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Shaping by extrusion

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264 - Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes


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264177100 To produce particular cross section (e.g., noncircular, etc.) 52
264210100 And reshaping 38
264209100 Hollow article 37
264211120 Processing or treatment after extrusion 35
264178000 Into a liquid bath 31
264211210 Screw extruder or screw feeder device 14
264211000 Utilizing added agent (e.g., flux, plasticizer, dispersing agent, etc.) 13
264211240 Curing or polymerization in the extruder (includes incomplete polymerization or curing, or coagulating rubber) 9
264204000 Solidifying by evaporation of liquid solvent or liquid carrier 9
264211100 Centripetal extrusion 7
264211110 Nonresinous material only (e.g., ceramic, soap, cellulose, etc.) 5
20100044911METHOD FOR PRODUCING ALUMINUM-TITANATE-BASED CERAMIC HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE - A method for producing an aluminum-titanate-based ceramic honeycomb structure comprising blending TiO02-25-2010
20080277818Composition and Method for Producing Continuous Basalt Fibre - The proposed inventions pertain to technology of continuous inorganic fibers manufacturing by way of drawing from melted minerals. Such continuous inorganic fibers may be used in production of heat-resistant threads, rovings, cut fibers, fabrics, composition materials and products based on such materials. The C contains the mixture of silicon (SiO11-13-2008
20110121485METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A FIBER - A method for the extrusion of a silk fibre from a water-soluble material which comprises providing the water-soluble material (05-26-2011
20100052206Extrusion Mixing Screw And Method Of Use - A twin-screw extruder includes a barrel including a pair of chambers in communication with each other and a discharge port, and an extrusion molding die coupled with respect to the discharge port of the barrel. First and second screw sets are rotatably mounted at least partially within respective ones of the pair of chambers. The first and second screw sets each include a raker blade segment at the discharge port of the barrel that includes at least one flight element with a plurality of serrations extending therethrough. Each of the first and second screw sets also include a lobed kneading segment at the discharge port of the barrel that includes at least one flight element. One of the raker blade segment and the lobed kneading segment is located downstream from another of the raker blade segment and lobed kneading segment. A method of using the twin-screw extruder is also provided.03-04-2010
20100207292PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THERMOPLASTIC RESIN FILM - According to a process for producing a thermoplastic resin film according to one aspect of the present invention, a molten resin, while the molten resin is discharged from a die and thereafter lands onto a cooling roller, is uniformly heated in a direction of a flow by a heater. Thereby, a thermoplastic resin film having very slight thickness unevenness in a longitudinal direction can be formed. Moreover, according to the process for producing a thermoplastic resin film, heating by the heater can reduce a viscosity of the molten resin at the time of landing, and can suppress generation of retardation at the time of landing.08-19-2010
20130075949High Impact Polymer Layers - Multiple poly(vinyl butyral) layer interlayers that can be used in multiple layer glass panel type applications that require a high level of impact protection, for example in hurricane protection applications or in bullet proof glass applications. This effect is achieved by forming a poly(vinyl butyral) interlayer that has a relatively stiff poly(vinyl butyral) inner layer disposed between two relatively soft outer poly(vinyl butyral) layers, where the stiffness difference is achieved by a plasticizer differential that is achieved at least in substantial part by a residual hydroxyl content difference among the poly(vinyl butyral) layers.03-28-2013
20110001261EXTRUDER AND PROCESS FOR EXTRUDING A POLYMER - The present invention relates to an extruder for a polymer, and a process for extruding a polymer using said extruder. In particular, the present invention provides an extruder comprising: 01-06-2011
20120235318METHOD FOR FABRICATING A POLYOLEFIN SHEET USING A ROLLER DEVICE - Provided herein is a method of manufacturing a polyolefin sheet using a circulating belt and a first roller, comprising the steps of: heating polyolefin resin to melt polyolefin; and forming the molten polyolefin into a polyolefin sheet using an extruding die, wherein the circulating belt includes a plurality of second rollers (cooling rollers) which come into contact with an inner side of the circulating belt and are arranged in a circle around the circulating belt running in a circle and which cool the rotating circulating belt; a temperature of the circulating belt is maintained at 0˜30 to cool the polyolefin sheet such that the polyolefin sheet has desired thickness, a temperature of the first roller is set to a specific temperature between 40 and 120, and the temperature of the first roller is maintained in a temperature range of the specific temperature ±5; and a linear speed of the molten polyolefin sheet is substantially equal to a rotation speed of the circulating belt or the first roller to obtain a polyolefin sheet having a thickness of 0.05˜0.45 mm and a width of 1100˜1700 mm The method is advantageous in that a wide-width polyolefin sheet having excellent flatness and a small thickness deviation can be manufactured.09-20-2012
