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251 - Valves and valve actuation

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251025000 Pilot or servo type motor 68
251062000 Piston type expansible chamber reciprocating valve actuator 38
251061000 Flexible wall expansible chamber reciprocating valve actuator 28
251014000 Fluid and non-fluid actuators 17
251058000 With mechanical movement between actuator and valve 10
251015000 Compulsory cut-off after flow period 5
20130126765VALVE WITH A DELAYED CLOSING - Delayed valve of the type comprising a water entrance (05-23-2013
20090026393Mechanism for a flow control device with buffer chamber - Described here is a mechanism for a flow control device comprising of a valve casing, a plurality of buffer chambers, an elongated stem, and an actuating mechanism. The valve casing includes an inlet flow passage, an outlet flow passage, a valve seat in between, and a barrel housing extended from the flow passage. The buffer chamber is partitioned from the barrel housing by a moveable valve member and is comprised of a first channel and a second channel. The second channel is defined as a pilot valve and functions to adjust the inside pressure of the chamber. The elongated stem comprises of a plug that couples together with a pilot valve port.01-29-2009
20100314564Apparatus with movable timing sleeve control of flow through, and safety control operation - Fluid flow control apparatus, comprising a tubular body, a spool within the body, and a timer sleeve movable axially in the body and relative to the spool, to control fluid flow through the spool in response to fluid pressure applied to a closed end of the sleeve; a seat extending within the body to be engaged by the open end of the sleeve, thereby to effect stoppage of flow through the spool, in a flow blocking axial position of the sleeve; and means including a stem extending axially within the spool to define therewith a leakage path for fluid to slowly leak form within the timer sleeve to the downstream exterior of the spool.12-16-2010
20120205564FLUID ACTUATED VALVE AND INSTALLATION TOOL - A fast-action direct-fluid (gas or liquid) actuated valve assembly including a valve housing having an internal fluid port defined by a larger chamber and a smaller chamber, separated by a shoulder, a valve body seated in the valve housing and defined by a plurality of ports evenly spaced circumferentially around its circumference adjacent to an endplate seatable in the housing, a plurality of supporting wall sections (mullions) between the ports, and a plurality of internal vanes 08-16-2012
20080237510Valve device for air compressor - An air compressor includes a cylinder housing having an outlet tube, a piston slidably received in the cylinder housing and having a piston rod and a bore, and a motor coupled to the piston for moving the piston relative to the cylinder housing in a reciprocating action, in order to generate pressurized air. A valve device includes one side secured to the piston, an inner peripheral slot formed between two blade members, and two coupling members coupling the two ends or two sides of the blade members together for increasing a resilience of the blade members and for preventing the valve device from being bent or distorted or deformed when the piston is moved in a very high speed relative to the cylinder housing.10-02-2008
251059000 Rotary or oscillatory motor 4
20110186758Hydraulic Motor With Non-Contact Encoder System - A disc valve hydraulic motor assembly is disclosed that includes a rotary valve that rotates in accordance with the motor output shaft and in which a two-pole bolt magnet is mounted in alignment with the center of the rotating valve to rotate with the rotating valve. The end housing of the disc valve hydraulic motor that is spaced from and disposed beyond the rotating valve is provided with a central opening aligned with the magnet. A stainless steel plug is interposed between the sensor and the interior of the motor so that the sensor is separated from the high pressure hydraulic fluid.08-04-2011
20090173901ACTUATOR SYSTEM - An actuator system (07-09-2009
20130112902Seacock closing system - A pneumatic seacock retrofit is provided for convenient closing of all or a portion of the seacocks, whether as a matter of every day convenience or for use in an emergency, in which all of the vessel's seacocks can be pneumatically closed at the same time, leaving the possibility of selectively overriding seacock closure, with all control valves operating to provide a momentary pulse of air to the rotary actuators and then return to a neutral position, leaving the actuators free for further control. Moreover, an operator is free to manually close a valve in the event that the pneumatic system fails.05-09-2013
20080203337ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY WITH HERMETIC SEAL AND MAGNETIC ROTATIONAL COUPLER - An actuator assembly including an actuator housing assembly having a piston rod and a piston body disposed at least partially therein and in substantial linear alignment. A linear variable differential transducer (LVDT) is coupled to the piston rod to provide linear positioning and configured to eliminate rotation of the piston rod. A rotational coupler, in the form of a helical groove and reciprocating guide member, couple the piston rod to the piston body. The rotational coupler is configured to translate linear displacement of the piston rod into rotation of the piston body. A valve shaft is positioned in substantially linear alignment with and surrounding at least a portion of the piston body. A magnetic rotational coupler couples the piston body to the valve shaft. The magnetic rotational coupler is configured to create a magnetic field that translates rotational displacement of the piston body into rotation of the valve shaft.08-28-2008
