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Including application of internal fluid pressure to hollow finite length parison to expand same into conformity with female mold part

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264 - Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes


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264531000 Including shaping by mechanical means other than fluid pressure during or subsequent to fluid pressure differential shaping 47
264535000 Including heating of previously formed parison to blow molding temperature 23
264537000 Including injection forming of parison or portion thereof 22
264540000 Including extrusion 21
264524000 Production of a sealed product or a filled mercantile container 17
264528000 Including internal cooling of the article after fluid pressure shaping 12
264529000 Including plural distinct steps of differential fluid pressure induced expansion 11
264526000 Including use of vacuum or internal venting of parison to remove fluid after application of differential fluid pressure 10
264527000 Forming multiple containers in a single mold block from a single length of parison 2
20120200009Method for Producing a Spindle for a Spindle Drive, a Roller Screw Drive comprising such a Spindle and Use of said Roller Screw Drive - The disclosure relates to a threaded shaft for a roller screw drive, for example for an electromechanical brake booster or an electromechanical power steering system. According to the disclosure, a helical coil with a flat, square-threaded annular cross-section is arranged on a thin-walled pipe, the pipe being formed onto a root region of the helical coil by the application of high pressure from the inside of the pipe.08-09-2012
20120018928Method and apparatus for producing tiered containers - A method and apparatus for molding a plurality of tiered containers from a single parison. Two or more parisons can be arranged next to each other. A molding apparatus of this invention can have one or more mold sections that can be operated in a controlled fashion to form a stacked or tiered arrangement of containers from a single parison or can be arranged to form an array of containers including two or more columns of containers each having two or more tiered containers, all during a single cycle of the molding apparatus. Each container formed by the method and apparatus of this invention can be blow molded and/or vacuum formed and/or filled and/or sealed. Each seal can be a hermetic seal or any other suitable seal formed through a molding step.01-26-2012
20130043621TONER CONTAINER AND IMAGE FORMING METHOD - The method to make the toner container provides a toner container exhibiting reduced environmental load and excellent strength together with moldability. The method is a blow molding method. The method employs a resin containing at least one of polyethylene and polypropylene formed from raw material prepared via a fermentation method.02-21-2013
20090315225BLADDER-MOLDED FISHING ROD AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SAME - A method of forming a fishing rod with at least one integrally formed support includes providing a bladder over a mandrel, wrapping a resin-impregnated material over the bladder to provide a wrapped resin-impregnated material, removing the mandrel from the wrapped resin-impregnated material, folding the wrapped resin-impregnated material onto itself at least once to form a tubular body, wherein folding the wrapped resin-impregnated material forms at least two separate bladder portions and the integrally formed support within the tubular body, placing the tubular body into a mold, and molding the tubular body to provide the fishing rod with the integrally formed support.12-24-2009
20120161371METHOD FOR PRODUCING AN ARTICLE FROM THERMOPLASTIC MATERIAL - The invention relates to a method for producing an article from thermoplastic material in which a tube-shaped preform is introduced into a multi-part blow mold and is expanded and formed by applying differential pressure, wherein, before the forming of the preform, at least one insert is introduced into the preform by means of a first holding means and wherein, before the forming of the preform, the insert is taken over by at least one second holding means puncturing the wall of the preform, the second holding means being formed as a blowing pin and an expansion and re-forming of the preform taking place by applying pressure medium with the second holding means.06-28-2012
20130037996Device and Method for Blow Moulding Containers - Described are a device and a method for blow moulding containers, whereby the device contains a plurality of blow-moulding stations, each provided with at least one blow mould, whereby these blow-moulding stations are arranged on a carrier, such as a blowing wheel. The blow-moulding stations are supplied with an operating medium by means of a tempering device. To simplify the design and optimize the control, it is proposed to arrange the tempering device on the carrier such that the tempering device runs along with the carrier.02-14-2013
