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250340000 Methods 190
250339010 With selection of plural discrete wavelengths or bands 168
250338400 Semiconducting type 162
250338300 Pyroelectric type 79
250353000 With beam deflector or focussing means 50
250349000 Plural signalling means 42
250343000 With means to transmission-test contained fluent material 25
250338500 With means to analyze uncontained fluent material 22
250352000 With temperature modifying means 18
250347000 With movable beam deflector or focussing means 8
250338200 Ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, photomagnetic types 4
20130126734PIN-COMPATIBLE INFRARED LIGHT DETECTOR HAVING IMPROVED THERMAL STABILITY - An infrared light detector including at least one sensor chip that has a layer element that is produced from a pyroelectrically sensitive material and further has a base electrode and a head electrode, to which the layer element is connected for tapping electric signals generated in the layer element by irradiation of the at least one sensor chip with light. The detector further includes a transimpedance amplifier for amplifying the signals with an operational amplifier, which is asymmetrically operated by a supply voltage source having a positive supply voltage and to the inverting input of which the base electrode is connected. At the voltage supply source, a voltage divider connected to ground is provided with a partial node, to which a partial voltage that is smaller than the supply voltage is applied and which is electrically coupled to the non-inverting input and to the head electrode.05-23-2013
20100051812METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING TERAHERTZ WAVES - A terahertz wave detecting apparatus includes a semiconductor chip 03-04-2010
20130099121INFRARED RAY DETECTION ELEMENT AND INFRARED RAY DETECTION DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - An infrared ray detection element has a plurality of pyroelectric layers that are laminated in a same direction as an incident direction of infrared rays, one or more intermediate electrode layers laminated between the plurality of pyroelectric layers; a front side electrode layer that is laminated on a front side of the pyroelectric layer positioned at a top side; and a back side electrode layer that is laminated on a back side of the pyroelectric layer positioned at a bottom side. The two pyroelectric layers adjacent in a front and back direction are performed with a polarization process such that polarization directions thereof are set to reverse directions to each other.04-25-2013
20130181132INTRUSION DETECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - Disclosed herein is an intrusion detection apparatus which includes an infrared emission unit for emitting infrared beams and an infrared reception unit for receiving the infrared beams. The infrared emission unit adjusts an emission direction in which the infrared beams are emitted based on information received from the infrared reception unit, and adjusts an optical axis which is formed with the infrared reception unit depending on whether infrared beam values corresponding to the adjusted emission direction fall within the normal range. The infrared reception unit adjusts a detection direction in which the infrared beams are detected based on information received from the infrared emission unit, and adjusts an optical axis which is formed with the infrared emission unit depending on whether infrared beam values corresponding to the adjusted detection direction fall within the normal range. The intrusion into a relevant region is detected using the optical axis.07-18-2013
250351000 With periodic beam varying means 3
20100187421RANGEFINDER PIVOTABLE BETWEEN OBVERSE AND REVERSE POSITIONS - A rangefinder, for locating an object moving parallel to a planar surface, is rigidly attached to a carrier that is pivotably movable between an obverse position and a reverse position relative to a planar surface. Preferably, an orienting mechanism is provided for determining which position, obverse or reverse, the carrier and rangefinder are in. Preferably, a pivot, for pivoting the carrier and the rangefinder between the two positions, is rigidly attached either to the plane surface or to an attachment mechanism for reversibly attaching the carrier to the planar surface.07-29-2010
20090212219INFRARED IMAGING OPTICAL SYSTEM WITH VARYING FOCAL LENGTH ACROSS THE FIELD OF VIEW - Provided is an infrared imaging optical system with an advantageously varying focal length across the field of view. More specifically, in a particular embodiment, provided is an inverse telephoto lens group having a field of view on the order of at least two radians. The focal length of the lens group is structured and arranged to vary in a pre-determined fashion across the field of view. An IR detector is optically coupled to the inverse telephoto lens group. A pupil is disposed between the IR detector and the inverse telephoto lens group.08-27-2009
20100230599OPTICAL RANGING SENSOR AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An optical ranging sensor includes an infrared LED encapsulated in a first light-permeable resin section, a light receiving device encapsulated in a second light-permeable resin section, a light-shielding resin member in contact with the first and second resin sections, a drive circuit section for driving the LED, a light receiving device control section for controlling the light receiving device, and a control section for the drive circuit section and light receiving device control section. Under control of the control section, a driving time of the LED coincides with an exposure time of the light receiving device. Further, while the LED is not driven, the light receiving device is also exposed for a time identical to the exposure time. An output difference between outputs at the exposure with driving the LED and at the exposure without driving the LED is calculated, and ranging is performed based on the output difference.09-16-2010
20130043390CALIBRATION SYSTEM FOR DETECTOR - A calibration system for a detector includes a base member, a plurality of radiation sources fixedly attached to the base member, and a positioning mechanism attached to the base member. Each radiation source is maintained at a different temperature and is configured to emit electromagnetic radiation. The positioning mechanism includes a movable member having a single degree of freedom with respect to the base member, and a plurality of optical elements arranged on the movable member. Each optical element corresponds to one of the radiation sources and each optical element is configured to at least be movable between a calibration position and a non-calibration position. When the optical element is in the calibration position, the optical element is configured to receive the electromagnetic radiation from its corresponding radiation source and to reflect the electromagnetic radiation to a detector.02-21-2013
20090194698THERMAL INFRARED DETECTING DEVICE - A thermal infrared imaging device includes a diode, a power supply for supplying a constant power supply voltage to an anode of the diode through a first interconnection, a voltage setting circuit for setting a voltage across the diode, and a current read circuit which is connected to a cathode of the diode through a second interconnection and the voltage setting circuit, for reading a current of the diode. The voltage setting circuit controls a voltage of a connection point of the second interconnection and the voltage setting circuit to a voltage obtained by subtracting a voltage drop from a predetermined bias voltage. The voltage drop is generated by resistances of the first and second interconnections, and the diode current.08-06-2009
20090194696Method and System for Determining the Rate of Non Uniformity of Bolometer Based Systems - A focal plan array system of the bolometer type having means for determining the rate of non-uniformity which comprises: (a) an array of i×j pixel detectors of the bolometer type for sensing scenery radiation; (b) a case which accommodates said array of detectors, said case having a front window that provides exposure to the sensing element of all the i×j pixel detectors to radiation coming from the scenery; (c) at least a portion of column j+1 of blind detectors that are shielded from the scenery by a homogeneous reference surface; (d) reading circuitry for reading indication for the scenery radiation as sensed by each of the i×j detectors of the array, and for reading indication for the non uniformity as sensed by said detectors in column (j+1); (e) a register for recording the radiation values as read from all the detectors within column (j+1); and (f) a processing unit for finding the standard deviation a of all the values in said register, and for comparing the same to a predetermined threshold Q, wherein a standard deviation above Q being an indication for a non uniformity above the allowed level.08-06-2009
20130075613HIDDEN SENSORS IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device having one or more sensors is provided. The sensors may include any suitable type of sensor that emits or receives radiation (e.g., light waves) from the environment. The electronic device may include openings through which radiation may reach the sensors while keeping the sensors hidden from view. In some embodiments, the sensors may be placed underneath an opening used for an audio receiver such that radiation is piped to the sensors using a light path or a chamfered surface along the opening. In some embodiments, the sensors may be embedded in a screen such that the radiation emitted by the sensors exits the screen instead of being reflected on the screen. In some embodiments, the sensors may be placed along the periphery of the display, such that access to the sensors is provided via discontinuities in a gasket used to couple the display to the electronic device.03-28-2013
20130075611ANTENNA FOR USE IN THZ TRANSCEIVERS - A high frequency radiation transceiver is presented. The transceiver includes an electrodes' arrangement, including two or more electrodes, where two of said electrodes are accommodated in a spaced-apart relationship defining a cavity for free space propagation of electrons between them. One of said two electrodes is configured to be responsive to an external input optical signal to emit an electron flux towards the other electrode. Said two or more electrodes are configured to define first and second electrode portions, the first portion having at least a region thereof exposed to said electron flux and operable as an antenna feeding port causing an electric current in said second portion and the second portion being configured and operable as an antenna radiating portion.03-28-2013
20130075612CARRIER AND ADHESION AMOUNT MEASURING APPARATUS, AND MEASURING METHOD, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM OF THE SAME - A carrier includes attachment holes to which a catalyst attaches, and non-attachment holes to which the catalyst does not attach. An attachment quantity measurement device includes an electromagnetic wave output device that outputs a terahertz wave toward the carrier, an electromagnetic wave detector that detects the terahertz wave which has transmitted through the carrier, a reference value obtainer that obtains, based on a result detected by the electromagnetic wave detector, any one of an absorption rate, a group delay, and a dispersion of the terahertz wave in the non-attachment holes, and an attachment quantity obtainer that obtains, based on the result detected by the electromagnetic wave detector and the result obtained by the reference value obtainer, a weight or a density of the catalyst present in the attachment holes.03-28-2013
20130075610High-fidelity device for single-shot pulse contrast measurement based on quasi-phase-matching (QPM) - A high-fidelity device for single-shot pulse contrast measurement based on quasi-phase-matching includes a generating unit of sampling pulse, a high-fidelity cross-correlation unit of nonlinear SFG and a high-sensitivity signal detecting unit. An innovatively designed dot-mirror or dot-attenuator and correlating crystal. The dot-mirror or dot-attenuator is adopted to suppress the scattering noise, which is mainly induced by air scattering of the main peak of the correlation beam, to a level below the real pulse background. While the crystal is introduced into the device as a nonlinear correlation crystal to move two kinds of artifacts introduced by a correlation process respectively out of the temporal window and behind the main pulse, so that effects of the artifacts on measurement results are removed and the single-shot measurement of the contrast in a pulse leading edge is accomplished, without obviously affecting other parameters. The device is also fit for measuring contrasts of high-power lasers of various wavelengths.03-28-2013
20120175520SYSTEM AND METHOD REDUCING FIBER STRETCH INDUCED TIMING ERRORS IN FIBER OPTIC COUPLED TIME DOMAIN TERAHERTZ SYSTEMS - A system for reducing effects relating to stretching of an optical fiber includes an optical control source, the optical source outputting an optical signal, a terahertz transmitter and receiver both being optically coupled to the optical source, and a means for providing the optical signal to both the terahertz transmitter and terahertz receiver such that the terahertz receiver is synchronized to the terahertz transmitter by the optical signal. The means prevents the stretching of an fiber carrying the optical signal provided to the terahertz transmitter or terahertz receiver or allows for the stretching an optical fiber such that the terahertz receiver will still be synchronized to the terahertz transmitter by the optical signal.07-12-2012
20100078558Infra-red light stimulated cdZnTe spectroscopic semiconductor x-ray and gamma-ray radiation detector - A method of detecting radiation by which residence time of charge carriers is dramatically reduced by an external optical energy source and the occupancy of deep-level defects is maintained close to the thermal equilibrium of the un-irradiated device at any temperature. The energy of an infra-red light source is tuned within a predetermined band gap energy range and crystals are transparent to the infra-red light of the energy. Thus, other than the one associated with the ionization of the target deep-level defects, no other absorption occurs. Because of this low absorption, infra-red irradiation can be performed through any surface of the crystal that is transparent to the infra-red light which allows irradiation geometry from any side surface(s) of the detector crystals.04-01-2010
20130032717INFRARED DETECTING ELEMENT AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The infrared detecting element has a first base plate that has a first front surface, a first back surface, a first recessed portion, and an infrared detecting section for detecting infrared rays provided in an area of the first front surface that opposes the first recessed portion; a second base plate that has a second front surface, a second back surface on the opposite side of the second front surface, and a second recessed portion provided in an area of the second back surface that faces the first recessed portion; and an adhesion film that bonds the first back surface and the second back surface, wherein a second outer peripheral portion where the second recessed portion intersects with the second back surface surrounds a first outer peripheral portion where the first recessed portion intersects with the first back surface.02-07-2013
