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Introducing material under pressure into a closed mold cavity (e.g., injection molding, etc.)

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264 - Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes


264299000 - Shaping against forming surface (e.g., casting, die shaping, etc.)

264319000 - Applying heat or pressure

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264328140 With heating or cooling 48
264328170 Pretreatment or preparation of charge material 28
264328200 Material is nonthermoplastic 14
264328800 With multiple injectors, mold cavities, or multiple steps of injection of material 14
264328700 Including changing mold size or shape during injection or between multiple stages of injection 11
264328120 Including specified direction or condition of flow in mold 6
264328900 Including operation or design to minimize formation of gate, sprue, or flash 5
20080258342Dual Piston Valve Stem Actuator and Associated Method of Use - An injection molding apparatus includes a valve support structure having an internal channel for directing a flow of melted resin to a mold cavity. A first valve actuator is supported by the valve support structure and is operatively connected to a valve stem. The valve stem extends at least partially through the internal channel through a valve aperture. A bushing is fitted in the valve aperture. A second valve actuator is located adjacent the first valve actuator. The second valve actuator is operatively connected to a sleeve member with a hollow interior dimensioned to slidingly engage the valve stem and an exterior surface dimensioned for sliding movement in the bushing. The second valve actuator selectively moves the sleeve member between a retracted position where the sleeve member moves toward the bushing and an extended position where the sleeve moves away from of the bushing.10-23-2008
20090166927MOLDING APPARATUS - A molding apparatus is configured with article molding regions that receive a direct flow of a molding material feed such that external flow channels are not needed. The article molding regions are formed into front sides of opposed “A” and “B” surface mold tools that, when moved into a mating relationship with one another, form closed molding cavities within which molded articles are generated from molding material feed. The article molding regions each generally have a body bounded by a perimeter that establishes an outer edge for an article molded in the one of the closed molding cavities. With at least the “A” surface mold tool, a port is coupled with the body of each article molding region to establish a direct pathway is through which the molding material feed flows to enter the article molding regions, and thus the closed molding cavity, without having to flow along the tool front sides outside of the article molding regions. A distribution channel extends to each port to deliver the molding material feed and a moveable blocking pin is provided for each port to alternately prevent the molding material feed from flowing through the respective port to reach the closed molding cavity and allow the molding material to flow through the respective port to reach the closed molding cavity.07-02-2009
20090115105Mold for Actuation Sled - An apparatus for injection molding includes at least one mold part having at least one surface. The mold part has at least one shaped portion. At least one substantially closed cavity region is disposed within the at least one surface. The one cavity region is designed for molding at least part of an interstitial mass. The apparatus further includes at least one gate disposed on the at least one surface for providing fluid communication to the at least one cavity region and at least one flow restrictor positioned on the mold part for initially directing flow of the interstitial mass to the at least one shaped portion. In one embodiment, flow restrictors initially direct the interstitial mass to an upper portion of the shaped portion.05-07-2009
20110101567INJECTION MOLD - Disclosed, amongst other things, is a molding apparatus and an injection molding process. The molding apparatus includes a positioner that is configured to regulate, in use, a relative position between a gate member and a nozzle of a melt distribution apparatus between a retracted position and an extended position for adjusting a volume of a nozzle melt reservoir that is definable between the gate member and the nozzle between a reduced volume and an expanded volume, respectively. The injection molding process includes regulating a relative position between a gate member and a nozzle of a melt distribution apparatus, with a positioner, into one of a retracted position and an extended position for adjusting a volume of a nozzle melt reservoir that is definable between the gate member and the nozzle between a reduced volume and an expanded volume, respectively.05-05-2011
20100230860Pressure sensing systems - A sensing system is provided for sensing the pressure of liquid in a vacuum chamber (09-16-2010
264328110 Including movement of mold relative to injector 3
20100155996SPRUE BAR SHUTOFF METHOD - A method for connecting and disconnecting an injection molding machine to and from a shutoff assembly includes the steps of mating a nozzle of the injection molding machine to a seat in an exterior wall of a chamber of the shutoff assembly, advancing an elongate stem through a first opening into the chamber, and flowing molten polymer into the chamber and out a second opening in the chamber and on to a mold or sprue bar. The mold may be decompressed by maintaining a movable body disposed in the chamber in a forward position with the elongate stem and allowing the molten polymer to flow out the first opening. The injection molding machine may be disconnected from the shutoff assembly by withdrawing the stem of the nozzle from the chamber through the first opening, allowing molten polymer downstream of the movable body to push the movable body into engagement with a sealing surface of a interior entry wall of the chamber, and disconnecting the nozzle from the seat.06-24-2010
20100155995SPRUE BAR SHUTOFF DEVICE - An injection molding shutoff assembly that includes a chamber containing a movable body movable between rear and forward positions. In the rear position, the movable body provides a seal and prevents flow of molten plastic out the chamber inlet, called drool. When the movable body is in the forward position, one or more passages permit flow of the molten plastic around the movable body and to an exit in the chamber, leading to one or more molds. In an alternate embodiment, the apparatus also includes an elongate stem that maintains the movable body in the forward position allowing the injection molding system to decompress, thereby eliminating drool and decreasing downtime.06-24-2010
20120013044INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE - An injection molding machine to prevent a molded piece from being separated from a mold after molds are disassembled from each other includes a first mold, a second mold assembled with the first mold to form a cavity, and a binding device or a pressing device to get a molded piece held in the first mold when the first mold and the second mold are disassembled from each other.01-19-2012
