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250 - Radiant energy


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250504000 Ultraviolet or infrared source 236
20090121160CHARGED PARTICLE SOURCE WITH AUTOMATED TIP FORMATION - A charged particle beam device is described. The device includes an emitter unit including an emitter tip; a voltage supply unit adapted for providing a stable voltage to generate a stable extraction field at the emitter tip; a pulsed voltage supply member adapted for providing a pulsed voltage to generate a pulsed extraction field on top of the stable extraction field; a measuring unit for measuring an emitter characteristic; and a control unit adapted for receiving a signal from the measuring unit and for control of the pulsed voltage supply member.05-14-2009
20090045355METHOD FOR GENERATING ENTANGLED ELECTRON, INFRARED-RAY, VISIBLE-RAY, ULTRAVIOLET-RAY, X-RAY AND GAMMA-RAY BEAMS - The method for generating entangled beams of electrons, gamma-ray, X-ray, ultraviolet, visible or infrared photons comprises the following elements: an entangled photon beam generator using a BBO crystal, two branches each containing a photon-to-electron converter (photocathode), an electron amplifier (photomultiplier), an electron accelerator and a target that converts the kinetic energy of the electrons into entangled gamma-ray, X-ray, ultraviolet, visible or infrared photons. The beams obtained in each branch contain groups of gamma-ray, X-ray, ultraviolet, visible or infrared photons that are mutually entangled and entangled with the corresponding groups of the other branch. The entangled electrons may also be used as such before interaction with the target. Variants of the method are presented. One application of the method is the preparation of entangled thermoluminescent products by irradiation by means of entangled gamma-ray beams. The thermoluminescent products then contain entangled trapped electrons and may be used for implementing quantum communications over any distance and through any medium.02-19-2009
20090302239DEVICE USING DIELECTRIC LENS - The present invention relates to a dielectric lens able to be used in both the radio wave band and the light wave band, and a device using this dielectric lens. The device comprises a dielectric lens formed of a transparent dielectric member being small in dielectric loss and having an omni-directional feature with regard to an electromagnetic wave, a transparent dielectric shell being hollow inside and having the radius of any one surface of this hollow shape that is equal to the focal distance of the dielectric lens, and a holding mechanism for positioning and holding the dielectric shell and the dielectric lens so as to locate the dielectric shell at a position along the focal distance with the dielectric lens included at the inner center of this dielectric shell. The device is provided, at the focal point of the dielectric lens, with a reflector for reflecting an electromagnetic wave or a generator for generating an electromagnetic wave.12-10-2009
20090065714ELETROFLUID COLLISIONAL ACCELERATOR AND FUSION REACTOR - At least one exemplary embodiment is directed toward accelerating charged hydrogenated fluid into collisions of sufficient energy to initiate at least partial fusion of the collisional hydrogenated fluid, where one of the products of the collision is a product including an element higher in the periodic tables than at least one of the colliding fluids, and where, optionally, the at least partial fusion heats a coolant loop which in turn generates electricity.03-12-2009
20090146084ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE GENERATING DEVICE, ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE INTEGRATED DEVICE, AND ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE DETECTOR - A transmission line for propagating a terahertz wave generated based on a carrier generated in a carrier generation layer includes a first region in which the terahertz wave propagates in a first direction and a second region having a different impedance compared to the first region and forming a reflection interface with respect to a terahertz wave which propagates opposite to the first direction. The transmission line is formed so that a distance from an irradiation location at which light is irradiated to the carrier generation layer to the reflection interface is smaller than D, where D is a distance converted from a half width of a time waveform of a terahertz wave which propagates in the first direction without passing through the reflection interface. Accordingly, a terahertz wave can be made to propagate with energetic efficiency, to a direction the terahertz wave is required to propagate.06-11-2009
20090200497BEAM CURRENT CALIBRATION SYSTEM - A charged particle beam device is described. The charged particle beam device includes an emitter adapted for emitting a primary charged particle beam, a specimen location adapted for holding a specimen, from which secondary and/or backscattered charged particles are released on impingement of the primary charged particle beam, a detection unit adapted for detecting the secondary particles and/or secondary particles, and a beam guiding unit adapted for guiding the primary charged particle beam to the detection unit for impingement of a primary charged particle beam on the detection unit.08-13-2009
20110204265Laser-Driven Light Source - An apparatus for producing light includes a chamber and an ignition source that ionizes a gas within the chamber. The apparatus also includes at least one laser that provides energy to the ionized gas within the chamber to produce a high brightness light. The laser can provide a substantially continuous amount of energy to the ionized gas to generate a substantially continuous high brightness light.08-25-2011
20090250640PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A THICK PLATE ELECTROFORMED MONOBLOC MICROWAVE SOURCE - Microwave source and polarizer which is formed of an electroformed monobloc comprising a thick plate or septum, greater than 1 mm in thickness. Frequencies of application include the 7.25 GHz and 8.4 GHz frequency bands.10-08-2009