20090121137MICROBOLOMETER INFRARED SECURITY SENSOR - An infrared sensor, comprising a focal plane array (FPA) of resistance microbolometer infrared detectors connected in such a manner to produce different pixel formats to meet specific detection requirements. Typically each imaging pixel may be a mosaic comprising a number of sub-pixels connected in parallel (although other configurations are possible), resulting in enhanced performance and ease of manufacture by micro-fabrication methods. The FPA may be integrated with a readout microcircuit on the same substrate so that with appropriate signal processing one is capable of forming an image of the field of view of interest, facilitating target recognition and very low false alarm rate.05-14-2009
20100102229COMBINED SENSOR FOR PORTABLE COMMUNICATION DEVICES - The invention relates to a sensor adapted for a portable communication device, consisting of a first layer of a light absorbing material configured to absorb photons of a first wavelength range and being transparent to photons of a second wavelength range, a second layer of a light absorbing material configured to absorb photons of a second wavelength range and being transparent to photons of said first wavelength range. The sensor is characterized by that the first and the second light absorbing material are arranged on a substrate housing electronic components of the portable communication device, whereby the first and the second light absorbing material are arranged on top of each other, and wherein at least one of the light absorbing materials is adapted to detect the level of ambient light.04-29-2010
20090159799COLOR INFRARED LIGHT SENSOR, CAMERA, AND METHOD FOR CAPTURING IMAGES - A light sensor may include an array of light sensitive elements and an array of transmissive filters provided over the array of light sensitive elements and in substantial registration therewith. The array of transmissive filters comprises an infrared transmissive filter that substantially transmits infrared light and substantially blocks visible light as well as at least one non-infrared transmissive filter that substantially transmits non-infrared light.06-25-2009
20100108885IMAGING SYSTEM WITH AN OPTICAL MIRROR ARRANGEMENT AND SELF RIGHTING HOUSING - A multi-wavelength band imaging system including a beam splitter is provided, allowing image capturing means adapted to specific wavelength bands to be used such as from visible to near infrared, intermediate infrared and far infrared. The system may have a field of view of substantially (360) degrees about an optical axis of the system and may fit into a golf ball sized housing. The imaging system includes a first convex mirror and a second concave mirror. Some embodiments for imaging single or close wavelength bands and not requiring a beam splitter are equally provided. Also provided is a self-righting housing for an imaging system, for example as described above, which self-rights under the action of gravity, thereby disposing the imaging system in an appropriate orientation.05-06-2010
20130026365TESTING SYSTEM FOR EXAMINING TURBINE BLADES - A testing system for examining the coating and open cooling-air holes of turbine blades includes a positioning device for an infrared camera with two degrees of freedom, a rotating-pivoting device for positioning the turbine blade, and a rotatable air duct arranged on the rotating-pivoting device. The rotatable air duct is configured for introducing into the turbine blade air at a temperature higher or lower in comparison with the turbine blade.01-31-2013
20090134329Detection apparatus for detecting electromagnetic wave passed through object - A detection apparatus for detecting electromagnetic waves that have passed through an object is provided which includes a transmission line for transmitting electromagnetic waves therethrough and a detector for detecting electromagnetic waves that have passed through an object, the transmission line having a gap for disposing the object therein.05-28-2009
20100025583Multiband infrared imaging device - A multiband infrared imaging intensifier device which includes an infrared radiation transmitting lens, for transmitting infrared radiation from an object scene onto a quantum ferroelectric copolymer detector with a chopper between them, with the detector responsive to the infrared detection to generate signal electrons which are pulled off and accelerated by an electric field onto a phosphor surface which produces photons to provide an image.02-04-2010
20120181429ELECTRON EMISSION DEVICE OF HIGH CURRENT DENSITY AND HIGH OPERATIONAL FREQUENCY - An electric device operable with a THz-range frequency of the device output is presented. The device comprises a photocathode installed in either one of a diode, triode and tetrode configuration, and is exposed to illumination. In some embodiments of the invention, the device is configured as a diode and photomixing is used for illumination of the photocathode with light in the THz range, the diode converting this input light signal into an electrical output in the THz range, which operates a signal transmitter/receiver. In some other embodiments of the invention, the device is configured as a triode or tetrode, where the electrodes have small dimensions (about 1 micron or less) and are spaced from one another a distance not exceeding 1 micron. The photocathode is kept under certain illumination, and electrical signal applied to one of the electrodes results in the THz output at one of the other electrodes.07-19-2012
20130048857OPERATING DEVICE - The invention relates to an operating device for a motor vehicle having a movable activation element for activating at least one switch element for generating a switch signal. The operating device comprises a sensor face which is arranged on the activation element and an optical reflection sensor device, which has at least one light emitting diode and at least one photodiode for optical radiation. A signal can be generated when the sensor face is approached and/or the sensor face is touched, in particular by means of a finger of a user.02-28-2013
20130048856DISPLAY DEVICE - A display device a display and a front panel. The front panel is made of plastic and is at least partly provided with a metallic coating. The coating is applied by means of physical vapor deposition. The metallic coating is electrically grounded when the display device is placed in operation.02-28-2013
20120217399Ultra Broad Spectral Band Detection - An embodiment of a sensing apparatus can comprise a sensor and a controller. The sensor can be configured to detect broadband electromagnetic (EM) radiation and generate electrical signals in response to the detected broadband EM radiation. The controller is coupled to the sensor and configured to receive the electrical signals and process the electrical signals to segment the sensor response to broadband EM radiation into a plurality of digitized pixels.08-30-2012
20120217398ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND INFRARED RECEIVING DEVICE THEREOF - An exemplary infrared receiving device is adapted for mounting on a printed circuit board. The infrared receiving device includes an infrared receiver and a supporting seat configured to be mounted on the printed circuit board. The infrared receiver is attached to the supporting seat with the supporting seat supporting and protecting the infrared receiver. An electronic device includes a main body, a flip cover pivotably attached to the main body, and a display screen embedded in the flip cover. The main body includes a printed circuit board, an infrared receiver mounted on the printed circuit board, and a supporting seat mounted on the printed circuit board. The supporting seat holds the infrared receiver to support and protect the infrared receiver.08-30-2012
20120112069FIBER OPTICAL ASSSEMBLY FOR FLUORESCENCE SPECTROMETRY - System is provided for detecting the presence of an analyte of interest in a sample, said system comprising an elongated, transparent container for a sample; an excitation source in optical communication with the sample, wherein radiation from the excitation source is directed along the length of the sample, and wherein the radiation induces a signal which is emitted from the sample; and, at least two linear arrays disposed about the sample holder, each linear array comprising a plurality of optical fibers having a first end and a second end, wherein the first ends of the fibers are disposed along the length of the container and in proximity thereto; the second ends of the fibers of each array are bundled together to form a single end port.05-10-2012
20090206262TERAHERTZ DETECTOR - A detector for electromagnetic radiation in the range 80 GHz to 4 THz comprises a laser light source (08-20-2009
20130062521ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF PRODUCTION OF INFRARED LIGHT SHIELD PLATE MOUNTED IN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device which is provided with a liquid crystal display device which includes an edge light type of light source, a light guide plate, and a liquid crystal panel, for detecting proximity of an object to the liquid crystal panel by an optical type object detector comprising two infrared light LEDs which are arranged aligned with the light source and which emit infrared light inside the light guide plate, an infrared light shield plate which blocks infrared light which strikes the liquid crystal panel from the light guide plate except for at predetermined regions, infrared light LEDs which are arranged at positions separated from the predetermined regions and emit infrared light in a direction vertical to the liquid crystal panel, a proximity sensor which detects reflection of infrared light by an object, and a control device, so that the housing thereof does not become larger in size.03-14-2013
20120223231PROXIMITY SENSOR HAVING ELECTRO-LESS PLATED SHIELDING STRUCTURE - The instant disclosure relates to a proximity sensor having an electro-less plated optical shielding structure. The sensor includes a substrate panel having an emitter region and a receiver region; an emitter unit disposed on the emitter region and configured to emit electromagnetic signals at a particular wavelength; a receiver unit disposed on the receiver region and configured to respond to electromagnetic signals emitted by the emitter unit; a transparent molding unit disposed on the emitter region and the receiver region of the substrate panel; and an optical shielding layer selectively disposed on the external surfaces of the substrate panel and the transparent molding unit. The shielding layer has corresponding sensor ports for the emitter and the receiver units arranged toward a designated detection region. The electro-less plated optical shielding layer is highly configurable through proper masking and small in thickness, enabling further miniaturization of the sensor unit.09-06-2012
20130161515INFRARED RAY DETECTOR AND METHOD OF DETECTING INFRARED RAYS BY USING THE SAME - A infrared ray detector includes a first metal layer; a second metal layer on the first metal layer and configured to absorb infrared rays; a thermistor layer below the second metal layer, the thermistor layer having a resistance that changes according to infrared rays absorbed in the second metal layer; a thermal leg below the thermistor layer and separated from the first metal layer; and a control unit configured to control a gap between the first metal layer and the thermal leg.06-27-2013
20130161516OPTICAL PULSE TESTER USING LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE - To provide a small and high-performance optical pulse tester using a light emitting device including semiconductor light emitting element capable of emitting light beams with wavelengths in a plurality of wavelength ranges with a high optical output. An optical pulse tester includes: a light emitting device including a semiconductor light emitting element having first and second light emitting end facets formed by cleavage respectively, and a light emitting element driving circuit which applies a driving current to each of a plurality of active layers; a light receiving section which converts returned light of the optical pulse from the optical fiber to be measured into an electric signal; and a signal processor which analyzes a loss distribution characteristic of the optical fiber to be measured on the basis of the electric signal converted by the light receiving section.06-27-2013
20090236524OPTICAL ANALYSIS DEVICE - An optical analysis device that operates according to the principle of radiation absorption, has a housing (09-24-2009
20130214158PASSIVE DETECTORS FOR IMAGING SYSTEMS - Passive detector structures for imaging systems are provided which implement unpowered, passive front-end detector structures with direct-to-digital measurement data output for detecting incident photonic radiation in various portions (e.g., thermal (IR), near IR, UV and visible light) of the electromagnetic spectrum.08-22-2013
20090008556DEVICE FOR DETECTING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, ESPECIALLY INFRARED RADIATION - A device for detecting electromagnetic radiation, especially infrared radiation, including an array of elementary bolometers which are sensitive to the incident radiation and are referred to as “active” bolometers and an additional row of bolometers which are substantially insensitive to the radiation and are referred to as “blind” bolometers. The active and blind bolometers are formed on a substrate in which a read circuit is produced for sequential addressing of each of the rows of the array and the row of blind bolometers, each of the bolometers in the same row being biased simultaneously. The read circuit includes a source for producing a reference current (I01-08-2009
20090008555DEVICE FOR DETECTING INFRARED RADIATION WITH BOLOMETRIC DETECTORS - A device for detecting infrared radiation comprising an array of bolometric detectors which are sensitive to incident radiation and are referred to as “active” and a bolometer which is insensitive to said radiation and is referred to as “blind” formed on a substrate in which a read circuit is produced for sequentially addressing each of the rows of detectors of the array, each of the active bolometers in a single row being biased simultaneously. The read circuit also comprises means of producing a reference current (I01-08-2009
20120235037Optical identification module device and optical reader having the same - An optical identification module device has a light pipe integrally formed with transparent material, a lens holder, a lens, a sensing circuit board and a light emitting diode. A light source container and a guiding recess are arranged on one side of the light pipe. A first light channel is defined in the light pipe. An engaging bump and a separating bump aligned with the engaging bump are arranged on one side of the lens holder. The engaging bump engages with the guiding recess. A second light channel corresponding to the first light channel is defined in the lens holder, and the lens is arranged in the second light channel. The sensing circuit board with a receiver soldered at a position corresponding to the second light channel is arranged at the bottom of the lens holder. The light emitting diode is placed in the light source container.09-20-2012
