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250492200 Irradiation of semiconductor devices 263
250492300 Ion or electron beam irradiation 190
20130043411METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TREATING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM WITH ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION - A method and apparatus for treating a magnetic recording medium having a magnetic film, a protective film, and a lubricant film on a non-magnetic substrate, with UV radiation. The method includes holding the medium with a resin while irradiating the medium with UV radiation. The apparatus includes a UV irradiation part for irradiating the medium by a UV lamp and a holding part made of resin.02-21-2013
20130043409METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TREATING MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIUM WITH ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION - A method and an apparatus for treating multiple magnetic recording media with ultraviolet radiation from a UV lamp stored in an UV lamp house. The media are stored in a cassette and are individually placed in the UV lamp house for irradiation. Each of the media has a magnetic film, a protective film, and a lubricant film on a non-magnetic substrate. A curtain shields the inside of the UV lamp house from air exterior to the UV lamp house while the media are inserted and removed respectively into and from the UV lamp house. The cassette is set at a distance from the curtain that is within the range of 6 mm to 13 mm while the media are irradiated in the UV lamp house.02-21-2013
20130043408Shielding Device For An Irradiation Unit And Irradiation Method - The present invention relates to a method for obtaining a shielding element for minimizing the penumbra of a beam of hadrons outside a target area, the hadron beam being guided in a longitudinal direction by an irradiation unit, and the beam having a width (σ). The method includes: 02-21-2013
20130043410METHOD FOR TREATING A PLURALITY OF MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIA WITH ULTRAVIOLET RAYS - A method for treating a plurality of magnetic recording media with ultraviolet radiation. Each of the magnetic recording media has a magnetic film, a protective film, and a lubricant film on a non-magnetic substrate. The method includes first irradiating all of the magnetic recording media with ultraviolet radiation and then irradiating a group of the magnetic recording media with ultraviolet radiation, which includes less than all of the magnetic recording media.02-21-2013
20110180730COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR - The present disclosure provides a counterfeit detector which identifies whether a security document or the like is authentic by irradiating UV rays from UV LEDs onto fluorescent security marks formed on the security document. UV rays emitted from the UV LEDs are independently condensed and reflected, thus enabling a user to more effectively identify the fluorescent security marks that are formed in special shapes using UV fluorescent material.07-28-2011
20090194709Laser processing machine with a cutting guide - A laser processing machine includes a laser device that generates a laser beam onto a workpiece when moving along a predetermined traveling path, an ultrasonic apparatus that generates a ultrasonic wave, and a guide member arranged near to and moved with the laser device along the traveling path for transferring the ultrasonic wave onto the workpiece along the traveling path. By means of the double-processing effect of the ultrasonic wave and the laser beam, the invention achieves the objects of high cutting precision, excellent product quality and fast processing speed.08-06-2009
20130187062METHOD AND APPARATUS PERTAINING TO RADIATION-TREATMENT PLAN OPTIMIZATION - A control circuit optimizes a radiation-treatment plan to provide an initially-optimized radiation-treatment plan and then modifies that initially-optimized radiation-treatment plan to reduce corresponding monitor units (MU's) to provide a radiation-treatment plan that is further optimized for monitor units. This modification can comprise, at least in part, imposing a stronger smoothing constraint with respect to fluence. Optimizing a radiation-treatment plan to provide an initially-optimized radiation-treatment plan can comprise identifying at least one particular leaf pair for a multi-leaf collimator that requires a longest amount of time to move into a position that achieves a particular desired fluence and then selectively smoothing position requirements of that particular leaf pair to reduce the amount of time associated with that particular leaf pair while not also smoothing position requirements for all leaf pairs as comprise that multi-leaf collimator.07-25-2013
20100084575LUMINOUS INTERIOR TRIM MATERIAL - The present invention relates to surfacing material which may emit radiation in response to exposure to a given light source. Such surfacing material may be polymeric based, and e.g., fiber based, and may be used in relatively low-light areas, including low-light areas as applied to vehicular applications. The fiber-based or molded materials may emit radiation in response to exposure to a selected light source and may be used in relatively dimly lit areas. The materials may also provide a visible contrast to other objects located adjacent their surface which do not emit radiation. Optical brighteners and luminous particles may be included in the materials to make them luminous.04-08-2010
20080283776Method and apparatus for EUV plasma source target delivery - An EUV plasma formation target delivery system and method is disclosed which may comprise: a target droplet formation mechanism comprising a magneto-restrictive or electro-restrictive material, a liquid plasma source material passageway terminating in an output orifice; a charging mechanism applying charge to a droplet forming jet stream or to individual droplets exiting the passageway along a selected path; a droplet deflector intermediate the output orifice and a plasma initiation site periodically deflecting droplets from the selected path, a liquid target material delivery mechanism comprising a liquid target material delivery passage having an input opening and an output orifice; an electromotive disturbing force generating mechanism generating a disturbing force within the liquid target material, a liquid target delivery droplet formation mechanism having an output orifice; and/or a wetting barrier around the periphery of the output orifice.11-20-2008
20080258080Method and apparatus for treating fluids to alter their physical characteristics - Method and apparatus for altering the physical characteristics of liquids and gases. The fluid is pumped into an elongated cylindrical chamber whose elongated wall contains a multiplicity of spaced apart cylindrical holes under sufficient pressure to cause the fluid to exit from the cylindrical holes as jets having an exit velocity of at least 0.025 feet (0.0076 m) per second. The jets of fluid exit from the cylindrical holes into an annular chamber surrounding the elongated cylindrical chamber and having a common axis as the elongated cylindrical chamber with a copper wire wound around the outside of the interior pipe to form a helix. The entire inner surface of the annular chamber is coated with titanium oxide and subjected to an ultraviolet light source creating a photocatalyst effect. The jets of fluid bombard the surfaces of the annular chamber to induce the titanium oxide to oxidize substances or to otherwise give up electrons. The freed electrons combine with a significant number of molecules of the fluid to thereby alter the physical characteristics of the entire body of fluid.10-23-2008
20100163754SELF-CLEANING SYSTEM AND WINDOW-GLASS - The invention relates to a self-cleaning system (07-01-2010
20100163753POLYMERIZATION DEVICE - A device to polymerize plastics that are to be hardened by means of UV irradiation comprises two different irradiation sources for UV irradiation and IR irradiation, respectively, whose irradiation is projected onto the plastic to be hardened. The irradiation source for the UV irradiation includes a solid-state laser.07-01-2010
20100072399Portable Photodynamic Disinfection Light Delivery Device for Catheter - The present invention provides a portable photodynamic disinfection light delivery device comprising: two opposing light sources, an energy source to supply energy to the light sources, and a housing for receiving the two light sources and the energy source; wherein (i) the housing includes two members each having a clamp portion for receiving one of the two light sources and an attachment mean connecting the clamp portions; (ii) the clamp portions during photodynamic disinfection surround a catheter disinfection site; and (iii) the two light sources together provide circumferential illumination at least one wavelength that can activate at least one photosensitizer so as to reduce microbes located at the catheter disinfection site. The present invention provides a catheter disinfection method comprising: applying circumferential illumination at a wavelength that activates a photosensitizer located at a catheter disinfection site so as to reduce microbes located at the catheter disinfection site using the portable photodynamic disinfection light device described above.03-25-2010
20100044588Sterilizer for Dental Contaminant - Disclosed therein is a sterilizer for dental contaminants, which can prevent contamination occurring by the surface or a discharge hole of a cuspidor and a discharge hole of a suction mounted on a side of a dental unit chair used to spit out contaminants, such as blood or pus, remaining in a patient's mouth during a dental treatment. The sterilizer includes: a lid having a size as large as to cover an entrance portion of the cuspidor; an ultraviolet lamp mounted on the inner surface of the bottom of the lid; an opening and closing means connected to the lid for opening and closing the lid; and a control part for opening and closing the lid through the opening and closing means and controlling the turning on and off of the ultraviolet lamp. Additionally, in another aspect, the sterilizer may include: a body part for storing contaminants therein; an inlet part connected to a discharge hole of the cuspidor or a suction for transferring the contaminants to the body part; an outlet part connected to a drain pipe for discharging the contaminants stored in the body part to the drain pipe; and a ultraviolet lamp mounted inside the body part and having a light-emitting portion.02-25-2010
20100108913Laser system - A method and apparatus may comprise a line narrowed pulsed excimer or molecular fluorine gas discharge laser system which may comprise a seed laser oscillator producing an output comprising a laser output light beam of pulses which may comprise a first gas discharge excimer or molecular fluorine laser chamber; a line narrowing module within a first oscillator cavity; a laser amplification stage containing an amplifying gain medium in a second gas discharge excimer or molecular fluorine laser chamber receiving the output of the seed laser oscillator and amplifying the output of the seed laser oscillator to form a laser system output comprising a laser output light beam of pulses, which may comprise a ring power amplification stage.05-06-2010
20100108914Solarization-resistant glass composition having a UV-cutoff with a definite transmittance gradient and radiating device for a weathering apparatus containing a glass of said composition - The borosilicate glass with improved solarization-resistance has a transmittance curve within an area bounded by respective curves defined by the corresponding equations τ=1.7·(λ−277) and τ=1.6·(λ−284) in a wavelength range of 283 nm to 325 nm. This glass has a composition, in wt. % based on oxide content, of: 55-82, SiO05-06-2010
20130082192LITHOGRAPHY METHOD AND DEVICE - An installation and method for etching at least one wafer coated with an etch-ready, blank photosensitive layer is disclosed. In accordance with an embodiment, the wafer has thickness irregularities, wherein the wafer is arranged to be able to be submitted to irradiation-beam scanning, a sheet transparent to the radiation to which the photosensitive layer is sensitive covers the wafer, and a probe beam intended to reflect on the upper portion of the sheet perpendicularly to the irradiation beam spot on the photosensitive layer is provided.04-04-2013
20120261593Method and Device for Ultraviolet Light Sterilizing - In accordance with the present invention, a device and method is provided for covering and sterilizing a stethoscope or other medical instrument for safer use. The device comprises a closed housing for shielding the object to be sterilized, a means for receiving the object, a power supply, an ultraviolet light source within the housing, and a switch for controlling that lamp.10-18-2012
20120181455ENERGY BEAM DRAWING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING DEVICE - An energy beam drawing apparatus includes a member, positioned between an energy beam source and a substrate, on which a deposit is deposited and a removing unit which removes the deposit. The removing unit includes a catalyst for generating, from a gas, an active species for decomposing the deposit by irradiation with the energy beam, a supplying mechanism for supplying the gas to a position where the active species is generated, and a moving mechanism for moving, when executing processing of removing the deposit, the catalyst to a first position which is irradiated with the energy beam, and moving, when executing drawing processing on the substrate, the catalyst to a second position which is not irradiated with the energy beam.07-19-2012
20090045354Method and Device for Handling Objects - In relation with a laser-induced transport process of an object from a carrier to a collecting device, the invention provides a collecting medium in the collecting device in a liquid state. Prior to the laser-induced transport process, the object is separated from a mass on the carrier by laser irradiation. After the laser-induced transport process, the object, thus selected and separated, is transferred together with the collecting medium to a destination, for example, a container, for further treatment. To this end, a manipulation system for liquids is provided, the system permitting manipulation of the collecting medium with the object contained therein with a high degree of reliability and a high throughput.02-19-2009
20130048878TARGET SUPPLY UNIT - A target supply unit includes a nozzle unit having a through-hole to allow a target material to be outputted therethrough. A cover is provided to cover the nozzle unit, the cover having a through-hole to allow the target material to pass therethrough. A discharge device is included to pump out gas inside a space defined by the cover.02-28-2013
20130048876Combination Scale And Germicidal Sterilization Apparatus - A germicidal sterilization apparatus which includes a housing, a plate disposed atop the housing, and at least one ultraviolet light source supported by the housing. The at least one UV light source is adapted and configured to generate UV light waves which kill or deactivate harmful germs, microorganisms and spores thereof, pathogens, and/or transmissible diseases. The apparatus is integrated with a weight-measuring device for determining and indicating the weight of an individual.02-28-2013
20130048881MODAL ANALYSIS - Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for applying electromagnetic energy in a radio frequency (RF) range to an object in an energy application zone via at least one radiating element. At least one processor may be configured to determine locations of a first region and a second region in the energy application zone. In addition, the processor may be configured to regulate a source in order to apply a first predetermined amount of RF energy to the first region in the energy application zone and a second predetermined amount of RF energy to the second region in the energy application zone. The first predetermined amount of energy may be different from the second predetermined amount of energy.02-28-2013
20130048877METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ANTI-BIOFOULING OF A PROTECTED SURFACE IN LIQUID ENVIRONMENTS - A system includes a UV light source and an optical medium coupled to receive UV light from the UV light source. The optical medium is configured to emit UV light proximate to a surface to be protected from biofouling. A method corresponds to the system.02-28-2013
20090108213Large-angle uniform radiance source - A radiance source includes a housing having an interior wall, wherein at least a spherical portion of the interior wall of the housing is spherical, an interior volume, and an exit port. A light source is disposed within the interior volume of the housing. A calibration structure blocks and reflects a light ray that would otherwise travel directly from the light source to the exit port without reflecting from the interior wall. The calibration structure has a calibration body having a curved back surface facing the light source and a curved front surface facing the exit port. There is an optically diffuse, lambertian reflecting surface on at least the spherical portion of the interior wall of the housing, the back surface of the calibration body, and the front surface of the calibration body.04-30-2009
20120217420UV DISINFECTION SYSTEM FOR WASTE WATER AND DRINKING WATER INCLUDING A CLEANING DEVICE - A UV disinfection system for waste water and drinking water, includes a number of UV radiators arranged in cladding tubes, the cladding tubes being configured essentially symmetrically to a longitudinal axis, as well as a cleaning device for the cladding tubes. The cleaning device includes at least one cleaning ring for each cladding tube, which surrounds the cladding tube, the at least one cleaning ring having a scraper ring resting against the cladding tube, at least one drive for driving the cleaning ring in the direction of the longitudinal axis, and supply provisions for supplying pressurised fluid under elevated pressure from a pressure source to the scraper ring are provided, wherein pressure may be applied onto the scraper ring from the pressure source in the direction of the cladding tube.08-30-2012
20130056651ADVANCED ANTIMATTER WEAPON TECHNOLOGIES - A gamma ray emitting technology is described. It creates pair production in the enemy target and the positrons annihilate the electrons in the target. This causes the atoms of the target to lose their chemical bonds with each other. This technique is continued until the target is neutralized. Targets, which can be neutralized, include everything from a single enemy soldier, to a large battleship. The information in this abstract is not meant to limit the scope of the claims in any way.03-07-2013
20130056652METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING RF SIGNALS FROM COLLECTED RADIANCE ENERGY - A system and method for collecting radiance energy from the Earth and using the collected radiance energy as the main energy source for generating RF signals is provided. The radiance energy collector may comprise an array of quantum systems configured to collect infrared energy radiated from the Earth. Once a sufficient amount of energy is collected (in the form of charged energy) by a cell of the array of quantum systems, a laser is configured to strike the cell with a certain amount of energy and phase and other attributes to allow the energy to be discharged and thus generate an RF signal. Most of the energy used for generating the RF signal is from the charged energy in the array of quantum systems and only a small portion of the total RF energy is contributed by the laser. The array of quantum systems and the laser generating module may be placed on an airship at a very high altitude.03-07-2013
20120112100Bactericidal Lighting Device - A bactericidal lighting device includes a bactericidal lighting bar and a charging base for charging the bactericidal lighting bar. The bactericidal lighting bar includes a housing, a bactericidal lamp unit for generating ultraviolet light, and a control unit. The control unit includes a control circuit operable to activate and deactivate the bactericidal lamp unit, an activate key to control activation of the control circuit for activating the bactericidal lamp unit, a safety switch to deactivate the bactericidal lamp unit when the housing is turned beyond a predetermined angle relative to a normal position, and an override key to selectively override the safety switch such that the bactericidal lamp unit is able to remain activated even when the housing is turned beyond the predetermined angle.05-10-2012
20120187313Systems, Devices, and/or Methods for Managing Disinfection - Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, which can comprise a mat comprising a plurality of ultraviolet lamps. The ultraviolet lamps can be adapted to disinfect a surface of the mat. In certain exemplary embodiments, the mat can be adapted to transfer heat from the ultraviolet lamps to a surrounding environment.07-26-2012
20090267000METHOD OF MAKING TRANSPARENT CONDUCTIVE FILM - A method of making a transparent conductive film includes the steps of: providing a carbon nanotube array. At least one carbon nanotube film extracted from the carbon nanotube array. The carbon nanotube films are stacked on the substrate to form a carbon nanotube film structure. The carbon nanotube film structure is irradiated by a laser beam along a predetermined path to obtain a predetermined pattern. The predetermined pattern is separated from the other portion of the carbon nanotube film, thereby forming the transparent conductive film from the predetermined pattern of the carbon nanotube film.10-29-2009
20110012028PARTICLE BEAM TREATMENT APPARATUS AND PARTICLE BEAM TREATMENT METHOD - When a predetermined region of a target volume is divided into multiple layers in a depth direction of particle beams and particle beams are irradiated, dose calibration is carried out separately for the divided layers.01-20-2011
20130161538OPTICAL ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR EXAMINING OR PROCESSING AN OBJECT - The invention relates to an optical arrangement (06-27-2013
20090261275Particle therapy system, method for determining control parameters of such a therapy system, radiation therapy planning device and irradiation method - A method for determining control parameters of a therapy system for an irradiation sequence of a target volume to be irradiated from an irradiation direction is provided. The method includes automatically splitting up the target volume into a number of subvolumes, each of the subvolumes being no greater than the maximum scanning volume, and each of the volume elements being comprised in at least one subvolume, automatically determining a patient position and/or patient holder position as a first control parameter in which one of the subvolumes is arranged in the scanning area, and automatically determining a particle “sub” number for each volume element of a subvolume as a second control parameter, such that the sum of all the particle “sub” numbers of a first volume element corresponds to the required particle number of the first volume element.10-22-2009
20090236546INFORMATION RECORDING MEDIUM AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An information recording medium manufacturing method includes steps of forming, on a support, a recording layer containing a polymer compound having an azobenzene structure, irradiating the recording layer with first writing light to form a first light-diffracting structure having a three-dimensional relief pattern on the surface of the recording layer, fixing the relief pattern by forming a deformation preventing layer on the surface of the recording layer, and irradiating the recording layer having the fixed relief pattern with second writing light to forcedly inhibit deformation caused by the movement of molecules, thereby forming a second light-diffracting structure having a refractive index change inside the recording layer.09-24-2009
20090236544UV REACTIVE SPRAY CHAMBER FOR ENHANCED SAMPLE INTRODUCTION EFFICIENCY - An analyte for atomic spectrometry detection is prepared by introducing an aerosol of the analyte into a chamber, and irradiating the aerosol with ultraviolet light in the presence of a low molecular weight organic acid or other suitable photoactivatable ligand donor species to create vapor containing the analyte. The vapor containing the analyte is extracted from the chamber and used for atomic spectrometry detection.09-24-2009
20090236545Non-continuous particle beam irradiation method and apparatus - Method and apparatus are disclosed for treating a non-continuous particle beam produced by an accelerator in order to irradiate a target volume, wherein an irradiation spot located in the target volume is formed from this beam, and wherein the location of the irradiation spot is controlled by location controlling elements. The setting of the location controlling elements may take place in between subsequent particle bunches of the beam, for example.09-24-2009
20130068969DUAL ELLIPTICAL REFLECTOR WITH A CO-LOCATED FOCI FOR CURING OPTICAL FIBERS - A device for UV curing a coating or printed ink on an workpiece such as an optical fiber comprises dual elliptical reflectors arranged to have a co-located focus. The workpiece is centered at the co-located focus such that the dual elliptical reflectors are disposed on opposing sides of the workpiece. Two separate light sources are positioned at a second focus of each elliptical reflector, wherein light irradiated from the light sources is substantially concentrated onto the surface of the workpiece at the co-located focus.03-21-2013
