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264 - Plastic and nonmetallic article shaping or treating: processes

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
264446000 Limited to treatment of surface or coated surface 91
264494000 Polymerizing, cross-linking, or curing (e.g., utilizing ultraviolet radiation, etc.) 80
264464000 Extrusion molding 67
264406000 Measuring, testing, or inspecting 30
264497000 Using laser sintering of particulate material to build three-dimensional product (e.g., SLS, selective laser sintering, etc.) 30
264413000 Producing or treating porous product 29
264442000 Using sonic, supersonic, or ultrasonic energy 26
264454000 Direct application of fluid pressure (e.g., blow molding, etc.) 21
264430000 Producing or treating inorganic material, not as pigments, conductive enhancers, or fillers (e.g., ceramic, refractory material, etc.) 20
264479000 Reshaping, drawing or stretching 20
264482000 Laser 19
264478000 Injection molding 17
264484000 Utilizing electrostatic charge, field, force (e.g., pinning, etc.) 16
264460000 Forming articles by uniting randomly associated particles 15
264483000 Plasma (e.g., corona, glow discharge, etc.) 14
264489000 Microwave (e.g., 2.45 gigahertz, etc.) 13
264492000 Infrared radiation 11
264427000 Producing or treating magnetic product precursor thereof 9
264437000 Conveying or aligning particulate material 7
264488000 High energy or particulate radiation (e.g., X-ray, gamma ray, neutron, etc.) 7
264485000 Utilizing electron arc or electron beam 6
264435000 Molecular aligning or molecular orientating (e.g., poling, etc.) 5
20100096781Method Of Fabricating An Implantable Medical Device Using Gel Extrusion And Charge Induced Orientation - The invention provides a method of manufacturing a polymeric implantable medical device using gel extrusion of high molecular weight polymers or charge-induced orientation to avoid heat degradation of the polymer that might occur during conventional heat extrusion.04-22-2010
20090184445METHOD FOR FORMING AND ALIGNING CHEMICALLY MEDIATED DISPERSION OF MAGNETIC NANOPARTICLES IN A POLYMER - A method. The method includes providing Au-doped Co nanoparticles. The nanoparticles include a combination of non-ferromagnetic nanoparticles and weakly ferromagnetic nanoparticles. The nanoparticles each have an exterior surface. The surfaces of the nanoparticles are functionalized with 7-(5-uracil-ylcarbamoyl)heptanoic acid. A polymer is provided having a general formula including a uracil group. A dispersion is formed by agitating a solution of the nanoparticles. The solution is spin cast into a film. The film is heated under vacuum at a first temperature, T07-23-2009
20080203619Non-Porous Polyvinylidene Fluoride (Pvdf) Films in the Beta Phase and Processing Method Thereof - The invention reports a new film of the beta phase of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and its processing for the elimination of porosity, using a compression force along the thickness direction of the sample at a high temperature. The join action of the compression force and the temperature eliminates the porosity of the PVDF beta phase, improving its mechanical (Young's modulus, yielding and breaking stress, yielding and breaking strain), electrical (dielectric constant, electric rupture) and electromechanical properties (electromechanical coupling, piezoelectric coefficients) and, therefore, the use of the material in technological applications. Non-porous material, 95 to 100% in beta phase and with crystallinity degrees higher than 50%, is obtained08-28-2008
20090152772METHOD OF FABRICATING ELECTRO-OPTICAL DEVICES WITH POLYMER-STABILIZED LIQUID CRYSTAL MOLECULES - In a preparation method, a chiral or cholesteric liquid crystal, a photoreactive monomer, and a photoinitiator are disposed in a liquid crystal cell. A principal surface of the liquid crystal cell is illuminated with ultraviolet light selected to have a non-uniform ultraviolet light intensity profile in the liquid crystal cell. The illuminating cooperates with the photoinitiator to polymerize at least a portion of the photoreactive monomer near the principal surface to generate a polymer network having a density corresponding to the non-uniform ultraviolet light intensity profile. The polymer network biases the liquid crystal toward a selected helical alignment direction. In some embodiments, the illuminating includes illuminating with first and second ultraviolet light intensity profiles to produce surface and volume polymer network components.06-18-2009