20110278456OPTICAL POSITION DETECTION DEVICE AND EQUIPMENT WITH POSITION DETECTION FUNCTION - An optical position detection device includes a first detection light source unit that outputs a detection light from one side to the other side in a first direction, a second detection light source unit that is separated from the first detection light source unit along a second direction crossing the first direction, and outputs a detection light from the one side to the other side in the first direction, a light detection unit having sensitivity toward the other side in the first direction, and a position detection unit that detects the position of the object based on the light reception in the light detection unit.11-17-2011
20090084956EXTERNAL VARIABLE APERTURE AND RELAY FOR INFRA-RED CAMERAS - An external optical relay assembly to allow an infrared camera with a fixed aperture to be used with a variety of fore optics, including refractive compound lenses, reflective telescopes, and reflective/refractive lenses, by providing an external, cooled aperture, that can be adjusted to provide effective f-number matching to the fore optic, allowing any f-number fore optic to be used with the infrared camera. This allows users of large families of similar telescopes, for example, to use their inventory of infrared Ritchie-Chrétien telescopes with a single infrared camera, regardless of f-numbers.04-02-2009
20110291013PHOTODETECTOR - Influence of external light is suppressed. With a photodetector including a photodetector circuit which generates a data signal in accordance with illuminance of incident light and a light unit which overlaps with the photodetector circuit, a first data signal is generated by the photodetector circuit when the light unit is in an ON state, a second data signal is formed by the photodetector circuit when the light unit is in an OFF state, and the first data signal and the second data signal are compared, so that a difference data signal that is data of a difference between the two compared data signals is generated.12-01-2011
20090108202Antenna-coupled-into-rectifier infrared sensor elements and infrared sensors - An infrared sensor element having an antenna coupled directly into a rectifier. Infrared radiation impinging the antenna induces an alternating current. The rectifier converts the alternating current into a rectified signal. The rectified signal corresponds to a magnitude of the incident infrared radiation impinging the antenna, and can be used for detection and imaging operations. Coupling the antenna directly into the rectifier eliminates the need for a photodetector. The wavelength of sensor elements can be separately tuned. A sensor made up of a plurality of such sensor elements can operate in a time-division multiplexed mode sensing different infrared bandwidths in separate time segments. Two or more sensors each made up of a plurality of sensor elements can be co-located in a single focal plane and operated separately to detect infrared radiation in different bandwidths. A sensor element can also operate in bandwidths other than infrared.04-30-2009
20090309026Optical sensor device having a lens system at least partially integrated into the unit housing - An optical unit, having a sensor device in particular, including a housing enclosing same, a radiation-sensitive sensor surface, designed for detecting electromagnetic radiation from a frequency section, having a predefined width and position, of the spectral range including the near infrared range and/or the visible range, and a lens system. In order to reduce the cost and complexity for mounting a lens on the housing and to obtain a uniform housing surface on the object side, a part of the lens system acting as a lens on the object side or the entire lens system of the unit is designed as an integral component of the housing of the unit.12-17-2009
20120228501Single-shot pulse contrast measuring device based on non-harmonic long-wavelength sampling pulse - A single-shot pulse contrast measuring device based on non-harmonic long-wavelength sampling pulse includes a long-wavelength sampling light generation unit, a large-angle non-collinear sum-frequency cross-correlation unit and a high sensitivity signal receiving unit. The long-wavelength sampling light sum-frequency cross-correlator can allow that the beams are interacted with each other at the large non-collinear angle in the quasi-phase matching crystal, match the measuring window of the high sensitivity signal receiving system, and is in favor of eliminating the scattered light noise, thereby achieving the single measurement of the pulse contrast with large temporal window and high dynamic range. The single-shot pulse contrast measuring device of the present invention has good extensibility at the temporal window and dynamic range, and is adapted for measuring the contrast of the high-power laser with various wavelengths.09-13-2012
20090283679REFLECTIVE COLLECTION-TYPE LIGHT RECEIVING UNIT AND LIGHT RECEIVING APPARATUS FOR SPATIAL LIGHT COMMUNICATIONS - The reflective collection-type light receiving unit of the present invention is a reflective collection-type light receiving unit having a light receiving element which receives spatial light on which an information signal is superimposed after being reflected and collected via a concave mirror. The light receiving element is arranged approximately at the center inside the concave mirror, with the light receiving plane thereof facing to the reflection plane of the concave mirror. A pair of electrode leads connected to both electrodes of the light receiving element are extended so as to be opened from the center on the front plane of the concave mirror to both sides and connected to a light receiving circuit by way of the lateral plane of the concave mirror.11-19-2009
20090152465DEVICE FOR DETECTING INFRARED RADIATION COMPRISING A RESISTIVE IMAGING BOLOMETER, A SYSTEM COMPRISING AN ARRAY OF SUCH BOLOMETERS AND A METHOD FOR READING AN IMAGING BOLOMETER INTEGRATED INTO SUCH A SYSTEM - A device for detecting infrared radiation comprising a resistive imaging bolometer intended to be electrically connected to a circuit for measuring a resistance of the bolometer. It comprises means of controlling the resistance of the imaging bolometer by injecting current into the bolometer.06-18-2009
20090278047Electronic device - A transportable electronic cassette and an image reading device carry out communication by laser light between themselves, with the separation distance to the casing of the opposing device detected by separation distance sensors provided respectively to the electronic cassette and the image reading device. The value of the separation distance detected is monitored to see whether or not the separation distance exceeds a reference value of the detected value at the start of communication by a specific value or more. Conclusion can be made that there has been a relatively large change in the relative position of the electronic cassette and the image reading device if the detected value of the separation distance becomes greater than the reference value by the specific value or more, and consequently emission is halted of the laser light from the electronic cassette and the image reading device.11-12-2009
20090294671Target brightness - An infrared measurement method and device is described having light projecting target sighting means. Changing the sighting display controls brightness of the sighted target. Automatic brightness control of the target is provided by a light sensor and/or according to target distance. Switching the display light into different patterns changes brightness, which is also changed by changing the electrical supply to the sighting light and by optical attenuation of the sighting light.12-03-2009
20110204231THERMAL DETECTION AND IMAGING OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - The current invention provides a method for improving the sensitivity of bolometric detection by providing improved electromagnetic power/energy absorption. In addition to its role in significantly improving the performance of conventional conducting-film bolometric detection elements, the method suggests application of plasmon resonance absorption for efficient thermal detection and imaging of far-field radiation using the Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and the herein introduced Cavity Plasmone Resonance (CPR) phenomena. The latter offers detection characteristics, including good frequency sensitivity, intrinsic spatial (angular) selectivity without focusing lenses, wide tunability over both infrared and visible light domains, high responsivity and miniaturization capabilities. As compared to SPR, the CPR-type devices offer an increased flexibility over wide ranges of wavelengths, bandwidths, and device dimensions. Both CPR and SPR occur in metallic films, which are characterized by high thermal diffusivity essential for fast bolometric response.08-25-2011
20090166537LIGHT RECEIVING APPARATUS, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS - Disclosed herein is a light receiving apparatus, including: a light receiving section including a light receiving element; a transparent part; and a light guiding part inserted in the groove; the groove having, on the front face side, a side face formed as an arcuately curved face convex toward the front face side and having the same shape in any cross section perpendicular to the front face and also to the depthwise direction of the groove; the light guiding part having a side face opposing to the side face of the groove on the front face side and formed as an arcuately curved face which is convex toward the front face side in a state wherein the light guiding part is inserted in the groove and which has the same shape in any cross section perpendicular to the front face and also to the depthwise direction of the groove.07-02-2009
20110266442Electronic Whiteboard with Mosaic Structure - The invention discloses a mosaic structure of the electronic white board, including infra-red rectangular box and back board formed infrared matrix. The infra-red rectangular box is mainly composed of matching combination of infrared transmitter and infrared receiving unit connected and fixed to back board. The infrared transmitter includes several splicing of electrical infrared emission units, and the infrared emission units involve PCB and linear array of infrared emission heads. The infrared receiving unit includes several electrical splicing of infrared receiving modules. The infrared receiving module involves PCB and linear array of infrared receiving heads corresponding with emission heads. The electronic whiteboard rectangular box can be standardized in production, increasing efficiency and reduces costs. You can splice the corresponding size according to the projector requirements. It is convenient and practical. For transportation, you can uninstall the infra-red whiteboard with infra-red rectangular box, which is easy to transport with small space.11-03-2011
20080251722INFRARED SENSOR AND ITS MANUFACTURING METHOD - An infrared sensor has a groove formed at a peripheral portion of an optical filter in a region opposed to a circumferential region of an opening of a package so as to be continuously located in the peripheral portion of the optical filter. The optical filter has a resistance of about 1 MΩ/cm or less. The package is mainly composed of a metal material. A conductive adhesive is used as an adhesive for joining the optical filter to the package. In a case where the optical filter has a filter body and a thin film made of an insulating material and provided on a surface of the filter body, the groove is formed to have a depth extending from the surface provided with the thin film made of the insulating material to the filter body.10-16-2008
20090014653BOLOMETER ARRAY COMPENSATION - A bolometer circuit has a substrate, bolometer detectors coupled to the substrate, a source of calibration data and a compensation circuit. Each bolometer detector has an associated calibration data. The compensation circuit is configured to generate a time varying compensation signal for each bolometer detector based on its associated calibration data.01-15-2009
20110006211DEVICE HAVING A MEMBRANE STRUCTURE FOR DETECTING THERMAL RADIATION, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCTION THEREOF - In a device for detecting thermal radiation, at least one membrane is provided on which at least one thermal detector element is mounted for the conversion of the thermal radiation into an electric signal and at least one circuit support for carrying the membrane and for carrying at least one readout circuit for reading out the electrical signal, the detector element and the readout circuit being connected together electrically by an electric contact which passes through the membrane. In addition, a method of producing the device with the following method steps is provided: a) provision of the membrane with the detector element and of at least one electrical through-connection and provision of the circuit support and b) bringing together the membrane and the circuit support in such a manner that the detector element and the readout circuit are connected together electrically by an electrical contact passing through the membrane. Production activity is preferably carried out at wafer level: functionalised silicon substrates are stacked upon one another, firmly bonded to one another and then divided into individual elements. Preferably, the detector elements comprise of pyro-electrical detector elements. The device finds application in motion detectors, presence detectors and in thermal imaging cameras.01-13-2011
20110204232DETERMINING THE AMOUNT OF STARCH - The invention relates to a method and arrangement for determining the amount of starch used in surface-sizing a cellulose product. In the solution according to the invention, the amount of starch is determined with a transmission method utilizing IR spectroscopy by using absorption wavelengths of cellulose. Absorption values are measured before adding a coating and after it, whereby the amount of starch is determined from the difference between these absorption values.08-25-2011
20090140144Tuning D* with Modified Thermal Detectors - Disclosed is apparatus and methodology for producing thermal detectors with spectral responsivities that mimic the absorptions of chemical analytes, and whose detector characteristics approach those of conventional broad-band thermal detectors. In an exemplary arrangement, the methodology provides for modification of a known Si-based thermal detector by adding a near-infrared dye absorbing film above a reflector deposited directly on the thermal detector element. The method is general to all types of thermal detectors that can be divided into separate absorber and thermal sensor components.06-04-2009