20130068968METHOD OF VARYING A PHYSICAL PROPERTY OF A MATERIAL THROUGH ITS DEPTH - A method is disclosed for varying a mechanical property of a material at two depths. The method involves the application of at least two laser pulses of different durations. The method involves a determination of the density of the material from the surface to each depth, a determination of the heat capacity of the material from the surface to each depth, and a determination of the thermal conductivity of the material from the surface to each depth. Each laser pulse may affect the density, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity of the material, so it may be necessary to re-evaluate those parameters after each laser pulse and prior to the next pulse. The method may be applied to implantation materials to improve osteoblast and osteoclast activity.03-21-2013
20130214179METHOD FOR THE THERMAL PHOTOSWITCHING OF SPIN-TRANSITION MATERIALS, AND USES THEREOF - A method is provided for the thermal photoswitching of spin-transition compounds from the low-spin state to the high-spin state, including at least one step of exposing the material to a non-polarised laser beam which is at room temperature, and the wavelength of which is in the infrared range and the power of which is 1 mW.cm08-22-2013
20100065760METHOD FOR DETERMINING A CHARACTERISTIC PARAMETER OF A CRP SPECIMEN - The invention relates to a method for determining at least one characteristic parameter of a CRP specimen (03-18-2010
20090008576Light to heat conversion layer incorporating modified pigment - A LTHC layer for use in radiation induced thermal transfer includes a modified pigment.01-08-2009
20120068086SYSTEMS AND CONVEYANCE STRUCTURES FOR HIGH POWER LONG DISTANCE LASER TRANSMISSION - There is provided a mobile high power laser system and conveyance structure for delivering high power laser energy to and for performing high power laser operations in remote and difficult to access locations. There is further provide such systems with high power laser, handling equipment and conveyance equipment that are configured to avoid exceeding the maximum bending radius of high power optical fibers used with the conveyance structures. There are also provided embodiments of the conveyance structures having channels, lines and passages for delivering materials such as fluids.03-22-2012
20120235065RADIATION CONTROL AND MINIMIZATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A radiation control system and method are provided in which radiation delivered to a patient and/or the operator of the equipment is minimized. The radiation control system may be used in a large variety of applications including applications in which radiation source is used to inspect an object, such as, for example, medical imaging, diagnosis and therapy, in manufacturing operation using radiation, in airports scanning systems, in different security setups, and in nuclear reactors automation and process control. The radiation control system and method may also be used with 3D imaging.09-20-2012
20120235064RADIATION CONTROL AND MINIMIZATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A radiation control system and method are provided in which radiation delivered to a patient and/or the operator of the equipment is minimized. The radiation control system may be used in a large variety of applications including applications in which radiation source is used to inspect an object, such as, for example, medical imaging, diagnosis and therapy, in manufacturing operation using radiation, in airports scanning systems, in different security setups, and in nuclear reactors automation and process control. The radiation control system and method may also be used with 3D imaging.09-20-2012
20120235063Systems and Methods Providing Electron Beam Writing to a Medium - A method for electron-beam writing to a medium includes positioning the medium within an e-beam writing machine so that the medium is supported by a stage and is exposed to an e-beam source. The method also includes writing a pattern to the medium using a plurality of independently-controllable beams of the e-beam source, in which the pattern comprises a plurality of parallel strips. Each of the parallel strips is written using multiple ones of the independently-controllable beams.09-20-2012
20110180729BROADLY TUNABLE OPTICAL PARAMETRIC OSCILLATOR - A novel broadly tunable optical parametric oscillator is described for use in numerous applications including multi-photon microscopy. The optical parametric oscillator includes at least one sub-picosecond laser pump source configured to output a pump signal having a wavelength of about 650 nm or less and at least one type II optical parametric oscillator in optical communication with the pump source and configured to generate a single widely tunable pulsed optical signal. In one application, an optical system is in optical communication with the optical parametric oscillator and configured to direct at least a portion of the optical signal to a specimen, and at least one analyzing device is configured to receive a signal from the specimen in response to the optical signal.07-28-2011
20120211673LASER ERASING APPARATUS AND LASER ERASING METHOD - A laser erasing apparatus includes a conveyance unit to move a reversible thermal recording medium having display information thereon at a predetermined moving speed, the reversible thermal recording medium reversibly changing a color tone thereof depending on a temperature; and a laser erasing unit configured to erase the display information by irradiating the reversible thermal recording medium with a laser beam while the reversible thermal recording medium is moving and by deflecting the laser beam at a predetermined scanning speed lower than the predetermined moving speed in a same direction as a moving direction of the reversible thermal recording medium.08-23-2012
20080265179Sterilization apparatus - Embodiments of a sterilization apparatus and methods of using a sterilization system are disclosed in the present application. The sterilization apparatus can take the form of a sterilization chamber comprising a top wall, a bottom wall, end walls and side walls which define the interior of the chamber. Throughout the interior of the chamber, multiple ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UVLEDs) irradiate energy at wavelengths for destroying pathogenic substances and achieving an efficient level of sterilization. A UV transparent plate located within the interior of the chamber can support one or more target devices, and can be proportionally sized to accommodate placement of a target device for the simultaneous and uniform distribution of UV sterilizing energy to the surfaces of a target. The sterilization chamber can provide the necessary decontamination and sterilization measures to effectively eliminate any residual biological contaminants on the exposed or hard-to-reach crevices or features of a medical device. Furthermore, one or more interior surfaces of the chamber may comprise a UV reflective material for distributing UV radiation upon substantially all surfaces of a target.10-30-2008
20090166562Production of microfluidic devices using laser-induced shockwaves - A method an apparatus for manufacturing a microfluidic device (07-02-2009
20100171045PARTICLE THERAPY INSTALLATION - A particle therapy system that includes at least one irradiation chamber, in which an object is irradiated with a treatment beam, an antechamber, which is screened off from radiation occurring in the irradiation chamber and from which access is made to the irradiation chamber, and an access area, which leads to the irradiation chamber and connects the irradiation chamber to the antechamber, is provided. A support for a patient moves along a path of travel from the antechamber, through the access area, to the irradiation chamber. A radiation protection door is arranged in the access area, and the access area is configured geometrically in such a way that the path of travel in the access area is substantially rectilinear.07-08-2010
20110284773GERMICIDAL BULB DISINFECTION BASE FOR OPHTHALMIC LENSES - The present invention provides for a disinfecting radiation base with a germicidal bulb for providing disinfecting radiation to a storage case for an ophthalmic lens, such as a contact lens. The disinfecting radiation base provides disinfecting radiation for disinfecting a contact lens. The disinfecting radiation base may also include a processor and digital memory for automated functions associated with the base.11-24-2011
20120104282TARGET TRACKING SYSTEM AND METHOD WITH JITTER REDUCTION SUITABLE FOR DIRECTED ENERGY SYSTEMS - Embodiments of a target tracking system and method with jitter reduction suitable for directed energy systems are generally described herein. In some embodiments, the directed energy system includes a target tracking system to track one or more track points on a moving target, and a beam transmission unit to maintain a directed energy beam on a selected one of the track points in response to tracking control signals provided by the target tracking system. The track points may be smaller than a spot size of the directed energy beam maintained on the target.05-03-2012
20110001062Dynamic optical countermeasures for ground level threats to an aircraft - Systems and methods are provided for mitigating optically aimed threats to an aircraft from the ground. A laser beam, having sufficient intensity to interfere with the vision of a human being, is projected from the aircraft over a defined scan pattern at ground level. At least one flight parameter is received. Each flight parameter represents one of a current orientation, position, and motion of the aircraft. The defined scan pattern is adjusted according to at least one flight parameter.01-06-2011
20110284772LIGHT EMITTING DIODE DISINFECTION BASE FOR OPHTHALMIC LENSES - The present invention provides for a disinfecting radiation base for working in conjunction with a storage case for an ophthalmic lens. The disinfecting radiation base provides disinfecting radiation for disinfecting an ophthalmic lens. The disinfecting radiation base may also include a processor and digital memory for automated functions associated with the base.11-24-2011
20110297851LASER PROCESSING WITH ORIENTED SUB-ARRAYS - In a system for severing conductive links by laser irradiation to repair electronic devices, multiple laser beams are deflected at high-speed to target selected links for processing by positioning laser spots in a two dimensional pattern during relative motion of a substrate and a beam delivery system. As link targeting flexibility is increased, selection may be required from a large number of addressable link pairs. Various embodiments advantageously use beam deflection and beam splitting to improve memory repair processing rates.12-08-2011
20110297850DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PARTICLE BEAM DELIVERY - The present invention relates to a particle therapy system that comprises a spot scanning system to irradiate with a particle beam a plurality of spots in a layer of a target with prescribed spot doses for each spot of the layer. The therapy system is further adapted to perform multiple paintings of the layer and to deliver partial spot doses to selected spots of the layer during each painting time so that each spot of the layer will have received its prescribed dose after completion of the multiple paintings. The therapy system further comprises means for setting the partial spot doses and the number of times that a spot will be selected for irradiation in the course of the multiple paintings to such values that any spot of the layer will never have to be irradiated with a partial dose which would fall below a minimum dose deliverable by the system, and this whatever the number chosen for the number of layer paintings.12-08-2011
20110297849Deposition of an Intended Dose Distribution in a Cyclically Moved Target Area - The invention concerns a process for the deposition of an intended dose distribution in a cyclically moved target region moving cyclically (12-08-2011
20110133104OPTICAL MANIPULATION OF MICRO-PARTICLES - A method for manipulating one or more particles comprising exposing the particle(s) to a beam of radiation that is able to lift and or impart an acceleration to the particle(s) to cause it to move in a curved trajectory.06-09-2011
20110291028Method for Optimization Radiotherapy Particle Beams - Radiation doses are optimized by providing a model of the set of beams and a target dose in normalized forms. A Gram matrix is determined from the model. The target dose is subsampled to determine initial intensity values for the set of beams. Then, the following steps are iterated until convergence. A very small positive value, 0<ε<<1, is added to each intensity value to ensure the intensity value is greater than zero. Each intensity value is multiplied by the Gram matrix to determine a product, which is divided element-wise into the normalized target dose to determine corresponding ratios. If the ratios are all close to 1, within a numerical error tolerance, the intensity values of the set of beam are output. Otherwise, the intensity values are multiplied by the ratios before a next iteration.12-01-2011
20080296514SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR NONINVASIVELY MONITORING CONDITIONS OF A SUBJECT - A method and system are presented for use in determining one or more parameters of a subject. A region of interest of the subject is irradiated with acoustic tagging radiation, which comprises at least one acoustic tagging beam. At least a portion of the region of interest is irradiated with at least one electromagnetic beam of a predetermined frequency range. Electromagnetic radiation response of the at least portion of the region of interest is detected and measured data indicative thereof is generated. The detected response comprises electromagnetic radiation tagged by the acoustic radiation. This enables processing of the measured data indicative of the detected electromagnetic radiation response to determine at least one parameter of the subject in a region corresponding to the locations in the medium at which the electromagnetic radiation has been tagged by the acoustic radiation, and outputting data indicative of the at least one determined parameter.12-04-2008
20120097867Energy focusing system for active denial apparatus - An active denial apparatus for use in non-lethal weaponry includes at least one focusing element configured to focus millimeter-wave energy along an axis of propagation. The at least one focusing element includes an astigmatic or dual axis focusing system configured to direct a focused beam that allows the active denial apparatus to accurately immobilize targets at both close and long range within acceptable limits of intensity.04-26-2012
20100032585Solid State Radiation Source Array - A solid state radiation source array is provided, the array comprising at least one solid state ultraviolet radiation source and at least one solid state infrared radiation source.02-11-2010
200902780583D TWO-PHOTON LITHOGRAPHIC MICROFABRICATION SYSTEM - An imaging system is provided that includes a optical pulse generator for providing an optical pulse having a spectral bandwidth and includes monochiromatic waves having different wavelengths. A dispersive element receives a second optical pulse associated with the optical pulse and disperses the second optical pulse at different angles on the surface of the dispersive element depending on wavelength. One or more focal elements receives the dispersed second optical pulse produced on the dispersive element. The one or more focal element recombine the dispersed second optical pulse at a focal plane on a specimen where the width of the optical pulse is restored at the focal plane.11-12-2009
20100102253STERILIZATION APPARATUS FOR FABRIC AND SHOES - The invention discloses a sterilization apparatus for a fabric and shoes. The sterilization apparatus of the invention includes an organization member for containing the fabric or shoes. The sterilization apparatus of the invention further includes a light sterilization type member and/or an exsiccating member disposed with the organization member for sterilizing or drying the fabric or shoes.04-29-2010
20120025104REFRIGERATOR - A refrigerator is disclosed. The refrigerator includes a case comprising at least one storage compartment for low temperature storage, a lighting source arranged in the storage compartment, to generate a sanitation wavelength, a location control part configured to control a location of the lighting source, and a control part configured to control operation of the location control part.02-02-2012
20090189093SUB-WAVELENGTH IMAGING AND IRRADIATION WITH ENTANGLED PARTICLES - A method and apparatus for using one particle out of N particles for irradiating or investigating a target are provided. A radiation source with N incoherent emitters emits a radiation, and particles of said radiation are detected by using at least N−1 detectors located at N−1 different positions. A discriminator is adapted for identifying particle detection events on at least N−1 detectors within a predetermined time period from other particle detection events.07-30-2009
20090189092RADIOTHERAPY APPARATUS CONTROLLER AND RADIATION IRRADIATION METHOD - A radiotherapy apparatus controller includes: a movement collection section; a sensor control section configured to change a first time interval in which a second sensor measures a position of an irradiation area in the subject, based on the movement information; and an irradiation control section. The movement collection section collects movement information indicating a movement of a subject from a first sensor. The sensor control section changes a first time interval in which a second sensor measures a position of an irradiation area in the subject, based on the movement information. The irradiation control section controls a radiotherapy apparatus such that therapeutic radiation irradiated to the irradiation area is changed based on the position.07-30-2009
20090189091REMOTE CIRCUIT INTERACTION - A method and system for remotely affecting electronics within a conductive enclosure are disclosed. The method can comprise transmitting electromagnetic radiation of two different frequencies to the enclosure. The two different frequencies can be selected such that they penetrate the enclosure and therein form electromagnetic radiation of a third frequency that resonates within the enclosure. The third frequency can interact with the electronics, such as to disrupt operation thereof.07-30-2009
20090152475Analyzer, Authenticity Judging Device, Authenticity Judging Method, and Underground Searching Method - The present invention relates to an analyzing apparatus and the like having a structure for enabling spectrometry and the like up to a longer frequency region while being excellent in practicality. The analyzing apparatus comprises a light source section and a light-detecting section. The light source section includes a seed light source emitting laser light, and a solid highly nonlinear optical fiber generating SC light in response to the input of the laser light, and thereby emitting the SC light as irradiation light to an object. The light-detecting section detects light to be detected from the object irradiated with the irradiation light. Here, the seed light source in the light source section emits pulsed light having a center wavelength within the range of 1.3 μm to 1.8 μm.06-18-2009
20090101847OPTICAL MEASURING DEVICE, OPTICAL MEASURING APPARATUS AND FINE PARTICLE MEASURING APPARATUS USING OPTICAL MEASURING DEVICE - Disclosed herein is an optical measuring device, including: a plurality of microfluidic channels extending in parallel to each other; and a scanning section configured to scan a plurality of measuring light beams in a scanning direction in which the microfluidic channels are juxtaposed to optically measure fine particles introduced into the microfluidic channels.04-23-2009
20090101846Ionizing-radiation-responsive compositions, methods, and systems - A method, composition and system respond to ionizing radiation to adjust biological activity. In some approaches the ionizing radiation is X-ray or extreme ultraviolet radiation that produces luminescent responses that induce biologically active responses.04-23-2009
20080237489LIGHTING OPTICAL APPARATUS AND SAMPLE INSPECTION APPARATUS - A lighting optical apparatus using a deep ultraviolet light source that are easy to adjust due to a configuration with fewer components, has high illuminant and illuminant uniformity on an irradiated surface are provided. The apparatus has a deep ultraviolet light source from which deep ultraviolet rays are emitted, a first double-sided cylindrical lens which has a cylindrical lens array on both sides with a configuration of cylinder axes intersecting at right angles, a second double-sided cylindrical lens which has a cylindrical lens array on both sides with a configuration of cylinder axes intersecting at right angles, and a condenser lens.10-02-2008
20120280149EUV RADIATION SOURCE COMPRISING A DROPLET ACCELERATOR AND LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS - An EUV radiation source includes a fuel supply configured to supply fuel to a plasma formation location. The fuel supply includes a nozzle configured to eject droplets of fuel, and a droplet accelerator configured to accelerate the fuel droplets. The EUV radiation source includes a laser radiation source configured to irradiate the fuel supplied by the fuel supply at the plasma formation location.11-08-2012
20090309045METHOD OF CLEANING A SURFACE REGION COVERED WITH CONTAMINANT OR UNDESIRABLE MATERIAL - The present invention relates to a method of cleaning a surface at least partly covered with contaminant or undesired material by applying atomic hydrogen. The invention also proposes an irradiation unit adapted to perform the cleaning method. In the present method the atomic hydrogen is generated by dissociation of molecular hydrogen directed to a surface containing catalytic material, which causes the dissociation of at least a part of the molecular hydrogen to atomic hydrogen. The surface with the catalytic material is arranged close to the surface to be cleaned and is dimensioned such that its total surface area is at least twice the surface area of the to be cleaned surface region. The method allows for the cleaning of the surface region in a constructive simple and efficient manner.12-17-2009
20100090129APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR THE PREVENTION OF INFESTATION INSIDE A VOLUME OF INTEREST - The present invention discloses apparatus [04-15-2010
20110147619TREATMENT APPARATUSES AND METHODS USING PROTON - A treatment apparatus using proton includes a proton generation unit and a magnet. The proton generation unit projects proton into a tumor site of a patient, and the magnet forms a magnetic field around the patient. The proton conducts a spiral motion due to collision with atom of the tumor site and Lorenz force generated by the magnetic field.06-23-2011
20100084574ULTRAVIOLET CURING APPARATUS FOR CONTINUOUS MATERIAL - An ultraviolet radiation curing system is disclosed for treating a substrate, such as fiber optic cable or silicone tubing. The system comprises a processing chamber allowing transport of a continuous piece of substrate to be treated. As the substrate moves through the processing chamber, ultraviolet radiation from a plasma lamp activated by a microwave generator treats the surface of the substrate. The system comprises two elliptical reflectors of different sizes so that larger diameter substrates may be efficiently treated with ultraviolet radiation. The system may also comprise an ultraviolet-transmissive conduit enclosing the substrate and split into a first portion and a second portion, where the second portion is movable from the first portion to open the conduit and allow insertion or alignment of the substrate within the conduit and processing chamber.04-08-2010
20120091369FOCUSING MULTIMODAL OPTICAL MICROPROBE DEVICES - The present invention provides an optical microprobe device and method for focusing multimodal radiation with wavelength-scale spatial resolution and delivering the focused radiation to a specimen, including: a radiation source; and one or more of a plurality of optically transparent or semitransparent spheres and a plurality of optically transparent or semitransparent cylinders optically coupled to the radiation source; wherein the one or more of the plurality of optically transparent or semitransparent spheres and the plurality of optically transparent or semitransparent cylinders periodically focus radiation optically transmitted from the radiation source such that radiation ultimately transmitted to the specimen has predetermined characteristics. Preferably, the spheres or cylinders are assembled inside one of a hollow waveguide, a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber, a capillary tube, and integrated in a multimode fiber. Alternatively, the spheres or cylinders are assembled on a substrate. Optionally, the optical microprobe device also includes one or more of a waveguide, an optical fiber, a lens, and an optical structure disposed between the radiation source and the spheres or cylinders. Optionally, the spheres or cylinders are made from optically nonlinear or active materials that permit efficient nonlinear frequency generation and low-threshold lasing using the optical microprobe device.04-19-2012
20090090875Higher pressure, modular target system for radioisotope production - A beam window according to example embodiments may include a foil having an interior region and an exterior region. The interior region of the foil may be dome-shaped, and a central portion of the dome-shaped interior region may be thinner than the exterior region of the foil. The beam window may be welded to a flange to form a window module. One or more window modules may be utilized in a target assembly. The target assembly may further include a cooling unit and/or collimator to form a target system according to example embodiments.04-09-2009