251048000 Dashpot or fluid controlled retarder or timer 4
20090261278Apparatus for Controlling Fluid Flow - An apparatus for controlling fluid flow comprising a main chamber having an inlet and an outlet, a control member movable between a start position where the outlet is open and a finish position where the outlet is at least partially closed, an urging means for urging the control member to the start position and trickle means for allowing a trickle of fluid to exit the outlet when the control member is in the finish position.10-22-2009
20120199766Solenoid operated fluid control valve - Solenoid operated fluid control valve for controlling the pressure of a fluid in a fluid control system comprises a solenoid housing having therein a solenoid coil, an armature movable in response to electrical current applied to the solenoid coil, a valve member for controlling fluid flow to a fluid passage, an actuator pin disposed between the armature and the valve member for moving the valve member in response to armature movement, and one or more features including an armature damping member, tubular actuator pin support body, flow diverter, coil bobbin support sleeve, and/or internal particle gettering magnet to improve valve operation.08-09-2012
20120061594Volume Booster with Stabilized Trim - A fluid flow control device includes a body having an inlet connection, an outlet connection, and a discharge port. A supply path extends between the inlet connection and the outlet connection and a booster module is disposed within the body. The booster module includes a control element and an actuator element and defines an exhaust path extending between the outlet connection and the discharge port. A supply port is disposed within the booster module along the supply path between the inlet connection and the outlet connection and at least a first damping means operatively connected to the booster module.03-15-2012
20110226973LIFT ASSIST AND DAMPER ARRANGEMENT - A lockable lift assist assembly includes a piston assembly moveable between an extended position and a retracted position. A valve assembly is coupled in movement together with the piston assembly. The valve assembly is configured to selectively alter a flow of a hydraulic fluid through a fluid communication path established within the valve assembly to control movement of the piston assembly.09-22-2011
251057000 Fluid link or column actuator 4
20090039300Hydro-mechanical valve actuation system for split-cycle engine - A hydro-mechanical system is disclosed for actuating an outwardly opening valve of an engine, such as a crossover passage valve of a split-cycle engine. A developed embodiment includes a body having a plunger cylinder in hydraulic fluid communication with a valve cylinder. A plunger in the plunger cylinder is reciprocated to displace hydraulic fluid into the valve cylinder, the engine valve being opened by the hydraulic fluid displaced by the plunger into the valve cylinder and acting against the valve piston. A valve spring, preferably an air spring returns the engine valve to engage an outwardly facing valve seat to close a gas passage of the engine. Control valves and an energy reusing accumulator, along with valve seating control and lift brake features may also be included.02-12-2009
20100243927VALVE ARRANGEMENT - A valve system for activating a piston of a piston-cylinder arrangement for a hydraulic or fluid device includes a pilot control valve including 3/2-way valve and a main valve arrangement having a first and a second main valve. The first and second main valves include 2/2-way valves, wherein in a first position the pilot-control valve is configured to move the first main valve into an open position so as to direct a path for a high pressure fluid to a space above the piston, and wherein in a second position the pilot-control valve is configured to connect the space to a low-pressure tank so as to relieve a pressure in the space above the piston via the second main valve, and wherein the pilot-control valve is configured to open the second main valve and configured to close the first main valve.09-30-2010
20100084588Deepwater Hydraulic Control System - A hydraulic control system and method utilizing a retrievable control pod for the actuation of subsea blowout preventer stacks are disclosed. In one embodiment, the hydraulic control system comprises a subsea hydraulic umbilical line, a lower marine riser package having a hydraulic receptacle, a hydraulic control pod having a hydraulic connector for hydraulically mating with the hydraulic receptacle, at least one pod umbilical hydraulic connector hydraulically connected through umbilical connector piping to the hydraulic control pod, and at least one lower marine riser package umbilical hydraulic connector for hydraulically mating with the pod umbilical hydraulic connector and the subsea hydraulic umbilical line.04-08-2010
