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20120085923Ion Beam Sample Preparation Apparatus and Methods - Disclosed are embodiments of an ion beam sample preparation apparatus and methods for using the embodiments. The apparatus comprises an ion beam irradiating means in a vacuum chamber that may direct ions toward a sample, a shield blocking a portion of the ions directed toward the sample, and a shield retention stage with shield retention means that replaceably and removably holds the shield in a position. The shield has datum features which abut complementary datum features on the shield retention stage when the shield is held in the shield retention stage. The shield has features which enable the durable adhering of the sample to the shield for processing the sample with the ion beam. The complementary datum features on both shield and shield retention stage enable accurate and repeatable positioning of the sample in the apparatus for sample processing and reprocessing. Additionally, apparatus kits are disclosed that enable the use of the same shields in the observation of prepared samples.04-12-2012
20110192989SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TREATMENT OF MATERIALS BY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (EMR) - Embodiments of the invention are directed to a system for treatment of material by microwave radiation. The system may include a casing, a waveguide connected to the casing to conduct microwave radiation from a radiation source into the casing, an inner container transparent to microwave radiation, the container having an inlet to receive material to be treated and an outlet to discharge treated material and a transport unit to carry the treated material.08-11-2011
20120112092Mobile radiation therapy - The invention provides techniques for diagnosing medical conditions and providing appropriate treatment at a patient's home residence. A mobile x-ray team can be dispatched to the patient's home residence. A technical team reviews patient data to determine a proper therapy plan. A mobile radiation therapy apparatus is dispatched to the patient's home as required by the therapy plan. The mobile radiation therapy apparatus includes a radiation source and shielding, and is capable of superficial radiation therapy and/or High Dose Rate (HDR), Low Dose Rate (LDR), and Medium Dose Rate (MDR) implant therapy and/or particle therapy. For HDR, LDR and MDR therapy, the mobile radiation therapy apparatus itself is a specialized radiation vault which the patient will enter. The technical team adjusts the therapy plan based on the additional analysis, and the mobile radiation therapy apparatus is dispatched in accordance with adjusted therapy plan.05-10-2012
20120223249SCANNER FOR GCIB SYSTEM - Disclosed are an apparatus, system, and method for scanning a substrate or other workpiece through a gas-cluster ion beam (GCIB), or any other type of ion beam. The workpiece scanning apparatus is configured to receive and hold a substrate for irradiation by the GCIB and to scan it through the GCIB in two directions using two movements: a reciprocating fast-scan movement, and a slow-scan movement. The slow-scan movement is actuated using a servo motor and a belt drive system, the belt drive system being configured to reduce the failure rate of the workpiece scanning apparatus.09-06-2012
20120085924METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SPECIMEN FABRICATION - A focused ion beam apparatus, including: a sample holder provided with a fixing surface for fixing, via a deposition film, a micro-specimen extracted from a specimen using a method for fabrication by a focused ion beam, in which a width of the fixing surface is smaller than 50 microns; a specimen transferring unit having a probe to which the specimen can be joined through the deposition film, and transferring the micro-specimen extracted from the specimen by the focused ion-beam fabrication method, to the sample holder; and a sample chamber in which the sample, the sample holder and the probe are laid out, wherein, in the sample chamber, the micro-specimen extracted from the specimen by the focused ion-beam fabrication method is fixed to the fixing surface of the sample holder through the deposition film, and the micro-specimen fixed to the fixing surface is fabricated by irradiating the focused ion beam.04-12-2012
20120104276MODULAR PATIENT SUPPORT SYSTEM - A radiation treatment system (05-03-2012
20110291022Post Implant Wafer Heating Using Light - An ion implantation system, method, and apparatus for abating condensation in a cold ion implant is provided. An ion implantation apparatus is configured to provide ions to a workpiece positioned in a process chamber. A sub-ambient temperature chuck supports the workpiece during an exposure of the workpiece to the plurality of ions. The sub-ambient temperature chuck is further configured to cool the workpiece to a processing temperature, wherein the process temperature is below a dew point of an external environment. A load lock chamber isolates a process environment of the process chamber from the external environment. A light source provides a predetermined wavelength of electromagnetic radiation to the workpiece concurrent with the workpiece residing within the load lock chamber, wherein the predetermined wavelength or range of wavelengths is associated with a maximum radiant energy absorption range of the workpiece, wherein the light source is configured to selectively heat the workpiece.12-01-2011
