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266 - Metallurgical apparatus

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266045000 Plugging or tapping 9
266046000 Cooling 9
266047000 Tuyere operation 5
20100044930INJECTION METHOD FOR INERT GAS - A method and apparatus for forming internally shrouded supersonic coherent jets comprising an inert gas, such as pure argon and argon/oxygen mixtures. This method and apparatus can be employed to produce low-carbon steels with a top lance in basic oxygen steelmaking.02-25-2010
20110127702DYNAMIC CONTROL OF LANCE UTILIZING COUNTERFLOW FLUIDIC TECHNIQUES - A jet of gas injected from a lance is fluidically deviated with a gas flowing in either the same or opposite direction as the jet of gas. The gas used to fluidically deviate the jet is the same as or different from the gas in the jet.06-02-2011
20110101576Tuyere for Manufacturing Molten Iron and Method for Injecting Gas Using the Same - A tuyere for manufacturing molten iron is provided. The tuyere includes i) an oxygen injection opening that is configured to inject oxygen therethrough, and ii) a sealing gas injection opening that is located to be spaced apart from the oxygen injection opening and is configured to inject a sealing gas surrounding the oxygen.05-05-2011
20110180978METHOD FOR FEEDING PULVERISED COAL INTO A BLAST FURNACE - The present invention proposes a method for feeding pulverised coal into a blast furnace, wherein the method comprises the following steps: providing a tuyere stock (07-28-2011
20130026685FURNACE ATMOSPHERE GENERATOR - A heat treatment furnace is provided which includes a gas generator with a methanol inlet connected to a methanol feed line and at least one gas outlet for dissociated methanol, wherein said gas generator is disposed to be in heat exchange contact with a cooling zone and a heating zone of the furnace.01-31-2013
20130038000METHOD OF MIXING GASES FOR A GAS CUTTING TORCH - A method of directing gas flows in a gas torch includes directing a flow of a first gas and a flow of a second gas to a mixer central gas passageway of a mixer and directing the flow of the mixed first and second gases from the mixer to an axial passageway of a tip. The method further includes directing a flow of a third gas to an outer passageway of the tip, directing the flow of the third gas inwardly through at least one intermediate gas passageway, and then directing the flow of the third gas to a tip central gas passageway of the tip. Finally, the flow of the mixed first and second gases and the flow of the third gas are directed distally through a distal portion of the tip.02-14-2013
20130037999TEMPERATURE REGULATED VESSEL - Disclosed is a temperature regulated vessel, and method for using the same, having a body configured to melt meltable material received therein, and one or more temperature regulating lines within the body configured to flow a liquid therein for regulating a temperature of the meltable material received in the melting portion. The vessel has a poor or low thermally conductive material on one or more of its parts, such as on the melting portion, on exterior surfaces of the body, and/or surrounding the temperature regulating lines to increase melt temperature of the material. The melting portion can also have indentations in its surface, and low thermally conductive material can be provided in the indentations. The vessel can be used to melt amorphous alloys, for example.02-14-2013
20100072681METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE INDUSTRIAL THERMAL TREATMENT OF ELONGATED MECHANICAL PARTS - A device for the thermal treatment of elongated mechanical parts including an oven having a cylinder barrel arranged into a heated enclosure, the barrel having at least one ring driven in rotation around an axis of axial symmetry of the cylinder barrel by a driving mechanism. The ring including at least one storage pipe parallel to the axis of axial symmetry able to receive at least one mechanical part to be heated, and the enclosure having an inlet and an outlet for the mechanical parts which are equidistant from the axis of axial symmetry for each ring of the barrel. A method for the thermal treatment of mechanical parts is also provided.03-25-2010
20130075964DROSS HANDLING METHODS AND APPARATUS - A compressing element, devices for using such a compressing element and methods of use are provided, in which the compressing element has: a upper surface provided with an inlet and an outlet; a lower surface; an at least partially hollow interior provided between the upper surface and the lower surface, the hollow interior being connected to the inlet and the outlet; the hollow interior being provided with: one or more fluid flow constraining surfaces provided by one or more walls of the hollow interior; and one or more fluid flow control elements provided in the hollow interior, the one or more fluid flow control elements being additional to the one or more fluid flow constraining surfaces provided by the one or more walls of the hollow interior. The arrangement of inlet, outlet, fluid flow constraining surfaces and fluid control elements provides for improved cooling of the compressing element, for instance when used to press molten metal processing by-products to extract molten metal.03-28-2013
20130075963CERAMIC LINED CHANNEL INDUCTOR - A channel inductor of a channel induction furnace is disclosed. The channel inductor comprises a channel liner that defines a channel for a molten metal to flow through the channel inductor. The channel liner comprises an inlet and an outlet for the molten metal and a flange for mounting the channel liner to a refractory material lining of a pot of the channel inductor furnace. The channel liner being formed from a ceramic material that is resistant to chemical attack by the molten metal in the channel, whereby in use of the channel induction furnace direct contact between the molten metal and the channel inductor is limited to contact with the channel liner (including the flange) only and molten metal does not contact other parts of the channel inductor.03-28-2013
20130032976METHOD OF DIRECTING A GAS FLOW IN A GAS CUTTING TIP - A method of directing a gas flow in a tip of a gas torch includes: directing a flow of gas to an outer passageway of the tip; directing the flow of gas inwardly through at least one intermediate gas passageway; directing the flow of gas to a central gas passageway of the tip; and directing the flow of gas distally through a distal orifice of the tip.02-07-2013
20090045556EQUIPMENT AND METHOD FOR HARDENING TREATMENT OF METALLIC PARTS - Equipment for metallic part hardening treatment comprising a support (02-19-2009
20120217683WASTE HEAT SYSTEM - A preheat charging system for preheating scrap metal prior to delivery to a melting furnace. The system includes a preheating station having a heating chamber adapted to receive scrap metal. Hot gas from a burner chamber is circulated around the scrap metal. The burner chamber is adapted to receive exhaust gas from a hot exhaust gas source such as a melting furnace. A burner apparatus is mounted within the burner chamber in a flow path of an exhaust inlet port. The burner is configured to supply supplemental heat on demand to the heating chamber to supplement the hot exhaust gas. A first fan can be provided to direct exhaust air from a furnace to the burner chamber. A second fan can be provided for directing air into the burner apparatus.08-30-2012
