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264 - Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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264176100 Shaping by extrusion 297
264171100 Layered, stratified traversely of length, or multiphase macrostructure containing material (e.g., conjugate, composite, islands-in-sea, core-sheath, etc.) 81
264212000 By casting liquids on a solid supporting or shaping surface 55
264175000 By calendering 36
264167000 Of varying cross-sectional area or with intermittent cross-sectional irregularity 13
264166000 With mold element formation or removal 7
264168000 With crimping or crinkling of strands of filaments 5
20090152757Method and apparatus for making a spunbond - A method of making a spunbond fleece from continuous filaments wherein at least some of the filaments produced have natural crimp. The filaments are deposited in the deposition station of a conveyor creating a filament mass and the conveyor transports the filament mass toward a consolidating device. A gas stream is produced that flows along the upper surface of the filament mass in the travel direction of the filament mass.06-18-2009
20110198776Crepe agent composition and method for producing crepe paper - The present invention provides a crepe agent composition that forms a layer having excellent durability and a method for producing a crepe paper using the same. The crepe agent composition is to be applied to a surface of a cylindrical dryer, and comprises an inorganic solid lubricant, a dispersant for dispersing the inorganic solid lubricant, a thermosetting polymer for fixing the inorganic solid lubricant to the surface of the cylindrical dryer, and water that is a solvent, the inorganic solid lubricant having a particle diameter of 0.5 to 20 μm.08-18-2011
20090243141MANUFACTURING METHOD OF POLYESTER FIBER FOR AIRLAID NONWOVEN FABRICS - An object of the invention is to provide a polyester based fiber for airlaid nonwoven fabrics enabling one to manufacture an airlaid nonwoven fabric which is extremely excellent in airlaid web formability, especially in spinning properties from a screen, is satisfactory in texture and is bulky. This object can be achieved by a manufacturing method of a polyester fiber for airlaid nonwoven fabrics made of, as a fiber forming resin component, a polyester having a fineness of not more than 10.0 dtex or a fiber length of 8.0 mm or more, having a number of crimp of 8.5 peaks/25 mm or more, a percentage of crimp/number of crimp ratio of not more than 0.65 and a crimp modulus of elasticity of 70% or more and containing 80% by mole or more of an alkylene terephthalate repeating unit in the whole of repeating units, which includes drawing an undrawn yarn taken up at a spinning rate of not more than 1,500 m/min in a low draw ratio of from 0.60 to 1.20 times at a temperature of at least 10° C. higher than a glass transition temperature of the polyester and simultaneously subjecting to a fixed-length heat treatment.10-01-2009
20110095448METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR LONGITUDINAL ORIENTATION OF THERMOPLASTIC FILM MATERIAL - Method and apparatus for longitudinal orientation of thermoplastic film material (04-28-2011
20120013036Method for Producing Multiple Fibre Strips in Parallel and Apparatus for Executing Said Method - The invention relates to methods for simultaneously producing crimped fibre strips in parallel, in particular filter tow strips, in a crimping machine (KM) having an inlet region (01-19-2012
264169000 With prevention of equipment fouling accumulations or deposits 2
20090057943SOLUTION CASTING PROCESS AND APPARATUS - In a solution casting apparatus, polymer dope containing cellulose ester and solvent is cast to form cellulose ester film continuously. A filtration device has a precoat of a filter aid deposited on a filter screen, for filtering polymer dope to be cast. A washer washes the filtration device after discontinuing supply of the polymer dope to the filtration device. A filter regenerating device deposits a precoat of the filter aid in the washed filtration device by use of precoat solution containing the filter aid, the polymer dope and solvent. A drain line drains the precoat solution from the filtration device after depositing the precoat. The filtration device is charged with solvent saturated gas upon draining. A valve mechanism changes over plural filtration devices, to manage the filtration device among the filtration devices in the washer, the filter regenerating device and the drain line.03-05-2009
20090026652SOLUTION CASTING METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PREVENTING SKINNING - A dope is cast from a discharge opening of a casting die onto a casting drum. A casting bead is the dope between the discharge opening and the casting drum. A nozzle and a guide path are provided downstream from the discharge opening with respect to a moving direction (direction X) of the casting drum. The guide path is formed on a tapered surface of the casting die. The nozzle supplies an anticoagulant to the guide path. The anticoagulant is guided to a bottom end of the guide path. Upon reaching the bottom end, the anticoagulant forms a pool in the close vicinity of an end E of the discharge opening. The anticoagulant is securely supplied to a side edge portion of the casting bead through the pool.01-29-2009
20110057350Method and Device for Making a Reinforcement by Winding a Tape on Itself - A device intended for creating a reinforcing strip formed by flattening a tube (t) comprising a first means for dispensing a tape (b) comprising an interleaf (D on one of its faces, at a given linear speed, and a second means comprising two rolls intended to flatten the said tube (t), in which device the said first and second means are able to be set in rotation relative to one another about an axis of rotation (XX′) parallel to the direction (p) in which the tape (b) progresses through the device, so that when the device is operating, the tape (b) is wound in a spiral on itself in contiguous turns to form a tube (t) the axis of which corresponds substantially to the axis (XX′) of rotation of the first means with respect to the second means, characterized in that it comprises a means (03-10-2011
