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250503100 With radiation modifying member 266
250494100 Plural radiation sources 15
250496100 With container for radioactive source and radiation directing or selectable shielding 5
20090065713Variable-ratio neutron-gamma ray source - A variable-ratio neutron-gamma ray source comprises a neutron generator, a shield, a collimator, and an external gamma target. The neutron generator generates neutrons and the shield reduces external radiation exposure. The collimator collimates the neutrons into a neutron beam that traverses the shield. The external gamma target generates a dual neutron-gamma ray beam from the neutron beam, wherein the dual neutron-gamma ray beam has a variable neutron-gamma ratio as a function of a thickness of the external gamma target.03-12-2009
20130082196COMPACT MODULAR PARTICLE FACILITY HAVING LAYERED BARRIERS - A layered barrier for a compact particle facility is provided; the layered barrier includes a first layer formed from first shielding elements and a second layer formed from second shielding elements. The first and second shielding elements are modular and have different shielding characteristics from one another.04-04-2013
20100019173Extreme ultraviolet light source apparatus and nozzle protection device - A nozzle protection device capable of protecting a target nozzle from heat of plasma without disturbing formation of a stable flow of a target material in an LPP type EUV light source apparatus. This nozzle protection device includes a cooling unit which is formed with an opening for passing the target material therethrough, and which is formed with a flow path for circulating a cooling medium inside, and an actuator which changes a position or a shape of the cooling unit between a first state of evacuating the cooling unit from a trajectory of the target material and a second state of blocking heat radiation from the plasma to the nozzle by the cooling unit while securing a path of the target material in the cooling unit.01-28-2010
20090065712Dual neutron-gamma ray source - A dual neutron-gamma ray source comprises a compact neutron generator, a shield, a collimator, and an internal gamma target. The shield surrounds the compact neutron generator. The collimator traverses the shield from the compact neutron generator to a collimator port. The internal gamma target is positioned within the collimator to generate gamma rays from the neutrons.03-12-2009
20080224072Apparatus for and Method of Preparing a Small Amout of a Radioactive Substance Combination - The invention relates to an apparatus for preparing a small amount of a radioactive substance combination, including a one-part body, a mixing device integrated in the body and adapted to receive a small amount of chemical substances, and at least one receptacle integrated in the body and connected to the mixing device and adapted to hold a small amount of a chemical substance.09-18-2008
20100072405Compact, short-pulse X-ray and T-ray fused source - A pulse source generates both terahertz radiation (T-rays) and X-rays consecutively at high peak intensity using the same electron beam generated in an RF photoinjector and two different extractors/radiators for the T- and X-rays.03-25-2010
20100044597TERAHERTZ WAVE GENERATING DEVICE AND APPARATUS USING THE SAME - Provided is a terahertz wave optical device that can be used as a terahertz wave generating device including: an optical switch portion for generating a carrier abruptly by irradiation with excitation light; and a first electrode portion and a second electrode portion that are disposed so as to be opposed to each other with the optical switch portion therebetween so as to apply an electric field in a thickness direction of the optical switch portion. The first electrode portion includes, at least in part, an antenna portion having an antenna function of distributing the carrier generated by the irradiation with the excitation light in a direction crossing an application direction of the electric field. With the terahertz wave optical device, a step for adjusting the incident angle of the excitation light is simplified.02-25-2010
20110057125LIGHT EMITTING MATERIAL - A composition can include a first moiety capable of being excited to an excited state, and a second moiety capable of accepting excited state energy from the first moiety. The second moiety is capable of emitting light with a FWHM of 15 nm or less when excited. The second moiety can be a J-aggregate and the rust moiety can be a semiconductor nanocrystal.03-10-2011