20100123274 METHOD FOR SYNTHESIZING CONDUCTIVE COMPOSITE - Provided are an apparatus and method for synthesizing a conductive composite with enhanced electrical conductivity. The apparatus includes: an injection-molding machine which injection-molds pellets created by mixing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with polymers; and an electric field generator which applies an electric field to the pellets that are melted while the melted pellets are injection-molded and thus rearranges the CNTs included in a composite into which the melted pellets are injection-molded.05-20-2010
264426000 Producing or treating inorganic hydro-settable material (e.g., cement, plaster, etc.) 3
20090065978LOAD BEARING INSULATION AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE AND USE - A building material which comprises cement, cellulose fibers and admixtures is used in the fabrication of bricks, panels or other building products. The manufacture of this building material is accomplished by adding water, paper, a water repellant composed of calcium stearate, and a sodium silicate to act as a fire retardant material. The mixture is then thickened with cement and a second batch of concrete admixtures including a superplasticizer composed of a polyester polyacrylic polyol and an air entraining resin or surfactant to create an air entrained, viscous material for inserting in a mold or extruding through a press to form load bearing and insulating building materials. The resulting product can be formed into blocks or panels and the panels can be coated with polyurethane/polyurea coating to be bullet and blast resistant.03-12-2009
20090140467Method of Plugging Honeycomb Bodies - A method of making a plugged honeycomb structure includes providing a honeycomb structure having a first end face and a second end face and an array of cells extending between the first end face and the second end face. The method includes bringing a first mask into contact with the first end face and injecting a plugging medium through the first flexible mask into at least some of the cells at the first end face. The method further includes removing the mask from the first end face, followed by contacting the first end face with a heated first solid body, wherein the plugging medium in the first end face is heated.06-04-2009
20120168991SLAB PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING - A method for cutting a slab of material including cutting the slab with a cutting tool vibrating at a preselected frequency when the material is in a semi-set state.07-05-2012
264449000 Using direct contact of electrode or electrical wire with precursor or workpiece 2
20090179358METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING SATURATED NORBORNENE RESIN FILM AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING STRETCHED SATURATED NORBORNENE RESIN FILM - An aspect of the present invention provides a method for producing a saturated norbornene resin film by melt film-forming method comprising discharging a molten resin molten in an extruder in a form of a sheet onto a traveling or rotating cooling support from a die so as to be solidified by cooling, wherein the molten resin discharged from the die is subjected to a close contact treatment which allows only the both end parts of the full width of the molten resin to closely contact to the cooling support. According to the aspect, a close contact treatment which allows only the both end parts of the full width of the molten resin discharged from the die to closely contact to the cooling support is conducted in the melt film-forming of a saturated norbornene resin film, a saturated norbornene resin film having an excellent surface quality without the surface quality defects such as step irregularities can be produced.07-16-2009
20110068511MACHINE FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF DOSAGE FORMS UTILIZING RADIOFREQUENCY ENERGY - The present invention features the present invention features a machine for the production of a solid dosage form including: (a) a die platen having one or more forming cavities each having an inner wall, a first opening at the surface of one side of the die platen, and a second opening at the surface on the opposite side of the die platen; (b) one or more first forming tools each adapted to move into one of the forming cavities through the first opening of the forming cavity; (c) one or more second forming tools each adapted to move adjacent to one of the second openings or into one of the forming cavities through the second opening of the forming cavity; (d) at least one first RF electrode operably associated with the one or more first forming tools, the one or more second forming tools, or the inner wall of the one or more forming cavities; and (e) at least one second RF electrode operably associated with the one or more first forming tools.03-24-2011
264486000 Induction heating 2
20110233826DEVICE FOR SHAPING MATERIALS USING INDUCTION HEATING THAT ENABLES PREHEATING OF THE DEVICE - A molding device for the shaping of a material includes:09-29-2011