20080210886Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus - The present invention relates to a laser processing method and the like having a structure for making it possible to process an object to be processed in various ways while accurately adjusting the installation state of the object. The method irradiates the object with plural adjustment laser light beams that are set in a specific positional relationship against a converging point of processing laser light beam, and adjusts the state of installation of the object while monitoring irradiation areas of the adjustment laser light beams on the surface of the object. Each irradiation directions of adjustment laser light beams is different from that of the processing laser light beam. By reflecting the irradiation condition of the adjustment laser light beam and monitored information of the irradiation areas in positional adjustment of the object, the installation state of the object can be adjusted in accordance with various kinds of processing.09-04-2008
20090272916RADIATION SOURCE AND LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS - A radiation source is configured to generate extreme ultraviolet radiation. The radiation source includes a plasma formation site located at a position in which a fuel is contacted by a beam of radiation to form a plasma, a collector constructed and arranged to collect extreme ultraviolet radiation formed at the plasma formation site and form an extreme ultraviolet radiation beam, and a contamination barrier. The contamination barrier includes a plurality of foils at least partially located between the plasma formation site and the collector, and a rotatable base operatively connected to the plurality of foils. The rotatable base is configured to allow the beam of radiation to pass through the contamination barrier to the plasma formation site.11-05-2009
20090272915Soft X-Ray Generation Apparatus and Static Elimination Apparatus - The present invention aims to suppress calorific value and prolong a lifetime of an apparatus that generates soft X-rays. Thus, the present invention provides a static elimination apparatus that includes an emitter as an electron emitting portion and a target, in which a thin film formed of diamond particles each having a particle size of 2 nm to 100 nm is formed on a surface of the emitter. The thin film has a diamond XRD pattern in an XRD measurement and, in a Raman spectroscopic measurement, a ratio of an sp3 bonding component to an sp2 bonding component within the film of 2.5 to 2.7:1. When a DC voltage is applied to the emitter, with a threshold electric field intensity of 1 V/μm or less, electrons larger in number than the prior art are emitted from the emitter and moreover, a temperature of the emitter is hardly increased, thus obtaining a longer lifetime.11-05-2009
20090278057Pulsed-Laser Systems and Methods for Producing Holographic Stereograms - Pre-sensitization techniques can be used in conjunction with holographic recording materials to allow high quality holographic stereograms to be recorded in those holographic recording materials using pulsed lasers. Additional hologram production system hardware and software designs for use with pulsed lasers are disclosed.11-12-2009
20090283701Medical Implants - Provided herein is methods of treating a medical implant and methods of using the same.11-19-2009
20090039291Mounting method, electric part-mounted substrate and an electric device - An electric device having high reliability is to be produced. An adhesive layer includes a thermosetting resin and a radiation-curable resin, and a portion of the adhesive layer is protruded outwardly from an edge of the electric part. Radiation rays do not pass through the electric part, and the radiation-curable resin is cured in the protruding portion, while the radiation-curable resin in that portion of the adhesive layer which is positioned right behind the electric part is not polymerized. Since the electric part is fixed with the polymerized radiation-curable type resin, the electric part is not misaligned when the electric part is pressed under heating.02-12-2009
20100044587PROCEDURE FOR THE PREPARATION OF RADIOISOTOPES - A procedure for the preparation of radioisotopes consisting of a first step of electrodepositing a metallic isotope target to be irradiated on a target-holder element, a second step of irradiating the target, a third step of dissolving the target and a fourth set of purifying the radioisotope from the initial metallic isotope and from other possible radioactive and metallic impurities; the electrodeposition step in turn consisting of a dissolution operation in which the isotope to be irradiated is dissolved in a solution of HNO02-25-2010
20090261276METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EXCIMER CURING - An apparatus for An apparatus for generating excimer radiation is provided. The apparatus includes a housing having a housing wall. An electrode is configured within the housing. A tubular body is around the electrode. The tubular body includes an outer wall and an inner wall. At least one inert gas is between the outer wall and the inner wall, wherein the housing wall and the electrode are configured to excite the inert gas to illuminate an excimer light for curing.10-22-2009
20120292533REMOTE MARKING - Remote marker systems are disclosed for marking a target using optical markers, including systems that allow a target to be marked using a remote optical marking device, as well as photochromic solutions and methods of their preparation.11-22-2012
20110266463Partitioned cavity - Apparatuses and methods may include a source of electromagnetic energy configured to deliver electromagnetic energy to an energy application zone and to apply electromagnetic energy to an object. The energy application zone may be divided into subzones by at least one partition comprising an electromagnetic field disruptive material. The source may be configured to deliver electromagnetic energy to multiple subzones by supplying electric fields transverse to the at least one partition.11-03-2011
20100102252Hand held sterilization devices - Convenient mobile sterilization devices are described herein that, in certain embodiments, provide secure storage in a niche in a protective housing and one-button action to automatically deploy and activate the device for quick and powerful destruction of germs on a surface using one hand. Users can hold the UV-light device and move it across a target surface to sterilize or disinfect the surface. The device may be compact, easily deployed, provided with a durable cover for secure storage, and equipped with safety shut-off features to prevent unwanted uses.04-29-2010
20100096564ULTRAVIOLET REFLECTOR WITH COOLANT GAS HOLES AND METHOD - A reflector for an ultraviolet lamp can be used in a substrate processing apparatus. The reflector comprises a longitudinal strip extending the length of the ultraviolet lamp. The longitudinal strip has a curved reflective surface and comprises a plurality of through holes to direct a coolant gas toward the ultraviolet lamp. A chamber that uses an ultraviolet lamp module with the reflector, and a method of ultraviolet treatment are also described.04-22-2010
20090166560Sensing of biological molecules using carbon nanotubes as optical labels - Disclosed are methods and materials including carbon nanotubes which have a strong Raman and/or fluorescent signal and which have been modified with an amphiphilic molecule having available functional linking groups for linking to a biological compound. Exemplified are surface-functionalized SWNTs (single walled nanotubes) as highly sensitive bio-labels based on the detection of their spectroscopic Raman signature. By solubilizing the nanotubes with polyethylene glycol (PEG)-containing phospholipids, aqueous-stable as well as biocompatible SWNT labels are produced. Specificity in biological detection is then attained by immobilizing reporting molecules off this PEG layer. Highly selective detection of surface immobilized proteins is achieved with detection limit of ˜10 femtomolar, three orders of magnitude higher than the fluorescent technique. Signal stability upon Raman readout as well as compatibility of the SWNT-tagged proteins to the microarray protocols are also demonstrated, making these biocompatible SWNTs highly attractive as novel, alternative bio-labels for ultrasensitive detection of proteins. When excited with a near infrared laser, the nanoparticles give off a distinctive fluorescence signal.07-02-2009
20090166561LASER PATTERNING APPARATUS - A laser patterning apparatus for handling a donor film and improving compression uniformity between the donor film and an acceptor substrate is provided. The laser patterning apparatus includes: a stage that supports an acceptor substrate; a shielding mask that is placed on the acceptor substrate to form a pattern and is attached to a donor film on one surface thereof; a laser gun that is disposed at an upper part of the stage to radiate laser light to a portion of the donor film through the pattern of the shielding mask; a pressing member that corresponds to a portion of the shielding mask; and an actuator that is connected to one side of the pressing member to press the pressing member.07-02-2009
20080283775Methods and Devices for Rapidly Forming Vitreous Ice-Jacketed Particle Droplets - The present invention provides methods and devices for rapidly forming vitreous ice-jacketed particle droplets.11-20-2008
20110204261MICRO-CHANNEL-COOLED HIGH HEAT LOAD LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE - Micro-channel-cooled UV curing systems and components thereof are provided. According to one embodiment, a lamp head module includes an optical macro-reflector, an array of LEDs and a micro-channel cooler assembly. The array is positioned within the reflector and has a high fill factor and a high aspect ratio. The array provides a high irradiance output beam pattern having a peak irradiance of greater than 25 W/cm08-25-2011
20080308749Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method - A lithographic apparatus is disclosed having a projection system housing supporting internally one or more lens elements, and a movement damper connected to the projection system housing, the movement damper configured to damp movement of the projection system housing at an eigenfrequency of at least one of the one or more lens elements and/or of the projection system housing.12-18-2008
20080308750Method for treating a tribologically stress-resistant surface of a workpiece - Method for treating the surface of a workpiece with a tribologically stress-resistant surface, wherein the surface is honed in at least one step and pockets are subsequently introduced using laser structuring, wherein laser structuring is effected via ultrashort pulses having a pulse duration of less than 100 ps.12-18-2008
20080272316Path tracing apparatus and method - A low maintenance path tracing apparatus comprising at least one marker including an emitter of a tracer signal and a receiving medium for recording the path of the tracer signal. The apparatus further includes a power providing arrangement comprising a base unit which wirelessly provides power to the marker for powering the emitter.11-06-2008
20130119279RADIATING ELEMENT FOR IRRADIATING SURFACES, HAVING A SOCKET - In various embodiments, an emitter for the irradiation of surfaces is provided. The emitter may include: an emitter vessel and an emitter base connected thereto, wherein the emitter base has at least one gas opening, which is designed for supplying a process gas into a spatial area adjacent to the emitter vessel.05-16-2013
20080265178Driving scanning fiber devices with variable frequency drive signals - Methods of moving or vibrating cantilevered optical fibers of scanning fiber devices are disclosed. In one aspect, a method may include vibrating the cantilevered optical fiber at an initial frequency that is substantially displaced from a resonant frequency of the cantilevered optical fiber. Then, the frequency of vibration of the cantilevered optical fiber may be changed over a period of time toward the resonant frequency. Light may be directed through an end of the cantilevered optical fiber while the cantilevered optical fiber is vibrated.10-30-2008
20110006223RADIATION SOURCE ASSEMBLY AND FLUID TREATMENT SYSTEM - There is disclosed a radiation source assembly comprising an elongate radiation emitting outer portion having non-circular cross-sectional shape and an elongate radiation source. A radiation source module and a fluid system incorporating the radiation source assembly are also disclosed. It has been discovered that the use of a non-circular shaped sleeve or outer lamp surface reduces the stress placed on these elements in a fluid treatment system in which the radiation source assemblies are disposed transverse (e.g., orthogonal) to the direction of fluid flow through the fluid treatment zone of the system.01-13-2011
20110006222Device for Countering and Tracking a Threat in the Form of a Homing-Head Missile - The invention concerns a device for countering and tracking a threat in the form of a homing-head missile, comprising a homing head adapted to receive an incident coherent light beam and to deflect same to produce a transmitted beam. The invention is characterized in that the homing head comprises a biprism including two prisms made of different materials and adapted to divide the transmitted beam into two sub-beams, the refractive index difference between the prisms being adapted to introduce an optical path difference between the two sub-beams which is greater than the coherence length of the incident beam.01-13-2011
20090152476Optical fiber amplifier, light source device, exposure device, object inspection device, and treatment device - A polarization state adjusting optical element is formed by a ½ wavelength plate and a ¼ wavelength plate and its polarization direction and elliptic degree are adjusted. By adjusting the polarization state adjusting optical element in advance, even if the output of a pump light source is changed, the polarization characteristic (polarization direction and elliptic degree) of the output light of an FDFA amplifier will not not change or the change is sufficiently small. In this state, a polarization state adjusting optical element adjusts the polarization state of the laser beam coming into a wavelength conversion optical system so that the wavelength conversion optical system has the maximum conversion efficiency. Thus, it is possible to provide an FDFA having a small change of the polarization state of the output light even if the pump light intensity is changed.06-18-2009
20110204262PARTICLE BEAM THERAPY SYSTEM - Light from a light source is made to be reflected by a light source mirror and to pass through a variable collimator, an irradiation field shape shaped by the variable collimator is projected on a photographing screen by the light passed through the variable collimator, a projection portion of the photographing screen is photographed by a photographic device, and an image photographed by the photographic device is analyzed by an image processor.08-25-2011
20110204260VARIABLE SPATIAL BEAM MODULATOR - For use with an irradiation system including a radiation source operable to produce a radiation beam towards a target, a beam modulator including a flexible, deformable container at least partially filled with a radiation attenuating fluid, a non-deformable first contacting surface in contact with a first portion of the container, the first contacting surface pivotable about a first axis, and a positioner operable to rotate the first contacting surface about the first axis, wherein as the first contacting surface rotates about the first axis, the first contacting surface deforms the container.08-25-2011
20110266464SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, SIGNAL PROCESSING PROGRAM, COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM STORING SIGNAL PROCESSING PROGRAM, AND RADIOTHERAPY APPARATUS - A certain component of an input time series signal (hereinafter referred to as input) is assumed as a cycle time-variable time series signal and a prediction model for predicting a value of the input after the predetermined time is produced, and the value of the input after the predetermined time is predicted and outputted using the prediction model.11-03-2011
20090184261IMAGING WITH A PLURALITY OF SOURCES TO A COMMON DETECTOR - An image scanning system including a plurality of spatially-distributed radiation beam sources, each source operative to emit a radiation beam characterized by a distinguishing parameter unique to each radiation beam source, and a common detector arranged with respect to the radiation beam sources such that the radiation beam sources emit their radiation beams onto the common detector which is operable to receive and distinguish the radiation beams on the basis of their respective distinguishing parameters so as to acquire partial projections sets of an object through which the radiation beams pass, wherein a union of the partial projections sets forms a projection set sufficient for reconstruction of an image of the object.07-23-2009
20120138822SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GERMICIDAL SANITIZING OF AN ELEVATOR OR OTHER ENCLOSED STRUCTURE - A system for sanitizing an enclosed structure has first and second sensors, a germicidal ultraviolet light source, a motor, and a controller. The first sensor detects humans within the enclosed structure. The second sensor detects the position of at least one door to the structure. The motor selectively moves the light source from an inactive position to an active position. The controller receives inputs from the first and second sensors and transmits outputs to the light source and the motor. When the controller receives signals that no humans or animals are present in the enclosed structure and that the door is in a closed position, the controller transmits a signal to the motor to move the light source from the inactive to the active position. If humans are detected in the structure or if the door is detected open, then the controller deactivates or repositions the light source.06-07-2012
20090140172OPTICAL SHAPING APPARATUS AND OPTICAL SHAPING METHOD - An optical shaping apparatus includes a light source configured to irradiate light on the surface of a light hardening resin, and a spatial light modulating unit configured to subject light irradiated from the light source to spatial modulation, and irradiate the light on an irradiation area which is an area where a hardening layer is formed. Subsequently, the spatial light modulating unit divides the irradiation area into multiple sections in a zigzag form or tree-ring form, and subjects the light from the light source to spatial modulation to irradiate the light on the irradiation area for each of the sections by multiple number of times. The present invention can be applied to, for example, an optical shaping apparatus.06-04-2009
20120068088Sterilising Apparatus - A sterilising apparatus for sterilising a feeding bottle assembly for a baby, the feeding bottle assembly comprising a feeding bottle, a top end and a base end, the top end having an open neck; the sterilising apparatus comprising a housing which is adapted to attach to and sit on the top end of the bottle, an ultraviolet (UV) light source on the housing which extends into the bottle for UV sterilisation of the bottle when the housing is attached to the bottle, and a switch which automatically switches on the UV light source when the sterilising apparatus is attached to the bottle.03-22-2012
20120068087SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HIGH RESOLUTION RADIATION FIELD SHAPING - A system and method are provided for a high resolution radiation treatment system which provide for projecting a field of radiation energy at targeted patient tissue. The system uses a multi-leaf collimator, which is positioned such that a significant clearance is provided between the multi-leaf collimator and the isocenter plane where the targeted tissue is located. The leaves of the multi-leaf collimator are designed to provide for high step resolution in the projected radiation energy shape. Additionally, an embodiment of the system and method herein can provide for a high step resolution in the projected radiation energy shape, and for a dose calculation matrix which has matrix units which coincide with the high step resolution in the projected radiation shape.03-22-2012
20120068085METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR PHOTO-ACTIVATING A COLLECTED SAMPLE OF FAT TISSUE INCLUDING STEM CELLS THEREIN, CONTAINED IN A TISSUE COLLECTION AND PROCESSING DEVICE - A method of and apparatus for photo-activating a collected sample of fat tissue including stem cells therein, contained in a tissue collection and processing device. The collected fat tissue sample including stem cells therein, is exposed to low levels of photo-active light energy while contained within the tissue collection and processing device. The tissue sample is photometrically-measured to determine the photo-activation index of the fat tissue sample. The Photo-active light energy emission is controlled to ensure optimized photo-activation, thereby providing the fat tissue sample with an improved capacity to bind free oxygen species in the fat tissue sample.03-22-2012
20100200771MICROIRRADIATORS AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SAME - Improved radiation devices and their associated fabrication and applications are described herein. The microirradiators generally include a non-radioactive conducting electrode, an insulating sheath, a radioactive source, and, optionally, a contact electrode. The microirradiators generally produce low absolute radiation levels with high radiation flux densities.08-12-2010
20100200770Solid Immersion Lens and Related Method for Making Same - The invention generally pertains to the field of solid immersion lenses for optical applications in high resolution microscopy. The lens of the invention includes a spherical sector limited by a planar surface and an object having nanometric dimensions arranged on the planar surface at the focus of said solid immersion lens. A light-opaque layer having a central opening with nanometric dimensions can be provided on the planar surface, said opening being centred on the focus of the solid immersion lens. The nano-object can be a tube or a thread having a cylindrical shape. The lens of the invention can be made using lithography techniques.08-12-2010
20090084984Irradiation system and method - The present invention is directed to a system and method for irradiation of an object. A system for irradiating an object may comprise: a) a radiation source,04-02-2009
20090200487Methods of Altering Surgical Fiber - The present disclosure relates to methods of altering a surgical fiber by irradiating the surgical fiber with an energy beam such that material is removed therefrom.08-13-2009
20120104284PATTERNING DEVICE FOR GENERATING A PATTERN IN AND/OR ON A LAYER - The invention relates to a patterning device (05-03-2012
20120104283IRRADIATION SYSTEM - The present embodiments relate to a system for irradiating a patient. The system for irradiating the patient includes a horizontal guide and a vertical guide. The vertical guide is connected horizontally-adjustably to the horizontal guide. The system also includes a support element that is attached vertically-adjustably to the horizontal guide and a radiation unit including a radiation source. The radiation unit is arranged on the support element. The irradiation system may be expanded by three further degrees of freedom.05-03-2012
20090250636CHARGED PARTICLE SUPPLYING APPARATUS - A charged particle supplying apparatus includes a discharging unit that generates charged particles and discharge the charged particles toward a predetermined position of a human body as an object, and an electric potential holding unit that holds electric potential of the human body so that the discharged charged particles are continuously induced or adsorbed by a predetermined position of the human body, wherein the electric potential holding unit includes an insulation circuit that prevents overcurrent from flowing to the object, and an electrifying unit that is connected to the electric potential holding unit and that is charged by the electric potential holding unit is provided on a surface of a gripping portion that is formed in a predetermined shape such that the gripping portion can be gripped.10-08-2009
20090256086PRODUCTION METHOD OF LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE AND EXPOSURE DEVICE - The present invention provides a production method of a liquid crystal display device, and an exposure device, which can inhibit the deterioration of display quality even when the aligning treatment of an alignment layer is performed using an optical alignment method. The present invention pertains to a production method of a liquid crystal display device in which an alignment layer is provided on a substrate and two or more domains are formed in each pixel of a display region by exposing the alignment layer, wherein the production method includes the exposure step of exposing the alignment layer through a photo mask in which a plurality of light-transmitting areas are located in a stripe pattern, and wherein the exposure step is a step of exposing the alignment layer continuously while the relative position of the photo mask with respect to the substrate is moved at the time of viewing a substrate surface from the front in substantially parallel with the light-transmitting area.10-15-2009
20100044589Modular lamp head and assembly for non-destructive testing - A lamp module for use in non-destructive testing and inspection. The module including a module body with a front and rear end, and a side wall. The module body includes a mounting chamber located within the side walls. A plurality of LEDs are mounted within the chamber and oriented to so as to emit light out of the front end of the body. At least one LED emits light having a wavelength selected to produce fluorescence of an illuminated material. A fan is mounted to the body to dissipate heat generated by the LEDs when the fan is activated. Electrical connectors extend out of the body and are electrically connected to the LEDs and the fan for supplying current. The module can be installed in various structures or systems, including in a luminaire, an overhead light housing or a track light system.02-25-2010
