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252620530 With wax, bitumen, resin, or gum 97
252620550 Free metal or alloy containing 79
252620560 Iron-oxygen compound containing 55
252620520 Flaw detection or magnetic clutch 6
25262051C Chromium or chromium compound containing 4
20110220836Ferroelectric fluoride compositions and methods of making and using same - A method for synthesis of a ferroelectric material characterized by the general formula A09-15-2011
20110017938HALF-METALLIC ANTIFERROMAGNETIC MATERIAL - A half-metallic antiferromagnetic material according to the present invention is a compound that has a crystal structure of a nickel arsenic type, a zinc blende type, a wurtzite type, a chalcopyrite type or a rock salt type and is constituted of two or more magnetic elements and a chalocogen or a pnictogen. The two or more magnetic elements contain a magnetic element having fewer than 5 effective d electrons and a magnetic element having more than 5 effective d electrons, and a total number of effective d electrons of the two or more magnetic elements is 10 or a value close to 10.01-27-2011
20080237532POWDER MAGNETIC CORE - The object of the present invention is to provide a powder magnetic core having higher dielectric withstand voltage properties than conventional powder magnetic cores, while keeping magnetic permeability at a similar or higher level than in conventional powder magnetic cores. In order to achieve the above object, the present invention provides a powder magnetic core containing a magnetic material powder and a binder resin, wherein the apparent density D of the powder magnetic core, the abundance E of the magnetic material powder in the surface of the powder magnetic core, the mass ratio Rm of the magnetic material powder relative to the powder magnetic core, and the true density Dm of the magnetic material powder satisfy the condition represented by expression (1)10-02-2008
20130187077METHOD FOR FABRICATING A FUNCTIONALLY-GRADED MONOLITHIC SINTERED WORKING COMPONENT FOR MAGNETIC HEAT EXCHANGE AND AN ARTICLE FOR MAGNETIC HEAT EXCHANGE - An article for magnetic heat exchange includes a functionally-graded monolithic sintered working component including La07-25-2013
20130075648Interface colloidal robotic manipulator - A magnetic colloidal system confined at the interface between two immiscible liquids and energized by an alternating magnetic field dynamically self-assembles into localized asters and arrays of asters. The colloidal system exhibits locomotion and shape change. By controlling a small external magnetic field applied parallel to the interface, structures can capture, transport, and position target particles.03-28-2013
20080258102Powder magnetic core and the method of manufacturing the same - A powder magnetic core with improved high frequency magnetic characteristics and reduced eddy current loss is manufactured by a manufacturing method including the steps of (a) providing coated soft magnetic particles which are particles composed of soft magnetic material which each have been coated with an insulating coating, and insulator particles; (b) forming a magnetic layer by press molding the coated soft magnetic particles in a mold assembly; (c) forming an insulator layer on the magnetic layer by press molding the insulator particles in the mold assembly; and (d) repeating the steps (b) and (c) to fabricate a laminate of alternating magnetic layers and insulator layers and provide the powder magnetic core.10-23-2008
20100102266IRON POWDER PHOSPHONATE COATING - A fluid includes a liquid medium having iron particles mixed therein. An organic phosphonate based coating is established on the iron particles. The organic phosphonate based coating does not substantially include phosphonic acid groups at an outer surface thereof, and increases oxidation resistance of the iron particles. A method of making such a liquid medium is also disclosed herein.04-29-2010
20120181476PERMANENT MAGNET AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a permanent magnet and a manufacturing method thereof capable of efficiently concentrating traces of Dy or Tb in grain boundaries of the magnet and sufficiently improving coercive force due to Dy or Tb while reducing amount of Dy or Tb to be used.07-19-2012
20120181475PERMANENT MAGNET AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a permanent magnet and a manufacturing method thereof enabling carbon content contained in magnet particles to be reduced in advance before sintering even when wet milling is employed. Coarsely-milled magnet powder is further milled by a bead mill in a solvent together with an organometallic compound expressed with a structural formula of M−(OR)07-19-2012
