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250432000 With irradiating source or radiating fluent material 87
250429000 With temperature control 5
20120161031METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TREATING MATERIALS USING ELECTRODELESS LAMPS - The output wavelengths of an electrodeless lamp are controlled by passing a fluid over the surface of the lamp to control its temperature. The stabilized temperature prevents thermal runaway of the lamp and stabilizes the output wavelengths of the lamp. When the fluid passing over the lamp is water, the lamp can be used for sanitary treatment of the water. The treatment can be enhanced by shaping the electrodeless lamp to provide maximally effective water treatment.06-28-2012
20080210884Device for Irradiating Liquids with Uv Radiation in a Throughflow - The invention relates to a device for irradiating an absorbing liquid, for example waste water to be disinfected, in a throughflow. Said device comprises at least two radiator units having one cylindrical UV radiation source and three concentric sheaths. A cooling medium for carrying off heat from the UV radiation source flows in a hollow space between the inner and the center sheath. The inventive device allows to use high-performance UV radiation sources and to evenly irradiate the zones of irradiation and prevents floating particles from settling down on the radiator units.09-04-2008
20110260076Thermal Management technology for polarizing xenon - A polarizing apparatus has a thermally conductive partitioning system in a polarizing cell. In the polarizing region, this thermally conductive partitioning system serves to prevent the elevation of the temperature of the polarizing cell where laser light is maximally absorbed to perform the polarizing process. By employing this partitioning system, increases in laser power of factors of ten or more can be beneficially utilized to polarize xenon. Accordingly, the polarizing apparatus and the method of polarizing 10-27-2011
20090057567Gas management system for a laser-produced-plasma EUV light source - Devices and corresponding methods of use are described herein which may comprise an enclosing structure defining a closed loop flow path and a system generating a plasma at a plasma site, e.g. laser produced plasma system, where the plasma site may be in fluid communication with the flow path. For the device, a gas may be disposed in the enclosing structure which may include an ion-stopping buffer gas and/or an etchant. A pump may be provided to force the gas through the closed loop flow path. One or more heat exchangers removing heat from gas flowing in the flow path may be provided. In some arrangements, a filter may be used to remove at least a portion of a target species from gas flowing in the flow path.03-05-2009
20110147610SYSTEM FOR CONTINUOUS MODE PROCESSING OF THE CONTENTS OF MULTIPLE REACTION RECEPTACLES IN A REAL-TIME AMPLIFICATION ASSAY - An automated analyzer for performing multiple diagnostic assays simultaneously includes multiple stations in which discrete aspects of the assay are performed on fluid samples contained in sample vessels. The analyzer includes stations for automatically preparing a sample, incubating the sample, preforming an analyte isolation procedure, ascertaining the presence of a target analyte, and analyzing the amount of a target analyte. An automated receptacle transporting system moves the sample vessels from one station to the next. A method for performing an automated diagnostic assay includes an automated process for isolating and amplifying a target analyte, and, in one embodiment, a method for real-time monitoring of the amplification process.06-23-2011
250431000 With cleaning means 4
20130068964ULTRAVIOLET IRRADIATION DEVICE - An ultraviolet irradiation device includes a treatment vessel, an ultraviolet irradiation member, and a support member. The treatment vessel has a water inlet and a water outlet and through which water to be treated as a treatment target flows in a first direction from the water inlet toward the water outlet, the treatment vessel receiving the water to be treated through the water inlet and discharging the water to be treated through the water outlet. The ultraviolet irradiation member is provided inside the treatment vessel along a second direction crossing the first direction and which irradiates the water to be treated flowing through the treatment vessel with an ultraviolet ray. The support member is provided inside the treatment vessel along the second direction with both end portions of the support member being firmly fixed to wall surfaces of the treatment vessel.03-21-2013
20110278469ADHERING MATTER INSPECTION EQUIPMENT AND METHOD FOR INSPECTING ADHERING MATTER - A technology for collecting a granular substance adhering to a baggage with high rate without touching the substance and inspecting whether a dangerous or specific sample material is adhered to the baggage. A method for simplifying or automating such an inspection is also provided. An adhering matter inspection equipment (11-17-2011