20090272917RADIATION SOURCE - A radiation source includes a radiation emitter configured to emit radiation, a collector configured to collect the radiation, and a contamination trap configured to trap contamination emitted by the radiation source. The contamination trap includes a plurality of foils that extend substantially radially, a first magnet ring configured to lie outside of an outer conical trajectory of radiation that is collected by the collector, and a second magnet ring configured to lie within the trajectory of radiation that is collected by the collector. The magnet rings are configured to provide a magnetic field that includes a component that is parallel to the foils.11-05-2009
20100148093COVERT ILLUMINATION - This invention relates to methods and apparatus for covert illumination. The method involves illuminating the scene with light which is tuned to an absorption resonances of atmospheric oxygen gas. Light tuned to have a wavelength corresponding to an oxygen absorption wavelength travelling through the atmosphere is therefore attenuated by absorption. The method therefore teaches that a low power illumination source can be used to illuminate nearby objects, thus allowing the detail thereof to be resolved, and the illuminating light reflected from the object, or even the light source itself, will be undetectable beyond a certain range due to atmospheric absorption. The illumination may be used in conjunction with the use of low light level imagers to image a scene. Alternatively the illumination could be used for short range optical communication which will be undetectable at much longer range.06-17-2010
20090121155RADIOTHERAPY APPARATUS AND PARTS THEREOF - A geometry item (such as a gantry arm or an MLC leaf) of a radiotherapeutic apparatus needs to be moved in an accurate manner. The effect of inertia introduces a potential inaccuracy. A radiotherapeutic apparatus is therefore disclosed, comprising a geometry item, a radiation source capable of emitting a beam of therapeutic radiation, and a control unit, the geometry item being moveable to adjust the geometry of the beam, the radiation source having a variable dose rate, and the control unit being arranged to cause variations in the speed of movement of the geometry item and to adjust the dose rate of the radiation source for a period of time after a change in the speed of the geometry item.05-14-2009
20100187442BEAM GENERATION AND STEERING WITH INTEGRATED OPTICAL CIRCUITS FOR LIGHT DETECTION AND RANGING - An integrated photonic beam steering device includes a planar photonic substrate. An input waveguide is configured to accept an electromagnetic energy from a source of electromagnetic energy radiation. A first splitter is configured to split the electromagnetic radiation into one or more paths. One or more phased array rows are optically coupled to each of the one or more paths. Each phased array row includes a row splitter configured to split the each of the one or more paths into two or more row paths. Two or more phase modulators are each optically coupled respectively to each of the two or more row paths. Two or more output couplers are optically coupled respectively to each phase modulator output of the two or more phase modulators. The two or more output couplers are configured to radiate a steered photonic beam away from the integrated photonic beam steering device.07-29-2010
20090078889Water-Based Fluorescent Ink, Recorded Image Using The Same, and Judging Method - The present invention relates to a water-based fluorescent ink for the purpose of measurement or judgment of the fluorescence emission in a visible light region by an excitation wavelength in a predetermined ultraviolet range, containing water, a coloring material dissolved or dispersed in water, and an organic solvent, having a plurality of fluorescent groups in the coloring material structure of the coloring material, and using a water-soluble coloring material having a sulfonic acid group as the water-soluble group in the state of a free acid, capable of improving the water resistance and the light resistance, dramatically increasing the content of the fluorescent coloring material in the ink, which has conventionally been included only by a small amount in the ink due to the concentration quenching problem, obtaining preferable fluorescence emission and water resistance of the recorded image, and providing preferable adhesion resistance to the recording medium of the coloring material and reliability.03-26-2009
20100187443SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GERMICIDAL SANITIZING OF AN ELEVATOR OR OTHER ENCLOSED STRUCTURE - A system for sanitizing an enclosed structure comprises a first sensor, a second sensor, a third sensor, a germicidal ultraviolet light source, a motor, and a controller. The first sensor detects the presence of humans or animals within the enclosed structure. The second sensor detects the position of at least one door of the enclosed structure. The third sensor detects tampering with the system. The ultraviolet light source provides electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet range. The motor moves the ultraviolet light source from an inactive position to an active position and from the active position to the inactive position. The controller receives inputs from the first sensor, the second sensor, and the third sensor, and transmits outputs to the ultraviolet light source and the motor. When the controller receives signals that no humans or animals are present in the enclosed structure and that the door is in a closed position, the controller transmits a signal to the motor to move the ultraviolet light source from the inactive position to the active position and a signal to activate the ultraviolet light source. If humans or animals are detected to be present in the enclosed structure or if the door is detected to be open, then the controller deactivates the ultraviolet light source and repositions the ultraviolet light source.07-29-2010
20100237259METHOD AND DEVICE FOR IMAGE GUIDED DYNAMIC RADIATION TREATMENT OF PROSTATE CANCER AND OTHER PELVIC LESIONS - A method and device for image guided dynamic radiation treatment of prostate cancer and other pelvic lesions including: 1) a unique fan geometry of radiation sources; 2) a special collimation method and apparatus to sculpt the radiation borders; 3) an integrated three-dimensional imager and a special tissue interface imaging system to locate and track critical boundaries in real-time; 4) a dynamic patient support system, which is shared by the said imager and the irradiation system; and 5) motorized custom shielding filters to further protect neighboring normal tissues such as the kidneys and femoral heads. The fan geometry utilizes a plural number of radiation sources arranged specifically for irradiating tumors in the human pelvis while not harming critical structures, and the collimation sculpts the radiation borders using motorized shields for different sensitive structures. This allows high doses of radiation to be delivered to lesions within the human pelvis, such as the prostate, while sparing its surrounding structures, such as the rectum and bladder, as well as the urethra that is contained inside the prostate.09-23-2010
20090294696CURING OF PHOTO-CURABLE PRINTING PLATES WITH FLAT TOPS OR ROUND TOPS - An apparatus for curing a printing plate made of or having photo-curable material, a method of curing such a printing plate, and a printing plate cured by the method. One embodiment of the method includes curing a printing plate made of or having photo-curable material thereon. The method includes producing light energy on part of the printing plate using a light exposure unit capable of generating at least a first illumination intensity and a second illumination intensity, such that curing can produce printing features on the plate that can be switched to have either flat tops or round tops according to the illumination intensity output by the light exposure unit.12-03-2009
20100237258Systems and Methods for Altering Visual Acuity - Provided are methods, systems, and apparatus for altering a modulation transfer function of an imaging system. The described methods, systems and apparatus can be used to temporarily alter visual acuity of a subject.09-23-2010
20100219355Apparatus for an Irradiation Unit - An apparatus is provided having a chamber for the irradiation of at least one substrate. The apparatus includes a transfer channel for inserting and removing the substrate, a substrate holder inside the chamber, a vacuum pump, and at least one irradiation unit for irradiating the substrate. The irradiation unit has at least one infrared emitter including an integrated reflector.09-02-2010
20110101244TARGET MATERIALS FOR GENERATING PROTONS AND TREATMENT APPARATUSES INCLUDING THE SAME - Provided is a treatment apparatus including a target material for generating protons. The treatment apparatus includes a cylindrical bore member having an inner space to receive a patient; a proton generating target material provided to an inner surface of the bore member; and a laser adapted to supply a laser beam to the proton generating target material so that protons are generated from the proton generating target material and projected to a tumor site of the patient. The proton generating target material includes a supporting film and a hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) film provided on the supporting film.05-05-2011
20100001211Method and apparatus for enhancing detection characteristics of a chemical sensor system - A method and apparatus for increasing detection characteristics of a chemical sensor array that has been previously exposed to an agent in order to detect and categorize the agent. Ultraviolet light at a predetermined wavelength is applied to the chemical sensor array, in order to desorb the agent from the chemical sensor array, so as to increase a resistance of the chemical sensor array. Alternatively or together with the ultraviolet light, a bias voltage is applied to at least one biasing electrode making up the chemical sensor array, in order to desorb the agent from the chemical sensor array, so as to increase the resistance of the chemical sensor array. The chemical sensor array may be a carbon nanotube sensor array.01-07-2010
20100252754Radiotherapy Apparatus - Realtime beam shape adjustment in response to (for example) online CT scanning of a patient during treatment is assisted by the radiotherapy apparatus comprising a source adapted to emit a beam of therapeutic radiation, a collimator for delimiting the radiation beam, the collimator comprising a plurality of leaves arranged alongside each other and be moveable longitudinally so that the tips of the leaves define a variable edge of the collimator, the leaves being mounted on a support that is moveable laterally with respect to the leaves. In this way, movements of the tumour that are perpendicular to the direction of leaf motion can be accommodated by simply moving the collimator bodily so as to accommodate this. It is preferred that the apparatus also includes a control means adapted to receive information as to the location of the target volume, and, on the basis of that information, control the longitudinal positions of the leaves and the lateral position of the support. It is also preferred that the support tilts as it moves laterally along a path. This can be achieved, by example, by bearings that are moveable on suitable guides, or by mounting the support on a plurality of pivot arms of unequal lengths. The lengths of such pivot arms can be adjusted as necessary.10-07-2010
20130126760UV LIGHT SYSTEM WITH SATELLITE UV UNITS - A UV sanitizing system with satellite UV units has a wheeled base UV sterilization unit and at least one satellite UV sterilization unit. All units are capable of generating UV-C from multiple locations within a room or other enclosed space. A timer regulates the anti-bactericidal dose of UV-C administered to the area. Alternatively, sensors may be used to measure the UV energy received by an area within a space and to provide data to a controller. The controller may determine from the sensor data when the area within the location has received sufficient UV energy and control the illumination sources to reduce the UV exposure of the area. When not in use, the satellite UV units can be stored by attaching them to a receiving slot in the wheeled base portion of the UV sanitizing system.05-23-2013
20110057124RADIATION THERAPY APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MONITORING AN IRRADIATION - A radiation therapy apparatus includes a source for providing a therapy beam, an imaging apparatus including an x-ray source and an x-ray detector, and a control apparatus for the imaging apparatus. The control apparatus is configured to read out the x-ray detector during an irradiation of the target object with the therapy beam, in order to record photons, which develop within the target object as a result of the interaction of the therapy beam with the target object.03-10-2011
20110057123STERILIZING LAUNDRY BALL - A laundry ball with a sterilization function includes a main body, a LED module coupled to the main body for emitting a light, and a power supply module coupled to the LED module in order to provide a power to the LED module. An internal power supply or an external power supply may be used for charging a battery module through the power supply module.03-10-2011
20110233429Laser produced plasma EUV light source having a droplet stream produced using a modulated disturbance wave - A plasma generating system is disclosed having a source of target material droplets, e.g. tin droplets, and a laser, e.g. a pulsed CO09-29-2011
20090114848CLUSTER FILM FORMATION SYSTEM AND FILM FORMATION METHOD, AND CLUSTER FORMATION SYSTEM AND FORMATION METHOD - The invention provides a cluster film formation system in which, in a cluster formation container 05-07-2009
20090114846COMPUTER PRESCRIBED TREATMENT TO REDUCED DAMAGE FROM RADIATION THERAPY AND CHEMOTHERAPY - This invention describes the use of a process for treating neoplastic masses, in which the damage to healthy cells surrounding the mass is reduced as compared to current treatment processes, hi embodiments, computer programs are used to prescribe a timed treatment sequence to mitigate some of the deleterious effects of cancer radiation treatment or chemotherapy. By initiating natural cell repair mechanisms with an application of a low dose of radiation to healthy tissue prior to the full cancer treatment, the post-treatment damage to the healthy cells can be reduced.05-07-2009
20090114847PARTICLE THERAPY - The invention relates to a treatment room for a particle therapy system that has a treatment room isocenter, which can be set variably during treatment and forms an origin of a coordinate system, and a patient positioning apparatus for automatically positioning the patient with reference to the set treatment room isocenter.05-07-2009
20090108214OPTICAL DETECTION METHOD AND OPTICAL DETECTION APPARATUS FOR A FINE PARTICLE - Disclosed herein is an optical detection method and optical detection apparatus, the apparatus including: a light irradiation section configured to irradiate a laser beam upon one of fine particles which are successively fed in a flow path; and a light detection section configured to detect fluorescent light and/or scattered light generated from any of the fine particles upon which the laser beam is irradiated; the method including the steps of: irradiating a laser beam upon one of fine particles which are successively fed in a flow path; and detecting fluorescent light and/or scattered light generated from the fine particle; wherein the laser beam being formed as a pulse laser beam whose pulse intensity is modulated such that one laser beam or two or more laser beams having different wavelengths are irradiated by a plural number of times upon one fine particle with the intensity varied.04-30-2009
20120032096Optical Barrier to Pests - A device generates a light barrier that can be used for different purposes. The barrier consists of one or more surfaces (or volume) exhibiting an abrupt change in light intensity. In some embodiments the change in intensity affects animals, including insects, approaching or crossing it. In some embodiments, the light generates thermal or density variations in the air that cause air movements that perturb particles, such as pollen, or other pests to human activity. In some embodiments, an approach includes an optical barrier generator configured to emit light of an optical waveform above a threshold power in a portion of space positioned relative to the generator. The optical waveform above the threshold power is effective at perturbing a pest to human activity.02-09-2012
20100294954METHOD FOR MAKING STRUCTURES WITH IMPROVED EDGE DEFINITION - A method includes scanning a radiation beam with respect to a multi-photon curable photoreactive composition. The radiation beam includes a power sufficient to at least partially cure a volume of the multiphoton curable photoreactive composition. The method further includes modifying a characteristic of the radiation beam as the radiation beam is scanned.11-25-2010
20100294952CONTROLLED AGENT RELEASE AND SEQUESTRATION - Disclosed are nanostructures having nanoprisms and agents, such as diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents. Nanoprisms with a surface plasmon resonance in the near-infrared convert irradiation, such as from a laser into heat selectively to allow the dissociation, such as dehybridization of oligonucleotide duplexes, of agents associated with the nanoprism surface. These nanostructures show morphological, chemical, and functional stability under hours of irradiation. Further disclosed are methods of selectively releasing agents from nanostructures after directed surface plasmon resonance mediated heating of the nanoprisms. Released agents, such as oligonucleotides, are unharmed by this process and can be repeatedly released and sequestered under spatiotemporal control.11-25-2010
20100301234Systems and Methods for Controlling Objects - Systems and methods for controlling an object are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system and method pertain to irradiating the object with polarized electromagnetic radiation for a duration of time sufficient to effect a physical change with the object.12-02-2010
20110127447Method and device for performing quantum control on infinitesimal quanta - A method for performing quantum control on infinitesimal quanta includes: an independent reaction space provision step, wherein at least one three-dimensional closed space is provided; an infinitesimal-quantum kinetic energy enhancement step, wherein differently shaped reaction elements are provided on at least one inner surface of each closed space, each reaction element having at least two slits and plural pores; and a parameter control step, wherein at least a first reaction parameter is provided, and, upon occurrence thereof, wave control is performed on a corresponding one of the at least one closed space. The method provides an executable quantum control mechanism which is meaningful in terms of reaction and capable of modifying the properties of matter in a purely physical manner, such that a wavefunction is controlled to provide different energies, thereby providing assistance to environmental improvement techniques, agricultural techniques, and traditional medical techniques.06-02-2011
20110127448Treating Mixable Materials By Radiation - Provided are methods, systems, and radiating units for radiating mixable material, such as water, blood, sand, or the like, with sterilizing radiation. In one embodiment, the method includes immersing a radiation source in the mixable material, and moving the immersed radiation source inside the mixable material in a non regular fashion. The radiating unit optionally includes a radiation source; a power source for powering the radiation source; and a mobility agent that moves the radiating unit. The system optionally includes at least one radiating unit; and a mobility agent for moving the radiating unit.06-02-2011
20110108741Integrating Optical System and Methods - An integrating optical system having a chamber, the chamber having an aperture and at least one portion having a diffuse reflective material; a light source; and a diffuse transmissive baffle. The baffle is located in relation to the chamber such that it is also located in an optical path between the light source and a treatable target. A light-ray originating from the light source is diffusely transmitted from the diffuse transmissive baffle and impinges on an interior surface of the chamber before impinging on the treatable target.05-12-2011
20100224799PHOTOLUMINESCENT COATING FOR VEHICLES - The present invention provides a method and composition for illuminating a contoured surface, such as a vehicle having a receiving surface extending from a structural member. A method includes providing a heterogeneous mixture including a semiconductor nanocrystal complex and a dispersion media, with the complex generally including a middle layer extending between a core and an outer layer. The mixture may be applied to receiving surface which receives illumination having sufficient characteristics for illuminating the contoured surface, and added during the polymer processing. In addition, a vehicle illumination composition is provided in which a heterogeneous mixture of a semiconductor nanocrystal complex is immersed within a dispersion media, wherein the complex may further include a semiconductor nanocrystal core separated from an outer layer by a middle layer, and the heterogeneous mixture illuminates the contoured surface.09-09-2010
20090101845Exposure Device for Printing Plates - The invention relates to an exposure device (04-23-2009
20110084219METHOD AND APPARATUS OF PRETREATMENT OF AN ELECTRON GUN CHAMBER - A method of pre-treating an ultra high vacuum charged particle gun chamber by ion stimulated desorption is provided. The method includes generating a plasma for providing a plasma ion source, and applying a negative potential to at least one surface in the gun chamber, wherein the negative potential is adapted for extracting an ion flux from the plasma ion source to the at least one surface for desorbing contamination particles from the at least one surface by the ion flux impinging on the at least one surface.04-14-2011
20120145928ULTRAVIOLET CURING DEVICE FOR LIQUID CRYSTAL PANEL AND CURING METHOD THEREFOR - The present invention provides an ultraviolet curing device for a liquid crystal panel. The ultraviolet curing device has a sample platform and at least one ultraviolet-curing light source. The sample platform is used for placing a liquid crystal panel thereon. The ultraviolet-curing light source is mounted above the sample platform. The ultraviolet-curing light source has a radiation area smaller than an arrangement area of a sealant of the liquid crystal panel that is waiting to be cured by radiation of ultraviolet lights. The ultraviolet-curing light source moves above the sample platform and a surface of the liquid crystal panel and radiates at least one sealant of the liquid crystal panel under cured. The present invention further provides a corresponding ultraviolet curing method for a liquid crystal panel. The advantage of the present invention is to use movable light source performing a scan-type radiation to replace a fixed light source radiation of existing technology, so as to save the lamp number of ultraviolet-curing light source and thereby reduce manufacturing and maintaining cost on curing equipments and also save power.06-14-2012
20090321664Method for the Continuous Production of Water-Absorbent Polymer Particles - A process for continuously preparing water-absorbing polymer beads by determining at least one particulate delivery material mass flow by means of incident electromagnetic waves.12-31-2009
20090218519Three-Dimensional Direct-Write Lithography - A method of creating a region of index change in a photopolymer includes providing a photopolymer having a photosensitivity to light of a particular wavelength and creating a region of index change in the photopolymer by applying direct write lithography to expose the photopolymer of the region to light that includes the particular wavelength.09-03-2009
20090039290Device patterning using irradiation - In one embodiment, a method for creating a pattern in a layer of an organic electronic device that includes selectively irradiating a portion of the layer is provided, and devices and sub-assemblies made by the same.02-12-2009
20100038560LASER CLEANING APPARATUS AND LASER CLEANING METHOD - A probe cleaning apparatus includes a cleaning-conditions database. The probe cleaning apparatus removes contamination from a probe by irradiating the probe by a laser beam, refers to the cleaning-conditions database based on information about the probe, such as material and shape, and controls properties of the laser beam, such as output intensity, pulse interval, wavelength, and pulse width, so that the probe cleaning apparatus removes the contamination from the probe without damaging the probe by heat.02-18-2010
20100038561MATERIAL ACTIVATING DEVICE - There is provided a material activating device capable of being formed in any one of various shapes and having an improved material activating effect.02-18-2010
20110174993WATER PURIFYING DRINK CONTAINERS - Water purifying drink containers include a liquid container, a cap assembly removably coupled to the liquid container, and a purification assembly that emits ultraviolet (UV) light in the germicidal spectrum to purify a volume of drink liquid held in the liquid container. In some embodiments, the purification assembly includes a UV bulb positioned within a recess of the cap assembly facing the internal compartment of the liquid container. In some embodiments, the UV bulb further emits light in the visible spectrum and the drink container includes an indicator that becomes illuminated with visible light to indicate to a user when the UV bulb is emitting UV light.07-21-2011
