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267140110 Including energy absorbing means or feature (e.g., supplemental vehicle equipment, such as motor mount, seat, etc., including additional fluid or friction energy absorber) 231
267141000 Nonmetallic, resilient element 74
267140300 Having diverse resilient element 16
267139000 Bumper 10
267140500 Diverse resistance to vibration along different axes 8
267140200 Variably preloaded 7
267137000 Tool movement dampening 7
267138000 Draft gear 1
20130026688TOWED ROPING DUMMY SHOCK ABSORPTION APPARATUS - The towed roping dummy shock absorption apparatus provides for an apparatus designed to be inserted between a pulling vehicle and a towed roping dummy when practicing team roping from horseback. The apparatus provides for modulation of jerks and forces on the dummy that cause strain on the vehicle, dummy and horse, as well as providing for more consistent speed when being towed.01-31-2013
20110175266VIBRATION ISOLATOR WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC CONTROL SYSTEM - A vibration isolation system includes first and second spaced apart supports. An elastic member is supported by the first and second supports and capable of bending in response to a load applied to a midportion of the elastic member intermediate the first and second supports to allow oscillation of the elastic member in response to a vibrating load in communication with the elastic member. An electromagnetic solenoid located below the elastic member and operably connected to the midportion of the elastic member to selectively apply load to the flexible member in a downward direction to adjust a natural frequency of the vibration isolation system. The electromagnetic solenoid can be adapted to alternatively or additionally selectively lock the elastic member against oscillation.07-21-2011
20130038005Multipiece cushioning assembly for a telescoping shock absorbing assembly - A multipiece cushioning assembly adapted to be arranged in combination with a shock absorbing apparatus. The multipiece cushioning assembly is disposed between a pair of radial shoulders on first and second members telescoping members of the shock absorbing apparatus arranged in operable combination relative to each other. The radial shoulders on the first and second members limit travel of the shock absorbing apparatus, and with said multipiece cushioning assembly including a plurality of elastomeric bumpers arranged in a generally circular array for absorbing over-travel of the first and second members relative to each other and for readily permitting replacement of the multipiece cushioning assembly while maintaining the first and second members in operable combination relative to each other.02-14-2013
20120112394DAMPENING DEVICE - An assembly for dampening vibration movement between a cylinder and a concentric duct, where the cylinder is positioned radially inside the duct, includes a damper attached to the duct. The damper includes a housing attached to the duct, a contact member positioned at least partially inside the housing and having a contact surface adjacent an outer surface of the cylinder, and a cap threadedly engaged with the housing for applying a load on the contact member in a direction toward the cylinder.05-10-2012
20080284074Shock Absorber Capable of Damping Vibration - A shock absorber is provided that also includes vibration damping. The shock absorber includes at least one shock absorbing frame member that partially surrounds an electronic device enclosure. The shock absorber also includes at least two protrusions that protrude from the at least one shock absorbing frame member. Each protrusion extends beyond the at least one shock absorbing frame member from a recessed surface recessed into the at least one shock absorbing frame member.11-20-2008
20080258363Mechanical Control Shock-Absorbent Anti-Recoil Universal Mechanism - Mechanical control shock-absorbent anti-recoil universal mechanism intended for various fields such as industrial and civil constructions, machine building industry, robotics et cetera, its purpose being to protect against the impact forces, recoil forces or vibrations. The mechanical control shock-absorbent anti-recoil universal mechanism comprises a mobile holder X, a joint lever and spring mechanism Y and an end holder Z. The mechanical control shock-absorbent anti-recoil universal mechanism has the role of absorbing and a cancellation of the impact forces and recoil forces, while a mechanical control mechanism K adjust concomitently and continuously the tension of the absorbent springs and the annulling springs in order to decrease or to annul the impact force.10-23-2008
20080197550Method for adapting a vibration isolation system - The invention relates to a method for adapting a vibration isolation system as well as to an arrangement with a vibration isolation system. By constructive measures in the environment of the vibration isolation system, particularly plane-parallel surfaces areas are avoided and thereby disturbing environmental influences are reduced.08-21-2008
20110127704VISCOUS STRAND DAMPER ASSEMBLY - A damper assembly includes a fixed rack gear, a rotary gear damper having a gear engaged with the rack gear and a tether movable with the damper along the rack gear and a tether connecting the damper and a movable object to be controlled by the damper. The tether includes enlarged integral ends to secure the tether relative to the damper and the article to be controlled by the damper. A constant force spring interconnects movement of the damper relative to the fixed rack gear.06-02-2011