20130069287FLOATING ENTRAINMENT METALLURGICAL PROCESS AND REACTOR - A floating entrainment metallurgical process includes injecting a reaction gas and powdery materials into a reaction furnace, aiming to obtain a controllable highly rotating and floating state and reach the ignition point under the high-temperature radiation of the reaction furnace to combust intensely. Meanwhile, a rotating fluid injected in the reaction furnace will drive the furnace gas, and forms a relatively low-temperature circular backflow protection area around the rotating fluid.03-21-2013
20090121396Method of Cooling Steel Plate - A method of cooling both surfaces of steel plate, while being constrained and conveyed between pairs of constraining rolls, by coolant sprays from top/bottom surface nozzle groups between pairs of constraining rolls, which method of cooling steel plate stably secures precision of cooling control from a start of cooling to an end of cooling in a steel plate cooling region between pairs of constraining rolls so as to uniformly cool the top and bottom surfaces of the steel plate and thereby stably secure the steel plate quality and cool the steel plate down to a target temperature with a good precision, specifically comprises dividing a steel plate cooling region between pairs of constraining rolls in which groups of top and bottom surface nozzles are arranged into at least a spray impact part region and spray non-impact part regions in a steel plate conveyance direction or in the steel plate conveyance direction and width direction, predicting a heat transfer coefficient for each divided region in advance, computing a predicted temperature history of the steel plate based on this predicted value, and setting and controlling amounts of sprayed coolant on the spray impact part regions by the groups of top and bottom surface nozzles.05-14-2009
20090200713SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HARDENING RAILS - System and method for hardening rails by cooling, in a cooling medium, at least one part of a respective rail cross-section of a rail over an entire length of the rail. The system includes a cross displacement device arranged in an area of a roller table, at least one positioning device, at least one coolant container containing the cooling medium, a manipulation gripper comprising a plurality of pincers and being structured and arranged to move the rail. The method includes at least one of moving the rail from the roller table to the at least one coolant container positioning the rail into the at least one positioning device via the manipulation gripper, as well as moving the rail into the coolant medium with the at least one positioning device.08-13-2009
20110018178METHOD AND DEVICE FOR BLOWING GAS ON A RUNNING STRIP - The present invention relates to a method for acting on the temperature of a travelling strip (01-27-2011
20120235331METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REMOVING COOLANT LIQUID FROM MOVING METAL STRIP - Exemplary embodiments of the invention include a method and apparatus for cooling a metal strip that is being advanced in a generally horizontal fashion. The method involves delivering a coolant liquid onto a lower surface of the strip from below across the entire width of the strip, preventing the coolant liquid from contacting the upper surface of the strip, and optionally subsequently removing the coolant liquid from the lower surface. The coolant liquid is prevented from contacting the upper surface by forming a gas-directing channel immediately above the upper surface of the strip adjacent to one or preferably both lateral edges of the strip and forcing a gas through the channel in a direction generally away from a center of the strip towards the one or both lateral edges to deflect coolant liquid away from the upper surface of the strip. The apparatus provides means for carrying out these steps.09-20-2012
20130161881METAL MELTING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MELTING METAL - A metal melting apparatus has a heating furnace, a melting furnace mounted on the heating furnace, a high-cycle regenerative system (FIRS), a raw material feeding device and a melted material feeding device mounted on the melting furnace. The HRS heats and recycles high temperature air in the heating furnace and guides the high temperature air to the preheating screw to preheat metal materials in the preheating screw. Thus, a time for melting the metal materials from solid to liquid is greatly shortened. Furthermore, a series of processes for preheating the metal materials in the raw material feeding device, melting the metal materials in the melting furnace and injecting the molten materials to the molds is fluent, time-saving and safe, and can progress continuously.06-27-2013
20100123275OFF-GAS HEAT RECOVERY AND PARTICULATE COLLECTION - An exhaust stream buffering system is described to temper a temperature profile and reduce a particulate load to permit heat recovery and cleaning. The buffering system may reduce the volatile temperature profile to even the temperature spikes, and produce a more even cyclical temperature profile. When used in steel making facilities, the buffered stream may also be augmented by blast furnace gases to provide additional energy for a heat recovery system.05-20-2010
20090315230BLAST FURNACE GAS BURNING FACILITY AND METHOD FOR OPERATING THE SAME - Provided is a blast furnace gas burning facility with a simple configuration and capable of operating at nearly rated load while preventing a wet type dust collector from freezing under such conditions that the temperature of blast furnace gas does not exceed the freezing lower-limit temperature of the wet type dust collector, and also provided is a method for operating the blast furnace gas burning facility. In a blast furnace gas burning facility 1 that burns blast furnace gas discharged from a blast furnace by supplying the gas to a combustor 12-24-2009
20090026667SLAG TRANSPORT AND DUMPING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A slag transport and dumping apparatus, for use with slag, includes a vehicle, a pallet, and a lifting mechanism. The vehicle includes a bed having a pallet interface. The pallet includes a support frame having ground support members, and a transporter interface selectively engaging the pallet interface. A dump container has a slag reservoir. Rear pivots on the container and pallet, together with the lifting mechanism, which is securely mounted to the bed of the vehicle and selectively engages the container, enable secure selective pivoting of the container between slag retaining and pouring configurations. In a loading configuration, the reservoir receives the slag, the container is in the retaining configuration, and the vehicle is removed from the pallet. In a transporting configuration, the container is in the retaining configuration, and the vehicle securely engages the pallet, in carrying relation, thus enabling transport of the pallet.01-29-2009
