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250 - Radiant energy

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250206000 Photocell controlled circuit 1459
250216000 Optical or pre-photocell system 777
250201100 Photocell controls its own optical systems 326
250559010 With circuit for evaluating a web, strand, strip, or sheet 53
250239000 Housings (in addition to cell casing) 38
250551000 Signal isolator 36
250552000 Solid state light source 29
250215000 Combined with diverse-type device 14
250238000 Temperature control of photocell 11
250550000 Interference pattern analysis (e.g., spatial filtering or holography) 11
250554000 Flame light source 3
20090152479CAMERA-BASED FLAME DETECTOR - A simple, multi-spectral flame detector is disclosed. Such a flame detector has an optical imaging system that is adapted to project several images of the flame onto the same camera. The images are from differing spectral regions. The imaging system comprises several lens devices arranged side by side, e.g., the imaging optics comprise several lens devices arranged side by side, such that each lens device is receiving part of the light from the flame. Each lens device projects one image onto one region of the camera. In this configuration, no beam splitters or mirrors are required, such components being expensive and difficult to align.06-18-2009
20120032097Flame Detector Personality Module - A flame detector includes a sensor module, which carries a plurality of pyroelectric sensors, and a filter module which carries a plurality of replaceable filters with one filter being associated with each sensor. The modules are coupled together and carried in an exterior housing. A cover can overlay the filters to retain them in predetermined positions relative to the respective sensors.02-09-2012
20110121212CANDLE FLAME ACTIVATED DYNAMIC CANDLE HOLDER - A candle flame activated dynamic candle holder is revealed. The dynamic candle holder includes a candle holder, at least one optical sensor and a dynamic display device. A receptacle for receiving a candle is arranged on a top of the candle holder and the optical sensor is disposed outside the receptacle so as to receive candle light for being activated. The dynamic display device is composed of a circuit board, a motor and an ornament. When the candle is lighted, the optical sensor is turned on by light from the candle and then is electrically connected with the circuit board so as to drive the motor to operate. Thus the ornament is moved and displayed dynamically. When the candle is out, the motor stops working.05-26-2011
20130026341PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION ELEMENT AND SOLID-STATE IMAGING APPARATUS - A photoelectric conversion material is provided and includes an organic material having an absorbing coefficient of about 1.5×1001-31-2013
20130026340ELECTRONIC DEVICE EMPLOYING A BUTTON PAD - A display device has a cabinet; a button provided on the cabinet; a switch being pushed by the button; a circuit board including the switch, and a button pad which comprises: (a) a button portion; (b) a peripheral portion which is in the surroundings of the button portion, and (c) a plurality of annular ribs provided on the button pad in a position corresponding to the periphery of the button, wherein, each of the rib is arranged so as to contact the inner surface of the cabinet.01-31-2013
20090302195NANOPHOSPHOR COMPOSITE SCINTILLATORS COMPRISING A POLYMER MATRIX - An improved nanophosphor composite comprises surface modified nanophosphor particles in a solid matrix. The nanophosphor particle surface is modified with an organic ligand, or by covalently bonding a polymeric or polymeric precursor material. The surface modified nanophosphor particle is essentially charge neutral, thereby preventing agglomeration of the nanophosphor particles during formation of the composite material. The improved nanophosphor composite may be used in any conventional scintillator application, including in a radiation detector.12-10-2009
20110012009IMAGE SENSOR - An image sensor includes a light-sensing element, a first transistor, and a second transistor. The light-sensing element has a first end and a second end electrically connected to a select line. The first transistor has a first end electrically connected to a first control line, a control end electrically connected to the first end, and a second end electrically connected to the first end of the light-sensing element. The second transistor has a first end electrically connected to a voltage source, a control end electrically connected to the first end of the light-sensing element, and a second end electrically connected to an output line. The light-sensing element uses the material of silicon rich oxide so that the light-sensing element can sense the luminance variance and have the characteristic of the capacitor for the level boost.01-20-2011
20130214120LIGHT SOURCE SUPPORT APPARATUS AND OPTICAL RADIATION CHARACTERISTIC MEASUREMENT APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A light source support apparatus includes: a base member; a first support member supporting the base member rotatably about a first axis; first and second arm members connected respectively to opposite ends of the base member and extending in a direction parallel to the first axis; and a pair of second support members disposed at respective positions, which are opposite to each other, of the first and second arm members for supporting a sample light source. The pair of second support members is configured to be able to rotate the supported sample light source about a second axis orthogonal to the first axis. At least one of the first and second arm members is configured to be attachable to and detachable from the base member.08-22-2013
20120235015MEROCYANINE DYE AND PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION DEVICE - A merocyanine dye is provided. The merocyanine dye is represented by formula (1).09-20-2012
