surface of the base, and the positioning member has a tooth-faced side with a plurality of first teeth; a securing member having a plurality of second teeth, wherein the securing member is adapted to engage with the positioning member by meshing the plurality of second teeth and the plurality of first teeth, and the securing member is slidable towards the base along the position member; and two resilient members located in each of the two supports, wherein the two resilient members maintains engagement between the plurality of first teeth and the plurality of second teeth.07-19-2012
20090146355FLEXIBLE SUBSTRATE TENSIONER - Apparatus and method to aid in the reproducible and reversible tensioning of flexible substrates, such as polyimide or other file, to ensure planarity before, during, and after processing while mounted in tensioning apparatus.06-11-2009
20090146356Swing Clamp Apparatus - A swing clamp apparatus is provided in which the clamp arm is positioned and attached to a clamp rod at a desired position in a simple and reliable manner and the clamp arm replacement workload is certainly reduced. The swing clamp apparatus comprises an attachment block fixed to the leading end of a clamp rod and to which a clamp arm is detachably attached and a pair of clamping force transmission pins inserted in the attachment block and clamp arm in the direction parallel to the orthogonal direction to the axis for coupling the positioned clamp arm to the attachment block in an integrated manner.06-11-2009
20120299233FLANGED MATERIAL AND STANDING SEAM CLAMP - A clamping assembly for attaching loads to various kinds of flanged seams, the assembly comprising a generally U-shaped clamp body, at least one clamping hammer disposed interior of the clamp body, the clamping hammer being hingedly secured to the clamp body along the longitudinal axis of the clamp body, at least one adjustment screw extending through the clamp body and adapted to selectively impinge against the clamping hammer and cause it to pivot about its axis, the adjustment screw extending transverse to the longitudinal axis of the clamping hammer, at least one locking screw adapted to selectively impinge against the clamping hammer to prevent pivoting of the same whereby a standing seam received within the clamp body may be tightly grasped between the clamp body and the clamping hammer under action of the adjustment screw and then locked into place by the locking screw.11-29-2012
269285000 Specific means for wear, strain, protection, assembly 4
20120001375DEVICE FOR REMOVING CLAMPING BLOCK MADE OF RESIN AND DEVICE FOR CLAMPING CLAMPING BLOCK MADE OF RESIN - When, while a resin-made clamping block molded to cover a part of a turbine blade is placed on a seat part, paired sliders disposed on opposite sides of the seat part are made to move closer to the resin-made clamping block, paired wedge members provided respectively on the paired sliders engage with notches formed respectively in paired side surfaces, opposed to each other, of the resin-made clamping block to generate cracks. Accordingly, it is possible to divide the resin-made clamping block into at least two pieces and to reliably remove the resin-made clamping block from the turbine blade. Furthermore, since the resin-made clamping block is not broken by a mechanical strike, there is no fear that the turbine blade might be damaged due to an erroneous setting of the strike force.01-05-2012
20120126471HOLDER FOR SPOT WELDER TIP DRESSER WITH ADJUSTABLE CUTTING RATE - The present invention relates to a tip dresser for a welder with a new structure capable of automatically correcting a repeated-position tolerance and a setting error of an industrial robot so that a tip center of a spot welder mounted at the robot coincides with a bite center of the tip dresser in an initial state, and further preventing a bite from being separated by slight force during operation in a state in which the bite is securely fixed. The present invention provides the tip dresser for the welder including a body 05-24-2012
20130187322CLAMP ASSEMBLY - A lever-operated clamp having a base, a clamp arm pivotally mounted to the base, and a lever which, upon pivoting, moves the clamp arm in a clamping direction of movement. An internally threaded bolt retainer is mounted to the clamp arm and threadably receives a bolt so that the rotational position of the bolt relative to the bolt retainer varies the position of the bolt relative to the clamp arm. A jam nut or internally threaded knob locks the bolt at its adjusted position.07-25-2013
20110227269Replaceable jaw carriers of bar clamp with adaptable jaws - A bar clamp includes a slide bar; a housing mounted on the slide bar; a rear handgrip extending from the housing; a forward trigger handle extending from the housing, a sliding block releasably mounted on the slide bar in front of the housing; a fixed jaw carrier having an adaptable first jaw at one end; a moveable jaw carrier having an adaptable second jaw at one end; a first coupling mechanism for releasably securing the housing to the fixed jaw carrier; and a second coupling mechanism for releasably securing the sliding block to the moveable jaw carrier.09-22-2011
269089000 Jaw actuation locks holder position relative to base 4
