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250515100 Shields 101
250506100 Shielded receptacles for radioactive sources 45
20090302240Solar photon filter - This invention relates to a solar photon filter, hereafter known as the SPF, which is a combination band-pass filtering system consisting of a multiple set of cold or hot mirrors and infra-red absorbers set in a 360-degree or linear arrangement. The system removes almost all of the photons carried by waves having lengths longer than 1000 nm (nanometers)±100 nm, while passing almost all of the incoming photons carried by waves having lengths shorter than 1000 nm±100 nm and/or variations thereof. This is accomplished by positioning a set of cold or hot mirrors in constant optical track with the sun. Such an assembly of cold or hot mirrors allows solar photons carried by light to be split into two distinct bands of frequencies for use requiring such filtering separation.12-10-2009
20130075631ADAPTORS FOR RADIATION DETECTORS - Described herein are adaptors and other devices for radiation detectors that can be used to make accurate spectral measurements of both small and large bulk sources of radioactivity, such as building structures, soils, vessels, large equipment, and liquid bodies. Some exemplary devices comprise an adaptor for a radiation detector, wherein the adaptor can be configured to collimate radiation passing through the adapter from an external radiation source to the radiation detector and the adaptor can be configured to enclose a radiation source within the adapter to allow the radiation detector to measure radiation emitted from the enclosed radiation source.03-28-2013
20090001295Multileaf collimator for electron radiotherapy - A flexible multi-leaf collimator for electron radiotherapy is provided, where the leaves are not a single rigid component, but are configured in a manner that curves away from the patient to provide greater clearance. The invention includes a plurality of flexible assemblies, at least one guide supporting the assemblies, and a plurality of assembly drivers. The driver engages the assembly and moves the assembly along the guide. The assembly has an extended state and a retracted state relative to the guide, such that when in the extended state the assembly is held in the aperture plane and when in the retracted state the assembly conforms along the guide. When in the extended state the assemblies are disposed as a treatment aperture.01-01-2009
20130075630Collimator for Medical Imaging and Fabrication Method - A photon collimator, suitable for use in medical imaging equipment, is constructed from a block of photon-attenuating material, such as solid tungsten or molybdenum alloy that defines a plurality of integrally formed septa slats. Each slat has an elongated length dimension greater than thickness and depth dimensions, and is oriented in an opposed pattern array that is laterally spaced relative to its respective thickness dimension. An aperture channel is defined between each pair of opposed slats. Rows of integrally formed slats in one block or separately affixed blocks may be stacked on each other at skewed angles to form two-dimensional grids of apertures having polygonal cross sections. The slats may be formed by electric discharge or laser thermal ablation machining, such as by a sequential passing of an EDM wire cutting head along the pattern array, repeating sequential cutting of respective channel depth and width.03-28-2013
20110192996CONTACT TYPE PLASMONIC NANO OPTICAL PROBE, PARALLEL PROBE CONSTITUTED OF THE SAME, PLASMONIC OPTICAL APPARATUS INCLUDING THE PARALLEL PROBE, AND A METHOD OF FABRICATING THE PARALLEL PROBE - A contact type plasmonic nano optical probe, a parallel probe constituted of the same, a plasmonic optical apparatus including the parallel probe, and a method of fabricating the parallel probe are disclosed. A contact type plasmonic nano optical probe includes a probe tip which protrudes in a truncated shape having a narrower plan surface and a wider plan surface relatively wider than the narrower plan surface, of which a metal thin film is coated on a surface, of and which an aperture of nm diameter included in a portion of the metal thin film on a central portion of the narrower plan surface, a spring structure disposed at a perimeter of the probe tip and configured to maintain a distance between the probe tip and a film to be exposed, a dielectric filled within the aperture, and a protection layer disposed on the narrower plan surface of the probe tip. Here, an optical transport path is included within the probe tip to be connected to the aperture. A plasmonic optical apparatus including a parallel plasmonic probe is constituted of a probe array including a plurality of probe modules in which the contact type plasmonic nano optical probes are disposed at a uniform distance on a substrate.08-11-2011
20100072407DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANAGING RADIATION - A device and method for managing terahertz and/or microwave radiation are provided. The device can comprise one or more field effect transistors (FETs) that each include at least one channel contact to a central region of the device channel of the FET. The frequency of the radiation managed by the device can be tuned/adjusted by applying a bias voltage to the FET. The radiation can be impinged on the device, and can be detected by measuring a voltage that is induced by the radiation. Further, the device can generate terahertz and/or microwave radiation by, for example, inducing a voltage between two edge contacts on either side of the device channel and applying the voltage to the channel contact.03-25-2010
