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250341100 With irradiation or heating of object or material 91
250342000 Locating infrared emissive objects 8
20130037719Method for Detecting and Measuring Low Concentrations of Contaminants Using Attenuated Total Reflectance Spectroscopy in the Mid-IR Range - A spectroscopic method is disclosed for detecting and measuring contaminants in fluids such as water or oil, where the hydrophilicity of the contaminant is substantially different from that of the contaminated fluid. Good calibrations can be obtained at very low concentrations using infrared spectroscopy with ATR crystals that have not been additionally coated or otherwise modified.02-14-2013
20100072370HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE DEVICE AND ACTIVATING METHOD FOR BACK LIGHT UNIT THEREOF - A human-machine interface device and an activating method for a back light unit thereof are provided. The human-machine interface device includes a light sensor, an infrared sensor and a back light unit. The infrared sensor being selectively activated detects whether any part of a user body is within a sensing range when the infrared sensor is activated. When the light sensor detects that the ambient light intensity changes from a higher light intensity to a lower light intensity and the variation from the higher light intensity to the lower light intensity exceeds a predetermined light intensity difference, the infrared sensor is activated for a first period. When the activated infrared sensor detects that the part of a user body is within the sensing range, the back light unit is activated for a second period.03-25-2010
20090014655Coupling and Method for a Transition-Edge Bolometer - The invention relates to a circuit for transition-edge bolometers, which comprises a resistor element (01-15-2009
20120181432OFF-SET COMPENSATION TECHNIQUE FOR DUAL ANALYZER GAS EXCHANGE SYSTEMS - Systems and methods of compensating analyzer offsets in a dual analyzer gas analysis systems. A flow swapping device when in a first configuration delivers the chamber influent to a first gas analyzer, and the chamber effluent delivered to a second gas analyzer. At any arbitrary time, the configuration of the flow swapping device can be switched wherein chamber influent is delivered to the second gas analyzer, and chamber effluent is delivered to the first gas analyzer. By changing the configuration of the match valve, the gas analyzer initially connected to the chamber effluent is connected to the chamber influent. Conversely, the gas analyzer initially connected to the chamber influent is connected to the chamber effluent enabling a determination of offset error between the analyzers. The various embodiments are approximately two-times faster than known methods for dual analyzer systems; the reduced time translates to an overall faster gas exchange measurement.07-19-2012
20090302223METHOD OF MEASURING TERAHERTZ WAVE AND TERAHERTZ SPECTROSCOPIC APPARATUS - A method of measuring a terahertz wave includes the steps of: starting input of a pulse signal showing that scale marks have been detected, which are arranged at equal intervals along a moving direction of a movable stage which can move in a direction in which an optical path length of incident pulse light is contracted or extended; and taking signals outputted at pulse intervals of the pulse light from a terahertz wave detecting section by synchronizing the timing with the pulse signal.12-10-2009
20090302222Passive Infrared Detectors - A passive infrared detector assembly including a detector housing comprising a window transparent to far infrared radiation, at least one sensor sensitive to the far infrared radiation and disposed within the detector housing and an anti-masking subassembly, including at least one light guide having a serrated light aperture, the light aperture defining a plurality of teeth like portions and a plurality of grooves and being disposed close to the outside of the window, at least one infrared light emitter operative to emit near infrared radiation via the light aperture of the at least one light guide and a near infrared radiation receiver operative to receive radiation emitted by the at least one near infrared light emitter and to measure the level of received near infrared radiation and to provide a masking alarm signal upon detection of a predetermined change in the level of the received near infrared radiation.12-10-2009
20130214165METHOD AND DEVICE FOR EXAMINATION OF MAIL ITEMS WITH REGARD TO DANGEROUS CONTENT - A method is provided for examining mail items with regard to dangerous contents. In a first step, the mail item is scanned in such a manner that the contours of the contents of the mail item are made visible. After an evaluation of the contents of the mail item, a spectral analysis of the content of the mail item occurs in a second step in pre-determinable areas of the mail item.08-22-2013
20120235042MWIR SENSOR FOR FLAME DETECTION - A system for detecting a flame. The system may discriminate between a detected hot object and flame. The system may be a camera-like structure incorporating an infrared sensor, a lens, and an element that could filter out some of the long-wave infrared radiation. The sensor may receive radiation of a scene which forms images on the sensor. The images may be provided to a processor that incorporates one or more modules to determine whether a flame is present in the scene.09-20-2012
20110278460METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE COKE GENERATION TENDENCY OF HYDROCARBONS - Near IR spectroscopy may be used for determining the coke generation tendency of a hydrocarbon. The coke generation tendency of hydrocarbons may be used to control refining conditions. An apparatus for determining the coke generation tendency of hydrocarbons comprising a near infrared spectrophotometer and other components may be used to make the determinations continuously.11-17-2011
20110278462METHOD FOR PUTTING A COOLED INFRARED DETECTOR INTO OPERATION - In an infrared detector provided with a photodiode, when the temperature of the photodiode is lowered to its operating temperature, the photodiode is forward biased. During forward biasing of the photodiode, injection of a majority carrier current takes place through the photodiode. The majority carriers mask a part of the defects of the photodiode. The acquisition phase is then performed by reverse biasing the photodiode.11-17-2011
20110278461INFRARED ABSORBING COMPOSITION, INFRARED ABSORBING INK, RECORDED ARTICLE, IMAGE RECORDING METHOD, AND IMAGE DETECTING METHOD - An infrared absorbing composition including a compound that is represented by formula (1) and has a hue in a powder state in the range of 2011-17-2011
20110278459SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING THE PRESENCE OF A PERSON IN A MONITORED AREA - The present invention relates to a system and a corresponding method for monitoring the presence of a person in a monitored area. To reliably monitor the presence of the person, the system comprises: 11-17-2011
20120097850PHOTOMIXER-WAVEGUIDE COUPLING TAPERS - Disclosed are systems and methods for improving the performance of systems for generating and detecting electromagnetic radiation at terahertz (THz) frequencies. Embodiments of the systems and methods include the fabrication and use of coupling tapers to provide efficient transfer of THz radiation between a photomixer and a waveguide that supports a propagating THz mode. A representative system comprises of a photomixer to convert high-frequency components of an optical pump signal into corresponding electrical THz frequencies, a waveguide that supports a propagating THz mode, and a matching taper that effectively converts the highly localized currents generated by the photomixer to the mode supported by the waveguide.04-26-2012
20120104257PROCESSING METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENERGY SAVING OF AN ACTIVE INFRARED INDUCTION INSTRUMENT POWERED BY A DRY BATTERY - An active infrared induction instrument powered by a dry battery capable of reducing power consumption through the adjustment of the emitter pulse width. The infrared emitted LED emits infrared signals, which, after being reflected by an object, are received by the infrared photodiode. The infrared signals received the infrared signals received by the infrared photodiode then enter an integrated circuit chip through a comparator. The pulse widths of the infrared emission pulse signals are dynamically adjusted after the width of the pulse series is received by the discrimination chip, thus reducing the emission power consumption to save energy.05-03-2012