20130037997DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING LABELED PLASTIC CONTAINERS - A device for producing labeled plastic containers includes a blowing wheel including a plurality of blow molds each being configured to mold one of the containers. A labeling device is disposed in a region of the blowing wheel and is configured to label the containers while the containers are circulating on the blowing wheel.02-14-2013
20120223465STERILE BLOW MOULDING MACHINE WITH NON-STERILE MEDIA SUPPLY - An apparatus for the shaping of plastics material pre-forms into plastics material containers, with a plurality of shaping stations which are arranged on a movable carrier, wherein the shaping stations have blow moulds which are used for receiving the plastic pre-forms and inside which the plastic pre-forms are shaped into the plastic containers, and wherein the shaping stations have stressing devices which are movable relative to the plastic pre-forms and which act upon the pre-forms arranged in the blow moulds with a sterile flowable medium to expand them, with a clean room, inside which the shaping stations are conveyed, wherein this clean room is arranged or demarcated from the environment by means of at least one wall. At least one supply device is provided for supplying a flowable control medium to at least one shaping station), wherein this supply device (09-06-2012
20120223464Blow molding machine with clean room and sterilizably connected components - A device for transforming parisons into containers with a plurality of transforming stations which are disposed on a movable carrier, wherein the transforming stations each have blow molds, within which the parisons can be transformed into containers by a supply of a flowable medium, and blow mold supports for holding these blow molds, wherein the blow mold supports have at least two blow mold support parts which are movable relative to one another for opening and closing the blow molds, with a clean room which is demarcated with respect to the surroundings by means of at least one wall and which at least partially surrounds the individual transforming stations, so that the transforming stations are movable within this clean room, and with at least one supply unit in order to supply flowable sterilising medium to at least one region of the transforming stations which are movable within the clean room.09-06-2012
20130207318CONTAINER WITH A RIM PORTION DEFINING AN OPENING, METHOD AND APPARATUS MAKING SAID CONTAINER - A method is provided for making a container having a body and a rim defining an opening for the container, the opening being capable of being closed by a push-on lid, the container being made of a material which is susceptible to deformation when heated.08-15-2013
20110140315BLOW MOULDING MACHINE HAVING A COOLING DEVICE - An apparatus (06-16-2011
20120001370PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT DEVICE IN STRETCH BLOW MOULDING MACHINES - A pressure adjustment device applicable in particular, but not exclusively, to stretch blow moulding machines. More particularly, the invention relates to a pressure adjustment device for stretch blow moulding machines of containers made of plastic material. The device includes an opening for dispensing a blowing fluid, a hollow body having a first inlet opening for a high pressure fluid and a second inlet opening for a piloting fluid. A shutter is slidably arranged within the hollow body, the shutter being held in a closed position by elastic means, wherein the adjustable opening of the shutter occurs, in contrast with the elastic means, by introducing—through said second inlet opening—the piloting fluid into a piloting chamber arranged between the hollow body the shutter, and wherein the piloting fluid has a controlled and adjustable pressure.01-05-2012
20120104664METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAKING POLYOLEFIN PELLETS - This disclosure relates to pelletized polyolefin resins. More particularly, the disclosure relates to a process that allows for adjustment of certain desired properties of either the resin, such as modification of the bulk density of resin pellets, or adjustment of properties for the articles made from the resin, such as improved odor and taste properties, when used as a bottle cap, for example, or tailoring of the resin volatile or wax level, when used to make pipe, for example. This disclosure also relates to a system for making pelletized resins, such as mono-modal or multi-modal olefin polymer resins.05-03-2012
20120098166Mould Carrier and Stretching Carriage Valve - A stretch blow moulding machine may include a blow moulding unit, having at least a first and a second mould carrier for receiving at least one mould part, which can be moved relative to one another, connected to one another to form a first working space for receiving the containers, and detached from one another to release the containers. A second working space may be formed between at least one mould part and at least the first mould carrier. A fluid communication system can feed a working fluid to the first and second spaces. At least one valve device for intermittent complete disconnection of fluid communication between at least one of the working spaces and the fluid system is arranged such that pressure of the working fluid within the fluid system is independent of changes in the state of the second space when the fluid communication is disconnected.04-26-2012
