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250307000 Methods 426
250310000 Electron probe type 231
250311000 Electron microscope type 123
250440110 Analyte supports 82
250309000 Positive ion probe or microscope type 18
250308000 Including a radioactive source 3
20080258057Integrated circuit chips, apparatuses for obtaining backscatter data from samples, methods of backscatter analysis, and methods of forming alpha particle emission and detection systems - Some embodiments include methods for fabricating an alpha particle emitter and detector associated with an integrated circuit chip. Some embodiments include an integrated circuit chip comprising an alpha particle emitter and detector supported by a semiconductor substrate. Some embodiments include an apparatus for obtaining backscatter data from a sample utilizing an alpha particle emission and detection system supported by a semiconductor substrate. Some embodiments include methods of backscatter analysis utilizing a semiconductor substrate containing an alpha particle emitter and an alpha particle sensor.10-23-2008
20100001185PHOTONIC SENSORS, XEROGEL-BASED SENSORS AND NANOSENSORS - A photonic sensor system is provided. The system generally includes a beta emission source, optionally, a scintillation layer, and a luminophore-containing sensory layer. The system can be embodied in a particle. Also provided are photonic sensor strategies which are highly accurate and photonic sensors which are highly stable.01-07-2010
20110084208Photonic sensors, xerogel-based sensors and nanosensors - A photonic sensor system is provided. The system generally includes a beta emission source, optionally, a scintillation layer, and a luminophore-containing sensory layer. The system can be embodied in a particle. Also provided are photonic sensor strategies which are highly accurate and photonic sensors which are highly stable.04-14-2011
20090045335INSPECTION METHOD FOR SEMICONDUCTOR WAFER FOR REVIEWING DEFECTS - An object of the present invention is to provide a suitable method of observing a wafer edge by using an electron microscope. The electron microscope includes a column which can take an image in being tilted, and thus allows a wafer edge to be observed from an oblique direction.02-19-2009
20130075604PARTICLE BEAM SYSTEM HAVING A HOLLOW LIGHT GUIDE - A system includes a particle optical system and a photosensitive detector. The particle optical system includes a charged particle beam source and an objective lens. The charged particle beam source is configured to generate a charged particle beam that travels along a particle beam path, and the objective lens is configured to focus the particle beam onto an object plane of the particle optical system. The system is configured such that a light beam path of the system extends from the object plane to the photosensitive detector.03-28-2013
20090032704Method of measuring thin layers using sims - A method for measuring the thickness of a layer is provided, comprising (a) providing a structure (02-05-2009
20090184242OPTICAL DETECTION SYSTEM FOR MICROMECHANICAL CANTILEVERS, ESPECIALLY IN SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPES - The optical detection system typically used in micromechanical cantilever-based instruments, e.g. scanning probe microscopes, chemical or biological sensing probes like “artificial noses”, or molecular force probe instruments, can hardly cope when measuring samples immersed in a fluid, i.e. a gas, gel, or liquid having another refractive index than the environment. Optical readout or detection becomes problematic as soon as the refractive index of the fluid changes, because signals can shift significantly. The invention provides an improved optical means at the interface between the fluid and the environment, avoiding signal shifts, and thus avoiding time-consuming and difficult re-calibration or re-adjustment of the microscope or other cantilever-based instrument.07-23-2009
20130087702ASSEMBLY FOR PROVIDING AN ALIGNED STACK OF TWO OR MORE MODULES AND A LITHOGRAPHY SYSTEM OR A MICROSCOPY SYSTEM COMPRISING SUCH AN ASSEMBLY - The invention relates to an assembly, preferably for use in a lithography system or a microscopy system, for providing an accurately aligned stack of two or more modules in a stacking direction. Each of the two or more modules comprises three support members. The assembly comprises a frame comprising three planar alignment surfaces which extend in the stacking direction and which are angularly off-set with respect to each other. In addition each of the three support members of each one of the two or more modules, when arranged in said frame, abuts against a corresponding one of the three alignment surfaces. The frame is provided with an opening between two of the three planar alignment surfaces for inserting a module in the assembly, said two planar alignment surfaces on either side of the opening are arranged at least partially facing said opening.04-11-2013