20090189322POST-COMBUSTION LANCE WITH INTERNAL SUPPORT - A post-combustion lance for directing a gas at least partially therethrough. The post-combustion lance includes a body having a primary tip from which a first part of the gas exits, upper and lower portions, and a post-combustion distributor mounted between the upper and lower portions and upstream from the primary tip. The distributor includes a number of ports through which a second part of the gas exits the lance. The lance also includes an upper inner tube positioned at least partially upstream from the distributor and an internal support assembly for supporting the body. The internal support assembly includes an internal tube positioned inside the body and coaxial with the body.07-30-2009
20090127752Lance Extraction - Solids injection lances for injecting solids into a metallurgical vessel are normally supplied with cooling water from a cooling water circuit through water supply lines and return lines. Supply lines are provided with spaced pairs of connectors and bypass valves, and return lines are provided with similar pairs of spaced connectors and bypass valves. Flexible hoses can be connected between the pairs of connectors to establish supply and return flows of cooling water which bypass segments of the main supply and return lines which can be isolated and removed to allow withdrawal and subsequent replacement of the lances.05-21-2009
20090315229INDUSTRIAL PLANT HAVING SAFETY-RELEVANT AREA - In an industrial plant for producing or processing liquid, red-hot or hot metal a safety-relevant area is formed in the direct vicinity of the liquid or red-hot metal and the presence of a person is at least periodically not allowed. A detector unit is provided for the surveillance of the area, detecting electromagnetic radiation emitted by a present person or identifying the absence of electromagnetic radiation blocked by a present person. Furthermore, an evaluation unit is able to detect the presence of a person from the output data of the detector unit, and for a control unit which is connected to the evaluation unit. If a person is present in the safety-relevant area, the control unit automatically initiates an action acting against the presence of the person. By forming a plurality of safety-relevant areas having different danger levels, gentle stopping of the industrial plant is made possible.12-24-2009
20090315228METHOD AND DEVICE FOR COOLING AND STABILIZING STRIP IN A CONTINUOUS LINE - The invention concerns a method for cooling metal strips using cooling chambers by blowing a gas, in a continuous heat treatment line, wherein: the chambers (12-24-2009
20090267274SKIMMER APPARATUS AND METHOD - An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides an apparatus and a method for skimming slag from molten metal including a base, wherein the base pivots around an axis, a mast mounted on the base, a carriage including wheels and the wheels engage the plurality of posts, an outer beam disposed perpendicular to the mast and within an inner space of the carriage, and including walls defining a slot and powered wheels, an inner beam disposed movably within the slot of the outer beam and in frictional contact with the powered wheels, and rams including one end mounted on the other beam and the other end mounted on one of the base or the mast. This configuration provides at least four degrees of freedom to the apparatus in order to skim the slag from the molten metal.10-29-2009
20100084795METHOD FOR OPERATING A CONVERTER - In a method for operating a converter (04-08-2010
20090108508Device and Method for Cooling Hot Strip - A device and a method for cooling a hot strip capable of uniformly cooling the hot-rolled steel strip from the leading end to the trailing end thereof during cooling of the steel strip using cooling water are provided. A cooling device 04-30-2009
20090283941METHOD FOR BOLTLESS HEAT TREATMENT OF THIN FLANGES - A method for preventing distortion in a flange of a metal part during heat treatment is provided. A method of preventing distortion includes engaging a bottom surface of the flange with a first boltless ring, engaging a top surface of the flange with a second boltless ring, locking the first and second boltless rings into a fixed position relative to each other and relative to the flange, heat treating the part, unlocking the first and second boltless rings from each other, and removing the first and second boltless rings from engagement with the flange.11-19-2009
20120292833Heating Method and System for Controlling Air Ingress into Enclosed Spaces - A heating method for heating vessels, the vessels having enclosed spaces therein and controlling air ingress into the enclosed spaces through gaps. The method includes providing a lid structure for the vessel having the enclosed space, the lid structure having a burner assembly mounted therein. The burner is configured to provide a predetermined flame diameter. The vessel and lid structure are mated such that the gap is formed between the vessel and the lid structure. Fuel and oxidant are discharged from the burner assembly under conditions to provide the predetermined flame diameter and impart a flame velocity sufficiently large to create an outward gas flow from the enclosed space through the gap and control air ingress.11-22-2012
20080237943Arrangement and a Method For Heating Metal Objects - The invention relates to a an arrangement and a method for heating metal objects such as metal bars by convection. The metal objects are passed on a conveyor through a series of chambers where hot air is blown through the conveyor. The temperature is controlled by a sensor connected to a control devise such as a thyristor.10-02-2008
20080272524Metallurgical Lance with Annular Gas Flow Control - A method of controlling total jet pressure from the head of a metallurgical lance for introducing gas into a volume of metal in a vessel. The lance head has at least one ejector, which has a nozzle located in a bore of the lance head and has an annular gas passage between at least one nozzle and the wall of the bore. The method proceeds by adjusting the annular gas velocity from a first Mach number to a second mach number to effect change of the total jet pressure.11-06-2008
20110006465METHOD AND PLANT FOR HEAT TREATMENT OF METALLIC ELEMENTS - A plant for the heat treatment of metallic elements (E) includes: at least a chamber (01-13-2011
20100201049Thermally efficient, cover for metal containment vessel, related system and methods - A thermally efficient cover for the molten metal held in a furnace, tundish, ladle, crucible or other containment vessel. Through substantially horizontal movement, this cover allows for periodic removal, particularly by retraction, for accessing contents of that furnace from a top aperture in the containment vessel. This invention further relates to a covered furnace system and methods of use.08-12-2010
20090127753Method and Apparatus for Heating Steel Components in a Continuous Furnace - The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for heating steel components in a continuous furnace, wherein a first transport device having an external drive receives the components in a precise position and transports them through the furnace in order to heat them, and a second transport device receives the parts, after the heating, from the first transport device at a predetermined transfer point or transfer region and conveys them out of the furnace at an increased speed and places them in a precise position at a further receiving point ready for further processing. The components are mounted on a support having engagement means for the different transport devices.05-21-2009