20110018162ORIENTED POLYMER COMPOSITION WITH A DEORIENTED SURFACE LAYER - Prepare an oriented polymer composition that is cavitated, has cross sectional dimensions all at least three millimeters and at least one de-oriented surface layer having a thickness of at least 8C microns and at least 50 microns less than half the thickness of the oriented polymer composition, the de-oriented surface layer having a lower degree of polymer orientation than a 100 micron thick portion of the oriented polymer composition adjacent to and below the de-oriented surface layer by sufficiently heat treating a surface of a cavitated oriented polymer composition.01-27-2011
20090115092PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A MASTERBATCH FOR INJECTION MOULDING OR FOR EXTRUSION - The invention relates to a method for preparing a feedstock for injection moulding or for extrusion, consisting of inorganic powders combined with an organic, particularly polymeric binder. This method is characterized in that the constituent particles of the inorganic powders are subjected to a granulation step, prior to their mixing with the polymeric binder.05-07-2009
20090091054Device and Process for Producing Pellets From a Plastic Melt - The invention relates to a device for producing pellets from a plastic melt by extrusion, comprising a perforated plate from which the plastic melt is extruded at a pressure above the ambient pressure; a process chamber into which the plastic melt is extruded; a chopping device for chopping strands of the plastic melt extruded from the perforated plate into individual granules, the process chamber being filled with a process fluid; and a pumping device which supplies the process fluid to the process chamber at a pressure above the ambient pressure, the pressure of the process fluid with the therein contained granules being reduced downstream of the process chamber. According to the invention, an energy converter is provided downstream of the process chamber, wherein said energy converter extracts at least some of the pressure energy from the process fluid with the therein contained granules, reduces the pressure of the process fluid with the therein contained granules and converts at least some of the extracted energy into a reusable form of energy. The invention further relates to a corresponding process for producing pellets from a plastic melt by extrusion and also to a corresponding application.04-09-2009
20110169187Mechanically Strong, Thermally Stable, And Electrically Conductive Nanocomposite Structure and Method of Fabricating Same - A nanocomposite structure and method of fabricating same are provided. The nanocomposite structure is a polymer in an extruded shape with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) longitudinally disposed and dispersed in the extruded shape along a dimension thereof. The polymer is characteristically defined as having a viscosity of at least approximately 100,000 poise at a temperature of 200° C.07-14-2011
20090261498METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A FIBER - An apparatus for the manufacture of extruded material. The apparatus includes a material supplier which supplies a material and has an opening, through which the material is extruded to form extruded material. A moving surface is positioned adjacent to the opening to receive the extruded material from the opening. The method for the extrusion of the material which comprises providing the material in a liquid form, extruding the material through an opening to form extruded material and receiving the extruded material on the moving surface.10-22-2009
20080237919Method and apparatus for membrane deposition - A method and apparatus for applying a uniform membrane coating to a substrate, such as a honeycomb structure, having a plurality of through-channels, wherein the through-channels have an average diameter of less than or equal to 3 mm. The method includes providing a liquid precursor comprising membrane-forming materials to the substrate and applying a pressure differential across the substrate. The pressure differential causes the liquid precursor to travel uniformly through the through-channels, depositing the membrane-forming materials on the walls of the through-channels and forming the membrane on the walls of the through-channels. The apparatus includes a chamber capable of holding the substrate and of maintaining a pressure differential across the plurality of through-channels.10-02-2008
20110204543Method for the preparation of pre-reinforced and reinforced PVC polymers and devices thereof - A method for the preparation of a reinforced polyvinyl chloride device including the steps: a) preparing a pre-reinforced polymer by mixing polyvinyl chloride polymer with a quantity A of a naturally occurring mineral filler at a temperature lower than the melting temperature of the polyvinyl chloride polymer; and b) mixing the pre-reinforced polymer obtained under a) with a quantity B of a naturally occurring mineral filler at a temperature higher than 180° C. to obtain a reinforced polyvinyl chloride polymer.08-25-2011