20090114821Sun detection sensor - A sun detection sensor assembly for attachment to a thermal imaging device, comprising an elongated tubular body having two ends and a sensor, characterized as Sun TECT sensor, attached to one end, the Sun TECT sensor having a tubular body, an IR window positioned at one end of the tubular body, and a photo a infrared photo transistor positioned within the tubular body, opposite the IR window, the infrared photo transistor having a photo sensitive surface for detecting the exposure from sun when the sun is within a field of view of the Sun TECT Sensor, and an automatic ON/OFF mechanism which is activated by the infrared photo transistor and protecting the thermal imaging device from undesired and harmful infrared radiation.05-07-2009
20100032570 CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION OF PROCESS FOR MAKING ETHYLENE OXIDE - The invention pertains to a method for controlling the Limiting Oxygen Value (LOV) of a reactor for producing ethylene oxide using a tunable diode laser. The sample to be tested is extracted. A method for controlling oxygen analyzer safety shutdown for a reactor for producing ethylene oxide using a tunable diode laser is also described.02-11-2010
20120025082LOW-NOISE SEMICONDUCTOR PHOTODETECTORS - A photodetector is formed from a body of semiconductor material substantially surrounded by dielectric surfaces. A passivation process is applied to at least one surface to reduce the rate of carrier generation and recombination on that surface. Photocurrent is read out from at least one electrical contact, which is formed on a doped region whose surface lies entirely on a passivated surface. Unwanted leakage current from un-passivated surfaces is reduced through one of the following methods: (a) The un-passivated surface is separated from the photo-collecting contact by at least two junctions; (b) The un-passivated surface is doped to a very high level, at least equal to the conduction band or valence band density of states of the semiconductor; (c) An accumulation or inversion layer is formed on the un-passivated surface by the application of an electric field.02-02-2012
20110079720SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR BLIND ECHO CANCELLATION - System and method for blind echo cancellation in a received terahertz signal in a pulsed terahertz system for imaging or spectroscopy. Blind signal processing methods estimate the impulse response of the reflection mechanism and do not require a reference measurement to be taken. The reference signal may be recovered using a successive approach wherein the reference is first estimated using cross-correlation with the received signal and the received signal is represented as a function of the reference signal. For each successive echo, the calculated echo may be subtracted from the received signal and then the estimate of the reference signal is refined. Using an analytical approach, the parameters of a transfer function modeling the reflection mechanism may be estimated by optimizing a cost function.04-07-2011
20120168627LOW POWER, INEXPENSIVE VELOCITY DETECTION USING A PIR ARRAY - Methods and systems may include a system including a first passive motion sensor having a lateral field of view with a first edge and a second passive motion sensor having a lateral field of view with a second edge that is substantially parallel to the first edge. The first and second edges can define a virtual beam. The system may also include logic to receive signals from the first and second passive motion sensors and determine a gait velocity and level of activity based on the signals from the first and second passive motion sensors.07-05-2012
20090294674Method and Device for Eliminating Parasite Reflections During Inspection of Translucent or Transparent Hollow Objects - The invention relates to a process for inspecting, by means of at least one sensor (12-03-2009
20120235041ABSOLUTE CAVITY PYRGEOMETER - Implementations of the present disclosure involve an apparatus and method to measure the long-wave irradiance of the atmosphere or long-wave source. The apparatus may involve a thermopile, a concentrator and temperature controller. The incoming long-wave irradiance may be reflected from the concentrator to a thermopile receiver located at the bottom of the concentrator to receive the reflected long-wave irradiance. In addition, the thermopile may be thermally connected to a temperature controller to control the device temperature. Through use of the apparatus, the long-wave irradiance of the atmosphere may be calculated from several measurements provided by the apparatus. In addition, the apparatus may provide an international standard of pyrgeometers' calibration that is traceable back to the International System of Units (SI) rather than to a blackbody atmospheric simulator.09-20-2012
20110139989Method and Apparatus for A Universal Infrared Analyzer - A universal infrared analyzer, comprising: a focal plane array; a tunable optical filter positioned proximate to the focal plane array, wherein the tunable optical filter is capable of being tuned to one of a selectable set of wavelengths of radiation; a controller in operable communication with the focal plane array and the tunable optical filler; a database of a plurality of function specific settings inoperable communication with the controller, wherein each of the plurality of function specific settings provides data to the controller to tune the tunable optical filter to one of the selectable sets of wavelengths; a database of a plurality of function specific signatures in operable communication with the controller; a user input interface, for selecting one of the plurality of function specific settings and one of the plurality of function specific signatures, wherein the controller tunes the tunable optical filter to one of the selectable set of wavelengths of radiation based upon the selected one of the function specific settings and the focal plane array generates a signature based upon a target detected by the focal plane array; a correlator for comparing the signature to the selected one of the plurality of function specific signatures, wherein the selected function specific signatures corresponds to the selected function specific setting and the correlator is in operable communication with the focal plane array and the database of the plurality of function specific signatures, wherein the correlator provides an output indicating whether the signature corresponds to the selected one of the plurality of function specific signatures; and wherein the universal infrared analyzer does not provide a source of illumination to the target.06-16-2011
20120261579ANALOG BASEBAND CIRCUIT FOR A TERAHERTZ PHASED ARRAY SYSTEM - A method for determining the position of a target is provided. Several emitted pulses of terahertz radiations are emitted from a phased array (which has several transceivers) in consecutive cycles (typically). These emitted pulses are generally configured to be reflected by a target so as to be received by the phased array within a scan range (which includes a digitization window with several sampling periods). Output signals from each of the transceivers are then combined to generate a combined signal for each cycle. The combined signal in each sampling period within the digitization window for emitted pulses is averaged to generate an averaged signal for each sampling period within the digitization window. These averaged signals are then digitized.10-18-2012
20090166538ADJUSTABLE MOTION DETECTION SENSOR WITH CAM - This invention relates generally to the field of motion detection sensors, and in particular to a system and method for adjusting the position of a printed circuit board relative to a focusing element. The invention includes a housing having a front opening and an interior cavity. A focusing element is located within the front opening and the detector is coupled to a printed circuit board located within the interior cavity. A cover is coupled to the printed circuit board and disposed within the interior cavity. A cam is operatively coupled with the cover and the printed circuit board for adjusting the position of the printed circuit board such that the detector's position is adjusted relative to the focusing element.07-02-2009