20090026666Method for batchwise heat treatment of goods to be annealed - A method is described for batchwise heat treatment of goods to be annealed which are heated in a heating chamber after scavenging air with a scavenging gas under protective gas to a predetermined treatment temperature, with the protective gas being conveyed through the heating chamber depending on the occurrence of impurities in different quantities. In order to enable the economic use of protective gas, it is proposed that the protective gas which is withdrawn from the heating chamber after the main occurrence of impurities and which is loaded with a residual quantity of impurities is conveyed, optionally after intermediate storage, into the heating chamber during the main occurrence of impurities of a subsequent batch before non-loaded protective gas is introduced into the heating chamber.01-29-2009
20120068391COOLING APPARATUS, COOLING METHOD, MANUFACTURING APPARATUS AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF HOT-ROLLED STEEL SHEET - The present invention provides a cooling apparatus of a hot-rolled steel sheet capable of manufacturing a hot-rolled steel sheet having ultra fine crystal grains.03-22-2012
20120104666COOLING APPARATUS OF STEEL SHEET, AND MANUFACTURING APPARATUS AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF HOT-ROLLED STEEL SHEET - A cooling apparatus of a steel sheet, which is excellent in discharging water without hindering the movement of a steel sheet, is disposed on a lower process side of a final stand in a row of hot finish rolling mills. The apparatus includes a plurality of cooling nozzles arranged to cool a steel sheet transported on transporting rolls, wherein the cooling nozzles are arranged on upper and lower surface sides of an area in which the steel sheet passes. A lower surface guide is arranged on the lower surface side with the lower surface guide comprising inlet holes through which cooling water sprayed from the cooling nozzles on the lower surface side passes and outlet holes through which the cooling water passes, dropping downwardly to be discharged. The inlet holes and the outlet holes are arranged alternately in a moving direction of the steel sheet.05-03-2012
20090102103Infrared Light Sensors for Diagnosis and Control of Industrial Furnaces - Passive sensors, and more particularly passive infrared sensors are used to ascertain the signature of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the infrared region of the light emitted by the exhaust gas and dust particles of industrial furnaces. The targeted sectors for which the sensors are to be used include steel-making, cement industries and thermal power generation, and others where combustion efficiency and the production of GHGs would be of a concern.04-23-2009
20100156011Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace and Utilizing the Same, Metal Tube and Heat Treatment Method - A continuous heat treatment furnace is provided in which an atmosphere-control gas is introduced to a heating chamber having a heating zone, metal tubes are continuously charged along an axial direction from a furnace entrance, and the metal tube subjected to a heat treatment is taken out from a furnace. The continuous heat treatment furnace includes a front chamber which has a preheating zone on an entrance side of the heating chamber and seal curtains which are located on an entrance side and an exit side of the front chamber.06-24-2010
20100225034Device for the Thermal Deburring of Workpieces - The invention relates to a device for the thermal deburring of workpieces, having at least one deburring chamber and one feeding device for introducing a fuel gas mixture into the deburring chamber. A supplementary gas supply is provided for at least the deburring chamber or for the feeding device such that the fuel gas mixture located at least in the deburring chamber or in the feeding device can be mixed at least partially with supplementary gas. Further, a method for the rapid ventilation of a device for the thermal deburring of workpieces is also provided.09-09-2010
20100219565Cooling Apparatus of Hot Steel Plate, Cooling Method of Hot Steel Plate, and Program - An apparatus for controlled cooling of hot steel plate while constraining and conveying the plate by constraining rolls horizontally which is inexpensive and enabling continuous control of the cooling ability over a broad range, that is, a cooling apparatus for spraying hot steel plate hot rolled and transferred between pairs of constraining rolls with cooling water from pluralities of lines of spray nozzles so as to cool the same, which apparatus has lines of gentle cooling spray nozzles and lines of strong cooling spray nozzles with different orifice shapes and enables continuous control of the cooling ability over a broad range due to the fact that a maximum cooling water impact pressure integrated value of the lines of gentle cooling spray nozzles and a minimum cooling water impact pressure integrated value of the lines of strong cooling spray nozzles are continuous.09-02-2010
20100219567PROCESS LINE CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING PROCESS LINE - A process line control apparatus which controls a process line including an annealing furnace (09-02-2010
20100213647PROCESS AND INSTALLATION FOR HEATING A METALLIC STRIP, NOTABLY FOR AN ANNEALING - The invention pertains to the heating of a metal strip, and relates to equipment for heating a metal strip that comprises a pre-heating housing provided with a device for projecting hot gases towards the strip, a heating housing with regenerative burners, a duct for discharging the gases from the heating housing, a three-way adjustable valve and an adjustment device including a sensor for detecting the setpoint temperature of the metal strip and a member for adjusting the three-way valve so that it can adjust the amount of hot gases fed to the projection device. The invention can be used in equipment for heating narrow strips before annealing the same.08-26-2010
20100219566Cooling Control Method, Cooling Control Apparatus, and Cooling Water Amount Calculation Apparatus - A cooling control method which quickly controls the amounts of cooling water sprayed from top and bottom surfaces of the cooling apparatus when cooling steel plate to a predetermined cooling end temperature so as prevent shape deterioration of steel plate occurring due to the difference of cooling rates between the top surface and the bottom surface with a high precision, that is, a cooling control method of calculating cooling conditions required for cooling the steel plate to a predetermined temperature for a plurality of positions inside the cooling apparatus based on measured temperatures at a time when the steel plate passes through the cooling apparatus by a thermometer disposed at the entry-side of the cooling apparatus and setting a cooling schedule, calculating a heat transfer coefficient from the set temperature and a cooling bottom water density, calculating a cooling top water density from the calculated heat transfer coefficient, and controlling the amounts of cooling water of the cooling apparatus based on the ratio of the cooling bottom water density and cooling top water density so as to cool the steel plate to a predetermined cooling end temperature, thereby simplifying the amount of calculation required for controlling the amounts of cooling water sprayed from the top and bottom surfaces of the cooling apparatus.09-02-2010