20130082197SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHODS USING CAPACITIVELY COUPLED PLASMA - Substrate processing systems are described that have a capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) unit positioned inside a process chamber. The CCP unit may include a plasma excitation region formed between a first electrode and a second electrode. The first electrode may include a first plurality of openings to permit a first gas to enter the plasma excitation region, and the second electrode may include a second plurality of openings to permit an activated gas to exit the plasma excitation region. The system may further include a gas inlet for supplying the first gas to the first electrode of the CCP unit, and a pedestal that is operable to support a substrate. The pedestal is positioned below a gas reaction region into which the activated gas travels from the CCP unit.04-04-2013
20100102256Surface plasmon device - A device comprising first and second antennas and a waveguide configured to guide surface plasmons between the first and second antennas.04-29-2010
20090159820Device for Shaping Laser Radiation - Device for shaping laser radiation which has sub-beams (06-25-2009
20120181457COLLIMATOR ALIGNMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - In one embodiment, a system for aligning collimators in an imaging system includes a transmitter coupled to a first detector and configured to transmit a beam, and a receiver coupled to a second detector and configured to receive the beam transmitted from the first detector. The alignment system also includes a cart comprising an alignment device with the cart configured to hold at least two collimators. The system includes a control system configured to align the first and second detectors with the at least two collimators using the alignment device.07-19-2012
20110001065Nano-structured nuclear radiation shielding - The nuclear shielding is bulky and difficult to handle due to the reduced stopping power between the neutral radiations (X, gamma, n) and materials. It is proven that these radiations reflect at grazing angles on special substrates called super-mirrors that contain nano-layers of various materials. The usage of nano-structures in ordered manner or nano-tubes may create the super-mirror like wave-guide for this neutral radiation driving it and turning at angles greater than 90 degrees in few microns only. The usage of ferro or piezo electric nano-structures generates a shield that has the wave-guides path dependent on a control voltage. The resultant device is a shield for nuclear reactor criticality control, minimizing the nuclear reactor shielding and making an electric control of the power level by adjusting the shielding transmission. Other devices as X, n imaging device, or radiation funneling to increase the efficiency of using thin absorbents are some of the potential applications.01-06-2011
20120235068Controlling Electromagnetic Radiation In A Data Center - Controlling electromagnetic (‘EM’) radiation in a data center having a number EM sections, including: receiving, by an EM controller, a specification of preferred EM radiation characteristics for the data center; and setting, by the EM controller, a state of each EM section in accordance with the specification, where the state of each EM section may be one of: an absorption state in which the EM section absorbs EM radiation or a reflection state in which the EM section reflects EM radiation.09-20-2012
20090121161NEUTRON CHOPPER - A neutron chopper according to the present invention includes a housing which internally forms a sealed space, the housing having window portions through which neutrons pass, a fixed shaft which is fixed inside the housing, a rotor which is rotatably supported by the fixed shaft, the rotor provided with a blocking portion which can block neutrons passing through the housing, and a motor which is provided inside the housing for rotating the rotor of the neutron chopper, where a stator of the motor is fixed to the fixed shaft, and a rotor of the motor receives a rotating force from the stator around the fixed shaft, and is fixed to the rotor of the neutron chopper. The neutron chopper is formed with small size, and neutron guides are easily disposed closely, consequently vacuum leak is hardly occurred in the neutron chopper.05-14-2009
20120205560NETWORK CENTRIC SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ACTIVE THERMAL STEALTH OR DECEPTION - A system and method for active thermal stealth or deception, the system including at least two objects, each having at least one active plate and a processing module coupled to the active plate for activating the plate to provide a desired thermal signature to the object, and a remotely located central control unit for external actuation of the processing modules in each object.08-16-2012
20120085942COLLIMATORS AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING COLLIMATORS FOR NUCLEAR MEDICINE IMAGING SYSTEMS - Collimators and methods for manufacturing collimators for nuclear medicine (NM) imaging systems are provided. One method includes forming a plurality of collimator segments from powdered tungsten, wherein the plurality of collimator segments have opposing faces with edges therebetween. The method also includes sintering the powdered tungsten segments and joining the plurality of sintered powdered tungsten segments at least at one or more of the edges to form the collimator for the NM imaging system.04-12-2012