20120292514SENSOR DEVICE, SAFETY DEVICE, DOOR AND METHOD FOR MONITORING THE MOVEMENT - A sensor device is proposed for monitoring a mobile moving element, guided in a guide, with respect to undesired collisions of the moving element with an object which is located in a monitoring range, having at least two sensors for sensing the object, wherein the sensors comprise a transmitter and a receiver for emitting and receiving electromagnetic rays, wherein the sensors are arranged one next to the other in such a way that they can be mounted parallel to the guide, and the sensors are also oriented in such a way that the rays emitted by them penetrate the monitoring range. In order to enable improved obstacle recognition, the sensors are embodied as distance sensors for determining the distance from the object. In addition, a safety device, a door and a method for monitoring the movement are proposed.11-22-2012
20130119255Methods and Devices for Clothing Detection about a Wearable Electronic Device - A method in a wearable electronic device of detecting clothing includes: detecting whether the wearable electronic device is coupled to a user, determining whether the wearable electronic device is covered, and adjusting one or more device settings of the wearable electronic device. A secondary check can perform an additional determination of whether the wearable electronic device is covered with clothing. One or more sensors, such as a skin sensor, a tension sensor, an infrared sensor, or microphones, can be used to execute the steps in the wearable electronic device.05-16-2013
20100264313Lighting Techniques for Wirelessly Controlling Lighting Elements - Disclosed are lighting techniques, including systems, apparatus, and methods, that employ optical transmission of two-dimensional control signals to manipulate lighting elements. The lighting apparatus can include a projector with an IR LED array to wirelessly transmit pixel information onto a target space. The pixel information controls lighting elements within the target space. The two-dimensional control signals can includes subareas corresponding to lighting elements in a control array. The lighting elements can be lights of desired wavelengths including infrared and/or visible wavelengths. LEDs can be used as light sources in exemplary embodiments.10-21-2010
20110204237LIGHT SENSORS WITH INFRARED SUPPRESSION - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to light sensors that primarily respond to visible light while suppressing infrared light. Such sensors are especially useful as ambient light sensors because such sensors can be used to provide a spectral response similar to that of a human eye. Embodiments of the present invention are also directed to methods of providing such light sensors, and methods for using such light sensors.08-25-2011
20110204236Super-Miniaturized NDIR Gas Sensor - Two detector elements are optically isolated by having them mounted (die-attached) on the same header so that the thermal tracking of the detectors respectively for the signal and reference channels is close to ideal. Furthermore, such an optical isolation technique or cross-interference suppression between the two detector elements mounted on the same header also allows the use of only one and the same narrow band pass interference filter covering both detectors. Thus the thermal tracking of the filters respectively for the signal and reference channels is also close to perfection as both channels share the same filter.08-25-2011
20120068071FLUORESCENT SINGLE WALLED NANOTUBE/SILICA COMPOSITE MATERIALS - Fluorescent composites of surfactant-wrapped single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) were prepared by exposing suspensions of surfactant-wrapped carbon nanotubes to tetramethylorthosilicate (TMOS) vapor. Sodium deoxycholate (DOC) and sodium dodecylsulphate (SDS) were the surfactants. No loss in emission intensity was observed when the suspension of DOC-wrapped SWNTs were exposed to the TMOS vapors, but about a 50% decrease in the emission signal was observed from the SUS-wrapped SWNTs nanotubes. The decrease in emission was minimal by buffering the SDS/SWNT suspension prior to forming the composite. Fluorescent xerogels were prepared by adding glycerol to the SWNT suspensions prior to TMOS vapor exposure, followed by drying the gels. Fluorescent aerogels were prepared by replacing water in the gels with methanol and then exposing them to supercritical fluid drying conditions. The aerogels can be used for gas sensing.03-22-2012
20120104256VALUE DOCUMENTS AND OTHER ARTICLES HAVING TAGGANTS THAT EXHIBIT DELAYED MAXIMUM INTENSITY EMISSIONS, AND METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR THEIR AUTHENTICATION - Value documents or other articles having authentication features, authentication apparatuses, and methods of authentication are provided that relate to the use of taggants that absorb radiation from an illumination source and emit radiation in a manner that has a maximum intensity occurring a duration of time after the illumination source has been switched off. The taggants include a crystalline composition comprising a host crystal lattice doped with a first rare earth active ion, and in some examples a second rare earth active ion.05-03-2012
20100258729Infrared Repeater System - An infrared sensor includes a photodiode receiving an infrared signal. A first amplifier is connected to the photodiode. A second amplifier is connected to the first amplifier. A DC servo is connected in a feedback loop between the output of the second amplifier and the positive side of the first amplifier. An analog-to-digital signal converter is connected to the second amplifier. An output driver is connected to the analog-to-digital signal converter. The infrared sensor may receive and retransmit an infrared signal and may be incorporated in an infrared repeater system.10-14-2010
20100187420MEASURING APPARATUS USING TERAHERTZ WAVE - A measuring apparatus measures a time-domain waveform of THz wave pulse by time-domain spectroscopy. The apparatus includes a detector for detecting THz wave pulse containing a signal component at frequency fs, a small signal detector for detecting the signal component at frequency fs of a signal supplied from the detecting portion, with a time constant τ, and an integrator. The integrator is connected to an output stage of the small signal detector to integrate signals supplied from the small signal detector, and has a time constant below the time constant τ and over 1/(207-29-2010
20100237248LOOKDOWN ZONE MASK FOR INTRUSION DETECTOR - An apparatus for enabling and disabling a lookdown zone mask in an intrusion detector unit. The unit may include a passive infrared motion detector, a lens assembly, and a mask or cover which selectively enables and disables a lookdown zone associated with the detector. The lens assembly provides a lens proximate the detector. The lens provides the lookdown zone. When the mask substantially covers the lens, the lookdown zone is disabled because the path of radiant energy to the detector is blocked and prevents the detector from detecting any motion in the lookdown zone. When the mask does not cover the lens, the lookdown zone is enabled because the lens permits the path of radiant energy to the detector through the lens and allows the detector to detect any motion in the lookdown zone.09-23-2010
20110057109MONOCHROMATIC WAVELENGTH VARIABLE TERAHERTZ WAVE GENERATION/DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - To provide a monochromatic wavelength variable terahertz wave generation/detection system that has high detection sensitivity at room temperature and that can quickly operate at the same time, excitation light of monochromatic wavelength generated from one excitation light source is inputted to a wavelength variable terahertz wave source and a nonlinear light conversion terahertz wave detector through an excitation light phase control optical system shown below. The excitation light phase control optical system includes, on a light path of the excitation light, an optical element capable of simultaneously changing an incidence angle of the excitation light to a generation point of a terahertz wave in the wavelength variable terahertz wave source and an incidence angle of the excitation light to an incidence point of the terahertz wave in the nonlinear light conversion terahertz wave detector to set both the generation point and the incidence point at the same time on the focal points in a confocal optical system.03-10-2011
