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Light valve (e.g., iris diaphragm)

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250 - Radiant energy


250216000 - Optical or pre-photocell system

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250231100 Actuated by dynamic external physical quantity 158
250230000 Reflection type(e.g., mirror galvanometer) 4
20100171028Reflective Optical Encoder Package and Method - Disclosed are various embodiments of a reflective optical encoder package having a light emitter and a light detector disposed on an integrated circuit having an optically transparent glass layer disposed thereover. The package can be manufactured without resort to wirebonding techniques and instead can be made using wafer level packaging methods and materials. The package can also be made of lower profile or smaller footprint than many conventional optical encoder packages, and may be employed to sense or detect rotary or linear motion.07-08-2010
20080315075METHOD FOR OPTICALLY DETECTING AND IDENTIFYING A THREAT - An optical detection apparatus includes a housing having a circumferential opening therein. A primary mirror reflects light rays to form a first set of light rays to a secondary mirror that has a generally concave shape coupled to the housing. A tertiary mirror having a generally concave shape coupled to the housing spaced apart from the secondary mirror directs light to detection optics that form an image using the third set of light rays. The detection optics include a micro-mirror array that redirect the image to a detector. A controller controls the micro-mirror array and determines an event characteristic based upon the image thereon.12-25-2008
20120145888OPTICAL SWITCH - An optical switch includes a housing having reflecting and mounting surfaces facing each other, and a receiving chamber formed between the reflecting and mounting surfaces. The mounting surface is recessed to form at least two mounting recesses. A sensor unit includes a light emitter and at least one light receiver disposed respectively in the mounting recesses and exposed from the mounting surface to face the reflecting surface. The light emitter is capable of emitting light to the light receiver through a reflection of the reflecting surface. A slide disc is disposed slidably but not rollably in the receiving chamber, and is slidable between a blocking position, where the slide disc blocks the light emitted from the light emitter to the light receiver, and an unblocking position, where the slide disc allows the light emitted from the light emitter to be received by the light receiver.06-14-2012
20110036972OPTICAL SENSING DEVICE - An optical sensing device comprising a shell, at least one light emitting member, at least one optical sensing member and a shading member is disclosed. The shell is formed with a black-body condition space therein, and the light emitting member projects a light beam into the black-body condition space. The optical sensing member is located within the shell and neighboring to the black-body condition space. The shading member is movably arranged within the black-body condition space. At least one end surface of the shading member is contacted with the shell and formed with at least one recess. When the shading member moves to at least one shading region within the black-body condition space, the optical sensing member is shaded by the shading member; and when the shading member moves apart the shading region, the optical sensing member senses the light beam to accordingly send out a sensing signal.02-17-2011
250232000 Light chopper type 1
20120018626OPTICAL ENCODER - In order to reduce an error component of a detected waveform and enable high-accuracy position detection, there is provided an optical encoder, in which a transmittance distribution or a reflectance distribution provided in a scale track in a displacement scale has a first modulation period and a second modulation period in a scale displacement direction, the light receiving element array is arranged to detect a first signal group including two-phase signals, relative phases of which are reversed, in the first modulation period and a second signal group including two-phase signals, relative phases of which are reversed, in the second modulation period, first position information in the first modulation period is detected from the first signal group, and second position information in the second modulation period is detected from the second signal group, and the second modulation period is an odd multiple of the first modulation period.01-26-2012
20080258050ENCODER - A light via first and second index scales is split by a beam splitter, and one of the split lights is received by a first light-receiving element via a movable scale and also the other of the split lights is received by a second light-receiving element via a reference scale, and therefore by computing positional information of the movable scale using an output of the first light-receiving element (a first output) and an output of the second light-receiving element (a second output), movement information of the movable scale can be measured with high precision without being affected by drift of the modulation center (the oscillation center) of the beam.10-23-2008
20100123071TRANSMISSIVE OPTICAL ENCODER - A transmissive optical encoder comprises a base, a first leadframe, a second leadframe, an optical emitter, a shielding portion, an optical receiver, and a lens. The base has a first housing and a second housing. The first leadframe and the second leadframe are respectively disposed in the first housing and the second housing. The optical emitter for emitting a light is disposed in the first housing and coupled to the first leadframe. The shielding portion is extended from the first leadframe being bent to cover the optical emitter and exposes the optical emitter by an opening formed thereon. The optical receiver for receiving the light is disposed in the second housing and coupled to the second leadframe. The lens is disposed on the first housing for rendering the light passing through the opening to the optical receiver.05-20-2010
20110266424OPTICAL ENCODER - An optical encoder includes a scale; a light source; a plurality of light receiving element arrays (three light receiving element arrays) receiving via the scale light emitted from the light source; and a measurer. The first and the third light receiving element arrays are each divided into two areas. The measurer includes an abnormality determiner determining whether an abnormality has occurred in the areas based on signals output from the areas, and a location measurer measuring a location of the scale based on signals output from the areas (for which the abnormality determiner has determined that an abnormality has not occurred) and the second light receiving element array.11-03-2011
20090050794ORIGIN DETECTION METHOD FOR OPTICAL ENCODER - An optical encoder equipped with an origin detection apparatus has a scale provided with an optical grating, a plurality of light receiving elements that is provided in association with the pitch of the optical grating and movable relative to the scale and a light source that illuminates the light receiving elements with light through the scale. An optically discontinuous portion is provided in the optical grating of the scale, a change of a light beam that occurs over a certain length of section at the time when a light beam corresponding to the discontinuous portion is incident on the light receiving elements, a change occurring in that section is detected, calculation is performed, and an origin position is detected from the result of the calculation.02-26-2009