20120235073FABRICATING POROUS MATERIALS USING THIXOTROPIC GELS - Methods, apparatuses, and systems for fabricating porous materials using thixotropic gels. A shear force is applied to a thixotropic material causing the material to flow. Multiple components are added to the thixotropic material while applying the shear force causing the multiple components to be distributed in the material. The shear force is removed such that the static properties of the thixotropic material in the absence of the shear force retain a distribution of the multiple components in the thixotropic material to form a composite gel material that includes liquid within a network of inter-connected solid particles that include the distributed plurality of components. The liquid in the composite gel material is removed to form a porous composite material.09-20-2012
20110031430SYNTHESIS OF WATER-SOLUBLE ORGANIC NANOPARTICLES AS EPR STANDARD - Novel water soluble paramagnetic organic nanoparticles are formed by a novel method where an organic solution of an organic compound is injected into water under agitation that is maintained for a desired period of time for nanoparticle growth followed by termination of the growth by the addition of an aqueous surfactant solution. The size of the nanoparticles depends on the time between injection and addition of the surfactant solution. In embodiments of the invention, the water soluble paramagnetic organic nanoparticles can be DPPH nanoparticles, DPPH nanoparticles doped with DPPH-H, or core/shell nanoparticles where a DPPH core is covered by a DPPH-H shell.02-10-2011
20110024668Ink Composition for Optoelectronic Device - The present invention relates to an ink composition for printing capable of inking materials for an optoelectronic device and directly applying the inked materials to a patterning process. More particularly, the present invention relates to a printing ink composition for manufacturing an optoelectronic device capable of direct patterning by adjusting the physical property of a core material so as to be suitable for a printing method in the manufacturing of optoelectronic devices, for example, an organic electroluminescent device or an organic thin film transistor.02-03-2011
20090242824CEMENTED CARBIDE WITH REFINED STRUCTURE - The present invention relates to a WC—Co cemented carbide alloy. By adding an extremely small amount of Ti, V, Zr, Ta or Nb or a combination of these, a grain refined cemented carbide structure with less abnormal WC-grains has been obtained.10-01-2009
20090085002METHOD OF MODIFYING SURFACE OF MAGNETIC POWDER AND MAGNETIC COATING MATERIAL - An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of modifying a surface of a magnetic powder, comprising mixing a magnetic powder with a cyclic compound comprising at least one carboxylic group. A further aspect of the present invention relates to a magnetic coating material comprising a magnetic powder and a binder, further comprising a cyclic compound comprising at least one carboxylic group.04-02-2009
20100207051PARTICLES AND THEIR USE IN A METHOD FOR ISOLATING NUCLEIC ACID OR A METHOD FOR ISOLATING PHOSPHOPROTEINS - Monodisperse polymer microparticles comprising polystyrene or polyacrylate, wherein said particles have a coating formed of at least one transition metal oxide or porous polymer microparticles comprising polystyrene or polyacrylate, wherein said particles have a coating formed of at least one transition metal oxide. The use of such particles in a method for isolation of phosphoproteins from a sample containing phosphoproteins or for isolating nucleic acid from a sample containing nucleic acid is also described08-19-2010
20100127207Magnetic receptive extruded films - The practical application of incorporating magnetic receptive particles embodied in the formulation of an extruded film will produce a magnetic receptive film with properties that will adhere to magnets. Furthermore, incorporating the technique of co-extrusion, one can produce a print media with a magnetic receptive core while maintaining an un-altered first and third layers.05-27-2010
20090289213METHOD OF PROCESSING A BIOLOGICAL AND/OR CHEMICAL SAMPLE - The invention provides a method of processing a biological and/or chemical sample. The method includes providing a fluid droplet, which includes an inner phase and an outer phase. The outer phase is immiscible with the inner phase, and the outer phase is surrounding the inner phase. The inner phase includes the biological and/or chemical sample. The fluid droplet furthermore comprises magnetically attractable matter. The method also includes providing at least one surface, which is of such a texture and such a wettability for the fluid of the inner phase of the fluid droplet, that the fluid droplet remains intact upon being contacted therewith. The method further includes disposing the fluid droplet onto the at least one surface. The method also includes performing a process on the biological and/or chemical sample in the fluid droplet.11-26-2009