20110012036COMPACT HIGH POWER TERAHERTZ RADIATION CELL - A device for generating terahertz radiation using a phase matched optical rectification technique. The device converts laser radiation to terahertz radiation via a particular type of photonic downconversion. The device includes a crystalline material suitable for photonic downconversion of laser radiation, a first coupling component for coupling the laser radiation to the crystalline material and a second coupling component for coupling the generated terahertz radiation from the crystalline material to the environment. By sustaining the phase matching condition over a significant distance, the device is capable of providing terahertz radiation with high peak and average power. Also disclosed is a method for generating terahertz radiation including the steps of optically coupling laser radiation to a crystalline material suitable for downconversion of the laser radiation to terahertz radiation, downconverting the laser radiation to terahertz radiation and optically coupling the generated terahertz radiation from the crystalline material to the environment.01-20-2011
20130161539ALL-OPTICAL METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING ULTRASHORT CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM - A method for generating an ultrashort charged particle beam, comprising creating a high intensity longitudinal E-field by shaping and tightly focusing, in an on-axis geometry, a substantially radially polarized laser beam, and using the high intensity longitudinal E-field for interaction with a medium to accelerate charged particles.06-27-2013
20090236548Fused test source - A test source that combines infrared energy and visible light to produce a uniform output of energy in the visible and infrared spectra is disclosed. The test source includes an infrared energy source and a visible light source. The infrared energy source has a white coating thereon. The visible light source emits visible light onto the infrared light source, which generates a combination of infrared energy and visible light outwardly into the surrounding atmosphere.09-24-2009
20090140178SWITCHING MICRO-RESONANT STRUCTURES BY MODULATING A BEAM OF CHARGED PARTICLES - When using micro-resonant structures, a resonant structure may be turned on or off (e.g., when a display element is turned on or off in response to a changing image or when a communications switch is turned on or off to send data different data bits). Rather than turning the charged particle beam on and off, the beam may be moved to a position that does not excite the resonant structure, thereby turning off the resonant structure without having to turn off the charged particle beam. In one such embodiment, at least one deflector is placed between a source of charged particles and the resonant structure(s) to be excited. When the resonant structure is to be turned on (i.e., excited), the at least one deflector allows the beam to pass by undeflected. When the resonant structure is to be turned off, the at least one deflector deflects the beam away from the resonant structure by an amount sufficient to prevent the resonant structure from becoming excited.06-04-2009
20090146083Hydrogen catalysis - A catalytic reaction of atomic hydrogen is provided which produces a more stable or lower energy atomic hydrogen atom than uncatalyzed atomic hydrogen. The catalyzed lower energy hydrogen atom may serve as a reactant of a disproportionation reaction whereby it which accepts energy from an second catalyzed lower energy hydrogen atom to cause a further release of energy as the first atom undergoes a nonradiative electronic transition to a higher energy level while the second undergoes a transition to a lower energy level. The catalytic reaction and disproportionation reaction of lower energy atomic hydrogen may produce light, plasma, power, and novel hydrogen compounds. The light, plasma, power and compound source comprises a cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen and disproportionation reactions of lower energy atomic hydrogen to form novel hydrogen species and compositions of matter comprising hydrogen that is more stable or lower energy than uncatalyzed hydrogen. The compounds comprise at least one neutral, positive, or negative hydrogen species having a binding energy greater than its corresponding ordinary hydrogen species, or greater than any hydrogen species for which the corresponding ordinary hydrogen species is unstable or is not observed.06-11-2009
20100123091Quantum Sensor Miniaturization Utilizing Entangled Photon Signals - The resolution obtained by an imaging system utilizing separable photons can be achieved by an imaging system making use of entangled photons. Since resolution is not being increased from the separable-photon system, the imaging system utilizing entangled photons can take advantage of a smaller aperture. This results in a smaller and lighter system, which can be especially valuable in satellite imaging where weight and size play a vital role.05-20-2010
