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251 - Valves and valve actuation

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251315010 Ball valve 91
251305000 Butterfly 63
251309000 Plug 30
251314000 Seat or interface seal 19
251313000 Biased 6
20090194726LAYERED SCAVENGING CARBURETOR - A scavenging valve assembly is used in a carburetor. The valve assembly includes a throttle valve and a rotary air valve. The throttle valve opens and closes an air-fuel passage. The rotary air valve opens and closes an air passage and has one or more air bore(s). When the rotary air valve begins to rotate, airflow travels through the bore(s) and the size of an opening area that airflow travels through continuously increases in size.08-06-2009
20130075642Rotary Control Valve - A control valve comprises a first spool 03-28-2013
20130075641VALVE WITH CANTED SEALS03-28-2013
20110193004FLUID VALVE08-11-2011
20100032604ROTATION VALVE FOR SAMPLE INJECTION - A rotary valve adapted for injection of a fluid sample into a flow path. According to the invention one and the same valve can be used to input flow from a system pump, a sample pump and a syringe. A loop could be filled from both the sample pump and the syringe and the loop can be emptied by the system pump whereby for example a column is filled. Furthermore the sample pump can be used to pump directly to the column.02-11-2010
20100108930"Collets for Use with Valves" - Collets for coupling rotary actuators to valves are disclosed. An example collet includes a first plurality of flexible members configured to be coupled to an elongated member and each having a first inner surface and a first outer surface. The first inner surface and the first outer surface define a first cross-sectional shape. The example collet further includes a second plurality of flexible members configured to be coupled to the elongated member and each having a second inner surface and a second outer surface. The second inner surface and the second outer surface define a second cross-sectional shape that is different from the first cross-sectional shape of the first plurality of flexible members. The first and the second outer surfaces are to engage a third inner surface of an opening of a lever that is configured to cause the first and the second plurality of flexible members to be displaced toward an axis of the elongated member to cause the first and the second inner surfaces to engage one or more surfaces of the rectangular shaft.05-06-2010
20130026404AIR PARTITION MEMBER - An air partition member includes a main body, a sliding plate slidably received in the main body, and two side plates. One of the plates is pivotably connected to a first end of the main body. The other side plate is pivotably connected to a distal end of the sliding plate away from the first end of the main body.01-31-2013
20120181468ENGINE BREATHING SYSTEM VALVE AND PRODUCTS INCLUDING THE SAME - One embodiment may include an engine breathing system valve (07-19-2012
20100264347Seal Retainer/Line Centering Clips with Multiple Flange Capability - A wafer-style valve assembly adapted to be coupled between opposing pipeline components having a common centerline secured together by a plurality of longitudinal fasteners includes a substantially cylindrical valve body, a seat retaining plate, and at least one clip. The valve body has a peripheral edge portion and an axial end surface. The seat retaining plate is disposed on the axial end surface. The at least one clip is also disposed on the axial end surface and extends radially outward of the peripheral edge portion. The clip has a radially inward portion and a radially outward portion. The radially inward portion secures the seat retaining plate to the to valve body. The radially outward portion has an edge defining a first recess and a second recess. The first and second recesses are each adapted to accommodate a longitudinal fastener to locate the valve assembly relative to the centerline of the pipeline.10-21-2010
20100084595LINE VALVE - The present invention provides a line valve. The line valve of the present invention includes a connection pipe (04-08-2010
20110012043SELF ACTUATING ROTARY DUST VALVE - The present invention relates to a self actuating rotary dust valve particularly for discharging dust from an engine air cleaner. The rotary dust valve includes a valve body having an inlet port, an outlet port and a rotor chamber interposed therebetween. A rotary dust ejection member is enclosed in the rotor chamber and supported for rotation about a fixed axis. A plurality of fin members are provided angularly spaced about and secured to the hub member. Adjacent pairs of the fin members define at least one dust pocket therebetween to receive dust from the air cleaner to be ejected. The rotor chamber and the fin members are cooperatively shaped and configured to maintain a continuous air lock closure. The dust valve is operable by any of: gravity and vibration to rotate and thereby to discharge the dust buildup through the outlet port or alternately by other drive means.01-20-2011
20130068980ROTARY VALVE ASSEMBLY FOR AN INJECTION NOZZLE - A rotary valve assembly is provided for an injection unit, comprising a valve body defining a melt channel for a working fluid. The valve body and at least one end cap define a valve seat having a wider diameter portion and at least one thinner diameter portion. A spool assembly is rotatably mounted within the valve seat and movable between an open position where an orifice is aligned with the melt channel and a closed position where the orifice is misaligned with the melt channel. The spool assembly includes a center spool portion defining the orifice, and at least one arm spool portion connected on a side of the center spool portion, the at least one arm spool portion being translatable relative to the center spool portion by the working fluid entering the gap located therebetween.03-21-2013