20090250639Radiation source - A radiation source includes a chamber, a supply constructed and arranged to supply a substance to the chamber at a location that allows the substance to pass through an interaction point within the chamber, a laser constructed and arranged to provide a laser beam to the interaction point so that a radiation emitting plasma is produced when the laser beam interacts with the substance at the interaction point, and a conduit constructed and arranged to deliver a buffer gas into the chamber. The conduit has an outlet located adjacent to the interaction point.10-08-2009
20080315131Method and Device for Characterising a Structure by Wavelength Effect in a Photoacoustic System - The invention relates to a structure characterising device comprising means which are used for generating a first pump radiation and a second probe radiation and for transmitting different wavelength radiation, means for producing a time offset between said first pump and second probe radiation on the structure by means of detecting means of said second beam after the reflection or transmission thereof to said structure in such a way that an analysis signal is generated, means for processing said signal and identifying an area corresponding to the signal jump, for determining the jump amplitude according to different wavelengths, for comparing said amplitude with a theoretical amplitude variation pattern according to the wavelengths and for determining, for the wavelength characteristic for said theoretical pattern, a characteristic value associated to the structure thickness and to the radiation propagation velocity in said structure.12-25-2008
20110001064Self tuning frequency generator - The present invention provides an apparatus which uses electromagnetic waves to identify and then quantifiably affect matter at the atomic and/or molecular level. The present invention generates frequencies that may range from DC to light waves and above, and then analyzes the transmitted, reflected, and absorbed interactions of said frequencies on any form of matter. The invention then defines and generates optimized combinations of said frequencies to create specific effects on said matter with a minimum of energy input and output.01-06-2011
20110006227METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING HYPERTHERMAL BEAMS - An exemplary apparatus and method for producing a hyperthermal beam is provided. An apparatus may comprise a plasma discharge source, an emission system, and a magnetic source. The plasma discharge source may be configured to receive an elemental source, generate plasma based on the elemental source, and generate one or more neutral atoms of the elemental source. The emission system may be configured to emit a hyperthermal beam, comprising the one or more neutral atoms of the elemental source, from the plasma discharge source through an aperture of the plasma discharge source. The magnetic source may be configured to provide a magnetic field and to collimate the hyperthermal beam in a first direction and control a size of the hyperthermal beam.01-13-2011
20100038563Interlaced multi-energy radiation sources - Multi-energy radiation sources comprising charged particle accelerators driven by power generators providing different RF powers to the accelerator, capable of interlaced operation, are disclosed. Automatic frequency control techniques are provided to match the frequency of RF power provided to the accelerator with the accelerator resonance frequency. In one example where the power generator is a mechanically tunable magnetron, an automatic frequency controller is provided to match the frequency of RF power pulses at one power to the accelerator resonance frequency when those RF power pulses are provided, and the magnetron is operated such that frequency shift in the magnetron at the other power at least partially matches the resonance frequency shift in the accelerator when those RF power pulses are provided. In other examples, when the power generator is a klystron or electrically tunable magnetron, separate automatic frequency controllers are provided for each RF power pulse. Methods and systems are disclosed.02-18-2010
20090032742CONTROL DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING AN IRRADIATION PROCEDURE, PARTICLE THERAPY UNIT, AND METHOD FOR IRRADIATING A TARGET VOLUME - The present embodiments relate to a control device for controlling an irradiation procedure, which is designed in such a way that a target volume is irradiated by at least two irradiation procedures. In each irradiation procedure, an energy of a particle beam is varied in such a way that the target volume is irradiated layer-wise in layers that are spatially arranged one behind another. A sequence in which the layers of the target volume are irradiated in one of the irradiation procedures is varied from irradiation procedure to irradiation procedure, in terms of a direction of incidence of the particle beam.02-05-2009
20090032741Systems and Methods for Controlling Chirality of Nanotubes - A system is provided that can be utilized to generate nanotubes with substantially similar chirality. The system provides a resonant frequency, keyed to a desired radial breathing mode linked to the desired chirality, that causes a template of catalysts particles or nanotubes to oscillate at the provided resonant frequency, so as to stimulate growing nanotubes to oscillate at a corresponding resonant frequency. This resonant frequency can be a result of a high frequency field or the natural heat radiation generated by the system.02-05-2009
20090032740LASER-DRIVEN LIGHT SOURCE - An apparatus for producing light includes a chamber and an ignition source that ionizes a gas within the chamber. The apparatus also includes at least one laser that provides energy to the ionized gas within the chamber to produce a high brightness light. The laser can provide a substantially continuous amount of energy to the ionized gas to generate a substantially continuous high brightness light.02-05-2009
20110062353IRRADIATION SYSTEMS - In accordance with the present invention, there are provided actively pumped, low energy devices, which allow cathode and/or window to be replaced or exchanged as required by conditions of use and application (as a result of the presence of an interchangeable cathode and interchangeable window), without necessitating replacement of vacuum chamber, or other parts. Such interchangeability greatly expands the utility of the electron device in scientific and industrial applications, besides addressing such issues as wear and tear, restoration and upgrading of performance, of the device internal components, it provides the ability to match the device output energy and power to a wide variety of scientific and practical applications. Such features in a single portable device also provide a cost effective and practical way to deliver electrons to an object or other device in a manner that is independent of the atmosphere of the object or device itself.03-17-2011