20090250634Back illumination method for counter measuring IR guided missiles - Commercial aircraft are protected from attack by infrared seeking guided missiles through the utilization of a ground-based directed infrared countermeasure system in which the deployment of an IR guided missile is detected off-aircraft and more particularly on the ground. An infrared laser beam is projected towards the detected missile such that the projected laser infrared radiation impinges upon the missile from the rear. The off-axis infrared radiation illuminates the IR transmissive dome at the head of the missile where it is internally reflected back towards the IR detector carried by the missile through the total internal reflection characteristics of the dome. The domes of these missiles are typically made of a high index of refraction IR transmissive materials such that the material is prone to total internal reflection. The infrared laser generated radiation is a modulated so as to interfere with the guidance system of the missile causing it to execute a turn and plunge to the ground. In one embodiment, the long wavelength infrared laser is a 100-W laser with a beam width of 100 microradians, thus to provide a zone of protection of about three miles.10-08-2009
20110248187HAND-HELD APPARATUS FOR CURING RESINS - A hand-held apparatus for curing resins includes a housing, a heat sink, a light-emitting unit, a power supply unit and a light transmission unit. The heat sink is installed in the housing. The light-emitting unit is installed on the heat sink. The light-emitting unit has at least one first light-emitting element for generating first wavelength light to cure the resins, at least one second light-emitting element for generating second wavelength light to generate white light, and at least one light-reflecting element surrounding the at least one first light-emitting element and the at least one second light-emitting element for reflecting the first wavelength light and the second wavelength light. The power supply unit provides power for the light-emitting unit. The light transmission unit is coupled to the housing for transmitting the first wavelength light and the second wavelength light to the resins.10-13-2011
20100065759DIELECTRIC TREATMENT MODULE USING SCANNING IR RADIATION SOURCE - A system for curing a low dielectric constant (low-k) dielectric film on a substrate is described, wherein the dielectric constant of the low-k dielectric film is less than a value of approximately 4. The system comprises one or more process modules configured for exposing the low-k dielectric film to electromagnetic (EM) radiation, such as infrared (IR) radiation and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.03-18-2010
20100065758DIELECTRIC MATERIAL TREATMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATING - A system for curing a low dielectric constant (low-k) dielectric film on a substrate is described, wherein the dielectric constant of the low-k dielectric film is less than a value of approximately 4. The system comprises one or more process modules configured for exposing the low-k dielectric film to electromagnetic (EM) radiation, such as infrared (IR) radiation and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.03-18-2010
20110073776ATTRACTION MEMBER, AND ATTRACTION DEVICE AND CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A chucking member for holding a target is removably mounted on a chucking stage with a plurality of vacuum holes. the chucking member has a substrate removably mounted on the chucking stage. The substrate has a vacuum region in which the target being to be arranged, the vacuum region allowing gas to be vacuumed through a part of the plurality of the vacuum holes, and a vacuum inhibition region provided around the vacuum region, the vacuum inhibition region covering the other of the vacuum holes to inhibit the gas from being vacuumed through the other of the vacuum holes.03-31-2011
20110073775Method and Apparatus for Angular-Resolved Spectroscopic Lithography Characterization - An apparatus and method to determine overlay of a target on a substrate (03-31-2011
20110073774Station For Disinfecting Publicly-Used Equipment - A device for disinfecting publicly-used equipment includes a plurality of reflective units disposed along the interior of each wall of the device. Each of the reflective units can include a reflective back section and at least three reflective sections disposed about the reflective back section. UV lamps can be disposed to extend along the walls, and at partially disposed adjacent to a one or more reflective back sections of the reflective units. The UV lamps together with the reflective units collectively direct sufficient UV light on the equipment such that the equipment can be disinfected. The walls and ceiling of the device define a tunnel into which the equipment to be disinfected is inserted. Optionally, the device can include a door to prevent children and others from entering the tunnel while the UV lamps are illuminated.03-31-2011
20110062350Infrared physiotherapeutic apparatus - An infrared physiotherapeutic apparatus is provided. The infrared physiotherapeutic apparatus includes a supporting element, an infrared radiating element, and a first and second electrode. The infrared radiating element is mounted on the supporting element. The first electrode and the second electrode are spaced apart from each other and electrically connected to the infrared radiating element. The infrared radiating element includes a carbon nanotube structure.03-17-2011
20120119112THERMAL MARKING SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF CONTROL - A target marking system includes a light source emitting a thermal beam and an optics assembly directing the thermal beam to impact a target, the target directing radiation to the optics assembly in response to the impact. The target marking system further includes a detector, and an optics assembly optically connected to the detector.05-17-2012
20090026387OPTICAL-BASED CELL DEFORMABILITY - A system, method, and device for re-orienting and/or deforming cells and other objects is provided. The system, method, and device may include a high-throughput setup that facilitates the ability to orient, deform, analyze, measure, and/or tag objects at a substantially higher rate than was previously possible. A relatively large number of cells and other objects can be deformed, by optical forces for example, as the cells and other objects a flowed through the system.01-29-2009
20110248188Device And Method For Particle Therapy Monitoring And Verification - The present invention relates to a device and method for monitoring and verification of the quality of a radiation treatment beam in conformal radiation therapy, and in particular for IMPT (Intensity Modulated Particle Therapy) applications. The device comprises a 2D electronic detector measuring 2D responses to the delivered treatment beam. These 2D responses are compared with predicted 2D responses and differences in responses are signalled. Based on the measured 2D responses the effectively delivered 3D dose distribution in the target can be reconstructed.10-13-2011
20100258745OPTICAL ARTICLE HAVING ANTI-THEFT FEATURE AND A SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INHIBITING THEFT OF SAME - A system for altering a functionality of an optical article from a pre-activated state to an activated state, comprising an optical article comprising an optical data layer for storing data, an external radiation source for generating an external stimulus adapted to interact with the optical article, such interaction causing a change in optical accessibility of optically stored data, a directing material, wherein said directing material is for directing the external stimulus to selective portions of the optical article, thereby altering the functionality of the optical article from a pre-activated state to an activated state; a convertible element capable of responding to the external stimulus to irreversibly alter the optical article from the pre-activated state of functionality to the activated state of functionality, wherein said convertible element comprises a color-shift dye, a magnetic material, a thermo-chromic material, a magneto-optical material, a light scattering material, a phase-change material, dye aggregates, or combinations thereof.10-14-2010
20100294953Laser Produced Plasma EUV Light Source - A device is disclosed herein which may include a plasma generating system comprising a source of target material droplets and a laser producing a beam irradiating the droplets at an irradiation region, the plasma producing EUV radiation, wherein the droplet source comprises a fluid exiting an orifice and a sub-system producing a disturbance in the fluid which generates droplets having differing initial velocities causing the spacing between at least some adjacent droplets to decrease as the droplets travel to the irradiation region.11-25-2010
20100252753MEDICAL LIGHT SOLIDIFYING DEVICE - A medical light solidifying device includes a housing box, a rotary work table, a lighting source reflection body, and an LED lighting source set. The rotary work table is rotatably located in the housing box for being placed with a target material. The lighting source reflection body includes at least two reflection masks. Each mask has a reflection wall surrounding the rotary work table. Each of the reflection walls of the two reflection masks respectively has at least one reflection surface. The LED lighting source set is located above the rotary work table and the lighting source reflection body, and includes a plurality of LED units for emitting a beam with a specific wavelength for solidifying the target material. Thereby, the dead zone of the LED lighting source set is reduced so that the usage efficiency thereof is increase, and furthermore the target material can be efficiently and uniformly solidified.10-07-2010
20080230720Method and System For Irradiating and Inspecting Liquid-Carrying Containers - A method and system of irradiating a liquid-carrying container for inspection, including rotating the container, its contents or both around a rotation axis and irradiating the container with an electromagnetic radiation beam, wherein the irradiated cross-section of the container, irradiated by the electromagnetic radiation beam, is less than the cross-section of the container; and, a method and system for inspecting a liquid-carrying container for one or more test parameters of the container, the contents of the container, or both, including rotating the container, the contents or both around a rotation axis, irradiating the container with an electromagnetic radiation beam from a first direction along an irradiation center plane substantially parallel to the rotation axis, capturing a representation of a section of the container from a second direction along a detection center plane substantially parallel to the rotation axis, and processing the representation, wherein the irradiated cross-section of the container, irradiated by the electromagnetic radiation beam, is less than the cross-section of the container.09-25-2008
20110253909OPTICAL SENSING VIA CAVITY MODE EXCITATIONS IN THE STIMULATED EMISSION REGIME - A method for analyzing a dense medium with optical cavity modes, comprising the steps of: disposing at least a part of a microlaser into the dense medium; and before, during, or after disposing the part of the microlaser into the dense medium, sensing a condition or a change of the dense medium by means of analysis of optical cavity modes.10-20-2011
20090166563Method for Manufacturing Evaporation Donor Substrate and Light-Emitting Device - An evaporation donor substrate which enables only a desired evaporation material to be evaporated at the time of deposition by an evaporation method, and capable of reduction in manufacturing cost by increase in use efficiency of the evaporation material and deposition with high uniformity. An evaporation donor substrate capable of controlling laser light so that a desired position of an evaporation donor substrate is irradiated with the laser light in accordance with the wavelength of the emitted laser light at the time of evaporation. Specifically, an evaporation donor substrate in which a region which reflects laser light and a region which absorbs laser light at the time of irradiation with laser light having a wavelength of greater than or equal to 400 nm and less than or equal to 600 nm at the time of evaporation are formed.07-02-2009
20080315121Radiation detector, method of manufacturing a radiation detector and lithographic apparatus comprising a radiation detector - The invention relates to a radiation detector, a method of manufacturing a radiation detector and a lithographic apparatus comprising a radiation detector. The radiation detector has a radiation-sensitive surface. The radiation-sensitive surface is sensitive for radiation with a wavelength between 10-200 nm. The radiation detector has a silicon substrate, a dopant layer, a first electrode and a second electrode. The silicon substrate is provided in a surface area at a first surface side with doping profile of a certain conduction type. The dopant layer is provided on the first surface side of the silicon substrate. The dopant layer has a first layer of dopant material and a second layer. The second layer is a diffusion layer which is in contact with the surface area at the first surface side of the silicon substrate. The first electrode is connected to dopant layer. The second electrode is connected to the Silicon substrate.12-25-2008
20080315123Optical component and method for its production - To obtain an optical component having excellent secondary optical nonlinear properties by irradiating a surface and/or inside of glass having at least one member selected from Ni, Fe, V, Cu, Cr and Mn as a heat source material for absorbing and converting a laser beam to heat, incorporated to a glass matrix comprising at least one glass-forming oxide-selected from SiO12-25-2008
20080315122CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EVACUATION OF THE SYSTEM - The present invention provides a charged particle beam system which can perform evacuation on an electron gun chamber or an ion-gun chamber having a non-evaporable getter pump in a short time and can maintain the ultra-high vacuum for a long time, and a technology of evacuation therefor. Provided is a charged particle beam system equipped with a charged particle optics which makes the charged particle beam emitted from a charged particle source incident on a sample and means of evacuation for evacuating the charged particle optics, characterized in that the evaporation means has: a vacuum vessel with a charged particle source disposed in the vessel; a non-evaporable getter pump which connects with the vacuum vessel through a vacuum pipe and evacuates the interior of the vacuum vessel as a subsidiary vacuum pump; a valve interposed in the vacuum pipe connecting between the vacuum vessel and the non-evaporable getter pump; a rough pumping port which is provided closer to the non-evaporable getter pump than the valve and performs rough pumping; an open and shut valve for opening and shutting the rough pumping port; and a main vacuum pump which is provided closer to the vacuum vessel than the valve and evacuates the interior of the vacuum vessel.12-25-2008
20090127476VACUUM UV BASED OPTICAL MEASURING METHOD AND SYSTEM - A method and system are presented for use in optical processing of an article by VUV radiation. The method comprises: localizing incident VUV radiation propagation from an optical head assembly towards a processing site on the article outside the optical head assembly and localizing reflected VUV radiation propagation from said processing site towards the optical head assembly by localizing a medium, non-absorbing with respect to VUV radiation, in within the light propagation path in the vicinity of said site outside the optical head assembly. The level of the medium is controlled by measuring the reflected VUV radiation.05-21-2009
20080272315Material Activating Device - There is provided a material activating device capable of being formed in any one of various shapes and having an improved material activating effect.11-06-2008
20110163246LIGHTING SYSTEM FOR PREVENTING PLANT DISEASE DAMAGE - A lighting system for preventing a plant disease damage is provided with an ultraviolet light source which emits ultraviolet ray including UV-B in a wavelength region of 255 to 340 nm, a visible light source which emits visible light, and controllers which control a lighting of the ultraviolet light source and the visible light source. The controller controls the lighting of the ultraviolet light source so that a horizontal irradiance on a canopy surface of a plant is 50 μW/cm07-07-2011
20110163245IRRADIATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A radiotherapy technique for providing a radiation source having a radiation path that intersects a treatment area, activating the radiation source, and moving the radiation source in three dimensions about the treatment area, wherein the radiation source is continually directed substantially toward an isocentric point within the treatment area.07-07-2011
20120199760RADIOTHERAPY DEVICE CONTROLLER AND METHOD OF MEASURING POSITION OF SPECIFIC-PART - A radiotherapy device controller includes: a visual line calculator configured to calculate a visual line based on a position on a transmissive image imaged using a radiation penetrating a subject, a specific part of the subject being shown at the position; a position calculator configured to calculate a position of the specific part based on a position of a trajectory of the specific part and a position of the visual line; and an emitter configured to control a radiation emitter that emits a therapeutic radiation, so that the therapeutic radiation penetrates at the position of the specific part.08-09-2012
20080203321Radiation Source for Irradiating the Interior Walls of Elongated Cavities - A radiation source apparatus for irradiating the inner walls of elongated cavities, especially for hardening of artificial resin laminates that can be radiation hardened by ultraviolet or infrared radiation, has a base body with at least one light source and multiple wheels by which the apparatus is guided inside the cavities. The multiple wheels are movably mounted on arms in a direction radial to the base body. At least one gas pressure spring is assigned to each arm, which pushes the arm from a radially proximal first position into a radially distal second position.08-28-2008
20100320402Method for Three Dimensional (3D) Lattice Radiotherapy - A method for high-dose Grid radiotherapy utilizing a three-dimensional (3D) dose lattice formation is described herein. The 3D dose lattice can be achieved by, but not limited to, three technical approaches: 1) non-coplanar focused beams; 2) multileaf collimator (MLC)-based intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) or aperture-modulated arc; and 3) heavy charged particle beam. The configuration of a 3D dose lattice is comprised of the number, location, and dose of dose vertices. The optimal configuration of a 3D dose lattice can be achieved by manual calculations or by automating the calculations for a generic algorithm. The objective of the optimization algorithm is to satisfy three conditions via iteration until they reach their global minimum. With 3D dose lattice, high doses of radiation are concentrated at each lattice vertex within a tumor with drastically lower doses between vertices (peak-to-valley effect), leaving tissue outside of the tumor volume minimally exposed.12-23-2010
20100320401IRRADIATION APPARATUS AND MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - Disclosed herein is an irradiation apparatus including: laser light source; a polarization splitting section configured to split laser light emitted from the laser light source into first linearly polarized light and second linearly polarized light different in polarization direction; a light beam dividing section configured to divide the first or second linearly polarized light into a plurality of light beams; a quarter-wave plate array composed of a plurality of first quarter-wave plates for converting some of the light beams into right circularly polarized light and a plurality of second quarter-wave plates for converting the other of the light beams into left circularly polarized light, the first quarter-wave plates and the second quarter-wave plates being alternately arranged in a first direction perpendicular to an optical axis; and a projection optical system for condensing the right circularly polarized light and the left circularly polarized light toward a work surface to be irradiated.12-23-2010
20100320400EXPOSURE DEVICE - The present invention relates to an exposure device. There is provided an exposure device including: a case; a plurality of LEDs that are received inside the case and emit light in an UV wavelength range straightly to the outside; and a power supplier that supplies power applied to the LEDs.12-23-2010
20120199759Formulation Coated Self-Cleaning Wool - The present invention relates to methods of making articles, and systems for providing wool article have self-cleaning properties. The self-cleaning properties are brought about coating the wool articles with a photocatalyst formulation. The formulation contains titanium compounds, stabilizers, catalysts, and water.08-09-2012
20100117007SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SEPARATING MICRO-PARTICLES - A system and method for separating particles is disclosed in which the particles are exposed to a moving light intensity pattern which causes the particles to move at a different velocities based on the physical properties of the particles. This system and method allows particles of similar size and shape to be separated based on differences in the particles dielectric properties.05-13-2010
20110095205CLEANING APPARATUS FOR SANITIZING FURNISHINGS - A cleaning apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a casing that defines an inlet opening on a first surface thereof and an outlet opening on a second surface thereof. An elongate path is formed therebetween for receiving an article to be cleaned. A sanitizing device is carried by the casing in proximity to the path for sanitizing the article to be cleaned. A first roller is carried by the casing and extends into the path. The first roller is configured to rotate in the direction of the path to thereby translate the article to be cleaned from the inlet opening to the outlet opening.04-28-2011
20110095206CLEANING APPARATUS FOR SANITIZING FURNISHINGS - A cleaning apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a mount member configured for extending along a dimension of an article to be cleaned and maintaining a predetermined distance from an apparatus facing surface of the article to be cleaned. A first engaging member is carried on a first end of the mount member and a second engaging member carried on a second end of the mount member. The first and second engaging members cooperate for engagement about the article to be cleaned. A casing is carried by the mount member and is configured for slideable translation about the mount member along the dimension of the article. The casing also defines an article sanitizing portion on an article facing portion thereof. The article sanitizing portion includes at least one sanitizing device for sanitizing the article to be cleaned.04-28-2011
20100200772RADIATION SYSTEM WITH CONTAMINATION BARRIER - A radiation system includes a contamination barrier configured to permit radiation from a radiation source to pass through and to capture debris coming from the radiation source. The contamination barrier includes a plurality of lamellas. The surface of the lamellas includes a material. The radiation system also includes a collector configured to collect radiation from the contamination barrier. An optical surface of the collector includes a material that is the same as the material of the surface of the lamellas.08-12-2010
20100059692ELECTROMAGNETIC SYSTEMS WITH DOUBLE-RESONANT SPIRAL COIL COMPONENTS - Spiral coils generate very powerful electromagnetic fields by operating with two different but simultaneous resonant behaviors. Quarter-wave resonance is established by adjusting the frequency (and wavelength) of a radiofrequency (RF) voltage source until the length of the spiral conductor is equal to ¼ of the wavelength of the alternating voltage. This generates an electromagnetic standing wave with at least one peak node and at least one null node. Inductive-capacitive (L/C) resonance is established by optimizing the thickness and width of the wire ribbon used to make the spiral coil. When inductance and capacitance are balanced, the current response will synchronize with the voltage input, creating in-phase behavior, minimal total impedance, and maximal power output. If two such coils are placed near each other, they will create an extremely powerful electromagnetic field between them, which can promote chemical and plasma reactions involving charged particles such as ions or plasma particles, possibly including nuclear fusion reactions.03-11-2010
20110147620LASER PATTERNING USING A STRUCTURED OPTICAL ELEMENT AND FOCUSED BEAM - Various embodiments provide for laser patterning using a structured optical element and a focused beam. In some embodiments a structured optical element may be integrally formed on a single substrate. In some embodiments, multiple optical components may be combined in an optical path to provide a desired pattern. In at least one embodiment, a projection mask is utilized to control exposure of an object to a laser output, in combination with the controlled motion of the projection mask, the controlled motion of the object and the controlled motion of the laser beam. In some embodiments, a projection mask is utilized to control exposure of an object, and the projection mask may absorb, scatter, reflect, or attenuate a laser output. In some embodiments, the projection mask may include optical elements that vary the optical power and polarization of the transmitted laser beam over regions of the projection mask. In various embodiments, the laser system may modify material of the object. In various embodiments, the laser system may be used to probe a physical property of an object.06-23-2011