20090250624INSTALLATION AND METHOD FOR THE PURIFICATION OF AN AQUEOUS EFFLUENT BY MEANS OF OXIDATION AND MEMBRANE FILTRATION - A system and method is provided for utilizing ultraviolet light to disinfect water. The system includes a plurality of ultraviolet lights with each ultraviolet light including a sheath that is transparent to ultraviolet radiation. Mounted adjacent the ultraviolet lights is a drive that moves back and forth with respect to the ultraviolet lights. Operatively interconnected with the drive is a support structure that includes a plurality of bearing rings. Inserted and held within each bearing ring is a scraping ring that in turn surrounds a respective sheath of an ultraviolet light. Actuation of the drive results in the support structure moving back and forth with respect to the ultraviolet lights and results in the scraping ring scraping and cleaning the respective sheaths.10-08-2009
20120061585ULTRAVIOLET WATER TREATING APPARATUS - An ultraviolet water treating apparatus according to one embodiment has an ultraviolet irradiation unit, and water inlet and outlet pipes. The unit includes a hollow enclosure with first and second openings in its peripheral wall. Within the enclosure, one or more ultraviolet irradiation devices are provided, which irradiate ultraviolet light onto the water flowing through the enclosure. Also within the enclosure, a cleaning device is provided, which includes a cleaning tool to clean the surface of each protective sleeve, and a driving unit to move the cleaning tool along the protective sleeve. The inlet pipe is in fluid communication with the first opening and flows the water therethrough into the enclosure. The outlet pipe is in fluid communication with the second opening and flows the ultraviolet-irradiated water therethrough out of the enclosure. The inlet and outlet pipes have their central axes intersected with the central axis of the enclosure.03-15-2012
250430000 With valve or pump actuator 1
20080258076MEDICAL ISOTOPE GENERATOR SYSTEMS - Medical isotope generator systems are disclosed according to some aspects. In one aspect, a 10-23-2008
20130075625TARGET SUPPLY UNIT AND EXTREME ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT GENERATION APPARATUS - A target supply unit includes a nozzle through which a target material is outputted, and a first electrically conductive member having a first opening formed therein and positioned to face the nozzle in a direction into which the target material is outputted through the nozzle. The first electrically conductive member is positioned so that the first opening is located below the nozzle in a gravitational direction. The target supply unit includes a voltage generator which applies a voltage between the target material and the first electrically conductive member.03-28-2013
20090159812SCANNING ANALYZER FOR SINGLE MOLECULE DETECTION AND METHODS OF USE - The invention encompasses analyzers and analyzer systems that include a single molecule analyzer, methods of using the analyzer and analyzer systems to analyze samples, either for single molecules or for molecular complexes. The single molecule uses electromagnetic radiation that is translated through the sample to detect the presence or absence of a single molecule. The single molecule analyzer provided herein is useful for diagnostics because the analyzer detects single molecules with zero carryover between samples.06-25-2009
20080302973Apparatus for Monitoring an Item for Radioactive Material on or Associated with the Item - Method and apparatus is provided for monitoring an item for radioactive material on or associated with the item, the apparatus including an enclosed volume, an item monitoring location, a detection location, ion detectors provided within the detection location, a mover of gas for providing a flow of gas past the item monitoring location to a detection location, so as to revel the level and/or presence of radioactive material on the item. The item may be supported within the monitoring location by one or more rollers to ease its insertion and/or removal. The item monitoring location may be extremely elongate so as to measure pipes and the like. Various designs of roller and gas flow controllers are provided to optimize monitoring.12-11-2008
20130134325Ion Beam Processing System and Sample Processing Method - An ion beam processing system (05-30-2013
20080315115TREATMENT OF FLUIDS WITH WAVE ENERGY FROM A CARBON - A method of and apparatus for treating liquids flowing in a thin film around a source of wave energy to directly exposes the liquid to the wave energy, preferably generated in whole or part by an electrical arc between carbon electrodes. In addition to the wave energy generated by the electrical arc, energy generated by cavitation of the flowing liquid may be used in treating the liquid.12-25-2008