20100171051Devices and methods for protection against exposure to electromagnetic radiation - The present invention provides devices and methods that protect against exposure to remote sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). As such, the devices provide protection against a plurality of electrical equipment used in ordinary households and employment settings. The device includes a housing, a solenoid operably connected to a driver and a polymer. The solenoid generates incident radiation which results in the polymer emitting electromagnetic oscillations at frequencies that counter adverse effects associated with the subject's exposure to the electromagnetic radiation.07-08-2010
20120097870APPARATUS FOR FORMING A MAGNETIC FIELD AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - Apparatus for forming a magnetic field and methods of use thereof are provided herein. In some embodiments, a plurality of coils having substantially similar dimensions disposed about a process chamber in a symmetric pattern centered about a central axis of the process chamber, wherein the plurality of coils are configured to produce a magnetic field having a plurality of magnetic field lines that are substantially planar and substantially parallel. In some embodiments, the plurality of coils comprises eight coils disposed about the process chamber, wherein each of the eight coils is offset by an angle of about 45 degrees from respective adjacent coils of the eight coils.04-26-2012
20120025110REINFORCED POLYMER X-RAY WINDOW - An x-ray window comprising a polymer and carbon nanotubes and/or graphene. The carbon nanotubes and/or graphene can be embedded in the polymer. Multiple layers of polymer, carbon nanotubes, and/or graphene may be used. The polymer with carbon nanotubes and/or graphene can be used as an x-ray window support structure and/or thin film.02-02-2012
20090189097LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A laser processing apparatus which performs a predetermined processing by irradiating a laser beam (07-30-2009
20100181505PARTICLE BEAM DEVICE WITH REDUCED EMISSION OF UNDESIRED MATERIAL - A particle beam impurity removing device for removing impurities from a particle beam emitted in a beam direction is provided, including an emission angle confinement means adapted to confine emission angles of particles included in the particle beam.07-22-2010
20110266469Method and Apparatus for Aligning a Laser Diode on a Slider - A structure includes a channel waveguide and a pocket adjacent to an input facet of the channel waveguide. A laser having an output facet is positioned in the pocket. The structure includes a stop on either the laser or a wall of the pocket. The stop is positioned at an interface between the laser and the wall of the pocket such that the output facet of the laser and the input facet of the waveguide are separated by a gap.11-03-2011
20090114855Coil Former - A coil former (05-07-2009
20080277601Eye-safe near infra-red imaging illumination method and system - A method and system for eye-safe near infra-red (NIR) optical imaging illumination. An eye of an intended subject are imaged with visible light or NIR light at an unconditionally eye-safe illumination level and the maximum permissible eye-safe NIR illumination that can be applied to the eye is determined from the captured images. The eye of the intended subject can then be illuminated with at least one substantially maximal NIR light pulse having a pulse intensity and duration selected to provide the substantially maximum permissible eye-safe NIR illumination intensity at the eye. NIR light pulse illumination can be inhibited in response to detection of other subjects either within the vicinity of a volume extending between an NIR illuminator illuminating the eye and the intended subject. The likelihood that an intended subject has been recently illuminated can also be determined and statistical measures can be used to avoid re-illuminating subject unnecessarily.11-13-2008
20090065717PARTICLE THERAPY SYSTEM - A particle therapy system is provided. The particle therapy system includes an imaging unit and a rotatable gantry with an irradiation unit. The irradiation unit projects into an irradiation room delimited by a wall. The imaging unit is arranged on a C-arm. The C-arm is operable to be moved between a retracted parking position und an extended diagnostic position for imaging purposes.03-12-2009
20100012863ADAPTIVE X-RAY OPTICS - The invention relates to an adaptive optical device for the reflection of impinging radiation, the adaptive optical device comprising at least one actuator and at least one partially reflective volume. The at least one partially reflective volume has a first surface that is oriented to the impinging radiation. The at least one partially reflective volume is at least partially deformable by said at least one actuator such that the impinging radiation is reflected at the at least one partially reflective volume substantially in accordance with Bragg's law. Further, the invention relates to a method and apparatus for controlling the shape of an adaptive optical device.01-21-2010
20120126149Controlling Electromagnetic Radiation In A Data Center - Controlling electromagnetic (‘EM’) radiation in a data center having a number EM sections, including: receiving, by an EM controller, a specification of preferred EM radiation characteristics for the data center; and setting, by the EM controller, a state of each EM section in accordance with the specification, where the state of each EM section may be one of: an absorption state in which the EM section absorbs EM radiation or a reflection state in which the EM section reflects EM radiation.05-24-2012