20080237916METHOD FOR STRETCHING POLYMER FILM - A rear end portion of a leading TAC film and a front end portion of a following TAC film are dissolved in acetone and connected. After being stretched in a tenter, the TAC films are sent to an edge slitting device. In the edge slitting device, both side edges of the TAC films that are held with clips are slit along slit lines. The slit side edges are cut into pieces by a cutter blower and then shredded into chips by a crusher. Since the slit side edges of the leading and following TAC films are welded with acetone, they can be recycled as being connected.10-02-2008
20120139152BITUMINOUS MEMBRANE PRODUCTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A bituminous membrane production system having a cooling/finishing station designed to receive a bituminous strip made from at least one semisolid bituminous mix; feed the bituminous strip in a given travelling direction; and cool at least one of the two major surfaces of the bituminous strip as it moves forward; the cooling/finishing station having a strip cooling device, in turn having a cooling roller; a cooling fluid source for wetting the outer cooling surface of the cooling roller with cooling fluid; and rotation means for rotating the cooling roller, so that, as the cooling roller rotates, the cooling fluid on the outer cooling surface is brought into contact with one of the major surfaces of the bituminous strip.06-07-2012
20120104646APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THREE-DIMENSIONAL NETTED STRUCTURE - An apparatus for manufacturing a three-dimensional netted structure, having a pair of opposing chutes located below the mouthpiece along the width direction of the filament assembly and vertical to the thickness direction of the filament assembly, the chutes being inclined so that the distance between each the chute becomes narrower downward and toward the center of the filament assembly, the cooling water is supplied on the surface of the chutes, the cooling water flowing on the chutes receives the filaments in a surface part of the filament assembly to form loops and make the adjacent continuous filaments contact and be entangled with each other, and a surface layer having a higher apparent density and an inner layer having a lower apparent density located inside the surface layer are formed by the conveyor.05-03-2012
20100193990Method of Moulding Object of Indefinite Length Using an Injection Mould Apparatus - A method of moulding an object of indefinite length. A first portion of molten material is injected into a mould comprising a stationary platen and a moving platen and solidifies to form a first portion of solid material at a first position. The moving platen is moved in a given direction to open the mould and move the material in said given direction to a second position in communication with the mould. The moving platen is then moved in the opposite direction to close the mould. A further portion of molten material is injected into the mould and solidifies to form a further portion of solid material intimately bonded to said first portion. The steps are repeated to form an object comprising the first portion and further portions of material bonded together as a linear array of indefinite length.08-05-2010
20100001427METHOD FOR JOINTING RUBBERY-CORE-INSERTED BRAID - A method for jointing a rubbery-core-inserted braid is provided. In the method, a mold made of a pair of templates is prepared, wherein the templates may be closed in such a manner that trenches can constitute a through hole into which the braid is fittable. The method includes a step of fitting an end of the braid into the trench in one of the templates, while fitting the other end of the braid into the trench, thereby approaching both the ends of the braids each other, a step of interposing a thermoplastic resin between both the ends, and a step of heating and melting the thermoplastic resin in a state where the mold is closed, causing the melted resin to penetrate into the ends of the braids, and solidifying the melted resin, thereby jointing the ends of the braids to each other.01-07-2010
20090321982APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DEPOSITING SYNTHETIC FIBERS TO FORM A NON-WOVEN WEB - An apparatus and method for depositing synthetic fibers to form a non-woven web includes guiding the synthetic fibers by a blowing stream through a drawing unit for depositing on a deposit belt. Multiple guidance elements are arranged inside the guidance distance between a blast opening of the drawing unit and the deposit belt, and form a guidance channel above the deposit belt. The guidance elements form a channel opening at a distance from the blast opening of the drawing unit. In order to achieve constant strength in the deposition of the fiber strands, the distance between the outlet of the drawing unit and the channel opening of the guidance channel is larger than half the guidance distance, and the guidance width of an open space formed between the outlet of the drawing unit and the channel opening of the guidance channel is larger than the guidance channel.12-31-2009
20110241244METHOD FOR MAKING CARBON NANOTUBE FILM - The present disclosure relates to a method for making a carbon nanotube film. In the method, a bent flexible substrate having a curved surface and a pressing device are provided. A carbon nanotube array is formed on the curved surface. The bent flexible substrate is at least partially unbent, thereby at least partially unbending the carbon nanotube array. The unbent carbon nanotube array is pressed by the pressing device to slant the carbon nanotubes in the unbent carbon nanotube array, thereby forming the carbon nanotube film.10-06-2011