20110174992Irradiation system for door handle - The door handle irradiation system includes at least one local subsystem that includes at least one door handle irradiation hardware, at least one motion detectors, at least one door open/close state sensor; and at least one device to program the local subsystem. The device to program the local subsystem is connected to the local subsystem by a wired or wireless communication means. The local subsystem includes a control means, door handle irradiation hardware, at least one motion detector and at least one door open/closed state sensor. The door handle irradiation hardware includes a housing that contains a plurality of germicidal lamps. The housing is generally a letter C- or reverse letter C-shaped, and comprises a vertical part and two horizontal parts, contiguous to one another, and each part contains at least one germicidal lamp that emits ultraviolet rays.07-21-2011
20110215261Hard-Surface Disinfection System - UV hard-surface disinfection system that is able to disinfect the hard surfaces in a room, while minimizing missed areas due to shadows by providing multiple UV light towers that can be placed in several areas of a room such that shadowed areas are eliminated and that can be transported by a cart that is low to the ground such that the towers may be loaded and unloaded easily by a single operator. The system is able to be controlled remotely, such that during activation of the system, no operator is present, and to automatically cut power to all towers in the event that a person enters the room.09-08-2011
20110215260Applicator means for radiation therapy as well as radiation therapy device - An applicator means (09-08-2011
20100193707LIGHTING APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING PLANT DISEASE - Disclosed is a lighting device for use in the control of a plant disease, which has a light source capable of emitting light containing ultraviolet ray. The light source can emit both of UV-B having a wavelength component with a wavelength of about 280 to 340 um and UV-C in which a wavelength component with a wavelength of about 255 nm or less is cut off from wavelength components with wavelengths of about 100 to 280 nm to plant in a superimposed manner. The irradiation of a plant with the UV-C and the UV-B ensures to further inhibit the spore formation or the hypha growth of a filamentous fungus that causes a disease or the like, and to induce a resistance against a disease in the plant.08-05-2010
20090250635METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING MULTIPHOTON CURABLE PHOTOREACTIVE COMPOSITIONS - A method including providing a substrate having thereon a layer including a multiphoton polymerizable composition, applying a light beam to at least one region of the layer, wherein the light beam cures or initiates cure of the multiphoton curable photoreactive composition; and processing a portion of the light beam reflected off the substrate to obtain a location signal of an interface between the layer and the substrate at each region.10-08-2009
20120305807Assembly for Precision Datum Alignment and Method of Use - A calibration assembly has a base and mounting elements to mount the base to a laser. The base has a front, middle and rear portions that are used to align the calibration assembly to the laser to cleave optical fibers with the laser. The front portion has a channel to receive the optical fibers, the middle portion has openings to confirm alignment of the laser; and the rear portion has a rear opening used to adjust the pitch and roll of the laser.12-06-2012
20120305806LIGHT SOURCE APPARATUS AND PROCESSING METHOD - The present invention relates to a light source apparatus. The light source apparatus has an MOPA configuration and comprises a seed light source, a pulse generator, an intermediate optical amplifier, a final stage optical amplifier, a delivery optical fiber, and a light output terminal. The delivery optical fiber is a PBG fiber having a photonic bandgap (PBG) structure in a core-surrounding portion located around the core. Light with a wavelength in a high loss band of the PBG fiber is inputted into the PBG fiber.12-06-2012
20120305805LASER APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a laser apparatus having a structure for facilitating the change of a transparent wavelength band of a bandpass filter in accordance with a central wavelength of pulsed light. In the laser apparatus, the transparent wavelength band of light to be transmitted through a BPF is changed according to the central wavelength of the pulsed light when the pulse width of the pulsed light outputted from a seed light source is changed.12-06-2012
20110315897Extending the lifetime of a Deep UV laser in a Wafer Inspection tool - Disclosed herein is a method and apparatus for automatic correction of beam waist position drift in real time, using wafer inspection data taken during normal tool operation.12-29-2011
20120043481MULTILEAF COLLIMATORS WITH TRANSVERSE MOTION - A collimation assembly includes a multileaf collimator and motion assembly. The multileaf collimator includes a support body and a plurality of pairs of beam blocking leaves supported by the support body. The beam blocking leaves are longitudinally movable in a first direction. The motion assembly includes an actuator and a guide assembly operable to move the support body and thereby allowing the plurality of pairs of beam blocking leaves to move in a second direction generally transverse to the first direction.02-23-2012
20120153189OPTICAL SYSTEM FOR GENERATING A LIGHT BEAM FOR TREATING A SUBSTRATE - An optical system for generating a light beam for treating a substrate arranged in a substrate plane is disclosed. The optical system includes first and second optical arrangements.06-21-2012
20120061592Method and System for Achieving Optimal UV Water Disinfection - Methods and systems are provided for enhancing the ultraviolet output of a water disinfection apparatus by: (i) maintaining the source of the U V radiation at a stable operating temperature and (ii) facilitating an efficient transfer of microwave energy to the source of the UV radiation.03-15-2012
20120056106OPTICAL FILTER MATERIAL MADE OF GALLIUM-DOPED QUARTZ GLASS, FILTER COMPONENT AND METHOD FOR IRRADIATION BY MEANS OF A UV RADIATION SOURCE - The invention relates to an optical filter material made of doped quartz glass, which at a low dopant concentration exhibits spectral transmission as high as possible of at least 80% cm03-08-2012
20120012759WAVELENGTH CONVERSION LASER LIGHT SOURCE, LASER LIGHT SOURCE DEVICE AND TWO-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE DISPLAY DEVICE ADOPTING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF SETTING TEMPERATURE OF WAVELENGTH CONVERSION ELEMENT - A wavelength conversion laser light source includes: an element temperature switching section that switches a temperature of the wavelength conversion element according to a harmonic wave output value as set in an output setting device, and the element temperature switching section for switching a temperature of a wavelength conversion element according to a harmonic wave output level as set in the output setting device, wherein the element temperature switch section includes an element temperature holding section that holds the wavelength conversion element at the temperature as switched by the element temperature switching section.01-19-2012
20120012758LASER IRRADIATION DEVICE AND LASER PROCESSING METHOD - Provided is a laser irradiation device for use in laser processing, and a laser processing method performed using the same. Provided is a laser irradiation device including: a light source that emits a laser beam; and an irradiation optical system which has one or a plurality of lenses, and is provided for light-guiding and light-converging of the laser beam emitted from the light source to the target substance, in which a birefringent material is used as a material entity of at least one lens of the irradiation optical system. Also provided is a laser processing method. The irradiation optical system may have a beam expander having a first lens that is a concave lens or a convex lens, and a second lens that is a convex lens, in the order along the laser-beam travel direction, the beam expander being configured so as to make the interval between the first lens and the second lens variable, in which a birefringent material may be used as a material entity of the first lens and/or the second lens. Thus, the interval between the lenses can be changed by a convenient operation, whereby relative positions between the plurality of beam waists (interval) can be easily regulated.01-19-2012
20120205555HOLDING ARM AND ARRANGEMENT FOR SUPPORTING DIAGNOSTIC IRRADIATION IN RADIATION THERAPY APPLICATIONS - The present embodiments relate to a holding arm for a detector that may be positioned on a first arm end or a diagnostic beam source that may be positioned on the first arm end. The present embodiments also relate to a radiation therapy arrangement with the holding arm. The holding arm may be positioned in a region of a second arm end in an emitter head region of a radiation therapy system and is essentially curved.08-16-2012
20110049392MULTIPLE ROW SCALABLE LED-UV MODULE - An LED-UV lamp that is easily interchangeable within a UV-curing process and scalable in length with a fine resolution so that it is easily customizable to any UV-curing application. The LED-UV lamp may incorporate multiple rows of LEDs and contain corresponding optics that effectively deliver radiant power to a substrate at distances of several inches.03-03-2011
20110049391Storage Container Having Sterilizing Function by Using Ultraviolet Rays - A storage container includes a container body having an inner portion provided with a receiving chamber, a top cover removably mounted on the container body, a circuit board mounted in the top cover, an ultraviolet light mounted on the circuit board and directed toward the receiving chamber of the container body, a control switch mounted on the circuit board and electrically connected with the ultraviolet light, at least one battery mounted on the circuit board and electrically connected with the control switch and the ultraviolet light, and a push button mounted on the top cover and contacting with the control switch. Thus, the ultraviolet light provides a sterilizing function to the articles placed in the receiving chamber of the container body so as to achieve a sanitary purpose.03-03-2011
20090256085Ultra-violet sponge holder - A ultra-violet sponge holder that emits sufficient radiation to eradicate germs, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and microorganisms on a kitchen sponge with a ultra-violet light located on a holder top which is powered by a rechargeable battery with a on/off/auto switch with a safety mechanism whereby only turning the ultra-violet light on when the holder top is closed, also the holder top contains a holder top window whereby allowing the ultra-violet sponge holder to be mobile and a holder bottom contains a sponge holder and a drainage retention area where liquid from sponge is collected.10-15-2009
20100213392LIGHT MIXING CHAMBER - An illumination chamber for illuminating an object with substantially uniform illumination and providing an image of the object, the illumination chamber includes a generally 6-faced polyhedron opaque housing, which encloses a light mixing chamber. The housing includes an object transparent glass sheet, an image transparent glass sheet and at least one light source disposed inside the housing. The object transparent glass sheet is disposed at a first of the two larger faces of the 6-faced polyhedron and image transparent glass sheet is disposed at the second large face of the 6-faced polyhedron, opposing the object glass sheet. The object to be images, typically a document, is disposed immediately adjacent to the external surface of the object transparent glass sheet. The image of the objects exits the housing through the image transparent glass sheet.08-26-2010
20120175529Photoresponsive Nanoparticles as Light-Driven Nanoscale Actuators - Photoresponsive shape memory nanoparticles have a layered smectic ordering and include a photoresponsive moiety selected from the group consisting of azobenzene, stilbene, and spiropyran. Multiple cycles of contraction and extension in these materials can be controlled by UV and visible light. By changing light intensity and exposure time, the magnitude of actuation can be modulated.07-12-2012
20120305804DOORKNOB STERILIZATION APPARATUS - A doorknob sterilization apparatus having a housing, an ultraviolet radiation source disposed within the housing, wherein the apparatus is designed to direct a quantity of ultraviolet radiation to an existing doorknob.12-06-2012
20120205556PROHEALING ENDOVASCULAR DEVICES - The present invention provides endovascular devices and the methods of making and using the same.08-16-2012
20090008575PARTICLE IRRADIATION APPARATUS, PARTICLE BEAM IRRADIATION METHOD AND PARTICLE TREATMENT SYSTEM - A particle irradiation apparatus and a particle beam irradiation method that controls the energy and irradiation dose of a particle beam to form a high dose region having a high uniformity of depth-directional spread (Spread Out Bracici Peak, referred to as SOBP). A SOBP having a steep falling edge of the dose distribution on the deep side from the body surface is formed based on a method of superimposing SOBPs each having a small dose distribution width to form a desired SOBP. An energy-spread-device forms a first SOBP having a small dose distribution width; and an energy spread device 01-08-2009
20120153190METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING WAVELENGTH CONVERSION ELEMENT - Provided is a method for manufacturing a wavelength conversion element 06-21-2012
20100096565GLASS COMPOSITION FOR ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT AND OPTICAL DEVICE USING THE SAME - A glass composition for ultraviolet light is provided. The glass composition for ultraviolet light contains Lu, Al, and O in an amount of 99.99 weight % or more in total. The glass composition contains Lu in an amount of 24% or more and 33% or less in cation percent and Al in an amount of 67% or more and 76% or less in cation percent.04-22-2010
20110079735PEN SPECIFIC FOR ERASABLE MEDIA USAGE - Exemplary embodiments provide materials and methods for a pen that can include a writing end for writing an image on an erasable medium and an erasing end for locally erasing an image from the erasable medium.04-07-2011
20090114849Radiosurgical neuromodulation devices, systems, and methods for treatment of behavioral disorders by external application of ionizing radiation - Radiosurgical techniques and systems treat behavioral disorders (such as depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (“OCD”), addiction, hyperphagia, and the like) by directing radiation from outside the patient toward a target tissue within the patient's brain, typically without imposing surgical trauma. The target will often be included in a neural circuit associated with the behavioral disorder. A cellularly sub-lethal dose of the radiation may be applied and the radiation can mitigate the behavioral disorder, obesity, or the like, by modulating the level of neural activity within the target and in associated tissues. Hypersensitive and/or hyperactive neuronal tissue may be targeted, with the radiation downwardly modulating hyperactive neuronal activity. By down-regulating the activity of a target that normally exerts negative feedback or a limiting effect on a relevant neural circuit, the activity of the circuit may be increased.05-07-2009
20120256103MODIFYING RADIATION BEAM SHAPES - A patient's lesion is localized for the purpose of administering radiation treatment by obtaining a beam shape representation along one or more beam directions of a radiation treatment device. An image corresponding to the lesion is obtained from each beam direction, and the beam shape and image are fixed to a common coordinate system to facilitate alignment.10-11-2012
20100207039Probe Microscopy and Probe Position Monitoring Apparatus - A method of determining the position of a probe tip. An evanescent electromagnetic field is generated extending beyond an interface boundary between a first medium, having a first refractive index, and a second medium, having a second refractive index which is greater than the first refractive index, the interface boundary extending in a plane. A probe tip is positioned in the evanescent field in the first medium thereby causing propagating electromagnetic radiation to be produced as a result of the disruption of the evanescent field by the probe tip, and at least a portion of the propagating electromagnetic radiation is collected. The spatial intensity distribution of the collected radiation is detected with respect to an image plane. An at least one dimensional position of the probe tip in a probe tip plane is determined from the detected spatial intensity distribution, the probe tip plane being a plane which contains the probe tip and which is substantially parallel to the plane of the interface boundary.08-19-2010
20100207038Apparatus and method for laser irradiation - An apparatus for laser irradiation including a housing wherein the housing defines at least a portion of a test volume; a first conduit configured to provide a first flow of gas into the test volume; a second conduit configured to remove the first flow of gas from the test volume; a third conduit configured to provide a second flow of gas; and a flow controller configured to provide a region of increased flow impedance between the first conduit and the third conduit so that the first flow of gas is directed towards the test volume and the second flow of gas is directed away from the first flow of gas so as to restrict gas external to the housing from coming into contact with the first flow of gas.08-19-2010
20120168647MOBILE UV STERILIZATION UNIT WITH SEPARABLE STERILIZATION MODULE - A UV sterilization unit. A plurality of UV lamps are removably mounted to a portable lamp housing. The portable lamp housing is mounted to a wheeled vehicle and may be used to destroy infectious material located beneath or remotely from the vehicle.07-05-2012
20120168646RADIOTHERAPY DEVICE AND METHOD FOR BALANCING A RADIOTHERAPY DEVICE - A radiotherapy device having a gantry rotatably mounted to the radiotherapy device with a bearing and a counterweight attached to the gantry. The counterweight has a spatial position relative to the gantry. The spatial position of the counterweight is movable. The device is configured to generate a compensating torque on the bearing, the compensating torque based on a movement of the spatial position of the counterweight, to balance the gantry.07-05-2012
20120168645Calibrated Energy Transfer - Apparatuses, methods, kits, and systems relating to applying electromagnetic energy to an object located at least partially in an energy application zone are disclosed. Some apparatuses may include a processor configured to determine a preliminary amount of energy to be dissipated in the object and determine a corrected amount of energy based on the preliminary amount of energy and calibration information. The processor may be further configured to cause a source to transfer energy to the energy application zone and determine an amount of delivered energy, based on an amount of energy returned from the energy application zone and an amount of energy supplied to the energy application zone. The processor may also be configured to cause the source to transfer energy to the energy application zone at least until the amount of delivered energy equals the corrected amount of energy.07-05-2012
20120132831ENERGY APPLICATION DEVICE AND ENERGY APPLICATION METHOD - An energy application device applies optical energy on an adhesion sheet by a light radiator and, subsequently, applies heat energy on the adhesion sheet by a heater. With this arrangement, even the adhesion sheet, which includes an adhesive layer having an energy barrier that cannot be overcome only with optical energy, is enabled to start a photoreaction by overcoming an energy barrier with the heat energy from the heater.05-31-2012
20090057569LIGHT IRRADIATION DEVICE, FINE PARTICLE ANALYZING APPARATUS, AND LIGHT IRRADIATION METHOD - A light irradiation device irradiates a specimen in a flow channel with directional light. The light irradiation device includes a light source that emits the directional light, and an irradiation control unit that irradiates the specimen in the flow channel with light, obtains positional information of the specimen, and controls the irradiation of the directional light based on the positional information.03-05-2009
20090057568PRODUCTION DEVICE AND PRODUCTION METHOD FOR AN OPTICAL DEVICE COMPONENT HAVING A GRATING STRUCTURE - A production device and a production method for a grating-type optical component enabling formation of a variety types of FBGs using a single phase mask and an optical component made by the production method or production device for a grating-type optical component are provided. The method involves diffusing at least one of hydrogen or deuterium into an optical fiber and altering the refractive index of the optical fiber by irradiating the fiber with non-interfering UV lamp light.03-05-2009
20100051828PROCESSING SYSTEM - A processing system includes a particle beam column for generating a particle beam directed to a first processing location; a laser system for generating a laser beam directed to a second processing location located at a distance from the first processing location; and a protector including an actuator and a plate connected to the actuator. The actuator is configured to move the plate between a first position in which it protects a component of the particle beam column from particles released from the object by the laser beam and a second position in which the component of the particle beam column is not protected from particles released from the object by the laser beam.03-04-2010
20100051827METHOD OF CLEANING OPTICAL SURFACES OF AN IRRADIATION UNIT IN A TWO-STEP PROCESS - The present invention provides a method of cleaning optical surfaces in an irradiation unit in order to remove contaminations deposited on said optical surfaces. The method includes a cleaning step in which a first gas or gas mixture is brought into contact with said optical surfaces thereby forming a volatile compound with a first portion of said contaminations. In an operation pause of the irradiation unit prior to the cleaning step, a pretreatment step is performed, in which a second gas or gas mixture is brought into contact with said optical surfaces. Said second gas or gas mixture is selected to react with a second portion of said contaminations different from said first portion to form a reaction product, which is able to form a volatile compound with said first gas or gas mixture.03-04-2010
20120313014Ultraviolet Discharge Lamp Apparatuses with One or More Reflectors - Apparatuses are disclosed which include a discharge lamp configured to emit ultraviolet light, a power circuit configured to operate the discharge lamp, and a reflector system configured to redirect ultraviolet light emitted from the discharge lamp. In some embodiments, the apparatuses include a support structure containing the power circuit and supporting the discharge lamp. In some of such embodiments, the reflector system is configured to redirect ultraviolet light propagating away from the support structure to a region exterior to the apparatus and which is between approximately 2 feet and approximately 4 feet from a floor of a room in which the apparatus is arranged. In other embodiments, the reflector system may be additionally or alternatively configured to redirect ultraviolet light propagating away from the support structure to encircle an exterior surface of the apparatus. In any case, the reflector system may, in some embodiments, include a repositionable reflector.12-13-2012
20100181498Differential evacuation system - [Technical Problem] To provide a differential evacuation system capable of easily maintaining, at a low cost, a large differential pressure between a light generation chamber and an illumination optical chamber in which optical processing, e.g. exposure, is performed by using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light generated in the light generation chamber, and yet capable of sufficiently ensuring a desired optical path.07-22-2010
20090095922METHOD OF REPAIRING A POLYMER MASK - A method of repairing defects to a patterned polymer mask for a photolithography process is described, illustrated, and claimed. Generally, there are two types of defects to a polymer mask, which are an ink spot on a transparent polymer substrate and an ink void in a patterned area. The ink spot is repaired by an effective ablation by a laser that does not substantially affect a transparency of the polymer substrate. The ink void is repaired by various embodiments using laser-assisted touch-up processes, wherein the laser-assisted touch-up restores the void to block UV light during a photolithography exposure.04-16-2009
20090095921Device for Irradiating Tumour Tissue in a Patient With a Particle Beam - There is proposed a device for the slice-by-slice irradiation of tumour tissue (04-16-2009
20120175531SYSTEM AND METHODS OF PHOTON-BASED RADIOTHERAPY AND RADIOSURGERY DELIVERY - Photon-based radiosurgery is widely used for treating local and regional tumors. The key to improving the quality of radiosurgery is to increase the dose falloff rate from high dose regions inside the tumor to low dose regions of nearby healthy tissues and structures. Dynamic photon painting (DPP) further increases dose falloff rate by treating a target by moving a beam source along a dynamic trajectory, where the speed, direction and even dose rate of the beam source change constantly during irradiation. DPP creates dose gradient that rivals proton Bragg Peak and outperforms Gamma Knife® radiosurgery.07-12-2012