20100127192ATTENUATOR SYSTEM FOR BEAM MODULATION - An attenuator system for attenuating a radiation beam, including a first attenuating element placed in a path of a radiation beam for attenuation thereof, a second attenuating element placed distal to the first attenuating element for further attenuation of the radiation beam, a first positioner operatively connected to the first attenuating element, which moves the first attenuating element along a first direction, a first processor operatively connected to the first positioner for controlling motion of the first attenuating element, a second positioner operatively connected to the second attenuating element, which moves the second attenuating element along a second direction, and a second processor operatively connected to the second positioner for controlling motion of the second attenuating element, wherein a two-dimensional attenuation distribution of the first attenuating element varies linearly with respect to at least one coordinate.05-27-2010
20110057127Methods and apparel for attenuating electromagnetic fields emanating from an animal handler - Attenuating, while handling an animal, one's own emanated electromagnetic field by wearing apparel that includes an electromagnetically shielding fabric. The shielding fabric comprises a substantially continuous system of conductive fibers combined with non-conductive fabric. Or attenuating, while a handler is handling an animal, the electromagnetic field emanated by the handler, by (i) providing to the handler apparel that includes the electromagnetically shielding fabric, and (ii) instructing the handler to wear it while handling an animal, respectively. The attenuation of the emanated electromagnetic field decreases the likelihood of the animal reacting to the emanated electromagnetic field.03-10-2011
20110108745SCATTERED-RADIATION COLLIMATOR AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A SCATTERED RADIATION COLLIMATOR - A scattered-radiation collimator is disclosed for radiological radiation with a multiplicity of absorber elements that are arranged one behind the other in a collimation direction and held in a support frame. In at least one embodiment, the support frame includes a holding device for holding the absorber elements on opposite sides across the collimation direction, and at least one strip-like holding element spans the absorber elements in a collimation direction on the radiation entry side and/or the radiation exit side of the scattered-radiation collimator and additionally fixes the absorber elements on the longitudinal edges thereof in a mechanical fashion. In at least one embodiment, the holding elements prevent deformations of long absorber elements caused by centrifugal forces to a large extent. This affords the possibility of implementing scattered-radiation collimators with a large Z-coverage that meet the demand on the absorber elements in respect of dimensional stability and positional accuracy. Moreover, at least one embodiment of the invention relates to a method for producing such a scattered-radiation collimator.05-12-2011
20100219358GRID TRANSPARENCY AND GRID HOLE PATTERN CONTROL FOR ION BEAM UNIFORMITY - A design process for varying hole locations or sizes or both in an ion beam grid includes identifying a control grid to be modified; obtaining a change factor for the grid pattern; and using the change factor to generate a new grid pattern. The change factor is one or both of a hole location change factor or a hole diameter change factor. Also included is an ion beam grid having the characteristic of hole locations or sizes or both defined by a change factor modification of control grid hole locations or sizes or both.09-02-2010
20090218524Electromagnetic cloaking and translation apparatus, methods, and systems - Apparatus, methods, and systems provide electromagnetic cloaking and/or translation. In some approaches the electromagnetic cloaking and/or translation is achieved with transformation media. In some approaches the electromagnetic cloaking and/or translation is achieved with metamaterials.09-03-2009
20090218523Electromagnetic cloaking and translation apparatus, methods, and systems - Apparatus, methods, and systems provide electromagnetic cloaking and/or translation. In some approaches the electromagnetic cloaking and/or translation is achieved with transformation media. In some approaches the electromagnetic cloaking and/or translation is achieved with metamaterials.09-03-2009
20090001296Integrated variable-aperture collimator and fixed-aperture collimator - An apparatus and method for coupling a fixed-aperture collimator to a variable-aperture collimator. The variable-aperture collimator may be an IRIS collimator having multiple leaves configured to open and close an aperture of the IRIS collimator within which the fixed-aperture collimator is retained.01-01-2009
20090001294Neutron Coincidence Counter for Non-Destructive Accounting for Nuclear Material and the Handling Thereof - A neutron coincidence counter for non-destructive accounting for a nuclear material according to the present invention comprises an outer case, neutron detectors mounted in the outer case while being surrounded by a moderator, and a basket horizontally movable in the outer case so as to be exposed outside the outer case and having a cavity for receiving a sample container therein. Further, a neutron coincidence counter for non-destructive accounting for a nuclear material according to the present invention comprises an outer case, neutron detectors mounted in the outer case while being surrounded by a moderator, a basket movable in the outer case so as to be exposed outside the outer case and having a cavity for receiving a sample container therein, and an external signal analyzer connected to the detectors through an electrically conductive path. Moreover, at least one facile connector of one-touch connection type is mounted on the electrically conductive path for connecting the detectors to the external signal analyzer, resulting in free removal and replacement of wires connected to the connector.01-01-2009