20130187051FREQUENCY MULTIPLEXED SUPERCONDUCTING NANOWIRE PHOTON DETECTORS - A photon detection system with improved high-speed performance. An array of photon detectors is provided, providing transient responses that indicate both a time and a location of photon detection. Each photon detector may use a superconducting nanowire, arranged as part of a resonant cell to have a unique resonant frequency. Upon detection of even a single photon, a resonant cell may create a transient response comprising its unique resonant frequency. The transient responses may be combined on a single readout line, allowing identification of the photon detection location based on a detected frequency component read out. The electrical properties within resonant cells, as well as the connections between different resonant cells, may be configured to produce different transient responses. For example, resonant cells may be configured to produce a transient response having multiple pulses, which may separately indicate a time and a location of a photon detection.07-25-2013
20100127175MICROMECHANICAL INFRARED SENSOR AND EVALUATION CONCEPT - A sensor for detecting electromagnetic radiation, having a detection element; and at least one electrode; the detection element and the at least one electrode forming a variable capacitor, and a change in the capacitance of the capacitor being caused by the detected electromagnetic radiation.05-27-2010
20110024632METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING ORGANIC MATERIALS AND OBJECTS FROM MULTISPECTRAL REFLECTED LIGHT - The present invention is a method of determining the presence of keratin, particularly hard keratin, such as exists in mammalian hair and feathers, and objects comprising such materials. The method of the present invention also includes displaying information derived from such a determination, as well as a measurement method followed by transmission of data to a remote processing site for analysis or display. The invention also includes devices for carrying out the determination, display and/or transmission.02-03-2011
20110024631MOTION SENSOR MOUNTING CONFIGURATION - A method of mounting a sensor in a region includes mounting at least one motion sensor within a region. The at least one motion sensor has a detection area, and has a central axis of detection within the detection area. The at least one motion sensor is oriented so that the central axis of detection diagonally intersects a floor of the region at an angle within a range of 20°-70°.02-03-2011
20110031402INFRARED OPTICAL GAS-MEASURING DEVICE - A first, upper slotted disk (02-10-2011
20110042570Absorption Biased NDIR Gas Sensing Methodology - An NDIR gas sensor and methodology use an absorption bias between signal and reference outputs to determine sample concentration of a gas being measured. The absorption bias is created by using a signal channel in a sample chamber with a signal path length that is greater than a reference path length of a reference channel in the sample chamber while both the signal and reference detectors have an identical narrow band pass filter with the same Center Wavelength (“CWL”), Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) and transmittance efficiency at the CWL. Performance is improved when the reference detector and the signal detector share a common thermal platform that can also be shared by the sample chamber and the infrared source.02-24-2011
20110114842Infrared photocurrent front-end ADC for rain-sensing system with ambient light compensation - Systems and methods for a front-end circuit receiving a current from a photodiode receiving a signal light and ambient light have been disclosed. In a preferred embodiment the front-end circuit accommodates a photo diode current, generated by a signal light from an infrared LED diode in presence of a current generated by ambient light for a rain-sensing system. The circuit invented has a high dynamic range comprising a programmable transresistance amplifier, a switched capacitor programmable gain amplifier and a switched capacitor fourth-order oversampled sigma-delta ND converter including an optimized digital filter. Furthermore coarse and fine IDACs are used to successively subtract a current generated by ambient light.05-19-2011
20100163731ENCLOSURE DOOR STATUS DETECTION - Enclosure door status may be detected. Light may be transmitted from a first component. The light may be received at a second component when a door is in a substantially closed position. The door may be mounted on a structure wherein an angle of incidence between the light transmitted from the first component and the second component increases proportionally to an angle of incidence between the door and the structure. The door may be determined to be in an open position when a light intensity received at the second component is less than a predetermined light intensity value that corresponds to a predetermined angle of incidence between the door and the structure. The first component may comprise a low divergence light emitting diode (LED) transmitter that may be configured to transmit light at a wavelength of approximately 950 nm. The second component may comprise a low profile silicon photodiode.07-01-2010
20120119090READOUT INTEGRATED CIRCUIT FOR INFRARED SIGNAL AND METHOD OF READING OUT INFRARED SIGNAL - There is provided a readout integrated circuit for an infrared signal that is able to operate at low power and reduce a pixel pitch without the use of a skimming capacitor.05-17-2012
20110248171APPARATUS WITH OPTICAL FUNCTIONALITY AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a sensor integrated circuit (IC). The at least one integrated photodetector that is adapted to sense light, and an integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is coupled to the at least one integrated photodetector, and is adapted to convert an output signal of one or more of the at least one integrated photodetector to one or more digital signals. The sensor integrated circuit (IC) further includes an integrated controller that is adapted to facilitate operation of the sensor integrated circuit (IC).10-13-2011
20100264314Lighting Techniques for Wirelessly Controlling Lighting Elements - Disclosed are lighting techniques, including systems, apparatus, and methods, that employ optical transmission of two-dimensional control signals to manipulate lighting elements. The lighting apparatus can include a projector with an IR LED array to wirelessly transmit pixel information onto a target space. The pixel information controls lighting elements within the target space. The two-dimensional control signals can includes subareas corresponding to lighting elements in a control array. The lighting elements can be lights of desired wavelengths including infrared and/or visible wavelengths. LEDs can be used as light sources in exemplary embodiments.10-21-2010
20110248172APPARATUS WITH OPTICAL FUNCTIONALITY AND POWER MANAGEMENT AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a sensor integrated circuit (IC) that is adapted for ambient light sensing (ALS) and/or proximity detection. The sensor integrated circuit (IC) includes an integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that is adapted to convert at least one signal related to ambient light sensing (ALS) and/or proximity detection to at least one digital signal, and an integrated light emitting diode (LED) driver that is adapted to drive at least one LED. The sensor IC also includes an integrated power management unit (PMU) that is adapted to reduce power dissipation of the sensor IC by running at a low duty cycle the integrated LED driver and the integrated ADC.10-13-2011
20110248170METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SPECTRALLY-CORRECTED AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR - In one embodiment, a method includes receiving outputs from multiple photodetectors, calculating a first ratio between first and second such outputs, calculating a second ratio between the first output and a difference corresponding to a flicker noise component obtained from the second output, and determining a contribution from multiple illumination types based at least in part on the first and second ratios. The method may also include obtaining multiple correction coefficients based at least in part on the determined contribution, and in turn determining an ambient light type present in proximity to the photodetectors using the correction coefficients and the first and second outputs.10-13-2011