20110204278TITANIUM OXIDE PARTICLES, MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF, MAGNETIC MEMORY, AND CHARGE STORAGE TYPE MEMORY - There are provided titanium oxide particles capable of manifesting an unprecedented property, a manufacturing method thereof and a magnetic memory as well as a charge storage type memory employing the titanium oxide particles. Unlike-conventional bulk bodies phase-transited between nonmagnetic semiconductors and paramagnetic metals around about 460K, provided are titanium oxide particles 08-25-2011
20130119296Methods for Providing Surface Treatments in a Magnetic Field - The invention relates to methods for creating metal oxide coatings on one or more surfaces employing a magnetic field, and articles containing those coatings. Such methods involve contacting the surfaces to be treated with a metal compound, and converting the metal compound to metal oxide for example by heating the surfaces to the desired temperature in the presence of a magnetic field. The magnetic field dramatically improves, in some embodiments, the characteristics of the metal oxide coating.05-16-2013
20090179171CONTROL OF MATERIALS AND POROUS MAGNETIC PARTICLES - The present invention uses externally applied electromagnetic stimulus to control and heat porous magnetic particles and material associated with the particles. The particles contain magnetic material, such as superparamagnetic iron oxide and are associated with a material. Application of a DC magnetic field allows them to be moved with their associated material, and application of an AC RF electromagnetic field allows them to be heated with their associated material. The material can be associated with the particles by being contained in the pores of the particles, or in other cases the particles can adhere to the associated material, which can be an aqueous droplet. The present invention also provides a multi-layer porous magnetic particle. The particle includes a host layer having pores sized to accept magnetic nanoparticles. Magnetic nanoparticles are infused within pores of the host layer An encoding layer includes pores that define a spectral code. The pores in the encoding layer are sized to substantially exclude the magnetic nanoparticles. The encoding layer can also be a multi-layer, exhibiting, for example, a complex spectral code.07-16-2009
20110220838MAGNETOCALORIC MATERIALS - What are described are magnetocaloric materials of the general formula09-15-2011
20090121175SOFT MAGNETIC MATERIAL AND DUST CORE PRODUCED THEREFROM - A soft magnetic material includes a plurality of composite magnetic particles each including a metal magnetic particle and an insulating coating film covering the metal magnetic particle. Each of the plurality of composite magnetic particles has a ratio R05-14-2009
20090072185Anisotropic Magnetic Flakes - The invention relates to anisotropic, reflective, magnetic flakes. In a liquid carrier and under influence of an external magnetic field, the flakes attract to one another side-by-side and form ribbons which provide higher reflectivity to a coating and may be used as a security feature for authentication of an object.03-19-2009
20100258758HDD PATTERN APPARATUS USING LASER, E-BEAM, OR FOCUSED ION BEAM - A method and apparatus for manufacturing magnetic storage media is provided. A structural substrate is coated with a magnetically active material, and a magnetic pattern is formed in the magnetically active material by treating portions of the material with energy from a laser, e-beam, or focused ion beam. The beam may be divided into a packet of beamlets by passing the beam through a divider, which may be a diffraction grating for laser energy, a thin film single crystal for electrons, or a perforated plate for ions, or the beam may be generated by an array of emitters. The beamlets are then focused to a desired dimension and distribution by optics or electric fields. The resulting beam packet may be shaped further by passing through an aperture of any desired shape. The resulting beam may be applied sequentially to exposure zones to treat an entire substrate or plurality of substrates.10-14-2010
20100012880MAGNETIC PARTICLES AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - Particles, methods of making particles, methods of using particles, and kits containing particles are provided. The particles may have a magnetic particle having a protective layer and a coating having a hydrophilic portion and a hydrophobic portion.01-21-2010
20100224819METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OF A SMART PACKAGING MATERIAL - This invention discloses a method for manufacturing of the smart packaging materials and tagging technique of using frequency identification of magnetically active compounds with different signal positions. The different concentrations of the differently substituted compounds generate a vast number of different tag codes. The compounds used belong to the classes of organic magnetically active compounds or polymers that are compatible with an in-melting process of most packaging polymeric materials. This allows the magnetically active compounds to be incorporated in polymeric materials for durable tracking and identification purposes.09-09-2010