20100219568METHOD FOR IN-LINE HEAT EXCHANGER TUBE BRAZING - The invention relates to an installation for soldering or for heat-treating workpieces (09-02-2010
20110127701DYNAMIC CONTROL OF LANCE UTILIZING CO-FLOW FLUIDIC TECHNIQUES - A jet of gas injected from a lance is fluidically deviated with a gas flowing in either the same or opposite direction as the jet of gas. The gas used to fluidically deviate the jet is the same as or different from the gas in the jet.06-02-2011
20110109021Apparatus and Methods for Achieving Low NOx in a Grate-Kiln Pelletizing Furnace - A grate-kiln pelletizing furnace includes a grate that conveys pelletized material to a rotary kiln, a cooler that cools pelletized material from the rotary kiln, and a gas flow apparatus that directs a stream of gas from the cooler to the rotary kiln to provide preheated process air for pelletized material in the rotary kiln. The gas flow apparatus also directs a stream of gas from the grate to the rotary kiln to vitiate the preheated process air.05-12-2011
20110042866Method and Device for Conditioning Process Gases for the Heat Treatment of Metallic Work Pieces in Industrial Furnaces - In a method and with a device for preparing process gases (02-24-2011
20110074071COOLING PLATE ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR INSTALLING COOLING PLATES IN A METALLURGICAL FURNANCE - The present invention proposes a gap-filler insert (03-31-2011
20110074070OPERATION METHOD OF FLASH SMELTER AND RAW MATERIAL SUPPLY APPARATUS - An operation method of a flash smelter includes blowing a gas for dispersing raw material and contributing to a reaction, from a lance at an upper portion of a shaft so that the gas forms a spiral flow. A raw material supply apparatus includes a supply portion supplying raw material and a gas for dispersing the raw material and contributing to a reaction into a flash smelting furnace, wherein the supply portion has a lance provided at an upper portion of a shaft that blows the gas so that the gas forms a spiral flow.03-31-2011
20120200012METHOD OF USING A SUSPENSION SMELTING FURNACE, A SUSPENSION SMELTING FURNACE, AND A CONCENTRATE BURNER - The invention relates to a method of using a suspension smelting furnace and to a suspension smelting furnace and to a concentrate burner (08-09-2012
20100244336LOW NOx FUEL INJECTION FOR AN INDURATING FURNACE - An indurating furnace has a heating station and an air passage leading to the heating station. A draft of preheated recirculation air is driven through the passage toward the heating station, and is mixed with fuel gas to form a combustible mixture of preheated recirculation air and fuel gas that ignites in the passage. This is accomplished by injecting the fuel gas into the passage in a stream that does not form a combustible mixture with the preheated recirculation air before entering the passage.09-30-2010
20100244335Apparatus and method for supporting continuous casting nozzle, sliding nozzle system and continuous casting nozzle - It is intended to provide a continuous-casting-nozzle support apparatus capable of enhancing sealing performance between a continuous casting nozzle and an SN device. The continuous-casting-nozzle support apparatus comprises: a holding mechanism 09-30-2010
20110175265METHOD AND DEVICES FOR REGULATING THE FLOW RATE AND FOR SLOWING DOWN MELT STREAMS THROUGH MAGNETIC FIELDS IN THE TAPPING OF METALLURGICAL CONTAINERS SUCH AS BLAST FURNACES AND MELT FURNACES - The invention relates to a method for regulating the flow rate and for slowing down melt streams through magnetic fields in the tapping of metallurgical containers such as blast furnaces and melt furnaces. The method is characterized in that the melt stream is routed in a closed routing element using at least two magnetic fields disposed in series one after the other in the flow direction of the melt, said magnetic fields having a constant polarity opposite to one another, in such a way that the magnetic field lines transversally penetrate the melt flow across the entire cross section thereof and such that opposite voltages are induced in the melt stream by the magnetic fields, there being at least three eddy current fields produced thereby in the melt stream that are disposed axially one after the other, and that due to the interactions between the magnetic fields and the eddy currents forces are generated that can be used to reduce the flow rate of the melt stream.07-21-2011
20110187031DEVICE AND METHOD FOR HEATING A METAL MATERIAL - Device for heating a metal material, includes an elongated DFI burner device, arranged to be driven with gaseous oxidant and gaseous fuel and to be displaceable and longitudinally arranged with respect to the metal material. The device has supply devices for fuel and oxidant. The burner device includes longitudinal, tubular vessels for fuel and for oxidant, arranged in parallel to one another and relative to the surface of the metal material. Each vessel has one or more openings arranged along the vessel, through which the fuel and oxidant are arranged to flow out and then converge in an ignition zone outside the respective vessels, where a flame is generated. The respective supply devices are arranged via a regulator to keep the pressure constant throughout the vessel in question during operation. Each vessel has a longitudinally displaceable piston for controlling the longitudinal extension of the flame in the longitudinal direction of the vessels.08-04-2011
20110133373APPARATUS FOR REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT OF A HINGED LID ON A METALLURGICAL TRANSPORT VESSEL - An apparatus for the removal and replacement of a lid on a metallurgical transport vessel such as a ladle or a torpedo car. The apparatus comprises a frame, means for supporting the frame such that the vessel may be moved into position thereunder, a linkage including at least one lifting member pivotally connected to the frame, and at least one actuator connected to the linkage. The actuator is operable to move the lifting member such that when the vessel is moved to a designated position below the apparatus, the lifting member can be moved by the actuator and linkage from a first position providing clearance above the vessel, through a curved path to an intermediate position where it engages the lid, providing a vertical lifting force and a horizontal hinge releasing force to the lid, and to a second position where the lid is raised to a sufficient height to clear the vessel. The lifting member may subsequently be moved back by means of the actuator and linkage through a reverse curved path to the first position, and thereby lower the lid back on to the vessel.06-09-2011
20090206527HIGH PRESSURE HEAT TREATMENT SYSTEM - A furnace for heat treating a metal workpiece is provided. A method and system for processing a workpiece also are provided.08-20-2009