20090166915Method and Device For Extruding Strip-Shaped Member - The present invention easily increases an extrusion speed of strip-shaped member B from a gear pump extruder 07-02-2009
20080308965Modified Thermoplastic Starch from Ophiostoma ulmi Polysaccharide Conversion - A novel modified thermoplastic starch is manufactured from a native starch using a polysaccharide produced by the fungus species 12-18-2008
20090014905Extruded sash lock - A sash lock having an extruded housing is disclosed. The housing has two open sidewalls. The housing receives a frame, the frame is securable to the underside of the housing. The frame has a sidewall member that forms the sidewall of the housing.01-15-2009
20110006454METHOD OF PRODUCING COMPOSITE PLANT FIBER MATERIAL - The object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a composite plant fiber material capable of achieving both of higher lightweight and better mechanical characteristics. The method of producing a composite plant fiber material having a structure wherein plant fibers (kenaf fibers, etc.) are bonded together via a thermoplastic resin (a polypropylene-based resin, etc.) and containing 30% to 95% by weight of the plant fibers referring the total amount of plant fibers and thermoplastic resin as to 100% by weight, which comprises, in this order, a spinning process for melt-spinning a thermoplastic resin (a polypropylene-based resin) containing an acid-modified thermoplastic resin (maleic anhydride-modified polypropylene, etc.) to give thermoplastic resin fibers; a fiber-mixing process for combining plant fibers (kenaf fibers, etc.) with the thermoplastic resin fibers to give a fiber mixture; and a heating process for melting the thermoplastic resin fibers in the fiber mixture.01-13-2011
20090212458METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING ARTICLES FROM MOULDABLE MATERIALS - A method and apparatus for forming an article from mouldable material is disclosed. A mouldable material, such as a thermoplastic is heated until it is molten and is fed into an injector (08-27-2009
20100181695MALE SURFACE FASTENER MEMBER FOR USE IN A CUSHION BODY MOLD AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - Various embodiments include a male surface fastener member configured for being molded onto a surface of a foaming resin mold body. The male surface fastener member includes a plurality of male surface fastener strips connected with each other in an end-to-end relationship via a connecting portion that is integrally formed with at least the end portions of each male surface fastener strips. Each male surface fastener strip includes a base material having a first surface from which a plurality of engaging elements extend upwardly and first and second substantially lateral resin intrusion prevention walls that upwardly from the first surface along a width direction of the base material between the first and second longitudinal resin intrusion prevention walls. Each of the lateral resin intrusion prevention walls comprises a plurality of engaging elements that are arranged in series in a width direction of the first surface.07-22-2010
20090121379APPARATUS FOR ELECTRO-BLOWING OR BLOWING-ASSISTED ELECTRO-SPINNING TECHNOLOGY AND PROCESS FOR POST TREATMENT OF ELECTROSPUN OR ELECTROBLOWN MEMBRANES - A spinneret format, an electric-field reversal format and a process for post-treatment of membranes formed from electro-spinning or electro-blowing are provided, including a cleaning method and apparatus for electro-blowing or blowing-assisted electro-spinning technology.05-14-2009
20100187715CATALYST FOR CURING EPOXIDES - The use of 1,3-substituted imidazolium salts of the formula I07-29-2010
20100181696HALOGEN-FREE FLAME RETARDANTS - The invention relates to a halogen-free flame retardant obtainable by polycondensation of phosphoric monomers with esterifying monomers. The phosphoric monomer is an adduct of 9,10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phospha-phenanthrene-10-oxide (DOPO) and ring-substituted DOPO derivatives to unsaturated carboxylic acids. Monovalent and polyvalent alcohols are used as esterifying monomers. The flame retardant has an average molecular weight of more than 20,000 and an average degree of polymerization P07-22-2010
20100237532AROMATIC POLYAMIDE FILAMENT AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Disclosed are wholly aromatic polyamide filament and a method of manufacturing the same, characterized in that, in the process of preparing the wholly aromatic polyamide polymer, the aromatic diamine, aromatic diacid chloride and polymerization solvent put into the reactor 09-23-2010
20090261499DIE HAVING MULTIPLE ORIFICE SLOT - The invention is a die for dispensing flowable material. The die is comprised of a die block. An external face is disposed on the die block. At least one slot extends perpendicularly into the external face. The slot has a longitudinal dimension, a first longitudinal side and a second longitudinal side. At least one support member extends from the external surface into the slot. The support member extends continuously from the first longitudinal side to the second longitudinal side. At least a portion of the support member is disposed in a direction other than perpendicular to the longitudinal dimension. The support member is disposed to such that at least a portion of any plane extending from the first longitudinal side to the second longitudinal side, in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal dimension of the slot, passes through a void area.10-22-2009