20080237511Pneumatic Retarder Actuator Valve - The present invention pertains to an electro-pneumatic retarder control (EPRC) valve for a pneumatic retarder that controls the speed of railroad cars in a marshaling yard. The EPRC valve has a housing that generally encloses and protects its various components. The housing has a lid that can be opened to gain access to a control panel mounted on an interior door. The control panel includes a display, keyboard and programmable logic controller or PLC module that can be adjusted to set the desired pressure levels of the retarder. The EPRC valve has a modular pressure control assembly that includes an intake and exhaust manifold, a retarder supply and return manifold and several interchangeable control lines formed by like-shaped control valves and components. A pilot air control assembly enables the PLC module to selectively open and close the control valves and lines to deliver or release pressurized air to the retarder.10-02-2008
251024000 Venturi or line flow effect assisted 1
20090302245FLUID CONTROL VALVE AND VALVE BODY - A fluid control valve (12-10-2009
251060000 With adjustable limit stop for actuator 1
20080197307VALVE FLOW ADJUSTMENT DEVICE - A valve with a flow adjustment device in the form of a valve stem travel limiter includes a removable and reversible collar having a passage therethrough to receive a valve stem having a shoulder, the passage further includes two bores having different diameters. The flow adjustment device may be assembled to a valve stem to permit two different predetermined valve stem travel limits.08-21-2008
20090194717HIGH-PRESSURE VALVE ASSEMBLY - A high-pressure valve assembly includes a flange defining an axis. Projecting into the flange is a valve body which is sealed against the flange by a static ring seal. Provided on one side of the valve body is a spring-loaded closure member which is supported for movement in a direction of the axis to form a suction valve, and on another side of the valve body in opposition to the one side is a spring-loaded tappet which is supported for movement in the direction of the axis to form a pressure valve. A channel connects the suction valve with the pressure valve and has one end porting into a pressure chamber of the valve body adjacent to the pressure valve. The pressure chamber extends in axial direction of the tappet and is sized to extend substantially above a bottom edge of the ring seal.08-06-2009
20120181459CONTROL ARRANGEMENT - A control arrangement for use in a hydraulic control system including a control valve having at least two movable elements, such as spools or poppets, that is adapted to control a main flow through the control valve. The control arrangement further includes a control unit. In an embodiment the control arrangement is adapted to control the operation of the control valve in accordance with a first control scheme, monitor an operating parameter of the control system, and control the operation of the control valve in accordance with a second control scheme in the event that the value of the operating parameter falls outside of a predetermined range.07-19-2012
20100006787Fluid Controller With Joint - To provide a fluid controller with a joint, which has a general versatility and can reduce a storage cost and a storage space.01-14-2010
20130062541Device, Method and System for Compressed Air Control and Compressed Air Supply - The invention relates to a compressed air control device (03-14-2013
20110031423HYDRAULIC CONTROL ARRANGEMENT FOR CONTROLLING A VARIABLE FLUID VOLUME FLOW - A hydraulic control system for controlling a variable fluid volume flow to a consumer (02-10-2011
20110291034HYDRAULIC VALVE ASSEMBLY HAVING A CARTRIDGE INSERT VALVE EXHIBITING A CLOSING ELEMENT ARRANGED IN A PRESSURE EQUALIZED MANNER - The invention relates to a hydraulic valve assembly having a cartridge insert valve in a bore hole designed in a valve block and connected to the flow channels arranged in the valve block comprising a valve sleeve inserted in the bore hole and a closing member guided into said sleeve, wherein the valve sleeve forms a valve seat for the closing member in the closing position thereof and the closing member can be moved by means of a connected hydraulic pre-control between the closed position thereof seated on the valve seat and separating the flow channels from one another, and an opened position pushed into the valve sleeve, and the bore hole is sealed tight by the cartridge insert valve inserted the rein via a valve cover connected to the valve block. The closing member forms a sleeve-shaped closing element (12-01-2011
20090146089PRESSURE TYPE FLOW RATE CONTROL REFERENCE AND CORROSION RESISTANT PRESSURE TYPE FLOW RATE CONTROLLER USED FOR THE SAME - A pressure type flow rate control reference which allows performance of flow rate calibrations of a flow rate controller on all types of gases, including corrosive gases, at low costs, and also has excellent flow rate control accuracy.06-11-2009
20090152481DIAPHRAGM-SEALED VALVE WITH PROCESS PURGING GROOVE - A diaphragm-sealed valve provided with a valve cap and a valve body, a diaphragm and a plunger assembly. The diaphragm is compressibly positioned between the valve cap and the valve body. The valve body comprises a process purging channel extending along a main recess of the valve body, under a pre-formed deformation of the diaphragm. A process purging inlet passage and a process purging outlet passage, both opening on the process purging channel, allow for a purging gas to flow in the process purging channel.06-18-2009