20130009349SEPARATION TYPE METALLURGICAL REDUCTION METHOD AND APPARATUS THEREOF - A separation type metallurgical reduction method and an apparatus thereof. The separation type metallurgical reduction apparatus includes a reduction furnace and a multistage cooling device. By means of the separation type metallurgical reduction apparatus, the metallurgical reduction/smelting process and the cooling process are separately performed in different spaces at the same time to improve the operation of the conventional metallurgical reduction furnace within which the smelting process and the cooling process are totally limitedly performed. Accordingly, the shortcomings of too long waiting time, waste of great amount of energy and low yield rate that exist in the conventional metallurgical reduction furnace can be eliminated.01-10-2013
20100025899METHOD AND DEVICE FOR OPERATING A CHANGE CONVERTER UNIT OF AN OXYGEN STEEL-MAKING PLANT - A disadvantage during the operation of a change converter unit (02-04-2010
20100019420UPPER NOZZLE/PLATE INTEGRAL UNIT AND METHOD OF SPLITTING THE SAME - Disclosed is an upper nozzle/plate integral unit comprising an upper nozzle and an upper plate integrated together, which is capable of being easily split into the upper nozzle and the upper plate after use, while adequately maintaining a thickness of a joint between the upper nozzle and the upper plate during use. A metal casing 01-28-2010
20090174125Method and arrangement for heating extended steel products - A method and apparatus for heating extended steel products, such as pipes, tape, or wire products or rods following working such as rolling or extrusion, to a heat treatment temperature, normally to approximately 50 to 900 degrees Celsius. The heating takes place as a result of the product being fed through a burner that has a central through channel into which the product is fed. Fuel and oxidant are supplied through channels that are outside of the central channel and are supplied at such a rate that the combustion of the fuel takes place in front of an outlet opening of the burner head of the burner.07-09-2009
20120098171COOLING TANK FOR RAILS - A cooling tank for the thermal treatment of the head of rails, whose frame allows obtaining a stable and on average uniform flow of the cooling fluid which touches the head of the immersed rail along the entire tank, with the continuous exchange of the fluid so as to optimize the cooling speed of the head of the rail.04-26-2012
20120043705METHOD FOR FEEDING A BURDEN TO A BLAST FURNACE - The present invention proposes a method for feeding a burden to a blast furnace (02-23-2012
20110316205SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR SUSPENSION SMELTING FURNACE - A supply system for providing a suspension smelting furnace with constant and continuous feed is disclosed. The installation of the invention comprises intermediate storage bins for fine-grained feed, a feed rate controller for accurately controlling the feed rate of the fine-grained material, and a pneumatic conveyor for lifting the feed up to the top level of the suspension smelting furnace where the burner of the furnace is adapted. In the installation, the heavy constructions of the storage bins are located close to the ground level and the constructions around and on top of the furnace have been designed essentially lighter than in conventional solutions.12-29-2011
20110156324SIDEWALL AND BOTTOM ELECTRODE ARRANGEMENT FOR ELECTRICAL SMELTING REACTORS AND METHOD FOR FEEDING SUCH ELECTRODES - Metallurgical reactors having cooling capability and electrode feed capability are disclosed. The reactors may include a shell having a sidewall and a bottom, where the shell is adapted to contain a molten material. The reactors may include at least one consumable electrode protruding through an opening of the shell and into the molten material. The reactors may include a current contact clamp configured to conduct operating current to the electrode, where the current clamp is in contact with the electrode, and where the current clamp comprises at least one internal channel, wherein the internal channel is configured to circulate a cooling medium. The reactors may include an electric isolation ring disposed between the electrode and the opening of the shell, wherein the electric isolation ring is configured to sealingly engage the electrode and the opening so as to restrict flow of the molten material out of the shell.06-30-2011
20120205839METHOD FOR OPERATING BLAST FURNACE - A coke layer and an ore layer are formed in a blast furnace. The coke layer is formed of conventional coke and the ore layer is formed of carbon iron composite, conventional coke, and ore. The mixing percentage of the conventional coke in the ore layer with respect to the ore is 0.5 mass % or more. Slowing of the gasification reaction of carbon iron composite in the cohesive zone can be suppressed.08-16-2012
20120025433METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REMOTE CONTROLLING, MONITORING AND/OR SERVICING HEAT-TREATMENT EQUIPMENT VIA WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS - A method and apparatus provide for remote control, monitoring and/or servicing of heat-treatment equipment via wireless communications networks. Specifically, the method and apparatus can be used in pre and post-weld heat-treatment applications for steel pipes in a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants and refineries. Importantly, the embodiment generates and manages all the documentation necessary to input and verify the specified heat-treatment process. It will produce and deliver to the customer the reports and certificates required by the applicable quality control standards, requirements and regulatory authorities.02-02-2012
20110089617DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING THE LOCKING POINT OF AN ELECTRODE - A device for adjusting a locking point of an electrode of a smelting furnace including: a vice for supporting the electrode and supplying the electrode with power, and a structure coupled with the vice and including a support mechanism of the electrode and a mechanism moving the electrode vertically.04-21-2011
20120161374HYDROMETALLURGICAL PLANT OF NICKEL LATERITE ORE AND OPERATION METHOD THEREOF - In a hydrometallurgical plant of a nickel laterite ore having a plurality of lines of treatment facilities, the hydrometallurgical plant of the nickel laterite ore which is, even when a serious trouble will occur in said treatment facilities, capable of minimizing decrease in throughput caused by this, and restoring a normal operation state early, after eliminating the serious trouble, and an operation method thereof.06-28-2012
20120313298CRUST BREAKER ALUMINUM BATH DETECTION SYSTEM - A crust breaker bath detection system includes a cylinder defining a piston chamber. A piston is slidably displaced within the piston chamber by a pressurized fluid. A crust breaker rod connected to the piston is displaced through a crust layer into a bath having a bath voltage when the piston is displaced in the cylinder in a piston drive direction. A controller is in electrical communication with the cylinder. A conductive member is retained by and in electrical contact with the piston and in continuous contact with the cylinder. The conductive member defines a portion of a bath detection circuit including the crust breaker rod, the piston, the conductive member, the cylinder and the controller. The bath detection circuit is closed when the crust breaker rod contacts the bath such that the bath voltage is communicated to the controller by the bath detection circuit.12-13-2012