20100171246MANIPULATOR - A manipulator includes a base, a flange, a connecting arm, a plurality of elastic members, and a plurality of fasteners. The elastic members is positioned between the base and the connecting arm. The fasteners are movably connected to the connecting arm, and fixedly connected to the base.07-08-2010
20090072455Coaxial Tube Damper - A vibrating device has at least one dampening portion. The dampening portion comprises a first tube, a second tube and a layer of resilient material configured so that the first tube is disposed about the second tube, and the layer of resilient material is positioned between the first and second tubes.03-19-2009
20100090380Vibration Isolation - Systems and apparatuses are described for reducing shock and vibration experienced by a payload. In embodiments, a slender element, such as a blade made of spring steel, in its post-buckled state, supports or connects to a payload and reduces vibration effects on the payload. In embodiments, systems and apparatuses using buckled elements isolate or otherwise mitigate the effects of shock and/or vibration on a payload from forces in the vertical direction (i.e. the direction in line with the gravitational force), from forces in the horizontal direction, or both.04-15-2010
20110198788Shock wave generation, reflection and dissipation device. - An outer hard-shell casing for a protection device that has airspace between the outer shell and inner shell or surface. This outer shell is designed to generate a shock wave during an impact to the casing. The generated shock wave then reflects off of the inner surface or shell. The reflected shock wave then dissipates along the air channel and out of the exit vents before it can be absorbed into the inner hard shell of the base or other protection device.08-18-2011
20100140854Impact-Attenuation Systems for Articles of Footwear and Other Foot-Receiving Devices - Impact-attenuation members, e.g., for use in footwear or other foot-receiving devices, include: (a) a first body member having a base region and three (or more) leg portions extending from the base region. A second body member, with similar leg portions, may be arranged facing the first member such that the free ends of the various leg portions lie adjacent one another. A retaining member may extend between and/or at least partially around the body members to at least partially hold them in place with respect to one another. Such impact-attenuation systems may be arranged in the heel (or other portions) of an article of footwear.06-10-2010
20110266729DAMPING ELEMENT WITH CONNECTING SUBSTANCE - The present invention relates to a damping element comprising at least one fastening means and a spring element on the basis of cellular polyisocyanate polyaddition products which are firmly connected to each other. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for producing damping elements of this type and to the use thereof.11-03-2011
20080258364CYLINDRICAL VIBRATION ISOLATING DEVICE - A cylindrical vibration isolating device having an inner cylinder, an outer cylinder surrounding the inner cylinder, an elastic leg having a pair of right and left leg portions to connect the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder and, when viewed in the axial direction of the inner cylinder, being formed in a substantially inverted V-shape while placing the inner cylinder in an intermediate position, and a mass projection being provided in the elastic leg such that the mass projection resonates in a frequency range that the elastic leg causes bending resonance. The mass projection is provided outside of an inner restraint line that is a perpendicular line passing an outermost point of an inner restrained portion that is a connected portion between the inner cylinder and the elastic leg.10-23-2008
20090051087Damper with two-piece plate configuration - A damper for a torque converter, including: a first plate with at least one first opening; a second plate with at least one second opening; and at least one first spring disposed in the at least one first and second openings and including: a radially inward portion in contact with the at least one first opening; and first and second radially outward ends in contact with first and second sides of the at least one second opening and free of contact with the first plate. In one embodiment, the at least one first opening includes third and fourth sides and the radially inward portion includes first and second radially inward ends in contact the third and fourth sides. In another embodiment, the third and fourth sides are free of contact with the second plate.02-26-2009
20100295220MULTI-LEAF SPRING-TYPE VIBRATION DAMPING DEVICE - Provided is a multi-leaf spring-type vibration damping device capable of suppressing the resonance caused by rotations near the major critical speed of a rotating shaft system and suppressing self-excited vibrations due to rotations at or higher than the major critical speed of the rotating shaft system. In the multi-leaf spring-type vibration damping device, a bearing (11-25-2010
20110074074Compliant Banding System - The present invention discloses a compliant banding system for use in a marine environment comprising a flexible compliant member and an abaxial relatively rigid strap, both constructed to extend circumferentially around an underlying structure such as a strake or fairing collar. The strap maintains a fixed circumference while the compliant member flexes intermediate the strap and an underlying.03-31-2011