20100301237METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCTION OF HEAT AND/OR MAGNETIC FIELD THROUGH PHOTON, POSITRON OR PARTICLE INFUSION - A method and device for producing heat and/or a magnetic field through photon, positron, or particle infusion. The device includes a cylinder including a side wall having an opening extending through and tangentially to the side wall providing access to the inner side. At least a portion of the volume of the cylinder comprises neodymium glass. An induction tube may be connected to and extending from the side wall providing a passageway for a stream of particles to the neodymium glass. A lens may be positioned at an end of the induction tube opposite the connection with the cylinder and source of the stream of particles may be positioned outside and aligned with the induction tube. When the source is activated to direct the stream of photons or particles through the induction tube and into the neodymium glass in the cylinder, the source of particles in the stream are infuse into their self in the neodymium glass and release heat. The inner surface of the cylinder may be reflective causing a portion of particles escaping from the neodymium glass to be reflected back into the neodymium glass. As the particles infuse, the density of the particles within the neodymium glass increases thereby increasing the number of cycled infusions and amount of heat produced. The heat may be used to produce steam for powering a steam turbine and also produce electrical energy through magnetic induction.12-02-2010
20100294959CHOPPER FOR A PARTICLE BEAM - A chopper for a particle beam comprises an annular guiding element and an element for controlling the intensity of the particle beam. The control element is supported on the guiding element so that at least one point under consideration on the control element can revolve along the circumference of the guiding element. Mounting along a circumference allows for accommodation of considerably higher disturbance torque than mounting on a rotational axle, using the same bearing force. Furthermore, it is possible to dispense with the entire rotational axle, and the control element can be designed, for example, as a ring. This brings about considerable weight savings as compared to chopper wheels according to the prior art, which accordingly enables higher circumferential speeds and therefore higher modulation frequencies for the particle beam, while at the same time increasing operational safety.11-25-2010
20110073786GENERIC ELECTROMAGNETICALLY-COUNTERED SYSTEMS - The present invention relates to an electromagnetically-countered system including at least one wave source irradiating harmful electromagnetic waves and at least one counter unit emitting counter electromagnetic waves for countering the harmful waves by such counter waves. More particularly, the present invention relates to generic counter units of electromagnetically-countered systems and to various mechanisms for countering the harmful waves by the counter units such as, e.g., by matching configurations of the counter units with those of the wave sources, matching shapes of such counter waves with shapes of the harmful waves, and the like. The present invention also relates to various methods of countering the harmful waves with the counter waves by such source matching or wave matching and various methods of providing the counter units as well as counter waves. The present invention further relates to various processes for providing such systems, such counter units thereof, and the like. The present invention relates to various electric and/or magnetic shields which may be used alone or in conjunction with such counter units to minimize irradiation of the harmful waves from the system.03-31-2011
20090173897Radiation Window With Coated Silicon Support Structure - A window for a radiation detection system includes a frame with an aperture therein configured to receive radiation therethrough. A plurality of silicon ribs span the aperture and are carried by the frame. A coating substantially envelopes each of the plurality of silicon ribs. A thin film covers the aperture and is carried by the plurality of silicon ribs and is configured to pass radiation therethrough.07-09-2009
20120305812SPECT TARGETED VOLUME MOLECULAR IMAGING USING MULTIPLE PINHOLE APERTURES - A computed tomography apparatus is provided that includes a single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) multi-pinhole collimator, where the multi-pinhole collimator includes an aperture plate and a grid pattern of pinholes disposed in the aperture plate, and the pinholes include through-holes each having a central axis pointing at a common focal point at a finite distance from the aperture plate. The multi-pinhole collimator is disposed for radionuclide imaging using nuclear medicine therapies that include TI-201, Tc-99m, I-123, In-111 or I-131. Here, the radionuclide imaging can include brain radionuclide imaging, cardiac radionuclide imaging, bladder radionuclide imaging, thyroid radionuclide imaging, breast radionuclide imaging, prostate gland radionuclide imaging, or adrenal gland radionuclide imaging. The grid pattern includes up to 5 pinholes across the aperture plate and up to 4 pinholes down the aperture plate. The aperture plate includes a form factor having dimensions that fit into an imaging SPECT scanner.12-06-2012