20100140510METHOD AND DEVICE FOR COOLING A GAS - The invention relates to a method and to a device for the vibration-free cooling of a gas. In a first cooling step, the gas is brought into thermal contact with a first cooling medium. In a second cooling step, it then flows through a liquefier, which is in thermal contact with a second cooling medium, and is thereby cooled by no more than 10 K. This low temperature gradient is primarily responsible for the gaseous or liquid gas flow exiting the liquefier being highly homogeneous and laminar. It is therefore suited for further processing into a flow of solid pellets having consistent size. These pellets can be transported across several meters in a vacuum and are therefore suited as a target material for generating a plasma by way of intensive laser radiation.06-10-2010
20100140509Plasma generating nozzle having impedance control mechanism - The present invention provides a plasma generating system that includes: a microwave generator for generating microwave energy; a power supply connected to the microwave generator for providing power thereto; a microwave cavity; a waveguide operatively connected to the microwave cavity for transmitting microwave energy thereto; an isolator for dissipating microwave energy reflected from the microwave cavity; and at least one nozzle coupled to the microwave cavity. The nozzle includes: a housing having a generally cylindrical space formed therein, the space forming a gas flow passageway; a rod-shaped conductor disposed in the space and operative to transmit microwave energy along a surface thereof so that the microwave energy excites gas flowing through the space; and an impedance controlling structure which adjusts the impedance of the nozzle.06-10-2010
20120068090FREQUENCY TUNABLE TERAHERTZ TRANSCEIVERS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING DUAL WAVELENGTH LASER - Provided are a frequency tunable terahertz transceiver and a method of manufacturing a dual wavelength laser. The frequency tunable terahertz transceiver includes: a dual wavelength laser including two distributed feedback lasers that are manufactured in one substrate and output optical signals of respectively different wavelengths; and an optical device receiving the outputted optical signals to generate a terahertz wave.03-22-2012
20110220814PLASMONIC DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND METHODS - A thin-film plasmonic device including a layer of a conductive material positioned over an array of electrodes of alternating polarity.09-15-2011
20080296517Coupling light of light emitting resonator to waveguide - A waveguide conduit is constructed and adapted to capture the light emitted by the at least one nano-resonant structure. The nano-resonant structure emits light in response to excitation by a beam of charged particles, The source of charged particles may be an ion gun, a thermionic filament, a tungsten filament, a cathode, a field-emission cathode, a planar vacuum triode, an electron-impact ionizer, a laser ionizer, a chemical ionizer, a thermal ionizer, or an ion-impact ionizer.12-04-2008
20120104288PLASMONIC DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND METHODS - A thin-film plasmonic device including a layer of a conductive material positioned over an array of electrodes of alternating polarity.05-03-2012
20120104287LOCATING BADGE - A locating badge comprising a housing containing an opaque medium and an IR transmitting device. At least a portion of the housing is transparent to visible light and a portion to IR, and the housing preferably comprises two releasably mechanically engageable housing members. The opaque medium, viewable through the transparent portion of the housing, may be an elastomeric membrane, which also provides water resistance by sealing the seam between housing members. Additional functionality may be provided by inserting identification materials within the housing (also viewable through the transparent portion of the housing) or by providing an opening in the housing allowing access to a membrane button, wherein the elastomeric membrane functions as the cover for the button and as a sealing gasket around the opening in the housing. The badges described herein can easily be used in a color-coded system, by changing the opaque medium inside the badge.05-03-2012
20090250638EUV PLASMA DISCHARGE LAMP WITH CONVEYOR BELT ELECTRODES - The present invention relates to a plasma discharge lamp for generating EUV radiation and/or soft X-rays by means of an electrically operated discharge. The proposed lamp comprises at least two electrodes arranged in a discharge space at a distance from one another to form a gap which allows the ignition of a plasma (10-08-2009
20100176310Extreme ultra violet light source apparatus - An EUV light source apparatus capable of easily detecting deterioration etc. of a window of an EUV light generating chamber. The EUV light source apparatus includes a driver laser, an EUV light generating chamber, a window which passes the laser beam into the EUV light generating chamber, an EUV light collector mirror, laser beam focusing optics which focuses a laser beam onto a trajectory of a target material, a temperature sensor which detects a temperature of the window, and a laser beam optics deterioration determination processing unit which determines deterioration of the window based on the temperature of the window detected by the temperature sensor when extreme ultra violet light is generated.07-15-2010