20090194923PIPE STAND WITH ACCESSORIES - A pipe stand able to support a conduit includes a table having a first surface, supports pivotably coupled to the table for supporting the table in an elevated position with respect to the support surface, and a shelf extending between the supports and positioned between the table and the support surface. At least one of the supports includes an electrical connector, and a power cord is in electrical communication with the electrical connector and connectable to an external power source. The pipe stand includes a first jaw extending from the first surface of the table and shaped to engage a portion of the conduit, and a second jaw a second jaw extending from the first surface of the table and spaced a distance from the first jaw, the second jaw shaped to engage another portion of the conduit. A clamping device is supported by one of the first jaw and the second jaw. The clamping device includes a cord removeably coupled to the table and engageable with the conduit and a winch for biasing the cord with respect to the conduit.08-06-2009
20090152786Clamping device - A clamping device that can reduce a burden on a worker and can surely fix an object includes a basic body, a pressing section for pressing a workpiece, a manually operable operating section, and a transmitting body. The transmitting body transmits a movement of the operating section to the pressing section so that the pressing section travels between a pressing position, at which the pressing section presses the workpiece, and a standing-by position, at which the pressing section is spaced apart from the workpiece to stand by. The basic body has a second opposing section opposing a first opposing section which belongs to the transmitting body. The second opposing section has a pressurizing member resiliently urged in a direction in which the pressurizing member goes from the second opposing section toward the first opposing section. The first opposing section has a pressurized surface which the pressurizing member pressurizes. The pressurized surface has a first depression which the pressurizing member is on the point of entering when the pressing section is placed at the pressing position.06-18-2009
20090108513CLAMP APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a clamp apparatus equipped with a cylinder mechanism having a piston. A driving force of the cylinder mechanism is transmitted to a clamp arm, which is retained on a housing through a block body and a link pin that make up a driving force transmitting mechanism, the clamp arm being rotated through a predetermined angle. The block body includes a rotatably supported roller. The block body is guided along an axial direction by displacement of the roller, while the roller is rotated along a guide member of the housing.04-30-2009
20080277854Handling Device and Method for the same - A handling device and method utilizes a clamping arm that is mounted on a guide rod. The axial direction and the rotation direction of the guide rod are intersected each other at right angles. Makes the clamping arm rotate in the rotation direction of the guide rod when the clamping arm is not restricted, and makes the clamping arm move in the axial direction of the guide rod when the clamping arm is restricted. By such arrangements, the clamping arm can perform handling in the horizontal direction and in the vertical direction.11-13-2008
269087000 With tool couple element 3
20090309282CLAMPING DEVICE FOR WORKPIECES WITH DIFFERENT SIZES - A clamping device for clamping a workpiece includes a support member, sliding members and a rotating member. The support member is configured for supporting the workpiece. The support member defines cutouts in a periphery thereof. The sliding members each is positioned in one of the cutouts. Each of the sliding members has a cam pin. The rotating member is rotatable relative to the support member. The rotating member defines cam slots on top thereof. The cam pins are received in the cam slots and slidable in the cam slots. Positions of the sliding members are changeable along radial directions of the support member when the rotating member is rotated.12-17-2009
20110042877VISE PROVIDED WITH A MOVABLE JAW DEVICE HAVING SEPARATED APPROACHING AND CLAMPING STEPS IN A PIPE BENDING MACHINE DIE - A vise provided with a movable jaw device having separated approaching and clamping steps in a bending machine die, the vise (02-24-2011
20080277853CLIP FOR COUPLING A SURGICAL TOOL AND SCOPE - A clip for coupling a surgical tool and a scope. The clip includes a first grip having a first radial center and a first diameter, the first grip is configured to engage an outer surface of the tool. Additionally, there is provided a second grip having a second radial center and a second diameter, the second grip is configured to engage an outer surface of the scope. Further, the second grip may be provided between the first grip and a bottom opening of the clip; and the first and second grips may be provided next to each other such that the first radial center of the first grip is radially spaced from the second radial center of the second grip. Additionally, the first diameter of the first grip may be larger than the second diameter of the second grip.11-13-2008
269157000 With means to bias jaw(s) toward nonholding position 2
20100059916CLAMP FOR A KEY CUTTING MACHINE - Clamp for key cutting machines, of the type comprising a pair of jaws (03-11-2010
20130119595CLAMPING CHUCK - In a clamping chuck (05-16-2013
269151000 With means to orient actuating force on jaws 1