20120043482MULTI LEVEL MULTILEAF COLLIMATORS - A multilevel MLC includes a first set and a second set of a plurality of pairs of beam blocking leaves arranged adjacent one another. Leaves of each pair in the first set are disposed in an opposed relationship and longitudinally movable relative to each other in a first direction. Leaves of each pair in the second set are disposed in an opposed relationship and longitudinally movable relative to each other in a second direction generally parallel to the first direction. The first and second sets of pairs of leaves are disposed in different planes.02-23-2012
20120007003System For Radiation Sterilization Of Medical Devices Using A Package Having Modifier Sections - Methods and systems for selection radiation exposure in sterilization of medical devices are disclosed.01-12-2012
20120012763Method and Apparatus Pertaining to Use of Jaws During Radiation Treatment - These various embodiments are employed in conjunction with the use of both a multi-leaf collimator and jaws that are interposed between a source of radiation and a treatment target while sourcing radiation from the source of radiation towards the treatment target. Generally speaking, during some portion of the aforementioned treatment, these teachings provide for manipulating the jaws to more tightly constrain, in at least one dimension, a beam-shaping aperture as is formed by the multi-leaf collimator. In many cases, as when the leaves of the multi-leaf collimator move back and forth horizontally, the foregoing can comprise manipulating the jaws in a vertical dimension01-19-2012
20110049396Multi-Leaf Collimators - A multi-leaf collimator for a radiotherapy apparatus comprises a plurality of elongate leaves mounted in a carriage, the carriage being mounted on a substrate, wherein the leaves are independently moveable relative to the carriage in a longitudinal direction, and the carriage is moveable in that direction relative to the substrate, and a control apparatus arranged to receive a signal representing leaf positions relative to the substrate and being arranged to control the leaf positions relative to the carriage and the carriage positions relative to the substrate so as to achieve those leaf positions relative to the substrate. By allowing the carriage to be driven concurrently with the leaves, the speed of movement of the carriage can be added to that of the leaves. In this way, where leaves are required to make a long traverse they can do so more quickly. Most MLCs have a means for sensing the current positions of the leaves relative to the substrate, such as an optical or mechanical positional feedback system. The control apparatus can therefore compare the current leaf positions to the signalled leaf positions, and move the leaves and the carriage accordingly. Each leaf can be moved according to a difference between the current leaf position and the signalled leaf position, and the carriage can be moved according to an average difference between the current leaf positions and the signalled leaf positions. A corresponding method is also disclosed.03-03-2011
20110049395RADIATION THERAPY EQUIPMENT - Radiation therapy equipment includes a multi-divided irradiation collimator leaf plates for setting irradiation field as approximately close to a target region as possible by avoiding backlashes due to a plurality of gears for driving a plurality of leaf plates. The plurality of leaf plates is respectively connected to a plurality of constant force springs that are coaxially supported by a pair of rotation shafts so as to be constantly forced in a closing direction. Each leaf plate is moved in an opening direction by rolling up a wire connected to the leaf plate.03-03-2011
20100096569ULTRAVIOLET-TRANSMITTING MICROWAVE REFLECTOR COMPRISING A MICROMESH SCREEN - An ultraviolet-transmitting microwave reflector for a substrate processing chamber, comprises a micromesh screen extending across the metallic frame. In one version, the micromesh screen comprises at least one electroformed layer. A method of fabricating the microwave reflector comprises electroforming a metallic frame surrounding a micromesh screen such that the micromesh screen comprises an open area of greater than 80% of the total area.04-22-2010
20120119120PHYSICAL WEDGE POSITIONING - A method for modulating a radiation beam toward a target, including rotating a radiation beam gantry through an arc segment while irradiating a target with a radiation beam, placing a physical wedge in a beam path of the radiation beam to modify at least one of a beam aperture and a beam intensity of the radiation beam while rotating through the arc segment, and modifying at least one of a wedge angle and a wedge orientation of the physical wedge during a temporal increment associated with the arc segment.05-17-2012
20120248345NANOTUBE BASED DEVICE FOR GUIDING X-RAY PHOTONS AND NEUTRONS - A nanotube based device for guiding a beam of x-rays, photons, or neutrons, includes a beam source and at least one nanotube. Each nanotube has an optical entrance positioned in a manner that a projection of the direction of the central axis at the optical entrance intersects with the beam source. Each nanotube may have an interior diameter that varies along the length of the nanotube. to point the entrances of a bundle of nanotubes toward a point-shaped beam source, the bundle can be grown as an array of multilayer nanotubes from a spherical growth plate. The clear aperture of the bundle is enhanced by providing a smaller number of wall layers of each nanotube near the growth plate than at a distance from the growth plate.10-04-2012