20100243945SOFT MAGNETIC CORE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A soft magnetic core including a soft magnetic material and a low melting point lubricant is manufactured by adding a low melting point lubricant into an insulation-treated soft magnetic material, warm forming the soft magnetic material with the low melting point lubricant added, and performing a thermal treatment on the warm-molded soft magnetic material. The low melting point lubricant has a melting point ranging from 50° C. to 170° C., and includes at least a material selected from the group consisting of zinc oleate, copper stearate, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, and aluminum stearate.09-30-2010
20110057145METHOD FOR PREPARING DENDRIMER-MODIFIED, MAGNETIC FINE PARTICLES - There is provided a method for preparing dendrimer-modified magnetic fine particles wherein such particles can be made within a shorter time and more inexpensively than in the above-stated prior art processes and lot-to-lot variations in properties are lessened. The method for preparing dendrimer-fixed magnetic fine particles comprises the steps of providing magnetic particles having a functional group at a surface thereof, providing a dendrimer having a functional group at a base end portion thereof and synthesized to a desired generation and binding the functional group of the magnetic particles and the functional group of the dendrimer directly or indirectly through a crosslinking agent.03-10-2011
20100294977SEPARATION OF BIOMOLECULES - The present invention relates to separation of biomolecules. More closely, the invention relates to a method for production of a separation medium comprising hybrid particles of inorganic and organic material as well as the hybrid particles produced by this method. Finally, the invention relates to use of the hybrid particles for separation of biomolecules, preferably phosphoproteins. The method comprises the following steps: addition of inorganic metal oxide particles to an organic solution to form a mixture; and emulsification of the mixture to form porous hybrid particles, wherein the density of the porous hybrid particles is between 1.0 and 1.5 g/ml, and wherein the inorganic particles have a shape and size that maximizes their active surface area enabling the inorganic particles to interact with biomolecules.11-25-2010
20130134348Magnetic Materials and Systems - A material is disclosed. The material includes a magnetic material. The magnetic material exhibits a metamagnetic transition to a magnetic saturation at an applied magnetic field of strength less than or equal to 1 T, in which a transition temperature of the magnetic material is within a temperature region from about 160 K to about 350K.05-30-2013
20110108755HETEROAROMATIC PHTHALONITRILES - Disclosed are an oligomer and a phthalonitrile monomer having the formulas:05-12-2011
20120145944MAGNETIC MATERIAL AND MOTOR OBTAINED USING SAME - Disclosed is a magnetic material in which 50% by volume of the magnetic particles are accounted for by the main phase of the magnet, the main phase having a Curie temperature (Curie point) of 200° C. or higher, a saturation magnetic-flux density at around 20° C. of 1.0 T (tesla) or higher, and a coercive force of 10 kOe or higher, the crystal structure of the main phase being stable up to 200° C., and in which phases other than the main phase which are present at the grain boundaries or grain surfaces have stabilized or improved the magnetic properties. This magnetic material comprises two ferromagnetic phases, i.e., a ferromagnetic compound which is composed of fluorine, iron, and one or more rare-earth elements including yttrium and ferromagnetic iron which contains fluorine, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, or boron. A fluoride and an oxyfluoride have been formed at some of the boundaries or surfaces of the grains of the ferromagnetic phases.06-14-2012
20090218538Nano-scale self assembly in spinels induced by Jahn-Teller distortion - A method for making a self-assembled spinel having an ordered nanocrystal superlattice. The method may involve the steps of providing an oxide mixture that is capable of forming a spinel having Jahn-Teller ions; sintering or heat-treating the mixture to form the spinel having the Jahn-Teller ions; and cooling the spinel having the Jahn-Teller ions at a rate of less than 400° C./hour. Also, a nano-scale spinel formed by self-assembly. The nano-scale spinel may include a first phase of spinel comprising a high concentration of Jahn-Teller ions; and a second phase of spinel including a low concentration of Jahn-Teller ions. Further, a high density storage device including a nano-scale spinel formed by self-assembly, the nano-scale spinel including a first phase of spinel comprising a high concentration of Jahn-Teller ions; and a second phase of spinel including a low concentration of Jahn-Teller ions.09-03-2009