20090039542METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR MAKING PACKING TAPE - Packing tape is made by predrying polyethylene terephthalate and supplying it to an intake end of a chamber of an extruder where the polyethylene terephthalate is agglomerated and melted while being moved through the chamber in a travel direction. Negative pressure is applied to the chamber of the extruder and to degas the PET and thereby draw low-molecular-weight impurities from the polyethylene terephthalate therein, and extruding the melted polyethylene terephthalate as a strip from the extruder through a spinneret.02-12-2009
20090072430Belt and systems for continuous vacuum forming - The present invention relates to a belt used in continuous vacuum forming. The belt comprises a heat absorbing material. In one embodiment, the heat absorbing material comprises graphite.03-19-2009
20130134620METHODS FOR FABRICATING POLYMER-BIOCERAMIC COMPOSITE IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICES - Methods relating to polymer-bioceramic composite implantable medical devices are disclosed.05-30-2013
20100038816METHOD OF MAKING SOLID DISPERSIONS OF HIGHLY CRYSTALLINE THERAPEUTIC COMPOUNDS - A process for preparing solid dispersions of highly crystalline compounds. The highly crystalline or thermally labile therapeutic compounds are processed in an extruder in combination with a solubilizing agent and optionally a plasticizer. The resulting extrudate features the therapeutic compound in an amorphous state. Particularly useful as the solubilizing agents are surfactants such as poloxamers.02-18-2010
20120241996CROSSLINKED POLYIMIDE MEMBRANE, METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME USING ORGANIC TITANATE CATALYSTS TO FACILITATE CROSSLINKING AND METHOD OF USING THE MEMBRANE FOR FLUID SEPARATION - A method of making a crosslinked polyimide membrane is described. A monoesterified membrane is formed from a monoesterified polyimide polymer. The monoesterified membrane is subjected to transesterification conditions to form a crosslinked membrane. The monoesterified membrane is incorporated with an organic titanate catalyst before or after formation of the monoesterified membrane. A crosslinked polyimide membrane made using the aforementioned method and a method of using the membrane to separate fluids in a fluid mixture, such as methane and carbon dioxide, are also disclosed.09-27-2012
20110095450Extrusion Head With High Volume Reservoir - An extrusion head for an extrusion apparatus can include a spider for supporting a central mandrel. A high volume reservoir can be mounted to the spider on a downstream side of the spider. The central mandrel can extend longitudinally into the high volume reservoir. The high volume reservoir can have an axially straight annular conduit with a length L and an outer diameter OD. The annular conduit can have an L to OD ratio of about 1:1. A set of dies can be mounted downstream of the high volume reservoir, whereby the high volume reservoir reduces pressure and promotes homogenization of molten polymer flowing therethrough, before reaching the set of dies.04-28-2011
20100308493Method for Energy Usage When Cooling Extrusion Profiles - The invention relates to a method for energy usage during the cooling of extrusion profiles, preferably pipes (12-09-2010
20090001628System and method for making extruded, composite material - Systems and methods for making a material composition are disclosed. The method includes mixing a thermoset polymer, a petroleum distillate, a release agent, and a catalyst to form an admixture. A cellulosic material is mixed with the admixture to form a generally homogenous furnish. The system includes a mixing chamber, a feeding chamber, and a die. The die includes a pressing chamber, which has a volume formed by first and second platens. The platens are in facing opposition to one another and have a length extending continuously from an entrance to an exit of the die. The platens have a plurality of orifices and heating elements disposed along the length. The platens are disposed in first and second positions. The first position forms a first volume and the second position forms a second volume.01-01-2009
20110037192FLEXIBLE LIP EXTRUDER, AND METHODS - An extrusion die or extruder having a flexible lip that is moveable by a geared mechanism. A shaft is operably connected to at least one gear, which in turn is operably connected to a movable lip of the extruder. Rotation of the shaft results in movement of the extruder lip.02-17-2011
20090302494METHOD MANUFACTURE OF WEATHERSTRIPS USING ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE ONTO SCF EXTRUSION SYSTEM - There is provided a process of preparing an automotive weatherstrip by co-extrusion of UHMWPE and TPV materials with an SCF. The automotive weatherstrip according to the present invention can be easily recycled, shows excellent properties with respect to lightweight and fire-resistance, and also contributes to improve the product quality by preventing exterior damage.12-10-2009