20090057964Rotary lance - A process and apparatus for feeding an additive to a molten metal in a vessel to achieve a uniform dispersion of the additive are provided. In one example, the outlet of the lance is positioned below the surface of the molten metal. The lance is moved with a reciprocating motion, so that the outlet of the lance moves below the surface of the molten metal. The additive is dispensed through the outlet of the lance along a path traversed by the outlet in the molten metal while the lance reciprocates.03-05-2009
20120256359METHOD OF SETTING TEMPERATURE OF CONTINUOUS HEATING FURNACE AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING FURNACE TEMPERATURE - A space from a charging hole to a discharge hole of a continuous heating furnace is divided into zones. A furnace temperature is assumed for each zone and a plurality of furnace temperature patterns are set. A metallization rate α10-11-2012
20120175827METHOD AND SYSTEM OF REMOVING ACCRETION BUILDUP IN A FURNACE - A method and system for method for removing solid accretions from a copper anode or holding furnace using coherent jet lance assembly directed towards the solid accretions in the bottom portion of the copper anode furnace to melt the solid accretions over an extended period of time without damage to the furnace refractory proximate a point of stream impingement.07-12-2012
20120228811METHOD OF FEEDING FUEL GAS INTO THE REACTION SHAFT OF A SUSPENSION SMELTING FURNACE AND A CONCENTRATE BURNER - The invention relates to a method of feeding a fuel gas into the reaction shaft of a suspension smelting furnace and to a concentrate burner for feeding a reaction gas and fine solid matter into the reaction shaft of the suspension smelting furnace. In the method, fuel gas (09-13-2012
20110227261METAL MELTING APPARATUS - A refractory well (09-22-2011
20100237548STEEL-SHEET CONTINUOUS ANNEALING EQUIPMENT AND METHOD FOR OPERATING STEEL-SHEET CONTINUOUS ANNEALING EQUIPMENT - Steel-sheet continuous annealing equipment includes, in sequence, a pre-heating zone, a heating zone, a soaking zone, a cooling zone, a reheating zone, an overaging zone, and a final cooling zone, and further includes a rapid heating region and a rapid cooling region that are provided within a range from the reheating zone to the final cooling zone (including the reheating zone and the final cooling zone), the rapid heating region allowing rapid heating of a steel sheet at a heating rate of 15° C./s or more and the rapid cooling region allowing rapid cooling, at a cooling rate of 10° C./s or more, of the steel sheet that has been rapidly heated in the rapid heating region. Various steel-sheet products ranging from mild steel sheets to ultrahigh-tensile steel sheets can be produced by performing a heat treatment with such steel-sheet continuous annealing equipment.09-23-2010
20100230872METHOD OF INTEGRATING A BLAST FURNACE WITH AN AIR GAS SEPARATION UNIT - The invention relates to a method of integrating a plurality of blast furnaces with a plurality of air gas separation units, in which the replacement blower available on the blast furnace site is used to feed compressed air into an air gas separation unit making it possible to enrich the blast-furnace blast with oxygen, this unit being stopped when one of the blowers of the blast furnaces has to be replaced with the blower used by the air gas separation unit.09-16-2010
20120280436Method of integrating a blast furnace with an air gas separation unit - The invention relates to a method of integrating a plurality of blast furnaces with a plurality of air gas separation units, in which the replacement blower available on the blast furnace site is used to feed compressed air into an air gas separation unit making it possible to enrich the blast-furnace blast with oxygen, this unit being stopped when one of the blowers of the blast furnaces has to be replaced with the blower used by the air gas separation unit.11-08-2012
20120326362HEAT TREATMENT APPARATUS AND A METHOD OF USING SUCH APPARATUS - A heat treatment apparatus 12-27-2012
20120326363METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROVIDING REDUCTION GAS FROM GENERATOR GAS - A method for providing reduction gas for iron ore reduction by cooling and dry dedusting generator gas produced in a melter gasifier for pig iron production, as well as a device for carrying out such method, are provided. The generator gas may be cooled both by water injection and by heat exchange after it has been discharged from the melter gasifier and before a dry dedusting thereof.12-27-2012
20090218736CONTROL OF A MELTING PROCESS - The invention relates to a method to control a process for heating or melting a metal, in particular aluminium, which includes: heating said metal in a fuel-fired furnace wherein a fuel is combusted with an oxygen containing gas, measuring the concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the furnace atmosphere, calculating the theoretical concentration of oxygen in the furnace atmosphere on the basis of said concentration of carbon dioxide, determining the difference between said theoretical concentration of oxygen and said detected concentration of oxygen and controlling said process depending on said difference.09-03-2009
20100133730Slag Removal System for a Burn Table - A pivoting door assembly for a downdraft cutting table assembly includes a door For covering a vent of the downdraft cutting table assembly, and an arm assembly coupled to the door. The downdraft cutting table assembly may include a cutting table for supporting a workpiece, a cutting torch assembly for positioning a cutting torch for cutting the workpiece, an exhaust duct for exhausting fumes, and a vent opening into the exhaust duct. The downdraft cutting table assembly may also include a slag removal system. The arm assembly is actuated by the cutting torch assembly as the cutting torch assembly positions the cutting torch over the cutting table. Actuation of the arm assembly by the cutting torch assembly causes the arm assembly to pivot the door open for allowing fumes from the cutting torch to be drawn into the exhaust duct.06-03-2010
20120242014MIST COOLING APPARATUS, HEAT TREATMENT APPARATUS, AND MIST COOLING METHOD - The invention adopts a mist cooling apparatus (09-27-2012
20130181383MELT METALLURGICAL INSTALLATION COMPRISING A CHARGING ELEMENT - A melt metallurgical installation has a melting furnace for melting scrap metal and a charging region for the melting furnace which is located above the melting furnace. The installation further has a charging element, which has been filled with scrap metal intended for the melting furnace and can be moved in a movement direction into the charging region where it can be emptied and then moved again, in the empty state, against the movement direction out of the charging region. The charging region is enclosed by a hood such that the charging region, including the charging element which has been placed in the charging region, is closed at the top and on the sides. The hood has at least one upper extraction opening through which the waste gases and dust developing in the hood can be extracted out of the hood.07-18-2013