20110006226TERAHERTZ RADIATION SOURCE MOUNTING ARRANGEMENTS AND METHODS OF MOUNTING A TERAHERTZ SOURCE - Methods and apparatus for detecting variations in electromagnetic fields, in particular, terahertz (THz) electromagnetic fields, are provided. The methods and apparatus employ polarization detection devices and controllers to maintain or vary the polarization of modulated signals as desired. The methods and apparatus are provided to characterize electromagnetic fields by directing the electromagnetic field and a probe beam upon an electro-crystal and detecting the modulation of the resulting probe beam. Detection of the modulation of the probe beam is practiced by detecting and comparing the polarization components of the modulated probe beam. Aspects of the invention may be used to analyze or detect explosives, explosive related compounds, and pharmaceuticals, among other substances. A compact apparatus, modular optical devices for use with the apparatus, sample holders, and radiation source mounts are also disclosed.01-13-2011
20110108744PHOTON SOURCE FOR PRODUCING ENTANGLED PHOTONS - A photon source comprising: a quantum dot; electrical contacts configured to apply an electric field across said quantum dot: and an electrical source coupled to said contacts, said electrical source being configured to apply a potential such that carriers are supplied to said quantum dot to form a bi-exciton or higher order exciton, wherein said photon source further comprises a barrier configured to increase the time which a carrier takes to tunnel to and from said quantum dot to be greater than the radiative lifetime of an exciton in the quantum dot, the quantum dot being suitable for emission of entangled photons during decay of a bi-exciton or higher order exciton.05-12-2011
20110101250FREQUENCY TUNABLE WIRE LASERS - The present invention provides frequency tunable solid-state radiation-generating devices, such as lasers and amplifiers, whose active medium has a size in at least one transverse dimension (e.g., its width) that is much smaller than the wavelength of radiation generated and/or amplified within the active medium. In such devices, a fraction of radiation travels as an evanescent propagating mode outside the active medium. It has been discovered that in such devices the radiation frequency can be tuned by the interaction of a tuning mechanism with the propagating evanescent mode.05-05-2011
20110001063ACOUSTIC CRYSTAL SONOLUMINESCENT CAVITATION DEVICES AND IR/THZ SOURCES - An acoustic crystal structure includes defect cavities that concentrate the driving pressure from applied sound waves into the cavities to cavitate gas bubbles in a liquid to produce sonoluminescence. This device may be used to study sonoluminescence or cavitation or to perform sonochemistry, nuclear fusion etc. in the cavities. A waveguide may be operatively coupled to the acoustic crystal to extract, collect and route a band of electromagnetic (EM) radiation around a specified source wavelength to an output port for emission by an antenna to provide an EM source. The waveguide may, for example, be a photonic crystal defect waveguide, a photonic crystal optical fiber or Sommerfeld waveguide. The marriage of the sonoluminescence phenomena with an acoustic crystal and embedded waveguide provides for an efficient source of narrow or broad band IR or THz radiation01-06-2011
20110108743TUNEABLE QUANTUM LIGHT SOURCE - A photon source comprising a semiconductor heterostructure, said semiconductor heterostructure comprising a quantum well, a barrier region adjacent said quantum well and a quantum dot provided in said quantum well, the photon source further comprising electrical contacts and a power supply coupled to first and second electrical contacts configured to apply a tuneable electric field across said quantum dot to control the emission energy of said quantum dot, said electric field being tuneable across an operating range an wherein the tunnelling time of carriers from said quantum dot to said first electrical contact and the tunnelling time of carriers from said quantum dot to said second electrical contact are greater than the radiative decay time of an exciton in said quantum dot over said operating range for controlling the emission energy, said photon source being configured such that emission from a single quantum dot exits said photon source.05-12-2011