20090146088METHOD FOR OPERATION OF A POSITION REGULATOR - The disclosure relates to a method for operation of a position regulator for control of a pneumatic drive for an actuating member in a process installation. The position regulator has a pneumatic system with at least one nozzle/bounce-plate system, in which the bounce plates are in the form of piezo bending bars. For damped ventilation and venting of the pneumatic drive in the event of failure of the electrical power, it is proposed that the level of the electrical power supply be monitored and that, if a predeterminable limit value is undershot, the piezo bending bars of the pneumatics are adjusted via the input signals of the pneumatics such that the pneumatically controlled valves, which are subject to a characteristic, of the amplifier are open precisely just so far that a damped movement of the pneumatic actuating drive takes place to a predeterminable limit position at the desired movement speed.06-11-2009
20090294709TWO STEP VALVE ACTUATOR - A valve is provided including a first valve member and a second valve member. The first valve member includes a first step and a first orifice adjacent the first step. The second valve member includes a second step and a second orifice adjacent the second step. The second valve member is movable relative to the first valve member between an open position, in which the first orifice is fluidly connected the second orifice, and a closed position, in which the first orifice is substantially fluidly disconnected from the second orifice. The first and second steps are fluidly connected to the second orifice and substantially fluidly disconnected from the first orifice when the second valve member is in the closed position, and the first and second steps are fluidly connected to the first and second orifices when the second valve member is in the open position.12-03-2009
20110204266PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE - A micromechanical pressure relief valve arrangement (08-25-2011
20100276614MODULAR IN-LINE FLUID REGULATORS - Modular in-line fluid regulators are described. An example fluid regulator apparatus includes a fluid regulator comprising a body defining a fluid inlet port and a fluid outlet. The fluid inlet port is configured to interchangeably receive a coupling associated with one-stage fluid regulation or a modular in-line fluid regulator associated with two-stage fluid regulation. The modular in-line fluid regulator is configured to be positioned substantially within the fluid inlet port to change the fluid regulator apparatus from a one-stage fluid regulator to a two-stage fluid regulator. The fluid regulator apparatus includes a diaphragm operatively coupled to a valve assembly to control a flow of fluid through the valve assembly based on a pressure of the fluid outlet.11-04-2010
20090152480FLUID BACKUP PREVENTING SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF USE THEREOF - An apparatus for continuously controlling fluid flow in a sewer conduit, comprising: a) moisture sensors detecting levels of fluid in this conduit; b) an inflatable bladder, mounted in the sewer conduit for releasably sealing in fluid tight fashion a section of this conduit; an air compressor, for inflating the bladder; and a control box including a CPU, sensitive to the moisture sensor and actuating the air compressor responsively to conduit fluid level conditions reaching beyond a preset threshold value. The performance of the apparatus is independent of the speed of fluid flow in the sewer conduit.06-18-2009
20090127483FLUID HANDLING DEVICE WITH ISOLATING CHAMBER - A fluid handling device includes a body portion defining a flow passage and an impulse chamber extending from the flow passage. The impulse chamber is fluidly coupled with the flow passage and has a pair of opposing ends defining a length dimension therebetween. The impulse chamber further presents a diameter dimension transverse to the length dimension, wherein the length dimension is at least 3 times and not greater than 10 times the diameter dimension. The device further includes at least one sensor operably coupled with the body portion. The sensor is disposed proximate the end of the impulse chamber opposite the flow passage and presents a sensing face facing into the impulse chamber.05-21-2009
20100193714HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR - A double-acting actuating device (08-05-2010
20100012867COMPENSATED VALVE - In a valve assembly (01-21-2010
20100213396Throttle Valve Used for Recharging Aquifers - In order to prevent cascading of water flowing through a recharge pipe used for recharging an underground aquifer and to thereby minimize or eliminate introduction of air into aquifers, a valve is provided at the lower end of the recharge pipe which controls the rate of flow of recharge water. This is accomplished by providing an array of elongated, vertically extending slots in a section of the recharge pipe proximate the lower end of the recharge pipe, which slots are progressively opened by an overlying valve sleeve. In order to prevent recharge water from spraying laterally from the recharge pipe when the recharge valve is open, a throttle skirt extends laterally from the valve sleeve in spaced relation to the pipe so as to deflect the recharge water downwardly and directly toward the aquifer. This prevents the recharge well from being blocked by debris from the wall of the recharge well.08-26-2010
20120138826PNEUMATIC VALVE - A pneumatic valve (06-07-2012