20110272865MEASUREMENT OF CHARGE BANK LEVEL IN A METALLURGICAL FURNACE - Various systems and methods for monitoring the level of a feed material layer in a metallurgical furnace are described. At least one non-contact sensor is used to sense a distance between the feed layer and a reference position. A process controller linked to the sensor provides a control signal based upon the sensed distance. The control signal may be used to control various factors in the operation of the metallurgical furnace.11-10-2011
20130099430ELASTICALLY INTERCONNECTED COOLER COMPRESSED HEARTH AND WALLS - An elastically interconnected cooler compressed hearth comprises a concave dished bottom lined with a sub-layer and a working layer of hearth bricks. Cylindrical walls that rise up from the rim of the concave dished bottom are constructed with one or more tiers of coolers shaped into arc segment blocks that are joined together by their flanges to form complete rings. The outer perimeter of the hearth brick within the ringed tiers is inwardly compressed toward the center to disallow any leaks from forming between the separate bricks. The coolers are elastically interconnected at their flanges by fasteners and springs. Each spring can be individually adjusted to obtain optimal working pressures on the whole of the core wall and hearth floor bricks.04-25-2013
20110266725METHOD FOR COOLING A MOVING METAL BELT - The present invention relates to a method for cooling a moving metal belt (11-03-2011
20130127095ANNEALING INSTALLATION WITH M-SHAPED STRIP TREATMENT TUNNEL - An annealing installation for the continuous annealing of metal strip guided through the installation, includes an entrance chute 05-23-2013
20110210483MOLTEN METAL SUPPLY CYLINDER, MOLTEN METAL SUPPLY APPARATUS INCORPORATING SUCH A SUPPLY CYLINDER AND MOLTEN METAL SUPPLY METHOD - An object of the present invention is to provide a molten metal supply cylinder that has a simple configuration if compared with the configurations of the prior art and can suppress mixing of oxide that is produced on the surface of a low melting point metallic material in a solid phase with molten metal.09-01-2011
20130175741Load Transport Mechanism for a Multi-Station Heat Treating System - A load transport mechanism for moving a heat treating load in a multi-station heat treating system is disclosed. The transport mechanism has a compact construction that allows it to fit in a centrally located stationary transport chamber. The transport chamber is adapted to provide ready access to multiple treating chambers arrayed around the chamber. The transport mechanism includes a load translation mechanism for moving the load linearly and a load rotation mechanism for rotating the load within the transport chamber. A multi-station heat treating system having a centrally located quenching chamber that includes the load transport mechanism is also disclosed.07-11-2013
20110233831Method of arranging and setting spray cooling nozzles and hot steel plate cooling apparatus - The present invention relates to an apparatus for cooling hot steel plate applied for controlled cooling of hot steel plate, obtained by hot rolling, while processing it constrained by constraining rolls and obtaining a steel material excellent and uniform in shape characteristics and provides a method of arranging and setting spray nozzles enabling uniform cooling in a direction perpendicular to processing and provides a method of arranging and setting spray nozzles of a spray cooling apparatus using two or more types of nozzles differing in amounts of water and spray regions to obtain a broad range of adjustment of amounts of water, wherein the spray nozzles are arranged so that a value of an n power of the impact pressures of the cooling water sprayed from the spray on the cooling surface integrated in the processing direction between pairs of constraining rolls becomes within −20% of the highest value in the direction perpendicular to processing, 09-29-2011
20100314809Heating Device for Preheating a Liquid-Metal Transfer Container - A heating device for preheating a container (12-16-2010
20130154166Method for Increasing the Penetration Depth of an Oxygen Stream - A method and device are disclosed for automatically evaluating a delivery system in respect of the energy efficiency and emissions efficiency thereof. The method may include: determining a service level for the delivery system according to an energy intensity and an evaluation relevance of the particular delivery system, detecting energy data and emissions data of the delivery system corresponding to the determined service level of the delivery system, and calculating at least one indicator based on the detected energy data and emissions data and/or based on data for the energy management and environmental management of the delivery system for evaluating the delivery system with respect to the energy efficiency and emissions efficiency thereof.06-20-2013
20120018930TEMPERATURE MAINTENANCE AND/OR POSSIBLE HEATING APPARATUS FOR LONG METAL PRODUCTS AND RELATIVE METHOD - A temperature maintenance and/or possible heating apparatus for long products, continuously cast and sheared to size by means of shearing means so as to define segments of bloom, said apparatus being disposed between a casting machine having a first casting line and a second casting line, and a rolling line disposed downstream of the casting machine in order to make long rolled metal products. The apparatus comprises a first furnace, a second furnace and a transit tunnel. The first furnace is provided with a first introduction rollerway to introduce the bloom segments, disposed aligned with said first casting line, a removal rollerway, aligned with said rolling line and suitable to render the bloom segments available to said rolling line, and transverse transfer devices to transfer the bloom segments from the first introduction rollerway to the removal rollerway. The second furnace is disposed upstream with respect to said first furnace, provided with a second introduction rollerway to introduce the bloom segments, disposed aligned with said second casting line, an exit rollerway aligned with the removal rollerway and suitable to convey the bloom segments toward said removal rollerway and transverse transfer devices suitable to transfer the bloom segments from the second introduction rollerway toward the exit rollerway. The transit tunnel is located aligned with said first casting line, adjacent and parallel to the longitudinal extension of the second furnace and upstream of said first furnace, conformed to transport the cast bloom segments from said first casting line toward the first introduction rollerway of the first furnace.01-26-2012
20130207325WET SMELTING PLANT FOR NICKEL OXIDE ORE AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A wet smelting plant for nickel oxide ore is provided in which, even when a serious trouble occurs in a processing facility, the preparation period of time of the processing facility required for discontinuing and restarting the operation can be minimized. The wet smelting plant for nickel oxide ore (08-15-2013

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