20110291023HEATED ROTARY SEAL AND BEARING FOR CHILLED ION IMPLANTATION SYSTEM - A workpiece scanning system is provided having a scan arm that rotates about a first axis and a chilled end effector rotatably coupled to the scan arm about a second axis for selectively securing a workpiece. The chilled end effector has a clamping plate and one or more cooling mechanisms for cooling the clamping plate. A bearing is positioned along the second axis and rotatably couples the end effector to the scan arm, and a seal is positioned along the second axis to provide a pressure barrier between an external environment and an internal environment. One or more of the bearing and seal can have a ferrofluid associated therewith. A heater assembly is positioned proximate to the bearing and seal, wherein the heater assembly selectively provides a predetermined amount of heat to the bearing and seal, therein increasing a propensity of the end effector to rotate about the second axis.12-01-2011
20100090125METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND LASER IRRADIATION APPARATUS - According to the present invention, oxygen and nitrogen are effectively prevented from mixing into the semiconductor film by doping Ar or the like in the semiconductor film in advance, and by irradiating the laser light in the atmosphere of Ar or the like. Therefore, the variation of the impurity concentration due to the fluctuation of the energy density can be suppressed and the variation of the mobility of the semiconductor film can be also suppressed. Moreover, in TFT formed with the semiconductor film, the variation of the on-current in addition to the mobility can be also suppressed. Furthermore, in the present invention, the first laser light converted into the harmonic easily absorbed in the semiconductor film is irradiated to melt the semiconductor film and to increase the absorption coefficient of the fundamental wave.04-15-2010
20110147612SUPPORT AND POSITIONING STRUCTURE, SEMICONDUCTOR EQUIPMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR POSITIONING - The invention relates to a charged particle system provided with a support and positioning structure for supporting and positioning a target on a table, the support and positioning structure comprising a first member and a second member and at least one motor so as to move the first member relative to the second member, wherein a shield is present to shield at least one charged particle beam from electromagnetic fields generated by said at least one motor, the support and positioning structure further comprising a spring mechanically coupling the first member and the second member for at least partially bearing the weight of the first member, table and target.06-23-2011
20080290291Charged Particle Beam Processing Apparatus - In view of the fact that in line processing, when processing is performed to a certain depth, the processing does not advance with the passage of a further processing time, a processing apparatus is provided which can appropriately control the depth of grooves in linear groove processing and perform the processing at high speed. A line width and line depth are calculated so as to minimize a processing time of processing on a line to a required depth and processing is performed using the width and line depth as set values of processing. Furthermore, processing is performed with the area in which the beam is actually irradiated superimposed on the scanned image of a focused ion beam and displayed on a screen. In the case of an ion beam inclined with respect to the sample surface, processing is also performed by displaying the area where the beam is actually irradiated by taking the inclination of the sample with respect to the beam into consideration.11-27-2008
20110204255Stage device - A stage device to be used in a vacuum includes: a gas supply unit for generating a gas; a base member having four of upper, lower, right, and left surfaces; a slider formed in a frame shape surrounding the base member and having surfaces facing the respective surfaces of the base member, and disposed to be movable; and an air bearing configured to float the slider by supplying the gas to a space between the base member and the slider. The slider includes: an air chamber provided on the surface facing the base member for accumulating air, and the base member includes thereinside a slider-moving air flow passage configured to supply the gas from an inlet port for letting in the gas generated by the gas supply unit to an outlet port for supplying the gas to the air chamber of the slider.08-25-2011
20090140166TECHNIQUES FOR LOW-TEMPERATURE ION IMPLANTATION - Techniques for low-temperature ion implantation are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the techniques may be realized as an apparatus for low-temperature ion implantation. The apparatus may comprise a wafer support mechanism to hold a wafer during ion implantation and to facilitate movement of the wafer in at least one dimension. The apparatus may also comprise a cooling mechanism coupled to the wafer support mechanism. The cooling mechanism may comprise a refrigeration unit, a closed loop of rigid pipes to circulate at least one coolant from the refrigeration unit to the wafer support mechanism, and one or more rotary bearings to couple the rigid pipes to accommodate the movement of the wafer in the at least one dimension.06-04-2009