20100294957Radiation-Emitting Semiconductor Body - Described is a radiation-emitting semiconductor body (11-25-2010
20090230332Depressed Anode With Plasmon-Enabled Devices Such As Ultra-Small Resonant Structures - Plasmon-enable devices such as ultra-small resonant devices produce electromagnetic radiation at frequencies in excess of microwave frequencies when induced to resonate by a passing electron beam. The resonant devices are surrounded by one or more depressed anodes to recover energy from the passing electron beam as/after the beam couples its energy into the ultra-small resonant devices.09-17-2009
20080203325Method of Protecting a Radiation Source Producing Euv-Radiation and/or Soft X-Rays Against Short Circuits - The present invention relates to a method of protecting a radiation source producing extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV) and/or soft X-rays against short circuits. The method applies to radiation sources producing said EUV-radiation and/or soft X-rays by means of an electrically operated discharge, which is ignited in a vapor between at least two electrodes (08-28-2008
20100282985Energy focusing system for active denial apparatus - An active denial apparatus for use in non-lethal weaponry includes at least one focusing element configured to focus millimeter-wave energy along an axis of propagation. The at least one focusing element includes an astigmatic or dual axis focusing system configured to direct a focused beam that allows the active denial apparatus to accurately immobilize targets at both close and long range within acceptable limits of intensity.11-11-2010
20100025599Emitting and negatively-refractive focusing apparatus, methods, and systems - Apparatus, methods, and systems provide emitting and negatively-refractive focusing of electromagnetic energy. In some approaches the negatively-refractive focusing includes negatively-refractive focusing from an interior field region with an axial magnification substantially less than one. In some approaches the negatively-refractive focusing includes negatively-refractive focusing with a transformation medium, where the transformation medium may include an artificially-structured material such as a metamaterial.02-04-2010
20090173895REFLECTIVE OPTICAL ELEMENT, OPTICAL SYSTEM AND EUV LITHOGRAPHY DEVICE - In order to obtain optimal reflectivity on optical elements for the EUV and the soft X-ray range, multilayers constructed of a number of layers are used. Contamination or degradation of the surface leads to imaging defects and transmission losses. In the prior art, it has been attempted to counter a negative change in the surface by providing a cover layer system on the surface of the reflective optical element that should protect the surface. The invention renders the influence of the surface degradation manageable by a targeted selection of the distribution of thickness of the cover layer system, whereby at least one layer of the cover layer system has a gradient that is not equal to zero.07-09-2009
20090134345TREATMENT PLANNING TOOL FOR HEAVY-ION THERAPY - A dose calculator for heavy-ion therapy systems uses a limited number of spread out Bragg peak models obtainable by a particular therapy system, the models which may be adjusted in energy (offset) and dose contribution (treatment time) to produce a unique composite dose having a complex dose profile with limited reduced time.05-28-2009
20100270481SYSTEMS, DEVICES AND METHODS FOR TUNING A RESONANT WAVELENGTH OF AN OPTICAL RESONATOR AND DISPERSION PROPERTIES OF A PHOTONIC CRYSTAL WAVEGUIDE - Some embodiments of the disclosed subject matter provide systems, devices, and methods for tuning resonant wavelengths of an optical resonator. Some embodiments of the disclosed subject matter provide systems, devices, and methods for tuning dispersion properties of photonic crystal waveguides. In some embodiments, methods for tuning a resonant wavelength of an optical resonator are provided, the methods including: providing an optical resonator having a surface; determining an initial resonant wavelength emitted by the optical resonator in response to an electromagnetic radiation input; determining a number of layers of dielectric material based on a difference between the initial resonant wavelength and a target resonant wavelength and a predetermined tuning characteristic; and applying the determined number of layers of dielectric material to the surface of the optical resonator to tune the initial resonant wavelength to a tuned resonant wavelength.10-28-2010
20110037001TERAHERTZ BEAM SCANNING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - To provide a terahertz beam scanning apparatus and method that can scan a terahertz beam at high speed over a wide angle. The terahertz beam scanning apparatus includes: a laser device 02-17-2011
20080237500THERMO-OPTICALLY FUNCTIONAL COMPOSITIONS, SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MAKING - A thermo-optically functional composition is disclosed. The composition includes components A, B, C, and D, and has a thermal emission or reflection spectrum that is altered with respect to a thermal emission or reflection spectrum of a composition AB10-02-2008
20080237499Pulsed Power System Including a Plasma Opening Switch - A pulsed power system has an inductive energy storage circuit (10-02-2008
20120056111SINGLE PHOTON EMISSION SYSTEM - An embodiment of the invention relates to a single photon emission system having a proximal end, a distal end, and a single photon emitter located between the proximal end and the distal end; wherein the single photon emission system is adapted to guide optical pump radiation, which is inputted at the proximal end to optically excite the single photon emitter, along a predefined direction that runs from the proximal end to the distal end; and wherein single photons emitted by said single photon emitter, are guided along said predefined direction to the distal end.03-08-2012

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