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264 - Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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264523000 Including application of internal fluid pressure to hollow finite length parison to expand same into conformity with female mold part 207
264510000 Producing multilayer work or article 82
264571000 Including use of vacuum 49
264544000 Starting material is nonhollow planar finite length preform or product is finite length 36
264555000 Production of continuous or running length 32
264572000 With internal application of fluid pressure 28
264570000 Including hydrostatic or liquid pressure 15
264503000 Shaping against interior of a forming surface by rotation of material or material shaping member 11
264501000 Producing toroidal work (e.g., tire, etc.) 11
264509000 Labeling or embossing indicia 9
264519000 Differential temperature conditioning 8
264517000 Bulk deposition of particles by differential fluid pressure 6
264504000 Perforation by differential fluid pressure; or smoothing, scoring, or cutting of green concrete with fluid pressure 6
264505000 Corrugating 6
20090302508METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION - A method of producing a one-piece support structure which incorporates a supporting platform and at least one integral support leg using a blow moulding technique, including the steps of: a) defining the optimum thickness of material required for the support leg(s) for strength purposes, b) defining the optimum height for the support legs, c) determining the volume of the parison, to be introduced across the leg part of the mould, d) designing the mould leg interior to ensure that for the given parison volume the thickness of material subsequently blow moulded around the surface area of the support leg is sufficient to provide the required strength, and e) blow moulding material into the mould as designed by steps a) to d).12-10-2009
20090121394INJECTION MOLDING PROCESS - The present invention relates to an injection molding process that improves recovery limited productivity. The present invention advantageously applies pressurized fluid within the nozzle of an injection molding machine to improve the machine's productivity. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, an existing or new injection molding machine is outfitted with a pressurized fluid system at the nozzle between the plasticizer barrel and the melt manifold. The use of a specialized nozzle and isolation valve allows the pressurized fluid to displace material within the nozzle and runner, ensuring the proper pressure is applied to the plastic resin within the mold during pack and hold while the plasticizing screw can begin its recovery cycle. Finally, the pressurized fluid can be evacuated from the nozzle melt stream area either via the fluid entrance or a fluid pin.05-14-2009
20090283939Polyolefin Compositions, Articles Made Therefrom and Methods for Preparing the Same - The invention provides compositions for blow molding applications and other applications, where such compositions comprise a high molecular weight ethylene interpolymer and a low molecular weight ethylene polymer, and where the high molecular weight ethylene interpolymer has a density from 0.920 g/cm11-19-2009
20110169199Process For Preparing Articles - The present invention relates to a process for preparing a thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) comprising: contacting a thermoplastic polymer, a cross-linkable elastomer, at least one curative, and at least one cure activator in a solvent to form Composition A. The solvent is then removed, and thereafter the cross-linkable elastomer is at least partially cured. The average particle size of the cross-linkable elastomer is 10 microns or less after the solvent is removed.07-14-2011
20080246192Polyester Compositions, Method Of Manufacture, And Uses Thereof - A polyester composition comprising a reaction product of: 65-94.5 weight percent of a polyester having a weight average molecular weight of greater than or equal to 70,000 g/mol, of the formula10-09-2008
20080237939Soft Plastic Insert For Use In Protective Case - An insert for protecting articles to be stored in a protective case. The insert is generally hollow and formed of a flexible thermoplastic material. The insert may be formed by a blow-molding process. The insert is shaped to fit within a protective case, which is also often formed by a blow-molded process. The material used to form the insert is less dense than that of the material used to form the protective case, and therefore the insert material is less stiff, softer, and more flexible.10-02-2008
20120104662BRACKET FOR A QUARTZ LAMP OF A BLOW MOLDING MACHINE - An extension for a heating element includes a bracket for a quartz lamp within a furnace of a blow molding machine. The extension includes a base that is coupled to the furnace where the extension directs the heating element toward an end of a preform. The extension may include a parabolic lens to provide controlled and directed heating of the end of the preform to optimize material distribution upon blow molding.05-03-2012
20100252962MOLDING METHOD AND MOLDING APPARATUS - A molding method for a resin product having a thick portion projecting outwardly on a rear surface of the resin product includes: a first step for supplying a melted resin into a cavity of a die by an amount which is less than a volume of the cavity. The cavity has a surface side cavity surface corresponding to a surface of the resin product and a rear surface side cavity surface corresponding to the rear surface of the resin product. The molding method further includes: a second step for supplying a gas from the rear surface side cavity surface of the cavity into the cavity, so that the melted resin is separated from the rear surface side cavity surface of the cavity and closely contacts the surface side cavity surface of the cavity; and a third step for solidifying the melted resin maintained in the condition set in the second step.10-07-2010
20110057361PROCESS FOR MAKING A STRETCH-BLOW MOULDED CONTAINER HAVING AN INTEGRALLY MOULDED HANDLE - The present invention relates to a process for making a container having an integral handle, comprising the steps of: 03-10-2011
20080246191Polyester Compositions, Method Of Manufacture, And Uses Thereof - A polyester composition comprising a reaction product of 50 to 95 wt. % of a polyester having a number average molecular weight of greater than or equal to 42,450 g/mol, wherein the polyester is of the formula10-09-2008
