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Shaping against forming surface (e.g., casting, die shaping, etc.)

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264 - Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes


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264319000 Applying heat or pressure 446
264334000 Article or material ejecting, core or mold stripping or separating 57
264313000 Utilizing a flexible, deformable, or destructable molding surface or material 43
264310000 By rotation of material or material shaping member 39
264318000 Molding trapped undercut article portion 17
264337000 Utilizing particular mold material 14
264308000 Incremental layer molding type 11
264300000 Utilizing release agent in molding material 6
264301000 Accretion from bulk 6
264309000 Spraying or flinging material against a shaping surface 4
20120235324VEHICLE FLOORING SYSTEM - A vehicle spray flooring system is provided that includes a single-sided mold component and a spray application component that facilitates application of a liquefied mixture into the single-sided mold. The application of the liquefied mixture results in a vehicle flooring product, whereby the liquefied mixture is a combination of urethane and polyurea.09-20-2012
20090140459METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SINTERED BODY - This invention relates to a method for forming a three dimensional sintered body (06-04-2009
20120139159SPIN MOULDING - Method of manufacturing a large-scale shell construction, wherein a form is sprayed with a setting construction material, such as concrete. The method comprises rotating the form about a rotation axis while applying said construction material. Preferably it also comprises suspending the form from above in a point through which the rotation axis runs. Furthermore, the method can comprise floating the form on a body of water.06-07-2012
20080296807SOLUTION CASTING APPARATUS AND SOLUTION CASTING METHOD - A casting die includes lip plates and inner deckle plates, each of which has a contact face. The contact faces form an outlet of the casing die. A distance between a ridge of the lip plate and that of the inner deckle plate is at most 9 μm. Further, nozzles are disposed so as to be close to the outlet. A casting dope is discharged from the outlet to a support, so as to form a dope bead between the outlet and a periphery of the support. The nozzles supply a solution to side edges of the dope bead.12-04-2008
20090051078MULTILAYER, LIGHT-DIFFUSING FILM FOR INSERT MOLDING - A light-diffusing film includes a particle layer containing a polymer matrix having dispersed therein an effective amount of light-diffusing particles, and having a thickness in the range of 5 mil to 20 mil. The film may optionally also include a second polymeric layer adjacent and substantially coextensive with the particle layer, the second layer being translucent and having a thickness in the range of 5 mil to 50 mil. A third translucent layer may also be added. Molded articles having the inventive films on their surface, and methods of making them, are also disclosed.02-26-2009
20080277829COMPRESSION MOLDING OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A compression molding system comprising first and second mold halves is provided for an electronic device wherein a plurality of cavities are formed in the first mold half corresponding to molding locations on the electronic device. A plurality of plungers are located in the first mold half, each of which is drivable against a side of a respective cavity for applying a compacting force to encapsulation material located in the cavity during molding. A motor is operatively connected to the plungers for driving the plungers relative to the cavities.11-13-2008
20090278283PRODUCING NANOPARTICLES USING NANOSCALE POLYMER TEMPLATES - In various aspects provided are methods for producing a nanoparticle within a cross-linked, collapsed polymeric material. In various embodiments, the methods comprise (a) providing a shape-static polymer template with a size in the range between about 1 nm to about 100 nm; (b)) incorporating one or more nanoparticle precursor moieties with the shape-static polymer template; and either (c) oxidizing the precursor moieties to form a composite nanoparticle comprising one or more of an inorganic oxide and hydroxide nanoparticle; or (c) adding an ion with an opposite charge polarity to the at least one nanoparticle precursor moieties to effect formation of a composite nanoparticle.11-12-2009
20100072667IMPRINTING METHOD - An imprinting method for depositing resins to a substrate, bringing a mold into contact with the resins, and transferring a pattern formed on the mold to the resins includes a first imprinting process for transferring the pattern to a first resin and a second imprinting process for forming the pattern on a second resin in an area adjacent to an area formed during the first imprinting process. The amount of the second resin to be deposited during the second imprinting process is different from that of the first resin used during the first imprinting process so that a gap between the area formed during the first imprinting process and an area to be formed during the second imprinting process is filled.03-25-2010
20130082419APPARATUS FOR FABRICATING PARTS AND METHOD OF FORMING THE APPARATUS - An apparatus for receiving a mold assembly having a first mold portion and a second mold portion operably connected with one another for forming parts. The apparatus includes a mold holding member and a pair of support members spaced from one another and extending from the mold holding member to a manufacturing floor. A carriage device is cooperable with the mold holding member for engaging and moving the mold assembly. A lifting mechanism of the apparatus is used for moving the carriage device relative the mold holding member to move the mold assembly to be engaged with mold holding member. The lifting mechanism and the carriage device apply forces to opposite surfaces of the mold holding member to prevent the mold holding member from deflection and distortion to eliminate offset between the first mold portion and the second mold portion thereby eliminating defective parts as said apparatus forms the parts.04-04-2013
20090160092Precision casting process - A mold assembly for sand casting is disclosed. The mold assembly includes a drag having a first vertical axis and a first surface. The first surface extends generally perpendicular to the first vertical axis. The mold assembly also includes a cope having a second vertical axis positioned on the first surface such that the first vertical axis and the second vertical axis coincide to form a central vertical axis. The cope includes a second surface and a third surface both extending generally perpendicular to the second vertical axis. The mold assembly also includes a casting cavity disposed about the central vertical axis and located between the first surface and the second surface, and a core disposed about the central vertical axis and positioned in the casting cavity. The mold cavity further includes a pouring cup disposed about the second vertical axis and extending downward from the third surface to the casting cavity. The pouring cup is configured to deliver a substantial portion of liquid material at a time directly into the casting cavity without directing the liquid material through a choke point.06-25-2009