20110309555METHOD FOR THE SOLIDIFICATION OF A NON-METAL MELT - A method is proposed for the solidification of a non-metal melt (12-22-2011
20090072448Continious production of exfoliated graphite composite compositions and flow field plates - A process of continuously producing a more isotropic, electrically conductive composite composition is provided. The process comprises: (a) continuously supplying a compressible mixture comprising exfoliated graphite worms and a binder or matrix material, wherein the binder or matrix material is in an amount of between 3% and 60% by weight based on the total weight of the mixture; (b) continuously compressing the compressible mixture at a pressure within the range of from about 5 psi or 0.035 MPa to about 50,000 psi or 350 MPa in at least a first direction into a cohered graphite composite compact; and (c) continuously compressing the composite compact in a second direction, different from the first direction, to form the composite composition in a sheet or plate form. The process leads to composite plates with exceptionally high thickness-direction electrical conductivity.03-19-2009
20130075957Support Structure Removal System - A support structure removal system comprising a vessel and a second component. The vessel comprises a vessel body, a porous floor configured to retain a three-dimensional part, and an impeller rotatably mounted below the porous floor. The second component comprises a surface configured to operably receive the vessel, and a rotation-inducing assembly located below the surface, where the rotation-inducing assembly is configured to rotate the impeller with magnetic fields when the vessel is received on the surface of the second component to agitate and direct flows of an aqueous fluid through the porous floor.03-28-2013
20100044922Method and apparatus for producing a three-dimensionally shaped object - In a method for producing a three-dimensionally shaped object, (i) a solidified layer is formed by irradiating a light beam on a specified portion of a powder layer to sinter or melt the specified portion. Further, (ii) another solidified layer is formed by placing a new powder layer on the solidified layer obtained in step (i), and irradiating the light beam on a specified portion of the new powder layer to sinter or melt the specified portion of the new powder layer. The steps (i) and (ii) are repeated to produce a three-dimensionally shaped object. In the method, a gas is supplied to a mirror used in scanning the light beam.02-25-2010
20120235327RECYCLED RESIN AND MANUFACTURING PROCESS THEREOF - Disclosed are a recycled resin manufacturing process and a recycled resin, the process comprising the steps of sorting a molded waste resin product, pulverizing the sorted molded waste resin product into resin flakes, washing the resin flakes, separating the washed resin flakes to remove different kinds of resins, drying the separated resin flakes, classifying the dried resin flakes to remove foreign matter deposited on the flakes, the classifying being carried out employing a classifying apparatus comprising a classifying section and provided therein, a physical field application device having an airflow force field and another physical field other than the airflow force field, and pelletizing the classified resin flakes, wherein the recycled resin has an oligomer content of not more than 1% by mass.09-20-2012
20090096135Process and Apparatus for Pumping Gases in a Film - The invention is a process and apparatus for producing a cross-linked, tubular film or “tape” that uses a motor driven nip roll assembly and a product driven idler roll to pump gases contained within the film in a desired direction. The process eliminates the need to create slits to vent gases that are trapped within the film. The motor driven roll comprises a driven nip roll and a driven peristaltic roll that cooperate to drive the film forward and nip the film. The driven peristaltic roll includes a pumping section that comprises a plurality of pumping rollers that pump gases contained within the film in a direction that is the reverse direction of film travel. The product driven roll comprises a spool roller and a plurality of pumping rollers that are circumferentially spaced around the spool roller. The pumping rollers trap and pump gases contained in the film in the reverse direction of film travel.04-16-2009
20100102486METHOD AND ASSOCIATED DEVICE FOR MANUFACTURING APICULTURE HONEYCOMBS - The method comprises differentiated separation of the strips holding the silicone cores with respect to the honeycomb produced, by simply curving one of the strips corresponding to one of the faces of the honeycomb and by progressive action of pulsed magnetic fields in the other of the strips holding the silicone cores, progressively separating the honeycomb and preventing breakages in the walls of the same. In a device equipped with an alignment of electromagnets which act on the strip bearing the elastic cores to be separated and which exert an action of pulsed magnetic fields on the same, progressively separating the strip from the honeycomb.04-29-2010