20130087703ELECTRON MICROSCOPE - In an electron microscope having a magnetic field immersion type cold-FE electron gun, the electron gun and the electron microscope are provided with high observation efficiency and the focal distance of the electron gun does not change during use. The degree of vacuum in the electron gun is improved with a getter pump for stabilization. Further, observation efficiency is improved by cleaning the electron source periodically and returning to recorded optical conditions on the occasion.04-11-2013
20120217391CHARGED PARTICLE MICROSCOPE - The charged particle beam microscope is configured of: a gas field ionization ion source (08-30-2012
20080315088COMPOSITE CHARGED-PARTICLE BEAM SYSTEM - There is provided a method of arranging, as a composite charged-particle beam system, a gas ion beam apparatus, an FIB and an SEM in order to efficiently prepare a TEM sample. The composite charged-particle beam system includes an FIB lens-barrel 12-25-2008
20120080594PARTICLE BEAM DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING AND/OR TREATING AN OBJECT - A particle beam device and a method for analyzing and/or treating an object is disclosed. According to the described system, the position of a crossover on an optical axis of a particle beam device can be freely adjusted, even in the case of a fixed extractor potential and a fixed high voltage. The particle beam device has a first electrode unit with three electrode apparatuses, a second electrode unit with three electrode apparatuses, and an acceleration unit. The method according to the system described herein uses the particle beam device.04-05-2012
20090032703HIGH-BANDWIDTH ACTUATOR DRIVE FOR SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPY - An actuator subsystem for use in a scanning probe microscope (SPM) system having a probe for measuring a sample comprises and actuator and an actuator driving circuit. The actuator operates in the SPM system to generate relative motion between the probe and the sample while the SPM system collects data indicative of a property of the sample. The relative motion includes a range of motion of at least 1 micron. The actuator driving circuit applies a drive signal to the actuator to cause the relative motion, and has a small signal bandwidth of at least 200 kHz with a phase lag of not more than 100 degrees within the small signal bandwidth.02-05-2009
20080272296Data Processing Device, Tomography Apparatus for Examination of an Object of Interest, Method of Examining an Object of Interest, Computer-Readable Medium and Program Element - A data processing device, comprising a plurality of emitter antennas (11-06-2008
20090309021Ion detection method and apparatus with scanning electron beam - The invention pertains to a method for imaging a sample by detecting ions emitted from said sample, wherein 12-17-2009
20080210864Local Injector of Spin-Polarized Electrons with Semiconductor Tip Under Light - The invention is directed to a spin-polarized electron injector using a semiconductor tip, in which tip the injected electrons are photocreated by a circularly polarized light excitation incident on the rear of the tip. This tip is supported by a transparent lever or cantilever and undergoes a surface treatment for the purpose of removing the surface oxide layer, to prevent said layer from reforming and to improve the proportion of injected electrons.09-04-2008
20090289185ULTRA HIGH PRECISION MEASUREMENT TOOL - A focused ion beam device is described comprising a gas field ion source with an analyzer for analyzing and classifying the structure of a specimen, a controller for controlling and/or modifying the structure of the specimen according to the analysis of the analyzer, an emitter tip, the emitter tip has a base tip comprising a first material and a supertip comprising a material different from the first material, wherein the supertip is a single atom tip and the base tip is a single crystal base tip. Furthermore, the focused ion beam device has a probe current control and a sample charge control. A method of operating a focused ion beam device is provided comprising applying a voltage between a single emission centre of the supertip and an electrode, supplying gas to the emitter tip, analyzing and classifying the structure of a specimen, and controlling the structure of the specimen.11-26-2009
20090261249SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPE APPARATUS - There is provided a scanning probe microscope apparatus which has a high sensitivity for the interaction between the cantilever and the sample and comprises a cantilever that can oscillate stably in dynamic mode even when a mechanical Q value is low.10-22-2009