20090160091Method and apparatus for manufacturing turbine or compressor wheels - A method for forming a turbine or compressor wheel from a semi-solid material uses a die assembly that has an inner cartridge made up from a plurality of segments and an outer die. The semi-solid material is injected under pressure and high temperature into the die so that it flows into blade cavities defined between the segments of the cartridge. The cartridge is removed from the outer die and the segments are then separated to release the wheel.06-25-2009
20100007051CONCRETE BLOCK MACHINE HAVING A CONTROLLABLE CUTOFF BAR - A concrete block machine including a mold having at least one mold cavity, a feedbox driven back and forth between retracted and extended positions, wherein the feedbox is positioned over a top of the mold deposits concrete in the at least one mold cavity when at the extended position, a cutoff bar coupled to the feedbox and including a moveable cutoff element, and a drive system. The drive system is coupled to the moveable cutoff element and moves the moveable cutoff element to adjust a distance between the moveable cutoff element and the top of the mold as the feedbox is driven from the extended position to the retracted position such that the moveable cutoff element removes varying amounts of concrete deposited in the mold cavity so that a depth of concrete remaining in the mold cavity varies in a desired fashion in a direction of movement of the feedbox.01-14-2010
20100133725Mold With Reinforced Hinge - Flexible, reinforced polymeric molds for Corning simulated stone veneers is provided. The molds are formed of a single solitary unit containing a plurality of contoured wells. A flange forms an outer portion of the mold and provides a means for grasping the mold so that the mold can be folded and flipped for the extraction of the artificial stones. One or both hinge portions located transversely across the central portion of the mold may be reinforced with an embedded nylon mesh scrim. The scrim increases the tear and tensile strength of the hinge portion. Additionally, the incorporation of the nylon mesh scrim at the hinge portions increases the life of the mold and reduces the occurrence of scrap molds. The polymeric mold advantageously retains its shape after the mold has been removed from the simulated stones, which permits the mold to be used in subsequent stone-molding operations.06-03-2010
20130069277RESIN COMPOSITION SHEET AND METHOD FOR MOLDING THEREOF - The object of the present invention is to provide a resin composition sheet that when used in the manufacture of product packaging such as carrier tapes, and the like, molding temperatures can be lowered from 260-280° C. to 200-250° C., even when heated to relatively high temperatures using a contact heating device with a mold-releasing film interposed therebetween, wherein poor appearance due to the replication of mold-releasing film features is unlikely to occur. The resin composition sheet relating to one aspect of the present invention comprises polycarbonate resin, amorphous polyester resin, and silicate compound filler. Furthermore, this resin composition sheet is suitable for use in the manufacture of product packaging such as carrier tapes, and the like. Furthermore, when an object that is vulnerable to static electricity is to be accommodated within product packaging, it is preferable to add a conductive filler to prevent the static charge in the accommodated product.03-21-2013
20130062811PLASTIC PUMP HOUSING AND MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A method of making a pump housing that is net-molded and immediately assumes its final shape and design specification without requiring more than de minimis secondary machining processes. The method utilizes molds and cores configured such that none of the fluid ports of the housing produced using the molds and cores have any intersecting geometry.03-14-2013
20110278763POLYETHYLENE OXIDE-BASED FILMS AND DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS MADE THEREFROM - The invention relates to the film products and methods of their preparation that demonstrate a non-self-aggregating uniform heterogeneity. Desirably, the films disintegrate in water and may be formed by a controlled drying process, or other process that maintains the required uniformity of the film. The films contain a polymer component, which includes polyethylene oxide optionally blended with hydrophilic cellulosic polymers. Desirably, the films also contain a pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic active agent with no more than a 10% variance of the active agent pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic active agent per unit area of the film.11-17-2011
20090315214MELT MOLDING POLYMER COMPOSITE AND METHOD OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - The invention relates to a hot melt dispensable polymeric composite and process for making and using the composite. Particulates of adequate particle size are mixed with a polymer that exhibits low viscosities at temperatures typically provided by hot-melt glue guns to form rods that vary significantly in density from the base polymer. Novel articles can be manufactured by dispensing the composite from a glue gun into molds or by placement of the melt molding compound into preformed cavities within an end article.12-24-2009
20100171238POLYESTER HYBRID RESINS - This invention relates to a polyester urethane hybrid resin casting resin composition which comprises a mixture ABCD of an unsaturated polyester ABC which has moieties derived from at least one alcohol A, moieties derived from a mixture B of carboxylic acids, wherein at least 10% of the mass of at least one of the said carboxylic acids B or of the said alcohols A have at least one olefinic unsaturation in their molecules, and moieties derived from a monoepoxide C having at least four carbon atoms, which polyester ABC is dissolved in a compound D, and which has at least one olefinic unsaturation and which is radically copolymerisable with the unsaturated polyester oligomer ABC and a second liquid component EF comprising a polyfunctional isocyanate E and a radical initiator F, a process for its production, and a method of use thereof to form large moulded parts.07-08-2010
20110285056METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING A ROTOR BLADE - A tool for producing a rotor blade comprises at least one mold, and at least one supporting structure for the at least one mold. The mold is supported by a support structure, wherein the support structure is adapted such that a twist angle of at least one portion of the mold is adjustable. Further, a method for varying a twist angle of a rotor blade is provided.11-24-2011