20120228523BIOLOGICAL LASER PLASMA X-RAY POINT SOURCE - The invention provides targets coated with structured biological materials, which are employed in laser produced plasma systems. The biological materials selected from cells of microbial, protozoan or plankton origin are applied on a portion of a solid target, like polished glass plate which then form a target system that absorbs the intense laser pulses, generates hot dense plasma and results in the emission of the X-rays. The method of coating structured biomaterial decreases the usable laser intensity required for producing the hot plasma, while increasing the X-ray yield. The coatings are easy to prepare and it is possible to vary the nature and shape of the cellular material in order to control/regulate the interaction with the light and thereby optimize the resultant plasma generation and X-ray emission. The increase in temperature of the plasma and the increase in yield demonstrate that the method is suitable for enhancing the emission yield in the Ultra Violet, Extreme Ultra violet, x-ray and the hard x-ray regimes.09-13-2012
20110042589NANOAMORPHOUS CARBON-BASED PHOTONIC CRYSTAL INFRARED EMITTERS - Provided is a tunable radiation emitting structure comprising: a nanoamorphous carbon structure having a plurality of relief features provided in a periodic spatial configuration, wherein the relief features are separated from each other by adjacent recessed features, and wherein the nanoamorphous carbon comprises a total of from 0 to 60 atomic percent of one or more dopants of the dopant group consisting of: transition metals, lanthanoids, electro-conductive carbides, silicides and nitrides. In one embodiment, a dopant is selected from the group consisting of: Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Y, Zr, Nb, Mo, Tc, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, Cd, La and other lanthanides, Hf, Ta, W, Rh, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, and Hg. In one embodiment, a dopant is selected from the group consisting of: electro-conductive carbides (like Mo02-24-2011
20090084991SINGLE-PHOTON GENERATION APPARATUS AND QUANTUM BIT READING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A method of generating a single photon, includes preparing an optical resonator including a resonator mode of a resonance angular frequency ω04-02-2009
20100258746Massive parallel generation of nonclassical photons via polaritonic superfluid to mott- insulator quantum phase transition - Deterministic generation of nonclassical photons by producing a dilute gas of exciton-polaritons in a solid-state microcavity that includes a periodic array of potential well traps. A photon-exciton frequency detuning is modulated in the microcavity to produce a polaritonic quantum phase transition from a superfluid state to a Mott-insulator state. The nonclassical photons are then generated simultaneously by radiative decay of exciton-polaritons in the microcavity. The nonclassical photons may be indistinguishable single photons, in which case the dilute gas of exciton-polaritons is produced such that on to average there is one polariton per potential well trap. Alternatively, the generated nonclassical photons may be polarization-entangled photon pairs, in which case the dilute gas of exciton-polaritons is produced such that on average there are two polaritons per potential well trap.10-14-2010
20090218520Low-Volume Biomarker Generator - A low-volume biomarker generator for producing ultra-short lived radiopharmaceuticals. The low-volume biomarker generator system includes a low-power cyclotron and a radiochemical synthesis system. The cyclotron of the low-volume biomarker generator is optimized for producing radioisotopes useful in synthesizing radiopharmaceuticals in small quantities down to approximately one (1) unit dose. The cyclotron incorporates permanent magnets in place of electromagnets and/or an improved rf system to reduce the size, power requirements, and weight of the cyclotron. The radiochemical synthesis system of the low-volume biomarker is a small volume system optimized for synthesizing the radiopharmaceutical in small quantities of approximately one (1) unit dose.09-03-2009
20110174995SINGLE PHOTON EMISSION SYSTEM - The present disclosure provides a method of forming a single photon emission system and a single photon emission system. The method comprises providing a single photon source arranged for single photon emission at a predetermined wavelength in response to a suitable excitation. The single photon source comprises a particle for generating the single photons. The method also comprises providing an optical pump source arranged to provide the suitable excitation in the form of suitable photons. In addition, the method comprises adjusting a pathway of the photons provided by the optical pump source and a position of the single photon source relative to each other so that the single photon source is located at a predetermined location relative to the pathway of the photons provided by the optical pump source and in use single photons are emitted by the single photon source. Providing the single photon source comprises identifying the particle for generating the single photons at a location that is remote from the predetermined location.07-21-2011