20100065981Method for fabricating carbon nanotube yarn - A method for fabricating a carbon nanotube yarn includes providing a plurality of carbon nanotube arrays; pulling out, by using a tool, a first carbon nanotube structure from one of the carbon nanotube arrays; pulling out a subsequent carbon nanotube structure from another one of the carbon nanotube arrays; joining a leading end of the subsequent carbon nanotube structure to a trailing portion of the carbon nanotube structure already formed by contacting the leading end of the subsequent carbon nanotube structure with the trailing portion of the already-formed carbon nanotube structure, with the contact occurring along a common lengthwise direction of the two carbon nanotube structures, thereby forming a lengthened carbon nanotube structure; repeating the pulling and the joining until the lengthened carbon nanotube structure has a desired length; and treating the lengthened carbon nanotube structure with an organic solvent.03-18-2010
20100308492METHOD FOR PRODUCING THERMOFORMED ARTICLES AS WELL AS A DIE FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - The invention relates to a process for producing thermoformed articles such as food packagings or parts thereof with a mechanical weakening between adjoining functional areas, which, for utilization by a user, can be at least partly separated at the mechanical weakening, in a thermoforming die having an upper die and a lower die, the mechanical weakening being introduced with a three-dimensional extension during the period of time during which the material to be formed is located in the thermoforming die, and a thermoforming die for implementing the process.12-09-2010
20100244306ASYMMETRIC GAS SEPARATION MEMBRANES WITH SUPERIOR CAPABILITIES FOR GAS SEPARATION - This invention relates to a method of making flat sheet asymmetric membranes, including cellulose diacetate/cellulose triacetate blended membranes, polyimide membranes, and polyimide/polyethersulfone blended membranes by formulating the polymer or the blended polymers dopes in a dual solvent mixture containing 1,3 dioxolane and a second solvent, such as N,N′-methylpyrrolidinone (NMP). The dopes are tailored to be closed to the point of phase separation with or without suitable non-solvent additives such as methanol, acetone, decane or a mixture of these non-solvents. The flat sheet asymmetric membranes are cast by the phase inversion processes using water as the coagulation bath and annealing bath. The dried membranes are coated with UV curable silicone rubber. The resulting asymmetric membranes having a skin thickness of less than 100 nm, exhibit excellent permeability and selectivity compared to the intrinsic dense film performances.09-30-2010
20120199999PROCESS FOR PRODUCING LIQUID CRYSTAL POLYESTER-IMPREGNATED BASE MATERIAL - The present invention provides a process for producing a liquid crystal polyester-impregnated base material, comprising steps of (1) impregnating a fiber sheet with a liquid composition containing a liquid crystal polyester and an organic solvent dissolving the liquid crystal polyester, (2) removing the organic solvent from the impregnated liquid composition, thereby forming an intermediate, and (3) heat treating the intermediate at 270° C. or higher and a lower temperature than a pyrolysis temperature of the liquid crystal polyester.08-09-2012
20110147982GATE VALVE, FILM MANUFACTURING APPARATUS, AND FILM MANUFACTURING METHOD - A film manufacturing apparatus includes a feed device, a take-up device, and a processing unit to perform a predetermined process for a film. The feed device, the take-up device, and the processing unit are arranged in vacuum chambers having opening portions through which a film can pass. Each opening portion includes a gate valve that can hermitically seal the vacuum chamber by sealing the film while clamping it. A recess portion is formed in the seal member of the valve body of each gate valve. The recess portion has a linear portion that is a size larger than the width of the film in a direction perpendicular to the transport direction of the film and the moving direction of the valve body.06-23-2011
20120038080FILM STRETCHING MACHINE AND FILM STRETCHING METHOD - A film stretching machine includes a clip chain for holding a lateral edge of a film and stretches the film while transporting the film with the clip chain holding the film and traveling, and includes an upper reference rail disposed at an upper side for guiding the clip chain; a lower reference rail disposed at a lower side for guiding the clip chain; a plurality of clips that constitutes the clip chain; an interval adjusting rail for adjusting intervals of the plurality of clips; and interval adjusting links that couple neighboring clips among the plurality of clips and contact with the interval adjusting rail to adjust the intervals of the plurality of clips. According to the film stretching machine, a stretch degree of a film can be adjusted with a simple configuration and little man-hours.02-16-2012
20110156302METHOD FOR MAKING CARBON NANOTUBE STRUCTURE - A method for making a carbon nanotube structure is provided. The method includes the following steps. A carbon nanotube array on a substrate is provided. The carbon nanotube array is divided with a separating line to form a strip-shaped carbon nanotube array. A carbon nanotube film is pulled out from the strip-shaped carbon nanotube array.06-30-2011
20090096129METHOD OF FEEDING COMPOSITE MOLTEN RESIN AND APPARATUS FOR FEEDING THE SAME - A method of feeding a composite molten resin capable of easily forming a multi-kind-multi-layer preform. An apparatus for feeding the composite molten resin has a nozzle portion which includes an outer discharge port in which an outermost annular flow path through which a main layer-forming molten resin flows, meets an outer annular flow path through which a sub-layer-forming molten resin flows inside of the outermost annular flow path; and an inner discharge port in which a shell layer-forming molten resin annularly flowing inside of the outer conflux path, meets the core layer-forming molten resin flowing inside the shell layer; the outer discharge port and the inner discharge port being arranged in this order from the downstream toward the upstream in a direction in which the molten resins flow; wherein provision is made of a shaft-like opening/closing valve for opening and closing the inner discharge port, and a gear pump for intermittently discharging the sub-layer-forming molten resin.04-16-2009


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