20110095201Electrowetting sample presentation device for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry and related methods - Electro-wettable sample presentation devices are useful in performing analytical measurements such as the detection of analytes contained within a liquid sample drop. The device comprises a virtual microwell for receiving a liquid sample drop; one or more intermediary electro-wettable sites at least one of which is contiguous to the microwell; and a terminal electro-wettable site which confines the deposition of analytes and matrix to within a predetermined area. The microwell is either an electro-wettable zone or a chemically-modified zone which exhibits either hydrophobic and non-adsorptive properties with respect to analytes, or hydrophobic and adsorptive properties with respect to analytes. Each of the electro-wettable sites modifies the surface of the sample presentation device between hydrophobic and hydrophilic states in response to an electrical potential applied between a liquid sample drop and the electro-wettable site so as to direct the positioning of the liquid sample drop.04-28-2011
20120061584System and Method for Separating Samples in a Continuous Flow - One embodiment of the present invention provides for a method for identifying within a single record the location of each of a plurality of samples suspected of containing particles of interest wherein the single record is obtained from a flowing stream of the plurality of samples passing through a particle analyzer. The method comprises introducing into a conduit the plurality of samples suspected of containing particles of interest wherein each ones of the plurality of samples are separated by fluid gaps to produce a plurality of samples separated by fluid gaps and wherein each of the plurality of samples further comprises marker particles. The plurality of samples separated by fluid gaps are flowed through the conduit as a flowing sample stream to a detector of a particle analyzer, which may be a flow cytometer. The particles of interest are detected as the samples pass the detector of the particle analyzer.03-15-2012
20090065707INSPECTION CONTAINER - The present invention discloses an inspection container, comprising: a bottom and a sidewall, said bottom is coupled to one side of said sidewall to form a space, wherein, there are a plurality of protrudes set on the lower surface of said bottom. The inspection container further comprises a division part, which divides said space into a plurality of subspaces. With the solutions according to the present invention, it is possible to meet the requirement for inspecting a plurality of bottles at one time.03-12-2009
20110121196MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE, LIGHT IRRADIATION APPARATUS, MICORFLUIDIC SYSTEM COMPRISING THE SAME AND METHOD FOR DRIVING THE SYSTEM - A microfluidic system includes a microfluidic device including a chamber which contains a fluid sample, a channel which is connected to the chamber and through which the fluid sample flows, and a valve which controls flow of the fluid sample through the channel; an irradiation apparatus which irradiates electromagnetic energy; and a diffuser which diffuses and distributes the electromagnetic energy irradiated by the irradiation apparatus to an irradiation region of the microfluidic device.05-26-2011
20100327182FLUORESCENCE MEASUREMENT CELL - A cell for measuring the fluorescence of a sample comprising an incident wall surface (12-30-2010
20120241643OPTICALLY INTEGRATED MICROFLUIDIC CYTOMETERS FOR HIGH THROUGHPUT SCREENING OF PHOTOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF CELLS OR PARTICLES - Devices and methods for screening emissive properties of a cell, such as the resistance to photobleaching or other photophysical property. In one example, a device may include a microfluidic reservoir having at least an input channel for receiving the cell, a main channel fluidly coupled with the input channel, at least a first output channel and a second output channel, the first and second output channels fluidly coupled with the main channel; and a multibeam interrogation section generating a plurality of light beams impinging upon the main channel of the microfluidic reservoir. As a cell passes from the input channel through the main channel of the microfluidic reservoir, the cell is exposed to the plurality of light beams thereby generating emissions that are received by a signal processing section. A cell trapping section selectively diverts the cell to the second output channel if the cell contains desired emissive properties.09-27-2012
20130153784TUBE AND REFLECTIVE FLOAT SYSTEMS FOR ANALYZING SUSPENSIONS - Tube and float systems for analyzing target materials of a suspension include in which at least a portion of the outer surface of the float is reflective are described. The target material particles can be conjugated with fluorophores. In order to identify the target material, the material between the float and tube is illuminated with one or more channels of excitation radiation, which causes the fluorophores to become excited and emit radiation at longer wavelengths. The reflective surface of the float reflects the excitation radiation and the emitted radiation.06-20-2013