20110068290CHEMICAL MODULATION OF ELECTRONIC AND MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF GRAPHENE - Compounds, compositions, systems and methods for the chemical and electrochemical modification of the electronic structure of graphene and especially epitaxial graphene (EG) are presented. Beneficially, such systems and methods allow the large-scale fabrication of electronic EG devices. Vigorous oxidative conditions may allow substantially complete removal of the EG carbon atoms and the generation of insulating regions; such processing is equivalent to that which is currently used in the semiconductor industry to lithographically etch or oxidize silicon and thereby define the physical features and electronic structure of the devices. However graphene offers an excellent opportunity for controlled modification of the hybridization of the carbon atoms from sp03-24-2011
20110147641SURFACE-MODIFIED SUPERPARAMAGNETIC OXIDIC PARTICLES - Surface-modified superparamagnetic oxidic particles, characterized by the following physicochemical characteristics: BET surface area 20 to 75 m2/g; Carbon content 0.5 to 6.0% by weight; Tamped density 150 to 500 g/l; Chlorine content 50 to 1000 ppm; Drying loss 0.1 to 4.0% by weight are prepared by contacting the oxides with the surface modifier either by spraying or vapour deposition and then heat-treating them. The surface-modified oxidic particles can be used as a filler in adhesives. Further fields of application are use for data carriers, as a contrast agent in imaging processes, for biochemical separation and analysis processes, for medical applications, as an abrasive, as a catalyst or as a catalyst support, as a thickener, for thermal insulation, as a dispersing assistant, as a flow assistant and in ferrofluids.06-23-2011
20080203351Biocompatible magnetic nanocrystal, powder of a biocompatible magnetic nanocrystal bearing a surface reactive group and preparations thereof - This invention is concerned with biocompatible magnetic nanocrystals highly soluble and dispersible in a physiological buffer, powder of biocompatible magnetic nanocrystals and nanocrystals bearing surface reactive N-hydroxysuccinimide ester moiety, and preparations thereof. The magnetic nanocrystals in powder form are highly soluble in a physiological buffer. The resultant aqueous colloidal solution presents long term stability in ambient conditions. Moreover, the carboxyl group on the surface of the magnetic nanocrystals can be converted to N-hydroxysuccinimide ester moiety in an organic solvent. The resultant powder of the magnetic nanocrystals carrying surface N-hydroxysuccinimide ester moiety is soluble and dispersible in an aqueous solution. Different types of biomolecules bearing amino group can covalently be attached to the magnetic nanocrystal simply by mixing them in aqueous solutions. Moreover, the powder of the magnetic nanocrystals bearing surface N-hydroxysuccinimide ester moiety retain reaction activity with biomolecule after long-term storage.08-28-2008
20110163255METHOD FOR PROTEIN PURIFICATION UNDER DENATURING CONDITIONS - The invention relates to a method for the preparation of an application buffer for the purification of proteins by means of immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) under denaturing conditions, which is characterized in that a defined amount of a buffer concentrate having a defined pH value is mixed with a defined amount of a urea concentrate, whereby an application buffer having a defined pH value is provided. According to the invention, a corresponding kit is provided in addition. The components are stable in storage and by mixing produce an application buffer having a defined composition and a defined pH value. The need for pH adjustment or a new preparation is eliminated. The invention can thus be used in an automated manner and as a closed kit concept.07-07-2011
20110133111OXIDE AND MAGNETO-OPTICAL DEVICE - An oxide is provided that contains the oxide represented by Formula (I) as the main component thereof, that has a Verdet constant at a wavelength of 1.06 μm of at least 0.18 min/(Oe·cm), and that has a transmittance at a wavelength of 1.06 μm and for an optical length of 3 mm of at least 70%,06-09-2011
20120305829METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING DISORDERED POROUS SILICON DIOXIDE - A method for manufacturing a disordered porous silicon dioxide material including applying a fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether as an additive. The fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether has a formula of RO—(CH12-06-2012
20110155944AROMATIC RING-CONTAINING COMPOUND FOR A RESIST UNDERLAYER AND RESIST UNDERLAYER COMPOSITION - An aromatic ring-containing compound for a resist underlayer and a resist underlayer composition, the aromatic ring-containing compound being represented by the following Chemical Formula 1:06-30-2011