20090026672Vibration damping device equipped with rubber heat-insulating cover - A vibration damping device having a rubber heat-insulating cover wherein the rubber heat-insulating cover is formed as a separate component from a stopper member and is disposed between the stopper member and a main rubber elastic body connecting a first and second mounting member. The rubber heat-insulating cover is fixed to the stopper member with a center section of the rubber heat-insulating cover juxtaposed from an inner face side against a strike plate portion of the stopper member to be supported by the strike plate portion. With a peripheral wall section of the rubber heat-insulating cover juxtaposed from the inner face side against leg portions of the stopper member to be supported by the leg portions. A cushioning rubber is integrally formed with the center section of the rubber heat-insulating cover supported on the strike plate portion, and projects towards the first mounting member.01-29-2009
20110254210SPRING - A spring, provided between a first member and a second member, includes a main body portion having a hole portion; a cylindrical portion provided at the radially inner circumference and the radially outer circumference of the main body portion; and a corner portion formed at a boundary portion between the main body portion and the cylindrical portion; in which the main body portion is extended to a crossing direction with respect to a direction along suppress strength provided from the first member and the second member, the cylindrical portion has an abutting portion protruding from each circumference of the main body portion toward one of the first member and the second member and abutting thereat, the corner portions can be elastically deformed while varying angles thereof according to the suppression strength, and the corner portion defines a tangent line along the main body portion, and at least one of tangent lines of the corner portions makes a predetermined angle with respect to a straight line between the radially inner circumference and the radially outer circumference of the main body portion.10-20-2011
20110148015APPARATUS FOR ABSORBING SHOCKS - Apparatus for absorbing shock, particularly repetitive shocks, comprises a frame and a shock-absorbing component comprising a shape memory alloy (SMA). In one type of apparatus, one or more SMA rings (06-23-2011
20110079942ISOLATION SYSTEM FOR REDUCED VIBRATIONS IN A VEHICLE INTERIOR - A vibration isolation scheme includes an interior sled mounted to a vehicle body by one or more sled isolators having damping properties. The sled floats with respect to the vehicle body to isolate vehicle occupants from vibrations otherwise transmitted from the vehicle body. The sled isolators can be located at specific vibrational nodes to target a particular frequency or a range of frequencies. The damping properties of the sled isolators can attenuate vibrations in ranges outside the target frequencies.04-07-2011
20120038091VIBRATION CONTROL DEVICE FOR BEAM-AND-COLUMN FRAME - To set up such a constitution that no compression forces act on braces, alternatively, to set up a constitution that makes it possible to make compression forces to be applied to braces smaller extremely; and to provide a vibration control device for beam-and-column frame that can demonstrate high vibration control performance.02-16-2012
20110109025APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ELIMINATING AND PREVENTING AUDIBLE VIBRATION IN HIGH RISE RAILINGS - A simple and cost-effective vibration-reduction system, adapted for easy application to and/or retrofit of essentially any picket-style railing, wherein each of a plurality of support members is positioned along a wire, wherein each support member is frictionally secured to a picket, and wherein each support member is adapted to allow for tensioned adjustment of the wire relative thereto, such that the wire may be adjustably positioned across the picket span to relate the pickets at a desired tension, effectively decreasing picket vibration and realized decibels without impacting the structural integrity of the pickets and with minimal impact on view, thereby maximizing functionality and aesthetic appearance.05-12-2011
20110316206ACTIVE DYNAMIC VIBRATION ABSORBER APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - An active dynamic vibration absorber apparatus for a vehicle that may be mounted to a frame of the vehicle and vibrates when power may be supplied to attenuate vibration of the vehicle, may include a housing, an upper spring and a lower spring, and a yoke assembly disposed between the upper spring and the lower spring which may be plates arranged in parallel, and selectively vibrates up/down in the housing, wherein the yoke assembly has an upper protrusion and a lower protrusion that protrude from the top and the bottom thereof, respectively, the upper protrusion being fastened to the center of the upper spring through the housing, and the lower protrusion being fastened to the center of the lower spring in the housing.12-29-2011
20120061888DAMPED SPLIT BEAM STRUCTURAL MEMBER WITH SEGMENTED BEAM PARTS - A structural member includes a split beam within a box structure. The split beam may be a segmented beam that includes multiple segments for each of its parts. Movement of the split beam parts within the box structure, as the structural member flexes, dissipates energy and adds to the damping of the structural member.03-15-2012