20120068069AUTOMATED FRACTION COLLECTION SYSTEM - A system for separating a sample and collecting the separated sample. The system includes an ultracentrifuge having a cylindrical rotor. The system includes a gradient delivery assembly for delivering a gradient solution to the ultracentrifuge rotor, and a sample delivery assembly for delivering the solution containing the sample to the ultracentrifuge rotor. The system includes a fraction collection assembly for collecting discrete volumes of the separated sample. The system includes a processor for controlling operation of the ultracentrifuge, as well as the gradient delivery assembly, the sample delivery assembly, and/or the fraction collection assembly.03-22-2012
20100200753Directable Light - The present invention provides a lighting apparatus having a directable beam and comprising: 08-12-2010
20090321640PHOTODETECTOR, ELECTRO-OPTICAL DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An photodetector includes: a first light receiving element that receives light including ambient light; a second light receiving element that receives light including the ambient light; and a red color filter disposed on an optical path through which the ambient light is incident on the second light receiving element.12-31-2009
20110220799NANOGAP DEVICE FOR FIELD ENHANCEMENT AND A SYSTEM FOR NANOPARTICLE DETECTION USING THE SAME - Disclosed are a nanogap device for field enhancement, which includes: a film made of an electrically conductive material; and a nanogap formed on the film and having a gap-width between a Thomas-Fermi screening length and a skin depth, the Thomas-Fermi screening length and the skin depth being determined by an electromagnetic wave and the electrically conductive material, and system for nanoparticle detection using the same.09-15-2011
20100038540IMAGE SENSOR FOR DETECTING WIDE SPECTRUM AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Provided are an image sensor for detecting a wide spectrum, including a plurality of infrared ray receiving layers which individually receive infrared rays having different wavelengths for each pixel, the plurality of infrared ray receiving layers stacked to each other, and a manufacturing method thereof. The image sensor, which is an integrated image sensor where at least two micro bolometers are stacked, acquires spectrum information about visible rays and near-infrared rays as well as two or more infrared rays applied on an object, without mechanical/thermal/optical distortion, and provides the spectrum information to a silicon-based semiconductor such as a photodiode, thereby improving photoelectric conversion efficiency.02-18-2010
20090050807IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE AND IMAGE PICKUP CONTROL METHOD - An image in which a shade of a driver's face is certainly suppressed is to be obtained, while suppressing increases in a size and an electric power consumption of an illumination. An illumination pulse-lights an illumination light which is an infrared light whose peak wavelength is 940 nm, under a control of a synchronous control section. The illumination light is irradiated to a driver through a polarizing filter and a visible light interruption filter. Reflex lights of the illumination light and a disturbance light, which were reflected by the driver, enter to an infrared BPF, in which a center wavelength is 940 nm, through the visible light interruption filter, a polarizing filter 02-26-2009
20090140145Electromagnetic radiation detector with nanowire connection and method for producing same - The electromagnetic radiation detector compromises at least one radiation absorption membrane transforming the absorbed energy into heat transmitted to at least one resistive thermometer having a resistance varying with temperature. Each absorption membrane is suspended above a substrate by a nanowire connected to the central area of the membrane. The nanowire comprises an electrically conducting core and an electrically conducting external layer electrically insulated from one another and respectively connected to measuring areas of said thermometer. The nanowire serves the purpose both of support for the membrane and of electrical connection between the measuring areas and a circuit arranged at the level of the substrate.06-04-2009
20090200469ALTERNATING ROW INFRARED FILTER FOR AN IMAGE SENSOR - An image sensor includes near-infrared cut filters formed over an array of photosensitive elements in a predetermined pattern. The near-infrared cut filters may be formed over one half of a photosensitive element in a split pixel arrangement, over one half the photosensitive elements in the array, over every other photosensitive element in the array, and/or in a checkerboard pattern.08-13-2009
20090200470Radiation detection apparatus and radiation image capturing system - A radiation detection apparatus includes a casing, and a radiation detection device accommodated inside the casing, which detects radiation emitted from a radiation source and having passed through a subject, and converts the radiation into radiation image information. The radiation detection apparatus further includes a data compression circuit, which compresses the radiation image information to thereby create compressed radiation image information, and an infrared light communication unit which converts the compressed radiation image information into an infrared light signal and outputs the infrared light signal.08-13-2009
20090212218INFRARED SENSOR - A small infrared sensor has a wide infrared light-receiving area (viewing angle), high electromagnetic shielding characteristics, and excellent electromagnetic-wave resistance characteristics. In the infrared sensor, supporting portions are disposed at four corners of a substantially rectangular opening in a package. The supporting portions support an optical filter, disposed so as to cover the opening, at positions that are lower than an upper end of an inner peripheral wall defining the opening. While the optical filter is supported by the supporting portions as a result of inserting a portion of a surface side of the optical filter facing the supporting portions into the opening, the optical filter is secured to the package. The optical filter and the package are joined and secured, and electrically connected to each other through a conductive adhesive.08-27-2009
20100193688RADIOMETRIC ELECTRICAL LINE SENSOR IN COMBINATION WITH MECHANICAL ROTATING MIRROR FOR CREATING 2D IMAGE - The present invention relates to the field of two dimensional (2D) radiometric imaging. The present invention especially relates to a sensor unit. The sensor unit according to the present invention comprises a reflecting element mounted so as to be rotatable around an axis of rotation and a line sensor operating in the microwave, millimeter wave and/or terahertz frequency range and having its field of view directed towards the reflecting element, whereby the axis of rotation intersects with a reflection plane of the reflecting element.08-05-2010
20090072142Scanning system and techniques for medical and/or forensic assessment using the same - A data recording system for scanning tissues of human beings or other objects from crime scenes includes a hand-held scanner and computer. The scanner has a housing including a platen along the bottom surface of the housing, a scanning mechanism including an illumination source and sensor positioned within the housing under a platen, a control unit, memory for storing data files, and disposable spacers removably attached to the bottom surface of the housing that hold the scanner a predetermined distance from the tissue or object. The scanner is placed over the tissue or object and emits light from the illumination source there toward. A predetermined range of light wavelengths reflected by the object is sensed by sensors and sensor signals are generated corresponding thereto. The controller processes the sensor signals and stores them as a data file in the memory for use in medical and crime scene analysis.03-19-2009
20100243896MICROBOLOMETER PIXEL AND FABRICATION METHOD UTILIZING ION IMPLANTATION - A microbolometer pixel and a reduced-step process for manufacturing it comprising the step of ion implantation of vanadium oxide whereby VO09-30-2010
20110057104Miniaturized Optical Proximity Sensor - Various embodiments of a miniaturized optical proximity sensor are disclosed. In one embodiment, an ambient light sensor and a light detector are mounted on first and second spacers, which in turn are mounted to a top surface of an integrated circuit die-attached to a substrate. An optically-transmissive infrared pass compound is molded over the ambient light sensor, the light detector, the integrated circuit, alight emitter and peripheral portions of the substrate. Next, an optically non-transmissive infrared cut compound is molded to over the optically-transmissive infrared pass compound to provide a miniaturized optical proximity sensor having no metal shield but exhibiting very low crosstalk characteristics.03-10-2011
20110057103CONTAINER, CONTAINER POSITIONING METHOD, AND MEASURING METHOD - A container according to the present invention contains at least a part of a device under test to be measured by a terahertz wave measurement device. The container includes a gap portion that internally disposes at least a part of the device under test, and an enclosure portion that includes a first flat surface portion and a second flat surface portion, and disposes the gap portion between the first flat surface portion and the second flat surface portion, thereby enclosing the gap portion. Moreover, a relationship n03-10-2011
20110057102Multiple Transfer Molded Optical Proximity Sensor and Corresponding Method - Various embodiments of a multiple-stage-molded optical proximity sensor and method of making same are disclosed. According to one embodiment, the method comprises mounting an infrared light emitter atop a first portion of a substrate, and mounting an infrared light detector, an ambient light detector and an integrated circuit atop a second portion of the substrate. In a first molding step, an infrared light pass component is molded over the substrate and the infrared light emitter, the infrared light detector, the ambient light detector, and the integrated circuit. The infrared light pass component is then cured, followed by forming a slot in the cured infrared light pass component between the first and second portions of the substrate. In a second molding step, an infrared light cut component is molded over the slot, the integrated circuit, the ambient light detector, and over portions of the infrared light emitter and the infrared light detector.03-10-2011
20110127430Stabilization of Coldshield Bodies - According to one embodiment, an optical device comprises a housing. A structure is disposed within the housing. The structure has an optical entrance whereby radiation may enter. An aperture is located between the optical entrance and a radiation detector. At least one brace is rigidly coupled to the structure and the housing.06-02-2011
20130187048INFRARED DETECTOR HAVING AT LEAST ONE SWITCH FOR MODULATION AND/OR BYPASS - An infrared (IR) detector including a plurality of thermal sensing elements for generating an image of an object is provided. The IR detector comprises a first thermal sensing element and includes a thermopile and a first switch. The thermopile is configured to receive at least a portion of a thermal output from the object and to provide a modulated electrical output indicative of at least a portion of the received thermal output. The first switch is operatively coupled to the thermopile and is configured to provide a bypass in the event the thermopile is damaged such that remaining thermal sensing elements of the plurality of thermal sensing elements are capable of providing an electrical output therefrom.07-25-2013
20090039265Method and apparatus for attenuating a light beam - Attenuators used to regulate optical signals are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, an assembly including an IR source and an IR sensor is provided to sense blockage of optical signals transmitted between two collimators via a fixed common light blocker. The movement of the light blocker is sensed by a sensing assembly including an IR source and IR sensor. By detecting the photocurrent from the IR sensor and a feedback circuit, the attenuation of the optical signals can be well controlled.02-12-2009
20090108201Calibration source infrared assembly for an infrared detector - Provided is a calibration source IR assembly for an IR detector including an IR focal plane. The calibration assembly includes a rotatable spectral filter wheel optically coupled to an IR focal plane of the detector, the filter wheel having a plurality of areas each of at least a minimum size. At least one area being a calibration area, the calibration area including: a substrate having a first side facing the IR focal plane and a second side opposite from the first side; a light transmitting edge section disposed between the first side and the second side; and at least one light redirector disposed at least partially within the substrate, the light redirector structured and arranged to receive light from the edge and to redirect the light out the first side. A light source optically coupled to the edge section. An IR detector including the improvement of such a calibration source IR assembly is also provided.04-30-2009
20090108203Multiple-band detector using frequency selective slots - An optical detector pixel element. The novel pixel element includes a metallic substrate having a plurality of resonant apertures, each aperture adapted to resonantly transmit electromagnetic energy in a distinct frequency band, and a plurality of detectors adapted to detect the energy transmitted by the apertures. Each aperture is adapted to collect energy incident on an area larger than the aperture and focus the energy into a smaller, localized region in which one or more of the detectors is placed. The plural apertures are positioned such that they collect energy incident on a substantially common area, but are of different sizes such that they are resonant to different frequencies. Energy in different frequency bands are therefore funneled through different apertures. In an illustrative embodiment, several identical pixel elements are joined together to form an array.04-30-2009
20100294934LIGHT MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND A TRIGGER SIGNAL GENERATOR - The present invention can restrain a jitter from being generated in a measurement result of light such as terahertz light which has transmitted through a device under test. A trigger signal generation device includes a first photoelectric conversion unit that applies photoelectric conversion to a probe light pulse, a second photoelectric conversion unit that applies photoelectric conversion to a pump light pulse, a first amplification unit that amplifies an output from the first photoelectric conversion unit, a second amplification unit that amplifies an output from the second photoelectric conversion unit, a trigger signal output unit that outputs a cross-correlation of outputs of the first amplification unit and the second amplification unit as a trigger signal, and a period difference adjustment unit that adjusts a difference in period between a period T11-25-2010