20120187320APPARATUS FOR FLOW CONTROL AND SHUTOFF - An apparatus for flow control and shutoff comprises a body having a chamber, an inlet and an outlet, the inlet and the outlet in fluidic communication with the chamber; the said apparatus for flow control and shutoff further comprises a flow regulator comprising a channel and the flow regulator rotatably fit in the chamber, such that the flow regulator is rotatable between a first rotational position and a second rotational position and that the channel is in fluidic communication with at least one of the inlet and the outlet; the said apparatus for flow control and shutoff further comprises a lever operably connected to the flow regulator such that the lever urges the flow regulator to rotate between a first rotational position and a second rotational position in the chamber when a user of the apparatus pushes the lever. At the first rotational position, the channel is not in fluidic communication with at least one of the inlet and the outlet, such that fluidic communication between the inlet and the outlet is blocked. The flow regulator is operable to regulate a flow rate between the inlet and the outlet when the flow regulator is rotated between the first and the second rotational positions.07-26-2012
20110297861Angle Of Repose Valve - An angle of repose valve for controlling the flow of granules and a method of repairing a leak in an angle of repose valve are disclosed herein. The angle of repose valve has a housing with an interior cavity, an inlet, and an outlet. A gas is used to convey granules through the valve and the housing has a thickness such that the gas can have a pressure of at least 70 psi. A saddle is disposed in the interior cavity of the housing and is coupled to a rotatable shaft that passes through an opening in the housing. A chevron seal is disposed between the shaft and a sealing member. A compression member is threadably engaged with the sealing member and is operable to exert force on the chevron seal to expand the chevron seal against the shaft and/or the housing to prevent and/or repair leaks of gas therethrough.12-08-2011
20120286181VALVE HAVING PRESSURE-RELIEVING VENT PASSAGE - A valve includes a valve housing having an interior chamber and an actuator housing in which an actuator is disposed. The actuator housing is secured with the valve housing. A shaft is coupled with a valve member and the actuator and extends within a bore between the interior chamber of the valve housing and the actuator. The valve includes at least one vent passage that has a first end that opens to the bore and a second end that opens to an exterior of the valve housing and actuator housing.11-15-2012
20120025117Flow Control Valve With Internal Isolation Means - A combination valve assembly comprises an inner valve nested within an outer valve. The outer valve comprises a housing and a closure, permitting full closure of the valve assembly. The inner valve comprises a housing and a closure, permitting flow control by the inner valve within requiring movement of the outer valve. The housing of the inner valve is keyed to the outer valve closure, so that movement of the outer valve closure rotates the inner valve housing and closure simultaneously.02-02-2012
20090189108VALVE ASSEMBLY - A valve assembly is disclosed providing a disk valve, a retaining clip configuration, and a bonnet nut. The disk valve comprises a moveable disk having a pair of recesses that is rotatable relative to a stationary disk to regulate the flow of a fluid through two ports in communication with the disks. The retaining clip configuration comprises a hose clip engaging a retaining segment on a valve housing and two hoses to connect the two hoses to two ports on the valve housing. The bonnet nut provides a tactile resistance to an applied torque when a portion of the valve cartridge assembly is rotated in relation to the valve housing.07-30-2009
20110198524ACTUATOR, VALVE AND METHOD - An actuator or valve includes an inner member; an outer member around the normally rotatable inner member; the inner member including normally two spaced apart outwardly extending projections abutting with the outer member; the outer member including normally two inwardly extending projections abutting with the inner member, the projections defining a chamber therebetween; and the actuator further including a fluid port in communication with the chamber. The actuator/valve is normally made by straight profile cutting. The compact rotary actuator may be remotely operated.08-18-2011
20080265200CHANGE VALVE FOR AN AIR COMPRESSOR - A change valve for an air compressor is combined with the vent tube of an air compressor, including a connector, a valve base, a valve body, an anti-leak gasket, a sleeve and a button. The valve base has at least two connect tubes, with a guide tube connected to each of the connect tubes. The button can be turned to rotate the valve base together with the valve body, so the vent hole of the valve body can be aligned to the air hole of either of the two connect tubes. If the air compressor operates, compresses air may flow in the valve body via the air hole into the guide tube via the vent hole of the connect tubes, and finally into an object. In this way, interchanging the position of the vent hole of the valve body enables the change valve connected to objects having different air valves.10-30-2008