264328130 Including injection at two or more pressures 1
20090184442ANTISTATIC AGENTS, COMPOSITIONS THEREOF, AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - A quaternary onium aromatic sulfonate represented by the formula:07-23-2009
20110193266METHOD OF PRODUCING INJECTION-MOLDED ARTICLE AND MOLD FOR INJECTION MOLDING - An object of the present invention is to provide a method of producing an injection-molded article and a mold for injection molding, which can reliably effect control on a mold section on which a molded article should be left when a mold is opened, thus allow efficient automation of the production process of a molded article, and is applicable to production of a relatively soft molded article. Specifically, the present invention provides a mold 08-11-2011
20130032972INJECTION MOLDING APPARATUS - The injection molding employing a mold that includes a molding surface in which a pin hole is formed, and at least one ejector pin that is inserted through the pin hole and that includes an outer peripheral surface facing an inner peripheral surface of the pin hole; includes closing a mold, injecting material into the mold, setting the material, opening the mold, and extruding the material by making a tip end surface of the at least one ejector pin protrude out of a pin hole. The tip end surface is recessed from the molding surface by a predetermined distance in a direction opposite a direction in which the material is extruded, while injecting the material into the mold.02-07-2013
20100102485INJECTION MOLDING METHOD FOR MAKING LARGE AND THIN LIGHT GUIDE PLATE - An injection molding method for making a large and thin light guide plate, is provided. First, a first mold and a second mold are provided. The first and second molds each have a molding surface formed thereon. Second, the first mold and the second mold are incorporated together to define a chamber between the molding surfaces under a clamping force selected in a range from 4000 to 4500 kilonewton to the first and second molds. Third, inject a molding material into the chamber with an injection pressure selected in a range from 2000 to 4000 kilogram force per square centimeter and an injection velocity selected in a range from 800 to 1000 millimeter per second. Finally, the first mold and the second mold are separated to obtain the light guide plate.04-29-2010
20090160094METHOD AND INSTALLATION PRODUCING PREFORMS - A PET granule hopper and dryer (06-25-2009
20100109198APPARATUS FOR INJECTING SLURRY AND METHOD THEREFOR - The apparatus for injecting slurry contains the first member having the cavity therein; and the second member having a plurality of convex sections, each of the convex sections having the injection hole formed therein communicating with the cavity, wherein the protrusion length of the convex section is in a range from 3 to 5 mm, and the distance between centers of adjacent convex sections is in a range from 3 to 13 mm.05-06-2010
20100001435Fast curing vulcanizable multi-part elastomer composition, and process for blending, injection molding and curing of elastomer composition - A fast curing vulcanizable multi-part rubber compound comprising: 01-07-2010
20120217679INJECTION DEVICE AND RESIN INJECTION METHOD - As an injection screw 08-30-2012
20120217678LIQUID CRYSTAL POLYESTER COMPOSITION AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The present invention provides a liquid crystal polyester composition, comprising (i) 100 parts by weight of a liquid crystal polyester, and (ii) 65 to 100 parts by weight of a combination of a fibrous filler with a plate-like filler, wherein the fibrous filler has a number-average fiber diameter of 5 to 15 μm, and a number-average aspect ratio of 20 to 40, and a content ratio by weight of the fibrous filler to the plate-like filler is more than 1.0 and 1.6 or less; and a process for producing the liquid crystal polyester composition comprising a step of melt-kneading the above respective components with one another.08-30-2012
20130069280Method and Apparatus for Substantially Constant Pressure Injection Molding of Thinwall Parts - A substantially constant pressure injection molding method and machine that forms molded parts by injecting molten thermoplastic material into a mold cavity at a substantially constant pressures. As a result, the mold cavity is filled with molten thermoplastic material by advancing a continuous flow front of thermoplastic material from a gate to an end of the mold cavity.03-21-2013
20130069281DEVICE FOR MANUFACTURING A COMPOSITE PART BY RESIN INJECTION MOULDING - A device for manufacturing a part in composite material by resin transfer moulding and method is provided according to the present disclosure. The device includes a manufacturing mould in which at least one preform is intended to be arranged of the part intended to be impregnated with resin during a resin transfer process. The mould is subdivided into a die and at least one movable structural element intended to be indexed on the die to form an assembly, the assembly forming a cavity corresponding to a shape of the part to be manufactured. The mould is associated with at least one positioning frame having a low coefficient of thermal expansion in at least one dimension, the positioning frame being designed to allow the indexing and holding in position of the at least one movable structural element, corresponding to at least one singularity, on the die.03-21-2013
20130069282METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THREE-DIMENSIONALLY SHAPED OBJECT, THREE-DIMENSIONALLY SHAPED OBJECT OBTAINED THEREBY, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MOLDED ARTICLE - There is provided a method for manufacturing a three-dimensional shaped object, the method comprising the repeated steps of: (i) forming a solidified layer by irradiating a predetermined portion of a powder layer with a light beam, thereby allowing a sintering of the powder in the predetermined portion or a melting and subsequent solidification thereof; and (ii) forming another solidified layer by newly forming a powder layer on the resulting solidified layer, followed by the irradiation of a predetermined portion of the powder layer with the light beam, wherein a part of a surface portion of the three-dimensional shaped object is formed as a low-density solidified portion whose solidified density ranges from 50% to 90% so that an application of pressure can be performed by a gas flowing through the low-density solidified portion.03-21-2013
20130161873TETRAFLUOROETHYLENE COPOLYMER COMPOSITION FOR INJECTION MOLDING - A tetrafluoroethylene copolymer composition for injection molding having excellent resistance to chemical permeation and durability, comprised of polytetrafluoroethylene and copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoro(alkyl vinyl ether). The composition has a melt flow rate of 12 g/10 min or greater, a flex life of 20,000 cycles or greater, and a nitrogen gas permeability of 0.8×1006-27-2013
