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With selection of plural discrete wavelengths or bands

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250 - Radiant energy


250338100 - Infrared responsive

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250339060 With radiation source 124
250339020 Including detector array 13
250339050 With additional noninfrared wavelengths 8
250339140 Detecting infrared emissive objects 7
250339040 Including temperature determining means 5
20090072145Nanowire multispectral imaging array - A multispectral imaging array system and method of forming the same. A substrate and a group of antennas can be located with respect to one another on the substrate, such that respective gaps are formed between each antenna group and wherein different antenna sizes may be used for different spectral ranges. Additionally, one or more nanowires can be located within one or more gaps among the respective gaps, such that the nanowires in communication with the antennas and the substrate comprise a multispectral imaging system in which the use of the nanowire(s) decreases the thermal time constant and therefore the read out rate from the antennas while decreasing the ambient gas cooling speed relative to the read out rate to increase the manufacturability of the multispectral imaging array system.03-19-2009
20080210872Radiometry Using an Uncooled Microbolometer Detector - An infra-red imaging camera comprises focusing optics for gathering infra-red energy from an external scene, and an uncooled and unshielded detector arranged to detect infra red energy. Internal temperature sensing together with approximation of the temperature response of the camera provides a time varying calibration that allows the infra-red energy received at the detector to be used as a temperature measurement for objects in the camera's field of view.09-04-2008
20110108730METHOD FOR THE NON-INVASIVE OPTIC DETERMINATION OF THE TEMPERATURE OF A MEDIUM - Disclosed is a method for the non-invasive optic determination of the temperature of a medium, preferably a water-containing medium, wherein the medium to be analyzed is illuminated by infrared and/or visible light in the region of an absorption line, the position of which depends on the temperature of the medium, and wherein absorption of the light in the region of the absorption line is measured and the temperature is determined from said measurement by comparison with calibration data. Said method is characterized in that the medium is illuminated with at least two discrete light wavelengths (λ05-12-2011
20090250613Chemically-Selective Detector and Methods Relating Thereto - In accordance with certain embodiments of the present disclosure, a method for adjusting the spectral detectivity of a thermal detector is described. The method includes coating the light sensitive portion of a thermal detector with a first material to reduce the response of the detector. The first material is coated with a second material that is thermally thin and has spectral absorption characteristics. The second material is coated with a third material that is thermally thick, whereby the spectral absorbance of the second material as filtered by the third material primarily determines the thermal conversion of the thermal detector.10-08-2009
20120153157SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING SPALL WITHIN A TURBINE ENGINE - In one embodiment, a system includes a multi-spectral pyrometry system configured to receive a broad wavelength band radiation signal from a turbine component, to split the broad wavelength band radiation signal into multiple narrow wavelength band radiation signals, to determine emissivity of the turbine component based on the narrow wavelength band radiation signals, and to detect spall on a surface of the turbine component based on the emissivity.06-21-2012
250339030 Including temperature control means 1
20120012750THERMOGRAPHY BASED SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING COUNTERFEIT DRUGS - The invention relates to a thermography IR system for determining the authenticity of a pharmaceutical product, the system comprises: (a) a thermography IR apparatus for: (a.1) acquiring at predefined controlled conditions an authenticity signature of an authentic pharmaceutical product, said authenticity signature comprises at least one thermography image of said authentic product, each of said images describes the distribution over said product of the IR radiation in an MWIR or LWIR spectrum as a function of temperature and emissivity; (a.2) storing said acquired authenticity signature in a memory; and (a.3) for a tested pharmaceutical product that corresponds to said authentic product, and whose authenticity is suspected, acquiring at same predefined controlled conditions a test signature, said test signature also comprises at least one thermography image of said tested product, each of said images describes the distribution over said test product of the IR radiation in an MWIR or LWIR spectrum as a function of temperature and emissivity; and (b) a comparison unit for comparing between said authenticity signature and said test signature.01-19-2012
20080315102INFRARED SPECTROMETER - Method and apparatus for detecting, by absorption spectroscopy, an isotopic ratio of a sample, by passing first and second laser beams of different frequencies through the sample. Two IR absorption cells are used, a first containing a reference gas of known isotopic ratio and the second containing a sample of unknown isotopic ratio. An interlacer or reflective chopper may be used so that as the laser frequencies are scanned the absorption of the sample cell and the reference cell are detected alternately. This ensures that the apparatus is continuously calibrated and rejects the baseline noise when phase sensitive detection is used.12-25-2008
20090314942Method and apparatus for detecting organic materials and objects from multispectral reflected light - The present invention is a method of determining the presence of keratin, particularly hard keratin, such as exists in mammalian hair and feathers, and objects comprising such materials. The method of the present invention also includes displaying information derived from such a determination, as well as a measurement method followed by transmission of data to a remote processing site for analysis or display. The invention also includes devices for carrying out the determination, display and/or transmission.12-24-2009
