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266 - Metallurgical apparatus

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266216000 By means introducing treating material 31
266227000 By separating metal in a molten mass from undesired material, e.g., slag 9
266236000 With means to discharge molten material 7
266233000 By stirring or mixing molten metal 6
266242000 Heated melting pot 5
20100109210Heated molten metal handling device - A molten metal handling device comprising an outer shell defined by a bottom and two side walls, an insulating layer partially filling the outer shell and a thermally conductive castable refractory body for carrying molten metal, the refractory body being within the insulating layer. The device further includes at least one heating element positioned in the insulating layer, adjacent to the refractory body,. The refractory body is preferably fabricated from a castable alumina or castable silicon carbide material.05-06-2010
20120292835PUSHER - A pusher includes a pusher main body configured to push forward a target object; a pusher main body cylinder connected to the pusher main body and configured to move the pusher main body forward and backward; a pusher carriage connected to the pusher main body cylinder; and a pusher carriage cylinder connected to the pusher carriage and configured to move the pusher carriage forward and backward, the pusher carriage cylinder having a pushing-out direction opposite to a pushing-out direction of the pusher main body cylinder.11-22-2012
20090212471BOARD LINED FURNACE WITH SIDE IMMERSION HEATING ELEMENTS - A holding furnace for holding a molten metal includes a housing having an interior chamber for holding the molten metal. An insulating board structure is placed into the chamber along at least a side portion of the housing. The insulating board structure contains heat within the housing for maintaining the metal in a molten state. A heater assembly is provided in a side of the furnace. The heater assembly is installed in the side of the furnace with a structural arrangement that protects against leakage of molten metal from the furnace interior to the furnace exterior.08-27-2009
20120326365APPARATUS FOR MELTING AND REFINING IMPURE NONFERROUS METALS, PARTICULARLY SCRAPS OF COPPER AND/OR IMPURE COPPER ORIGINATING FROM THE PROCESSING OF MINERALS - An apparatus for melting and refining impure nonferrous metals, comprising a tiltable reverberatory furnace with a furnace body that has a base with a rectangular plan shape and is provided with two mutually opposite heads, which are mutually connected by a bottom wall, by an upper wall or ceiling and by two side walls, the furnace being provided with means for the tilting of the furnace body about an axis which is substantially horizontal and perpendicular to the heads; the furnace has, in a central region of the upper wall, a portion that protrudes upwardly from the remaining portion of the upper wall and is delimited in an upper region by a flying buttress-like wall and laterally by two mutually opposite side walls, the portion having, on the side that faces the flying buttress-like wall, a loading port, which is closed by a movable door.12-27-2012
20120242016DEVICE FOR HOLDING SILICON MELT - Device for holding a silicon melt comprising a crucible, which partly surrounds an inner chamber for holding the melt, with a base and at least one side wall made of a base material, whereby the crucible comprises at least one equalizing means for equalizing mechanical thermal stresses.09-27-2012
266241000 With means to cool treating means 5
20130032978Burner Gland For An Electric Arc Furnace - A burner enclosure for use in locating a burner in an a wall of an electric arc furnace, the burner enclosure includes a plurality of walls wherein each wall includes a serpentine cooling path therein and an inlet located proximal a first edge of each wall and an outlet located proximal a second edge of each wall and wherein the walls are assembled into the burner enclosure so an inlet of one wall can be connected by an elbow to an outlet of an adjoining wall to create a cooling fluid flow path through the entire burner enclosure to improve the performance of the burner in the burner enclosure and to improve the overall efficiency of the electric arc furnace.02-07-2013
20100044935DIRECT SMELTING VESSEL AND COOLER THEREFOR - A direct smelting vessel and a hearth cooler element are disclosed. The vessel includes a refractory lined hearth. An inner surface of an upper part of the hearth extends upwardly and outwardly to side walls of the vessel. The upper part of the hearth incorporates a hearth cooler disposed outwardly behind the refractory lining of that part of the hearth and below the cooling panels on the side walls of the vessel. The hearth cooler comprises a plurality of cooler elements. Each cooler element has a hollow open-backed shell structure having base, top and side walls formed integrally in a cast structure and incorporating coolant flow passages.02-25-2010
20090200715METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A STAVE COOLER FOR A METALLURGICAL FURNACE AND A RESULTING STAVE COOLER - A method of manufacturing a stave cooler for a metallurgical furnace including supplying a metal plate having an inward side for facing the inside of the furnace and an opposite outward side; supplying at least one coolant pipe; establishing a thermo-conductive contact between the coolant pipe and the metal plate; providing the coolant pipe with a flattened face and externally fixing the flattened face to the metal plate on the outward side for establishing the thermo-conductive contact.08-13-2009
