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264 - Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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264450100 Composite article making 121
264051000 By gas forming or expanding 51
264042000 Of inorganic materials 20
264050000 By mechanically introducing gas into material 16
264048000 Including surface treatment of porous body 16
264049000 By treating occluded solids 9
20130026670METHOD FOR FILLING HOLLOW CAVITIES WITH POLYMER FOAM - Cavities are partially or entirely filled with a polymer foam. A flexible, porous mesh tube is introduced into the cavity. The mesh tube has a volume smaller than that of the cavity and has openings. A foamable liquid mixture is introduced into the mesh tube. Despite the presence of the openings, the foamable liquid mixture does not pass through the openings in the mesh tube. The captured liquid composition then expands. As the composition expands, it flows through the openings in the mesh tube and makes contact with the walls of the cavity. After curing, a polymer foam is obtained which adheres to the cavity walls.01-31-2013
20130032962POROGEN COMPOSITIONS, METHODS OF MAKING AND USES - The present specification discloses porogen compositions comprising a core material and shell material, methods of making such porogen compositions, methods of forming such porous materials using such porogen compositions, biocompatible implantable devices comprising such porous materials, and methods of making such biocompatible implantable devices.02-07-2013
20100044901Porous vinylidene fluoride resin membrane for water treatment and process for producing the same - A water treatment membrane comprising a porous membrane of vinylidene fluoride resin, wherein 0.01-5 wt. parts of photocatalytic titanium oxide is uniformly dispersed in 100 wt. parts of the vinylidene fluoride resin. The water treatment membrane can solve problems accompanying the hydrophobicity of a porous membrane of vinylidene fluoride resin while taking advantage of excellent mechanical properties, weatherablility, chemical resistance, etc., thereof.02-25-2010
20130075944METHOD FOR PRODUCING POLYCARBONATE RESIN FOAM MOLDED ARTICLE - The present invention provides a foamed molded article production method that can produce polycarbonate resin foamed blow-molded articles, etc. Which are good over a wide range of densities. The present invention is a method for producing a foamed molded article including extruding a foamable molten resin, formed by kneading a polycarbonate resin, a polyester resin in an amount of 5 to 100 parts by weight per 100 parts by weight of the polycarbonate resin and a foaming agent, from a die to obtain a foamed parison, and molding the foamed parison in a softened state in a mold. The polyester resin is a polyester copolymer containing diol component units, 10 to 80 mol % of which are glycol component units each having a cyclic ether structure, and dicarboxylic acid component units.03-28-2013
20130161853SHRINKABLE FIBER FOR POROUS MOLDED BODY - To provide an add-in material to be added to a porous molded body base, the add-in material being capable of developing a pore of appropriate size efficiently without degrading the formability and productivity of a porous molded body, particularly a porous fired body when producing the porous molded body. A shrinkable fiber composed of a thermoplastic resin and to be dispersed in a base of a porous molded body, particularly a porous fired body, wherein the shrinkable fiber has a fiber diameter of 10 to 40 μm, a fiber length of 1 to 20 mm, and a dry-heat shrinkage percentage of at least 8% when subjected to heat treatment at 80° C. for 5 minutes.06-27-2013
20110278755POROGEN COMPOSITIONS, METHOD OF MAKING AND USES - The present specification discloses porogen compositions comprising a core material and shell material, methods of making such porogen compositions, methods of forming such porous materials using such porogen compositions, biocompatible implantable devices comprising such porous materials, and methods of making such biocompatible implantable devices.11-17-2011
20090127731MANUFACTURING METHOD OF FOAMED HEAT-INSULATING MATERIAL UTILIZING PAPER AND STARCH - A foamed heat insulating material made of paper, starch and a polymer resin, specifically, polypropylene, and methods of manufacturing the same. The method includes providing paper powder, starch, and polypropylene as a major component of the foamed insulating material by setting a weight amount of the starch to be higher than that of the paper powder, setting a weight ratio of the polypropylene not greater than about 50 weight percent (%) of the major component, and the setting of a melt flow rate of the polypropylene to be between about 1 and about 15 g/10 min; and foaming the major component by adding water to the extruder.05-21-2009
20110062614MOLD AND METHOD FOR MOLDING RESIN FOAMED MOLDING - Provided is a mold which can be configured to be able to properly exhaust gas from a cavity and to prevent resin from entering into a vent hole, and a method for molding resin foamed molding using the mold. The mold 03-17-2011
20110062613FOAM MOLDING MOLD AND FOAM MOLDING METHOD - A mold for foam molding which can sufficiently prevent burrs from being formed on a molded product, and a foam molding method using the mold are provided. A groove 03-17-2011
20090134541Method for Foam Injection Molding of Thermoplastic Resin - A method for injection foaming molding of a thermoplastic resin includes the steps of (1) injecting the foaming-agent-containing plasticized resin from an injection apparatus 05-28-2009
20110204536INJECTION-FOAMABLE STYRENIC MONOMER-DIOLEFIN COPOLYMER, A METHOD FOR THE PREPARATION THEREOF AND USE THEREOF - A styrenic monomer-diolefin copolymer comprises polystyrenic monomer micro-blocks and polydiolefin micro-blocks, in which the content of styrenic monomer units is 10-80 wt %, the ratio of diolefin units of 1,2-structure is less than 30% in the total diolefin units, and the number-average molecular weight (Mn) of the copolymer is 25,000-500,000. The preparation methods and uses in foam products thereof are also disclosed.08-25-2011
20090079102METHOD FOR PRODUCING MICROPOROUS POLYOLEFIN MEMBRANE - A method for producing a microporous polyolefin membrane by extruding a melt blend comprising a polyethylene resin, polypropylene having a mass-average molecular weight of 1×1003-26-2009