20080210845PHOTODIODE HAVING ROUNDED EDGES FOR HIGH ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE THRESHOLD - In one example, an optical detector includes a photosensitive layer, and a group of additional layers associated with that photosensitive layer. The group of additional layers may include first and second contact layer configured for electrical communication with the photosensitive layer. In this example, one of the group of layers is shaped so as to define a corner whose radius of curvature is greater than about 2 microns.09-04-2008
20090114798Circular Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Devices, Processes for Making Them, and Methods of Use - The design, fabrication, post-processing and characterization of a novel circular design SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) based bio/chemical sensor in CMOS technology is introduced. The sensors are designed in AMI 1.5 μm 2 metal, 2 poly process. A unique maskless post processing sequence is designed and completed. The three post-processing steps are fully compatible with any CMOS technology. This allows any signal control/processing circuitry to be easily integrated on the same chip. ZnO is used as the piezoelectric material for the SAW generation. A thorough characterization and patterning optimization of the sputtered ZnO was carried out. The major novelties that are introduced in the SAW delay line features are: The embedded heater elements for temperature control, compensation and acoustic absorbers that are designed to eliminate edge reflections and minimize triple transit interference. Both of these attributes are designed by using the CMOS layers without disturbing the SAW performance.05-07-2009
20120097832ELECTROSPUN LIGHT-EMITTING FIBERS - The invention teaches electrospun light-emitting fibers made from ionic transition metal complexes (‘iTMCs”) such as [Ru(bpy)04-26-2012
20080315068DETECTION DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A unit circuit includes a first transistor, a detection element, a second transistor, and a first capacitive element. The first transistor supplies a detection line with a detection signal corresponding to the electric potential of a gate electrode thereof. The detection element is connected to the gate electrode of the first transistor and varies the electric potential of the gate electrode of the first transistor in accordance with an external factor. The second transistor has a first terminal that is connected to the gate electrode of the first transistor and a second terminal that is connected to a second power supply line. The second transistor has a gate electrode that is connected to a scanning line. The first capacitive element holds the electric potential of the gate electrode of the first transistor.12-25-2008
20110266414METALLIC STRUCTURE AND PHOTODETECTOR - In a metallic structure including a metallic nano-chain with plasmon resonance absorption, a metallic nanoparticle forming the metallic nano-chain is formed in a circular, triangle, or rhomboid shape. The wavelength selectivity can be increased also by forming a closed region by mutually linking all of metallic nanoparticles that are mutually linked with bottlenecks. In a photodetector, a photodetection unit including a current detection probe, a nano-chain unit, and a current detection probe is arranged on a substrate. The nano-chain unit is a metallic structure with plasmon resonance absorption, where metallic nanoparticles are mutually linked with bottlenecks. Each current detection probe has a corner whose tip is formed with a predetermined angle, and this corner is arranged to face the tip of the nano-chain unit, i.e., a corner of the metallic nanoparticle. Photodetection with high wavelength selectivity is performed based on a change in the initial voltage of the current-voltage characteristic.11-03-2011
20110220774Light Beam Detector - Light beam detection is used in a wide variety of applications, including manufacturing, security, transportation, scientific research, and amusement products. A system for detecting a moving light beam is comprised of a light beam detector, a moving light system, and a controller. A light beam detector may include a light receiver and a light sensor. A moving light system may include a focused light source and a light movement system. A controller may monitor the light detector for the presence or absence of a light beam and may control light beam movement and other aspects of the system.09-15-2011
20100213348SEPARATED UNIT PIXEL PREVENTING SENSITIVITY REDUCTION AND THE DRIVING METHOD USING THE UNIT PIXEL - Provided are a separation type unit pixel for preventing sensitivity reduction to prevent a depletion area from decreasing and a method of driving the unit pixel. The separation type unit pixel for preventing sensitivity reduction includes: a substrate; a photodiode constructed with a junction of a P-type diffusion area and an N-type diffusion area which are formed under a surface of the substrate in a vertical direction; a gate electrode conductor which is disposed on an upper portion of the surface of the substrate to be adjacent to the N-type or P-type diffusion area; a floating diffusion area formed to be adjacent to another surface of the gate electrode conductor; and a sensitivity reduction preventing conductor disposed on an upper portion of the photodiode area to cover the photodiode area.08-26-2010
20120138770NON-WETTED ALL SOLID PROTEIN PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION DEVICE, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A non-wetted all solid protein photoelectric conversion device that is able to be operated without existence of a liquid such as water inside and outside of the device and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The non-wetted all solid protein photoelectric conversion device has a structure in which a solid protein layer composed of an electron transfer protein is sandwiched between an electrode and an electrode. The solid protein layer is immobilized onto the electrodes and. The solid protein layer does not contain a liquid such as water. The solid protein layer is composed of a monomolecular film or a multimolecular film of the electron transfer protein.06-07-2012