20120032384CLAMPING MECHANISM AUTOMATICALLY ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE OF THICKNESS OF PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - A clamping mechanism automatically adaptable to change of thickness of printed circuit board includes: a frame body having two parallel rail seats; two clamping rail members respectively mounted on the rail seats for clamping a printed circuit board, each clamping rail member including a first clamping rail and a second clamping rail spaced from each other by a clamping gap; and two adjustment units for adjusting the clamping gap of the clamping rail members. Each the adjustment unit includes: a support section mounted on the frame body to provide a support face; a connection section, one end of the connection section being affixed to the first clamping rail, the other end of the connection section being positioned above the support face; and a floating section positioned between the connection section and the support section and supported on the support face to apply a resilient support force to the connection section.02-09-2012
269130000 Including constrictable loop (strand or articulated) jaw 1
20100230883Workpiece clamping device - A workpiece clamping device for clamping a workpiece during machining is provided. The workpiece may be a turbine blade in the region of the blade airfoil. The workpiece clamping device includes a basic body with a workpiece seat, wherein provision is made for at least one clamping strap for clamping the workpiece.09-16-2010
269133000 Weight of a vertically disposed panel actuates jaws 1
20090184450Automatic workpiece clamp and support - An automatic clamping device is disclosed for holding planar workpieces such as: doors, windows, panels, plasterboard, etc. The planar workpiece is held in an upright position by clamping jaws actuated by the weight of the workpiece. Automatic clamping is accomplished by placing the workpiece through a slot at the top of the clamping device and lowering it onto a flexible strap connected to movable jaws which, under the weight of the workpiece, move laterally towards and clamp the workpiece. The workpiece is released by simply lifting it up through the slot and coil springs will automatically return the jaws to an open position. The device also provides support for holding planar workpieces on an incline.07-23-2009
269139000 With means to align coacting jaw faces 1
20090121404CLAMPING FIXTURE - A clamping fixture is provided for mounting work pieces. The clamping fixture includes a base, a supporting member, a covering member, and a positioning member. The supporting member and the positioning member are attached to the base. The work piece is clamped by the covering member and the supporting member. The positioning member is used for changing its position with respect to the base and fixedly mounted thereby for abutting against the work pieces.05-14-2009
269286000 Specific material(s) used for holder 1
20130082429Method for Manufacturing Frame of C-Clamp, Frame of C-Clamp and C-Clamp - A method comprises manufacturing a frame of a C-clamp, which has a lower jaw, an upper jaw and a mouth between the lower jaw and upper jaw. The method comprises forming a lower end plate and an upper end plate and at least two frame plates, which have a lower branch and an upper branch. The lower branches of the frame plates are attached to the lower end plate and the upper branches to the upper end plate, so that the frame plates settle in a parallel manner at a distance (e) from each other. The joined frame plates and end plates form the frame of the C-clamp. The frame plates are formed by machining a steel plate of ultra-strength steel only with machining methods, which do not substantially heat up the material being machined. Suitable machining methods are for example chipping machining methods or water cutting. The lower branches are attached to the lower end plate and the upper branches are attached to the upper end plate by welding or with mechanical attaching means. The attaching point of the end plates is situated as far away as possible from the most stressed point in the frame plates, so a localized decrease in strength in the ultra-strength steel possibly caused by the welding does not affect the total strength of the frame in a decreasing way. The number of frame plates can be selected according to the strength requirements of the frame. There can thus be for example three, four, five, six, seven or eight frame plates.04-04-2013
269088000 Convertible to other type or form of holder 1
20110079946Apparatus for Connecting Two Vises to Each Other - An apparatus is disclosed for connecting a bar of a vise to a bar of another vise. The apparatus includes a sheath and two fastening units. The sheath includes two cavities each axially defined in an end thereof and two apertures defined therein transversely and each in communication with a related one of the cavities. Each of the fastening units can be inserted in a related one of the apertures of the sheath and an aperture defined in the bar of a related one of the vises, thus connecting the bars to each other.04-07-2011
269256000 With paralleling mechanism for jaws 1
20080230972Pipe holding or manipulating tool - A pipe tool with a base unit and peripheral components for holding or manipulating pipe sections. The peripheral components allow the pipe tool to be configured for holding pipes of various sizes in alignment so they may be welded at a seam. The tool can also be reconfigured for changing the cross sectional shape of a deformed pipe end or for spreading open objects such as valve or pipe flanges.09-25-2008
269156000 Three coacting work grippers 1