20120138825Flow Actuated Valve - A flow actuated valve includes a valve body, a diverter member, an actuator member, and a check disk. The valve body defines a first upper aperture, a second upper aperture, and a lower aperture. A check disk member connects to the actuator member to control the flow of fluid depending upon the direction of the flow of the fluid through the valve. When the check disk member is closed, the diverter member engages the actuator member to allow a first fluid to flow through the first upper aperture or to allow a second fluid to flow through the second upper aperture. In operation, the fluid is selected by changing the directional flow of the fluid to close the check disk member which causes the actuator member to engage the diverter member to either allow the first fluid source or the second fluid source to flow therethrough.06-07-2012
20100219360Directly Actuated Valve With A Strain-Type Actuator And A Method Of Operating Same - A method is provided for operating a directly actuated valve that comprises a strain-type actuator to actuate a valve member to travel between a closed position and an open position, the method comprising transmitting displacements from the strain-type actuator to the valve member, maintaining a compressive stress on the actuator that is greater than a predetermined minimum stress by applying a pre-load compressive stress and limiting to less than predetermined limits at least one of: (a) acceleration and deceleration of the valve member when moving between open positions and the closed position; and (b) velocity of said valve member immediately before contacting the valve seat.09-02-2010
20100133452FLUID LEVEL CONTROL VALVE - A valve device to control fluid supplied to a tank. The valve device includes a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet to expel fluid to the tank, a valve seat, defining an opening through which fluid is adapted to flow from the inlet to the outlet, a valve member, movable relative to the valve seat between an open position and a closed position, and, a control mechanism to operate said valve device. The control mechanism includes a control chamber, a fluid passageway between the control chamber and the inlet, a flow control element within the fluid passageway, a relief valve, movable between an open position and a closed position to selectively expel fluid from the control chamber to a relief port, and, a relief valve activation mechanism, to control the operation of the relief valve according to an amount of fluid in the tank.06-03-2010
20110031422VALVE-CONTROLLED POSITIVE-DISPLACEMENT MACHINE - In a valve-controlled hydrostatic positive-displacement machine and a method for its control, the positive-displacement machine having a plurality of cylinder-piston units which are activated or deactivated via electrically or electro-hydraulically actuated low-pressure valves and via high-pressure valves for setting a delivery or absorption volume flow of the positive-displacement machine, if the volume flow is essentially unchanged, the activation and deactivation of the cylinder-piston units is effected in accordance with one of a plurality of activation patterns valid for the particular volume flow.02-10-2011
20120145933LIQUID FILLED PRESSURE/VACUUM VALVE FOR PETROLEUM UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS - A liquid filled pressure/vacuum valve for underground storage tanks has a body having an inlet coupled to the UST and an outlet coupled to atmosphere. The valve has a suction zone disposed in the body and fluidly coupled to the inlet. The valve has a pressure zone disposed in the body and fluidly coupled to the outlet, with the suction zone in fluid communication with the pressure zone. The valve has a separator disposed in fluid communication with the outlet and the pressure zone, and a fluid that flows between the suction zone and pressure zone. The flow of fluid is determined by an increased force due to a pressure differential between the suction zone and pressure zone.06-14-2012
20110095213HYDRAULIC APPARATUS, HANDLE, AND METHOD OF PROVIDING AN EXTENDABLE HANDLE - Handles, extendable handles, and linkage mechanisms are examples of apparatuses that include a body; a pivotably attached head; cylinder, actuator, or hydraulic actuator; a fluid passage or hose; and a valve, blocking means, or hydraulic control device. The valve, blocking means, or hydraulic control device may be normally open and may close only when held closed, and may be connected on one side to the fluid passage or hose and on another side to atmosphere. An operator may use a tool, such as a drywall flat box attached to the head, by holding the handle and controlling pivoting of the head by operating the valve. Methods include providing for an operator to control a tool on a handle, and include providing the handle and instructing the operator to actuate the blocking means to hold the tool in a constant orientation relative to the handle.04-28-2011
20090173900Self-Regulating Valve for Controlling the Gas Flow in High Pressure Systems - A controlled pressure release valve controls the gas flow in high-pressure systems. The valve includes a valve body, a slidable spool, a primary flow passage, a first and second chamber, a first and second spring, a first and second passages, and a valve actuator. The valve body has a gas inlet and a gas outlet and houses the slidable spool. The slidable spool has a first end and a second end, and is slidable between a first position and a second position. The primary flow passage connects the gas inlet and the gas outlet and increases with lineal movement of the slidable spool. The first chamber is located adjacent the first end of the slidable spool and a second chamber is located adjacent the second end of the slidable spool. The sliding spool is biased toward the first position by a gas pressure applied by the second chamber and the second spring.07-09-2009