20100264315HYDROCARBON CONCENTRATION MEASURING APPARATUS AND HYDROCARBON CONCENTRATION MEASURING METHOD - This invention provides a hydrocarbon concentration measuring apparatus, which, even when the concentration and composition of hydrocarbons contained in an object gas to be measured vary, can measure the concentration of the hydrocarbons with good response and good accuracy, and a hydrocarbon measuring method. Light with a waveband including a common absorption region, which is absorbed by a single or a plurality of chemical species, is applied to the object gas by an infrared irradiation equipment. The light applied to the object gas is detected with a line sensor. The absorbance in the common absorption region of the object gas is computed with an analyzer based on the detected light. The sum of concentrations of chemical species, which absorb light in the waveband in the common absorption region, in the single or plurality of chemical species contained in the object gas, is computed with the analyzer based on the absorbance.10-21-2010
20100294937MULTIPOINT SENSING SYSTEM - A self-powered energy harvesting unit/controller receives motion data from one or more self-powered sensors via low power wire. The energy harvesting unit sends signals wirelessly to a system to perform certain functions as a result of received motion signals or the absence of such motion signals.11-25-2010
20110260063CHARACTERIZATION OF PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF A SOLID - Procedure for determining the physicochemical properties of solids, wherein a solid is subjected to near-infrared spectroscopy, with simultaneously determining at least two characterization properties of the solid (FIG. 10-27-2011
20110168896METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MEASURING ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE - A waveform acquiring unit acquires a time waveform of an electromagnetic wave. The time waveform is decomposed into wavelet expansion coefficients by wavelet transform. Influence levels of the respective wavelet expansion coefficients to a spectrum are calculated. The wavelet expansion coefficients are weighted based on at least the influence levels of the wavelet expansion coefficients to the spectrum. The weighted wavelet expansion coefficients are converted into time waveforms by inverse wavelet transform. Thus, the time waveforms that holds spectrum information needed for spectroscopic analysis and has a reduced noise is provided.07-14-2011
20080217539Detection beyond the standard radiation noise limit using reduced emissivity and optical cavity coupling - The present invention provides thermal detectors having an optical cavity that is optimized to couple light into a sensor. Light that is on resonance is coupled with the sensor with as high as 100% efficiency, while light off resonance is substantially reflected away. Light that strikes the sensor from the sides (i.e. not on the optical cavity axis) only interacts minimally with sensor because of the reduced absorption characteristics of the sensor. Narrowband sensors in accordance with the present invention can gain as much as 100% of the signal from one direction and spectral band, while receiving only a fraction of the normal radiation noise, which originates from all spectral bands and directions.09-11-2008
20110186738LIQUID INSPECTING METHOD AND LIQUID INSPECTING DEVICE - A liquid inspecting method, for inspecting the situation of containing explosives, explosive materials and/or illegal drugs in liquid filled in a light transmitting container, comprises a step for irradiating the liquid with near-infrared light from the outside of the container, a step for receiving near-infrared light transmitted through the liquid or scattered by the liquid, and a step for analyzing the absorption spectrum of received near-infrared light. The situation of containing explosives, explosive materials or illegal drugs in liquid filled in a light transmitting container such as a PET bottle or a glass bottle can be detected quickly and certainly from the outside of the container by providing a liquid inspecting method for analyzing the absorption spectrum, and a liquid inspecting device for use therein.08-04-2011
20100019154IMAGING APPARATUS AND METHODS - Optical imaging structures and methods are disclosed. One structure may be implemented as an imaging pixel having multiple photodetectors. The photodetectors may detect different wavelengths of incident radiation, and may be operated simultaneously or at separate times. An imager may include an imaging array of pixels of the type described. Methods of operating such structures are also described.01-28-2010
20100059680Detector Having Wide Field Of View - A detector having a field of view in elevation on the order of one hundred eighty degrees in one plane and three hundred sixty degrees in a perpendicular plane includes a generally hemispherical lens in combination with an optical frustum. The combination directs incident radiant energy within the field of view onto a centrally located sensor.03-11-2010
20110031403METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INFRARED DETECTION AND DISPLAY - Embodiments of the subject invention relate to a method and apparatus for infrared (IR) detection. Organic layers can be utilized to produce a phototransistor for the detection of IR radiation. The wavelength range of the IR detector can be modified by incorporating materials sensitive to photons of different wavelengths. Quantum dots of materials sensitive to photons of different wavelengths than the host organic material of the absorbing layer of the phototransistor can be incorporated into the absorbing layer so as to enhance the absorption of photons having wavelengths associated with the material of the quantum dots. A photoconductor structure can be used instead of a phototransistor. The photoconductor can incorporate PbSe or PbS quantum dots. The photoconductor can incorporate organic materials and part of an OLED structure. A detected IR image can be displayed to a user. Organic materials can be used to create an organic light-emitting device.02-10-2011
20120032081TERAHERTZ-WAVE DEVICE, METHOD OF GENERATING AND DETECTING TERAHERTZ-WAVES WITH THE DEVICE, AND IMAGING APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH THE DEVICE - A terahertz-wave generating device including an optical waveguide containing an electrooptic crystal includes: first and second optical waveguides through which first and second light beams respectively propagate; a propagation portion through which a first terahertz wave propagates, the first terahertz wave being generated from the second optical waveguide in a direction different from a direction of the second light beam; and a delay portion arranged at incidence sides of the first and second light beams and configured to delay the first light beam relative to the second light beam. The first optical waveguide and the second optical waveguide are arranged with the propagation portion interposed therebetween. A first equiphase surface of the first terahertz wave is substantially aligned with a second equiphase surface of a second terahertz wave generated from the first optical waveguide in a direction different from a direction of the first light beam.02-09-2012
20100001189METHODS OF RAPID PHASE MODULATION OF THZ RADIATION FOR HIGH SPEED THZ IMAGING, SPECTROSCOPY, AND COMMUNICATIONS DEVICES AND SYSTEMS - Rapid, voltage controlled phase modulation of continuous wave THz radiation is demonstrated. By transmitting an infrared laser beam through a phase modulator, the phase of the THz radiation which is generated by the photomixing of two infrared beams can be directly modulated through a 2π phase shift. The 01-07-2010