20110049775Boat shock absorption system - A Boat Shock Absorption System for absorbing the shock caused by waves and wakes of other boats is shown. The invention is comprised of a lower portion that includes springs and plates. In the preferred embodiment, this lower portion is attached to an upper portion containing a cooler retaining ring. A cooler can be inserted into the cooler retaining ring and used as a seat for passengers. Additionally, the lower portion of the System can be attached underneath any platform that is stood on or sat on by passengers or operators of the boat.03-03-2011
20120211930MULTI STAGE IMPULSE ABSORBER - The various embodiments herein provide a multistage impulse absorber having an impulse conveying plate attached with an impulse conveying shaft positioned over an impulse absorber main body provided with several guide parts, pins and springs. The impulse conveying shaft has stair like structures so that a received impulse is divided into vertical and horizontal forces by the stair like structures and pins. Several bolts are connected to one end of the springs. The high impulses received by the impulse conveying plate are converted into low impulses along each axis by transferring the high impulses through the impulse conveying shaft. The converted low impulse along each axis is divided into three dimensional impulses based on an optimal gradient surface angle determined in the impulse conveying shaft. The three dimensional impulses are damped by the absorber body using a computing algorithm.08-23-2012
20090020929Strut Top Mount With Axial Hydraulic Element - A hydraulic element for use in vehicle mount applications includes a housing, a spring assembly disposed within the housing, and an external component outside of the housing. A first chamber is defined between the spring assembly and the housing. Furthermore, a second chamber is defined within the external component and is in fluid communication with the first chamber. With the external component providing the second chamber outside of the housing, the hydraulic element can be formed with a relatively compact configuration.01-22-2009
20110121499CUSHION MECHANISM - A cushion mechanism includes a four-bar linkage and at least one hinge assembly. The four-bar linkage includes a first link member, a second link member, a third link member, and a fourth link member forming a quadrangle. The at least one hinge assembly connects two joined link members. The at least one hinge assembly includes a shaft extending through the two joined link members, a fixing member, a rotating member, and an elastic member. The fixing member, the rotating member, and the elastic member are sleeved on the shaft. One of the fixing member and the rotating member forms a protrusion, and the other defines a slot receiving the protrusion.05-26-2011
20120139172FORCE DIVERSION APPARATUS AND METHODS - Force diversion apparatus, methods and devices including the same result in rotational motion being imparted to an impacting object.06-07-2012
20130015613ENERGY ABSORBING ELEMENTS - The present invention provides an energy absorbing element (01-17-2013
20120242017TORQUE FLUCTUATION ABSORBING APPARATUS - To provide a torque fluctuation absorbing apparatus capable of achieving cost reduction. The fluctuation absorbing apparatus includes a first plate secured to a flywheel; a second plate disposed at a distance from the first plate; a third plate slidably sandwiched between the first plate and the second plate; and a resilient section that is supported by, fixed to or integrated with the first plate or the second plate and biases the second plate toward the first plate.09-27-2012
20110272869VIBRATION STOPPER FOR MATERIAL FEEDER - A feed rod vibration prevention support of a material feeder includes a guide device for guiding a feed rod moving to feed a material to a working machine, and a vibration attenuation mechanism for preventing the feed rod from being vibrated. The guide device further includes a guide and a bush supported by the guide having a feed rod placed thereon. The vibration attenuation mechanism includes a first elastic material located between the bush and the guide. The bush is provided with a flanged portion.11-10-2011
20080211151Vibration Damper, in Particular for Applying to a Motor Vehicle Seat - The invention relates to a vibration damper (09-04-2008
20130175743SCRAPER BLADE CUSHION - A cushion for a scraper blade may comprise: a support plate having one or more members for engaging a support; a mounting plate opposite the support plate having a first end to which a scraper blade is mountable and having a second end remote from the first end; and a resilient cushioning material between and adhering to the support plate and the mounting plate. The cushion may further include one or more springs extending between the support plate and the mounting plate, or the resilient cushioning material surrounding the one or more springs, or the mounting plate having holes filled by the resilient cushioning material, or the second end of the mounting plate being formed to extend towards the support plate, or a combination thereof.07-11-2013
20130154170PASSIVE ISOLATION DEVICES PROVIDING LOW FREQUENCY DAMPING OF LOW MASS PAYLOADS AND SPACECRAFT ISOLATION SYSTEMS EMPLOYING THE SAME - Embodiments of a low frequency isolation device are provided, as are embodiments of a spacecraft isolation system including a plurality of low frequency isolation devices. In one embodiment, the low frequency isolation device includes a three parameter isolator and a break frequency-reducing series spring mechanically coupled in series with the three parameter isolator and having a predetermined axial stiffness (K06-20-2013


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