20120200000Device and Method for Treating a Bulk Material - The invention relates to a device comprising a substantially cylindrical housing (08-09-2012
20100117259FABRICATION OF SMALL DIAMETER CONTINUOUS FIBERS - Methods of fabricating continuous nanofibers include the steps providing a column, flowing an extrusion liquid through the column, and flowing a precursor liquid through the extrusion liquid, wherein the flowing precursor liquid has a viscosity less than the viscosity of the extrusion liquid. The method further includes reducing the diameter of the flowing precursor liquid by extruding the precursor liquid through the extrusion liquid, wherein the diameter of the precursor liquid is reduced by a factor of at least 5, and forming a continuous nanofiber by solidifying the extruded precursor liquid.05-13-2010
20110079936Methods and Apparatus for Variable Property Rapid Prototyping - In an exemplary implementation of this invention, a plurality of materials are heated, mixed and extruded from a nozzle. The ratio of materials in the extruded mixture may be dynamically varied in such a way that the composition of the extruded material varies in a substantially continuous gradient. The deposited material is selectively deposited layer by layer. The composition of the resulting 3D object may vary, over at least part of its volume, in a substantially continuous gradient. Furthermore, a plurality of such nozzles may be employed, at least one of which extrudes support material and at least one of which extrudes parts material, in each case in such a way that the composition of the extruded material varies in a substantially continuous gradient.04-07-2011
20120001361PREPARATION OF COMPOSITIONS WITH ESSENTIALLY NONCRYSTALLINE EMBEDDED MACROLIDE ANTIBIOTICS - A description is given of a process for the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition of a macrolide antibiotic in essentially noncrystalline form, in which the macrolide antibiotic, a water-swellable polymer and a proton donor are blended in an extruder in the presence of water and forced through a die, the ratio by weight of the sum of macrolide antibiotic, water-swellable polymer and proton donor to water being at least 1:1. The macrolide antibiotic is preferably clarithromycin and the water-swellable polymer is preferably chosen from crosslinked polyvinylpyrrolidone, crosslinked sodium carboxymethylcellulose and crosslinked polyacrylic acid.01-05-2012
20110095449Multiple Spider Head - The extrusion head including a conduit with a central mandrel extending within the conduit for supporting an inner die portion of a set of dies that has inner and outer die portions. An upstream spider and a downstream spider are included, and each have webs supporting the central mandrel at axially spaced apart positions. The webs of the upstream and downstream spiders can have web portions that are axially offset from each other to promote mixing of polymer flowing through the conduit.04-28-2011
20120153530EXTRUSION HEAD ASSEMBLY AND RELATED METHODS - An improved extrusion head assembly is provided. One embodiment of the head assembly includes a pipe and profile co-extrusion head assembly with an integrated co-extrusion adapter. Another embodiment includes a double compression extrusion head for pipe extrusion. Still another embodiment includes a precision adjustment adapter for mounting a die/bushing to extrusion head assembly06-21-2012
20120119408VARIABLE DIAMETER, VARIABLE PITCH AUGER WITH MATERIAL SCRAPER AND BREAKER BAR - A multi stage auger system having a hopper with a first diameter opening tapering to a second smaller diameter opening, coupled to an auger tube at the second smaller diameter opening. An auger entry spiral with generally helical shape and a sweep arm coupled thereto, the spiral and the sweep arm skimming inside the product hopper to entrain the semi-solid materials from the hopper wall and, through the shape of the spiral, moving materials through the hopper from the first opening towards the second smaller opening. During this entrainment and movement by the spiral and sweep arm a space is left between the spiral and the sweep arm to remove air and voids from the semi-solid material through the movement. The auger has a first coarse pitch providing further removal of air/void spaces and a second finer pitch providing further movement under higher pressures near an exit of the auger.05-17-2012
20120168982METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING ETHYLENE VINYL ACETATE COPOLYMER SHEET FOR SOLAR CELL ENCAPSULANT - Provided is a method for manufacturing a sheet for a solar cell encapsulant which has stability against yellowing after a crosslinking process and thus good appearance with improved productivity in the sheet manufacture process, specifically to a method for manufacturing a sheet for a solar cell encapsulant characterized by melt-mixing a resin composition with an organic peroxide, a co-crosslinking agent and a silane coupling agent at the degradation temperature of the organic peroxide or less, wherein the resin composition is obtained by melt-mixing EVA resin with an antioxidant, an UV absorber and a light stabilizer at 80-220° C., and forming a sheet from the obtained melt-mixed resin composition.07-05-2012