20110315880TERAMOS-TERAHERTZ THERMAL SENSOR AND FOCAL PLANE ARRAY - A TeraMOS sensor based on a CMOS-SOI-MEMS transistor, thermally isolated by the MEMS post-processing, designed specifically for the detection of THz radiation which may be directly integrated with the CMOS-SOI readout circuitry, in order to achieve a breakthrough in performance and cost. The TeraMOS sensor provides a low-cost, high performance THz passive or active imaging system (roughly in the range of 0.5-1.5 THz) by combining several leading technologies: Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)-Silicon on Insulator (SOI), Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and photonics. An array of TeraMOS sensors, integrated with readout circuitry and driving and supporting circuitry provides a monolithic focal plane array or imager. This imager is designed in a commercial CMOS-SOI Fab and the MEMS micromachining is provided as post-processing step in order to reduce cost. Thus the CMOS transistors and technology provide the sensors as well as the signal processing and additional readout circuitry both in the pixels as well as around the sensor array.12-29-2011
20120001073IR Detector System and Method - An Infra Red detector system and method is disclosed that implements a digital coordinate generator onto a 2D focal plane array infrared detector. The method used in this form of the invention by the IR detector system, generates X-Y coordinate data for pixels containing detected target data. Advantageously, it reduces subsequent signal post processing required to generate the same data using numerical processing techniques in software and the latency that this introduces.01-05-2012
20120006989INFRARED TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT AND STABILIZATION THEREOF - Infrared (IR) temperature measurement and stabilization systems, and methods related thereto are provided. The innovation actively stabilizes temperatures of objects in proximity and within the path between an infrared (IR) sensor and target object. A temperature monitor and controller are employed to regulate power to resistive temperature devices (RTDs) thereby regulating current (and power) to the RTDs. As a result, temperatures of IR visible objects can be actively stabilized for changes, for example, changes in ambient temperatures, resulting in efficient and accurate temperature readings.01-12-2012
20090152470DEVICE FOR DETECTING AN ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION COMPRISING A RESISTIVE IMAGING BOLOMETER, SYSTEM COMPRISING A MATRIX OF SUCH DEVICES AND METHOD FOR READING AN IMAGING BOLOMETER OF SUCH A SYSTEM - The invention relates to a device for detecting an electromagnetic radiation comprising a resistive imaging bolometer sensitive to the electromagnetic radiation to be detected, intended to be connected electrically to a signal shaping circuit, and a resistive common mode rejection bolometer that is associated electrically with the imaging bolometer, so that the current flowing through the common mode rejection bolometer is subtracted from the current flowing through the imaging bolometer, wherein it comprises means for controlling the resistance of the common mode rejection bolometer by injecting current therein.06-18-2009
20110062339System and Method for Analysis of Ultrasonic Power Coupling During Acoustic Thermography - A system and method of performing acoustic thermography in which invalid data is filtered from data used to detect defects on a structure. An ultrasonic sound input signal is provided to a structure to produce a thermal image output. A sensor senses an input energy corresponding to the sound input signal and produces an input energy signal. The input energy signal is transformed to a test spectrum and is compared to a reference spectrum. The comparison of the test spectrum to the reference spectrum is used to determine whether to include the thermal image output in an analysis for detecting defects in the structure.03-17-2011
20120161008THERMOELECTRIC CONVERSION DEVICE, AND RADIATION DETECTOR AND RADIATION DETECTION METHOD USING THE SAME - A radiation detector including a substrate; a first inclined thin film disposed on a first main surface of the substrate, and having crystal planes serving as a factor in inducing anisotropy; a second inclined thin film disposed on a second main surface of the substrate opposite to the first main surface, and having crystal planes serving as a factor in inducing anisotropy; a first electrode pair of electrodes disposed on the first inclined thin film, the electrodes being opposed to each other in a direction in which the crystal planes of the first inclined thin film are aligned inclined to the first main surface; and a second electrode pair of electrodes disposed on the second inclined thin film, the electrodes being opposed to each other in a direction in which the crystal planes of the second inclined thin film are aligned inclined to the second main surface.06-28-2012
20120248313SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING AND/OR IDENTIFYING MATERIALS - One embodiment of the invention includes a material detection system. The system includes a sensor system configured to collect radiation from a region of interest. The collected radiation can include a plurality of frequency bands. The system also includes a processing unit configured to detect a material of interest. The material of interest can be a concealed dielectric material, and the processing unit can be configured to decompose the collected radiation into natural resonance signals to analyze the natural resonance signals to detect an anomaly corresponding to the concealed dielectric material based on wave characteristics of the natural resonance signals. The processing unit could also include processing layers associated with the plurality of frequency bands for detecting and identifying the material of interest based on wave characteristics associated with each of the plurality of frequency bands of the collected radiation.10-04-2012
20090057559DISTANCE ADJUSTING APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND OBJECT EXAMINING APPARATUS AND METHOD - In apparatuses and methods for adjusting a distance to an object, or examining an object, by using terahertz radiation, a sensor portion and a distance changing portion are used. The sensor portion includes a generator for generating terahertz radiation, a transmission line for transmitting the terahertz radiation, and a detector for detecting the terahertz radiation transmitted through the transmission line. The distance changing portion is configured to change the distance between the object and the sensor portion. The distance is adjusted based on information of the terahertz radiation detected by the detector. The object is examined based on the information of the terahertz radiation detected by the detector, after the distance is adjusted based on the information of the terahertz radiation detected by the detector. Under a condition of the adjusted distance, leaking electromagnetic field of the terahertz radiation transmitted through the transmission line interacts with the object.03-05-2009
20120175522THERMAL INFRARED SIGNAGE, METHOD OF MAKING AND METHOD OF USE THEREOF FOR INFRARED WEAPON SIGHT CALIBRATION - An improved signage visible by infrared cameras and infrared weapon sights is provided. Particular application is made to the calibration of infrared weapon sights. A method of preparing the signage is disclosed. A method of using the signage for weapon calibration to a desired target is also disclosed.07-12-2012
20120187295METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING A CHARGE BLOCKING LAYER ON AN INFRARED UP-CONVERSION DEVICE - Embodiments of the invention are directed to an improved device for sensing infrared (IR) radiation with upconversion to provide an output of electromagnetic radiation having a shorter wavelength than the incident IR radiation, such as visible light. The device comprises an anode, a hole blocking layer to separate an IR sensing layer from the anode, an organic light emitting layer that is separated from the anode by the IR sensing layer, and a cathode. The hole blocking layer assures that when a potential is applied between the anode and the cathode the organic light emitting layer generates electromagnetic radiation only when the IR sensing layer is irradiated with IR radiation.07-26-2012