20110210484COOLING PLATE FOR A METALLURGICAL FURNACE AND ITS METHOD OF MANUFACTURING - A cooling plate for a metallurgical furnace includes a body with a front face, an opposite rear face (09-01-2011
20120056361COOLING PLATE FOR A METALLURGICAL FURNACE - A cooling plate (03-08-2012
266207000 By providing, treating or protecting environment, e.g., vacuum 4
20100230873Apparatus for Continuously Manufacturing Stoichiometric Mg2Ni Hydrogen Storage Compound - The present invention provides an apparatus for manufacturing stoichiometric Mg09-16-2010
20100078862LANCE DUCT FOR VACUUM TREATMENT SYSTEMS - For the metallurgical treatment of steel melts, a lance (04-01-2010
20090008842METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING METALLIC ULTRAFINE PARTICLES - An object of the present invention is to efficiently produce ultrafine particles having such a small diameter as 50 nm or less, a narrow range of size distribution, and a non-oxidation surface. According to the present invention, the metallic ultrafine particles are produced by dropping a raw metallic powder onto a controllably heated evaporating surface in a decompressed inert gas; instantly evaporating the raw metallic powder to form the ultrafine particle; and condensing and depositing the ultrafine particle on a trapping surface arranged above the evaporating surface. The raw metallic powder is any one of a single metal, an alloy and an intermetallic compound, preferably has an average particle diameter controlled to 500 μm or smaller so that the powder can be instantly evaporated, and is preferably supplied by a minute amount.01-08-2009
20090166937DIRECT SMELTING PLANT - A direct smelting plant for producing molten metal from a metalliferous feed material using a molten bath based direct smelting process is disclosed. The plant includes an offgas duct assembly to facilitate flow of offgas from the vessel, the offgas duct assembly including two offgas ducts of matching diameter extending outwardly from the vessel.07-02-2009
266215000 Continuous refining 2
20110140318Molten metal containment structure having flow through ventilation - Exemplary embodiments of the invention provide a molten metal containment structure including a refractory molten metal containment vessel having an external surface, and a metal casing for the vessel having an internal surface at least partially surrounding the external surface of the vessel at a distance therefrom forming a spacing between the vessel and the casing. The spacing includes an unobstructed upwardly extending gap that is vented to the exterior of the structure by upper and lower openings in the casing. A layer of insulating material is preferably positioned in the spacing between the internal surface of the casing and the external surface of the vessel, with the layer of insulating material being narrower than the spacing at least at upwardly extending sides of the casing, thereby forming the unobstructed gap. The vessel may be a metal conveying trough, a housing for a metal filter, a container for a metal degasser unit, a crucible, or the like.06-16-2011
20080296812Degassing Apparatus Having Duplex Vacuum Vessel - A degassing apparatus having duplex vacuum vessels for removing impurity gases from molten steel by backflow of molten steel thereby homogenizing molten steel composition. The apparatus includes duplex vacuum vessels of first and second vacuum vessels fixedly arranged at a predetermined interval to a floor which is provided horizontally at a predetermined height from a bottom; first and second ladle carriages arranged to run on first and second rails, respectively, to reciprocate between a treatment position directly under the first and second vacuum vessels and a tapping position where refined molten steel is tapped, each of the first and second ladle carriage loaded with a corresponding one of first and second ladles; and first and second lifting cylinders each for raising and lowering each of the first and second ladles in the treatment position so that a bottom end of each of the first and second vacuum vessels is immersed by molten steel in each of the first and second ladles. The apparatus can remove limiting factors of suspending a continuous vacuum degassing refining process and thus prolong lifetime of the vacuum vessel and save manufacturing cost.12-04-2008
266248000 Horizontal, rotatable, cylindrical type 2
20090127754Hearth Structure of Rotary Furnace Hearth - The present invention discovers a new structural design technique which provides clearances between refractories 05-21-2009
20120256360METALLURGICAL FURNACE - The invention relates to a metallurgical furnace, comprising a furnace body (10-11-2012
266213000 Revolving drum-type furnace 1
20100194006Furnace, its method of operation and control - The present invention relates to a furnace (08-05-2010
266212000 Refining means with separate metal-melting zone 1
20090051084Means for conveying material - Means for conveying hot granular material from a loading zone to an arc melting furnace (02-26-2009
266205000 Means to melt and separate metal from mass of diverse constituents 1