20100072404Method and Apparatus for Precipitation of Nano-Structured Carbon Solids - An apparatus for forming nano-structures of carbon solids includes a reactor chamber into which extends a plasma torch configured to generate a plasma plume that extends into the interior of the reactor chamber. CO03-25-2010
20110073783Quantum entangled photon pair generating device - Excitation light is split into two components with mutually orthogonal polarization. One component is fed clockwise and the other component is fed counterclockwise into a polarization maintaining loop. An optical conversion generation unit including two second-order nonlinear optical media disposed on opposite sides of a half-wave plate in the loop generates up-converted light from each excitation component by second harmonic generation, and generates down-converted light from the up-converted light by spontaneous parametric down conversion. A polarization manipulation unit manipulates the polarization direction of at least one of the excitation or down-converted components. The clockwise and counterclockwise components of the down-converted light are recombined and output as quantum entangled photon pairs having substantially the same wavelength as the excitation light. The optical components can be optimized for operation at this wavelength without the need to consider the shorter wavelength of the up-converted light.03-31-2011
20110062352DEVICE FOR USE IN NORMALIZING READINGS ON A TESTING MACHINE - An optic module verification device for normalizing between X photon counters, including a verification tray with X verification wells and a modular photon emitter in each verification well. Each photon emitter includes a spring, a Beta source disk, a scintillator disk adjacent the Beta source disk, and a neutral density filter over the scintillator disk, all of which are encapsulated in a cylindrical chamber with the filter adjacent an opening on one end of the chamber and the spring biasing the Beta source disk and the scintillator disk toward the opening. The device is periodically used for normalization, and may be updated when emitted photons fall below a desired level by replacing the scintillator disk and then determining a new normalized reference values for each photon emitter.03-17-2011
20100294956CALIBRATED FLEXIBLE RADIOACTIVE SOURCE - The invention relates to a calibrated radioactive source (11-25-2010
20090230331DEVICE HAVING ACTIVE REGION WITH LOWER ELECTRON CONCENTRATION - A device comprising a two-dimensional electron gas that includes an active region located in a portion of the electron gas is disclosed. The active region comprises an electron concentration less than an electron concentration of a set of non-active regions of the electron gas. The device includes a controlling terminal located on a first side of the active region. The device can comprise, for example, a field effect transistor (FET) in which the gate is located and used to control the carrier injection into the active region and define the boundary condition for the electric field distribution within the active region. The device can be used to generate, amplify, filter, and/or detect electromagnetic radiation of radio frequency (RF) and/or terahertz (THz) frequencies.09-17-2009
20110186756METHOD OF FABRICATING A SINGLE PHOTON SOURCE - The present disclosure provides a method of fabricating a single photon source. The method comprises the steps of providing a substrate with a visual feature and providing a plurality of particles positioned on the substrate. The particles are positioned in the proximity of the visual feature and include a particle that is arranged for single photon emission in response to a suitable excitation. The method also includes characterising photon emission from the particles to identify the single photon emission and thereby identifying an approximate location of the particle arranged for single photon emission relative to the visual feature. Further, the method includes imaging the visual feature and an area in the proximity of the visual feature and thereby imaging the particle arranged for single photon emission. In addition, the method includes moving the particle arranged for single photon emission to a predetermined position comprising coupling a suitable device to the particle and lifting the particle using the suitable device.08-04-2011