20130062813PLASTIC INJECTION PRODUCT MANUFACTURING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A plastic injection product manufacturing system includes a forming machine, a PLC module, an oil output module, an oil vat, and a cutter. The forming machine includes a mold cavity for forming a plastic injection product. The mold cavity defines a gate for receiving molten plastic material. The PLC module is connected to the forming machine. The oil output module is connected to the PLC module. The oil vat is connected to the oil output module. The oil vat includes a vat body and a piston slidably mounted in the vat body. The cutter is connected to the piston. The PLC module controls the oil output module to output hydraulic pressure oil, after receiving a control signal from the forming machine, to the vat body of the oil vat to drive the piston to move. The cutter is driven to move to cut off plastic material out of the gate.03-14-2013
20110018171Injection Molding Method and Injection Molding Die - An injection molding method for a plate-shaped resin substrate, wherein a through-hole whose diameter gradually becomes smaller from one surface to the other surface is provided thereon and fine flow path that connects to the through-hole is provided on the other surface. A cavity is formed by joining one molding die forming one surface with the other molding die forming the other surface. A part of the one molding die that forms the through-hole includes a taper pin that protrudes from the one molding die toward the other molding die. The substrate is formed by filling the cavity with resin material, and the substrate is released from the other molding die by separating the one molding die from the other molding die. By pushing the inner wall of the through-hole with the taper pin projected further toward the other molding die, the substrate is released from the one molding die.01-27-2011
20080308972Process for Preparing Composites Using Epoxy Resin Formulations - The invention is a process for making reinforced composites using an epoxy resin composition. The epoxy resin compositions are hardened using a gem-di(cyclohexylamine)-substituted alkane as a hardener and a tertiary amine compound, a heat-activated catalyst, or a mixture thereof as an accelerator. This epoxy resin composition has a long open time, and then cures rapidly in a mold in the presence of a reinforcement. These cure characteristics make the composition well suited for use in manufacturing processes such as resin transfer molding (RTM), vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM), Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process (SCRIMP) and reaction injection molding (RIM).12-18-2008
20080277831MULTIPLE SEGMENT MOLD TO MANUFACTURE TIRE BLADDERS - A mold for forming a tire curing bladder. The mold has an outer mold assembly enclosing an inner mold core assembly. The outer mold comprises three sections and the inner mold comprises two portions. The outer mold and the inner mold core form a mold cavity therebetween. In one embodiment, the mold cavity defines a frog eye geometry where a cylindrical space is formed having a diameter that is greater for portions of the cylindrical spaced away from a centerline of the mold cavity than for portions near the centerline.11-13-2008
20110285057METHOD OF MANUFACTURING PIPE WITH BRANCH - The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a pipe with a branch, which utilizes the conventional pipe molding method using a floating core, and while taking advantage of the pipe molding method, various types of pipes with a branch can be integrally molded with a synthetic resin with high efficiency.11-24-2011
20110291328INJECTION MOLDING FLOW CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD - Apparatus for controlling the rate of flow of fluid material through an injection molding flow channel leading to a gate of a mold cavity, the apparatus comprising: 12-01-2011
20110291327CORE ASSEMBLY FOR AN INJECTION MOULDING-MACHINE - A core assembly for an injection moulding-machine. The assembly includes a movable mould half and a stationary mould half clamped onto each their platen of an injection moulding-machine . It also includes an actuator for advancing and retracting during operation at least one core into and from a mould cavity in a mould. The actuator is connected to a core-carrier for carrying the at least one core. The core-carrier is slidingly mounted to and partly projecting from a guidance connected to one of the mould halves. A first hole is formed in the closed mould for slidingly receiving the projecting part of the core-carrier. The core assembly allows products to be continuously moulded with an extremely high degree of accuracy, and it is simple, inexpensive and easy to mount and maintain while also allowing for positioning of cores at various angles relative to the mould.12-01-2011
20100102484SPACER MOLDS WITH RELEASABLE SECUREMENT - A mold for forming a temporary prosthesis has at least two mold members at least partially separable from each other. The at least two mold members cooperatively define a generally enclosed interior cavity for forming the temporary prosthesis. The mold has a securement structure mounted on the at least two mold members for securing the at least two mold members to each other during the forming of the temporary prosthesis. The securement structure is removable from the at least two mold members by hand and without the use of a tool.04-29-2010
20080265465Apparatus for Injection Compression Molding and Method of Molding Articles - In a stack mold or Tandem® molding machine (10-30-2008
20110147998Polyester Compositions with Good Melt Rheological Properties - Processes of making hyperbranched polymers comprising heating in the presence of a mild basic/nucleophilic esterification catalyst a monomer mixture comprising a hyperbranching monomer consisting of compounds having two COOH groups and one OH group, compounds having one COOH group and two OH groups, compounds having one COOH group and three OH groups, or compounds having three COOH groups and one OH group,06-23-2011
20120292823Non-Naturally Balanced Feed System for an Injection Molding Apparatus - A low constant pressure injection molding machine forms molded parts by injecting molten thermoplastic material into a mold cavity at low constant pressures of 6,000 psi and lower. As a result, the low constant pressure injection molding machine includes a mold formed of easily machineable material that is less costly and faster to manufacture than typical injection molds.11-22-2012