20110006237ROTARY SHEAR VALVE ASSEMBLY WITH HARD-ON-HARD SEAL SURFACES - A multi-position rotary shear valve assembly having a substantially metallic or ceramic stator device and a substantially metallic or ceramic rotor device. The stator device defines a substantially planar stator face and at least two or more stator channels in fluid communication with the stator face at corresponding stator ports, while the rotor device includes a substantially planar rotor face defining one or more rotor channels. A tribological coating is disposed atop at least one of the rotor face and the stator face, which enables a substantially fluid-tight, selective relative rotation between the rotor face and the stator face, at a rotor-stator interface, between two or more rotor positions.01-13-2011
20090224195Tapered high pressure rotary feed valves - A tapered rotary feed valve is manufactured or refurbished for use in feeding materials into a high temperature environment, so as to reduce the time and expense of break-in operation, by shaping the tapered bore of the valve body at ambient temperature to have greater clearance around the rotor in a sector of the valve body that is cooler when the valve is at stable operating temperature. As a result, when the valve first reaches operating temperature after being manufactured or refurbished the rotor and the bore of the valve body nearly fit and can quickly wear in to fit each other closely.09-10-2009
20090256097SHUT-OFF VALVE FOR PLUMBING APPLICATIONS - A shut-off valve for plumbing applications for shutting off a duct through which a fluid can flow, includes at least two connection fittings forming a housing, which define a flow path when assembled; and a shut-off body rotatably disposed in the housing, which includes at least two shut-off sections. The shut-off body is movable between a closed position, in which at least one of the shut-off sections of the shut-off body blocks the flow path, and an open position, in which both shut-off sections open the flow path. In order to reduce manufacturing complexity, the shut-off body is formed from a formed sheet metal component.10-15-2009
20100127200RANDOM ACCESS ROTARY VALVE - A rotary valve for selectively connecting at least one component (05-27-2010
20110057134ELASTOMERIC FLOW CONTROL DEVICE FOR A BAR GUN MANIFOLD - A flow control device for a bar gun manifold. The flow control device includes a sleeve and an actuating member. The sleeve is monolithically formed of an elastomeric material. The sleeve includes a cylindrical outer surface, a through hole oriented transverse to the sleeve axis of rotation, a first raised portion that encircles the sleeve and is shaped to provide a seal between the sleeve and the manifold body, and a first interface shaped to connect the sleeve to the actuating member. The actuating member includes a second interface shaped to interface with the first interface. The first and second interfaces are shaped to transfer rotation of the actuating member about the sleeve axis of rotation to the sleeve to reorient the through hole relative to a fluid passage of the manifold body.03-10-2011
20110240898VALVE STEM ASSEMBLY FOR ROTARY VALVE AND METHOD - A valve body defines a valve stem opening. A valve stem comprises an enlarged portion greater than the valve stem opening to thereby secure the valve stem within the valve body by limiting radially outward movement of the valve stem with respect to the valve body. A rotary member comprise upper and lower bosses. Upper and lower split trunnions, with split components that can be inserted from opposite sides of the valve body, are used to rotationally support the upper and lower bosses to permit rotation of the rotary member while preventing axial movement of the axial flow path of the valve.10-06-2011
20110240899RANDOM ACCESS ROTARY VALVE - A rotary valve comprising a stator with an inner stator face, and a rotor with an inner rotor face arranged in sealing contact with the inner stator face, the rotor is rotatably movable to a plurality of rotor positions about a rotational axis relative to the inner stator face, the stator comprises a plurality of connection ports each being in fluidic contact with a corresponding valve orifice at the inner stator face and the rotor comprises two or more interconnection paths for selective fluidic interconnection of said valve orifices with respect to the rotor position. Wherein the stator comprises, a main inlet port, a main outlet port, a first component feed port, a first component return port, a second component feed port, a second component return port, and wherein the interconnection paths in the rotor are arranged to: —in a first rotor position interconnect the main inlet port with the main outlet port, —in a second rotor position interconnect the main inlet port with the first component feed port and the first component return port with the main outlet port, —in a third rotor position interconnect the main inlet port with the first component feed port, the first component return port with the second component feed port, and the second component return port with the main outlet port, and —in a fourth rotor position interconnect the main inlet port with the second component feed port and the second component return port with the main outlet port.10-06-2011