20100025598FLOOD SOURCE WITH PIGMENTLESS ACTIVE AREA AND VISIBLE BORDER - Method and/or system for forming a radiation flood source. The radiation flood source includes a paper sheet, a pigmentless radioactive fill printed on the paper sheet, and a pigmented border printed on the paper sheet and around the pigmentless radioactive fill. In one embodiment the radiation flood source is formed by preparing a radioactive isotope carrier solution; loading the radioactive isotope carrier solution into a radioactive isotope carrier solution cartridge; loading a separate border cartridge into a plotter; selecting and configuring a shape of an active area; setting a border to be placed around the active area; printing the active area by utilizing the radioactive isotope carrier solution cartridge on a sheet substrate; and printing the border by utilizing the separate border cartridge on the sheet substrate.02-04-2010
20090140177Charged particle accelerators, radiation sources, system, and methods - Man-portable radiation generation sources and systems that may be carried by hand to a site of interest by one or two people, are disclosed. Methods of use of such sources and systems are also disclosed. Battery operated radiation generation sources, air cooled radiation generation sources, and charged particle accelerators, are also disclosed. A radiation generation source with a target less than 0.20 mm is also disclosed.06-04-2009
20090184266METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCTION OF AN INFRARED AREA EMITTER - A method for production of an infrared area emitter which can be used for defense against guided missiles with infrared homing heads, for example for ships. According to the invention, an aerosol cloud which is emissive in the infrared range is produced by the reaction of a first primary aerosol composed of an aqueous solution of an electron acceptor with a second primary aerosol composed of an aqueous solution of an electron donor in order to produce the infrared area emitter. The use of primary aerosols such as these leads to emission at 3-5 and 8-14 μm, and does not produce any visual signature either.07-23-2009
20090039294Radiation emitting device - A radiation emitting device comprising a first electrode, which emits first charge carriers having a first charge during operation, a first charge carrier transporting layer, which comprises a fluorescent substance, a second charge carrier transporting layer, which contains a phosphorescent substance, and a second electrode, which emits second charge carriers having a second charge during operation, wherein during operation the second charge carrier transporting layer is largely free of first charge carriers.02-12-2009
20120012761HIGH-POWER PULSE-SIGNAL RADIATION SYSTEM - Provided is a high-power pulse-signal radiation system. The system includes a pulse generating unit, a pulse radiation unit, a remote control unit, and a photoelectric conversion unit. The pulse generating unit use a DC power supply as a primary source, generate a pulse signal, and transmit a pulse signal to a radiation unit of an antenna through a high power coaxial cable. The pulse radiation unit receives the pulse signal generated by the pulse generating unit and radiates pulse energy corresponding to the pulse signal in a space. The remote control unit transmits an electric control signal required for controlling operation of the pulse generating unit.01-19-2012
20110049394IONIZING DISINFECTANT SURFACE - A disinfectant surface provides a material layer and alpha-particle emitters embedded in the material layer and located in proximity to a surface of the material layer for emitting alpha particles through the surface for disinfecting any matter contacting the surface03-03-2011
20090134344METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING AND STORING POSITRONS AND PROTONS - Apparatus for producing and storing positrons may include a trap that defines an interior chamber therein and that contains an electric field and a magnetic field. The trap may further include a source material that includes atoms that, when activated by photon bombardment, become positron emitters to produce positrons. The trap may also include a moderator positioned adjacent the source material. A photon source is positioned adjacent the trap so that photons produced by the photon source bombard the source material to produce the positron emitters. Positrons from the positron emitters and moderated positrons from the moderator are confined within the interior chamber of the trap by the electric and magnetic fields. Apparatus for producing and storing protons are also disclosed.05-28-2009
20090057578METHOD OF PLASMA PARTICLE SIMULATION, STORAGE MEDIUM, PLASMA PARTICLE SIMULATOR AND PLASMA PROCESSING APPARATUS - A method of plasma particle simulation capable of preventing solution divergence. A space within a housing chamber of a plasma processing apparatus is divided into a plurality of cells. A weighting factor corresponding to the number of plasma particles represented by a superparticle is set in each of the divided cells. Superparticles are set in each of the divided cells using plasma particles contained in the divided cell and the set weighting factor. The behavior of the superparticles in each of the divided cells is calculated. The weighting factor becomes smaller as the divided cell is located closer to a solid wall surface of the housing chamber.03-05-2009