20110062630CELLULOSE POWDER HAVING EXCELLENT SEGREGATION PREVENTIVE EFFECT, AND COMPOSITIONS THEREOF - With regard to compositions derived from active ingredients and other additives in medical, food and industrial fields, there have been problems that the active ingredients cannot be uniformly mixed, and that the active ingredients become segregated and lose uniformity as the active ingredients undergo transport, input, and filling processes. There is provided a cellulose powder which improves the uniformity of compositions containing active ingredients or other additives to prevent segregation of the active ingredients, wherein the cellulose powder contains cellulose I type crystals, has an average particle diameter of less than 30 μm, a powder density of 0.1 to 0.45 g/cm03-17-2011
20090102096Moulding device - This invention is related to a method and a moulding device (04-23-2009
20090315215MOLDING MOLD AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF MOLDED PRODUCT - A molding mold includes a runner to fill a molding material from a sprue to a cavity, the runner including a bent portion, in which a cross-sectional area of a flow channel passing through an inner side of the bent portion and a cross-sectional area of a flow channel passing through an outer side of the bent portion are different from each other in at least one region along the runner from the bent portion to the cavity.12-24-2009
20100007052METHOD FOR THE AESTHETIC SURFACE TREATMENT OF A MONOLITHIC CONCRETE FLOOR AND PRODUCT OF THE METHOD - This invention relates generally to a method for forming a concrete floor as a monolithic unit, wherein a wet concrete mix is deposited and worked to achieve a generally uniform flatness of concrete and adding to the top layer thereof a decorative aggregate material. Subsequently, the surface of the concrete is worked, allowed to partially cure and then ground and polished to substantially remove surface irregularities and reveal the decorative aggregate. The floor surface may then be coated with a sealant to achieve a terrazzo-like appearance.01-14-2010
20100084789GOLF PRODUCTS PRODUCED BY A STOICHIOMETRICALLY IMBALANCED RIM SYSTEM - Disclosed herein are golf products, such as golf balls and/or components thereof, including the product of a fast-chemical-reaction mixture comprising a polyol and an isocyanate. The component is formed by reaction injection molding the reaction mixture. In the reaction mixture, the stoichiometry of the reactants is imbalanced.04-08-2010
20090091062MOLD AND MOLDING METHOD - A mold includes a gate communicating with the entire perimeter of a cavity serving as a space configured to form a molded article. A self-curable molding material with flowability is fed into the perimeter of the cavity through the gate; hence, the mold has a small number of dead ends compared with the case where, for example, the molding material is fed into the cavity through a part of the cavity, preventing the formation of bubbles left in the cavity. The arrangement of a gate and a bent each making an acute angle results in the spontaneous separation of the molded article in the cavity from solidified material portions in the gate and the vent due to shrinkage on curing.04-09-2009
20090273120Method of molding reel flanges and tool arrangement thereof - A method of molding a flange uses a first tool element and a second opposing tool element. The first tool element defines a negative of at least a portion of a first side of a flange, and the second tool element defines a negative of at least a portion of the second side of the flange. The method includes providing a set of blocks for insertion into a plurality of recesses in the second tool element, the set of blocks insertable in a plurality of configurations, each configuration defining a negative of a set of retention features on the second side of the flange. The plurality of configurations define differing configurations of retention features on the second side. The method also includes inserting at least some blocks into the second tool element to form a selected one of the plurality of configurations, and performing injection molding using the first tool element and the second tool element.11-05-2009
20090295031METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CASTING A CONCRETE PRODUCT - Method and apparatus for casting a concrete product with a substantially horizontal slipform casting process, concrete mix in said method being fed by means of at least one feed screw (12-03-2009
20080277827Process for the Manufacture of Multicolor Poured Cosmetics - The invention relates to a process for preparing a multicoloured poured cosmetic product, particularly a process for obtaining a multicoloured lipstick, gloss or cosmetic product for the eye contour area, as well as the products obtained by means of this process.11-13-2008
20080277828METHOD FOR MAKING HIGH FLUX, HIGH SALT REJECTION CELLULOSE DESALTING MEMBRANES - A method is provided for producing a high flux, high salt rejection cellulose acetate desalination membrane. In this method, cellulose acetate polymer is dissolved in a first solvent such as methylene chloride or 2-methyltetrahydrofuran to produce a solution. Further steps involve stirring the solution, and thereafter permitting the solution to settle, for a time sufficient for a majority of the cellulose acetate to precipitate out of the solution to form a cellulose acetate precipitate. Next, the cellulose acetate precipitate is stirred into an excess methanol. Thereafter, the cellulose acetate is filtered out and used in making the desalination membrane.11-13-2008
20080303188Method and Device for the Preparation of a Template to make a Prototype for Jewelry - A jewelry template made from chemical compounds to form a polyurethane substance that hardens in stages enabling the prototype to be inserted while the mixture is malleable and thereafter removed when the template is hard. A simple and efficient method of removing the prototype from the template.12-11-2008
20080284060Touch Fastener Products - Touch fasteners for use as mold inserts in molding seat foam buns include selvedges that deflect under pressure to engage a mold surface in face-to-face contact. Another touch fastener includes a base with an exposed thermally activatable resin surface that has a softening point low enough to be activated by the exothermic foaming reaction to adhere the fastener in the foam bun.11-20-2008
20090014912METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MOLD AND BLADE FOR ELECTROPHOTOGRAPHIC APPARATUS, AND DEVELOPER AMOUNT CONTROLLING BLADE - A mold for use in producing a molded body of an elastomer has a holding layer and a releasing layer on an inner periphery surface of a main body of a die. The releasing layer is formed of an addition two-component liquid silicone having a polysilazane-based or polysiloxane-based chain as a main chain, contains 0.5 mass % or less of a component which volatilizes at a curing temperature of a liquid elastomer raw material, does not contain silica, has International Rubber Hardness Degree of 50 to 85 degrees, and contains a solid lubricant having an average particle size of 2 to 20 μm. The present invention also provides a method for manufacturing a blade for an electrophotographic apparatus by using the mold and a developer amount controlling blade having specific load length ratio and ten-point average roughness in which a blade member is manufactured with the method.01-15-2009