20100059701COMPACT PRESSURE BALANCED ROTARY VALVE - A pressure balanced rotary valve can be made more compact if the ports on the stator within can be located on a port pitch circle of smaller diameter. In certain circumstances for rotary valves used in pressure swing adsorption devices, it is acceptable for the spacing between the ports to be made smaller than the ports themselves. In a rotary valve comprising variable loading means (e.g. pistons) and fixed loading means (e.g. springs), this can involve reducing the piston size and increasing the load provided by the springs.03-11-2010
20120119128Rotary Shear Injector Valve With Coated Stator Surface - A valve includes a rotor and a stator. The rotor and the stator each have seal surfaces for contacting and sliding against one another during operation of the valve. Either or both of the rotor and the stator have a seal-surface coating formed by depositing an at least partially amorphous interlayer on a substrate and depositing a surface layer, including diamond-like carbon, the interlayer. The surface layer requires no mechanical polishing.05-17-2012
20120119127ROTARY SHEAR VALVE ASSEMBLY WITH A POLYMER INSERT DEVICE - A multi-position rotary shear valve assembly having a metallic or ceramic stator device and a metallic or ceramic rotor device. The stator device defines a planar stator face and two or more stator channels in fluid communication with the stator face at corresponding stator ports, while the rotor device includes a substantially planar rotor face defining one or more rotor channels. A tribological coating is disposed atop at least one of the rotor and stator face. The valve assembly includes a polymer insert device defining an exposed contact face having an inner diameter less than that of the outer circumferential edge and an outer diameter more than the outer circumferential edge. The insert device is formed for press-fit insertion in a groove defined in the rotor face. The outer circumferential edge of the stator face contacts the insert exposed face during rotation between the two or more rotor positions.05-17-2012
20130187073VALVE ACTUATOR WITH POSITION INDICATOR EXTENSION - A valve actuator assembly includes a rotatable member carrying an extendable indicator arm. The extendable indicator arm may be moveable between a retracted position and an extended position. When the extendable indicator arm is in the extended position, the extendable indicator arm may extend laterally past side walls of the actuator housing of the valve actuator assembly, such that the extendable indicator arm is visible from a location below the valve actuator assembly.07-25-2013
20100320409FLOW CONTROLLERS - An apparatus for selecting a flow rate of a fluid includes an axle including an elongated cylindrical member having flow paths, each flow path being defined by a corresponding set of radial holes, each set of radial holes comprising at least one radial hole that extends substantially between an outer surface of the axle and an interior cavity of the axle, and a barrel including an elongated cylindrical member within which the axle is disposed, the barrel having input ports and an output port, the barrel being configured to enable the axle to rotate about an axis of rotation that extends along a length of the axle, wherein a flow rate of a fluid is selected by rotating the axle to a position so that a set of radial holes is in alignment with one or more ports of the barrel.12-23-2010
20100294968EXTENDED VALVE HANDLE - A valve handle assembly for a valve having an outwardly extending rotatable stem for opening and closing the valve by rotation of the stem includes a stop plate for engaging the stem, a handle for rotating the stem by engaging and rotating the stop plate, and a cup washer for engaging the handle and retaining the stop plate and handle on the stem upon placing a nut on the stem and tightening of the nut. The handle has an internal lip for retaining the handle and the cup washer has a raised flange for engaging the lip to retain the handle upon tightening of the nut.11-25-2010
20120145937Rotary valve for sample handling in fluid analysis - Efficiency of fluid analysis can be improved by utilizing a rotary valve capable of sequentially coupling 3 or more buffer chambers to 3 or more tasks. Such a rotary valve can be provided using a rotor having connections that geometrically form parallel chords of a circle. During analysis, such a valve can provide for parallel processing of several tasks and buffers. For example, one buffer chamber can be connected to a cleaning/evacuation port, another buffer chamber can be connected to a sample input port, and a third buffer chamber can be connected to an analytical instrument. Stepping the valve through its various positions can simultaneously move each of the buffer chambers to the next step in an analysis process.06-14-2012
20120037826WATER SUPPLY VALVE - A water supply valve comprising a valve body having a first orifice and a second orifice, a rotatable valve shaft, and a handle. The rotatable valve shaft can be inserted into the first orifice or the second orifice, thereby converting the water supply valve from first configuration where the handle is on the left side to a second configuration where the handle is on the right side.02-16-2012