20120098165METHOD AND DEVICE FOR BLOW-MOLDING CONTAINERS - The invention relates to a method and a device for blow-molding containers. Following thermal conditioning inside a blow-mold of a blow-molding machine, a preform (04-26-2012
20110198784MOLD LOCK KEY SAFETY DEVICE - An improved safety device for a blow molding apparatus is disclosed. The safety device allows the user to trigger or disarm the locking mechanism and return the locking pins to the safe position instead of leaving it in the loaded position. The safety device prevents potential damage to an individual that is accessing the blow molding apparatus.08-18-2011
20120292830HANDLE FOR CONTAINER, HANDLE-EQUIPPED CONTAINER, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING HANDLE AND CONTAINER - The present invention provides a handle for a container, a handle-equipped container, and a method for manufacturing same. It is accordingly possible to provide a container that has a cross-sectional shape that is substantially quadrangular and allows for exceptional storability, has favorable blow-molding properties, presents none of a variety of anomalies in the container and the handle, and has adequate strength to withstand drop impact.11-22-2012
20110266722METHOD FOR PRODUCING A THIN-WALLED CONTAINER - This invention relates to a method for producing a thin-walled container, characterized in that a preform is deformed using a weight/wall surface ratio on the order of about 150 g/m11-03-2011
20120068385Metallocene-Produced Polyethylene For Glossy Plastic Containers - A high gloss plastic container prepared from a metallocene-produced polyethylene having a density of from 0.930 to 0.966 g/cm03-22-2012
20090243160Bicycle Cranks Composed of Composite Material and Metal Parts and Method for Making the Same - A method for making a crank of a bicycle includes preparing a first prepreg material and a second prepreg material, a first connector and a second connector, and a bladder in a mold insert. The first and second connectors are separated from each other. The first and second connectors are buried in the first prepreg material and includes an extension extended between the first and second connectors. The bladder is curved around the first prepreg material. The first prepreg material, the first and second connectors are buried in the second prepreg material. Then, heat-pressing the first and second prepreg materials, the first and second connectors, and the bladder.10-01-2009
20100156009ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN BLOW MOLDING MACHINE - An device for molding plastic preforms into plastic containers comprises at least one blow mold and a plurality of closure members interacting with one another in order to transfer the blow mold between an open state and a closed state. The blow mold forms a cavity, within which the plastic preforms may be expanded into the plastic containers. The closure members comprise at least one first mold part and one second mold part, which are moveable with respect to one another. The closure members further comprise a blow nozzle unit which is moveable with respect to the mold parts, and which closes the blow mold in the closed state in one direction. At least one first drive unit moves the mold parts with respect to one another. A second drive unit moves the blow nozzle unit with respect to the mold parts. At least one drive unit moving at least one of the closure members for transferring the blow mold between the closed state and the open state includes an electric drive unit.06-24-2010
20100176540BLOWING APPARATUS FOR EXPANDING CONTAINERS - The invention relates to a blowing apparatus (07-15-2010
20120139168MOLDING METHOD OF BLOW-MOLDING HOLLOW TANK BODY WITH BUILT-IN COMPONENT AND PRE-MOLDING TEMPLATE DEVICE - A molding method of blow-molding a hollow tank body with a built-in component is provided. The method molds the hollow tank body by molding the sheet parisons in the half molds. After the moving cooperation of the half molds, an expanding mechanism of a pre-molding template device, the template half plates and the bases, the half molds are respectively leaned against the closed template half plates, and the sheet parisons are leaned against the half molds by blowing and/or sucking so as to be pre-molded. The tank body is molded after placing the component into it. A pre-molding template device is also provided. An expanding mechanism and the template half plates are mounted on the bases, and the bases are mounted on a rail bracket, the bases are driven by a power device to move on the rail bracket.06-07-2012
20100301524System and Method for Forming a Container Having A Grip Region - A container forming assembly and method includes receiving a parison within a cavity of a mold, enclosing the parison within the mold having a wall with a recess, inflating the parison in the mold to form a blow molded container where the blow molded container has a sidewall, a movable region formed at the recess, and a hinge circumscribing an interface between the sidewall and the movable region, and moving the movable region toward an interior of the blow molded container about the hinge before filling. Furthermore, a method for forming a container includes receiving a parison, enclosing the parison with a mold that includes a cavity, and inflating the parison in said mold to form a blow molded container with a moveable region at the cavity. The method further includes repositioning the moveable region before filling the blow molded container.12-02-2010