20080272515METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING A CLOSURE DEVICE AND A CONTAINER - A method for forming a closure device for a container is disclosed including providing a first mold component having a first annular groove. The first annular groove is configured to form a skirt of the closure device. A plurality of ejector blades are provided and are positioned within the mold component. The blades include a notch for forming a lug on an inner surface of the skirt. The lug is back-locked relative to the mold component. A moldable material is introduced into a mold cavity to form the closure device. The device is removed from the mold component by moving the blades along a path defined by tracks formed in the mold component that is generally along a vertical axis of the mold component, wherein the path includes a radially outward component, and the moving of the blades relieves the back-lock of the lug formed on the closure device.11-06-2008
20100201032COMPRESSION-MOLDING APPARATUS AND COMPRESSION-MOLDING METHOD - [Problem] To suppress the deviation of a synthetic resin to be fed to a metal mold and to enable the to-be-compression-molded synthetic resin to be easily molded into a shape of a pre-molded article that is to be molded.08-12-2010
20090127744DEVICE AND METHOD FOR HANDLING A QUANTITY OF PLASTIC IN THE MOLTEN STATE - The invention relates to a device for moulding a plastic article in which the article is obtained by the compression of a metered quantity of plastic (05-21-2009
20090321991MOLD FOR MAKING A MASONRY BLOCK AND METHOD FOR MAKING A MASONRY BLOCK - A mold for making a masonry block having a non-planar lower surface. The mold includes a pair of opposing side walls, a pair of opposing end walls, and a top forming an upper member, and a removable bottom member. The removable bottom member is configured to provide the non-planar configuration of the lower surface of the block when the block is cast in the mold. A method for making a masonry block having a non-planar lower surface is also disclosed. The method includes providing the mold which has the removable bottom member configured to provide the non-planar configuration of lower surface of the block when the block is cast in the mold, charging a masonry mix to the mold to form the block, curing the block, and removing the removable bottom from the mold.12-31-2009
20090102097Mold for golf balls04-23-2009
20090256281INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE - An injection molding machine to prevent a molded piece from being separated from a mold after molds are disassembled from each other includes a first mold, a second mold assembled with the first mold to form a cavity, and a binding device or a pressing device to get a molded piece held in the first mold when the first mold and the second mold are disassembled from each other.10-15-2009
20110140307METHOD OF MAKING POLYLACTIC ACID AND ITS PRODUCTS - The present disclosure provides a method for preparing polylactic acid and its products using a twin-screw extruder, comprising the step of mixing carbon dioxide adducts of carbene and lactide, and obtaining polylactic acid and its products via reactive extrusion using a twin-screw extruder. Some of the carbon dioxide adducts or carbene have the following general formula:06-16-2011
20100148399DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FORMING MOULDED BODIES FROM A MOULDABLE MASS - The invention relates to a device for forming moulded bodies from a mouldable mass comprising a matrix grid (06-17-2010
20100181703BYPASS COOLING REDUCTION ON HIGH PRESSURE DIE CAST MACHINES - Within an improved method of maintaining a die during interruptions in production and of subsequently returning the die to an optimal operating temperature, instead of having a manual control valve in the bypass loop of cooling medium, a PLC controlled valve is provided which can automatically allow or stop the flowrate through the bypass loop. Instead of circulating cooling medium through the die continuously, and at a reduced rate, during the interruption, the cooling medium is not circulated at all initially during the interruption. When the restart of production is desired, the first two preheat shots produced are made without the circulation of any cooling medium through the die. The valve within the bypass loop is then opened to let some cooling medium circulate through the die, however the circulation rate is less than the rate associated with normal production. The bypass loop is then left open while the valve in the primary loop is reopened.07-22-2010
20100258980Systems and Methods of Concrete Apparatus with Incorporated Lifter - Systems and methods for a concrete apparatus with incorporated lifter are provided. A concrete apparatus is formed by placing a reinforcement system in a mold. The reinforcement system comprises a lifter. Concrete is poured into the mold such that the lifter protrudes from the poured concrete. After the concrete has hardened and the mold is removed, the lifter is used to carry and position the concrete apparatus. After the concrete apparatus is positioned, the lifter is removed at the circumference of the concrete apparatus leaving no holes, thereby eliminating water leakage due to lifting methods.10-14-2010
20100276839WASTE CONTAINER AND RELATED METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A method of forming a container includes providing a mold including at least one bulbous protrusion. The mold is closed to form a mold cavity corresponding to the shape of the container, with the bulbous protrusion being positioned in the mold cavity. Material is injected into the mold cavity to form the container, and the material envelopes the bulbous protrusion to create an undercut slot. The container is removed from the mold and the bulbous protrusion is withdrawn from the slot.11-04-2010
20100276840APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MAKING SUTURE PACKAGES - Apparatus and method for making a plurality of different types of suture packages employ a mold with first and second opposing mold parts partially defining a mold cavity, at least one of the opposing mold parts has an opening therein communicating with the mold cavity. An insert is removeably inserted into the opening, to complete the mold cavity in a form suitable for molding a first type of suture package. An alternative insert is interchangeable with the first insert for completing the mold cavity in a form suitable for molding a second type of suture package. To make different suture packages, the mold is initially configured and used with one of the inserts to thereby make one type of suture package. The first insert is then replaced with the second, changing the mold cavity to form another type of suture package.11-04-2010