20080258094Valve With Low Friction Coating - Embodiments of the present invention feature a method and device for controlling the flow of fluid. One embodiment of the device for controlling the flow of fluid comprises a rotor, stator and compression means. The rotor has a rotor fluid communication means and at least one rotor load bearing, surface. The rotor load bearing surface sealably engages a stationary load bearing surface. The rotor is capable of assuming a first position and a second position by rotation. The stator has a stationary load bearing surface having stator fluid communication means. The stationary load bearing surface sealably engages the rotor load bearing surface and permits rotation of the rotor with respect to the stator. At least one of the rotor bearing surface and said stator load bearing surface has a diamond-like carbon-silica coating.10-23-2008
20110155938PUMP HEADER AND IMPLEMENTATION THEREOF - A header body for use in fluid circulation systems such as a hydronic heating system is provided in which the header body is configured to couple fluid flow to individual fluid circuits of the system. In one embodiment, the header body comprises a suction chamber with a fluid passage through which fluid flows as between one or more header bodies coupled together to form a manifold. A valve is disposed in the suction chamber, wherein in one example the valve comprises a valve body that is supported by portions of the suction chamber on opposite sides of the fluid passage. The valve body is configured with an aperture that is aligned with the fluid passage in a first and second operating state, one of which decouples the fluid circuit from the system.06-30-2011
20090134350DISENGAGEABLE SPINDLE DRIVE - A shaft drive arrangement including a drive member (05-28-2009
20120161052STRUCTURAL CONNECTOR DIVERTING LOADS AWAY FROM THE COOL CONNECTOR - Connector for releasably attaching two fluid transfer lines, includes a flow connector with a first and second connector assemblies (06-28-2012
20100237267Rotor Configuration for a Rotary Valve - A rotary valve for metering the flow of particulate material from a supply source into the air stream of a pneumatic conveying system includes a central rotor manufactured through a precision casting process. The rotor is formed with a plurality of radially extending vanes terminating in tips that are flared circumferentially into the leading side of the vane to provide a flared vane tip that is preferably at least twice the thickness of the vane itself. The valve housing is formed with an elongated release port that has an overall length approximately equal to the length of the pockets formed between adjacent vanes to provide a more complete release of pressurized air from the pocket after the particulate material has been dropped into the pneumatic conveying system. The angled leading edge of the flared tips provides a less aggressive engagement with the particulate material to reduce damage thereto.09-23-2010
20100207045APPARATUS FOR MOUNTING PROCESS CONTROL DEVICES TO ACTUATORS - Apparatus to mount process control devices to actuators are described. An example includes a mounting plate having a first side to receive the process control device and a second side opposite the first side, where the second side includes a first clamping finger extending away from the second side and configured to engage a first edge of an actuator yoke. The example apparatus also includes an elongated clamp arm having second and third clamping fingers adjacent respective ends of the elongated clamp arm, where each of the second and third clamping fingers is configured to engage a second edge of the actuator yoke opposite the first edge, and where the elongated clamp arm is slidably coupled to the mounting plate. Additionally, the example apparatus includes a fastener adjustable to cause the elongated clamp arm and the mounting plate to slide toward each other so that the first, second and third clamping fingers engage the respective edges of the yoke to fix the mounting plate relative to the yoke.08-19-2010
20100327204Sliding Member, Mechanical Seal Ring, Mechanical Seal and Faucet Valve - Provided is a sliding member which includes a plurality of open pores in a sliding surface, which each comprises one or more opening portions having a circularity of 0.24 or more and a circle equivalent diameter of 10 μm to 150 μm. A ratio of the number of open pores having the overlapping degree of 10% or more between the opening portions is 3% or less. Another sliding member includes a plurality of open pores in a sliding surface, which each comprises one or more opening portions having a circularity of 0.24 or more and a circle equivalent diameter of not less than 10 μm nor more than 78 μm. A coefficient of variation of the opening portions satisfies the following equation: 1.03≦√V/X≦1.51 where √V is a standard deviation of circle equivalent diameters, and X is an average value of the circle equivalent diameters. A mechanical seal ring, a mechanical seal and a faucet valve each using the sliding member are also provided.12-30-2010
20110024658Livewell Fill Valve - Embodiments of the invention provide a fill valve for use in a livewell of a boat. The fill valve includes an intake and a valve housing coupled to the intake. The valve housing includes a rounded half-sphere shaped front wall coupled to a substantially flat back wall. The front wall includes one or more inlet openings in fluid communication with the intake. The fill valve also includes a valve switch positioned in the valve housing to switch between a first position allowing fluid communication between the inlet openings and the intake and a second position providing a substantially liquid-tight seal between the inlet openings and the intake.02-03-2011