20090189314TRANSPARENT THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANES HAVING LOW HAZE AND GOOD PROCESSABILITY, METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME, AND USES THEREFOR - Light-stable, thermoplastic polyurethanes with good processability and having an ASTM D-1003 haze value of less than 10%, the polyurethane prepared by a process comprising: reacting: (a) a diisocyanate component comprising 1,6-hexamethylene diisocyanate; (b) a chain extension component consisting of (b1) 1,4-di(β-hydroxyethyl)hydroquinone and (b2) at least one chain extender selected from the group consisting of diols having a 2 or 3 carbon atom chain length between the two OH groups, in a molar ratio of chain extender (b1) to chain extender (b2) of 10:1 to 1:4; and (c) at least one polyol component having a number average molecular weight of 450 to 10000 g/mol, and an average number of Zerewitinoff-active hydrogen atoms of at least 1.8 to at most 3.0; wherein the ratio of isocyanate groups in component (a) to isocyanate-reactive groups in components (b) and (c) is 0.9:1 to 1.1:1.07-30-2009
20120193834MOLDING MACHINES AND METHODS OF MOLDING RESIN PRODUCTS - In one aspect of the present teachings, a molding machine includes an injection device and a mold. The injection device can inject molten resin. The mold is directly supported by the injection device and defines a cavity for receiving the molten resin injected by the injection device.08-02-2012
20110169195MOLDING APPARATUS AND MOLDING METHOD - Provided are a molding apparatus and a molding method. The molding apparatus a mold including a cavity and a runner. The molding apparatus may further include a pot connected to the runner of the mold, wherein a fluid resin is contained in the pot The molding apparatus may further include a compression gas injection unit configured to inject a compression gas into the pot such that the fluid resin contained in the pot is transferred to the cavity and the runner.07-14-2011
20100201035Concrete Infusion Casting - A technique and mechanized system for the production of precast concrete panel material by infusion of premixed concrete into a generally vertical moving form are disclosed. The technique includes infusing premixed concrete through a plurality of infusion nozzles through an infusion slot into an infusion chamber characterized by a hollow structure or form describing a panel shape which is defined by movable members that make up the interior surfaces of the hollow form structure and which move the infused material along at the rate of formation of the panel shape. The formed panel material is subjected to heat and pressure to effect a rapid cure sufficient to stabilize the structure by the time it is discharged from the discharge end of the infusion chamber.08-12-2010
20090189313Fabrication of a Soft-Silicone Cover for a Hearing Instrument Shell - The manufacture of a hearing instrument having a hard inner shell and a softer outer covering, for insertion into the ear canal of the user, may be accomplished using rapid manufacturing and prototyping techniques. Starting with a digital model of the ear canal, a mold for the softer outer covering may be fabricated using a process such as stereo lithography.07-30-2009
20090321994INJECTOR FOR INJECTION MOULDING OF PLASTIC MATERIALS - An injector for injection moulding of plastic materials incorporates a vacuum device for creating a suction pressure within the mould in an area corresponding to the injection point, prior to the injection of the plastic material.12-31-2009
20090091064Ball screw - Ball screw, having a spindle nut (04-09-2009
20090250841Tracheal tubes and a method of making the same - A tracheal tube is made by the attachment proximate to its patient end an inverted cuff, so that the flash lines that result from the molding of the cuff is hidden from view, and any loose material from the flash lines of the cuff is trapped within the cuff, instead of falling into the patient. The smooth surface of the inverted cuff also prevents potential secretion buildup on the cuff and facilitates the cleaning of the tracheal tube.10-08-2009
20100148401COLOURED COMPOSITION WITH INCREASED STRESS CRACKING RESISTANCE - The invention relates to a composition containing, in relation to the total weight of said composition, A) between 50.0% by weight and 99.5% by weight of at least one (meth)acrylate (co)polymer and B) between 0.5% by weight and 50.0% by weight of at least one copolymer, obtained by the polymerisation of a monomer mixture consisting of i. between 70% by weight and 92% by weight of a vinyl aromatic monomer and ii. between 8% by weight and 30% by weight of acryl nitrile or methacryl nitrile or mixtures thereof iii. between 0% by weight and 22% by weight of at least one other monomer, the composition having at 50° C. a ΔE of less than 0.15, ΔE being defined according to the relationship (1): (1) in which ΔL*: the modification of the colour co-ordinates L* compared with the colour co-ordinates L* at 23° C., Δa*: the modification of the colour co-ordinates a* compared with the colour co-ordinates a* at 23° C., Δb*: the modification of the colour co-ordinates b* compared to the colour co-ordinates b* at 23° C., and the composition contains at least one (meth)acrylate (co)polymer a) with a solution viscosity in chloroform at 25° C. (ISO 1628 part 6) greater than 55 ml/g. The moulded bodies that can be obtained from the composition are characterised in particular by improved stress cracking resistance and are suitable in particular for use in coatings, paints or films.06-17-2010
20100013123UNITARY CONFIGURED BIRD REPELLENT APPARATUS - A bird repellent apparatus having an integral base member and a plurality of prongs. The base member, by means of a plurality of tabs having holes for receiving screws or other fasteners, can be affixed to virtually any desired surface. The plurality of prongs with sharp tips presents an impossible barrier to birds that would otherwise land or perch on the surface to which the present invention is affixed. The combined base member and prongs are formed from injection molded plastic structure that also provide the tabs having holes to secure the base member to the underlying surface.01-21-2010
20100127428Fabrication of carbon nanotubes reinforced semi-crystalline polymer composite bipolar plates for fuel cell - A composite bipolar plate for a polymer electrolyte membrane membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is prepared as follows: a) melt compounding a polypropylene resin and graphite powder at 100-250° C. and 30-150 rpm to form a melt compounding material, the graphite powder content ranging from 50 wt % to 95 wt % based on the total weight of the graphite powder and the polypropylene resin, and the polypropylene resin being a homopolymer of propylene or a copolymer of propylene and ethylene, wherein 0.05-20 wt % carbon nanotubes, based on the weight of the polypropylene resin, are added during the melt compounding; and b) molding the melt compounding material from step a) to form a bipolar plate having a desired shaped at 100-250° C. and 500-4000 psi.05-27-2010
20100295215CONTAINER SIDEWALL STRENGTHENING APPARATUS AND METHODS - Apparatus and methods relate to containers having a sidewall portion with at least one generally vertical corrugation therein. The containers can be of a variety of shapes, sizes, cross-sections, and materials. The corrugation improves the container sidewall strength and resistance to buckling under compressive loads such as stacking of multiple containers.11-25-2010