20130113150CLAMP ASSEMBLY - A clamp assembly including a header assembly with first and second ends and a plunger having an aperture with a portion of the aperture being threaded, the aperture forming a portion of a bore extending through the header assembly. First and second arms, in opposing spaced relationship, are connected to the first and second ends, respectively, of the header assembly. A ram assembly having first and second ends, each end having a passageway through which at least a portion of one of the first and second arms extend. A stem assembly including an upper stem end coupled to a handle, a lower stem end rotatably connected to the ram assembly, and a threaded stem portion designed to engage the aperture threaded portion. The plunger has engaged and disengaged positions in which the aperture threaded portion and the threaded stem portion are threadedly engaged and disengaged, respectively, with each other.05-09-2013
269126000 Including pivoted yoke frame jaw carrier 1
20120326375QUICK ADJUSTABLE CLAMP - A quick adjustable clamp includes a first clamp jaw, a second clamp jaw, a driving screw and a nut. The second clamp jaw is extended with a receiving section. The receiving section is formed with a notch facing the first clamp jaw. The driving screw has one end pivotally connected to the first clamp jaw. The nut is mounted around the driving screw and configured to be movably received in the notch. For quick adjusting a span of the clamp, the nut can be removed from the notch, quick moved along the driving screw, and then reengaged by the notch.12-27-2012
20100038837WORKSTATION WITH A MULTIPLE-FACE PARTS SUPPORT, AND A METHOD OF CONTROLLING SUCH A WORKSTATION - The invention relates to a robotic workstation (02-18-2010
20120139175APPARATUS FOR APPLYING MULTI-AXIAL INERTIAL FORCE - Disclosed herein is an apparatus for applying multi-axial inertial force, the apparatus including: a lower support plate; two first support members fixed to stand up from the lower support plate; a second support member positioned to be orthogonal to inner sides of the two first support member in a stand-up direction thereof and rotatably coupled to the first support member; and a third support member stacked on the second support member and coupled to the second support member so as to be rotatable based on a rotational axis corresponding to a stacked direction. Therefore, it is possible to obtain an apparatus for applying multi-axial inertial force in which vibration excitation and rotation may be performed in multiple-axes directions using a uni-axial inertial force generator that may be vibration-excited and rotated only in a single direction.06-07-2012
20100164156METHOD FOR REDUCING VIBRATIONS OF A MACHINE ELEMENT AND/OR OF A WORKPIECE - The invention relates to a method for reducing vibrations of a machine element (07-01-2010
20130032983HOOK PORTION OF CLAMP METER - A clamp meter has a main body and a stationary jaw fixed to an end of the main body. A hook portion of the clamp meter includes a movable jaw, a displacing means and a knob. The movable jaw is mounted on the main body corresponding to the position of the stationary jaw. The movable jaw and the stationary jaw together form a closed loop. The displacing means is mounted in the main body and comprises a displaceable rod connected to the movable jaw and a gear set for driving the displaceable rod. The knob is connected to the gear set for driving the displaceable rod and the movable jaw for linear displacement. The movable jaw is activated by the displaceable rod to generate a linear displacement, so that the user can operate the clamp meter more easily for measurement.02-07-2013
20090295055ADAPTER FOR A MAGNETIC CLAMP - An adapter (12-03-2009
20110298169ENDOSCOPE CHANNEL SEPARATOR - A decontamination system including a test fixture configured to engage an endoscope in order to retain the test fixture thereto, wherein the endoscope can comprise a valve chamber and a valve removable from the valve chamber such that the test fixture can be inserted therein. The test fixture can comprise, first, a frame having a first gripping portion and a valve member analogue extending from the frame, and, second, a housing having a second gripping portion movable relative to the frame between a locked position and an unlocked position, wherein the second gripping portion is configured to be moved toward the first gripping portion to position the housing in its unlocked position. The second gripping portion can be configured to be moved away from the first gripping portion to position the housing in its locked position such that the housing can engage a locking feature on the endoscope.12-08-2011
20120032382MOVABLE WORK PIECE CLAMPING MECHANISM - Embodiments of the invention comprise a clamping mechanism for securing a work piece on a power tool having a working surface and a guide fence, the clamping mechanism including a support configured to be movable along the guide fence and a clamp interconnected to the support, the clamp being movable between a securing position and a release position, wherein in the securing position, the clamp engages a work piece, and in the release position, the clamp is disengaged from the work piece.02-09-2012
20080237959SLIDE EXTENSION LOCATING SYSTEM FOR A CLAMPING APPARATUS - An extension slide locating system for a press-and-pull clamping apparatus designed with slide insertion length adjustable depending on the specification of a work piece is essentially comprised of an extension slide and a slide inserted to each other; an insertion holder connected to the front end of the extension slide; a locating sleeve inserted to the insertion holder; locating sleeve being pushed to be inserted into the locking notch containing the insertion holder prevents the slide from being disengaged from the insertion holder to firmly maintain the insertion configuration in coping with the clamping operation among work pieces in different specifications.10-02-2008