20100301215PHYSIOLOGICAL SENSOR HAVING REDUCED SENSITIVITY TO INTERFERENCE - A physiological sensor having reduced sensitivity to interference includes a light source, a light detector in optical communication with the light source, and a sensor pad at least partially housing the light source and the light detector. The sensor pad is configured to be capacitively isolated from a patient. Moreover, the physiological sensor may be electrically connected to an amplifier having a signal ground and a monitor.12-02-2010
20110024626TRACE SAMPLING - A trace sampling detection system includes a gathering device configured to gather particles through a handle-bar, a gate and an air-stream gatherer. The handle-bar includes collection holes positioned to be adjacent to a user's hand when the user grips the handle-bar, and is configured to dislodge and capture particles from the user's hand when the user grips and moves the handle-bar. The gate includes a series of collection holes, is positioned to be adjacent to the user's clothing when the user traverses the gate, and is configured to dislodge and capture particles from the user's clothing in response to pressure applied from the user. The air-stream gatherer includes an outward vent and an in-drawing vent, and is positioned to enable objects, such as the user's feet, to be placed between the outward and in-drawing vents. The air stream is configured to dislodge and capture particles from objects, such as the user's feet, that block the air-stream between the vents. A collection tube is configured to deposit gathered particles from the gathering device onto a portion of a sample media. A carousel wheel that includes the sample media is configured to rotate the sample wheel such that the portion of the sample media including the gathered particles is presented to an exothermic decomposition detector that detects, through an infrared sensor, the decomposition of the gathered particles.02-03-2011
20110036983IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD USING HIGHLY COLLIMATED SOURCE OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - An identification system and method comprising a beacon unit using a highly collimated source of electromagnetic radiation, which emits towards a thermal imaging unit highly directional radiation. In this manner, improved visual identification of the beacon unit and the carrier associated therewith through the imaging unit can be achieved over both short and long distances. In particular, detection of the beacon unit is aided by emitting highly collimated radiation with high power density at great distances. When detected by the sensor array, an image of the emitted radiation is indeed displayed as a bright spot of light on the display, thus eliciting the attention of a viewer observing a scene through the imaging unit. Blooming of an array of sensing elements provided in the imaging unit may further be fostered by delivering a great amount of power to the imaging unit, thus improving detection of the beacon unit.02-17-2011
20120228502CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING AN IR SOURCE FOR AN ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENT - A pulse-width-modulated voltage is applied to an IR emitter during the on-time of a primary drive voltage having a frequency of about 2.5 Hz in order to control the power to a predetermined desired level. The secondary modulation is at about 800 Hz. The lower response time of the emitter will, in effect, filter the higher frequency, and it will appear that an average power is being applied to the emitter during the on-time.09-13-2012
20110114840ENCAPSULATING PACKAGE, PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD, ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING ENCAPSULATING PACKAGE - The present invention is: a package main body section having a hollow section; and an electronic device provided in the hollow section in the package main body section, in the package main body section, there being formed a through hole, through which the hollow section communicates with outside of the package main body section, and in the through hole, there being provided a sealing section in which a vicinity of the through hole is partly heated and a constituent material of the package main body section is melted to thereby block the through hole.05-19-2011
20090321639Process and Apparatus for the Measurement of Thermal Radiation Using Regular Glass Optics and Short-Wave Infrared Detectors - An infrared measurement apparatus and method to detect and view ambient-temperature objects using short-wave infrared (“SWIR”) detectors which operate in a wavelength region from 2.0 μm to 2.5 μm.12-31-2009
20110062335DETECTING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION - According to the present invention, there is provided an apparatus comprising a sensor for detecting electromagnetic radiation from an object, focussing means arranged to focus said electromagnetic radiation onto the sensor, and a configurable element disposed between the focussing means and the sensor. The configurable element is switchable between a plurality of configurations, each configuration providing a different transfer function between the object and the sensor. As the configurable element is located between the focussing means and the sensor, the transfer function associated with each configuration contains information from both the Fourier and image domains, allowing a high resolution image to be reconstructed.03-17-2011
20110210252PULSE LASER APPARATUS, TERAHERTZ MEASURING APPARATUS, AND TERAHERTZ TOMOGRAPHIC APPARATUS - A pulse laser apparatus includes a laser configured to generate a pulse of a laser beam, a fiber amplifier, and a pulse compressor. The fiber amplifier includes a rare-earth doped fiber that exhibits normal dispersion at a wavelength of the laser beam generated from the laser. The pulse laser apparatus further includes a unit configured to give a loss to energy portions in a wavelength region corresponding to a zero-dispersion wavelength of the rare-earth doped fiber and/or a wavelength region longer than the zero-dispersion wavelength within a wavelength spectrum of the laser beam having been chirped in the fiber amplifier.09-01-2011
20100038541Monolithicallly integrated IR imaging using rare-earth up conversion materials - Infrared imaging at wavelengths longer than the silicon bandgap energy (>1100 nm) typically require expensive focal plane arrays fabricated from compound semiconductors (InSb or HgCdTe) or use of slower silicon microbolometer technology. Furthermore, these technologies are available in relatively small array sizes, whereas silicon focal plane arrays are easily available with 10 megapixels or more array size. A new technique is disclosed to up convert infrared light to wavelengths detectable by silicon focal plane arrays, or other detector technologies, thereby enabling a low-cost, high pixel count infrared imaging system.02-18-2010
20120241617DEVICE FOR INSPECTING SMALL PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS - The device for inspecting separately conveyed tablets or capsules has a guide device for guiding the separately conveyed tablets or capsules, which defines a predetermined tablet pathway, and a heating element designed as a hotplate, which is arranged in an area of the guide device. The device further has an IR sensor for detecting radiation in an infrared range arranged opposite the heating element such that the tablet pathway passes between the heating element and the IR sensor, and an evaluation unit connected to the IR sensor and adapted to compare actual measurement values of the IR sensor with at least one predetermined nominal measurement value.09-27-2012
20110068270APPARATUS FOR GENERATING/DETECTING THZ WAVE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Provided are an apparatus for generating/detecting terahertz wave and a method of manufacturing the same. The apparatus includes a substrate, a photo conductive layer, a first electrode and a second electrode, and a lens. The photo conductive layer is formed on an entire surface of the substrate. The first electrode and a second electrode are formed on the photo conductive layer. The first and second electrodes are spaced from each other by a certain gap. The lens is formed on the first and second electrodes. The lens is filled in the gap between the first and second electrodes.03-24-2011
20110248167Bolometric sensor with high TCR and tunable low resistivity - The present invention provides a novel way of operating sensing elements or bolometers in the resistive hysteresis region of a phase-transitioning VO10-13-2011
20090140146VACUUM PACKAGE AND MANUFACTURING PROCESS THEREOF - A vacuum package has a chamber in which pressure is reduced to less than the atmospheric pressure, a functional component sealed in the chamber, and a material forming at least a part of the chamber. The material has at least one through hole to evacuate the chamber. In a cross section perpendicular to the material taken along the through hole, an edge portion of the material forming the through hole has an obtuse angle. The through hole is sealed with a sealing material.06-04-2009
20090294670Microwave sensor - One embodiment is provided with a movement distance measuring means (12-03-2009
20080315099DETECTOR OF INFRARED RADIATION HAVING A BI-MATERIAL TRANSDUCER - A representative embodiment of the invention provides an infrared (IR) detector having a movable plate supported at an offset distance from a substrate by a suspension arm. In response to a temperature difference between the plate and the substrate generated by the incident IR radiation, the suspension arm deforms and changes the offset distance for the plate. In one embodiment, the suspension arm has three rod-shaped bimorph transducers that lie within a plane that is parallel to the substrate. The transducers are also parallel to one another, with the transducer that is attached to an anchor of the suspension arm being located between the two transducers that are attached to the plate.12-25-2008
20090127461APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISPLAY CONTROL USING AMBIENT LIGHT MEASUREMENT SIGNAL FROM AN INFRARED RECEIVER - A system having an infrared receiver is shown, where the system includes an infrared receiver circuit configured to receive an infrared data signal using a receive photodiode and compensate for an ambient light level incident on the receive photodiode by generating a DC ambient current signal, where the DC ambient current signal is accessible external to the infrared receiver circuit. The system also includes a control circuit configured to receive the DC ambient current signal and, responsive thereto, determine the ambient light level and generate a display illumination control signal accordingly.05-21-2009
20110253895Variable Aperture Mechanism Retention Device - According to one embodiment, an optical device includes a variable aperture mechanism configured on a structure having a radiation detector that receives radiation through an aperture of the variable aperture mechanism. The aperture is selectively movable from a first position to a second position in which the aperture has a different size relative to the aperture in the first position. The structure is configured with one or more magnets that function with one or more magnetically permeable members configured on the variable aperture mechanism to hold the variable aperture mechanism in at least one position using a magnetic force between the magnets and magnetically permeable members.10-20-2011
20120199742SINGLE PARTICLE QCL-BASED MID-IR SPECTROSCOPY SYSTEM WITH ANALYSIS OF SCATTERING - This disclosure concerns a system with scattering analysis including a handling system that presents a single particle to at least one quantum cascade laser (QCL) source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light to the single particle in order to induce resonant mid-infrared absorption in the particle or an analyte within the particle. A mid-infrared detection facility detects the mid-infrared wavelength light scattered by the single particle, wherein a wavelength and angle analysis of the scattered mid-IR wavelength light is used to determine analyte-specific structural and concentration information.08-09-2012
20120199741MINIMALLY INVASIVE CYTOMETRY SYSTEM USING QCL VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY FOR DIFFERENTIATION OF PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS FROM FUNCTIONALLY DIFFERENTIATED CELLS BASED ON INSPECTION OF SINGLE CELLS - This disclosure concerns a minimally invasive cytometry system including a handling system that presents single cells to at least one QCL laser source. The QCL laser source is configured to deliver light to a cell within the cells in order to induce vibrational bond absorption in one or more analytes within the cell. The cytometry system also includes a detection facility that detects the transmitted mid-infrared wavelength light, wherein the transmitted mid-infrared wavelength light is used to identify the differentiation status of the cell as either pluripotent or functionally differentiated.08-09-2012
20080203305Image pickup apparatus including image pickup devices having sensitivity in infrared region - A plurality of first pixels receive both visible light and infrared light. A plurality of second pixels receive infrared light. A ratio calculation unit calculates the ratio of an output signal of another first pixel different from saturated first pixel and an output signal of a second pixel corresponding to the another first pixel. A signal estimation unit multiplies the output signal of a second pixel corresponding to the saturated first pixel, by the ratio calculated by the ratio calculation unit. A subtractor subtracts the output of a second pixel corresponding to the saturated first pixel, from a signal estimated as an output signal of the saturated first pixel.08-28-2008
20110133086White LED For Illumination With Additional Light Source For Analysis - An improved combination light source (06-09-2011
20100059679Tomography arrangement and method for monitoring persons - The invention relates to a tomography arrangement with a tubular measuring chamber and a monitoring facility. This monitoring facility includes at least one first video camera focusing on the measuring chamber and at least partially optically recording the same, said first video camera operating in the non-visible light wave range, in order to record moving images and an image output unit for outputting the moving images as well as a first illumination facility focusing on the measuring chamber, which, during operation, illuminates the measuring chamber in the same light wave region, in which light wave range the first video camera operates. The invention also relates to a method for monitoring persons.03-11-2010
20100148067BOLOMETER STRUCTURE, INFRARED DETECTION PIXEL EMPLOYING BOLOMETER STRUCTURE, AND METHOD OF FABRICATING INFRARED DETECTION PIXEL - Provided are a bolometer structure, an infrared detection pixel employing the bolometer structure, and a method of fabricating the infrared detection pixel.06-17-2010