20110001268NATURAL FIBER-REINFORCED THERMOPLASTIC RESIN INJECTION MOLDING - The invention provides a natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin injection molding having an excellent ability to discharge static electricity. The natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin injection molding is obtained by injection-molding with using natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin pellets as a molding feedstock containing natural fibers as reinforcing fibers, has a natural fiber content of from 20 to 60 wt %. The natural fibers have an average length of from 1.5 to 4.0 mm. The natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin injection molding has an electrostatic voltage half-life, as determined by the half-life measurement method specified in JIS L 1094, of less than 40 seconds.01-06-2011
20120146260MOLDING METHOD OF INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE - In performing molding by injecting and filling a resin by an injecting device with a predetermined injection pressure into a mold formed of a fixed mold and a movable mold clamped by a clamping device with a predetermined clamping force, at least a clamping device which enables natural compression of the resin with solidification of the resin in the mold is used as the clamping device, a molding injection pressure and a molding clamping force with which a predetermined mold gap is generated between the movable mold and the fixed mold in injection and filling and a non-defective product can be molded are acquired and set in advance, the clamping device is clamped with the molding clamping force during production, the molding injection pressure is set as a limit pressure, and after the resin is injected and filled in the mold by driving the injecting device.06-14-2012
20110248426Method of manufacturing metallic decorative member - There is provided a method for manufacturing a metallic decorative member without a weld line at low cost including: starting injections of molten molding material into a cavity formed by a set of dies from a plurality of gates provided at the cavity; and stopping respectively the injections of the molten molding material from the plurality of gates at different times so as to make dynamic pressure of the molten molding material injected from one gate smaller than dynamic pressure of the molten molding material injected from the other gate at a position on which heads of flows of the molten molding material injected from the one and the other gates contact each other.10-13-2011
20100123273MICROPRODUCT, MEDICAL MICROPRODUCT, MMICROWELL ARRAY CHIP, MICROWELL POSITION DETECTION PLATE, AND MICRO RESIN PIPETTE TIP USING THE MICROPRODUCT - A method of producing a microproduct comprises: providing a resin composition including 30 to 90 wt % of a polypropylene-based resin and 10 to 70 wt % of a hydrogenated derivative of a block copolymer shown by “X-Y” (X represents a polymer block immiscible with the polypropylene-based resin, Y represents an elastomeric polymer block of a conjugated diene that's miscible with the polypropylene-based resin after hydrogenation); attaching a silicon stamper to a mold cavity of an injection molding machine, the silicon stamper having micromachined features formed by etching the surface of a silicon plate; and precisely transferring the micromachined features of the silicon stamper to the resin composition by injecting the resin composition into the mold cavity, a resulting molded surface having recesses and/or protrusions that are 0.3 to 200 μm deep or tall and 0.3 to 100 μm wide.05-20-2010
20110042853ELECTRIC INJECTION MOLDING SYSTEM WITH DUAL-DRIVING FUNCTION AND INJECTION MOLDING METHOD USING THE SYSTEM - An electrically-driven injection molding system with a dual-driving function comprises an electric apparatus with a dual-driving function, a plasticizing unit, an injection unit, an injection carriage, a guide frame, and a base, wherein the electric apparatus with a dual-driving function is connected with the plasticizing unit and the injection unit, the guide frame is connected with the electric apparatus with a dual-driving function and the injection unit, and the electric apparatus with a dual-driving function, the plasticizing unit, the injection unit, the injection carriage, and the guide frame are installed on the integral base. An injection molding method is realized using the system. The system has an obviously simplified and compact structure, thus reducing the manufacturing cost, lowering the energy consumption, obviously extending the service life of the motors and ball screws, and making easy to popularize. The system provides some new ideas and innovation for developing next generation of the electrically-driven injection molding machines.02-24-2011
20110147997INJECTION MOLDING DEVICE - Methods and devices for forming plastic molded products are provided herein. In one embodiment, a mold for forming plastic molded products includes a stripper plate, the stripper plate including an opening and a countersunk sleeve around the opening. The mold also includes a cavity plate positioned on the side of the stripper plate comprising the countersunk sleeve, and a back plate positioned on the side of the stripper plate opposite the countersunk sleeve.06-23-2011
20110254202MOULDING CANNULAE AND SMALL DEEP HOLES - The present invention provides apparatus and methods for injection moulding polymeric articles. The method includes injecting pressurised liquid polymer into a mould cavity, the cavity incorporating a core pin and a pressure distribution means. Preferably the article is a cannula.10-20-2011
20100244322DEVICE FOR INJECTION MOLDING - The present disclosure relates to a device for the injection molding of an item including at least one face, a protruding peripheral part provided with an edge for the connection with another face, said device including mold elements movable with respect to each other and jointly cooperating by delimiting therebetween joint planes as well as a cavity intended to be filled with liquid plastic material through injection channels to form said item after the ejection from the mold, characterized in that it includes a mold element to form the protruding part of the item, whose joint plane with the immediately adjacent front mold element is angularly oriented from said edge and on at least a portion of the length thereof, according to the direction of ejection.09-30-2010
20100320646MOLDING SYSTEM AND MOLDED-IN-COLOR PANEL - In one embodiment, a molding system for creating a molded-in-color panel has a first mold member with a first forming surface for forming a portion of a panel with an exposed surface. The molding system has a second mold member having a second forming surface for forming a concealed portion of the panel. One of the first and second mold members is translatable relative to the other to collectively receive a heated molded-in-color resin to form the panel. The molding system has an injector for injecting molded-in-color resin into the mold. The second forming surface is sufficiently smooth so that the exposed surface of the panel is free of visible flow lines.12-23-2010