20110121182Methods, Systems and Devices for Crosstalk Measurement and Cancellation in Optical Proximity Sensors - Various embodiments of a optical proximity sensor and corresponding methods of measuring crosstalk in the sensor are disclosed. The amount of crosstalk generated between the light emitter and the light detector of an optical proximity sensor is measured and quantified according to one of two methods. The measured crosstalk may then be stored in a register or memory location and then subtracted from signals representative of signals indicative of the nearby presence of an object to be detected combined with crosstalk, thereby removing so the contribution or effect of crosstalk on such signals.05-26-2011
20120318984METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MEASUREMENT WITH AN IR IMAGING DEVICE - The present invention relates to a method and device for measuring at least two properties of an object, for some embodiments, said device comprising a measuring device for measuring at least one physical property of an object and an infrared imaging device for measuring at least one thermal property of an object, and wherein said first measuring device and said infrared imaging device are arranged to be synchronized to perform simultaneous measurements of the object.12-20-2012
20120298869PROXIMITY SENSING APPARATUS AND SENSING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention discloses a proximity sensing apparatus and a method thereof. The proximity sensing apparatus comprises a panel, a first light-emitting unit, a second light-emitting unit and a sensing unit. The panel comprises a plurality of transparent areas. The first light-emitting unit is located at one side of the panel and emits a plurality of first light signals through one of the transparent areas. The second light-emitting unit is located at the same side as the first light-emitting unit of the panel and emits a plurality of second light signals through one of the transparent areas. The sensing unit is located at the same side as the first light-emitting unit of the panel and senses the reflected first light signals or the reflected second light signals reflected by an object. Wherein, the sensing unit is closer to the first light-emitting unit than to the second light-emitting unit.11-29-2012
20090242771Non-invasive qualitative measurement of chemistry of blood and bodily fluids - Mid-IR spectrometer with no moving parts, which is small and compact, low power consuming, and can monitor blood sugar (glucose) and other blood and bodily fluid analytes on a continuing basis. It has many applications in the health, forensic, environmental and other areas.10-01-2009
20100230597Thermal Profiling To Validate Electronic Device Authenticity - Counterfeit electronic devices are detected by comparing a thermal profile of the counterfeit device and an authentic device under predetermined operating conditions. A thermal profile for an authentic electronic device is recorded executing an instruction set over time, such as with static infrared images at predetermined times, video infrared images over a predetermined time period or temperature measurements made at predetermined locations of the electronic device. In one embodiment, a thermal profile indicates that a processor device has been used in the place of a field programmable grid array device. In an alternative embodiment, an electromagnetic profile is detected instead of or in addition to the thermal profile. The electromagnetic profile of an authentic device is used to create an expected profile for comparison with an electromagnetic profile of electronic devices under test.09-16-2010
20130015355METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PEOPLE COUNTING USING PASSIVE INFRARED DETECTORSAANM NOONE; David R.AACI Delray BeachAAST FLAACO USAAGP NOONE; David R. Delray Beach FL USAANM BERGMAN; Adam S.AACI Boca RatonAAST FLAACO USAAGP BERGMAN; Adam S. Boca Raton FL USAANM LYNCH; Robert KevinAACI GreenacresAAST FLAACO USAAGP LYNCH; Robert Kevin Greenacres FL US - A method and system for detecting an object transiting an interrogation zone of an electronic article surveillance (“EAS”) system and determining whether the object is a person entering or exiting the facility in order to increment a corresponding counter. A first zone detector detects motion in a first zone. The first zone detector can be a first passive infrared (“PIR”) detector. A second zone detector detects motion in a second zone different from the first zone. The second zone detector can be a second PIR detector. A processor is in communication with the first and second zone detectors in which the processor receives data from the first and second zone detectors to determine whether to increment a count value based at least in part on the received data.01-17-2013
20120326040PIXEL, PIXEL ARRAY, IMAGE SENSOR INCLUDING THE SAME, METHOD FOR OPERATING THE IMAGE SENSOR - Disclosed are a pixel, a pixel array, an image sensor including the same, and a method for operating the image sensor. Charges are eliminated from a first photoelectric conversion region of a photoelectric conversion section, and accumulated into the first photoelectric conversion region. Information about quantity of the charges of the first photoelectric conversion region is output, and charges are removed from a second photoelectric conversion region of the photoelectric conversion section. Accumulation of charges into the second photoelectric conversion region is started, and then information about quantity of the charges accumulated in the second photoelectric conversion region is output.12-27-2012
20080251725IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS, IMAGE DISPLAY SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE IMAGE PICKUP APPARATUS - An image pickup apparatus includes an irradiation unit for radiating, to an object, light having a plurality of wavelength regions, and an image pickup unit for picking up an image that is obtained when the light having the wavelength regions is radiated by the irradiation unit and an image that is obtained when the light is not radiated by the irradiation unit. Based on both images, a wavelength region from among the wavelength regions is determined in which the intensity of external light is low. The irradiation unit is then controlled to radiate light having an increased emission intensity for the light having the wavelength region in which the intensity of external light is low.10-16-2008
20130168552Infrared Light Detecting Apparatus and Detecting Method Thereof - An infrared light detecting device and the infrared detecting method thereof. The device comprises a shield, a first photo detector and a second photo detector. The shield for blocking light is located above the first photo detector and the second photo detector. An opening is disposed on the shield above the first photo detector. In addition, there is a gap arranged between the first photo detector and the second photo detector. The first photo detector can detect the light passing through the opening to generate a photo sensing signal and couple an infrared light signal in the photo sensing signal to the second photo detector in order to output the infrared light signal.07-04-2013
20130112878APPARATUS AND METHODS OF INFRARED SIGNAL PROCESSING FOR MOTION DETECTORS - An apparatus and method of processing signals from a passive infrared sensor evaluates energy of received signals. An integration or accumulation process can be used to provide an indicator of signal energy. This indicator can be compared to a predetermined alarm threshold to determine if an alarm indication should be generated.05-09-2013
20100276596Output ratio adjusting method for optic sensor - A method for adjusting output ratio of an optic sensor includes the following steps: measuring and obtaining a response spectrum of the optic sensor; analyzing optic response ratios of the response spectrum at different wavelengths; designing a ratio of light reception areas of the optic sensor, the design being carried out in accordance with three aspects of “the response spectrum” “a fixed proportional relationship being present between multiplication of the optic response ratio and the light reception area and an output of light current” and “a proportional relationship being present between the light reception area and the output of the light current”; and obtaining light current outputs of identical proportions (such as 1:1:1) or in a desired ratio (meaning any arbitrary ratio other than 1:1:1, such as 1:2:1, 1:2:3, or 3:4:5) in accordance with the design of the previous step.11-04-2010