20120175530Method and Apparatus Pertaining to Radiation-Therapy Treatment-Plan Optimization - These various embodiments access target information regarding a radiation-therapy treatment volume for a given patient as well as non-target information regarding at least one structure other than the radiation-therapy treatment volume that also comprises a part of the given patient. These embodiments then provide for accessing uncertainties information regarding spatial uncertainties as pertain to at least one of the target information and the non-target information and using that uncertainties information to characterize at least one radiation-therapy treatment plan optimization consideration with respect to a preference of usage to thereby provide preference considerations. These preference considerations are then used to influence a follow-on radiation-therapy treatment plan optimization process when developing a treatment plan for the radiation-therapy treatment volume.07-12-2012
20120313015IRRADIATION APPARATUS AND IRRADIATION METHOD FOR DEPOSITING A DOSE IN A TARGET VOLUME - An irradiation apparatus for depositing a dose distribution in a target volume to be irradiated may include: an accelerator device for supplying a particle beam in order to irradiate the target volume; and a scanning device for modifying a property of the particle beam such that the particle beam is successively directed to different locations in a preset scanning volume and is thus scanned over the scanning volume during operation of the irradiation apparatus. The scanning device may be configured to: scan the scanning volume along a defined scanning path set independently of the target volume; and adjust the dose distribution to be deposited in the target volume by modulating an intensity of the particle beam when the particle beam is scanned along the scanning path. The invention further relates to an irradiation method corresponding to the irradiation apparatus.12-13-2012
20100270480Method and device for defining a beam of high-energy rays - The invention relates to a method and device for operating collimator (10-28-2010
20090084983NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPONENT SEPARATION USING INFRARED RADIANT ENERGY - A method for separating a first component and a second component from one another at an adhesive bond interface between the first component and second component. Typically the method involves irradiating the first component with infrared radiation from a source that radiates substantially only short wavelengths until the adhesive bond is destabilized, and then separating the first component and the second component from one another. In some embodiments an assembly of components to be debonded is placed inside an enclosure and the assembly is illuminated from an IR source that is external to the enclosure. In some embodiments an assembly of components to be debonded is simultaneously irradiated by a multi-planar array of IR sources. Often the IR radiation is unidirectional. In some embodiments the IR radiation is narrow-band short wavelength infrared radiation.04-02-2009
20120074337CELLULOSIC AND LIGNOCELLULOSIC STRUCTURAL MATERIALS AND METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH MATERIALS - Methods of treating wood and wood products include irradiating untreated wood having a first molecular weight with ionizing radiation to cause an increase in the molecular weight of a cellulosic component of the wood to a second, relatively higher molecular weight.03-29-2012
20120074336LIGHT-DRIVEN ROTARY MOLECULAR MOTORS - Compounds of Formula (03-29-2012
20100282984DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THE CONTACTLESS MANIPULATION AND ALIGNMENT OF SAMPLE PARTICLES IN A MEASUREMENT VOLUME USING A NONHOMOGENEOUS ELECTRIC ALTERNATING FIELD - The invention relates to a device for contactless manipulation and alignment of sample particles in a measurement volume using a nonhomogeneous electric alternating field, comprising a radiation source for emitting electromagnetic radiation and optical means for guiding the electromagnetic radiation into the measurement volume. The device is characterized in that the optical means include a beam shaping device for generating an intensity profile that is asymmetrical about the beam axis, wherein sample particles in the measurement volume can be trapped in a nonhomogeneous field distribution of the electric field generated by the asymmetrical intensity profile, that for the purpose of entraining sample particles trapped in the nonhomogeneous field distribution there is provided a rotating device to effect rotation of the asymmetrical intensity profile about the beam axis relatively to the measurement volume, and that the electromagnetic radiation beam in the measurement volume is unfocused, more particularly, divergent. The invention further relates to a method for contactless manipulation and alignment of sample particles in a measurement volume using a nonhomogeneous electric field.11-11-2010
20120181454Laser Processing Device - Provided is a laser processing device capable of preventing laser light from leaking out to the outside of the housing by emitting the laser light to the processing target with the camera detached. The laser processing device includes a laser generator; a scanning optical system for scanning the laser light with respect to a workpiece; a housing frame for accommodating the scanning optical system; a camera for photographing the workpiece, the camera being removably attached to the housing frame and having a light receiving axis branched from an emission axis of the laser light; a camera cover removably attached to the housing frame to cover the camera; a limit SW for detecting detachment of the camera cover from the housing frame; and a laser output control section for prohibiting the emission of the laser light to the workpiece based on a cover detection signal.07-19-2012
20120223253SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REDUCING TRAPPED ENERGETIC PROTON FLUX AT LOW EARTH ORBITS - A system and method for reducing energetic proton flux trapped in the inner radiation belt by injecting Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) electromagnetic waves is disclosed. The ULF electromagnetic waves is generated by space or ground based transmitters and the frequency range is selected such that the injected waves are in gyrofrequency resonance with trapped 10 to 100 Mev protons. Pitch angle scattering of the trapped protons in gyro-resonance with the injected waves increases their precipitation rate by forcing their orbits into pitch angles inside the atmospheric loss-cone where they are lost by intaracting with the dense neutral atmosphere at altitudes below 100 km. The reduction of energetic proton flux trapped in the inner radiation belt allows use of commercial electronics with submicron feature size on Low Earth Orbit satellites and microsatellites without the operational constraints imposed by the presence of energetic proton fluxes trapped at the inner radiation belts.09-06-2012
20120187312RADIATION CONTROL AND MINIMIZATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A radiation control system and method are provided in which radiation delivered to a patient and/or the operator of the equipment is minimized. The radiation control system may be used in a large variety of applications including applications in which radiation source is used to inspect an object, such as, for example, medical imaging, diagnosis and therapy, in manufacturing operation using radiation, in airports scanning systems, in different security setups, and in nuclear reactors automation and process control. The radiation control system and method may also be used with 3D imaging.07-26-2012
20120187311UV NAIL LAMP - A lamp includes: a housing; a platform supported by the housing; a left light source disposed on a left side of the lamp; a right light source disposed on a right side of the lamp; a first top light source disposed at least partially above the platform, wherein; the left and right sources extend closer to a front of the lamp than the first top light source; and a space between the platform and the; light sources; to simultaneously receive therein five nails of all five digits of a hand or foot of a user. The positions of the sources and platform may be designed so as to provide substantially uniform light flux to all five nails so as to synchronously and uniformly cure light-curable nail gel or acrylic on the user's nails.07-26-2012
20120256104PHASE CHANGE DEVICE HAVING PHASE CHANGE RECORDING FILM, AND PHASE CHANGE SWITCHING METHOD FOR PHASE CHANGE RECORDING FILM - Allow the rate of phase change to be controlled at the time period of phonons (approx. 270 fs) for the purpose of achieving a substantially higher recording-erasing speed compared to what can be achieved with conventional technologies relating to optical recording media using phase change. A femtosecond pulse laser is shaped into pulse trains each having a first pulse and a second pulse using a Michelson interferometer, and the time interval of first and second pulses is matched with the time period of lattice vibration of a material constituting the phase change recording film to be irradiated, thereby inducing phase change.10-11-2012
20120228520Photoregulated Reversible Hydrogels for Delivery and Releasing of Drugs and Other Therapeutical Reagents - A novel hydrogel delivery systems useful for encapsulating and releasing pharmaceuticals or chemicals is disclosed where water soluble polymers containing crosslinker repeating units that associate or dissociate with complementary crosslinking repeating units or separate linkers to reversibly crosslink the hydrogel. In an exemplary embodiment, a DNA crosslinked hydrogel displays photoreversibility. An exemplary hydrogel delivery system comprises DNA polymer conjugates, wherein complementary DNA sequences are crosslinked with polymer chains and hybridization of the DNA sequences is controlled by photoresponsive moieties. Such hydrogels can be used to release drug molecules and/or other therapeutic reagents. The exemplary hydrogel employs photosensitive azobenzene moieties that are incorporated into the DNA crosslinker units. The azobenzene moieties respond to different wavelengths of light so that the state of azobenzene isomerization is induced by the proportion of visible and UV light irradiated. The isomer state of the azobenzene dictates whether the complementary DNA sequences hybridize to cross link the DNA polymer conjugates. Thus, irradiation of light (visible or UV) can transform the hydrogel network between a sol and any of multiple gel states to regulate the degree of crosslinking between complementary DNA sequences and, therefore, provide a profile of release of a hydrogel encapsulated pharmaceutical or other chemical.09-13-2012
20090289203Method for making transparent carbon nanotube film - The present method relates to a method for making a transparent carbon nanotube film. The method includes the following steps: (a) making a carbon nanotube film, and (b) irradiating the carbon nanotube film by a laser device with a power density thereof being greater than 0.1×1011-26-2009
20110121205LASER IRRADIATION APPARATUS, IRRADIATION METHOD USING THE SAME, AND METHOD OF CRYSTALLIZING AMORPHOUS SILICON FILM USING THE SAME - Provided are a laser irradiation apparatus, an irradiation method using the same, and a method of crystallizing an amorphous silicon film using the same. Particularly, a laser irradiation apparatus which can reduce a deviation of an intensity of a laser beam, an irradiation method using the same, and a method of crystallizing an amorphous silicon film using the same, which can improve uniformity in crystallization into a polycrystalline silicon thin film, are provided.05-26-2011
20100327187CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT AND RETRIEVAL SYSTEM FOR PROTON BEAM THERAPY SYSTEM - In a complex, multi-processor software controlled system, such as proton beam therapy system (PBTS), it may be important to provide treatment configurable parameters that are easily modified by an authorized user to prepare the software controlled systems for various modes of operation. This particular invention relates to a configuration management system for the PBTS that utilizes a database to maintain data and configuration parameters and also to generate and distribute system control files that can be used by the PBTS for treatment delivery. The use of system control files reduces the adverse effects of single point failures in the database by allowing the PBTS to function independently from the database. The PBTS accesses the data, parameters, and control settings from the database through the system control files, which insures that the data and configuration parameters are accessible when and if single point failures occur with respect to the database.12-30-2010
20120261594DEVICE FOR DISTURBING THE OPERATION OF AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - A system for injecting faults by laser beams into an electronic circuit including: at least two lasers capable of emitting approximately parallel beams; at least one optical system receiving, on the magnifying side, the beams; and a support of the integrated circuit placed on the reducing side of the optical system.10-18-2012
20110036999COUNTERMEASURE METHOD FOR A MOBILE TRACKING DEVICE - A countermeasure method for directing a mobile tracking device away from an asset is provided. The countermeasure method includes directing the output of a continuous wave laser source at a seeker head of the mobile tracking device. The countermeasure method causes the generation of localized sources within the mobile tracking device and confuses the mobile tracking device as to the true location of the asset.02-17-2011
20110036998COUNTERMEASURE DEVICE FOR A MOBILE TRACKING DEVICE - A countermeasure device for directing a mobile tracking device away from an asset is provided. The countermeasure device includes a continuous wave laser source whose output is directed at a seeker head of the mobile tracking device. The countermeasure device causes the generation of localized sources within the mobile tracking device and confuses the mobile tracking device as to the true location of the asset.02-17-2011
20110036997ULTRAVIOLET EQUIPMENT - The present invention relates to an UV equipment, which enables LED unit to generate UV radiation onto a gel, which is cured after a period of time and then applied to fabrication of pseudo-nail; if the gel is applied to fabrication of pseudo-nail, it's possible to attach it closely to the real nail; if the gel is applied to tooth mould or pseudo-tooth, a protective layer will be formed from gel curing and covered onto the surface of the tooth mould or pseudo-tooth.02-17-2011
20120267552OPTICAL METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODIFYING MATERIAL CHARACTERISTICS USING SURFACE PLASMON POLARITON PROPAGATION - A method and system modify a material's characteristics. A first material has at least one characteristic that changes in the presence of electromagnetic energy, and a second material is positioned such that it is in contact with the first material. The second material is electrically conductive and sustains Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) excitation and propagation when electromagnetic radiation is coupled thereto. A diffraction grating is disposed at a planar region defined by one of the second material and a composite of the first material and second material. A beam of electromagnetic radiation is directed towards the diffraction grating at an acute angle with respect to the planar region. The electromagnetic radiation incident on the diffraction grating is coupled to the second material whereby SPP propagation generates an electromagnetic wave incident on at least a portion of the first material to thereby change its characteristics.10-25-2012
20120298887TERRAIN VISUALIZATION DEVICE - A terrain visualization device is disclosed, the device comprising a wearable mounting structure adapted to be fixed to a user. The device also includes a light emitting unit attached to the mounting structure and configured to project a predetermined contrast pattern onto terrain when the mounting structure is fixed to a user. Also disclosed is a method for traversing terrain comprising fixing a wearable mounting structure to a user, the mounting structure having a light emitting unit attached thereto, traversing the terrain, and projecting a predetermined contrast pattern onto the terrain using the light emitting unit, so that the topography of the terrain can be determined from distortion of the contrast pattern. A method for illuminating a ski run is also disclosed.11-29-2012
20120298886 FOR RAPID PROTOTYPING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to improvements relating to a rapid prototyping apparatus for the manufacturing of three-dimensional objects by additive treatment of cross-sections.11-29-2012
20120319010THERAPEUTIC LIGHT DELIVERY APPARATUS, METHOD, AND SYSTEM - An optical delivery apparatus is disclosed including: an optical fiber extending between a distal end having a distal end face and a proximal end having a proximal end face, an optical element positioned to receive the light emitted from the distal end face and direct the light to an illumination region; and a non-metallic housing containing the optical fiber and the optical element and maintaining the relative position of the optical fiber and the optical element.12-20-2012
20120319012HIGH THROUGHPUT UV CURING SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF CURING A PLURALITY OF ARTICLES - High throughput UV curing systems for mass curing of a plurality of articles without compromising product quality. The systems comprise a plurality of UV banks, each bank comprising a plurality of fluorescent UV lamps, thereby creating a consistent blanket of UV energy. A plurality of coated articles are positioned between pairs of banks such that the UV exposure or dosage is evenly distributed for each article. The fluorescent UV lamps use proportionally lower energy per unit and generate less heat than standard UV lamps, while sufficiently curing the coating on each article. Throughput is increased compared to currently available systems because the systems are easier to maintain requiring less downtime, can cure significantly more articles per cycle, and reduce the number of rejected products.12-20-2012
20120319011MERCURY UV LAMP WITH IMPROVED ACTINIC SPECTRUM - A low-pressure mercury or amalgam lamp with praseodymium (Pr) doped particles of lanthanum phosphate converts 185 nm radiation to UV-C (186 nm-280 nm). For water purification, a plurality of low-pressure mercury or amalgam lamps with phosphor that convert 185 nm radiation to UV-C (186 nm-280 nm) may be used. A method for photolysis of nitroso dimethyl amine (NDMA) may include passing electrical current through a low pressure mercury or amalgam lamp, radiating 254 nm radiation through the lamp envelope into water containing the NDMA, converting 185 nm radiation within the lamp into 230 nm-240 nm radiation within the lamp via a phosphor within the lamp, and radiating the 230-240 nm radiation through the lamp envelope and into the water containing the NDMA, with the radiation from the lamp photolysizing the NDMA.12-20-2012
20120319013DEVICE FOR COATING A PERIPHERAL SURFACE OF A SLEEVE BODY - A coating device for coating a peripheral surface of a sleeve body with a coating formulation includes a vertical support column for supporting a sleeve body in a vertical position coaxial with a coating axis, a carriage slideable along the vertical support column, and an annular coating stage attached to the carriage and moveable therewith for containing the coating formulation and for coating a layer of the coating formulation onto the peripheral surface of the sleeve body during a sliding movement of the carriage along the vertical support column. The coating device includes an irradiation stage that is arranged to be moveable with the annular coating stage and to provide radiation to at least partially cure the layer of coating formulation onto the peripheral surface so as to prevent flow off of the coating formulation.12-20-2012
20120280147DYNAMIC DISPLAY AND CONTROL OF UV SOURCE FOR SANITIZATION IN MOBILE DEVICES - A mobile sanitizer movable across a surface to sanitize the surface. The sanitizer may comprise an ultraviolet light source that illuminates the surface and a microprocessor control. The control may adjust the light source intensity in response to a speed of the movement of the light source relative to the surface. And, for instance, the control may drive a display indicating how movement of the device relates to sanitization settings input by a user.11-08-2012
20120280148EUV RADIATION SOURCE AND LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS - An EUV radiation source that includes a fuel supply configured to supply fuel to a plasma formation location. The fuel supply includes a reservoir configured to hold fuel at a temperature that is sufficiently high to maintain the fuel in liquid form, and a pressure vessel configured to contain the reservoir, the pressure vessel being at least partially thermally isolated from the reservoir. The EUV radiation source also includes a laser radiation source configured to irradiate fuel supplied by the fuel supply at the plasma formation location.11-08-2012
20120091368COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR REVERSIBLY DYEING SOFT CONTACT LENSES - A method and kit for producing reversibly dyed soft contact lenses. The contact lenses are submerged in saline solution and a dye is added to the saline solution, either directly or by means of a strip that has been impregnated with the dye. Preferred dyes include the common dyes sodium fluorescein, lissamine green, and rose bengal. After a period of time, the lens absorbs the dye and can be removed from the solution and placed on the eye. Once the lens is illuminated with ultraviolet light, it will glow or fluoresce. This creates a dramatic effect, particularly in dimly lit areas. The dyeing method does not utilize heat and thus is reversible. Soaking the lens in additional saline solution for a period of time will cause the dye to return to its non-dyed state.04-19-2012
20120326057Methods and Systems for Protecting Critical Structures During Radiation Treatment - Methods and systems are provided for protecting a critical structure during the administration of radiation treatment to a patient. A register receives proposed positions for one or more radiation beams with respect to a critical structure. A processor predicts a cumulative dose volume for the critical structure based on the dose distribution, and determines if the cumulative dose volume exceeds a tolerance value. If the cumulative dose volume exceeds the tolerance value, the dose distribution may be translated at least in part based on a relationship between the cumulative dose volume and the dose distribution position.12-27-2012
20120286173PATTERN DATA CONVERSION FOR LITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM - A method and system for exposing a target according to pattern data in a maskless lithography machine generating a plurality of exposure beamlets for exposing the target. The method comprises providing input pattern data in a vector format, rendering and quantizing the input pattern data to generate intermediate pattern data, and re-sampling and re-quantizing the intermediate pattern data to generate output pattern data. The output pattern data is supplied to the lithography machine, and the beamlets generated by the lithography machine are modulated on the basis of the output pattern data.11-15-2012
20120138821INFRARED IMAGING PROJECTION FOR CAMERA BLOCKING - A mirror is at least partially transparent on a first side and at least partially reflective on a second side. The mirror is positioned at an angle in front of a display such that visible light emitted from the display is reflected from the second side. Further, the a plurality of invisible light emitters are positioned in front of the second side that transmits the invisible light through the mirror from the second side to the first side.06-07-2012
20130015374COUNTERMEASURE DEVICE FOR A MOBILE TRACKING DEVICE - A countermeasure device for directing a mobile tracking device away from an asset is provided. The countermeasure device includes a continuous wave laser source whose output is directed at a seeker head of the mobile tracking device. The countermeasure device causes the generation of localized sources within the mobile tracking device and confuses the mobile tracking device as to the true location of the asset.01-17-2013
20130015373EUV Radiation Source and EUV Radiation Generation Method - An EUV radiation source comprising a fuel supply (01-17-2013
20130020509NAIL GEL CURING APPARATUS - An apparatus to provide ultra-violet (UV) irradiation to cure a gel nail. The apparatus includes a top section and a bottom section, the top and bottom sections forming a unit with an opening sized to allow at least a portion of a human hand to be inserted. An array of light emitting diodes (LEDs) disposed in the unit to emit UV irradiation in a first direction when supplied with electrical power. At least one LED is disposed in the unit to emit UV irradiation in a second direction when supplied with electrical power. The first direction is approximately perpendicular to the second direction such that fingernails and a thumbnail of a human hand inserted into the opening substantially simultaneously receive amounts of UV irradiation sufficient to cure a UV curable gel applied to the fingernails and the thumbnail at approximately the same time.01-24-2013
20130020510GATED RADIATION PROCEDURE USING PACKAGES - A method of delivering radiation in a session includes delivering radiation towards a patient using a radiation system, wherein the radiation is delivered based at least in part on a physiological phase or a position of the patient, after the radiation is delivered, changing a configuration of the radiation system, wherein the act of changing the configuration is performed independent of at least one motion of the patient, and delivering additional radiation towards the patient after the configuration of the radiation system is changed, wherein the acts of delivering radiation and the act of changing the configuration are performed in response to a processor executing a treatment plan that prescribes a plurality of packages and a transition, the transition prescribing the act of changing the configuration of the radiation system when no radiation is being delivered by the radiation system.01-24-2013