20100155621MULTI-AXIS / MULTI-FIELD CHARGED PARTICLE CANCER THERAPY METHOD AND APPARATUS - The invention relates to method and apparatus for treatment of solid cancer. More particularly, the invention comprises a multi-axis and/or multi-field charged particle cancer therapy system. The system independently controls patient translation position, patient rotation position, two-dimensional beam trajectory, delivered beam energy, delivered beam intensity, timing of charged particle delivery, and/or distribution of radiation striking healthy tissue. The system operates in conjunction with a negative ion beam source, synchrotron, patient positioning, imaging, and/or targeting method and apparatus to deliver an effective and uniform dose of radiation to a tumor while distributing radiation striking healthy tissue.06-24-2010
20110006215RADIATION SYSTEM WITH ROTATING PATIENT SUPPORT - A patient support system includes a patient support having a surface for supporting a patient and a longitudinal axis, and a positioner coupled to the patient support for positioning the patient support, wherein the positioner is configured to move the patient support along a path that has an arc, circular, or zig-zag shape, and wherein the path lies within a plane that forms an angle with the surface of the patient support.01-13-2011
20100243914SUPER CRITICAL ANGLE FLUORESCENCE SCANNING SYSTEM - A scanning system that provides for detection based on supercritical angle fluorescence (SAF) is described. The system provides for the optical coupling of a sample to the scanner in a sandwich structure that uses first and second refractive index matching materials to provide optical coupling through the sandwich arrangement.09-30-2010
20110240882Radiation Sterilization of Implantable Medical Devices - A system and method for sterilization of medical devices includes methods for reducing the variance in dose levels over the medical device by either varying the dose levels for each pass before a radiation source, such as an electron beam, or by increasing the number of passes before a radiation source.10-06-2011
20090218511Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus - The present invention provides a stage apparatus wherein an object is disposed in an atmosphere with a gas pressure lower than atmospheric pressure, and the object can be driven with high accuracy. The stage apparatus that drives a reticle comprises: a vacuum chamber, which forms a space and has an opening; an integrated coarse and fine motion table, which has an electrostatic chuck that holds the object, that, when driven, moves the electrostatic chuck inside the space; a counter mass, which is disposed so that it covers the opening, that is capable of moving because of the reaction force produced when the integrated coarse and fine motion table is driven; and a vacuum cover, which forms a space that houses the counter mass; wherein the space and the space are set to prescribed gas pressures.09-03-2009
20110248183ULTRAVIOLET REFLECTOR WITH COOLANT GAS HOLES AND METHOD - A reflector for an ultraviolet lamp can be used in a substrate processing apparatus. The reflector comprises a centrally positioned longitudinal strip and first and second side reflectors to form a parabolic-type surface. The longitudinal strip and first and second side reflectors have curved reflective surfaces with dichroic coatings and the longitudinal strip comprises a plurality of through holes to direct a coolant gas toward the ultraviolet lamp. A chamber that uses an ultraviolet lamp module with the reflector, and a method of ultraviolet treatment are also described.10-13-2011
20110248182ION IMPLANTING APPARATUS - An ion implanting apparatus is provided, which can accurately measure a quantity of atoms that are implanted. The ion implanting apparatus according to the present invention has an object to be measured, and the object to be measured is arranged in an irradiating range in which ions are irradiated. When atoms are implanted into an object to be processed by irradiating ions of a processing gas and neutralized particles thereof, the object to be measured is heated through the irradiation with the processing gas ions and the neutralized particles. A control unit determines a quantity of the atoms that are implanted into the object to be processed from the temperature of the object to be measured.10-13-2011
20110147611MEDICAL IMAGING EQUIPMENT AND A MEASURING METHOD FOR DETECTING THE POSITION OF A CONVEYING DEVICE OF THE MEDICAL IMAGING EQUIPMENT - A medical imaging equipment has a conveying device that can be moved at least partially in at least one direction. A position-detecting device has at least one transmitting element which detects a position of the conveying device and emits position-measuring radiation. The position-detecting device has at least one detector element. The position-detecting device has at least one semi-transparent reflector element.06-23-2011