20090045361VALVE MODULE - A fluid power valve module has a supply port for fluid and at least one fluid power and more especially pneumatic valve able to be controlled via the control interface of the valve module for control of a fluid power instrumentality by way of power ports on the basis of the supplied fluid. There is a provision such that the valve module comprises at least one switching output integrated in its housing fo output of a switching signal for switching a switching means for influencing and more especially deactivating the instrumentality.02-19-2009
20130200281FLOW CONTROL VALVE AND METHOD FOR USING THE SAME - A flow control valve includes at least one inlet unit configured to permit an inflow of a liquid into the flow control valve, and at least one outlet unit configured to permit an outflow of the liquid out of the flow control valve. The inlet unit is at least partially disposed on a radial outer surface of the flow control valve.08-08-2013
20110315905GASKET TYPE ORIFICE AND PRESSURE TYPE FLOW RATE CONTROL APPARATUS FOR WHICH THE ORIFICE IS EMPLOYED - A gasket type orifice includes a first orifice base having a through-type passage in a central area thereof, a second orifice base having in a central area thereof a through-type passage communicating with the passage of the first orifice base, and an orifice plate having an orifice hole formed in a central area thereof, wherein the orifice plate is mounted by insertion in an airtight manner between both orifice bases, and the gasket type orifice is installed in a fluid passage, in which the outer end faces of both orifice bases respectively serve as sealing faces, and an outer diameter of the second orifice base, located on the downstream side, is larger than an outer diameter of the first orifice base located on the upstream side, and an outer peripheral edge portion of an inner end face of the second orifice base serves as another sealing face.12-29-2011
20110315904PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR AND METHOD FOR OPERATING THE PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR - In a pneumatic actuator for setting a control armature, a first working chamber and a second working chamber are pneumatically separated from each other by a moveable dividing wall to which the control armature is coupled in a force-transmitting manner. The dividing wall, in case of a pressure difference between the working chambers, is displaced in a first control direction. A positioner is adapted to output at least one pneumatic control signal to the first working chamber. The first and the second working chambers are pneumatically connected to each other via a pneumatic short-circuit duct with a balancing valve disposed in the short-circuit duct for at least one of closing or opening the short-circuit duct. The balancing valve is driveable by the positioner such that in case of a certain operating condition, the balancing valve pneumatically short-circuits the first and the second working chamber for achieving a pressure balance between the chambers.12-29-2011
20120001103CONTROL DEVICE - In a control device for a technical processing plant, a pneumatically driven actuator having an actuator stem is provided together with a valve operated by the actuator, the valve having a valve stem. A valve element is attached to the valve stem. A stem connector connects the two stems to each other for a forced transmission of axial actuating movements and for modifying an axial distance between adjacent ends of the valve stem and the actuator stem to adjust a total axial length of the two stems. The stem connector comprises two half-shells connected to each other, and two positioning devices are provided for a friction-locking coupling of the half-shells to the respective ends. At least one of the positioning devices is designed to modify an axial attachment position of the half-shells along one of the stems.01-05-2012
20090084996SERVO VALVE - A servo valve for a hydraulic power steering system includes a valve shaft that is rotatable about a valve axis, a valve sleeve that cooperates with and may be rotated in relation to the valve shaft, and a closure member for a valve return port. The closure member is movable between a first end position, in which it closes a flow cross-section of the valve return port at least partially, and a second end position, in which it substantially clears the flow cross-section of the valve return port. The closure member is urged towards one of the end positions by the supply pressure applied on a valve supply port by a hydraulic fluid.04-02-2009
20120205563VALVE ARRANGEMENT FOR ACTUATING A LOAD - The invention relates to a valve arrangement for actuating a load (08-16-2012
20110049399PRESSURE EQUALISATION DEVICE - A pressure equalisation device adapted to be operatively connected to an enclosure, the device including an air passage which, when the device is so connected to the enclosure, provides a fluid communication between the interior of the enclosure and atmosphere, the air passage containing a barrier wall comprising an air permeable membrane forming a micro-particulate filter.03-03-2011
