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With wax, bitumen, resin, or gum

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252 - Compositions

25262051R - MAGNETIC

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252620540 Synthetic resin 87
20120235074SOLVENT-BASED INKS COMPRISING COATED MAGNETIC NANOPARTICLES - Solvent-based ink compositions which can be used for ink jet printing in a variety of applications. In particular, the present embodiments are directed to magnetic inks having desirable ink properties. The ink of the present embodiments comprise magnetic nanoparticles that are coated with various materials to prevent the exposure of the nanoparticles to oxygen, and provides robust prints.09-20-2012
20100012881METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNETIC SHEET AND MAGNETIC SHEET - In manufacturing a magnetic sheet, the magnetic sheet is formed by applying on a prescribed substrate a magnetic paint made from a mixture of at least flat soft magnetic powder and polymeric binder dissolved in a solvent and drying the magnetic paint. Subsequently, the magnetic paint is further coated on the magnetic sheet formed by drying the magnetic paint and is dried. Thus, an extremely high quality magnetic sheet is made with high productivity.01-21-2010
20090321676FERROMAGNETIC NANOPARTICLES WITH HIGH MAGNETOCRYSTALLINE ANISOTROPY FOR MICR INK APPLICATIONS - An ink including stabilized magnetic single-crystal nanoparticles, wherein the value of the magnetic anisotropy of the magnetic nanoparticles is greater than or equal to 2×1012-31-2009
20100224821Nanostructure having metal nanoparticles and a method of assembly thereof - A nanostructure and method for assembly thereof are disclosed. An exemplary nanostructure includes a gain medium nanoparticle with an output coupler linked to the gain medium nanoparticle. A tier of metal nanoparticles is linked about the gain medium nanoparticle.09-09-2010
20100155648Resin Composition, Electronic Component using the Same and Production Method Therefor - Disclosed is a resin composition, which comprises a thermosetting resin contained therein in an amount of 40 volume % or more, and a wax contained therein in an amount of 5 to 30 volume %, wherein: the thermosetting resin exists in liquid form at room temperature; and the wax exists in powder form at room temperature and has a melting point of 70 to 150° C., and wherein the resin composition has a viscosity of 50000 to 150000 mPa·s as measured at room temperature.06-24-2010
20100163777MAGNETIC PARTICLES AND PROCESS FOR THEIR PRODUCTION - Magnetic particles containing a magnetic material and a biodegradable polymeric compound; the magnetic particles having average particle diameter in the range of from 10 nm or more to 1,000 nm or less.07-01-2010
20090127492PHOTO-FORMED METAL NANOPARTICLES AND AEROGEL MATERIALS COMPRISING THE SAME - Transparent monolithic aerogels based on silica, the bioderived polymer chitosan, and coordinated ions are employed to serve as a three-dimensional scaffold decorated with metal ions such as Au, Pt and Pd ions. It has also been found that the metal aerogels, such as Au(III) aerogels, can be imaged photolytically to produce nanoparticles.05-21-2009
20120145945REAL TIME MONITORED SYNTHESIS OF ULTRA LOW COERCIVITY MAGNETIC NANOPARTICLES WITH NARROW SIZE DISTRIBUTION - A process for the production of magnetic nanoparticles on a continuous basis from aqueous salt solutions, utilizes very rapid mixing of the reaction components to achieve particles with a uniform size and shape as well as narrow size distribution. The process includes a methodology to determine the necessary experimental conditions to achieve a sufficiently rapid mix of the reaction components, based on real-time measurements of the magnetic susceptibility of the precipitate during the precipitation reaction.06-14-2012
20120037840USE OF MAGNETIC NANOPARTICLES TO REMOVE ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINANTS - Methods and compositions for removing a contaminant from its environment. The method includes forming a magnetic composition comprising the contaminant and an amphiphilic substance, and applying a magnetic field to the magnetic composition so as to separate the magnetic composition from the environment. One composition includes a micelle array confined in a magnetic mesoporous framework. Another composition is formed by adhering an amphiphilic material comprising functional surface groups to a contaminant, then interacting a magnetic material with the functional surface groups of the amphiphilic material. In various versions, the contaminant can be a hydrophobic organic compound, or a fullerene-related nanoparticle. The methods can also be used to purify hydrophobic organic compounds or fullerene-related nanoparticles.02-16-2012
20120256118MAGNETIC MATERIAL FOR HIGH-FREQUENCY USE, HIGH-FREQUENCY DEVICE AND MAGNETIC PARTICLES - Disclosed is a magnetic material for high-frequency use in which lower loss is achieved. The magnetic material for high-frequency use is formed from a composite material of magnetic particles and resin, the magnetic particles consist of a simple metal, an alloy, or an inter-metallic compound and have a positive magnetostriction constant, and the shapes of the particles are flattened by means of mechanical processing.10-11-2012

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