20110006456 Mold for Vulcanizing a Tire, a Method of Vulcanizing a Green Tire Blank, and a Tire Obtained by said Method - A mold includes at least one axial member carrying at least one sidewall molding surface for molding a sidewall of a tire, radial segments each carrying at least one surface for molding a tread of the tire and locking surfaces for connecting the axial member with the radial segments. First radial and axial locking surfaces which are displaceable and carried by the axial member cooperate with second radial and axial locking surfaces. The sidewall molding surface is integral with a fixed portion of the axial member. The first radial and axial locking surfaces are integral with at least one locking member mounted in the axial member and are movable relative to the fixed portion.01-13-2011
20100123269PHOTOSENSITIVE RESIN COMPOSITION FOR IMPRINTING PROCESS AND METHOD FOR FORMING ORGANIC LAYER OVER SUBSTRATE - A photosensitive resin composition and a method for forming an organic film on a substrate are provided. Because the photosensitive resin composition for imprinting includes an erythrotol-based monomer or oligomer, an organic film formed by the photosensitive resin composition for imprinting has improved restoring force. Therefore, the photosensitive resin composition is appropriate for imprinting processes.05-20-2010
20080315457Joint in Fluid Device and Method of Manufacture - In a manufacturing method of a joint in a fluid device, in which the joint is provided with an attaching portion attached to a connection port of the fluid device and a hose installation portion to which one end of a hose is installed, and the hose installation portion is provided with an outer diameter bulge portion in an intermediate portion in a range to which the hose is installed, an outer surface of a leading end side portion including the bulge portion of the hose installation portion is formed by an annular outer mold.12-25-2008
20110031652Method of Producing Gypsum Building Boards - A method of producing gypsum building board, in which there is added, to an aqueous gypsum slurry containing a water swellable clay, a basic water-soluble polymer having preferential affinity for clay. The slurry is allowed to set so as to form a board. The basic water-soluble polymer may be, for example, a polyvinyl alcohol or a polymer consisting essentially of carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen and having amine groups (which may be primary, secondary, tertiary or quaternary) in the polymer backbone and/or in side chains thereof.02-10-2011
20110001265PROCESS FOR SHAPING POLYMERIC ARTICLES - A process (01-06-2011
20110109013PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THERMOPLASTIC RESIN COMPOSITION AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING MOLDED THERMOPLASTIC RESIN - The object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a thermoplastic resin composition that contains a vegetable material in a large amount of 50% or more by weight and is capable of being pelletized so as to exhibit high fluidity, and to a method for producing a molded article of a thermoplastic resin. The present production method for the composition is one for producing a thermoplastic resin composition which comprises a vegetable material and a thermoplastic resin, and contains the vegetable material in an amount of 50% to 95% by weight based on 100% by weight of the vegetable material and the thermoplastic resin, and is characterized by comprising a mixing process for mixing the vegetable material such as kenaf core and kenaf fiber, and the thermoplastic resin such as polypropylene and polylactic acid using a mixer, and a pelletizing process for pressing the mixture obtained in the mixing process to form a pellet. In the present production method for the molded article, the thermoplastic resin composition is subjected to extrusion molding or injection molding to form a molded article.05-12-2011
20100164141Cellulose Ester Film, Its Manufacturing Method, Polarizing Plate, and Liquid Crystal Display - Disclosed is a cellulose ester film comprising cellulose ester and a phosphonite compound.07-01-2010
20100164140BATTERY FORMWORK FOR THE VERTICAL MANUFACTURING OF PLANAR PRECAST CONCRETE PARTS - A battery formwork for the vertical manufacturing of planar precast concrete parts comprising two outer formworks, which are located diametrically opposite and at least one of which is movable, and an inner formwork, which is located between the outer formworks. The inner formwork has at least two side supports, which laterally delimit the concrete part to be manufactured. A floor support of the inner formwork is fixed in its location and delimits the concrete part to be manufactured on the bottom. The floor support is used as the lower reference point for the manufacturing of the precast concrete part. The battery formwork has a horizontally extending height support, which is vertically changeable in its position and which delimits the precast concrete part to be manufactured on top.07-01-2010
20110147992METHOD OF PRODUCING A MOLDED ARTICLE - To provide a molded article having a good color and excellent transparency obtained by improving the heat resistance of a polycarbonate resin at the time of molding.06-23-2011
20100032868Compression moulding apparatus, methods and item - An apparatus comprises a moulding unit having a punch and a mould cavity movable along a path between an open position in which said punch and said mould cavity are distanced apart from each other to receive a dose of plastics therebetween, and a closed position in which said punch and said mould cavity interact to form an item by pressing said dose, said punch being kept not above said cavity along said path.02-11-2010
20110037200Method of producing a cementitious sheet-form material having a high level of glass aggregate and a solid surface - A method of producing a sheet-form material having an exposed solid surface comprises pre-mixing cement with at least one pozzolan to provide a cement/pozzolan mixture with a high pozzolan to cement ratio, adding to the cement/pozzolan mixture an aqueous solution comprised of water and a high range water reducer to produce a cement/pozzolan dough-like substance, adding and mixing a sufficient quantity of glass aggregate to said cement/pozzolan dough-like substance to produce a moldable composition, wherein, after adding and mixing in the glass aggregate, the pozzolan is present in the composition at about 5% to about 20% by weight, the cement is present in the composition at about 3% to about 20% by weight, and the aggregate glass is by weight a relatively high percentage of the composition. The moldable composition is placed into a mold and vibrated, and is allowed to cure.02-17-2011