20130099122APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SENSING TEMPERATURE - A temperature sensing apparatus and method are described to detect a change in a frequency due to a change in a temperature. An infrared light sensing apparatus and method are also provided. The temperature sensing apparatus may include an electrode to generate an electrical signal, a piezoelectric layer to convert the electrical signal into an acoustic wave, and a temperature sensitive layer formed by doping impurities in one or more structures formed on a substrate. Additionally, the infrared light sensing apparatus may convert into heat infrared light incident to an infrared light absorption layer, using an infrared light reflection layer and the infrared light absorption layer. A temperature sensitive layer may detect a change in a resonant frequency based on a change in a temperature of the heat, and may detect a change in infrared light based on the change in the resonant frequency.04-25-2013
20110248169Light Activated Configuration of Environmentally Sealed Metering Products - A metering device and a method for reconfiguring the device to satisfy those regulatory agencies that require that a metering device be disassembled in some way prior to allowing any reconfiguration of the device, but do so without breaking or otherwise affecting the environmental sealing of the device.10-13-2011
20090121139MATRIX THERMAL IMAGE SENSOR WITH BOLOMETRIC PIXEL AND METHOD OF REDUCING SPATIAL NOISE - The invention relates to matrix image sensors of the bolometric type, in which each pixel comprises a bolometric resistor whose value varies according to the thermal flow received by the pixel. The resistor is biased by a bias voltage of value Vpol. The current that passes through it is compensated for by a compensation current Icomp, the difference between these currents being integrated in order to produce a measurement signal. The bias voltage (or the compensation current) is adjusted pixel by pixel, for example during a calibration phase, so that all the pixels have an apparent identical sensitivity despite the dispersion of the nominal value of the bolometric resistor. The adjustment is carried out in an analogue manner by storing an individual voltage specific to each pixel in a sensitivity trimmer capacitor specific to this pixel. The capacitor acts directly on the adjustment of the bias voltage or on other parameters playing a role in the sensitivity of the pixel (integration time for example). The spatial noise is thereby considerably reduced.05-14-2009
20100308223APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ACQUIRING TIME WAVEFORM OF TERAHERTZ WAVES - A method for acquiring an accurate time waveform of terahertz waves includes: acquiring a first time waveform by using a first delay portion with a first difference in length of the optical paths in the second delay portion, using a second delay portion to change the first difference in length of the optical paths to a second difference in length of the optical paths that is different from the first difference in length of the optical paths, acquiring a second time waveform by using the first delay portion with the second difference in length of the optical paths, adjusting the acquired first and second time waveforms in accordance with a predetermined differences in length of the optical paths based on the first and second differences in length of the optical paths, and averaging the first and second time waveforms according to the predetermined difference in length of the optical paths.12-09-2010
20100314546FAST RADIATION DETECTORS - A radiation detector (12-16-2010
20110272584METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DETECTING TERAHERTZ RADIATION BY RADIATION ENHANCED EMISSION OF FLUORESCENCE - Methods and systems for detecting radiation, particularly, terahertz (THz) radiation, are disclosed. The methods and systems disclosed include directing an optical beam in a volume of gas; ionizing at least a portion of the volume of gas with the optical beam to produce a plasma; and detecting a fluorescence produced from an interaction of a radiation wave with the plasma. The information contained in the characteristics of the detected fluorescence, for example, the amplitude and/or phase are used to characterize the radiation wave. Aspects of the invention may be used for homeland security, medicine, and astronomy, among other fields.11-10-2011
20110303848Method and Apparatus for Electromagnetic Detection for Use in the Manufacture of Fibrous Web - An apparatus for measuring parameters, such as moisture content or basis weight, of a fibrous web, e.g. paper or non-wovens, comprises optical elements and a wavelength selection device for selectively directing a beam of electromagnetic radiation comprising wavelengths in at least the mid infrared (MIR) spectral range through the web; an element, such as a beam stop, arranged in the path of electromagnetic radiation emerging from the web, for separating directly transmitted from scattered electromagnetic radiation; a collector for collecting the scattered radiation; and at least one detector for detecting the scattered radiation collected by the collector.12-15-2011
20130193326NON-LINEAR CALIBRATION OF NIGHT VISION MICROBOLOMETER - An apparatus and method for reducing nonlinearity artifacts in an IR imaging system applies a non-linear correcting function to signals received from a microbolometer. The non-linear correcting function can be a second-order polynomial, a third-order polynomial, some other formula, or a table from which corrections can be interpolated. In embodiments, the correcting function is automatically adjusted according to an ambient temperature measurement, to which a non-linear correction can be applied, either in a separate step or as an adjustment to the correcting function applied to the microbolometer signals.08-01-2013
20120056091AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR WITH REDUCED SENSITIVITY TO NOISE FROM INFRARED SOURCES - Systems and methods are provided for detecting ambient light with reduced sensitivity to infrared sources. An electronic device may include an infrared sensor, an ambient light sensor, a decoder, and a processor. The infrared sensor may detect an intensity of infrared light. The ambient light sensor may be configured to detect incident light and to generate an electronic signal indicative of an intensity of visible light. The decoder may be configured to receive the intensity of infrared light and to generate an intensity of decoded infrared light. The processor, which may be coupled to the decoder and the ambient light sensor, may be configured to substitute an alternate electronic signal for the electronic signal if the intensity of infrared light exceeds a threshold amount.03-08-2012
20120074324GAS EXCHANGE SYSTEM FLOW CONFIGURATION - System flow path designs that minimize the impact of gas diffusion sources and sinks. By reducing the magnitude of parasitic sources and sinks, lower rates of photosynthesis and transpiration can be more accurately measured, e.g., without the need for extensive empirical compensation. According to one aspect, a sensor head for use in a gas exchange analysis system includes a sample chamber defining a measurement volume for analysis of a sample, the sample chamber having an inlet and an outlet, and a flow splitting mechanism located proximal to the sample chamber, the mechanism configured to split a gas flow received at an input port from a remote source to a first output port and to a second output port, wherein the first output port is coupled with the inlet of the sample chamber. The sensor head also typically includes a first gas analyzer coupled with the outlet of the sample chamber and configured to measure a concentration of one or more gases, and a second gas analyzer coupled with the second output port of the flow splitting mechanism and configured to measure a concentration of the one or more gases. Advantageously, gas diffusion sources and sinks are reduced due to the proximity of the flow splitting mechanism with the sample chamber and gas analyzers. This advantageously reduces measurement error associated with or attributable to gas diffusion sources and sinks. The proximity advantage derives from minimizing the joints, gaskets, fittings, tubing lengths, and materials all prone or susceptible to gas diffusion.03-29-2012

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