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267 - Spring devices

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267640110 Comprising compressible fluid 89
267195000 Mechanical spring and nonresilient retarder (e.g., shock absorber) 63
267292000 Elastomeric 33
267360100 Leaf 13
267286000 Coil 9
267259000 Compound 5
20100156012HYDRO-PNEUMATIC SUSPENSION SYSTEM - A suspension system for a vehicle has an upper control arm and an associated lower control arm for mounting a wheel on the vehicle body. A hydro-pneumatic spring is connected between one of the control arms and the vehicle body. A compensating spring is associated with the hydro-pneumatic spring and is operable to act in opposition to the force exerted by the hydro-pneumatic spring as the hydro-pneumatic spring approaches full extension.06-24-2010
20110024957VEHICLE HEIGHT ADJUSTING APPARATUS - A vehicle height adjusting apparatus of a hydraulic shock absorber has a hydraulic pump carrying out a pumping action by an extending and retracting motion of a piston rod with respect to a damper tube so as to feed a working fluid to a jack chamber of a hydraulic jack, and a blow valve releasing a jack pressure of the jack chamber which is pressurized by a plunger of the hydraulic jack exposed to a spring load on a suspension spring.02-03-2011
20110254209STRUT ASSEMBLY WITH AIR SPRING - A strut assembly includes a damper having a housing and a rod moveable relative to the housing along a longitudinal axis. The strut assembly includes a flexible membrane configured to receive a pressurized gas to form an air spring. A coil spring defines an inner diameter with the housing disposed within the inner diameter to permit relative movement between the coil spring and the housing. The coil spring is at least partially disposed outside the flexible membrane relative to the longitudinal axis.10-20-2011
20080303196UPPER STRUT MOUNT ASSEMBLY - An upper strut mount assembly includes a cylindrical member. The cylindrical member includes a top portion, a bottom portion, and an annular portion. A bottom surface of the annular portion abuts at least a top portion of a rolling member thereby allowing the spring seat to rotate relative to at least the cylindrical member. A first resilient member includes a first annular portion and a second annular portion. A bottom surface of the first annular portion abuts a top surface of the cylindrical member annular portion. A second resilient member includes a first annular portion and a second annular portion. A bottom surface of the first annular potion abuts a top surface of the cylindrical member annular portion. An exposed surface of the second annular portion of the second resilient abuts an exposed surface of the second annular portion of the first resilient member.12-11-2008
20130009350Semiactive Wheel Suspension - The invention relates to a wheel suspension which has a spring system (01-10-2013
267003000 Railway 4
20090008843SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR A VEHICLE - A spring arrangement for a vehicle, in particular a rail vehicle, with a first spring device and a second spring device, wherein the first spring device and the second spring device are mechanically arranged in series, and are designed to support a component of the vehicle on a further component of the vehicle in a support direction, the first spring device has a first transverse rigidity in a transverse direction running transverse to the support direction, the second spring device has a second rigidity in the transverse direction which is smaller than the first transverse rigidity. The first spring device and the second spring device are arranged nested in the support direction.01-08-2009
20090039574Spring assembly - A spring assembly has a first end member, a second end member spaced from the first end member, and an elastomeric body between the end members. The elastomeric body is configured to be compressed in a main load direction which coincides with a centre axis of the spring assembly. Further the elastomeric body has an internal cavity which is symmetric about the centre axis and extends at least partially between the end members. The elastomeric body also has interleaving elements and stopping element configured to mechanically limit compression of the elastomeric body in the main load direction.02-12-2009
20110248433Primary Spring - A primary spring for chassis of rail vehicles is provided. The spring is designed as a substantially rectangular layered spring that is fitted into a bearing housing.10-13-2011
20110233832AIR SPRING FOR VEHICLE AND RAILWAY TRUCK FOR VEHICLE - The invention offers an air spring for obtaining a vehicle that renders good comfortableness even at the time of the curved-track running. The air spring for a vehicle has an upper board, a lower board, a diaphragm, and a stopper rubber placed between the lower board and a lower plate. The air spring is provided with a mechanism for restraining the displacement of the stopper rubber, the mechanism having a first restraining member placed on either one of the lower plate and the lower board and a second restraining member placed on the other. The shape of restraining wall surfaces is formed such that in the relative positional relationship between the first and second restraining members, when the first or second restraining member displaces itself such that it delineates an arc by placing the center at the railway truck axis of the railway truck of a vehicle, the spacings between the first and second restraining members at the left side and right side are equal to each other or decrease as the amount of displacement along the arc increases.09-29-2011
267273000 Torsion 4