20110037007Gas Rotary Valve - A gas rotary valve comprises a valve body (02-17-2011
20110042601Parabolic Bonnet For Three-Way Valve - A fluid control device including a valve body, a control member, and a one-piece bonnet. The valve body defines a flow path for a fluid. The control member is disposed in the valve body and adapted for displacement between at least a first position and a second position. The one-piece bonnet is coupled to the valve body and defines a protrusion. The protrusion extends at least partially into the flow path and is arranged to direct at least some of the fluid flowing along the flow path when the control member is disposed between the first position and the second position.02-24-2011
20120080629VALVE DEVICE FOR A COMBUSTION ENGINE - The invention relates to a valve device for a combustion engine, in particular of an automobile, comprising a housing with at least two fluid connections, a hollow valve element, being rotatably supported in the housing between at least two rotational positions, said valve element comprising at least two openings, which dependent on the rotational position of the valve element can be connected with the fluid connections of the housing, and a drive for rotating the valve element. According to the invention, the valve element is connected torque proof with a shaft, which shaft is rotatably supported at two opposing bearings of the housing, wherein the shaft is at least at one end rotatably supported in a bearing bush, which bearing bush is received at one of the bearings torque proof against a rotation about the shaft axis, wherein the inner surface and/or the outer surface of the bearing bush is formed spherically.04-05-2012
20120319021VALVE MECHANISM - In the valve mechanism 12-20-2012
20130134341Hydraulic rotary valve - A hydraulic rotary valve comprises a valve body formed with a plurality of outer ports and a spool rotatably disposed in the valve body, and the spool is formed with a plurality of inner ports. The spool is capable of rotating at least three angles with respect to the spool to enable the respective outer ports of the valve body to be in or not in communication with the respective inner ports of the spool, thus making the hydraulic liquid flow in desired directions to control predetermined motions of an actuator. The hydraulic rotary valve is easy to manufacture, and has less leakage and less pressure loss problem.05-30-2013
20130146797Rotary Valve with Product Relief Grooves - A rotary valve meters the flow of particulate material from a supply source into a pneumatic conveying system and includes a central rotor rotatable within a cylindrical housing. The interior surface of the cylindrical housing is formed with grooves extending from pinch points at the inlet opening to facilitate the passage of particulate material past the pinch points without being trapped between the rotor vanes and the housing. The grooves are preferably formed in a configuration that has an increasing depth from the proximal wall to the distal wall, and preferably is configured with a spiraled surface shaped to increase the depth of the groove channel to a rounded end chamber at the distal wall. The groove channels can be oriented in alignment with a triangular ridge, in a circumferential direction perpendicular to the direction of movement of the rotor, or perpendicular to the angle of the triangular ridge.06-13-2013
20100308247Hemi-Wedge Verifiable Shutoff Valve - An improved hemi-wedge type valve is disclosed that has upstream and downstream sealing surfaces that cooperate with opposed surfaces on the hemi-wedge valve member. This results in improved sealing and less leakage, at both high and low pressures.12-09-2010
20110303863COMBINED CHANGEOVER AND CONTROL VALVE - A slim profile rotary control valve capable of independently modulating fluids into a single heat exchanger from two different and distinct systems that utilize the same type of heat transfer fluid. The valve is capable of monitoring both the supply and return fluid temperatures as well as the mass flow to enable the valve controller to optimize system's energy efficiency. It eliminates the use of multiple valves currently used in a conventional changeover system.12-15-2011
20120043488MOTORIZED VALVE - A motorized valve including: a valve body having a housing wall and one or more inlet ports and a plurality of outlet ports penetrating the housing wall; each outlet port being arranged in spaced relationship from one another about a seat face, said seat face substantially conforming to an inner face of circular cylinder and each said outlet port having an orifice penetrating said seat face; a valve stopper having a stopper body formed with a sealing face conforming to an outer face of a circular cylinder commensurate with the dimensions of said seat face whereby said stopper body is rotatable within the valve body about a common axis shared by the valve body and the valve stopper, a valve stem extending axially from the stopper body, and a fluid communication passage formed into said stopper body for providing fluid communication between said one or more inlet ports penetrating said housing wall and a selected one or more of said outlet ports; and drive means operatively interposed between said valve stem and said valve housing for generating relative rotating motion of said valve stopper with respect to said valve body.02-23-2012

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