20110095202BOOK STERILIZER - A book sterilizer is provided, which includes a sterilizing chamber having an upper wall, a lower wall, and an inclined rear wall between the upper and lower walls, and at least one holding member for a book which is provided in the sterilizing chamber and has a free end adjacent to the inclined rear wall, so that a book is easily held by virtue of having been inserted between the inclined rear wall and the holding member with the leaves and book covers separately opened such that they unfold under their own weight and gravity, so that upon spraying air, the book covers and the leaves of the book smoothly unfold and thus sterilizing rays from a sterilization and disinfection lamp are uniformly radiated deep into the book covers and the leaves, thereby providing excellent sterilizing effects at an economical cost.04-28-2011
20120043474LASER PROCESSING METHOD AND LASER PROCESSING APPARATUS - The present disclosure relates to laser processing and a laser processing apparatus for processing materials using laser. Processing performed after loading a wafer on a work stage and a laser processing apparatus for implementing such processing, among others, are disclosed. The laser processing includes loading a wafer on a work stage; determining the number of chips formed on the wafer loaded on the work stage, performing chip defect inspection and aligning the wafer while moving the work stage; measuring a height of a surface of the wafer loaded on the work stage using a displacement sensor; monitoring output power of a processing laser using a power meter; and shifting the work stage while irradiating a laser beam on the wafer to process the wafer.02-23-2012
20120001088DEVICE FOR TESTING AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR IMPLEMENTING SAME - The invention relates to a device for testing an integrated circuit. The device comprises a plate for receiving and subjecting the integrated circuit to a test. The plate comprises a component for powering and operating the integrated circuit and another component for measuring the operation of the integrated circuit during the test. The device also comprises an irradiation device for subjecting the circuit to a proton bombardment and a mask with a variable thickness provided between a bombardment access region on the integrated circuit and an established zone of the integrated circuit.01-05-2012
20120043475PATIENT POSITIONING SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR DIAGNOSTIC REDIOLOGY AND RADIOTHERAPY - The system provides new ways to ensure that a patient is positioned correctly, e.g. identically with an original planning scan if the patient is to undergo radiotherapy. The system also detects if there is patient movement during a scan. It is an aspect of the present method to immobilize the patient based on a specific site of interest by using positioning sensors that record patient physical orientation based on measurements of patient weight distribution and pressure distribution among other features.02-23-2012
20120175527LITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PROCESSING SUBSTRATES IN SUCH A LITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM - The invention relates to a lithography system comprising a plurality of lithography system units. Each lithography system unit comprises a lithography apparatus arranged in a vacuum chamber for patterning a substrate; a load lock system for transferring substrates into and out of the vacuum chamber; and a door for enabling entry into the vacuum chamber for servicing purposes. The load lock system and the door of each lithography system unit are provided at the same side and face a free area at a side of the lithography system, in particular the service area.07-12-2012
20120256099MOBILE X-RAY IMAGING SYSTEM - A mobile diagnostic imaging system includes a battery system and charging system. The battery system is located in the rotating portion of the imaging system, and includes one or more battery packs, comprising electrochemical cells. Each battery pack includes a control circuit that controls the state of charge of each of the electrochemical cells, and implements a control scheme that causes the electrochemical cells to have a similar charge state. The battery system communicates with a charging system on the non-rotating portion to terminate charge when one or more of the electrochemical cells reach a full state of charge. The imaging system also includes a docking system that electrically connects the charging system to the battery system during charging and temporarily electrically disconnects the rotating and non-rotating portions during imaging, a drive mechanism for rotating the rotating portion relative to the non-rotating portion.10-11-2012
20120187309Method for Fabricating an Electromagnetic Actuator, an Electromagnetic Actuator, and a Charged Particle Device Comprising the Same - The present invention is related to a method for fabricating an electromagnetic actuator. It is further related to an electromagnetic actuator and a charged particle device comprising such an actuator. According to the present invention, the method for fabricating is characterized by determining an optimal allocation of permanent magnets to reduce the magnetic stray field caused by deviations between the nominal and actual magnetization values of the permanent magnets. The invention further provides a charged particle device comprising an electromagnetic actuator fabricated using the method according to the invention.07-26-2012