20120012776Positive Electrode Active Material for Lithium Battery - With the object of providing a positive electrode active material for lithium battery that can increase the filling density, can increase the output characteristics, and furthermore, with a small voltage decrease during conservation at high temperature in a charged state, a positive electrode active material for lithium battery is proposed, containing a spinel type (Fd3-m) lithium transition metal oxide represented by general formula Li01-19-2012
20120205573Rotating Machine with Sintered Magnet and Method for Producing Sintered Magnet - An R—Fe—B sintered magnet has a structure including main phase crystal grains and a grain boundary area surrounding the crystal grains. The sintered magnet includes fluorine and a specified metal element selected from elements belonging to Group 2 through Group 16 of periodic table excepting the rare earth element, carbon and boron. The fluorine has a higher concentration in a region closer to a magnet surface than in the center. The specified element also has a higher concentration in the region closer to the surface. The sintered magnet includes oxyfluoride containing carbon, Dy and the metal element in a grain boundary area region at a distance of 1 μm or greater from the magnet surface, and the carbon has a higher concentration than the concentration of the metal element in a region at a distance of 1 μm to 500 μm from the magnet surface.08-16-2012
20110049412Fluorescent Carbon Nanoparticles - Disclosed are photoluminescent particles. The particles include a core nano-sized particle of carbon and a passivation agent bound to the surface of the nanoparticle. The passivation agent can be, for instance, a polymeric material. The passivation agent can also be derivatized for particular applications. For example, the photoluminescent carbon nanoparticles can be derivatized to recognize and bind to a target material, for instance a biologically active material, a pollutant, or a surface receptor on a tissue or cell surface, such as in a tagging or staining protocol.03-03-2011
20100096581METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR SEPARATING MAGNETIC PARTICLES, MAGNETIC PARTICLES AND USE MAGNETIC PARTICLES - A method and an arrangement for separating magnetic particles, magnetic particles and the use of magnetic particles are disclosed wherein the method comprises the steps of: —subjecting the magnetic particles to a first magnetic field such that the particle direction of easy magnetization is oriented parallel to the magnetic field vector of the first magnetic field, —subjecting the magnetic particles to a second magnetic field having an orientation rotated about an angle relative to the magnetic field vector of the first magnetic field, —applying a separating force on the magnetic particles.04-22-2010
20100019188Sol-Gel Precursors and Products Thereof - The present invention provides a generalizable single-source sol-gel precursor capable of introducing a wide range of functionalities to metal oxides such as silica. The sol-gel precursor facilitates a one-molecule, one-step approach to the synthesis of metal-silica hybrids with combinations of biological, catalytic, magnetic, and optical functionalities. The single-source precursor also provides a flexible route for simultaneously incorporating functional species of many different types. The ligands employed for functionalizing the metal oxides are derived from a library of amino acids, hydroxy acids, or peptides and a silicon alkoxide, allowing many biological functionalities to be built into silica hybrids. The ligands can coordinate with a wide range of metals via a carboxylic acid, thereby allowing direct incorporation of inorganic functionalities from across the periodic table. Using the single-source precursor a wide range of functionalized nanostructures such as monolith structures, mesostructures, multiple metal gradient mesostructures and Stober-type nanoparticles can be synthesized.01-28-2010
20110180745MICROCAPSULE, SYSTEM COMPRISING MICROCAPSULES, METHOD FOR CHANGING THE STATE OF AT LEAST ONE MICROCAPSULE AND APPARATUS THEREFOR - The invention relates to a microcapsule, a system comprising microcapsules, and a corresponding method and apparatus, the microcapsule (07-28-2011
20100051850ALL IN ONE MAGNETIZED INTERMETALLIC COMPOUND AND LUBRICATING OIL - This invention refers to a magnetized intermetallic compound which may be applied as a basic lubricating oil in order to create a high performance finished lubricating oil. Magnetizing the intermetallic compound will confer the ability to the finished lubricating oil to form a magnetic film on the external surface of a solid body, and in so doing will confer to the additive a greater capacity to reduce friction, thus minimizing the effect of wear caused by contact between the surfaces of two bodies of several dynamic systems.03-04-2010