20100301523EQUIPMENT FOR BLOWING VESSELS OF A THERMOPLASTIC MATERIAL - The invention relates to blowing equipment (12-02-2010
20110121497PLANT FOR BLOW-MOULDING PLASTIC CONTAINERS, PARTICULARLY BOTTLES - A plant for blow-moulding plastic containers (05-26-2011
20110024952Device and method for blow molding plastic containers - A device for blow molding plastic containers includes an openable and closable blow mold for the conversion of tempered plastic preforms, whereby an inner blow pressure is applied to the plastic containers. The blow mold contains at least two shell like blow mold pieces that are arranged interchangeably at a blow mold carrier and that each contains cooling fluid pipes as conducts for a cooling fluid extending therein to temper the blow mold during and/or after blow molding of the plastic containers. The cooling fluid pipes in the blow mold are connected to a central cooling fluid supply. A coupling module that is associated with the blow mold carrier is arranged between the central cooling fluid supply and the cooling fluid pipes extending in the blow mold pieces. The coupling module and the blow mold carrier are associated spatially and/or structurally.02-03-2011
20110037203INSERT PART WELD MOLDING METHOD - To provide an insert part weld molding method for reliably welding an insert part to a blow molded object while preventing an unwelded portion from being created at a circumferential edge of the insert part in a thickness direction thereof. An insert part weld molding method welds a blow molded object to an insert part 02-17-2011
20120153545BASE MOULD LIFT DAMPING - A device for forming containers and a method for damped closing of a mould carrier unit and a base mould carrier of a blow mould for forming containers, includes at least one mould carrier unit for holding blow mould parts and a base mould carrier for holding a base mould and a base mould carrier lift device for moving the base mould carrier in conjunction with the movement of the mould carrier unit. The mould carrier unit has at least two mould carriers which surround the container to be processed at least during a moulding process. The base mould carrier covers a base area of the container to be treated. The base mould carrier lift device includes at least one first damping element for damping and limiting the vertical movement of the base mould carrier in relation to the mould carrier unit.06-21-2012
20120211927MODIFIED POLYLACTIC ACID, POLYMERIC BLENDS AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - Polymeric compositions and processes of forming the same are discussed herein. The processes generally include contacting a polylactic acid with a reactive modifier selected from epoxy-functionalized polybutadiene, ionic monomer, and combinations thereof.08-23-2012
20120248659BLOW MOULDING MACHINE WITH A STERILE CHAMBER AND HEATING - An apparatus for shaping preforms of plastic includes a plurality of shaping stations arranged on a movable carrier. The shaping stations each have blowing moulds which are arranged in blowing mould carriers and serve to accommodate the preforms of plastic. The shaping stations are conveyed within a clean chamber which is separated from its surroundings by of at least one wall. A sterilization device charges regions lying within the clean chamber with a flowable sterilization agent for sterilization thereof.10-04-2012
20120187609Stretch Blow Moulding Machine With Integrated Compressor - An apparatus for shaping plastics material pre-forms to form plastics material containers may include at least one blowing station, a compressed air supply, and a compressor device. The blowing station forms a hollow space in the interior of which the plastics material pre-forms are capable of being shaped to form plastics material containers. The compressed air supply supplies the compressed air to at least one element of the blowing station, and the compressor device produces the compressed air. The compressor device is arranged in the vicinity of the apparatus in such a way that a flow connection between the compressor device and the blowing station is shorter than 15 m.07-26-2012
20120261865Apparatus and Method for Transforming Plastic Preforms into Plastic Containers, with Coupled Pivoting and Locking Movements - Apparatus for transforming plastic preforms into containers includes a blow moulding station on a movable carrier. The station includes a carrier for holding a blow mould, and the carrier includes a first part and a second part, pivotable with respect to the first part relative to a predefined first pivot axis. The station includes a lock mechanism for locking the first part with respect to the second part. Lock mechanism includes a first element arranged on the first part and a second element arranged on the second part. At least the first element is movable with respect to the carrier relative to a second predefined axis. Pivoting movement of the first part and movement of the first element are coupled to one another by a coupling device such that the second axis moves with respect to the carrier in a direction perpendicular to the second axis.10-18-2012