20120168652PNEUMATICALLY ACTUATED LIQUID DISPENSING VALVE - A liquid dispensing valve (07-05-2012
20110180735DEVICE FOR SUPPLYING A FLUID FOR EXPLOSION FORMING - With the invention, a device for fluid feed for explosive forming, which has a valve and an activating mechanism to activate the valve, is to be improved, so that the device permits both good filling of a die with fluid and good sealing during the explosive forming process in a technically simple design. This task is solved by a device for fluid feed for explosive forming that has a valve and an activating mechanism to activate the valve, in which the activating mechanism is arranged separate from the valve in an inactivated valve state.07-28-2011
20090057583DUAL SETPOINT PRESSURE CONTROLLED HYDRAULIC VALVE - A hydraulic valve has a valve body with a bore into which an inlet port, an outlet port, and a workport all open. A valve spool is slideably received within the bore. The valve spool has a first position that provides a path between the inlet port and the workport, and a second position that provides another path between the outlet port and the workport. Inlet port pressure tends to move the valve spool into the first position and outlet port pressure tends to move the valve spool into the second position. A linear actuator is coupled to the valve spool by a spring, thereby biasing the valve spool toward the first position. Another spring biases the valve spool toward the second position.03-05-2009
20120074339REGULATING VALVE DEVICE - [Problem] To provide a regulating valve device having a valve element opened or closed by a working fluid.03-29-2012
20120326062Slide valve having a housing and a slide element guided within the housing - A slide valve having a housing and a slide element guided within the housing, at least two hydraulic connections being present on the housing, and at least one of the hydraulic connections communicating hydraulically with at least one control port in a cylindrical guide surface that guides the slide element, the control port extending only over a limited distance in the circumferential direction of the guide surface and cooperating with a control edge of the slide element assigned thereto, the slide element having an essentially cylindrical outer contour and at least one end face, and the slide element being produced by injection molding, and at least one injection point being configured on the end face.12-27-2012
20120091374MICROFABRICATED ELASTOMERIC VALVE AND PUMP SYSTEMS - A method of fabricating an elastomeric structure, comprising: forming a first elastomeric layer on top of a first micromachined mold, the first micromachined mold having a first raised protrusion which forms a first recess extending along a bottom surface of the first elastomeric layer; forming a second elastomeric layer on top of a second micromachined mold, the second micromachined mold having a second raised protrusion which forms a second recess extending along a bottom surface of the second elastomeric layer; bonding the bottom surface of the second elastomeric layer onto a top surface of the first elastomeric layer such that a control channel forms in the second recess between the first and second elastomeric layers; and positioning the first elastomeric layer on top of a planar substrate such that a flow channel forms in the first recess between the first elastomeric layer and the planar substrate.04-19-2012
20120091373STEAM VALVE APPARATUS - In one embodiment, a steam valve apparatus includes: a hydraulic cylinder including an internal space sectioned into first and second chambers by a piston operated by a hydraulic liquid; a first passage to supply the hydraulic liquid to the first chamber; a second passage connecting the first and second chambers; a third passage to drain the hydraulic liquid from the second chamber; an electromagnetic valve switched between first and second states; a first cartridge valve opening the first passage when the electromagnetic valve is in the first state and closing the first passage when the electromagnetic valve is in the second state; and a second cartridge valve closing the first passage when the electromagnetic valve is in the first state and opening the first passage when the electromagnetic valve is in the second state.04-19-2012
20130015379FLUID-OPERATED ACTUATING DRIVE ON A VALVE - A fluid-operated actuating drive (01-17-2013
20130015377ACTUATOR - An actuator for actuating a plunger of a valve is provided. The actuator has an inlet and includes first and second hollow caps. A main actuation assembly is provided between the caps. The main actuation assembly includes a deformable diaphragm; first and second chambers, static sealing elements and a main piston movable between actuated and unactuated positions. A biasing mechanism biases the piston in the unactuated position. When pressurized gas is flown through the inlet and/or drawn from the outlet of the actuator, the first chamber expands, moving the main piston from the unactuated position to the actuated position, an actuating stem connected to the main piston thereby sliding within a channel provided in the bottom cap. Stackable actuating assemblies can also be used between the caps. Using static sealing elements advantageously avoids friction between moving parts.01-17-2013