20120261590APPARATUS FOR STERILIZING THE INSIDE OF A CONTAINER - A sterilization apparatus for sterilizing containers, such as plastic water bottles employs ultra violet (UV) light sterilization technology in a portable fashion. The apparatus is a standalone unit that is intended for residential use, is portable, and is specifically configured to receive and treat multiple sized bottles without additional add-ons. The apparatus positions and includes features to hold the bottle in a horizontal position within the housing of the apparatus such that the horizontally oriented UV bulb is disposed within the inside of the bottle.10-18-2012
20110121197TREATMENT TABLE SYSTEM - Lesion positioner systems and, which perform positioning of a lesion A by moving a top board for allowing a subject to be placed thereon, set an isocenter of a diagnostic 3D imaging unit as a virtual isocenter at the time when a treatment table is in a 3D imaging diagnosis position, and positions the lesion A to the virtual isocenter, based on a three-dimensional diagnostic image in consideration of particle beam therapy. A treatment table moving mechanism moves the treatment table to the treatment position relative to the particle beam therapy system while maintaining states of the top board and the lesion positioner systems and at the time of positioning, thereby positioning the lesion A to the isocenter of the particle beam therapy system.05-26-2011
20120298884Ion Milling Device, Sample Processing Method, Processing Device, and Sample Drive Mechanism - In view of the above-mentioned problems, an object of the present invention is to provide a processing method that is not dependent on the material or the ion beam irradiation angle. In order to achieve the object above, the present invention provides a processing device that processes a sample by irradiating the sample with an ion beam, the processing device comprising a sample tilting/rotating mechanism that rotates/tilts the sample relative to the ion beam, wherein the sample rotating mechanism comprises a rotating shaft that rotates the sample relative to the ion beam, and a tilting shaft that is orthogonal to the rotating shaft and that tilts the sample relative to the ion beam, the sample rotating mechanism being adapted to simultaneously perform the rotating and tilting of the sample.11-29-2012
20120267550THERMAL CONDITIONING SYSTEM FOR THERMAL CONDITIONING A PART OF A LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS AND A THERMAL CONDITIONING METHOD - A conditioning system for conditioning a part of a lithographic apparatus, includes an evaporator positioned in thermal contact with the part for extracting heat from the part by evaporation of a fluid inside the evaporator; a condenser for removing heat from the fluid inside the condenser; fluid lines arranged between the evaporator and the condenser to form a fluid circuit; a pump arranged in the circuit to circulate the fluid in the circuit; an accumulator to hold fluid, wherein the accumulator is in fluid communication with the circuit and comprises a heat exchanger to transfer heat from or to fluid inside the accumulator; a temperature sensor to provide a signal representative of the fluid temperature; and a controller to maintain a substantially constant temperature of the fluid inside the circuit by regulating the amount of heat transferred by the heat exchanger based on the signal.10-25-2012
20120267551APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR CHIRALITY DETECTION - Technologies are generally described for systems and methods for detecting chiral properties of materials and separating materials based on their chiral properties. A chiral vector is constructed from anisotropy properties of a polarization-dependent output signal from a sample. Different types of molecules from the sample can be differentiated based on a magnitude of the chiral vector. Chiral properties of the sample can be detected based on an angle of the chiral vector. The output signal can be a fluorescent emission from the sample and can be used to detect chiral properties of a substantially opaque sample.10-25-2012
20120319004Nanotube Assisted Self-Cleaning Material - A self-cleaning material is generally described that may include a substrate having a first surface. A self-cleaning layer of aligned nanotube structures may be formed on the first surface of the substrate, where absorption of light by the nanotube structures may cause a change in state of the self-cleaning material based on an angle of incidence of the light and an orientation vector corresponding to the layer of aligned nanotube structures.12-20-2012