20120074348HIGH DURABILITY MAGNETORHEOLOGICAL FLUIDS - A magnetorheological fluid comprising a mixture of soft and hard iron particles, an organic based carrier fluid, and optional additives such as anti-friction, anti-wear, or surfactants unexpectedly have improved durability when used in devices for control vibration and/or noise, for example, shock absorbers, elastomeric mounts, dampers, and the like.03-29-2012
20120187329PERMANENT MAGNET AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a permanent magnet and a manufacturing method thereof capable of densely sintering the entirety of the magnet without making a gap between a main phase and a grain boundary phase in the sintered magnet. To fine powder of milled neodymium magnet is added an organometallic compound solution containing an organometallic compound expressed with a structural formula of M-(OR)07-26-2012
20120187328PERMANENT MAGNET AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a permanent magnet and a manufacturing method thereof enabling carbon content contained in magnet particles to be reduced in advance before sintering even when wet milling is employed. Coarsely-milled magnet powder is further milled by a bead mill in a solvent together with an organometallic compound expressed with a structural formula of M-(OR)07-26-2012
20120187327PERMANENT MAGNET AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a permanent magnet and a manufacturing method thereof capable of decreasing an activity level of a calcined body activated by a calcination process. To fine powder of milled neodymium magnet is added an organometallic compound solution containing an organometallic compound expressed with a structural formula of M-(OR)07-26-2012
20120187326PERMANENT MAGNET AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - There are provided a permanent magnet and a manufacturing method thereof capable of decreasing an activity level of a calcined body activated by a calcination process. To fine powder of milled neodymium magnet is added an organometallic compound solution containing an organometallic compound expressed with a structural formula of M−(OR)07-26-2012
20090020727Magnetic receptive plasters and compounds - Magnetic receptive Paints and coatings have been developed to allow one to paint a wall with this coating and apply magnets to this surface. The further development of magnetic receptive compounds lends itself to creating a one step process where one applies a magnetic receptive plaster or compound to a wall with a viscosity sufficient to smooth with a trowel leaving a magnetic receptive surface. In other applications one could spray a compound on a given surface.01-22-2009
20110220839CONVERTING NANOPARTICLES IN OIL TO AQUEOUS SUSPENSIONS - An improved process for converting an oil suspension of nanoparticles (NPs) into a water suspension of NPs, wherein water and surfactant plus salt is used instead of merely water and surfactant, leading to greatly improved NP aqueous suspensions.09-15-2011
20110220837SOLVENT-DISPERSIBLE PARTICLE - A solvent-dispersible particle including, a nanoparticle including two or more metallic components, and surface modifiers for covering the surface of the nanoparticle. The surface modifier includes, within its one molecule, two or more functional groups interacting with the two or more metallic components in the nanoparticle, respectively, and one or more functional groups having affinity for a solvent in which the nanoparticle is dispersed.09-15-2011
20100148112METHODS FOR CREATING LIGAND INDUCED PARAMAGNETISM IN NANOCRYSTALLINE STRUCTURES - A method according to one general embodiment includes applying an organic surfactant to a nanoparticle having a d06-17-2010
20120280166Quasicrystalline Structures and Uses Thereof - This invention relates generally to the field of quasicrystalline structures. In preferred embodiments, the stopgap structure is more spherically symmetric than periodic structures facilitating the formation of stopgaps in nearly all directions because of higher rotational symmetries. More particularly, the invention relates to the use of quasicrystalline structures for optical, mechanical, electrical and magnetic purposes. In some embodiments, the invention relates to manipulating, controlling, modulating and directing waves including electromagnetic, sound, spin, and surface waves, for a pre-selected range of wavelengths propagating in multiple directions.11-08-2012
20080237533Process for Preparing Magnetic Graphitic Materials, and Materials Thereof - A process of preparing magnetic graphitic materials from graphite in a second container (10-02-2008