20090072129OPTICAL ENCODER AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT HAVING THE SAME - An optical encoder of the invention has an OR circuit 21 to which light reception signals A+, B+ are inputted, an OR circuit 22 to which light reception signals A−, B− are inputted, and an AND circuit 23 to which an output signal C of the OR circuit 21 and an output signal D of the OR circuit 22 are inputted. In this optical encoder, a light reception signal A− shifted in phase by 180° from the light reception signal A+, and a light reception signal B− shifted in phase by 180° from the light reception signal B+, are inputted to the OR circuit 22 of the signal processing circuit 15. Thus, the signal processing circuit 15 does not need NOT circuits for inverting the light reception signal A+ and B+. This optical encoder can avoid occurrence of phase differences due to gate delay among signals and detect the mover with signals of excellent duty and periodic precisions.03-19-2009
20120175507LIGHT VALVE MODULE AND PROJECTION DEVICE USING THE SAME - A light valve module and a projection device using thereof are provided. The projection device includes a chassis, a light source, a projection lens, the light valve module and a fastener assembly. The light valve module is configured within a cavity of the chassis by the fastener assembly and disposed on a transmission path of a light beam so as to convert the light beam to an image light beam. The light valve module includes a field lens, a light valve component and an elastic frame. First and second surfaces of the elastic frame respectively contact the field lens and the light valve component. A recess of the elastic frame is located on one of the first surface and the second surface. A pressed portion of the elastic frame is deformed towards the recess when the field lens and the light valve component press the elastic frame.07-12-2012
20080272283SAMPLE COLLECTION AND TESTING SYSTEM - Methods and apparatus for evaluating the quality of a sample of a product, an ingredient, an environment or process by measuring multiple parameters thereof, including light emitted from a reacting sample containing ATP, ADP, alkaline phosphatase or other parameters such as pH, temperature, conductivity, reduction potential, dissolved gases, specific ions, and microbiological count. The apparatus comprises an integrated sample testing device used to collect a sample, mix reagents, react the sample, and collect it in a measurement chamber. The apparatus also comprises an instrument having a photon detection assembly for use with the sample testing device. The instrument can also comprise one or more sensing probes and a communication port to facilitate data collection, transfer and analysis.11-06-2008
20100078548ENCODER IN WHICH THE RELATIVE DISPLACEMENT BETWEEN THE ENCODER SCALE AND ENCODER HEAD IS DETECTED - An encoder detects a relative displacement between an encoder scale and an encoder head. The encoder head incorporates a light source, a light-receiving element to receive light from the light source via the encoder scale, and a signal-processing circuit to process an electrical signal from the light-receiving element. The encoder has a signal detection unit, a signal discrimination unit, and a switching unit. The signal detection unit is activated selectively in accordance with setting. When activated, the signal detection unit detects one or more signals having an almost sinusoidal waveform from the encoder head. The signal discrimination unit is activated selectively in accordance with setting. When activated, the signal discrimination unit determines the waveform of one or more signals having an almost sinusoidal waveform from the signal detection unit. The switching unit switches the current to be supplied to the light source to one of various magnitudes.04-01-2010
20110315863THREE-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE - A 3D image capturing device includes a first lens module, a second lens module, a single sensor, an image sensor; a cross dichroic prism; a first mirror; and a second mirror. The first and second lens module have a first optical axis and a second optical axis, respectively. The second lens module is located juxtaposed with the first lens module. The second optical axis is parallel with the first optical axis. The first and second mirrors are arranged at opposite sides of the cross dichroic prism. The first and second mirrors are configured for reflecting and directing light beams from the first and second lens modules to the cross dichroic prism. The cross dichroic prism is configured to redirect the reflected light beams from the first and second mirrors to the image sensor.12-29-2011
20130153758OPTICAL APPARATUS HAVING ADJUSTABLE PINHOLE AND METHOD USING THE SAME - An optical apparatus for adjusting the position and aperture of a pinhole and a method using the same are provided. A light beam is provided. The light beam is focused on an object and reacts with the object to form a signal beam. The signal beam is focused and projected on a liquid-crystal switch. The projection position of the signal beam on the liquid-crystal switch is determined, and the transparence of the liquid-crystal switch at the projection position is adjusted to form a transparent area. The signal beam passes through the transparent area and reaches a light detecting unit to form a detecting signal. The aperture of the transparent area is adjusted according to the intensity of the detecting signal. The liquid-crystal switch is driven to move, so that the position of the transparent area in the moving direction of the signal beam is adjusted.06-20-2013
20120085895STRAY LIGHT BAFFLES FOR A CONFORMAL DOME WITH ARCH CORRECTOR OPTICS - Asymmetric rotating stray light baffles are provided for conformal dome two-axis seekers having arch corrector optics mounted on the outer gimbal. A pair of side skirt baffles are mounted on opposite sides of the arch corrector optics on the outer gimbal extending forward beyond the transparent arch adjacent but not touching the inner surface of the dome and extending aft beyond the forward most receiver optic for all fields of regard (FOR). The optical system may also include: (a) an annular objective baffle mounted on and around the receiver optics on the inner gimbal and between the pair of side skirt baffles, the objective baffle extending forward of the receiver optics without interfering with the receiver optics' FOV and without interfering with the transparent arch as the inner gimbal rotates, (b) a plurality of fin baffles mounted between the side skirt baffles on the outer gimbal that extend forward adjacent but not touching the inner surface of the dome and aft of the transparent arch, each fin baffle positioned to reduce the cross-section seen by the receiver optic when rotated in the direction of that fin baffle and (c) central baffles (short or long) along the axis of symmetry that obscure a portion of the receiver optics' FOV at a zero degree angle of rotation about the second axis.04-12-2012

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