20100283186METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING A LINEAR MOTION AXIS - The invention relates to a method and device for controlling a linear motion axis, particularly of the injection screw (11-11-2010
20110133364Method for Manufacturing Micro-Channel, Die for Molding Micro-Channel Chip, and Micro-Channel Chip06-09-2011
20110304076MOLDING APPARATUS - An in-mold shutter (12-15-2011
20110304075Breakable Mechanical Connection Between Injection Molding Valve Pin Plate and Valve Pins - Breakable mechanical connections connect valve pins to an actuated valve pin plate of an injection molding apparatus. The valve pin plate can move the valve pins between opened positions and closed positions of associated mold gates. Each breakable mechanical connection can be independently or singularly destroyed or broken to free a respective valve pin from the valve pin plate.12-15-2011
20120061876Thin Container Production Method - The present invention provides a thin container production method capable of forming a thin container having a thickness of about 0.7 mm by injecting a molten resin of a polylactic acid into a narrow cavity. The production method according to the present invention produces a thin container W having a thickness in a range of 0.3 to 0.7 mm by injection molding of a polylactic acid resin. The molten resin of the polylactic acid impregnated with supercritical carbon dioxide in a range of 0.5 to 2.5 percent by mass relative to the total amount is injected into a cavity 03-15-2012
20110316195INJECTION MOLD FOR INTAKE HOSE AND INTAKE HOSE PRODUCTION METHOD USING THE SAME - An injection mold for an intake hose and an intake hose production method utilizes a main core removably dualized to automatically extract a molding-completed intake hose from the main core after injection molding is completed and an air supplying member supplying compressed air between the main core and the molding-completed intake hose is configured in the main core to automatically extract the intake hose from the main core without an additional extraction equipment, thereby reducing an entire manufacturing process and saving a manufacturing cost.12-29-2011
20110101566FLAME-RETARDANT RESIN COMPOSITION, PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, METHOD OF MOLDING THE SAME - A flame-retardant composition is obtained wherein at least one resin selected from a biodegradable resin and a plant-based resin or a PS resin is flame retarded by using a non-halogen-based flame retardancy-imparting component. At least one catalyst selected from a catalyst for purifying hydrocarbon, a catalyst for cracking hydrocarbon, a catalyst for synthesizing hydrocarbon and a catalyst for reforming hydrocarbon is used as a component conferring flame retardancy and this catalyst is kneaded with a biodegradable resin or a plant based resin such as polylactic acid and polybutylene succinate or the PS resin so as to give a resin composition. Further, the resin composition is injection-molded to give an exterior body of electric home appliance. Particularly the silica-magnesia catalyst as a flame-retardant component provides a resin composition with excellent flame-retardant characteristics, as a non-halogen-based material, in the case where polylactic acid or the PS resin is made flame retardant.05-05-2011
20120056353INJECTION-MOLDING SYSTEM INCLUDING PRESSURE-EQUALIZATION CIRCUIT - An injection-molding machine (03-08-2012
20120153540DIE FOR MOLDING CVJ BOOT AND PROCESS FOR MOLDING THE SAME - A die for manufacturing CVJ boot by injection molding includes a central core, and a plurality of divisional molds for molding an inner peripheral surface of the CVJ boot, respectively. The divisional molds move diametrically toward the central core. Moreover, the divisional molds not only approach one another diametrically, but also get away from each other axially.06-21-2012
20120153541MECHANISM FOR A WRITING IMPLEMENT, A WRITING IMPLEMENT INCLUDING SUCH A MECHANISM, AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A method of manufacturing a writing implement mechanism that includes a tubular element. The tubular element has a central axis and includes a first wall and a second wall which are fixed relative to each other. The second wall is offset towards the central axis relative to the first wall in a direction that is radial relative to the central axis. The first wall presents a first edge and the second wall presents a second edge. The first and second edges define a guide extending longitudinally between a first end and a second end in a direction that is inclined relative to the central axis. The method includes the steps of supplying at least two half-shells adapted to form the first edge and outside portions of the walls.06-21-2012
20120205836MOLD AND METHOD FOR INTEGRALLY MANUFACTURING FUNCTIONAL CORED SLAB AND SOLID SLAB WITH POLYGONAL GRID HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE - A mold and a method for integrally manufacturing a functional cored slab and a solid slab with a polygonal grid honeycomb structure. The mold for manufacturing the cored slab comprises a female mold and multiple male molds which are provided in the female mold. The male molds include polygonal cylinders capable of melting, dissolving, or vaporizing. A clearance exists between at least one pair of adjacent polygonal cylinders. The mold for manufacturing the solid slab is provided with a male mold main-body of polygonal cylinders which share the same shape and amount as the polygonal grids. The male mold main-body, which is made of one of the functional materials including sound insulating materials, flame retardant materials, and thermal insulating materials, is located in the frame-like female mold having a bottom plate. Clearances are provided between the adjacent male mold bodies. A casting method is adopted when manufacturing the slabs.08-16-2012
20120119419VISUAL CONTROL PROCESS FOR VALVE GATES - The present invention is a system for electronically controlling the movement of a pin assembly used in a valve gate mechanism of an injection molding machine. The system of the present invention includes at least one valve which is part of an injection molding machine, as well as a graphical user interface which is operable for controlling the injection molding machine and the valve. Additionally, the present invention also includes controlling the injection molding machine electronically for improving the control over the opening and closing of the valves.05-17-2012
20090057956SIDE GATE TYPE INJECTION MOLDING DIE AND MOLDED COMPONENT MANUFACTURING METHOD USING THE SAME - A side gate type injection molding die prevents a weld line from being generated on a molded component made of a resin material to which a brightening agent is added, avoiding inferior appearance. The side gate type injection molding die including a product portion 03-05-2009