20110187022Flame retardant-containing plastic shipping container - A halogen free fire resistant RF transparent polymer pallet has attenuated electrical resistance. A pallet body has a fire resistant layer and a substrate supporting the fire resistant layer. The fire resistant layer includes fire retardant materials, such as Al(OH)08-04-2011
20080203616Method of and apparatus for manufacturing shaft - A shaft manufacturing apparatus includes a first drawing die having a cylindrical first cavity defined therein which is open at both ends thereof and a second drawing die having a cylindrical second cavity defined therein which is open at one end thereof. The angle formed between a first tapered part of the first drawing die and the axis of the first cavity is greater than the angle formed between a second tapered part of the second drawing die and the axis of the second cavity.08-28-2008
20100283183ENZYME-MEDICATED CROSS-LINKING OF SILICONE POLYMERS - Disclosure herein are methods of preparing cross-linked silicone polymers by contacting a silicone polymer and optionally a cross-linking agent with a hydrolytic enzyme under conditions for the cross-linking of the silicone polymer, wherein the silicone polymer has been modified to comprise functional groups that react with the hydrolytic enzyme.11-11-2010
20100252956PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR MOLDING A SHINGLE, FOR COOLING A SHINGLE, FOR APPLYING A CURVATURE THERETO AND CARRIER PLATE FOR FACILITATING THE PROCESS - Shingle material, preferably comprising a core with a capstock applied thereto is extruded preferably by means of a co-extrusion process onto a series of Individual carrier plates, with the shingle material then being severed such that each carrier plate carries its own layer of shingle material thereon and the carrier plates are then delivered to a compression mold in which the shingle is molded. The carrier plate and shingle Is then removed from the mold and carried through a series of hold-down stations, after which the shingle is delivered to a trimmer, where flashing is simultaneously trimmed from its edges. The shingle Is then cooled, preferably by sandwiching it between upper and lower retention members which are cooled via a cooling tower. The retention members impart a curvature to the shingle. The carrier plates are returned via a return conveyor to be heated, for re-use10-07-2010
20100019411METHOD OF MOLDING COMPOSITE MOLDED ARTICLE AND MOLD SYSTEM USED FOR SAME - [Problem] To provide a method of molding a composite molded article enabling compression molding without requiring a large sized injection molding machine and a mold system used for that.01-28-2010
20090206519CHIP PACKAGING APPARATUS AND CHIP PACKAGING PROCESS - A chip packaging apparatus including an upper mold chase, a lower mold chase, a carrier delivering unit, a molding compound thickness adjusting unit, and a molding compound supplying unit is provided. The lower mold chase is disposed below the upper mold chase. The carrier delivering unit delivers a carrier to a position between the upper mold chase and the lower mold chase. The molding compound thickness adjusting unit provides a thickness adjusting film between the upper mold chase and the carrier and/or between the lower mold chase and the carrier, and adjusts the thickness of the molding compound according to the thickness of the thickness adjusting film. The molding compound supplying unit is connected to the upper mold chase or the lower mold chase for providing the molding compound into a cavity defined by the upper mold chase and the lower mold chase.08-20-2009
20090032999CASTABLE REFRACTORY POWDER COMPOSITION, PREMIXED MATERIAL PREPARED THEREFROM , METHOD FOR CASTING PREMIXED MATERIAL, AND HARDENED REFRACTORY BODY OBTAINED THEREFROM - A premixed material is obtained by tempering a castable refractory powder composition comprising refractory aggregate, fine refractory powder, alumina cement, a dispersing agent and an alumina cement hydration stopper with water. The hydration stopper is acidic in a state of an aqueous solution. The amount of the hydration stopper is controlled such that the premixed material has a pH of 2 to 7. Immediately after adding and mixing an alumina cement hydration starter to the premixed material, the resultant mixture is cast into a mold. The addition of the hydration starter can be carried out 5 days or more after the production of the premixed material.02-05-2009
20090184440MOLDING EQUIPMENT AND METHOD TO MANUFACTURE STACKABLE INTER-ENGAGING BRICKS, BLOCKS, STONES AND THE LIKE WITH A SMOOTH OR EMBOSSED FACE - A molding equipment and method to mold stackable inter-engaging bricks, blocks, stones and the like and bricks, blocks, stones and the like produced therewith are disclosed. The molding equipment comprises a main structure which contains individual cavities. Each cavity preferably has a middle structure to which a brick separating element can be attached. Without the brick separating element, each cavity can form two attached splittable bricks whereas with the brick separating element attached, each cavity can hold two individual smooth or embossed face bricks. The size and shape of the stackable inter-engaging bricks is such that once out of the mold but still in an uncured form, the said brick can stand on its side without falling down, being damaged, buckling or being otherwise deformed during the manufacturing process.07-23-2009
20090134551Mouldable material - A method of providing a self-adhesive mouldable pad comprises mixing: a) a first component comprising room temperature vulcanising silicone composition; and b) a second component, one of the first and second components comprising a moist, powdered filler, and the other of the first and second components comprising a hydrolysable cross-linking agent, to produce a self-adhesive RTV silicone elastomer composition, applying the RTV moisture cure silicone elastomer composition to a substrate, and moulding it by hand to form a pad.05-28-2009
20120313292METHOD FOR PRODUCING CERAMIC ARTICLES - A method for producing a sanitary article, comprises the step of introducing liquid clay into the casting chamber of a casting mould, the step of hardening the liquid clay in the casting mould and the step of separating the casting mould for removing the hardened sanitary article out of the casting mould. Prior to the step of introducing the liquid clay, at least one slide is introduced from outside the casting chamber along an insertion direction (E) at least partially into the casting chamber, wherein the slide is removed out of the casting chamber in opposition to the insertion direction (E) prior to or during the step of separating the casting mould, wherein an opening, an indentation or a break-through can be provided in the sanitary article by means of the slide.12-13-2012
20120133079SILICONE RUBBER COMPOSITIONS - The present invention relates to silicone rubber compositions, methods for their preparation and uses thereof. In particular, the invention relates a heat curable silicone rubber composition comprising: 100 parts by weight of a defined HCR silicone elastomer; 0.5 to 30 parts by weight of hollow filler; and 0.1 to 3.0 parts by weight of a curing agent.05-31-2012