20130087957DEVICE FOR DAMPING THE VIBRATIONS IN A CRAWLER OR TRACKED VEHICLE - A device for damping vibrations acting upon a track vehicle is provided. Long torsion bar springs which so far have been used to absorb torsion are subdivided into a plurality of small torsion bar springs. The torsion bar springs are operationally interconnected via drive or transmission elements and accommodated outside the interior, thereby removing the need for installation space for the damping device at a right angle to and below the vehicle chassis, and reducing it to the lateral zone or inside a minor recess in the chassis, a so-called chassis recess.04-11-2013
20100013132ELASTIC BEARING BUSH - An elastic bearing bush, particularly for use in a chassis of a motor vehicle, has a housing, a core disposed inside the housing, and an elastomer body connecting the housing to the core. The bearing bush has different damping properties in a first spatial direction and a second spatial direction. The bearing bush has a substantially rectangular base surface. The spring and damping properties are determined in the first spatial direction by at least one air spring element and in the second spatial direction by at least one elastomer spring.01-21-2010
20100001448STABILIZER SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A stabilizer bush (01-07-2010
20120306136STABILIZER AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE STABILIZER - A torsion portion extending in a vehicle width direction and having a first cross-sectional area, shoulder portions located at both ends of the torsion portion and having a second cross-sectional area larger than the first cross-sectional area and arm portions extending from the shoulder portions in a front and back direction of a vehicle, respectively and having the first cross-sectional area, so that even when a hollow member is used for weight saving, can be realized by design and manufacturing method facilitating making uniform principal stress as in a solid member.12-06-2012
267228000 Lever and nontorsion spring 3
20090309280SUSPENSION MEANS WITH SCISSOR PANTOGRAPH - A suspension arrangement for spring suspending a mass body (12-17-2009
20090045562Spring loaded spacer - A spring loaded spacer for fastening components and control units with touch control face plates or panels wherein the spacer has a barrel portion having at one end means for connecting the spacer to a chassis or the like and at its other end a shank for connecting it to one or more printed circuit boards and/or components or the like, wherein a spring loaded shank is seated within the barrel and is adapted to receive one or more printed circuit boards under tensioned engagement.02-19-2009
20110057371Suspension Mechanism - An improved suspension unit which is quite and compact is revealed. The suspension unit includes a hanger member having a load bearing portion and a front face with an aperture and a control arm having a front face with an aperture and a load bearing portion. The control arm is pivotally attached to and depends from the hanger such that the front face of the hanger and the front face of the control arm are opposed one another with the aperture on the front face of the hanger being aligned with the aperture on the front face of the control arm and with the load bearing portion of the hanger positioned above the load bearing portion of the control arm. A jounce spring and a rebound spring are coaxially mounted to a shaft having opposite first and second ends, the shaft being mounted through the aperture of the front face of the hanger and the aperture of the front face of the control arm, the rebound spring being positioned between the front face of the hanger and the front face of the control arm, the jounce spring being positioned to one side of both the front face of the hanger and the front face of the control arm.03-10-2011
267183000 Parallel depression (e.g., having stabilizer bar) 2
20100171250ANTI-ROLL LEAF SPRING SUSPENSION - Vehicle suspension comprising a pair of leaf springs (07-08-2010
267006000 Bolster 1
20080284069Leaf Spring Consisting of a Fibre Composite Material - The invention relates to a leaf spring (11-20-2008
267066000 Braces 1
20090079113SUSPENSION PROTECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Suspension protection devices and methods involve a suspension mount engagement member configured to contact a suspension mount of a vehicle, a tire engagement member configured to contact a tire of the vehicle, and a rebounding assembly coupled between the suspension mount engagement member and the tire engagement member. The rebounding assembly can include a support, a first rebounding member, and a second rebounding member, wherein the first rebounding member is more compressible than the second rebounding member.03-26-2009
20120200016HOLD AND DRIVE DEVICE - A method of driving a nut on a bolt comprising using a motorized socket drive tool having an open drive socket located in a drive head portion, is provided. A support assembly having a spring loaded biasing portion configured for travel along a torque arrest path, where a torque arrest member is coupled with the spring loaded biasing portion in an operative position, is provided in a coupled arrangement with the motorized socket drive tool. The open drive socket is directed to pass over the nut and the torque arrest member is directed to engage the bolt such that the open drive socket may drive the target nut, while the torque arrest member holds the bolt from rotation. The open drive socket and torque arrest member are respectively released from the nut and the bolt after the nut reaches a predetermined destination on the bolt.08-09-2012
20090160109Slide Actuator - When a take-up pulley 06-25-2009
20090218739Vibration Reducing Structure for steering wheel09-03-2009
20120248665Spring, assembly of springs, assembly of a spring and a damper, as well as a vehicle comprising a spring - Spring comprising a first part (10-04-2012

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