20080230737Method for producing soft magnetic powered core - A method for producing a soft magnetic powdered core comprises a mixing step for forming a raw powder by adding a thermoplastic resin powder to a soft magnetic powder and mixing them, a compacting step for forming a compact by compacting the raw powder into a predetermined shape, a melting and setting step for the resin in which the resin of the compact is melted by heating to at least the melting point of the thermoplastic resin and the melted resin is set by cooling to a room temperature, and a crystallizing step for the resin in which the set resin is heated to not less than the exothermic onset temperature and not more than the endothermic onset temperature, which are measured by DSC analysis of the thermoplastic resin, and is cooled to a room temperature.09-25-2008
20090152488Elastomer Blend - The use of a sulphur-free and low-emission elastomer blend which has properties of various rubbers, and the mechanical properties thereof are improved, in particular, in relation to the permanent set (DVR), elongation at rupture, tensile strength and/or gas permeability (permeation) in relation to the individual compounds, and it also has an improved temperature resistance and an improved resistance to media. The elastomer blend also includes a rubber having at least two functional groups which can be cross-linked by hydrosilylation, at least one other rubber comprising at least two functional groups which can be cross-linked by hydrosilylation. The rubber is chemically different from the rubber and a cross-linking agent includes a hydrosiloxane or hydrosiloxane derivative or a mixture of several hydrosiloxanes or derivatives, which include at least two SiH groups per molecule in the centre, a hydrosilylation catalyst system and at least one filling material.06-18-2009
20080217574Ferroelectric Thin Film Formation Composition, Ferroelectric Thin Film and Method of Fabricating Ferroelectric Thin Film - Provided are a ferroelectric thin film formation composition, a ferroelectric thin film and a method of fabricating a ferroelectric thin film, the ferroelectric thin film formation composition being capable of effectively preventing occurrence of a striation and expanding the range of choice of a sol composition. A ferroelectric thin film formation composition containing a metal compound that is a material to form a ferroelectric thin film contains a hydrophobic compound which includes a reactive group reacting with a hydroxy group and in which at least an end side of a remnant exclusive of the reactive group has a hydrophobic property. Thus, it is possible to expand the range of choice of the sol composition while effectively suppressing occurrence of the striation.09-11-2008
20130092868R-T-B-BASED RARE EARTH PERMANENT MAGNET, MOTOR, AUTOMOBILE, POWER GENERATOR, AND WIND POWER-GENERATING APPARATUS - An R-T-B-based rare earth permanent magnet including a sintered compact having a main phase mainly including R04-18-2013
20110210282Utilizing nanoscale materials as dispersants, surfactants or stabilizing molecules, methods of making the same, and products produced therefrom - Novel dispersions of nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers, boron nanotubes, clay nanotubes, other nanotube species, buckminster fullerenes, graphene, graphene nanoplatelets, elements, oxides, nanoparticles, nanoclusters, nanopowders, nanocrystals, nanoscale molecules, other nanoscale materials, as well as products produced therefrom are described. These dispersions can then be further processed into a wide variety of products including but not limited to composite materials, polymers, resins, epoxies, emulsions, cements, coatings, clays, films, membranes, paper, fibers, inks, paints, pastes, electronics, spintronics, optics, biotechnology materials, electrodes, field emission or other displays, plating, capacitance, ceramics, catalysts, clays, ballistic materials, drug delivery, doping, magnetics, dielectrics, barrier layers, selective ion flow membranes, batteries, fuel cells, solar and other applications. The invention can also be used to protect electronics from electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference or radio frequency identification. Most applications that utilize nanoparticles can benefit from this invention.09-01-2011
20130099150R-T-B-BASED RARE EARTH PERMANENT MAGNET, MOTOR, AUTOMOBILE, POWER GENERATOR, AND WIND POWER-GENERATING APPARATUS - An R-T-B-based rare earth permanent magnet including a sintered body which is provided with a main phase mainly containing R04-25-2013
20120298908HEXAGONAL FERRITE MAGNETIC POWDER AND MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM USING THE SAME - A hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder with a reduced amount of contaminants such as organic materials and a magnetic recording medium using the same are provided. The magnetic recording medium is formed using such a hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder that, when 0.10 mol/L nitric acid is added in an amount that changes the pH of 100 mL of a pH 11 potassium hydroxide solution (a blank solution) to 5 to a solution prepared by adding 0.05 g of the powder to 100 mL of the pH 11 potassium hydroxide solution, the pH of the resultant solution is 5 or higher.11-29-2012

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