20090078871OUTGASSING RATE DETECTION - A workpiece processing system includes a platen configured to support a workpiece, a source configured to provide an electromagnetic wave proximate a front surface of the workpiece, and a detector. The detector is configured to receive at least a portion of the electromagnetic wave and provide a detection signal representative of an outgassing rate from the workpiece of outgassing byproducts. A method of detecting an outgassing rate is also provided. The method includes providing an electromagnetic wave proximate a front surface of a workpiece, receiving at least a portion of the electromagnetic wave, and providing a detection signal representative of an outgassing rate from the workpiece of outgassing byproducts.03-26-2009
20120037803ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE SHIELD - An improved EMI shielded detection system. The disclosed system may include features configured to increase radio wave and microwave absorbance while retaining significant transparency at visible and/or infrared wavelengths, thus increasing EMI shielding efficiency. This may be accomplished through the use of a conductive mesh having appropriately chosen dimensions and spacing, and embedded in a transparent medium. To minimize the impact of the mesh on the effective aperture of the medium, the strands of the mesh may be made relatively narrow, and to provide sufficient shielding despite the narrow strand width, the mesh may be embedded relatively deeply in the medium.02-16-2012
20110155910INFRARED DETECTION CIRCUIT, SENSOR DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT - An infrared detection circuit includes a charge transferring transistor, a gate control circuit and a negative potential generating circuit. The charge transferring transistor is disposed between a read node configured to be connected to one end of an infrared detection element and a tank node to transfer an electric charge from the infrared detection element to the tank node. The gate control circuit is connected to a gate of the charge transferring transistor. The negative potential generating circuit is connected to the tank node to set the tank node to a negative electric potential when the charge transferring transistor transfers the electric charge.06-30-2011
20090008554METHOD FOR INFRARED IMAGING OF LIVING OR NON-LIVING OBJECTS INCLUDING TERRAINS THAT ARE EITHER NATURAL OR MANMADE - An improved system for infrared (IR) imaging of terrain is disclosed wherein or or more IR cameras may be used at one or more locations to record images at multiple focal planes. The images are all taken of the same field of view but at varied focal planes. Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) may be used to track each camera location and each camera captures images of the object. Information regarding the orientation of the camera may also be measured. The digital information from the images from each camera at varying focal planes, the distance from the object to each camera, orientation of camera and the GPS location of each camera is transferred to a computer where the data is processed through the use of merging and photogrammetry software utilizing appropriate algorithms to convert the multiple images into a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image with improved depth of field.01-08-2009
20120061568METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MOTION RECOGNITION - A motion recognizing apparatus and method are provided. According to an aspect, a motion recognizing apparatus may include: an optical sensor configured to sense at least a portion of a subject where a motion occurs and to output one or more events in response thereto; a motion tracing unit configured to trace a motion locus of the portion where the motion occurs based on the one or more outputted events; and a motion pattern determining unit configured to determine a motion pattern of the portion where the motion occurs based on the traced motion locus.03-15-2012
20120153151INFRARED DETECTOR BASED ON SUSPENDED BOLOMETRIC MICRO-PLATES - This bolometric array detector for detecting electromagnetic radiation in a predetermined range of infrared or terahertz wavelengths comprises a substrate and an array of bolometric micro-plates for detecting said radiation that are suspended above the substrate by support arms. It comprises a metallic membrane located above and around each micro-plate and in which openings are formed; said openings in metallic membrane are periodically located in it along at least one predetermined axis with a period equal to or less than06-21-2012
20120056089SWITCH MODULE, ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A switch module, an electronic device using the same and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The switch module includes a circuit board, an infrared (IR) light receiver, at least one light emitting unit and a cover. The IR light receiver is disposed on the circuit board for receiving an infrared light. The light emitting unit is disposed on the circuit board for emitting a visible light. The cover includes a first casing and a second casing, and covers the IR light receiver. The first casing shields the IR light receiver. The second casing is connected to the second casing. The transparency of the second casing is larger than that of the first casing. The second casing receives the visible light and then the visible light is emitted to the outside of the second casing.03-08-2012
20120006988PASSIVE INFRARED RAY SENSOR - A passive infrared ray sensor of the present invention includes a plurality of detecting elements 01-12-2012
20080230699Microcantilever Infrared Sensor Array - A radiation sensor array that exhibits improved fill factor is disclosed. The radiation sensor array incorporates sensors having support arms that are nested in vertical fashion with the support arms of neighboring sensors. This vertically-nested structure enables the radiation-sensing portions of the sensors to be more closely-packed.09-25-2008
20120153152OPTICAL MEASURING DEVICE - In an optical measuring device, the visual observation section includes: a white light source which emits white light; a first objective lens arranged between the white light source and measurement object, through which the white light emitted from the white light source and return light from the measurement object transmit; a plurality of tube lenses which change a magnification of the return light passing through the first objective lens to a predetermined magnification; and a lens switching mechanism which can selectively switch the tube lenses so as to select one of the tube lenses to be arranged on the return light, and the special observation section includes: a special light source which emits special light; and a second objective lens arranged between the special light source and measurement object, through which the special light emitted from the special light source and return light from the measurement object transmit.06-21-2012
20120153150HUMAN INFRARED RECIPIENT PROCESSOR - An IP processing technology, and more particularly to a human infrared recipient processor, which comprising: an amplifying circuit, a switch control circuit for output of switching signals, a PIR for obtaining human IR signals, a PHOT for obtaining brightness signals, a main controller IC06-21-2012
20120153149Single-Sided Infrared Sensor for Thickness or Weight Measurement of Products Containing a Reflective Layer - An optical, non-contact sensor for measuring the thickness or weight of layered products and particularly those that contain a light-reflective substrate incorporates a reflective surface to cause incident radiation from a light source to plurality of time within the layered products before being detected in a receiver. A diffusing element can be incorporated as a diffuse source of illumination. The Lambertian-type light scattering generated by the diffuse element causes the incident light to interact multiple times with the layered product resulting in enhanced sensor sensitivity to selected components in the layered product and measurement error induced by specular reflection of the light from the reflective substrate is minimized.06-21-2012
20120153153Integrated Ambient Light Sensor and Distance Sensor - An integrated proximity and light sensor includes a first light-emitting device, a second light-emitting device, and a light sensing circuit configured as a single package. The light sensing circuit is configured to control the first light-emitting device and the second light-emitting device to emit light therefrom. Further, the light sensing circuit is configured to detect an ambient light level and to detect a reflection of the light emitted by the first light-emitting device from a surface for proximity detection. The light sensing circuit is also configured to control the second light-emitting device to stop emitting light therefrom for one or more of the ambient light level detection and the proximity detection.06-21-2012
20130009060ADHESIVE FASTENING ELEMENTS FOR HOLDING A WORKPIECE AND METHODS OF DE-BONDING A WORKPIECE FROM AN ADHESIVE FASTENING ELEMENT - An adhesive fastening element for holding a workpiece, the adhesive fastening element including: a light source for providing light to an exterior surface of the adhesive fastening element so as to cure an adhesive; and a light meter for receiving light from the exterior surface of the adhesive fastening element; wherein the light source is controlled in response to the amount of light received by the light meter.01-10-2013
20110079716PHTHALOCYANINE, NAPHTHALOCYANINE, AND BRIDGED PHTHALOCYANINE/NAPHTHALOCYANINE DYES AND INKS CONTAINING THE SAME - Phthalocyanine dyes, naphthalocyanine dyes, and/or bridged phthalocyanine/naphthalocyanine dyes represented by one of the general structures I to XVII, inkjet ink formulation comprising said dyes, and detection systems using said dyes are disclosed and described.04-07-2011
20090134330CONCEPT FOR DETERMINING A MEASUREMENT VALUE AT A COMPONENT - In an evaluation device for determining a measurement value at a component, power is supplied to the component during readout of the measurement value. A controller serves to determine the power supplied to the component during the readout. The measurement value determined by the reader is corrected by a compensator while using the power determined by the controller, so as to obtain a corrected measurement value freed from any effects caused by the power supplied.05-28-2009
20110180709SERIAL-CHAINING PROXIMITY SENSORS FOR GESTURE RECOGNITION - A system and method for identifying a position of a moving object, utilizing a serial chain of sensors is provided. The serial chain reduces the power needed for the motion detection system, allowing implementation of the motion detection system on a low-power computing device, such as a microcontroller. The serial chain can provide automatic address assignment without dedicated pins. The serial chain can also provide automatic sequencing of access to a shared LED. The serial chain can also provide automatic time correlation of data from multiple sensors in the motion detection system.07-28-2011
20100187419THERMO-OPTIC INFRARED PIXEL AND FOCAL PLANE ARRAY - A surface plasmon polariton (SPP) pixel structure is provided. The SPP pixel structure includes a coupling structure that couples the probing light into the SPP mode by matching the in-plane wave vector by changing the refractive index of the coupling structure using thermo-optic effects to vary the coupling strength of the probing light into the SPP mode. An absorber layer is positioned on the coupling structure for absorbing incident infrared/thermal radiation being detected.07-29-2010
20120211657DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETECTING INFRARED RADIATION THROUGH A RESISTIVE BOLOMETER MATRIX - An infrared radiation detection device comprising: a substrate; a matrix of at least one line of elements for detecting said radiation, each comprising a resistive imaging bolometer, said matrix being formed above the substrate; means for reading the bolometers of the matrix, means for measuring the temperature in at least one point of the substrate; and means for correcting the signal formed from each bolometer as a function of the temperature measured in at least one point of the substrate. The correcting means are capable of correcting the signal formed from the imaging bolometer by means of a predetermined physical model of the temperature behaviour of said signal.08-23-2012
20120211656MOBILE DEVICE WITH PROXIMITY SENSOR - A mobile device including a source for emitting electromagnetic radiation, an enclosure having a side wall, and a detector for detecting electromagnetic radiation emitted by the source is described. At least a portion of the sidewall is adapted to transmit electromagnetic radiation from the source. The source and detector are positioned inside the enclosure. The detector is spaced from the source, and is arranged to detect electromagnetic radiation from the source that is reflected from an object outside the enclosure and passes through the portion of the side wall.08-23-2012
20100051811Photoconductive Element and Sensor Device - There is provided a photoconductive element capable of generating and detecting broadband electromagnetic waves such as terahertz waves at a comparatively high efficiency by decreasing or avoiding the absorption of electromagnetic waves into a substrate. A photoconductive element 03-04-2010
20100051810MICROMECHANICAL COMPONENT AND CORRESPONDING PRODUCTION METHOD - A micromechanical component and a corresponding production method. The micromechanical component includes a first component and a second component, with which the first component is connected by an alloy region; the first and second components enclosing a vacuum region or residual gas region, which is sealed by the alloy region.03-04-2010
20090095906IMAGE CAPTURING - A portable electronic device comprising an image capturing unit adapted to capture at least one image of an object. Also, the portable electronic device may include at least one light emitting element adapted to emit infrared light. Further, the image capturing unit may reside within the portable electronic device and be configured to capture an image of the object illuminated with infrared light. The present invention provides a method for illuminating an object, a computer program product and an accessory unit to a portable electronic device.04-16-2009
20120217397LOW PROFILE LIGHT COLLIMATOR MICRO BAFFLE AND METHOD - A light sensor including a substrate and one or more low profile baffle plates, the baffle plates including collimator holes to allow intended light to strike the light detector of the substrate while preventing extraneous light from striking the detector. The baffle plates are disposed above the substrate, on a shroud, which covers a portion of the substrate but allows intended light to pass through the collimator holes onto the light detector. By stacking baffle plates having a thin, low profile, one on top of another upon the shroud, extraneous light striking the material at an angle between the collimator holes cannot enter the sensor while intended light in the substantial front of the sensor enters the sensor through the collimator holes and can be detected by the light detector.08-30-2012
20120217396FLEXIBLE AND CONVENIENT IR EMITTER DEVICE - Added functionality and convenience is provided for integrator of automation systems due to the design of an IR emitter component that can be easily positioned in front of IR receivers, while also being IR transparent. The IR emitter component includes a holder designed for easy attachment to many different surfaces. The holder is also configured for removably coupling to an IR emitter device, thus allowing the holder to remain attached to the related component. The IR emitter component is also IR transparent, thus allowing additional IR signals to be passed through the device.08-30-2012