20100001424METHOD FOR FILLING A FOAM MIXTURE IN A CAVITY OF A METAL MOLD AND AN APPARATUS FOR MOLDING A MOLD - This invention intends to provide a method for filling a foam mixture in a cavity of a metal mold, which method can produce a mold without defects.01-07-2010
20090146334METHOD FOR PRODUCING MICROPOROUS POLYOLEFIN MEMBRANE AND MICROPOROUS MEMBRANE - A microporous polyolefin membrane having large pore diameters and excellent air permeability, mechanical strength and compression resistance can be obtained by (a) stretching a gel molding comprising a polyolefin and a membrane-forming solvent at least uniaxially at a temperature from the crystal dispersion temperature of the polyolefin +15° C. to the crystal dispersion temperature of the polyolefin +40° C., removing the membrane-forming solvent, and then stretching again the resultant membrane to 1.1 to 2.5 fold at least uniaxially, or by (b) stretching the gel molding at least uniaxially, bringing the stretched film into contact with a hot solvent before and/or after removing the membrane-forming solvent, and then stretching again the resultant membrane to 1.1 to 2.5 fold at least uniaxially.06-11-2009
20100032856COATED FOAM BEADS AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING HALOGEN-FREE, FIRE-RESISTANT BEAD FOAM MOLDINGS - A process for producing coated foam particles, in which an aqueous polymer dispersion is applied to the foam particles and is subsequently dried to form a water-insoluble polymer film, and also foam moldings produced therefrom and their use.02-11-2010
20100301509COATING COMPOSITION FOR FOAM PARTICLES, AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF MOLDED FOAM BODIES - The invention relates to a coating composition comprising12-02-2010
20120007266FOAM PATTERNS - A method of creating a foam pattern comprises mixing a polyol component and an isocyanate component to form a liquid mixture. The method further comprises placing a temporary core having a shape corresponding to a desired internal feature in a cavity of a mold and inserting the mixture into the cavity of the mold so that the mixture surrounds a portion of the temporary core. The method optionally further comprises using supporting pins made of foam to support the core in the mold cavity, with such pins becoming integral part of the pattern material simplifying subsequent processing. The method further comprises waiting for a predetermined time sufficient for a reaction from the mixture to form a foam pattern structure corresponding to the cavity of the mold, wherein the foam pattern structure encloses a portion of the temporary core and removing the temporary core from the pattern independent of chemical leaching.01-12-2012
20120313278MOLDED SINGLE-BLOCK FRAME AND COLLECTOR INCLUDING SAME - The invention relates to monobloc frames moulded in an expansible insulating plastic material, particularly frames for moulded insulating collectors. The invention also relates to said collectors, and particularly to moulded insulating collectors for solar thermal or photovoltaic panels.12-13-2012
20120319317METHOD OF MAKING AN ANISOTROPIC FILTRATION MEDIA - A method of making an anisotropic filtration media includes foaming a media, straining the media in a selected direction, and relieving strain of the media in the selected direction12-20-2012
20100230843MICROFILTRATION MEMBRANE WITH IMPROVED FILTRATION PROPERTIES - Method for producing this membrane from a casting solution comprising the hydrophobic first sulfone polymer and the hydrophilic second polymer in a solvent system, the method comprising the steps of pouring the casting solution, conditioned to a molding temperature, onto a carrier to form a film, which carrier has a temperature that is higher in comparison to the molding temperature, conveying the film through a climate-controlled zone, initiating the coagulation in a coagulation bath for the formation of a membrane structure, withdrawing the membrane structure from the carrier with a speed that is increased in comparison to the carrier speed, stabilizing, extracting, and subsequently drying the membrane.09-16-2010
20120091612THERMOPLASTIC RESIN FOAM AND PRODUCTION PROCESS THEREOF - A die plate for a die block can have a coat-hanger-shaped flow path for extruding a molten foamable thermoplastic resin in a form of a sheet. The die plate can be on a downstream side of the coat-hanger-shaped flow path to make a flow rate of the molten foamable thermoplastic resin uniform in a width direction. The die plate can have a multiplicity of delivery apertures. The delivery apertures in opposite side regions can have a diameter greater than a diameter which the delivery apertures in a center region have. A die unit can include a die block, which has a multiple bifurcated manifold terminating in plural coat-hanger-shaped flow paths at downward ends thereof, and a like plural number of similar die plates as described above. A process for producing a wide thermoplastic resin foam can use the die unit.04-19-2012
20080296794Underwater Pelletizing Machine and Method of Extruding Foamed Thermoplastic Pellets - A pelletizing machine for forming pellets from extruded material includes an extruder having at least one exit port and a body defining a cutting chamber through which high-temperature liquid flows, flooding the cutting chamber. The exit port of the extruder opens into the cutting chamber, which includes a cutting section defining a flow path for liquid through the cutting section. A cutter in the cutting section of the cutting chamber is mounted for rotation about an axis generally perpendicular to the first direction and disposed for cutting the extruded material exiting the exit port into the pellets. The axis of rotation of the cutter is parallel to or coincident with the flow path of the cutting section. A method for forming pellets of thermoplastic material with a foaming agent is also disclosed.12-04-2008
20120013035MIXING HEAD APPARATUS AND MOLDING METHOD USING THE APPARATUS - The present invention provides a low-cost and highly productive mixing head apparatus that achieves high agitation of a liquid blend and improves the smooth flow of the liquid blend from a discharge port, and a molding method using the same. In the mixing head apparatus wherein two types of chemically reactive fluid component materials 01-19-2012

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