20110121209Terahertz radiation source and method for generating terahertz radiation - A terahertz radiation source is described which includes a pulsed femtosecond fiber laser, a pulse shaper, an optical amplifier and a nonlinear crystal, wherein the laser, pulse shaper, optical amplifier and nonlinear crystal are configured and/or situated in such a way that a laser pulse I, II, III, IV produced by the laser first passes through the pulse shaper, then the optical amplifier, and then the nonlinear crystal. Also described is a related imaging and/or spectroscopy system, a method for generating terahertz radiation, a method for detecting and/or examining life forms, objects, and materials using a system of this type, and a use of a source and a system of this type.05-26-2011
20110024650TERAHERTZ EMITTER WITH HIGH POWER AND TEMPERATURE OPERATION - Terahertz emitting devices are disclosed. The terahertz emitting device comprises a wafer and a current source. The wafer includes silicon carbide and a dopant. In particular, the wafer may consist of 6H silicon carbide; a nitrogen dopant having a concentration of approximately 1002-03-2011
20080237498High-efficiency, low-debris short-wavelength light sources - This invention relates generally to short-wavelength radiation from laser-produced and discharged produced plasmas, and more particularly to efficient systems and methods for obtaining short-wavelength radiation.10-02-2008
20130099140LASER APPARATUS, EXTREME ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT GENERATION SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR GENERATING LASER BEAM - A laser apparatus may include a seed laser device configured to output a pulse laser beam, a pulse energy adjusting unit configured to vary pulse energy of the pulse laser beam, at least one amplifier for amplifying the pulse laser beam, at least one power source for varying an excitation intensity in the at least one amplifier, and a controller configured to control the pulse energy adjusting unit on a pulse-to-pulse basis for the pulse laser beam passing therethrough and to control the at least one power source for a group of multiple pulses of the pulse laser beam.04-25-2013
20130146791Nanowire Antenna - A method and apparatus comprising a signal generator and a wire. The signal generator is configured to generate an electrical signal having an amplitude. The wire is connected to the signal generator. The wire is configured to emit photons in response to receiving the electrical signal. The photons have a frequency based on the amplitude of the electrical signal.06-13-2013
20110309269Photonic Generator of Ultra-Wide Band Millimeter Wave - A photonic generator is provided. The photonic generator uses ultra-wide band millimeter wave (MMW) for generating a high-power ultra-broad band white noise. Thus, the present disclosure can be used for failure detection of instantaneous all-band device, noise detection of instantaneous all-band amplifier and mixer, wide-band cipher transmission, pseudo-random bit generation, ADC dithering of analog-digital converter, saturation power test of wide-band optical communicator, system noise detection of MMW receiver, and gain and phase detection of MMW interferometer.12-22-2011
20130187064PARTICLE BEAM SYSTEM INCLUDING A SUPPLY OF PROCESS GAS TO A PROCESSING LOCATION - A system for supplying a process gas to a processing location of a particle beam system is disclosed. The system for supplying the processing gas includes a gas reservoir, a gas conduit, a pipe located close to the processing location, a valve between the gas conduit and the pipe, and a controller configured to open and to close the valve to switch the system from a first mode of operation in which process gas is not supplied to the processing location to a second mode of operation in which process gas is supplied to the processing location. The controller can alternately open and close the valve in cycles. Each cycle can include a first duration in which the valve is open and a second duration in which the valve is closed. The ratio of the first duration to the second duration can be changed.07-25-2013
20130207003INTERNAL LIGHT FOR HAND GUN - Disclosed is a light assembly for placement inside a handgun, with the battery of the light assembly replacing the recoil spring guide of the handgun. The recoil spring of the handgun fits over the battery of the disclosed lighting assembly. The light provides a primary or alternative light source for the user of a handgun, and may provide white light or infrared light. The light assembly disclosed may be mounted inside a handgun without making permanent modifications to the handgun.08-15-2013


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