20110068522APPARATUS FOR INJECTING GAS INTO A VESSEL - An apparatus for injecting particulate and/or gaseous material into a metallurgical vessel is disclosed. The apparatus includes a duct through which to inject the material, inner and outer water inflow and outflow passages extending through a wall of the duct and an annular duct tip disposed at the forward end of the duct. The duct tip is of annular formation and includes an annular inner end component, an annular outer end component, and an annular central component located between the inner and outer components. The duct tip also includes a plurality of radially extending dividers to divide a space between the outer end component and the central component into discrete radial passages to serve as the internal water flow passages of the tip.03-24-2011
20130038003MIXING DRUM FOR A BLAST FURNACE - Mixing drum (02-14-2013
20120139170SLAG DISCHARGE DOOR APPARATUS FOR ELECTRIC FURNACE - A slag discharge door apparatus for an electric furnace is disclosed. The apparatus includes a door which is operated by a door operator to open or close a slag discharge outlet of the electric furnace, and a door support which supports the door in such a way that a portion of a lower end of the door overlaps with the door support, so that slag is inhibited from leaking out of the electric furnace through the slag discharge outlet.06-07-2012
20110298166CABONACEOUS REFRACTORY AND METHOD OF PRODUCTION OF SAME AND ALSO BLAST FURNACE BOTTOM OR SIDE WALLS - The present invention provides a carbonaceous refractory, and a method of production of the same, which prevents a drop in the molten pig iron corrosion resistance, molten pig iron penetration resistance, and other properties of carbonaceous refractories required for blast furnace bottom refractories and, further, raises the mechanical strength of the refractories so as to suppress cracking due to thermal stress, that is, a carbonaceous refractory characterized by comprising a carbonaceous material comprised of one or more of calcined anthracite, calcined coke, natural graphite, or artificial graphite in 60 to 85 mass %, a refractory metal oxide in 5 to 15 mass %, metal silicon in 4 to 15 mass %, and carbon black in 2 to 10 mass % and by being obtained by adding an organic binder to refractory materials made a total 100 mass %, kneading the materials, then molding them and firing them in a nonoxidizing atmosphere.12-08-2011
20090309276METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MELTING METAL - A stack of copper plates is placed in a melting chamber having a closed roof of refractory material. The stack is placed in a tilted orientation leaning against a side wall of the melting chamber, with lower edges of the copper plates resting on an inclined hearth surface. A door to the melting chamber is closed to block the infiltration of oxygen. A burner is fired into the melting chamber to heat the closed roof of refractory material, and the stack of copper plates is melted under the influence of combustion products from the burner and heat radiated from the closed roof. Molten copper is drained downward from the bottom edge of the inclined hearth surface to avoid immersing the copper plates in a molten bath.12-17-2009
20080290568REINFORCED REFRACTORY CRUCIBLES FOR MELTING TITANIUM ALLOYS - Reinforced crucibles for melting titanium alloys having a facecoat including at least one facecoat layer, a backing including at least one backing layer, and at least one reinforcing element applied to at least a portion of one or more of the facecoat layer, the backing layer, or a combination thereof where the reinforcing element includes at least one composition selected from ceramic compositions, metallic compositions, and combinations thereof.11-27-2008
20120068392DEVICE FOR DISTRIBUTING CHARGE MATERIAL INTO A SHAFT FURNACE - A device for distributing charge material into a shaft furnace includes a main housing, a distribution chute, a suspension rotor and an adjustment rotor, which are rotatable about a substantially vertical axis, the chute is suspended to the suspension rotor to rotate therewith for circumferential distribution of charge material and adjustable in orientation through the adjustment rotor for radial distribution of charge material, a differential gear interconnects the suspension rotor and the adjustment rotor and is configured to transmit to the adjustment rotor the same speed of rotation that is imparted to the suspension rotor by a main rotation drive unless an adjustment drive imparts differential rotation to the adjustment rotor, the device further including: 03-22-2012
20090230600Smelting or reduction furnace, in particular electric arc furnace with an open, semi-closed or closed configuration - The invention relates to a melting or reduction furnace (09-17-2009
20100244338NON-FERROUS METAL MELT PUMP AND NON-FERROUS METAL MELTING FURNACE USING THE SAME - A non-ferrous metal melting furnace includes a non-ferrous metal melt pump, a vortex chamber body, and a magnetic field device formed of permanent magnets. The vortex chamber body makes a non-ferrous metal melt flow into a vortex chamber from an inlet, makes the non-ferrous metal melt flow in a spiral shape by applying a driving force to the non-ferrous metal melt in the vortex chamber, and discharges the non-ferrous metal melt from the vortex chamber to an outlet. The magnetic field device formed of permanent magnets is disposed outside the vortex chamber and below a bottom plate of the vortex chamber, and applies the driving force to the non-ferrous metal melt by an electromagnetic force that is generated by current flowing in the non-ferrous metal melt and magnetic lines of force from the magnetic field device formed of permanent magnets.09-30-2010