20090146058RESISTIVE MATERIALS FOR MICROBOLOMETER, METHOD FOR PREPARATION OF RESISTIVE MATERIALS AND MICROBOLOMETER CONTAINING THE RESISTIVE MATERIALS - Provided are resistive materials for a microbolometer, a method for preparation of resistive materials and a microbolometer containing the resistive materials. The resistive materials for the microbolometer include an alloy of silicon and antimony or an alloy of silicon, antimony and germanium, which has a high TCR and a low resistance.06-11-2009
20090020702ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION DETECTOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH A DETECTOR - This electromagnetic radiation detector comprises a reflecting substrate and at least one detection element comprising a membrane sensitive to said radiation and suspended above the substrate. The distance between the membrane and at least one detection element and the substrate is variable, said distance having a predefined spatial distribution suitable for minimizing the rapid variations of a response of the radiation detector in at least one predefined wavelength range.01-22-2009
20120256089SENSING DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A light emitting unit is positioned to the subject side than a light receiving unit in a sensing device. The light emitting unit includes a light emitting layer, a first electrode, a second electrode which has an opening, and an insulating layer that is provided at a position that corresponds to the opening portion of the second electrode and that partially insulates the first electrode and the second electrode. The light receiving unit includes a light receiving element that receives reflected light. The light blocking layer is provided at a position that corresponds to the opening portion, and an opening portion is formed thereon. In a case when viewed in a plan view, the light blocking layer overlaps the opening portion, and a light receiving face of the light receiving element is positioned within the opening.10-11-2012
20120261576TERAHERTZ WAVE GENERATING DEVICE, CAMERA, IMAGING DEVICE, AND MEASURING DEVICE - A terahertz wave generating device includes a plurality of light sources and an antenna. The light sources are configured to generate pulsed light. The antenna is configured to generate terahertz waves by being irradiated with the pulsed light generated by the light sources. The antenna has a plurality of pairs of electrodes with the electrodes in each of the pairs facing each other across a gap portion with a predetermined distance. The light sources is configured to irradiate the gap portions between the electrodes in the pairs with the pulsed light such that the gap portions between the electrodes of at least two of the pairs are irradiated with the pulsed light at mutually different timings.10-18-2012
20120228500ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE RECEIVING ANTENNA - An electromagnetic wave receiving antenna includes a spiral element configured to selectively attenuate electromagnetic waves having a predetermined wavelength, selected wavelengths, or range of wavelengths, and to concentrate electromagnetic waves having a predetermined wavelength, selected wavelengths, or range of wavelengths other than the attenuated wavelengths.09-13-2012
20110121181Infrared Proximity Sensor Package with Improved Crosstalk Isolation - Disclosed are various embodiments of an infrared proximity sensor package comprising an infrared transmitter die, an infrared receiver die, a housing comprising sidewalls, a first recess, a second recess, a partitioning divider disposed between the first and second recesses, and an overlying shield comprising an infrared-absorbing material. The transmitter die is positioned in the first recess, and the receiver die is positioned within the second recess. The partitioning divider comprises liquid crystal polymer (LCP) such that the partitioning divider and the infrared-absorbing material of the shield cooperate together to substantially attenuate and absorb undesired infrared light that might otherwise become internally-reflected within the housing or incident upon the receiver as a false proximity or object detection signal.05-26-2011
20100327166INFRARED SENSOR - An infrared sensor includes a substrate including an insulating layer formed thereon, a thermoelectric conversion element mounted on the substrate through the insulating layer, and an infrared absorbing layer mounted on the thermoelectric conversion element. The thermoelectric conversion element includes at least one single element having a heating surface defined as one side face and a cooling surface defined as the opposite face of the heating surface, for generating an electric power from the temperature difference made between the heating surface and the cooling surface. The single element includes a sintered cell including a composite metallic oxide, a pair of electrodes formed on the heating surface and the cooling surface of the sintered cell, and lead wires connecting the electrode on the heating surface and the electrode on the cooling surface electrically in series.12-30-2010
20100327165RADIATION DETECTOR AND RADIATION DETECTION METHOD - The present invention provides a radiation detector with high detection sensitivity. The radiation detector according to the present invention includes an Al12-30-2010
20100327164Optical Proximity Sensor Package with Molded Infrared Light Rejection Barrier and Infrared Pass Components - An optical proximity sensor is provided that comprises an infrared light emitter an infrared light detector, a first molded optically transmissive infrared light pass component disposed over and covering the light emitter and a second molded optically transmissive infrared light pass component disposed over and covering the light detector. Located in-between the light emitter and the first molded optically transmissive infrared light pass component, and the light detector and the second molded optically transmissive infrared light pass component is a substantially optically non-transmissive infrared light barrier component. The infrared light barrier component substantially attenuates or blocks the transmission of undesired direct, scattered or reflected light between the light emitter and the light detector, and thereby minimizes optical crosstalk and interference between the light emitter and the light detector.12-30-2010
20110226952Reflection Sensing System - A reflection sensing system comprises a body, an illuming module and a detecting module. The body is made by low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology or other plasticity colloids and disposed a plurality of electronic connecting points. The illuming module includes a first accommodating space and a light emitted diode (LED), and the detecting module includes a light detector. The first accommodating space is disposed on the body and having a first open at one side. The cross-section of the first accommodating space is parabolic. The LED is disposed at the site of the focus of the first accommodating space, connected to the electronic connecting points and facing to the first open. The light detector is disposed on the body, connected to the electronic connecting points and providing sensing signals after receiving light.09-22-2011
20120326037COATING FILM INSPECTION APPARATUS AND INSPECTION METHOD - The coating film inspection apparatus according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises a terahertz-wave generator that generates a terahertz-wave; an irradiation optical system that irradiates, with the terahertz-wave, a sample with a film formed thereon; a terahertz-wave detector that detects a terahertz-wave reflected at the sample; and a control unit that shows an electric field intensity of the detected terahertz-wave in wave form data on a time axis to detect a plurality of peaks from the wave form data, and also calculates film thickness on the basis of time difference between peaks.12-27-2012
20120280127TWO COLOR SPREAD SPECTRUM OPTICAL ENCODER - An optical encoder includes a first signal diode that emits light at an infrared wavelength, and a second signal diode that emits a light at a visible blue wavelength. The optical encoder further includes a first sensor diode having an optical wavelength filter for filtering out light having a wavelength outside the infrared wavelength, and a second sensor diode having an optical wavelength filter for filtering out light having a wavelength outside the visible blue wavelength spectrum. A slotted wheel defining a plurality of radially extending slots rotates past the signal diodes and the sensor diodes such that the sensor diodes may sense the light passing through the slots in the slotted wheel.11-08-2012
20120280128APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE - The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for transforming a time waveform of an electromagnetic wave into a time waveform suited for signal processing and the like so as to measure the time waveform.11-08-2012
20120326036TERAHERTZ WAVE GENERATING DEVICE, CAMERA, IMAGING DEVICE, AND MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A terahertz wave generating device includes a first light source, a second light source and an antenna. The first light source and a second light source are configured and arranged to generate pulsed lights. The antenna is configured and arranged to generate terahertz waves when irradiated by the pulsed lights generated by the first light source and the second light source. The antenna has a pair of electrodes arranged opposite each other with a gap being formed therebetween. The first light source and the second light source are configured and arranged to irradiate the pulsed lights between the electrodes at timings that are offset from each other.12-27-2012
20120132806SENSOR ARRAY MICROCHIP - A sensor array microchip apparatus includes a substrate and a lens positioned over the substrate. A plurality of radiation sensor elements are formed on the substrate in an array format and spatially separated from each other. The substrate further includes power supply circuitry (generating power for the radiation sensor elements) and processing circuitry (operable to control and process information from the radiation sensor elements). The power supply circuitry and said processing circuitry are positioned on the substrate within the array between two or more of the radiation sensor elements. The lens, in combination with the spatial separation of the radiation sensor elements in the array format, defines a relatively wide (30-80 degrees) field of regard for the sensor.05-31-2012
20100200754MACHINE TOOL MONITORING DEVICE - The invention relates to a machine tool monitoring device having a detection device (08-12-2010
20130009059DEVICE FOR INCREASED EYE PROTECTION - Device with at least one filter, in particular for a relieving and preventive eye protection as glasses, sun glasses or pane, wherein the device comprises at least one filter for influencing and filtering UV, blue light and infrared radiation, wherein the at least one filter is characterized by specific limit values defined in their combination.01-10-2013
20120241620OPTICAL CONTROL DEVICE, CONTROL DEVICE, AND OPTICAL SCOPE - An optical control device is provided in a scanning optical device that applies light emitted from a light source to an observation target as spot light, and detects return light from the observation target while scanning the spot light, and includes an irradiation section that applies white light and special light to the observation target, an irradiation time control section that performs a control process so that an irradiation time of the special light is longer than an irradiation time of the white light, and a light detection section that detects first return light from the observation target when the white light for which the irradiation time is controlled has been applied to the observation target, and detects second return light from the observation target when the special light for which the irradiation time is controlled has been applied to the observation target.09-27-2012
20120241619SPECIMEN IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM AND SPECIMEN IDENTIFICATION DEVICE - In a specimen identification system, an oscillator directs a THz wave toward a channel that accommodates a specimen. A receiver detects the THz wave transmitted through the specimen. A first controller controls the oscillator to sweep the oscillation frequency of the THz wave within a frequency band. A receiver generates a receiving signal by sweeping the receiving frequency of the THz wave within the frequency band. A specimen identification unit specifies the specimen based on the waveform of the receiving signal within the frequency band.09-27-2012
20120241618OPTICAL SENSOR CAPABLE OF DETECTING IR LIGHT AND VISIBLE LIGHT SIMULTANEOUSLY - An optical sensor includes an image sensor, a proximity sensor and a visible light sensor. The image sensor includes a first pixel and a second pixel. The first pixel is coated with a first optical film for blocking light whose wavelength is outside a first predetermined range and a second optical film for blocking light whose wavelength is outside a second predetermined range. The proximity sensor generates an IR signal according to a first exposure value. The visible light sensing unit generates a visible light signal according to the difference between the first exposure and a second exposure value or according to a ratio of the first exposure value to the second exposure value. The first exposure value represents an incident light quantity which is absorbed by the first pixel. The second exposure value represents an incident light quantity which is absorbed by the second pixel.09-27-2012
20080230698Tunable Microcantilever Infrared Sensor - An electromagnetic radiation sensor that exhibits improved performance by virtue of an ability to tune its sensitivity is disclosed. The electromagnetic radiation sensor incorporates thermal actuators that act in opposition to one another, but which have a slight difference in responsivity. A temperature controller is used to tune the sensitivity of the electromagnetic radiation sensor by controlling the temperature of the substrate on which the sensor is formed.09-25-2008
20080224044Equipment for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement of Samples of Materials Arranged Under Vacuum - The invention concerns an equipment for non-contact temperature measurement (09-18-2008
20080224043Artifact scanning with infrared radiation generated within a cold cathode lamp - Visible and infrared radiation is generated from phosphors within a cold cathode lamp. At least partially transparent media is irradiated with the visible and infrared radiation from the cold cathode lamp. Infrared radiation that passes through the at least partially transparent media is sensed, and an artifact signal is generated from the sensed infrared radiation. The artifact signal corresponds to one or more unwanted artifacts on the at least partially transparent media.09-18-2008
