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250 - Radiant energy

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250483100 Luminescent device 76
250473100 Methods 30
250474100 Optical change type 18
250475200 Photographic type 2
20090045353Fluorescent nanoscopy method - An analysis of an object dyed with fluorescent coloring agents carried out with the aid of a fluorescent microscope which is modified for improved resolving power and called a nanoscope. The method is carried out with a microscope having an optical system for visualizing and projecting a sample image to a video camera which records and digitizes images of individual fluorescence molecules and nanoparticles at a low noise, a computer for recording and processing images, a sample holder arranged in front of an object lens, a fluorescent radiation exciting source and a set of replaceable suppression filters for separating the sample fluorescent light. Separately fluorescing visible molecules and nanoparticles are periodically formed in different object parts, the laser produces the oscillation thereof which is sufficient for recording the non-overlapping images of the molecules and nanoparticles and for decoloring already recorded fluorescent molecules, wherein tens of thousands of pictures of recorded individual molecule and nanoparticle images, in the form of stains having a diameter on the order of a fluorescent light wavelength multiplied by a microscope amplification, are processed by a computer for searching the coordinates of the stain centers and building the object image according to millions of calculated stain center co-ordinates corresponding to the co-ordinates of the individual fluorescent molecules and nanoparticles. With this invention it is possible to obtain a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional image with a resolving power better than 20 nm and to record a color image by dyeing proteins, nucleic acids and lipids with different coloring agents.02-19-2009
20080245972System and Method for Patient Balance and Position Analysis - The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for obtaining patient balance and anatomical positioning data for use in patient treatment. More particularly, in one aspect the present disclosure is directed toward a patient analysis system for obtaining radiographic images, center-of-balance data, and anatomical positioning data of a patient for use in planning and monitoring the treatment of a patient. In one aspect, the present disclosure provides a portable patient analysis system. In another aspect, the present disclosure provides methods of using patient analysis systems having a radiographic system, a balance system, and a positioning system.10-09-2008
20110174989CALCIUM LANTHANOID SULFIDE POWDERS, METHODS OF MAKING, AND CERAMIC BODIES FORMED THEREFROM - A method of preparing a fine powder of calcium lanthanoid sulfide is disclosed. The method includes spraying soluble calcium and lanthanoid salts into at least one precipitating solution to form a precipitate comprising insoluble calcium and lanthanoid salts, optionally, oxidizing the precipitate comprising insoluble calcium and lanthanoid salts, and sulfurizing the optionally oxidized precipitate to form a fine powder of calcium lanthanoid sulfide. An alternative method for forming the powder is by flame pyrolysis. The calcium lanthanoid sulfide powder produced by either method can have an impurity concentration of less than 100 ppm, a carbon concentration of less than 200 ppm, a BET surface area of at least 50 m07-21-2011
20080308747RADIATION DETECTION SCHEMES, APPARATUS AND METHODS OF TRANSMITTING RADIATION DETECTION INFORMATION TO A NETWORK - Personal radiation detection devices, methods of obtaining radiation exposure data, and networks of personal radiation devices. The detection devices may include passive devices and active devices. The passive detection devices may have the same form factor as credit cards or be included in common types of credit card form factor sized cards. The active devices may be incorporated into common and widely distributed host devices.12-18-2008
20090321663Radiation-blocking bladder apparatus and method - Measurements are provided (12-31-2009
20090101840Ionizing-radiation-responsive compositions, methods, and systems - A method composition and system respond to ionizing radiation to adjust biological activity. In some approaches the ionizing radiation is X-ray or extreme ultraviolet radiation that produces luminescent responses that induce biologically active responses.04-23-2009