20090020906Extruder System for Extruding a Fluid - The invention relates to an extruder system for extruding a fluid with at least one supply device, at least one mixer device and at least one extrusion die. In accordance with the invention at least one device for producing a fluid flow (transport fluid) that completely or partially surrounds the material to be extruded that essentially runs parallel to the outlet direction of the material to be extruded is provided, and whereby the fluid is discharged from the extruder system by suction and/or pressure of the transport fluid flow by means of an expulsion gas. The extruder system allows even product discharge for products well into the nanometre range.01-22-2009
20120267820FIBER DRAW SYNTHESIS - Fiber draw synthesis process. The process includes arranging reactants in the solid state in proximate domains within a fiber preform. The preform is fluidized at a temperature below the melting temperature of the reactants. The fluidized preform is drawn into a fiber thereby bringing the reagents in the proximate domains into intimate contact with one another resulting in a chemical reaction between the reactants thereby synthesizing a compound within the fiber. The reactants may be dissolved or mixed in a host material within the preform. In a preferred embodiment, the reactants are selenium and zinc.10-25-2012
20120080814Integratable Assisted Cooling System for Precision Extrusion Deposition in the Fabrication of 3D Scaffolds - The present invention relates to an integrated Assisting Cooling (AC) device, system and method for use with PED devices, allowing use of biopolymers having higher melting points in the fabrication of 3D scaffolds. The AC device cools the filament as it is extruding from the nozzle via low flow convective cooling. The AC device allows for cooling in the +/− direction of motion on an XY plane. The AC device elevates with the material delivery chamber. The AC device allows for scaffold fabrication at applied temperatures as high as about 250° C.04-05-2012
20100059903CONSTANT SHEAR RATE EXTRUSION DIE - An extrusion die for extruding thermoplastic materials to produce a sheet of substantially uniform thickness, the extrusion die having a manifold width that increases from the centerline toward the die exit or lip. The increasing width manifold arms, with the preland portion, provide a constant shear rate at all areas of the die and a constant residence time, so that every fluid particle path through the die has the same residence time. By having the increasing width manifold arms, the preland area of the extrusion die is decreased, usually by about 30%, often about 40-60%, compared to a Winter die, thus decreasing clam-shelling effect and allowing design and extrusion of wider sheets.03-11-2010
20080224345Methods of manufacturing hot mix on site utilizing a composition of pellets of tacky, deformable material dispersed within a flowable fine material - Methods of manufacturing hot mix on site utilizing a composition of discrete substances that are capable of being mixed together to form a composite material are disclosed. The composition includes a plurality of pellets of a tacky, deformable material at an ambient temperature dispersed within a flowable fine material. Stone aggregate is placed in a mixing chamber that has been moved within proximity of the location where the hot mix is to be used. At least a portion of the stone aggregate is heated in the mixing chamber to a temperature sufficient to soften the pellets of the tacky, deformable material. The composition of discrete substances is added into the mixing chamber. The mixture of the composition of discrete substances and the stone aggregate is agitated until the pellets of a tacky, deformable material soften and uniformly coat the stone aggregate.09-18-2008
20130134619BATCH MIXER WITH PLUNGER - A batch mixer is equipped with a plunger for pushing material from the batch mixer. The batch mixer includes a mixer tank structured to accommodate material. The mixer further includes a mixer head comprising at least one blade structured to blend the material within the mixer tank. The mixer further includes a plunger mechanism structured to push the blended material directly from the mixer tank.05-30-2013
20130147086Extrusion of PVDC - Adding a small amount [trace] of finely ground polyethylene to pvdc prior to extrusion, protects the pvdc from decomposing to hydrogen and carbon. This enables longer extruder run times, lower waste, and a higher quality product.06-13-2013
20120273992DEVICE FOR SEALING A COOLING TANK FOR AN EXTRUDED PLASTIC PROFILE - A device for sealing an extruded plastics material profile in at least one of an inlet region and an outlet region of a tank is disposed at an end face of the tank. The device includes a rigid element and a closed annular cross section formed of a resilient material and including a cavity. An outer peripheral shape of the annular cross section is disposed against the rigid element. The annular cross section is alterable by applying a vacuum to the cavity, wherein the annular cross section is configured to be applied to an outside of the plastics material profile. A stretching device is disposed against the rigid element and is configured to stretch the resilient material along an extrusion axis during an alteration of the annular cross section.11-01-2012

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