20130168551Apparatus and Methods for Controlling a Laser Output and Improving Laser Safety Using a Proximity Sensor - A laser output control method and a laser output control device, including a luminous source in the optical interface of an optical transceiver, a proximity detector configured to detect and capture reflection intensity of a luminous beam from the luminous source, an optical processing circuit electrically connected to the proximity detector and configured to receive and process the reflection intensity, and a microcontroller configured to capture parametric information of the reflection intensity, are disclosed. The microcontroller is also electrically connected to a laser driver, to receive parametric information of the optical processing circuit and to regulate the laser and/or laser driver activity based on the parametric information. The laser output control device may effectively restrict the laser output activity and the total laser output energy, which may prevent exposing human eyes to relatively strong laser energy and enhance the security of laser usage and protection for the human body.07-04-2013
20130112877BATTERY-OPERATED OBJECT DETECTING DEVICE - A battery-operated object detecting device (D) includes a detecting unit (U) adapted to be driven by an electric cell (05-09-2013
20130099120SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COUNTING CELLS AND BIOMOLECULES - The invention generally relates to analytical and monitoring systems useful for analyzing and measuring cells and biological samples. More particularly, the invention relates to systems and methods for imaging, measuring, counting, analyzing, and monitoring microscopic particles such as cells and biological molecules in solution samples.04-25-2013
20130112876INFRARED DETECTORS - In some example embodiments, an infrared detector may comprise a substrate; a resonator spaced apart from the substrate, the resonator absorbing incident infrared light; a thermoelectric material layer contacting the resonator and having a variable resistance according to temperature variation due to the absorbed incident infrared light; a lead wire electrically connecting the thermoelectric material layer and the substrate; a heat separation layer between the substrate and the thermoelectric material layer, the heat separation layer preventing heat from being transferred from the thermoelectric material layer to the substrate; and/or a ground plane layer preventing the incident infrared light from proceeding toward the substrate. The heat separation layer may at least reduce heat transfer from the thermoelectric material layer to the substrate. The ground plane layer may at least reduce an amount of the incident infrared light that reaches the substrate.05-09-2013
20130146768ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE GENERATING DEVICE, ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE DETECTING DEVICE, AND TIME-DOMAIN SPECTROSCOPY APPARATUS - An electromagnetic wave generating device is provided which includes an optical waveguide including a plurality of waveguide segments such that the main lobe of a combined electromagnetic wave has a substantially single large directivity.06-13-2013
20130146769OPTICAL PULSE GENERATING APPARATUS, TERAHERTZ SPECTROSCOPY APPARATUS, AND TOMOGRAPHY APPARATUS - An optical pulse generating apparatus that supplies pump light and probe light includes a light source and a modulation unit configured to modulate light emitted from the light source, thereby dividing the light into the pump light and the probe light. The modulation unit is configured such that a frequency for modulating the light is variable. The modulation unit changes a difference between a moment of the pump light incident on an object and a moment of the probe light incident on the object by changing the frequency.06-13-2013
20130181131REFLECTIVE PROXIMITY SENSOR WITH IMPROVED SMUDGE RESISTANCE AND REDUCED CROSSTALK - An electronic device includes a protective layer above a proximity sensor having a radiation emitter and a radiation detector. A groove, which may be wedge shaped, is formed in the bottom surface of the protective layer. A radiation barrier, which may be reflective or absorptive material, is placed in the groove in the bottom surface of the protective layer. A light blocking coating may be applied to the bottom surface and the groove of the protective layer to prevent the passage of visible radiation and permit the passage of infrared radiation. A radiation shield may be positioned between the emitter and the detector directly below the radiation barrier. Alignment features may be formed on the mating surfaces of the radiation barrier and radiation shield to align the protective layer with respect to the radiation shield and proximity sensor.07-18-2013
20100308222Multifunction Edge Device for Powered Doors - An edge device for an elevator door includes an elongate array of infrared transmitters and/or receivers and a proximate elongate array of illuminable elements, both arrays extending for a substantial part of the length of the door. The illuminable elements are adapted to be illuminated when the door is in motion. The two arrays are disposed in a common carrier structure, being either vertically interleaved or extending vertically in parallel with each other.12-09-2010
20110233407ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH LOCK FUNCTION AND METHOD FOR LOCKING ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device includes a processing unit, a first sensor, and a second sensor. The first and the second sensors are configured to generate signals if an object is within their detection zone. The processing unit is configured to receive the signals from the first sensor and the second sensor, and determine whether to lock or unlock the electronic device according to a sequence of the signals it receives from the first sensor and the second sensor within a predetermined time period.09-29-2011
20110233406MULTI-CHANNEL OPTICAL CELL - An apparatus is provided that includes a field reflector and a plurality of pairs of object reflectors. The apparatus also includes a plurality of source and detector port pairs, where each source port is configured to pass a beam of radiation, and each detector port is configured to receive a beam of radiation. The source and detector ports of each pair are positioned proximate an outer edge of the field reflector such that an optical axis of the field reflector lies between the respective source port and detector port. The object reflectors and source and detector port pairs are arranged such that each source and detector port pair is associated with a respective pair of object reflectors forming a distinct channel, where the source and detector port pair, and centers of the associated pair of object reflectors, of each channel lie in a distinct plane.09-29-2011
20110272579ANALYZING APPARATUS - An analyzing apparatus includes a first optical unit that causes a terahertz wave generated by a generation unit to be condensed at a first position in an object; a second optical unit that causes the terahertz wave from the object to be condensed at a second position; a third optical unit that causes the terahertz wave condensed at the second position to be condensed at a third position; and a detection unit that detects the terahertz wave condensed at the third position. The analyzing apparatus selectively detects the terahertz wave from the first position in the object from among terahertz waves from the object.11-10-2011
20130153769DEWAR ASSEMBLY FOR IR DETECTION SYSTEMS - A dewar assembly is presented for use in an optical IR detection system defining a light collecting region. The dewar assembly comprises a warm shield unit configured as an enclosure for optically enclosing the light collection region and having an optical window through which incident light enters the dewar. The warm shield defines a reflective inner surface configured such that light portions of the incident light propagating through said optical window onto said inner surface are reflected by the inner surface towards regions outside said light collecting region.06-20-2013
20130153767Wavelength-Selective, Integrated resonance Detector for Electromagnetic Radiation - Embodiments of the invention are directed to integrated resonance detectors and arrays of integrated resonance detectors and to methods for making and using the integrated resonance detectors and arrays. Integrated resonance detectors comprise a substrate, a conducting mirror layer, an active layer, and a patterned conducting layer. Electromagnetic radiation is detected by transducing a specific resonance-induced field enhancement in the active layer to a detection current that is proportional to the incident irradiance.06-20-2013
20130153768SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING A PORTABLE NEAR IR LED LIGHT SOURCE AND PHOTOGRAMMETRY FOR BORESIGHT HARMONIZATION OF AIRCRAFT AND GROUND VEHICLE COMPONENTS - Disclosed is a system and method for using a portable near (infrared light emitting diode) IR LED light source and photogrammetry for boresight harmonization of aircraft and ground vehicle components. In one embodiment, orientation and positional parameters of two or more fixed points and distances between the two or more fixed points are measured using the portable near IR LED light source with a photogrammetric system. The two or more fixed points are reference points within the aircraft or the land vehicle. Further, the measured orientation and positional parameters of the two or more fixed points and the distances between the two or more fixed points on the aircraft or the land vehicle are compared with specified design parameters of the component in the aircraft or the land vehicle. Furthermore, the component in the aircraft or the land vehicle is harmonized based on an outcome of the comparison.06-20-2013
20110278457DEVICE FOR FTIR ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY - The invention relates to a device (11-17-2011
20110297830ULTRA-LOW-POWER OCCUPANCY SENSOR - Passive IR sensor detection circuitry is provided that consumes eighty to ninety percent less power than conventional PIR sensor detection circuitry. Whereas prior art PIR sensor detection circuitry employs multiple amplification stages, to boost the power of the weak sensor signal, and a window comparator to determine whether an occupancy condition exists, the present invention uses, at most, a single amplification stage and no window comparator. In place of multiple amplification stages and a window comparators, the PIR sensor circuitry of the present invention uses a sensitive microcontroller to both detect and process the signal. A peak detector can be added just before the signal—whether amplified or not—is received by the microcontroller. Decay time of the peak detector is adjusted so that the signal will not substantially decay between measurements.12-08-2011
20130187049SPECTRAL FILTER HAVING A STRUCTURED MEMBRANE AT THE SUB-WAVELENGTH SCALE, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SUCH A FILTER - According to a first aspect, the present invention relates to a spectral filter suitable for filtering an incident wave at at least a first given central wavelength λ07-25-2013
20110309246Antenna For Use in THz Transceivers - A high frequency radiation transceiver is presented. The transceiver comprises an electrodes' arrangement, comprising two or more electrodes, where two of said electrodes are accommodated in a spaced-apart relationship defining a cavity for free space propagation of electrons between them. One of said two electrodes is configured to be responsive to an external input optical signal to emit an electron flux towards the other electrode. Said two or more electrodes are configured to define first and second electrode portions, the first portion having at least a region thereof exposed to said electron flux and operable as an antenna feeding port causing an electric current in said second portion and the second portion being configured and operable as an antenna radiating portion.12-22-2011
20120018634METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING ORGANIC MATERIALS AND OBJECTS FROM MULTISPECTRAL REFLECTED LIGHT - The present invention is a method of determining the presence of keratin, particularly hard keratin, such as exists in mammalian hair and feathers, and objects comprising such materials. The method of the present invention also includes displaying information derived from such a determination, as well as a measurement method followed by transmission of data to a remote processing site for analysis or display. The invention also includes devices for carrying out the determination, display and/or transmission.01-26-2012
20130193323INFRARED SECURITY SENSOR - An infrared security sensor device includes a light projector 08-01-2013
20120085909MILLIMETER-WAVE INSPECTION APPARATUS - The present invention discloses a millimeter-wave inspection apparatus. The millimeter-wave inspection apparatus comprises: optics devices, configured to receive millimeter-wave energy radiated from an object to be inspected and focus the received millimeter-wave energy; a radiometer receiving device configured to receive the focused millimeter-wave energy and transform the millimeter-wave energy into electrical signal; and an imaging device configured to generate a temperature image of the object to be inspected based on the electrical signal. Compared with the prior art, the millimeter-wave inspection apparatus of the present invention has a simple and compact structure; it would not be harmful to the human health by employing the passive millimeter-wave human body security inspection technology. With the above configuration, the contraband items to be concealed within the human clothing can be efficiently and effectively detected.04-12-2012
20120085908BIDIRECTIONAL OPTICAL SCANNER ASSISTING IN MAMMOGRAPHY - A bidirectional optical scanner assisting in mammography is revealed. The optical scanner that calculates functional images obtained by diffuse optical tomography, used in combination with a mammography machine can reduce the number of mammograms taken and the dose exposure. The bidirectional optical scanner includes a compression module, a first optical detection module, and a second optical detection module. The same test position of the tested breast can be detected twice in different directions by the first and the second optical detection modules. No matter where the tumor is located, the tumor can be detected. Besides structural images provided by the mammography machine, functional tomographic images of the breast are obtained by the bidirectional optical scanner. Thus diagnostic accuracy in the detection of breast cancer is improved.04-12-2012
20130206989Radiation Sensor - A radiation sensor is provided. The radiation sensor includes a substrate; a diaphragm positioned over the substrate; an absorbing layer which is configured to absorb infrared radiation; a supporting element arranged between the absorbing layer and the diaphragm such that a spacing gap is formed between the absorbing layer and the diaphragm; wherein the size of the spacing gap is in a range of about 3.6 micrometer to about 100 micrometer.08-15-2013

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