20120091363PROCESSING SYSTEM - A processing system includes a particle beam column for generating a particle beam directed to a first processing location; a laser system for generating a laser beam directed to a second processing location located at a distance from the first processing location; and a protector including an actuator and a plate connected to the actuator. The actuator is configured to move the plate between a first position in which it protects a component of the particle beam column from particles released from the object by the laser beam and a second position in which the component of the particle beam column is not protected from particles released from the object by the laser beam.04-19-2012
20130009074UNIFORM LARGE-GRAINED AND GRAIN BOUNDARY LOCATION MANIPULATED POLYCRYSTALLINE THIN FILM SEMICONDUCTORS FORMED USING SEQUENTIAL LATERAL SOLIDIFICATION AND DEVICES FORMED THEREON - Methods for processing an amorphous silicon thin film sample into a polycrystalline silicon thin film are disclosed. One method includes generating a sequence of excimer laser pulses, controllably modulating each pulse to a predetermined fluence, homoginizing each modulated pulse in a predetermined plane, masking portions of each homoginized pulse with a pattern of slits to generate a sequence of fluence controlled pulses of line patterned beamlets, each slit in the pattern of slits being sufficiently narrow to prevent inducement of significant nucleation in region of a silicon thin film sample irradiated by a beamlet corresponding to the slit, irradiating an amorphous silicon thin film sample with the sequence of fluence controlled slit patterned beamlets to effect melting of portions corresponding to each fluence controlled patterned beamlet pulse, and controllably sequentially translating a relative position of the sample with respect to each of the fluence controlled pulse of slit patterned beamlets.01-10-2013
20130020502CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM DRAWING APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ARTICLE - A charged particle beam drawing apparatus includes: a charged particle optical system; a substrate stage; an interferometer configured to measure a position of the stage in the direction of the optical axis of the charged particle optical system; a measuring device configured to measure a characteristic of the charged particle beam; and a controller configured to correct the measurement, obtained by the interferometer, using correction information. The controller is configured to cause first measurement as measurement by the interferometer and second measurement as measurement by the measuring device to be performed in parallel, and to obtain the correction information based on the first measurement and the second measurement obtained with respect to each of the plurality of positions.01-24-2013
20120241645MASK INSPECTION APPARATUS AND MASK INSPECTION METHOD - According to one embodiment, a mask inspection apparatus includes a decompression chamber, a holder, a light irradiation unit, a detection unit, an electrode, and a control unit. The holder is provided in the decompression chamber and holds a mask. The light irradiation unit irradiates a major surface of the mask held by the holder with a light. The detection unit is provided in the decompression chamber to detect electrons generated when the major surface of the mask is irradiated with the light. The electrode is provided between the holder and the detection unit and guides the electrons in a direction from the holder toward the detection unit. The control unit compares a detection result of the electrons detected by the detection unit with a reference value.09-27-2012
20130140470Installation for Treating Articles by Electron Bombardment - An installation for treating articles with radiation, the installation comprising a structure having pivotally mounted thereon an inlet starwheel and an outlet starwheel respectively arranged facing an inlet and an outlet of a shielded enclosure in which there are mounted at least one pivotal treatment starwheel and at least one electron emitter in the vicinity of the treatment starwheel. The installation comprises a linear inlet conveyor and a linear outlet conveyor extending inside the shielded enclosure respectively facing the inlet and the outlet, the linear conveyors each comprising a respective transporter surrounding a shielded wall forming a baffle.06-06-2013
20120248331DRIVING TYPE PATIENT PLATFORM, CONTROL DEVICE FOR DRIVING TYPE PATIENT PLATFORM, CONTROL PROGRAM FOR DRIVING TYPE PATIENT PLATFORM, AND PARTICLE BEAM THERAPY SYSTEM UTILIZING THESE ITEMS - A patient platform for making the position and posture of a diseased site coincide with those established by a treatment plan. Translation units translate a top board in the X, Y and Z directions respectively, in a fixed coordinate system. Rotation units rotate the top board in the θ, φ, and ξ directions respectively. A controller controls the translation units and rotation units, based on desired rotation center point and desired rotation angle. The controller has a rotation drive signal generation unit that generates a signal for moving the top board in a rotating manner from the reference state “a” of the translation units and the rotation units to a desired rotation angle; and a translation drive signal generation unit that generates a signal for translating the translation units so the amount of translation movement, of the desired rotation center point, caused by the rotation movement is a predetermined value.10-04-2012