20100090130Energy Sources for Curing in an Imprint Lithography System - Energy sources and methods for curing in an imprint lithography system are described. The energy sources may include one or more energy elements positioned outside of the viewing range of an imaging unit monitoring elements of the imprint lithography system. Each energy source is configured to provide energy along a path to solidify polymerizable material on a substrate.04-15-2010
20080237490Exposure device - The present invention presents an exposure device, which includes an object stage on which the object is to be set, at least one aperture member for splitting a light beam from an optical source into first and second light beams, first and second spatial light modulators for spatially modulating the first and second light beams, respectively, first and second projection optical systems for irradiating the object with the first and second light beams, at least one first optical sensor for detecting intensity of the light beam from the optical source, one or more second optical sensors for detecting intensities of the first and second light beams from the first and second projection optical systems, respectively, and a decision section for diagnosing status of a route between the aperture member and the object, based on the results of the first and second sensors.10-02-2008
20080237488Method to Analyze Physical and Chemical Properties on the Surface Layer of a Solid - The present invention relates generally to a method for analyzing the surface and the near-surface layers of a solid and, more specifically, to a method that utilizes activating actions to analyze the physical and the chemical properties of the layers. The instant abstract is neither intended to define the invention disclosed in this specification nor intended to limit the scope of the invention in any way.10-02-2008
20080237487MULTIPLE DIRECTIONAL SCANS OF TEST STRUCTURES ON SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS - Disclosed is a method of inspecting a sample. The sample is scanned in a first direction with at least one particle beam. The sample is scanned in a second direction with at least one particle beam. The second direction is at an angle to the first direction. The number of defects per an area of the sample are found as a result of the first scan, and the position of one or more of the found defects is determined from the second scan. In a specific embodiment, the sample includes a test structure having a plurality of test elements thereon. A first portion of the test elements is exposed to the beam during the first scan to identify test elements having defects, and a second portion of the test elements is exposed during the second scan to isolate and characterize the defect.10-02-2008
20130168576Device and method for rapid dynamic nuclear polarization - A method and apparatus for producing a hyperpolarized sample material for use in an NMR investigation provides for a cryogenic region having a target material containing a first hyperpolarizable nuclear species, a second hyperpolarizable nuclear species, and a nuclear spin polarizing agent, wherein the first nuclear species has a higher magnetic moment than the second nuclear species. Microwave energy is used to excite electron spin transitions in the polarizing agent in the presence of a magnetic field. The first hyperpolarizable nuclear species is thereby caused to interact with the electron spin system in the polarizing agent and generate hyperpolarization of at least the first nuclear species of the target material. The target material is then subjected to a lowered magnetic field, wherein the lowered magnetic field facilitates polarization transfer by nuclear thermal mixing between the species to thereby hyperpolarize the second nuclear species.07-04-2013
20080224071INSPECTION APPARATUS - The invention is to provide an inspection apparatus causing interactions of plural times between an object and an electromagnetic wave, thereby enabling inspection with a satisfactory sensitivity even for an object of a trace amount. The inspection apparatus detects information from an object 112 based on a change in an electromagnetic wave transmission state caused by plural times of interactions between the electromagnetic wave and the object 112. The inspection apparatus includes a transmission line 16, an electromagnetic wave supplying and detecting unit 111 for supplying the transmission line 16 with the electromagnetic wave and detecting the electromagnetic wave, a reflection unit 110 for reflecting the electromagnetic wave transmitting through the transmission line 16, and an inspection unit 113 for placing the object 112 between the electromagnetic wave supplying and detecting unit 111 and the reflection unit 110, wherein the transmission line 16, the reflection unit 110 and the inspection unit 113 are formed on a same substrate 11.09-18-2008
20130140472SELECTIVE RESONANT RECONFIGURATION OF CHEMICAL STRUCTURES - Chemical compositions may be selectively or preferentially excited by the application of scores comprising a series of energy inputs.06-06-2013
20130175458SANITIZATION DEVICES AND METHODS OF THEIR USE - The present invention relates to sanitization devices and methods. More particularly, the invention relates to devices and methods that significantly reduce or eliminate germs, bacteria and/or other microorganisms from objects such as bags, purses, footwear or other objects, as well as bare feet, hands, paws, hooves or other anatomical surfaces, which come into contact with them. The device and method uses germicidal radiation which exposes only the areas of the object that come into applied contact with the device. A top platform of the device is partitioned so that each partition can act independently of each other.07-11-2013
20120248339LIGHT PROCESSING APPARATUS - A light processing apparatus irradiates an ultra violet light through a square or a rectangular light transmitting window onto a work piece that has a square or rectangular pattern formation portion. The apparatus includes a light emitting unit that comprises a casing, an ultraviolet irradiance lamp arranged inside the casing and the light transmitting window member provided in one face of the casing. One side of the light transmitting window and one side of the pattern formation portion are not parallel to each other.10-04-2012
20090072161Plasmonic Laser Nanoablation Methods - A novel femtosecond laser nano-ablation technique called Plasmonic Laser Nano-Ablation (PLN). The technique takes advantage of surface-enhanced plasmonic scattering of ultrashort laser pulses by nanoparticles to vaporize sub-cellular structures in attoliter volumes. The use of nanoparticles may overcome problems associated with current FLMS techniques and does not rely on heating for nanodisruption. In PLN, the particle acts as a “nano-lens,” restricting laser light to the near-field of the particle, and only photodisrupting structures that are nanometers away. This eliminates the need for a tightly focused beam, while still achieving nanoscale ablation resolution. Moreover, the enhanced scattering around the particles reduces the amount of required laser fluence. A method is provided comprising positioning a nanoparticle in proximity to a surface of a material; irradiating the nanoparticle with a laser tuned close to the nanoparticle's plasmonic frequency; and allowing a near-field effect from the irradiated nanoparticle to photodamage the material.03-19-2009
20100276610RADIOTHERAPY APPARATUS CONTROLLER AND RADIATION IRRADIATING METHOD - A radiotherapy apparatus controller includes: an imperfect three-dimensional data calculating unit configured to calculate an imperfect three-dimensional data based on a plurality of imperfect transmission images which is respectively imaged from a plurality of imperfect directions except a predetermined direction among a plurality of directions different from each other; an imaging unit configured to image an additional transmission image from the predetermined direction by using an imager system; a perfect three-dimensional data calculating unit configured to calculate a perfect three-dimensional data based on the additional transmission image and the imperfect three-dimensional data; and a position calculating unit configured to calculate a position of a part of a subject inside based on the perfect three-dimensional data. The radiotherapy apparatus controller can faster calculate the position with higher precision.11-04-2010
20100276609ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION DELIVERY APPARATUS - The invention relates to an electromagnetic radiation delivery apparatus (11-04-2010
20080203320Method and Configuration for Examining a Measurement Object by Way of Invasive Radiation - A method and an arrangement for investigation of an object to be measured (08-28-2008
20130146788METHOD OF CREATING COLORED MATERIALS BY FIXING ORDERED STRUCTURES OF MAGNETITE NANOPARTICLES WITHIN A SOLID MEDIA - Compositions and methods wherein ordered structures of photonic nanocrystals are created in a liquid medium and then such structures are fixed by converting the liquid medium to a solid. In addition, compositions and methods of reversibly fixing such structures, so that ordered structures can be reversibly created in a liquid medium, converted to solid, and then converted back to liquid, wherein new ordered structures can be created and again fixed.06-13-2013
20130146789Method of Transmitting Energy Produced with Destructive Interference to a Target - Invention for efficiently transmitting energy to a target for producing an overall effective result for applications comprising power transmission and communications. Wherein, first, a source of electromagnetically intense coherent radiation and interferometric apparatus produce a beam of electromagnetically neutralized radiation. The neutralized beam comprises forward propagating photons or forward propagating electrically charged particles which comprise associated forward traveling transverse waves which superimpose and destructively interfere to an extent, and comprise associated oscillatorily time-varying electromagnetic fields which cancel to a corresponding extent. Then, second, the electromagnetically neutralized beam is coherently transmitted through transmission apparatus to a target. Wherein, the adverse electromagnetic interaction of the neutralized beam with electrically charged particles comprised in the transmission apparatus, and the adverse electromagnetic effects of transmitting energy are eliminated in direct proportion to the destructive interference in, and the respective intensity eliminated from, the neutralized beam during transmission.06-13-2013
20090250637System and methods for filtering out-of-band radiation in EUV exposure tools - In a first aspect, an apparatus for exposing a substrate with EUV radiation is described herein which may comprise a target material; a laser source generating a laser beam having a wavelength, λ, for irradiating the target material to generate EUV radiation, the laser beam defining a primary polarization direction; at least one mirror reflecting the EUV radiation along a path to the substrate; and a polarization filter disposed along the path filtering at least a portion of light having the wavelength, λ.10-08-2009
20120273698COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY DETECTOR - A counterfeit currency detection system including a cash register drawer insert having a plurality of currency openings, each of which is separated from an adjacent currency opening by at least one divider, and a light system including a base member, a plurality of detection lights connected to the base, and a power source, wherein the light system is removably attached to the dividers of the cash register drawer insert.11-01-2012
20110253910Electromagnetic Beams Power Combining - A method for combining power of separate directed energy beams each associated with a separate firing unit, on a common spot on target. The firing units are coordination and synchronization unit (FUSU) tracks a target and assigns a master firing unit and slave firing units. The master firing unit sends a guide beam to the target, forming a local coordinate system on said target, while the slave firing units track the target and track at least one spot of EM (electromagnetic) radiation on the target. The slave units calculate a direction vector, and fire a power beam at the target, together with the master unit.10-20-2011
20110272598SURFACE TENSION MEDIATED CONVERSION OF LIGHT TO WORK - Disclosed are a method and apparatus for converting light energy to mechanical energy by modification of surface tension on a supporting fluid. The apparatus comprises an object which may be formed as a composite object comprising a support matrix and a highly light absorptive material. The support matrix may comprise a silicon polymer. The highly light absorptive material may comprise vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VANTs) embedded in the support matrix. The composite object is supported on a fluid. By exposing the highly light absorptive material to light, heat is generated, which changes the surface tension of the composite object, causing it to move physically within the fluid.11-10-2011
20110272601RAPID TEST FOR DETERMINING THE EFFECT IRRADIATION HAS ON THE ABRASION OF A GRANULATE - Rapid test to ascertain the effect of irradiation on the abrasion of a granule, in which 11-10-2011
20110272600Irradiation of at Least Two Target Volumes - The invention concerns an idea of planning irradiation of two target points (11-10-2011
20110272599DEVICE FOR IRRADIATING MEDIA WITH UV LIGHT - A device for irradiating media with UV light has a housing which contains at least one tubular body composed of UV-permeable material and through which medium flows, and at least one UV light source disposed at a distance from the tubular body and approximately parallel thereto, and to which a reflector is assigned. A reflector is likewise assigned to the at least one tubular body, which is disposed opposite the reflector of the UV light source and is open toward same.11-10-2011
20130099138RADIATION MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT CALIBRATION FACILITY CAPABLE OF LOWERING SCATTERED RADIATION AND SHIELDING BACKGROUND RADIATION - The present invention relates to a radiation measurement instrument calibration facility with the abilities of lowering scattered radiation and shielding background radiation and it is capable of providing a suitable environment for performing performance test, calibration and experiment upon a radiation measurement instrument. In an embodiment, the calibration facility comprises: a shielding device, a collimator, a multi-source irradiator, a radiation baffle, a carrier, an electric door unit and a control unit. With the design of the calibration facility of the present invention, the interference coming from the background radiation and scattered radiation in the laboratory during the radiation measurement instrument calibration can be effectively reduced to enhance the accuracy of measurement or calibration for the instrument, and also the instrument calibration and testing can be performed in radiation fields of low-, medium- and high-dose rate levels to meet the requirements of ISO 4037-1 (1996) Standard.04-25-2013
20130181145SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REDUCING TRAPPED ENERGETIC PROTON OR ENERGETIC ELECTRON FLUX AT LOW EARTH ORBITS - A system and method for improving the survivability of space systems following a High Altitude Nuclear Explosion (HANE) incident resulting in energetic electrons being trapped in the inner radiation belt of Earth is disclosed. The ULF electromagnetic waves is generated by space or ground based transmitters and the frequency range is selected such that the injected waves are in gyrofrequency resonance with trapped energetic particles. The Radiation Belt Remediation (RBR) depends on the wave-number of the injected waves and the wave-number of the injected waves increases along their propagation path when they approach the cyclotron frequency of the dominant or minority ions 007-18-2013
20110303858Device and Method for Determining Control Parameters for an Irradiation Unit, Irradiation Unit and Irradiation Method - The invention concerns a device for determining control parameters for an irradiation system by means of which a number of irradiation doses are successively deposited at different target points in a target volume. The device comprises an input device which is designed for detecting a target region and for detecting a movement of the target region, an evaluation device for detecting control parameters for controlling a beam in such a way that with the help of the control parameters a beam is able to follow the movement of the target region and to deposit a defined dose distribution in the target region, wherein the evaluation device is designed in such a way that when detecting the control parameters at least a first selectable control parameter is detected so that the beam is able to follow the movement of the target region merely orthogonally to beam direction, or when detecting the control parameters, at least a first selectable control parameter and a further control parameter representing energy modulation are detected, wherein the determination of the at least first control parameter and the further control parameter is performed by considering motion tracking in beam direction.12-15-2011
20110303857Fast Scanning of a Target Region - The invention concerns a method for irradiating a target with a beam approaching target points, involving the following steps: Measuring at least one of the parameters relating to the position of the beam and the intensity of the beam, changing the beam as a function of the at least one measured parameter, particularly as a function of a variance relating to the at least one measured parameter. The method is characterized in that the at least one measured parameter is measured at the most once per target point. Furthermore, the invention concerns a device for irradiating a target in accordance with the invention-based method and a control system for controlling such a device.12-15-2011
20110309268ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT BRUSH - The present invention relates to an ultraviolet light brush. The brush has an ultraviolet lamp and a power supply contained within a chamber of the brush. Upon energizing the ultraviolet lamp, ultraviolet light can be emitted from the chamber through a wall and/or the bristles of the brush. The emitted ultraviolet light breaks down at least a portion of the bacteria and/or other microorganisms existing on the brush.12-22-2011
20110309267ITERATIVE TIME-REVERSAL ENHANCED TRANSMISSION SOLVING APPROACH - A method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for irradiating a sample with electromagnetic (EM) radiation. A number of passes of EM radiation through a sample are formed and/or selected, wherein the EM radiation in each of the passes comprises (1) input EM radiation incident on the sample, and (2) transmitted EM radiation exiting the sample formed from the input EM radiation that is transmitted through the sample. A phase conjugate of the transmitted EM radiation is used as the input EM radiation in a next pass of the EM radiation. The number of passes results in one or more EM fields of the input EM radiation having at least a threshold transmittance through the sample.12-22-2011
20130187063MICRO-CHANNEL-COOLED HIGH HEAT LOAD LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE - Micro-channel-cooled UV curing systems and components thereof are provided. According to one embodiment, a lamp head module includes an optical macro-reflector, an array of LEDs and a micro-channel cooler assembly. The array is positioned within the reflector and has a high fill factor and a high aspect ratio. The array provides a high irradiance output beam pattern having a peak irradiance of greater than 25 W/cm07-25-2013
20110315898Plasmonic Polarizer - A radiation-emitting device (e.g., a laser) includes an active region configured to generate a radiation emission linearly polarized along a first polarization direction and a device facet covered by an insulating layer and a metal layer on the insulating layer. The metal layer defines an aperture through which the radiation emission from the active region can be transmitted and coupled into surface plasmons on the outer side of the metal layer. The long axis of the aperture is non-orthogonal to the first polarization direction, and a sequential series of features are defined in or on the device facet or in the metal layer and spaced apart from the aperture, wherein the series of features are configured to manipulate the surface plasmons and to scatter surface plasmons into the far field with a second polarization direction distinct from the first polarization direction.12-29-2011
20130193350WAFER CURING APPARATUS HAVING IMPROVED SHRINKAGE - A wafer curing apparatus including a plate configured to pass ultraviolet light. The wafer curing apparatus further includes an antireflective coating on a light incident surface of the plate. The antireflective coating has an opening in a central portion thereof. A method of curing a wafer including emitting ultraviolet light from an ultraviolet light source. The method further includes transmitting the ultraviolet light through an ultraviolet transmissive plate having an antireflective coating thereon. The antireflective coating including an opening in a central portion thereof. The method further includes irradiating a wafer with the ultraviolet light transmitted through the ultraviolet transmissive plate.08-01-2013
20130193351PROGRAMMABLE SEGMENTED VOLUMETRIC MODULATED ARC THERAPY FOR RESPIRATORY COORDINATION - The invention designs the segmented short-arc VMAT plan, modified from the original long-arc VMAT, to fit the breath-hold interval. The modified VMAT of the invention has the advantages of its applicability to different planning systems for variously long arcs and its preprogrammed arc segmentation for summated dose consistency. Using segmented short-arc modification from the original long-arc VMAT plan is accurate for dose planning and delivery, as well as tolerable for breath-hold VMAT.08-01-2013
20130193352METHOD FOR SETTING UP A RADIATION PLANNING AND METHOD FOR APPLYING A SPATIALLY RESOLVED RADIATION DOSE - A method for drawing up an irradiation plan for a radiation-generating device that includes a plurality of irradiation positions that, at least one of partially or at times, correlate with at least one basic parameter that is present at a point in time of the implementation of the irradiation plan, includes giving greater consideration to correlations with the at least one basic parameter that are expected with greater probability for at least some of the irradiation positions.08-01-2013
20100012857Windshield Repair Device and Method for Repairing Windshield - A windshield repair device includes a bridge, an injector attached to the bridge and at least one UV, e.g., light emitting diode (LED), light source attached to the bridge or integrated into bridge or the injector to provide UV light within or around the injector. The UV, e.g., LED, light source can also be attached to an existing windshield repair device having a bridge and an injector attached to the bridge, so as to retrofit an existing windshield repair device to provide UV light within or around the injector. A method for curing resin provided in a crack in a windshield can be carried out by exposing the resin to UV light from at least one UV LED light source.01-21-2010
20130200279GERMICIDAL DEVICE FOR ELEVATOR BUTTONS - A germicidal device for elevator buttons includes a casing and a lamp tube installed inside the casing and capable of emitting germicidal light. The casing can be fixedly mounted on an elevator control panel for the germicidal light emitted from the lamp tube to project onto all elevator buttons on the elevator control panel, so as to continuously kill any germs on the elevator buttons. The casing is provided on a bottom with an elongated slot, via which the germicidal light emitted from the lamp tube is outward projected onto all the elevator buttons. The lamp tube can be a UV germicidal lamp tube for emitting UV germicidal light.08-08-2013
20120085935Apparatus for Seeing Fluorescent Indicia in Dark Conditions - A portable source of irradiation which emits only UV light with no visible light component for illuminating and exciting objects containing materials excited by UV light including an opaque housing, a source of substantially only UV light with no visible light component provided in the housing, and a power source for the source of the substantially only UV light provided in the housing. Preferably the source of substantially only UV light includes an UV LED and a high pass filter lens provided on an optical axis with and in front of the source.04-12-2012
20130207001SEPTUM MAGNET AND PARTICLE BEAM THERAPY SYSTEM - A septum magnet includes a yoke that can be separated at the approximately center portion thereof in the axis direction; a septum coil; a return coil; and a vacuum duct that is inserted between the septum coil and the return coil. The septum coil is formed in such a way as to be able to be separated into a first portion and a second portion in response to separation of the yoke; and in a space between the septum coil and the vacuum duct, there is provided an auxiliary coil, in two portions of which, corresponding to the first portion and the second portion of the septum coil, electric currents flow in opposite direction to each other in a circumferential direction.08-15-2013
20130207002LUMINESCENT MATERIAL AND LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE COMPRISING SUCH LUMINESCENT MATERIAL - The invention provides a luminescent material comprising a component selected from the group comprising (Y08-15-2013

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