20120241589ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRALLY DETECTABLE PLASTIC PACKAGING COMPONENTS - A plastic packaging component is provided that is formed of a resin containing an electromagnetic spectrally detectable additive mixed with the resin. The resin formed into a plastic packaging component of an aerosol package lid, an aerosol spray button, an aerosol spray tube, a trigger sprayer, an integrated lid-sprayer, a grease cartridge, a grease cap, plastic fiber toweling, a packaging strap, a pail lid, a jar cap, or a brush. A process for detecting a displaced packaging component in an organic production stream is provided that includes adding to a resin an electromagnetically detectable additive intermixed with the resin and forming the additive loaded resin into the plastic packaging component. The production stream is then scanned for the detectable signal of the additive. Upon detecting the additive, an alarm signal is provided that the production stream contains the displaced packaging component.09-27-2012
20100193666Image Sensor with Large-Area, High-Sensitivity and High-Speed Pixels - The pixel for use in an image sensor comprises a low-doped semiconductor substrate (A). On the substrate (A), an arrangement of a plurality of floating areas, e.g., floating gates (FG08-05-2010
20080245948Light sensor having light-sensing unit and compensating unit, and display device using same - An exemplary light sensor (10-09-2008
20100320363OPTICAL SENSOR FOR MEASURING EMISSION LIGHT FROM AN ANALYTE - The invention provides an optical sensor (12-23-2010
20110101201Photodetector Array Having Electron Lens - Photodetectors, photodetector arrays, image sensors, and other apparatus are disclosed. An apparatus, of one aspect, may include a surface to receive light, a photosensitive region disposed within a substrate, and a material coupled between the surface and the photosensitive region. The material may receive the light. At least some of the light may free electrons in the material. An electron lens coupled between the surface and the material may focus the electrons in the material toward the photosensitive region. Other apparatus are also disclosed, as are methods of using such apparatus, methods of fabricating such apparatus, and systems incorporating such apparatus.05-05-2011
20110024604RADIATION DETECTOR AND RADIATION DETECTION METHOD - The present invention provides radiation detectors with high detection sensitivity. The radiation detectors according to the present invention each include an Al02-03-2011
20090278028CURRENT DETECTION CIRCUIT, LIGHT RECEIVING DEVICE USING THE SAME, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A first transistor is provided on a current path for a phototransistor. A first resistor is provided between one terminal of the first transistor and the power supply line. A second transistor forms a current mirror circuit in cooperation with the first transistor, which amplifies with a predetermined amplification factor the current that flows through the first transistor. A charge capacitor, one terminal of which is connected to a fixed electric potential, is charged with the current thus amplified. A second resistor is provided between one terminal of the second transistor and the power supply line.11-12-2009
20100320362WIRELESS LASER POWER TRANSMITTER - An optical power beam transmission systems, with a directional light transmitter and receiver. The transmitter contains an amplifying laser medium, and this together with a retroreflector in the receiver, forms a laser resonator. When lasing sets in, the receiver can extract optical power through an output coupler and convert it to electrical power. The gain medium may be a disc having a thickness substantially smaller than its lateral dimensions. The laser resonator is operated as a stable resonator to ensure safe operation. This is achieved by use of an adaptive optical element, for reducing the diameter of the energy beam impinging on the gain medium, thereby increasing the overlap between the energy beam and the gain medium. As the transmitter-receiver distance is changed, such as by movement of the receiver, the adaptive optical element focal length changes to ensure that the cavity remains within its stability zone.12-23-2010
20110253880Optical Reader Having Enhanced Two-Dimensional Resolution - An optical reader system and method for label-independent detection having enhanced two-dimensional spatial resolution of the reader, as defined herein. The system includes a translatable slit-mask and microplate combination for selectively irradiating a biosensor on a microplate, as defined further herein.10-20-2011
20080217508PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION APPARATUS, PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF DRIVING THE SAME - A photoelectric conversion apparatus includes a photoelectric conversion element, an amplification transistor having a gate electrically connected to the output terminal of the photoelectric conversion element, a switching element having one terminal electrically connected to an electrical path which connects the output terminal of the photoelectric conversion element to the gate of the amplification transistor, and the other terminal electrically connected to a node capable of providing a voltage lower than the power supply voltage with the other terminal; and a control unit for controlling the voltage provided by the node and ON/OFF state of the switching element, wherein the control unit causes the node to provide the voltage lower than the power supply voltage with the other terminal of the switching element and turns on the switching element during a period in which a signal generated by photoelectric conversion of the photoelectric conversion element is not used.09-11-2008