20080277835Reduced strain refractory ceramic composite and method of making - A composition is disclosed comprising a fine zircon component having a median particle size of less than 5 μm, a medium zircon component having a median particle size of from 5 μm to 15 μm, and a sintering aid, wherein the composition, after firing, has a strain rate of less than about 1×1011-13-2008
20080258346COMPOSITE POWDER, USE IN A SHAPING PROCESS, AND MOULDINGS PRODUCED FROM THIS POWDER - The present invention relates to a composite powder of polymer powder and porous glass beads, and to the use of this composite powder for shaping processes, and also to mouldings produced from this composite powder.10-23-2008
20100156004DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A MOULDED BODY HAVING MICROSTRUCTURES - The invention relates to a method and a device for producing a moulded body having microstructures from moulding material. The method for producing a moulded body having microstructures on a carrier out of moulding material is effected by inputting a moulding material into a container (06-24-2010
20110260367TRANSPARENT POLYCRYSTALLINE MATERIAL AND PRODUCTION PROCESS FOR THE SAME - Upon producing a transparent polycrystalline material, a suspension liquid (or slurry 10-27-2011
20120256353PATTERN TRANSFER APPARATUS AND PATTERN TRANSFER METHOD - A pattern transfer apparatus for pressing a mold having a fine concave/convex pattern onto a transferred material, peeling off the mold from the transferred material, and transferring the concave/convex pattern onto a surface of the transferred material includes: a pretreatment mechanism configured to perform a predetermined surface treatment to at least one of the mold and the transferred material before the concave/convex pattern is transferred; an information recording mechanism configured to record information of the surface treatment performed by the pretreatment mechanism at a position associated with an area of the transferred material where the concave/convex pattern is transferred onto the area; an interpretation mechanism configured to read the recorded information; and an after-treatment mechanism configured to perform a predetermined after-treatment to the area where the concave/convex pattern is transferred, based on the information interpreted by the interpretation mechanism.10-11-2012
20120256352SELF-PROPELLING SPRUE BAR SHUTOFF DEVICE - An injection molding shutoff assembly includes a chamber containing a movable body that is biased to a rear position in the chamber by a magnet in the movable body. In the rear position, the movable body provides a seal and prevents flow of molten plastic through the assembly. When the movable body is in a forward position, one or more passages permit flow of the molten plastic around the movable body and to an exit in the chamber, leading to one or more molds. An injection molding machine nozzle tip has a beveled front end which, when in an engaged position, seals with an exterior seat of the assembly block defining the chamber and protrudes into the chamber to prop the movable body to the forward position. A portion of the assembly block proximate the opening for the nozzle tip is made of ferromagnetic material, while the rest is not.10-11-2012
20100230863SYSTEM FOR AND METHOD OF HEATING OBJECTS IN A PRODUCTION LINE - A system and method (09-16-2010
20130015608PELLETIZATION OF PYROLYZED RUBBER PRODUCTS - A system and method for preparing a pelletized carbon black product is provided. The system includes a source of a carbon black product from a pyrolysis process. A mixer is in communication with the source of the carbon black product. A binder oil storage tank is in fluid communication with the mixer. The binder oil storage tank is configured to inject a desired amount of a binder oil into the mixer to form the pelletized carbon black product.01-17-2013
20120242009Method of producing color change in a substrate - The present invention relates to a method of producing color change in a substrate. The substrate includes an activatable colorant and a region that is heated prior to activating the activatable colorant. The substrate is exposed to electromagnetic radiation producing a first activated color region in the heated region and a second activated color region in a non heated region. The first activated color region appears in a different shade than the second activated color region.09-27-2012