20110042863METHOD FOR MAKING A MOULDING CORE, AND MOULDING CORE FOR MAKING A COMPLEX PART MADE OF A COMPOSITE MATERIAL - In order to make a structure of a composite material including elongated hollow shapes, such as hollow shapes associated with stiffeners of a stiffened panel, the invention comprises making cores including a bladder made of an elastomer material. The invention relates to a method for making such extractable cores in order to obtain cores having a very important length, and allowing the use of said cores for the industrial production of composite parts. The bladder is a cylindrical bladder that is conformed in a core mould, wherein the core itself does not have to be cylindrical, before being filled with a granular material and submitted to a negative pressure in order to impart a stable shape to the core by compaction of the granular material.02-24-2011
20100065988Method for Preparation of Flat Step-Free Silicon Carbide Surfaces - Techniques for producing atomic step-free silicon carbide surfaces are provided. In one aspect, a method for eliminating atomic steps from a silicon carbide surface is provided. The method comprises the following step. The silicon carbide and a silicon-containing gas are contacted at a temperature, background pressure, and for a length of time sufficient to re-arrange the silicon carbide to an atomic step-free surface. The silicon carbide surface can be the top of a mesa or the bottom of a hole patterned in a silicon carbide wafer.03-18-2010
20080284064Process of making a closure adapted to be used with a container - A process is disclosed for making a closure having (i) a top portion, and (ii) a latch member that includes an actuator portion and a follower portion, the follower portion including a blocking structure. The process includes providing a mold assembly that defines a space therein which corresponds to the closure, the mold assembly including (i) a first mold portion that defines a first subspace which corresponds to the actuator portion, and (ii) a second mold portion that defines a second subspace which corresponds to the blocking structure. The process further includes advancing a material into the space so as to form the closure. The process also includes moving the second mold portion in relation to the first mold portion after the advancing step so as to remove the actuator portion from the first subspace. In addition, the process includes urging an internal wall of the first mold portion into contact with the actuator portion in response to movement of the second mold portion in relation to the first mold portion so as to cause the actuator portion to move in relation to the top portion. Additionally, the process includes moving the follower portion in relation to the second mold portion in response the urging step so as to cause the blocking structure to move away from of the second subspace.11-20-2008
20100308514CORRECTING APPARATUS OF SEAMLESS BELT, AND CORRECTING METHOD OF SEAMLESS BELT - A correcting apparatus of a seamless belt includes a bottomed cylindrical main body that has an inner peripheral surface formed of mirror surface and that accommodates a seamless belt at a distance from the inner peripheral surface, a lid body detachably attached to the main body, a fixing unit that fixes an upper end and a lower end of the seamless belt to the mirror surface, a pressing unit that presses the seamless belt accommodated in the main body against the mirror surface, and a heating unit that heats the mirror surface.12-09-2010
20110260372FACILITY AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING CONTAINERS - The invention relates to a facility (10-27-2011
20090026663THERMOFORMABLE POLYCARBONATE/POLYESTER COMPOSITIONS AND USES - The melt strength and hence the processing window of blends of polycarbonate and PBT can be enhanced without degradation in the surface appearance of the article produced when relatively minor amounts of certain selected polymers are added to the blend. For example, a composition that has a thermoforming processing window of at least 15° C. for an article having a weight that is more than 100 grams, may contain 15 to 80% by weight of a polycarbonate resin; 10 to 80% by weight of polybutylene terephthalate, and 1 to 15% by weight of a semicrystalline melt strength enhancer. The meklt strength enhancer is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polycyclohexane-dimethyl terephthalate (PCT), polycyclohexanedimethyl terephthalate glycol (PCT-G), and (poly)ethylene co 1,4 cyclohexanedimethylene terephthlate (PET-G), or a combination thereof.01-29-2009
20120133085CERAMIC GREEN SHEET DRYING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF FABRICATING CERAMIC GREEN SHEET USING THE SAME - There is provided a method of fabricating a ceramic green sheet, the method including: forming a ceramic green sheet by applying ceramic slurry onto a support substrate; and drying the ceramic green sheet by allowing the ceramic green sheet to pass through a plurality of drying zones, wherein positive internal differential pressure is applied to at least one of drying zones disposed at a front end of the plurality of drying zones, the internal differential pressure being defined as a pressure value obtained by subtracting a discharging pressure (P05-31-2012
20130020742BLOW MOULDING MACHINE AND METHOD OF BLOW MOULDING - A blow moulding machine is disclosed including at least one extrusion head for forming parisons; a mould for forming articles from the parisons, the mould including at least one mould cavity, an arrangement of blow pins for blowing the parisons in the mould to form articles; and wherein the mould is moveable with respect to the arrangement of blow pins and wherein two blow pins are provided for each mould cavity.01-24-2013
20120018927SEAL COMPONENT MANUFACTURING METHOD AND MOLD - To prevent defective molding, a base member is set between split molds of a metal mold, a molding rubber material is injected into an endless shape cavity defined between the base member and the split mold, an injection amount thereof is made such that the molding rubber material fills the cavity and thereafter flows from an air vent hole open to a confluence position in the cavity into a surplus material reservoir provided downstream but does not fill the surplus material reservoir, pressure drop due to flow resistance is caused to the molding rubber material flowing into the surplus material reservoir, and thereby pressure in the cavity is maintained to be not lower than pressure required to mold a gasket and lower than pressure causing leakage from the cavity.01-26-2012
20120018926Three-Dimensional Parts Having Porous Protective Structures - Three-dimensional parts having porous protective structures built with powder-based additive manufacturing systems, the porous protective structures being configured to protect the three-dimensional parts from damage during de-powdering processes.01-26-2012