201201328342D Collimator For A Radiation Detector And Method For Manufacturing Such A 2D Collimator - A 2D collimator is disclosed for a radiation detector. In at least one embodiment, the 2D collimator includes 2D collimator modules arranged in series, wherein adjacent 2D collimator modules are glued together to establish a fixed mechanical connection to facing module sides, and wherein, on their free-remaining side, the outer 2D collimator modules have a retaining element for mounting the 2D collimator opposite a detector mechanism. A method for manufacturing such a 2D collimator is also disclosed.05-31-2012
20120132833COLLIMATOR FOR A RADIATION DETECTOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH A COLLIMATOR AS WELL AS METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A RADIATION DETECTOR COMPRISING COLLIMATORS - A collimator is disclosed for a radiation detector including at least three spacing elements arranged on a radiation exit face of the collimator. In at least one embodiment, they are embodied so as to mount the collimator in a stable manner with respect to a radiation converter of the radiation detector. The at least three spacing elements enable a very precise and stable alignment of the collimator in respect of the radiation converter despite manufacturing-related curves or unevennesses in the radiation exit face and/or the mounting surface on the part of the radiation converter. At least one embodiment of the invention also relates to a manufacturing method for such a collimator, as well as a method for manufacturing a radiation detector.05-31-2012
20090095926PHYSIOLOGICAL PARAMETER DETECTOR - A pulse oximetry sensor has an emitter adapted to transmit optical radiation into a tissue site and a ceramic detector adapted to receive optical radiation from the emitter after tissue site absorption. The detector is surrounded by shielding material to reduce undesirable electromagnetic interference.04-16-2009
20080296518X-Ray Window with Grid Structure - A high strength window for a radiation detection system includes a plurality of intersecting ribs defining a grid having openings therein with tops of the ribs terminate substantially in a common plane. The intersecting ribs are oriented non-perpendicularly with respect to each other and define non-rectangular openings. The window also includes a support frame around a perimeter of the plurality of intersecting ribs, and a film disposed over and spanning the plurality of intersecting ribs and openings. The film is configured to pass radiation therethrough. An associated radiation detection system includes a sensor disposed behind the window. The sensor is configured to detect radiation passing through the high strength window.12-04-2008
20090230333Metallic Screens for Sub-Wavelength Focusing of Electromagnetic Waves - A method and apparatus for near-field focusing of an incident wave, over a range of frequencies from microwaves to optical frequencies, into a sub-wavelength spot having a peak-to-null beamwidth of λ/10. The screen may be made out of closely spaced, unequal slots cut on a metallic sheet. Nano-scale focusing capability may be achieved with a simple structure of three slots on a metallic sheet, which can be readily implemented using current nanofabrication technologies. Unlike negative-refractive-index focusing implementations, this “meta-screen” does not suffer from image degradation when losses are introduced and is easily scalable from microwave to Terahertz frequencies and beyond. The slotted geometry is designed using a theory of shifted beams to determine the necessary weighting factors for each slot clement, which are then converted to appropriate slot dimensions.09-17-2009
20120319016INFRARED LIGHT DISTRIBUTION PATTERN CONTROL USING OBJECT DETECTION AND ELECTROWETTING DEVICES - A system for controlling an infrared light distribution pattern that includes an electrowetting lens arranged proximate to an infrared light source, and operable to vary a distribution pattern of infrared light from the infrared light source into an area; an electrowetting shutter overlaying the electrowetting lens, and operable to an opaque state where infrared light from the infrared light source is blocked from projecting into at least a portion of the area, and operable to a transparent state where infrared light passes through the electrowetting shutter; an object detector configured to detect an object in the area; and a controller configured to receive a detection signal from the object detector, and operate the electrowetting lens and the electrowetting shutter in order to control the infrared light distribution pattern based on a location of the object. The pattern may be uniform or may be customized for the object being heated.12-20-2012
20120326059Composite Segment Collimators for SPECT Without Dead Zones - A multi-view composite collimator includes a first parallel collimator segment having a plurality of collimator channels oriented at a first slant angle and a second parallel collimator segment adjacent to the first parallel collimator segment having a plurality of collimator channels oriented at a second slant angle different from the first slant angle and a bridging collimating element is provided between the first and second parallel collimator segments, wherein radiation can pass through the bridging collimating element.12-27-2012