20120133078Step and Flash Imprint Lithography - A method of forming a relief image in a structure comprising a substrate and a transfer layer formed thereon comprises covering the transfer layer with a polymerizable fluid composition, and then contacting the polymerizable fluid composition with a mold having a relief structure formed therein such that the polymerizable fluid composition fills the relief structure in the mold. The polymerizable fluid composition is subjected to conditions to polymerize polymerizable fluid composition and form a solidified polymeric material therefrom on the transfer layer. The mold is then separated from the solid polymeric material such that a replica of the relief structure in the mold is formed in the solidified polymeric material; and the transfer layer and the solidified polymeric material are subjected to an environment to selectively etch the transfer layer relative to the solidified polymeric material such that a relief image is formed in the transfer layer.05-31-2012
20120313293IMPRINT METHOD, IMPRINT APPARATUS, AND ARTICLE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A method of performing an imprint process on each of a plurality of shot regions of a substrate, wherein each shot region includes at least one of at least one valid chip area and at least one invalid chip area, the invalid chip area including an inhibited area in which resin coating is inhibited, the imprint process for a shot region including both the invalid chip area and the valid chip area includes coating the valid chip area of the shot region with the resin, bringing a pattern surface of a mold into contact with the resin, and curing the resin, and in the step of coating, at least the inhibited area of the invalid chip area is not coated with the resin.12-13-2012
20090057954SOLUTION CASTING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A casting dope is cast onto a moving peripheral surface to form a casting film. The casting film is cooled to be hardened or solidified. The casting film is peeled from the peripheral surface by a peeling roller to form a primary wet film. The primary wet film is transported to a transfer section. The primary wet film is sent from the transfer section to a first drying chamber. Wet gas containing water vapor is applied to the primary wet film in the first drying chamber. Water molecules are absorbed into the primary wet film. The water molecules absorbed into the primary wet film expand meshes of network structure of polymer molecules of the primary wet film. The diffusion of liquid compounds contained in the primary wet film is accelerated. Thus, the elimination of the liquid compounds can be facilitated.03-05-2009
20090057955Resin Molding Apparatus and Resin Molding Method - Disclosed is a resin molding apparatus capable of enhancing transfer accuracy, reducing the cost of a molding apparatus, and shortening a molding cycle. The resin molding apparatus includes a first mold; a second mold disposed in opposition to the first mold; a transfer plate (03-05-2009
20100052218Gas Recirculation Heat Exchanger For Casting Silicon - This invention relates to a system and a method of use for a gas recirculation heat exchanger to cast high purity silicon and/or grow crystals. The heat exchanger includes a hot surface for thermal contact with a crucible along with an inlet for flowing a gas to the heat exchanger and an outlet for flowing the gas from the heat exchanger. The exchanger also includes a baffle dividing the inlet from the outlet and for directing at least a portion of the gas over the hot surface, and a recirculation system adapted to cool the gas and return the gas to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can be easily tailored to local cooling needs.03-04-2010
20100052219MOLD FOR GOLF BALLS03-04-2010
20120175814METHOD OF AND MACHINE FOR MANUFACTURING CONCRETE U-WALL TYPE CONSTRUCTION ELEMENTS AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A machine for and method of manufacturing concrete U-wall construction blocks, each having a front wall portion and a pair of stem portions extending from said front wall portion. The method involves providing a system of molding jacket panels, including a core molding assembly having a pair of inside stem jacket panels that are adjustably supportable in a substantially parallel manner during a molding process, and arranged is such a manner that the front wall portion is molded in downwardly facing direction toward a horizontal support surface and completely enclosed in one or more molding jacket panels. Before block molding operations, the thickness of the front wall portion of the U-wall construction block is set by determining the thickness of a front wall surface liner and installing the front wall surface forming liner within the system of molding jacket panels. Also, thickness of the stem portions of the U-wall construction block is set by determining the proper distance between the pair of said inside stem jacket panels supported in a parallel manner during the block molding process. Thereafter, concrete is poured or injected through pour openings provided in the molding jacket apparatus to form the front wall portion and stem portions of the concrete U-wall block.07-12-2012
20100007053Compression molding method for cutting insert - According to an aspect of the invention, a compression molding method for a cutting insert, in which molding powder filled into a molding space defined by a die, an upper punch, and a lower punch is compression-molded by the upper and lower punches, includes, sliding both the upper and lower punches individually to positions just short of estimated stop positions obtained for design by means of a position controller, and then sliding the punches by means of a load controller so that a predetermined pressure is reached.01-14-2010
20120256347INJECTION MOLDING - In an injection molding process, the mold parts can be moved relative to each other (separation of the mold parts shown as line 10-11-2012
20090020915Mold Stack, a Molding System Incorporating Same and a Method of Aligning the Mold Stack - According to embodiments of the present invention, there are provided a mold stack, a molding system incorporating same and a method of aligning the mold stack. For example, a mold stack is provided. The mold stack comprises a first molding cavity defining component, a second molding cavity defining component and a third molding cavity defining component, with the second molding cavity defining component being located, in use, in-between the first molding cavity defining component and the third molding cavity defining component. At least one of the first molding cavity defining component and the third molding cavity defining component is associated with a respective compensator, the respective compensator configured to allow the at least one of the first molding cavity defining component and the third molding cavity defining component to align itself relative to the second molding cavity defining component.01-22-2009