20130126751OPTICAL DEVICE, LASER APPARATUS, AND EXTREME ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT GENERATION SYSTEM - An optical device may include: a first beam shaping unit configured to transform a first laser beam incident thereon into a second laser beam having an annular cross section; and a first focusing optical element for focusing the second laser beam in a first predetermined location so as to generate a Bessel beam.05-23-2013
20130146785SUPPORT, LITHOGRAPHIC APPARATUS AND DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A support for an object having a support surface configured to support the object; wherein the support surface includes a main part and a moveable part, the moveable part of the support surface being moveable between a retracted position in which the moveable part of the support surface is adapted to be substantially in the same plane as the main part of the support surface and an extended position in which the moveable part of the support surface protrudes from the plane of the main part of the support surface.06-13-2013
20120273693COOLED PULSED LIGHT TREATMENT DEVICE - A device and appliance is provided for the high-speed decontamination of objects by means of pulsed light, including: an illuminating structure suitable for illuminating a decontamination area in which the objects are arranged, the illuminating structure being suitable for producing streams of light pulses having wavelengths of 200 nm to 300 nm and an adjustable pulse rate; and a positioner suitable for positioning the objects in the decontamination area according to a predetermined arrangement, also including a cooler suitable for maintaining the temperature of the decontamination area substantially below a predetermined temperature when the decontamination area is illuminated, the cooler including an apparatus for circulating a cooling fluid built into the positioner.11-01-2012
20100314552ION IMPLANTER - An ion implanter includes an implantation chamber into which an ion beam is introduced, a holder for holding substrates on two columns of a first column and a second column in an X-direction, and a holder driving unit having a function of setting the holder in a horizontal state and then positioning the holder in a substrate exchange position and a function of setting the holder in a standing state and then driving reciprocally and linearly the holder along the X-direction in an irradiation area of the ion beam. Also, the ion implanter includes two load lock mechanisms, and two substrate carrying units equipped with arms, which carry the substrates between the load lock mechanisms and a substrate exchange position respectively, every two arms.12-16-2010
20130153786OPTICAL SYSTEM CALIBRATION VERIFICATION - A sample processing apparatus (06-20-2013
20130181142Method Of Generating Low-Energy Secondary Electrons For Applications In Biological Sciences, Radiochemistry, And Chemistry Of Polymers And Physics Of Radiotherapy - The present disclosure relates to a method and a system for generating low-energy electrons in a biological material. The biological material is held in position by a support. Laser beam pulses are directed by a focusing mechanism toward a region of interest within the biological material. This generates filaments of low-energy electrons within the region of interest. The method and system may be used for radiotherapy, radiochemistry, sterilization, nanoparticle coating, nanoparticle generation, and like uses.07-18-2013
20110297845EFFECTIVE ALGORITHM FOR WARMING A TWIST AXIS FOR COLD ION IMPLANTATIONS - A method for warming a rotational interface in an ion implantation environment provides a scan arm configured to rotate about a first axis and an end effector coupled to the scan arm via a motor to selectively secure a workpiece. The end effector is configured to rotate about a second axis having a bearing and a seal associated with the second axis and motor. The motor is activated, and the rotation of motor is reversed after a predetermined time or when the motor faults due to a rotation the end effector about the second axis. A determination is made as to whether the rotation of the end effector about the second axis is acceptable, and the scan arm is reciprocated about the first axis when the rotation of the end effector is unacceptable, wherein inertia of the end effector causes a rotation of the end effector about the second axis.12-08-2011
20120080610OPTICAL CAMERA ALIGNMENT - A camera alignment system that can enable alignment in at least one of three planes and about an axis of at least one of the planes. An alignment mount can mate to a camera and lens. The alignment mount can comprise a mechanism to adjust the camera relative to the lens to that an image plane of the camera aligns with an image plane of the lens in a predetermined orientation. One predetermined orientation can be that the image plane of the camera being parallel to the image plane of the lens.04-05-2012
20120085925CHARGED PARTICLE RADIATION DEVICE - An electron gun that serves to reduce the quantity of electron stimulated desorption and accomplishes vacuum evacuation efficiently with a sufficient degree of vacuum. An electron source 04-12-2012