20120091634BLOWING MOLD ARRAY, STRECTH BLOW MOLDING MACHINE AND METHOD - The invention relates to a blowing mold array (04-19-2012
20120286455APPARATUS FOR THE SHAPING OF PLASTICS MATERIAL PRE-FORMS INTO PLASTICS MATERIAL CONTAINERS WITH MAGNETICALLY ACTUATED LOCKING - An apparatus is provided for the shaping of plastic pre-forms into containers with at least one blow moulding station arranged on a movable carrier, and having a blow mould carrier, a first blow mould carrier part and a second blow mould carrier part which is pivotable relative to the first blow mould carrier part to open and close the blow mould. The blow moulding station additionally has a locking mechanism to lock the first blow mould carrier part with respect to the second blow mould carrier part, and the locking mechanism has a first locking element on the first blow mould carrier part, and a second locking element on the second blow mould carrier part, for locking the carrier parts. A first magnetic element is movable relative to the first locking element and causes a movement of the first locking element by a magnetic interaction to lock the carrier parts.11-15-2012
20130015610MEANS OF TRANSPORT FOR CONTAINERS AND METHOD FOR THE TRANSPORT OF CONTAINERSAANM Seger; MartinAACI Neumarkt in der OberpfalzAACO DEAAGP Seger; Martin Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz DEAANM Hifinger; ToniAACI RegensburgAACO DEAAGP Hifinger; Toni Regensburg DE - A transport system for containers includes a plurality of vehicles configured to be driven independently of each other. A guiding device is configured to guide the vehicles in a circulating manner. A plurality of mold shells are configured to encompass a side wall of the containers about a partial circumferential area of the side wall, the plurality of mold shells being mounted on respective ones of the plurality of vehicles so as to receive the containers between adjacent mold shells of adjacent vehicles and transport them.01-17-2013
20110221103METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING A LINER OF A CONTAINER - A method and apparatus for manufacture of a liner of a container is disclosed. The apparatus includes an elongate shaft having a first end and a second end, wherein at least one of the first end and the second end receives a container penetration element thereon.09-15-2011
20090236777Method for Manufacturing Bicycle Crank - A method for making a crank of a bicycle includes preparing a prepreg material and a bladder, heat-pressing the prepreg material and the bladder, cutting the prepreg material and the bladder to form two engaging sections to engage with two connectors, wrapping a carbon-fiber cloth, and heating the prepreg material and first and second connectors that is wrapped by the carbon-fiber cloth.09-24-2009
20110309557BLOW MOULDING MACHINE WITH FEED LINE STERILIZATION - An apparatus for shaping plastics material pre-forms to form plastics material containers may include a conveying device which conveys the containers along a pre-set conveying path, a stressing device which acts upon the containers with a flowable medium in order to expand them, a reservoir for storing the flowable medium, and a supply device which delivers the flowable medium from the reservoir to the container. A valve device controls the supply of the flowable medium into the containers, in order to expand the containers. The apparatus includes a first feed line in order to supply a flowable sterilization medium to the supply line between the reservoir and the container to be treated or in a removal line for the flowable medium, which removes the flowable medium from the containers.12-22-2011
20130193624APPARATUS FOR SHAPING PLASTICS MATERIAL PRE-FORMS INTO PLASTICS MATERIAL CONTAINERS WITH PRESSURE PADS - An apparatus for forming plastic pre-forms into containers with a blow mould which has at least two movable blow mould parts which, when closed form a container-forming cavity. The first blow mould part is removably arranged on a first blow mould carrier shell part, and the second blow mould part is removably arranged on a second blow mould carrier shell part. The first blow mould carrier shell part is movable with respect to the second blow mould carrier shell part for opening the mould. A holding device holds at least one blow mould part on the respective blow mould carrier shell part. The holding device has an actuating member extending through an opening in a wall of the blow mould carrier shell part. The actuating member is movable relative to the wall, and a first holding element for holding the blow mould part is arranged on the actuating member.08-01-2013
20130207317PROCESS FOR MAKING A STRETCH-BLOW MOLDED CONTAINER HAVING AN INTEGRAL HANDLE - A process for making a container having an integral handle by inverting a convex portion in a manner such that locations on the convex portion translate in a substantially straight line path as the convex portion is inverted.08-15-2013

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