20110266733APPARATUS FOR FINAL FINISHING A WHEEL HUB OF A KNUCKLE ASSEMBLY AND RELATED METHOD - A fixture for final finishing flange faces of a hub of a knuckle assembly includes a mounting surface, a drive arrangement and a clamping arrangement. The drive arrangement is operative for engaging and rotating the hub of the knuckle assembly relative to the remainder of the knuckle assembly. The drive arrangement includes a drive member extending along a drive axis. The drive member is rotatable about the drive axis. The clamping arrangement is carried by the mounting surface. The clamping arrangement radially surrounds the drive arrangement and is operative for clamping the fixture relative to the mounting surface. The clamping arrangement includes a housing, a piston assembly radially positioned between the housing and the drive member, and a clamping sleeve radially disposed between the piston assembly and the clamping sleeve. The piston is movable in a first direction generally parallel to the drive axis. The clamping sleeve and the piston are cooperatively configured to radially force an upper end of the piston assembly radially outward in a second direction in response to movement of the piston in the first direction for engaging a back bore of the knuckle assembly.11-03-2011
20110221114CARBON FIBER CLAMPING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Clamping apparatus and methods are provided. The apparatus can include a rigid backing member having a plurality of apertures disposed therethrough. The apparatus can further include a spring member having a plurality of radial members each having a first end and a second end. The first end of the radial members can be connected at a hub. The second end of each radial member can be connected to a flange. A plurality of apertures, corresponding to the plurality of apertures in the backing member, can be disposed about the flange. The radial members can be fabricated using two or more plies of resin-impregnated carbon fiber. The spring member can be affixed to the backing member using one or more fasteners disposed in the backing member apertures and corresponding aperture disposed in the flange.09-15-2011
20090065993Clamp Instruction Method - A clamp of less waste instruction method for an addition axis, which omits instructions for clamping and unclamping and working in response to those instructions, includes the steps of, at a stage of working a work piece with a tool, measuring a rotational torque generated by the working with respect to the addition axis coupled to a table which supports the work piece or a pallet having the work piece mounted thereon; and generating a clamp instruction to the addition axis when the rotational torque exceeds a predetermined reference value.03-12-2009
20110140333Devices and methods for holding an intraocular lens during the processing and packaging of the intraocular lens - A holder for an intraocular lens during the processing and packaging of the intraocular lens. The holder having an upper member having a base portion extending from the upper member along a first longitudinal axis. Additionally, the holder has a lower member having a receiving member defining a cavity for receiving the intraocular lens and a coupling member for engaging the base portion. The receiving member extending from the lower member along a second longitudinal axis and having at least one channel extending substantially through the receiving member that is substantially transverse to the second longitudinal axis. The holder has a locked position such that the upper and lower members are locked with respect to each other and at least one channel provides unobstructed access into the cavity of the receiving member for obtaining dimensional and optical measurements of the intraocular lens when the holder is in the locked position.06-16-2011
20100237551CONNECTOR - A connector including a spacing link, and a first engagement member connected directly or indirectly to the spacing link, and a second engagement member mounted on an extension arm characterised in that the extension arm is mounted with respect to the spacing link so that the extension arm can move from one side of the spacing link to another.09-23-2010
20110133382WAVE TYPE LINEAR MOTION MECHANISM AND HOLDING MECHANISM - In a wave linear motion mechanism (06-09-2011
20110260386WORKPIECE CARRIER - A workpiece carrier comprises a base with an upper part rotatable about a vertical axis and a lower part connected to the upper part at a distance by bolts. Workpiece holders each comprise a sleeve of elastically deformable material like rubber surrounding a duct where the shaft of a workpiece can be inserted, the sleeve being accommodated in a recess on the base. The vertical position of the sleeve which extends through holes in the upper part and lower part of the base, respectively, is fixed by a stop formed between a recessed rim surrounding the hole in the lower part and a downward-facing projecting rim of the sleeve. The shaft can be fixed by swivelling a lever about one of the bolts into an active position where a compressing surface of the same compresses the sleeve such that the shaft is jammed and released by swivelling the lever back into an inactive position where the compressing surface is not in contact with the sleeve.10-27-2011