20130009342ORTHOSIS MODIFICATION TOOL - An apparatus is provided for mounting to a support for modifying an ankle-foot orthosis. The apparatus comprises a tooling device having a plurality of holes spaced over an outer surface of the tooling device. The tooling device includes a first portion having a longitudinal axis, and a second portion integral with the first portion and having a longitudinal axis substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the first portion. The second portion of the tooling device defines an opening for receiving the support. A peg is configured to be inserted into one of more holes of the tooling device. The peg comprises a body portion and a post depending from the body portion and configured to be received in the holes in the outer surface of the tooling device. In one embodiment, the body portion of the peg has a convex outer surface.01-10-2013
20130181377SEALING OR DAMPING PROFILED ELEMENT - A sealing or damping profiled element for use in tunnel construction, construction at or below ground level, track superstructures and/or window façades and also a method for the production thereof. The sealing or damping profiled element (07-18-2013
20080217814METHOD FOR FORMING AND SELLING CANDLES - A method and apparatus (“utility”) for quickly and conveniently melting and blending candle materials to form a candle is provided. The utility utilizes a heated inclined surface on which the candle materials may be placed to melt. The melted candle materials may be directed into a candle mold. The utility includes a drip spout for directing the candle materials into a candle mold. A method for providing consumers with the opportunity to make individualized candles is also provided. The method includes enticing consumers to make their own candles, as well as providing an apparatus and/or materials to make candles. The apparatus and candle materials may be purchased and/or rented by consumers.09-11-2008
20120248651METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING THE WINDING OF AN ELONGATED ELEMENT ONTO A COLLECTION REEL WITH THE INTERPOSITION OF A SERVICE FABRIC - A method for controlling the winding of an elongated element onto a collection reel with the interposition of a service fabric, includes rotating the collection reel and simultaneously winding the elongated element and the service fabric onto the collection reel, wherein the simultaneous winding includes determining the actual winding diameter of the collection reel and preferably, the actual unwinding diameter of a storage reel of the service fabric. The rotation speed of the collection reel is adjusted according to the actual winding diameter and preferably, also to the variation in length of the portion of elongated clement about to be deposited onto the collection reel.10-04-2012
20130134631MANUFACTURING APPARATUS OF RUBBER MEMBER AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF RUBBER MEMBER - A manufacturing apparatus of a rubber member includes an extruder that kneads and feeds a rubber material; a mouthpiece that discharges the rubber material supplied from the extruder; a support member that has a support surface opposing the mouthpiece; a rubber collection chamber that is formed between the mouthpiece and the support surface, that collects the rubber material discharged from the mouthpiece, and that has an opening in a front movement direction of the support surface with respect to the mouthpiece; and a shutter that opens and closes the opening. A plate-like rubber member is molded using the rubber material discharged from the mouthpiece onto the support surface by relatively moving the support surface and the mouthpiece.05-30-2013
20080258341LIGHTWEIGHT SINGLE-USE CONCRETE CURING SYSTEM - A lightweight concrete curing blanket includes a layer of nonwoven fabric that is hydrophilic and that has a thickness of less than about 0.020 inches. A layer of film (e.g., polyethylene film) is bonded to the layer of nonwoven fabric, and has a thickness less than or equal to about 0.001 inch. The layer of film has a moisture vapor transport rate of less than about 0.0016 grams per square foot per twenty-four hours. A combined weight of the layer of nonwoven fabric and the layer of film is less than about 100 grams per square meter.10-23-2008
20100308502FLOATING CUT-OFF BAR FOR A MOLD BOX - A floating cut-off bar coupled to a feed drawer whereby a mechanism allows the floating cut-off bar to engage the specified contour of side rails and a division plate in a mold box assembly and aid in material distribution by screeding excess material and delivering additional material to areas of the mold box as necessary and method of making wall blocks therefrom. The specified contour of the side rails and optionally division plate is designed to optimally deliver material to achieve a specified uniform density of the block produced for greater structural integrity, strength and durability of the block.12-09-2010
20110233822BISECTED MOLD FOR TIRE MOLDING AND PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING TIRE WITH USE OF THE MOLD - Provided are a bisected mold for tire molding that enables manufacturing of high-performance tires and that at a mold clamping, avoids a tire from being pinched to thereby attain a yield enhancement; and a process for manufacturing a tire. Inside a container bisected into upper and lower parts in the state of mold opening, there are disposed a mold for tire molding and, along upper and lower side plates, an unvulcanized tire. After performing vulcanization molding of the unvulcanized tire while changing from this state to a state of mold clamping of sectors and segments split into a plurality of pieces in a circumferential direction of the unvulcanized tire through a driving device and a slide unit means, only the sectors are subjected to mold opening by use of a driving means while maintaining the state of mold clamping of the mold for tire molding and the segments by the driving device and the slide unit means, and subsequently taking the vulcanization-molded tire.09-29-2011
20110291326SHAPING SLURRY AND SHAPING METHOD - A shaping slurry that forms a shaped product with a granule includes: a water-based solvent; a hydrophobic granule that forms the shaped product; and an amphiphatic solid polymer that forms the shaped product, and is dissolved in the water-based solvent.12-01-2011
20130207311AUDIBLE ZIPPER WITH LATERALLY CRUSHED ELEMENTS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE THEREOF - Reclosable zippers for reclosable packages are disclosed. The zippers include male and female profiles. The female profiles are periodically inwardly and/or upwardly deformed in order to generate tactile and audible feedback when the zippers are opened or closed by the user. The deformation of the female profiles typically maintains the strength of the zipper.08-15-2013

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