20130015378ARTICULATING POPPET TO SEAL A NATURAL VACUUM LEAK DETECTION DEVICE - A Natural Vacuum Leak Detection (NVLD) device having an articulated poppet to allow the sealing surface of the poppet portion to articulate, or wobble, on the end of a poppet pin, where the poppet pin is mounted to the end of the flange portion. The flange portion has the friction spring, and poppet spring pushing on it. The seal surface of the flange portion is able to move to evenly apply force to the lip seal, and provide a full seal. Because the seal surface of the flange portion is able to articulate, or wobble, the flange portion is able to compensate for misalignment between the poppet stem portion and lip seal.01-17-2013
20130168579FLUID REGULATING VALVE - The present invention relates to fluid regulating valve, comprising a housing, a flow regulating member, and a gap controlling member. The housing has an inlet and a carrying part having a first outlet. The gap controlling member is located between the flow regulating member and the carrying part for regulating the gap between the carrying part and the flow regulating member. Fluid flows into the housing via the inlet, flows into the gap via the flow regulating member, drains off from the first outlet, and the fluid pressure of the fluid exerts pressure on the gap controlling member via the flow regulating member for controlling the flow rate of the fluid draining off the first outlet via the gap within a predetermined range by adjusting gap size using said gap controlling member. The fluid regulating valve according to the present invention is tolerant to damages in long-term usage.07-04-2013
20130112901REDUCED LENGTH ACTUATION SYSTEM - A technique provides a component actuation system in a space efficient form. A movable actuator member may be positioned within a corresponding housing in a manner which forms an annulus between the movable actuator member and the surrounding wall of the housing. A spring is located in the annulus and is designed such that the spring extends part way along a circumference of the actuator member to create an open annular region between circumferential ends of the spring. The open annular region provides space for a system related component without requiring additional longitudinal or radial space.05-09-2013
20100314563Drive Arrangement for Valve Devices - In order to improve a drive arrangement (12-16-2010
20100314562DELAY ACTIVATED VALVE AND METHOD - A flow control valve including, a tubular housing having a valve port, a piston disposed in the tubular housing having an orifice, the piston being slidable in the tubular housing to align the orifice with the valve port, a combustion portion at least partially defined by the tubular housing and the piston, and a propellant disposed in the combustion portion and method.12-16-2010
20130153797ACTUATION OF VALVES USING ELECTROOSMOTIC PUMP - A method of actuating a valve, comprises operatively coupling the valve with an electroosmotic pump; flowing a fluid through the electroosmotic pump; and generating a fluidic pressure of at least 0.75 PSI to actuate the valve, wherein the electroosmotic pump comprises one or more thin, porous, positive electroosmotic membranes and one or more thin porous, negative electroosmotic membranes; a plurality of electrodes comprising cathodes and anodes, and a power source; wherein each of the positive and negative electroosmotic membranes are disposed alternatively and wherein at least one of the cathodes is disposed on one side of one of the membranes and at least one of the anodes is disposed on the other side of the membrane and wherein at least one of the cathodes or anodes is disposed between a positive and a negative electroosmotic membrane.06-20-2013
20130119285SHUT-OFF VALVE TESTING SYSTEM - The shut-off valve testing system provides for the testing of the main shut-off valve of a combustible gas supply line in such facilities as refineries, factories, or other plants utilizing such gaseous fuel. The system includes a double-ended hydraulic cylinder receiving hydraulic pressure from a suitable source, the cylinder communicating hydraulically with a hydraulic actuator for the main shut-off valve. The system provides for testing of the shut-off valve by actuating the valve through a portion of its full travel, thus confirming that the valve is free. This is accomplished by shutting off the pressure to one side of the double-ended hydraulic cylinder, and opening the hydraulic line between the cylinder and the actuator. Thus, hydraulic pressure from the actuator can bleed to the cylinder, allowing the actuator to move to the extent of the limiting spring and/or hydraulic pressure to the opposite side of the cylinder.05-16-2013
20120025114SAFETY VALVE AND METHOD OF USE - Embodiments of a method of operating a safety valve and a safety valve system are provided. The valve system includes a valve, an actuator, a mechanical override, and an indicator. The actuator includes a fail-safe mechanism and the indicator is configured to indicate whether the fail-safe mechanism is operable during use of at least one of the actuator and the mechanical override. In one embodiment, a method of operating the safety valve includes actuating the valve into an open position and sending a signal to indicate that the fail-safe mechanism is operable to move the valve to the closed position, while the valve is in the open position.02-02-2012
20120085946Valve Device - The invention relates to a hydraulic valve device (04-12-2012

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