20110133374SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MELTING SCRAP METAL - A scrap submergence vessel for melting scrap metal is disclosed. The vessel comprises a front wall comprising an inlet, a back wall (opposite the front wall) comprising an outlet, and a flow direction member that causes molten metal flowing into the inlet to be directed at least partially upward against a portion of the back wall. The movement of molten metal through the vessel creates a downward pull that draws metal scrap placed above or within the vessel downward into the molten metal bath where it melts.06-09-2011
20110148012IMMERSION HEATER FOR MOLTEN METAL - The invention relates to a device for heating molten metal by the use of a heater that can be immersed into the molten metal. This immersion heater includes an outer cover formed of one or more materials resistant to the molten metal in which the immersion heater is to be used, and a heating element inside of the outer cover, where the heating element is protected from contacting the molten metal.06-23-2011
20090236780Size for production of a bn-containing coating, method for production thereof, coated body production and use thereof - The invention relates to a water-containing slip for producing a BN-containing coating on a substrate, which comprises, based on the solids content of the slip, 09-24-2009
20110049772Movable sweat hearth for metal melting furnace - Exemplary embodiments provide a movable sweat hearth for use with a metal melting furnace having a wall provided with a metal-loading entrance. The sweat hearth includes a hearth body movable relative to the furnace into and out of contact with the wall of the furnace at the entrance. The body has exterior walls enclosing a hollow interior except at a furnace-engagable side wall of the hearth body provided with an opening communicating with the interior. The interior has a floor adapted to support a charge of scrap metal, and the opening is positioned relative to the floor to allow molten metal to drain from the interior through the opening. The floor is arranged at an angle to horizontal to slope in a downward direction towards the opening when the container is moved into sealing engagement with the wall of the furnace with the opening aligned with the furnace entrance. Other exemplary embodiments relate to a combination of a movable sweat hearth as described above and a metal melting furnace having a front wall provided with a furnace entrance.03-03-2011
20120205841Furnace slag door and corresponding furnace - The invention relates to a furnace slag door, comprising at least one panel which is moveable, in a mounted state of the slag door, from an opened position, in which the panel is remote from a corresponding slag discharge opening within the furnace wall to a closed position, in which the panel covers at least part of said slag discharge opening. The invention further comprises a corresponding furnace equipped with such slag door. The furnace is, in particular, an electric arc furnace (EAF) but may be as well of another type.08-16-2012
20100096785DEVICE FOR INTRODUCING METAL BARS INTO A METAL BATH - The invention relates to a device (04-22-2010
20120313300PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING METALS AND/OR PRIMARY METAL PRODUCTS - The invention relates to an apparatus for producing metals and/or primary metal products, in particular pig iron and/or primary pig iron products, in which a metal-containing charge material, in particular in fine particle form, is introduced, using pneumatic conveying, by means of a carrier gas stream, in the form of a stream of medium formed from the charge material and the carrier gas stream, into a melting unit, in particular a melter gasifier, for further processing. According to the invention, the charge material is introduced after the carrier gas stream has been separated off and separately at at least two introduction points, so that at least two partial quantities of the charge material can be introduced independently of one another and continuously or in stacked form.12-13-2012
20120280439Burner With Velocity Adjustment For Flash Smelter - A burner for a flash smelting furnace. The burner has an adjustable nozzle to control the velocity of the combustion gas supply to the reaction shaft. The nozzle is defined by the burner injector and a surrounding structure that extends from the burner wind box through an opening in the burner block that integrates the burner with the furnace. The nozzle is adjusted by control means that is exterior of the wind box.11-08-2012
20130119589Hearth for a Metallurgical Furnace Having an Improved Wall Lining - A hearth for a metallurgical reactor, in particular for a blast furnace, has an outer shell and an annular wall lining of refractory material inside the shell, the wall lining having a lower region with a multi-layered construction a radially inner layer faces the interior of the hearth and includes at least one inner ring of refractory elements, radially outer layer faces the outer shell and has at least one outer ring of refractory elements, where in the at least one inner ring elements are made of a first carbonaceous refractory material that is different from one or more carbonaceous refractory materials of the elements in the outer layer such that, the first refractory material contains, in a proportion of at least 5% by mass in total, at least one property-enhancing additive other than metallic silicon or silicon carbide. In beneficial combination therewith, the at least one inner ring has a wall thickness of less than 45%, of the corresponding total wall thickness of the wall lining.05-16-2013