20120091371APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REDUCING ABSORPTION OF RADIATION BY HEALTHY CELLS FROM AN EXTERNAL RADIATION SOURCE - An apparatus and method for reducing absorption of radiation by healthy cells from an external radiation source provided to a living organism is disclosed. A smart device or apparatus with a smart antenna implanted near a target area in the living organism or provided externally proximate to the target area is provided to absorb any excess radiation. With the decrease of radiation or protection of healthy cells, higher radiation to the target area or diseased cells may be provided.04-19-2012
20130009077EMITTER EXIT WINDOW - An exit window can include an exit window foil, and a support grid contacting and supporting the exit window foil. The support grid can have first and second grids, each having respective first and second grid portions that are positioned in an alignment and thermally isolated from each other. The first and second grid portions can each have a series of apertures that are aligned for allowing the passage of a beam therethrough to reach and pass through the exit window foil. The second grid portion can contact the exit window foil. The first grid portion can mask the second grid portion and the exit window foil from heat caused by the beam striking the first grid portion.01-10-2013
20080245977Radiopharmaceutical Dispenser Having Counter-Forced Access Mechanism and System and Method Therewith - The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for accessing a radiation shielded enclosure at least partially made of a radiation shielding material. For example, some systems of the invention include a radiation shielded receptacle configured to receive a radiopharmaceutical and a cover that is removably disposable across an opening into the receptacle. A counter-force mechanism may be biasingly coupled to the receptacle or the cover or a combination thereof. This counter-force mechanism may be said to exhibit a range of positions including a closed position, in which the cover is disposed across the opening, and an open position, in which the opening is uncovered.10-09-2008
20130168577CONVERTER OF ORBITAL MOMENTUM INTO SPIN MOMENTUM FOR THE POLARIZATION OF PARTICLE BEAMS - An apparatus for spin polarizing a particle beam is adapted to process an input particle beam in such a way as to generate an at least partially spin polarized output particle beam. A vortex beam generator for imparting orbital angular momentum to the input particle beam. An electromagnetic field generator generates a transverse magnetic field, space-variant and symmetric with respect to the axis of the input particle beam, in such a way as to change the spin of the particles and attach thereto different values of orbital angular momentum in dependence on their input spin values. A beam component separating group spatially separates the particles in dependence on their orbital angular momentum values, in such a way as to obtain the at least partially spin polarized output particle beam.07-04-2013
20130140474CONTROL GRID DESIGN FOR AN ELECTRON BEAM GENERATING DEVICE - The invention relates to a control grid for an electron beam generating device, wherein the control grid comprises apertures arranged in rows in a width direction and columns in a height direction, wherein a majority of the apertures in a row have the same size, and wherein the size of the apertures of at least one row differs from the size of the apertures of another row.06-06-2013
20080197301DETECTOR SHIELD - An improved photodiode detector shielding apparatus and method are provided which shield a photodiode detector from electromagnetic interference and ambient light, without affecting the wavelengths of light that reach the photodiode. The improved photodiode detector shield has two layers. A bottom layer is substantially made from an electrically conducting material and is fixed over a photodiode in order to shield it from EMI and ambient light. A top layer is substantially made from a lustrous, shiny, reflective material that reflects an equal amount of light across a band of wavelengths. Both layers have areas with optically transmissive openings, which are aligned to allow for the unobstructed passage of light of a band of wavelengths to the photodiode. Light within a band of wavelengths is evenly reflected off the top of the first surface and also reaches the photodiode. In this regard, the detector shield blocks EMI and ambient light without affecting the wavelengths of light desired to reach the photodiode.08-21-2008
20110220817METHOD OF REDUCING THE DISTORTION OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD - Methods and devices are disclosed for minimizing the distortion (or “regularizing”) of the electromagnetic field (EMF) associated with a subject caused by higher frequency electromagnetic fields surrounding the subject by imprinting objects placed in contact with the subject. The methods of the invention provide, inter alia, improvements in strength, stress potentiation, flexibility, stability, and sleep.09-15-2011
20120018653Metamaterial surfaces - An apparatus to modify an incident free space electromagnetic wave includes a block of an artificially structured material having an adjustable spatial distribution of electromagnetic parameters (e.g., ∈, μ, η, σ, and n). A controller applies control signals to dynamically adjust the spatial distribution of electromagnetic parameters in the material to introduce a time-varying path delay d(t) in the modified electromagnetic wave relative to the incident electromagnetic wave.)01-26-2012

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