20120168986Rigid Semi-Flexible Polyurethane for Structural Applications - Disclosed is a blown rigid semi-flexible urethane material that is loaded by using a wide variety of filler materials which become encapsulated in the urethane matrix. Disclosed are sample formulation and material variations, possible products that can be manufactured from the material, and possible material processing options and methods of manufacturing the material. Disclosed are possible methods of molding the material including a new cost effective method of molding variations of many interior and exterior products.07-05-2012
20120211921RESIN INJECTION MOLDING METHOD - The resin injection molding method of the present invention is a method for molding resins inside a cavity formed within a mold. The method comprises injecting resins into the cavity through a plurality of paths installed so as to be openable and closable and optionally maintaining the resin inside the cavity at a pressure; closing each of the plurality of paths such that the resins injected from each path converge, there being a time difference between when a first path and a second path of the plurality of paths are closed; and solidifying at least the resin which is injected from the path closed earliest with a crystallinity greater than or equal to a predetermined crystallinity degree.08-23-2012
20120175815METHOD AND DEVICE FOR EXTRACTING VAPORS IN AN INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE - The present invention relates to a method and to a device for extracting air in an injection molding device. The device comprises an extraction hood having a housing, in which one or more extraction ducts are provided, wherein the extraction hood can be disposed in the region of the injection nozzle of an injection unit, the housing at least partially encloses the injection nozzle of the injection unit, and air can be extracted from the region of the injection nozzle via openings (07-12-2012
20120175817HYDROLYTICALLY STABLE POLYAMIDE - The invention relates to the use of polyamides on the basis of reaction products from at least one dimeric fatty acid, at least one aliphatic dicarboxylic acid having 6 to 24 C atoms and aliphatic, cycloaliphatic and/or polyether diamines, wherein the quantities of amine components are selected so that primarily terminal amine groups are contained therein, and the polyamide comprises an amine count from 2 to 20 mg KOH/g to produce molded parts in the low pressure injection molding method.07-12-2012
20120175816METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING AN INJECTION-MOLDED ARTICLE - To provide a method for manufacturing an injection-molded article that can control an amount of flash generated during molding, and obtain a molded article of a high degree of crystallinity.07-12-2012
20090194908MOLD FOR INJECTION MOLDING AND AN INJECTION MOLDING DEVICE/METHOD WITH SURFACE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT ABILITY - A mold for injection molding and an injection molding device/method with surface quality improvement ability are disclosed, in which the injection molding device comprises: a mold including a first mold piece and a second mold piece; and a film feeder. In an exemplary embodiment, the second mold piece is configured with a suction unit in a manner that the film feeder is enabled to provide a film to the suction unit.08-06-2009
20120256350INJECTION MOLD FOR WASHING MACHINE DIAPHRAGMS - Disclosed is an injection mold for washing machine diaphragms wherein the operations of an uppermost first slide core to support the upper part of a first step of a diaphragm manufactured in a cavity and a cam core to support the lower part of a second step of the manufactured diaphragm are controlled to automatically separate the manufactured diaphragm from the cavity.10-11-2012
20120187601INJECTION MOLDING METHOD - An injection molding method includes: providing a mold core which defines a mold cavity, depositing a lubrication layer on an inner surface of the mold cavity, injecting plastic material into the mold cavity, and molding the plastic material into the plastic element.07-26-2012
20120228801INJECTION METHOD FOR HOLLOW PRODUCTS, ITS FUSIBLE CORE AND THE METHOD FOR MAKING THE FUSIBLE CORE THEREOF - An injection method for hollow products, a fusible core and the method for making the fusible core comprises putting a fusible Sn—Bi alloy core into a mold core, then both the product and the fusible core are taken out from the die. The fusible core is turned from solid to liquid state and is apart from the product. The inner wall of the core can be made using this method, and the plastic product can be with more shape in one-step molding to replace the metal in many fields. Complex core-pulling mechanism is not needed, thus the core structure is simplified, and the shape of die can be simplified. The fusible core is not needed to be maintenance for it will not be worn, because after each injection, the fusible core is recycled to make a new fusible core.09-13-2012
20100327491MOLD FOR INJECTION MOLDING AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF INJECTION-MOLDED PRODUCT - A provisional rib portion is formed in a connected manner at a predetermined portion of a cavity to correspond to a provisional rib which is formed to project from a portion, of an injection-molded product, not serving as a design surface, and resin is injected for molding to the provisional rib portion via a gate. An end portion of the design surface of the injection-molded product is set on a parting line, and the provisional rib portion is formed in a connected manner, on a cavity surface along the parting line, by being sided to an inner side from the design surface, and a part or all on the design surface side of a connecting portion at which the provisional rib portion and the cavity are connected is formed in a curved shape.12-30-2010
20110042854SHEET FEED ROLLING ELEMENT FOR USE IN AN ELECTROPHOTOGRAPHIC DEVICE AND MOLD FOR INJECTION MOLDING FOR PRODUCING THE SHEET FEED ROLLING ELEMENT - A sheet feed roller is provided which is free of a circumferential bulge on a sheet sliding contact surface of a roller portion, thereby improving the quality of images formed by an electrophotographic device. In a sheet feed rolling element for use in an electrophotographic device including a roller portion (02-24-2011
20120280428METHOD OF MOLDING A MICRONEEDLE - A method of molding a microneedle including providing a mold apparatus having a mold insert having the negative image of at least one microneedle, a compression core, a mold housing configured to allow a reciprocal motion between the mold insert and the compression core. The method includes placing the mold apparatus in a closed position, injecting polymeric material into the closed mold apparatus, compressing the injected polymeric material between the mold insert and the compression core by a reciprocal motion between the compression core and the mold insert, opening the mold, and removing a molded microneedle from the mold. The mold insert has a mold insert height and the molded microneedle has a height that is from about 90% of the mold insert height to about 115% of the mold insert height.11-08-2012