20120061896Part Fixturing Systems Having Expanding Clamping Devices - A part fixturing system for securing a workpiece includes an expanding clamping device and a work holding device. The expanding clamping device includes a clamp base portion, first and second traversing wedge blocks, an actuation screw, and a clamp plate portion. The clamp base portion comprises a longitudinal recess, and the traversing wedge blocks are located inside the longitudinal recess, each block including an inclined contact surface and a threaded aperture. The actuation screw passes through the longitudinal recess of the clamp base portion and the threaded apertures of the traversing wedge blocks. The clamp plate portion comprises first and second declined contact surfaces. The work holding device comprises first and second support columns that define a longitudinal loading envelope. The expanding clamping device is positioned inside the longitudinal loading envelope of the work holding device and couples the workpiece to the first and second support columns.03-15-2012
20090134561Work support - Work support arrangements 05-28-2009
20110180983LIFE ENHANCEMENT OF RING ASSEMBLY IN SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING CHAMBERS - The present invention generally relates to a ring assembly that may be used in an etching or other plasma processing chamber. The ring assembly generally includes an inner ring and an outer ring disposed radially outward of the inner ring. The inner ring will correspond to the location where the majority of erosion occurs during use. This inner ring can be flipped and reused until both sides have eroded beyond their service life. Collectively, the two rings generally have the shape of a single piece ring, but the service life of the ring assembly is longer than a conventional single piece ring.07-28-2011
20110121501Methods, Systems, and Products for Welding Grounding Rods - Methods, systems, apparatuses, and products are disclosed for welding ground wires to a grounding rod. A jig retains the ground wires to the grounding rod. The jig has a first horseshoe oriented to a second horseshoe to form a crucifix. Each horseshoe has a pair of legs supporting the jig from earth and providing electrical ground to the earth. A central passage bisects each horseshoe through which the grounding rod inserts. Means are included for clamping a ground wire to at least one of the legs, such that the ground wire is retained for welding to the grounding rod.05-26-2011
20120326374Manufacturing System And Methods - In one aspect, a manufacturing system is provided having lobe clamps configured to secure lobes of a spider, drive assemblies configured to pivot the lobe clamps, sensors for detecting the position of the lobe clamps, and a control system operably coupled to the drive assemblies and configured to cause the drive assemblies to pivot the lobe clamps and impart a twist to lobes of the spider. In another aspect, a method is provided that includes twisting lobes of a spider in a first direction toward initial target positions using a machine, permitting the lobes to twist in a second direction toward free state positions, and twisting one or more of the lobes using the machine in response to the one or more lobes having free state positions different than final target positions of the lobes.12-27-2012
20130093133Piping Slider - A piping slider includes: a cavity in which a pipe-shaped part of an adherend is accommodatable; a slit that intercommunicates the cavity with an outside; a connector to which a belt is connected; a grip member in which the cavity and the slit are provided; a key member insertable into the slit; and a lock mechanism that restricts a displacement between the key member and the grip member when the key member is inserted into the slit, where an opening width of the slit is greater than a minimum width of the pipe-shaped part, and an opening width when the key member is inserted to the slit is smaller than the minimum width of the pipe-shaped part.04-18-2013
20110233840Devices for Capping Vials Useful in System and Method for Dispensing Prescriptions - A method for securing a closure on a cylindrical container (such as a pharmaceutical vial) includes: positioning a closure in a first position, the closure being substantially centered via a centering assembly along an axis that is generally normal to the closure; translating the substantially centered closure along the axis to a second position; positioning a cylindrical container, the container being substantially centered via the centering assembly along the axis; translating the substantially centered closure along the axis to a third position in which it is adjacent the substantially centered container; and relatively rotating the closure and the container to secure the closure to the container. With such a method, both the closure and the cylinder can be centered along the axis, thereby registering them with each other for reliable securing.09-29-2011
20110309560Apparatus for holding a measurement object in a reference position - An apparatus for holding a measurement object, particularly an auto body component in a reference position, comprises a clamping device, which can be attached to a carrier head, and which extends over the measurement object and holds it against the carrier head, and comprises a clamping element that can be placed against the measurement object. The clamping device comprises a lockable slide for adjusting the position of the clamping element.12-22-2011

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