20130187026Monitoring Device of a Machine Tool - A monitoring device of a machine tool is provided. The monitoring device includes a detection device that is configured to detect the presence of a type of material in a machine tool region. The monitoring device also includes a hand marking unit, which has a marking element. The marking element is specifically adjusted to be detected by the detection device to enable marking a hand of an operator.07-25-2013
20090152439ORGANIC PHOTOELECTRIC CONVERSION DEVICE - An organic photoelectric conversion device is provided and includes: an organic photoelectric conversion layer that performs photoelectric conversion of incident light and generates a signal charge; a first electrode provided on one side of the organic photoelectric conversion layer and a plurality of second electrodes arranged on the other side of the organic photoelectric conversion layer. A gap between adjacent pair of the second electrodes is 3 μm or below.06-18-2009
20120205518SENSING OF PHOTONS - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is provided, including a photodetecting structure with one or more photon sensing layers of graphene; and an integrated graphene field effect transistor configured to function as a pre-amplifier for the photodetecting structure, where the graphene field effect transistor is vertically integrated to the photodetecting structure.08-16-2012
20120153119ACTIVE BANDGAP TUNING OF GRAPHENE FOR TUNABLE PHOTODETECTION APPLICATIONS - In a method for adjusting the sensitivity of a photodetector, the bandgap of the photodetection material is adjusted by inducing strain in the photodetection material. Such adjustments can be made in situ and continuously, in a reproducible and repeatable manner. In embodiments of the method, the photodetection material is graphene, carbon nanotubes or graphene nanoribbon. The use of graphene permits a dynamically-adjustable sensitivity over a dynamic range of radiation having wavelengths of 1.38 microns or less, up to at least 60 microns. In an adjustable photodetector, a graphene layer is suspended over a silicon substrate by a layer of an insulating material. Adjusting the voltage across the graphene layer and the silicon substrate induces strain in the graphene layer by electrostatic attraction.06-21-2012
20120187274Radiation Detector - With radiation detectors in which the energy of radiation is absorbed in a semiconductor or insulator radiation absorber, where that energy is converted to phonons, and the radiation is measured by measuring those phonons with a phonon sensor provided on the surface of the radiation absorber, part of the energy of the radiation is expended in generating electron-hole pairs, and that portion of the energy does not contribute to the signal from the phonon sensor, resulting in low sensitivity and poor energy resolution. A radiation absorber, in which a high concentration of recombination centers is introduced so that electrons and holes excited by radiation recombine in a short time equal to or shorter than a signal extraction time, is used for the radiation detector. Therefore, the energy given to electron-hole pairs is also converted to phonons, thus improving the sensitivity and energy resolution of the radiation detector.07-26-2012
20130020461REARVIEW MIRROR WITH MONITOR - When a reflecting film of a mirror device employed in a rearview mirror with monitor is processed with laser light, a part from which the reflecting film is removed by the laser light transmits light therethrough, while the remaining part reflects the light. Therefore, the light transmittance can be changed easily according to the area irradiated with the laser light. Further, when laser-processing a reflecting/transmitting mirror region corresponding to a monitor screen, cells having the same form are arranged in a matrix, and each cell is formed with an irregular pattern by the laser light.01-24-2013
20080237443Microelectronic imagers with curved image sensors and methods for manufacturing microelectronic imagers - Microelectronic imagers with curved image sensors and methods for manufacturing curved image sensors. In one embodiment, a microelectronic imager device comprises an imager die having a substrate, a curved microelectronic image sensor having a face with a convex and/or concave portion at one side of the substrate, and integrated circuitry in the substrate operatively coupled to the image sensor. The imager die can further include external contacts electrically coupled to the integrated circuitry and a cover over the curved image sensor.10-02-2008
20130126700GRAPHENE-BASED PHOTODETECTOR INCLUDING COMPLEX TRANSPARENT ELECTRODE, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - A photodetector includes a substrate, a graphene layer disposed on the substrate, a first electrode disposed on the graphene layer, and a second electrode disposed on the graphene layer, where the first and second electrodes are spaced apart from each other, and where each of the first and second electrodes comprises a complex transparent electrode. The complex transparent electrode of the first electrode may have a different composition from the complex transparent electrode of the second electrode.05-23-2013
20120286135LOW DROP-OUT REGULATOR WITH DISTRIBUTED OUTPUT NETWORK - Disclosed is a low drop-out voltage regulator circuit with a distributed output network coupled to a pixel array for use in image sensor circuitry. The regulator circuit comprises voltage regulating circuitry and a distributed output network, wherein the distributed output network comprises drive transistors disposed along and connected between a supply track and an output track. The spatial distribution of the drive transistors improves heat dissipation within the regulator circuit, and a combination of low current flow and regulated output voltage reduces IR drop across the output track. The improved heat dissipation increases device lifespan and performance, whereas the reduction in IR drop across the output track provides better pixel response, readout uniformity, and image quality.11-15-2012

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