20080265466Injection Impact Compression Moulding - A mould for mounting between the relatively movable platens of an injection moulding press for injection impact compression moulding of an article includes a cavity plate formed with a depression, a core plate having a projecting core at least part of the outer surface of which is cylindrical and a closure plate movable relative to the core plate and the cavity plate and having a surface in sealing contact with the cylindrical outer surface of the core. A locking mechanism is provided to lock the closure plate relative to the cavity plate while permitting the core plate to move relative to the cavity plate.10-30-2008
20120242004HIDDEN PARTING LINE MOLD AND HIDDEN PARTING LINE MOLDING TECHNIQUE USING ASSOCIATED PART REMOVAL DEVICE - An injection mold and a cooperating molding system and method that allows for the parting line of a molded vehicle bumper fascia to be hidden within the wheel arch portion thereof. The invention contemplates two different mold designs for producing such a parting line: a double-lifter design and a collapsing slide core design. The bumper fascia remains in the cavity portion of the mold after molding due to the presence of undercuts in the mold cavity. A robotic part removal device is used to remove the molded bumper fascia from the mold cavity after mold opening. The part removal device is adapted to temporarily deform the bumper fascia in the wheel arch flange areas thereof to facilitate its removal from the cavity.09-27-2012
20080246187Thermoplastic polyurethane lenses with a specified weight percentage of urethane repeating units - A method of forming thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) into an optical lens. Suitable TPUs contain urethane (—NHCOO—) repeating units that are present in at least 23% by weight. This range of urethane weights is an indicator of a flexural modulus above 1,400 MPa. The TPUs have refractive indices above 1.54 and Abbe numbers above 27. They have glass transition temperatures above about 100 degrees C. The selected TPU can be injection molded to form ophthalmic lenses, that are well suited for use in rimless spectacles. The lenses are highly solvent resistant, while at the same time being readily tintable. The lenses made according the invention meet FDA 21 CFR 801.41 Impact Requirement, and ANSI Z87.1 high velocity impact (HVI) standard.10-09-2008
20080246186COMPOSITION AND METHOD FOR MAKING POLYARYLENE ETHER COPOLYMERS - A method for making a polyarylene ether copolymer including mixing a polyarylene ether, a hydroxyaromatic terminated siloxane reagent and an oxidant, and melt compounding the mixture. A polyarylene ether copolymer including a polyarylene ether, a hydroxyaromatic terminated siloxane reagent, an oxidant and a filler is also presented.10-09-2008
20080237930ZERO GAP ZERO FLUSH BEZEL FIT METHOD FOR VACUUM WRAPPED OR MOLD BEHIND AUTOMOTIVE INSTRUMENT PANEL, DOOR INNER LINER AND RELATED CONSTRUCTIONS - A method of producing tight bezel fits between automotive interior panels and their mating subcomponents. The method includes forming at laminate preform, injection molding a substrate layer behind the laminate preform to form a molded automotive interior panel, and forming an opening in the molded automotive interior panel. The method further includes post embossing the molded automotive interior panel adjacent a perimeter of the opening to produce an embossed interface between the molded automotive interior panel and a mating subcomponent installed in the opening, thereby producing a tight bezel fit between the molded automotive interior panel and the mating subcomponent installed in the opening. Alternatively, the method includes utilizing a vacuum wrapped automotive interior panel with the embossing step described above. The invention also provides for an automotive interior panel including a tight bezel fit between the panel and mating subcomponents, formed by the aforementioned methods.10-02-2008
20080224354Polyethylene Composition For Injection Moulding With Improved Stress Crack/Stiffness Relation and Impact Resistance - The present invention relates to a polyethylene composition wherein (i) the composition has an MFR09-18-2008
20080224353Hydraulic Valve of Molding System - Disclosed is: (i) a molding system having a hydraulic valve, (ii) a molding system having: (a) an extruder, (b) a hydraulic circuit, and (c) a hydraulic valve, (iii) a hydraulic valve of a molding system, (iv) a method of a molding system having a hydraulic valve, and (v) a valve controller performing a method of a molding system having a hydraulic valve. The hydraulic valve includes: (i) a valve sleeve that is configured to convey a pressurized hydraulic fluid, and (ii) a valve spool that is movable relative to the valve sleeve, once the valve spool is made to move from a valve-closed position to a valve-opened position, the valve spool is imparted with a running start before the pressurized hydraulic fluid is permitted to flow out of the valve sleeve.09-18-2008
20130099420PICKING TOOL - Disclosed herein is, amongst other things, a picking tool (04-25-2013
20130127091CONNECTOR ENABLING INCREASED DENSITY OF CONTACTS - A plurality of contacts are arranged in a first direction along a side wall of a housing. The housing has a plurality of ribs projecting in a second direction from the side wall and interposed between the contacts, respectively. Each rib has a tapered portion adjacent to the side wall.05-23-2013
20110233823MOLD MOTION CONTROL SYSTEM FOR AN INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE - A method for injection molding comprises pre-positioning a clamp piston within a cylinder housing to a datum position axially intermediate a clamping position and an unclamped position, the clamp piston affixed to a tie bar, the clamp piston and cylinder housing cooperating to provide a clamp chamber and an unclamp chamber in a clamp cylinder housing on axially opposite sides of the clamp piston for urging the clamp piston towards the clamping and unclamped positions, respectively, when pressurized. Pre-positioning the clamp piston can include leaving a positioning gap between portions of a mold before releasably locking a tie bar to one of the moving or stationary platens, and then advancing the moving platen to substantially close the positioning gap after the releasable locking has been completed. Pre-positioning the clamp piston can include moving a stop member to an advanced position in the cylinder housing, and urging the clamp piston to bear against the stop member before the releasable locking step has been completed.09-29-2011
20100314802Injection Molding Process for Making Laboratory Test-Tubes and Mold to be Used in the Molding Process Thereof - A laboratory test tube is formed between male and female mold elements by injection of molten plastic material. The female element has a bottom element formed by first and second alternating complementarily shaped wedges. At least the second wedges are able to move under the pressure of the molten plastic from a rest position to an operative position in order to form slits which allow air, but not molten plastic, to exit from the mold.12-16-2010

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