20130214162System and Method for Detecting Unknown Materials Using Short Wave Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging - A system and method for analyzing unknown materials on surfaces including, but not limited to, chemical materials, biological materials, hazardous materials, drug materials, and non-threat materials using SWIR and/or extended range SWIR hyperspectral and spectroscopic techniques. A system comprising a collection optics, a tunable filter, and a first detector for generating a test data set representative of the unknown sample. A second detector, comprising a visible imaging device, may be configured to operate in a scanning mode to locate areas of interest for further interrogation using SWIR. A method comprising generating a SWIR test data set representative of the unknown sample and analyzing the unknown sample to detect, identify and/or distinguish an unknown material as a known material. This analysis may be achieved by comparing the test data set to a reference data set using at least one chemometric technique.08-22-2013
20110024629ANALYSIS OF SUBSTRATES HAVING AGENTS DEPOSITED THEREON - Improved analytical, diagnostic, monitoring, and other methods (and their associated devices) for evaluating the extent of deposition of an agent onto a substrate are described. Exemplary methods may be used in the in the monitoring of the dental health of patients or in the fast, efficient screening and/or characterization of formulations in terms of their use for depositing oral actives onto tooth surfaces. The methods involve the direct or in situ analysis of substrates, onto which agents are deposited, using Near-IR spectroscopy and/or UV spectroscopy.02-03-2011
20110240861ROOM-TEMPERATURE QUANTUM NOISE LIMITED SPECTROMETRY AND METHODS OF THE SAME - In one embodiment, a heterodyne detection system for detecting light includes a first input aperture adapted for receiving first light from a scene input, a second input aperture adapted for receiving second light from a local oscillator input, a broadband local oscillator adapted for providing the second light to the second input aperture, a dispersive element adapted for dispersing the first light and the second light, and a final condensing lens coupled to an infrared detector. The final condensing lens is adapted for concentrating incident light from a primary condensing lens onto the infrared detector, and the infrared detector is a square-law detector capable of sensing the frequency difference between the first light and the second light. More systems and methods for detecting light are described according to other embodiments.10-06-2011
20090114820Image Sensor Having A Variable Aperture And Mono-Color Focal Plane Array For Dual Color Detection - An image sensor is provided that includes a focal plane array; a cold shield having a top wall disposed over the focal plane array and defining an aperture operatively configured to be selectively switched between a first diameter and a second diameter that is larger than the first diameter; and a filter element disposed between the cold shield aperture and the focal plane array. The filter element includes a first band-pass filter and a second band-pass filter. The first band-pass filter is disposed directly beneath the cold shield aperture when the cold shield aperture is switched to the first diameter or the second diameter. The second band-pass filter is covered by the top wall of the cold shield when the cold shield aperture is switched to the first diameter and is disposed directly beneath the cold shield aperture when the cold shield aperture is switched to the second diameter.05-07-2009
20120091345METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR OPTICAL FOCUSING USING NEGATIVE INDEX METAMATERIAL - In an embodiment of methods and systems for optical focusing For laser guided seekers using negative index metamaterial, the methods and systems comprise a light focusing system comprising: a lens comprising a negative index metamaterial to focus at least one selected wavelength while defocusing other wavelengths, and a sensor upon which the lens focuses the selected wavelength.04-19-2012
20110272582INFRARED LIGHT DETECTOR AND PRODUCTION THEREOF - An infrared light detector has a first substrate having a sensor chip thereon that has an exposure surface that can be irradiated with infrared light, the sensor chip converting the incident infrared light into an electrical signal. The infrared light detector also has a second substrate having a window therein that is located adjacent to the exposure surface of the sensor chip, the window masking infrared light of a predetermined wavelength. The size (dimensions) of the window and the distance of the window with respect to the exposure surface are dimensioned to cause infrared light passing through the window to completely strike the exposure area of the sensor chip.11-10-2011
20110309247HANDHELD INFRARED AND RAMAN MEASUREMENT DEVICES AND METHODS - We disclose apparatus that includes: (a) an enclosure including an aperture; (b) a prism mounted in the enclosure so that a surface of the prism is exposed through the aperture; (c) an optical assembly contained within the enclosure, the optical assembly including a radiation source and a radiation detector, the source being configured to direct radiation towards the prism and the detector being configured to detect radiation from the source reflected from the exposed surface of the prism; and (d) an electronic processor contained within the enclosure, the electronic processor being in communication with the detector. The apparatus can be configured so that, during operation, the electronic processor determines information about a sample placed in contact with the exposed surface of the prism based on radiation reflected from the exposed prism surface while it is in contact with the sample.12-22-2011
20130206991SYSTEM FOR SURVEILLANCE OF AN AREA WITHIN WHICH PEOPLE MOVE - A system for surveillance of a delimited area within which people move, wherein at least one hollow optical fibre is configured for extending through the area and is provided throughout its length with a plurality of holes that set an internal channel of the fibre in communication with the outside of the fibre itself. There is provided an optical source configured for supplying the optical signal to one end of the hollow optical fibre and a sensor designed to detect at one end of the hollow optical fibre the optical signal transmitted throughout the length of the fibre itself. A processing unit is configured for examining the spectrum of the optical signal detected by the sensors in order to detect the presence of toxic agents present in the area and drawn into said channel.08-15-2013

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