20080308726Method for the Operation of a Measurement System With a Scanning Probe Microscope and a Measurement System - The invention relates to a method for operating a measurement system containing a scanning probe microscope, in particular an atomic force microscope, and to a measurement system for examining a measurement sample using a scanning probe microscope and for optically examining said sample. In the method, an optical image of a measurement section of a measurement sample to be examined, said image being recorded with the aid of an optical recording device, is displayed on a display apparatus, a choice of a position in the optical image is detected, and, for a scanning probe measurement, a measurement probe which is configured for the scanning probe measurement is moved, using a movement apparatus which moves the measurement probe and the measurement sample relative to one another, to a measurement position, which is assigned to the selected position in the optical image in accordance with coordinate transformation, by virtue of the movement apparatus being controlled in accordance with the coordinate transformation, wherein a previously determined assignment between a coordinate system of the optical image and a coordinate system of a space covered by movement positions of the measurement probe and the measurement sample is formed with the coordinate transformation, wherein the movement positions comprise the measurement position.12-18-2008
20080308725SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE INSPECTION APPARATUS - A semiconductor device inspection apparatus having a noise subtraction function includes an electron gun, a stage for holding a sample, a main detector for detecting a signal discharged from the sample, and at least one or more sub detector for detecting noise generated from the sample or apparatus so that there can be obtained an image in which the noise caused by discharge generated on the sample or in the apparatus is removed from the signal. The noise subtraction function subtracts the noise detected by the sub detector from the signal detected by the main detector to remove or reduce the noise from the signal.12-18-2008
20090014648Particle beam device and method for use in a particle beam device - A particle beam device includes a movable carrier element with at least one receiving element for receiving a specimen and in which the receiving element is situated on the carrier element. In various embodiments, the receiving element may be situated removably on the carrier element and/or multiple receiving elements may be situated on the carrier element in such a way that a movement of the carrier element causes a movement of the multiple receiving elements in the same spatial direction or around the same axis. The carrier element may be movable in three spatial directions situated perpendicular to one another and rotatable around a first axis which is parallel to an optical axis of the particle beam device and around a second axis which is situated perpendicular to the optical axis. A method for using the particle beam device in connection with specimen study and preparation is also disclosed.01-15-2009
20090152460System for Processing an Object - A processing system comprises a gas supply apparatus with which process gas is supplied to an object. An activation beam activates the gas thereby inducing a chemical reaction between material at the surface of the object and the process gas causing ablation of material from the surface or deposition of material at the surface. The gas supply apparatus is formed from a stack of plates providing a gas conduit system between at least one gas inlet and at least one gas outlet.06-18-2009
20090152459System and Method for Processing an Object - A system and a method for processing and inspecting an object are provided, wherein the system comprises a particle beam column, an object holder and a gas supply apparatus. Thereby, the object holder is formed comprising a base, a first table displaceable relative to the base, a second table displaceable relative to the first table and a third table rotatable relative to the second table, wherein the cannula of the gas supply apparatus is fixed at the first table.06-18-2009
20090250609Inspection Method and Reagent Solution - An electron microscope method for inspecting a liquid specimen and a reagent solution therefor. A culture medium and biological cells are put in the sample holder. A plugging agent is mixed into the liquid sample. The cells can be irradiated with a primary beam via a film. An image of the cells or information about the cells is obtained by detecting a resulting secondary signal. If the film is destroyed, the plugging agent plugs up the damaged portion of the film. Consequently, liquid leakage can be minimized.10-08-2009
20090200462SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPE CAPABLE OF MEASURING SAMPLES HAVING OVERHANG STRUCTURE - A scanning probe microscope tilts the scanning direction of a z-scanner by a precise amount and with high repeatability using a movable assembly that rotates the scanning direction of the z-scanner with respect to the sample plane. The movable assembly is moved along a curved guide and has grooves that engage with corresponding projections on a stationary frame to precisely position the movable assembly at predefined locations along the curved guide.08-13-2009
20080315089Electron gun, electron beam exposure apparatus, and exposure method - An electron gun includes an electron source configured to emit electrons. The electron source includes an electron emission region configured to emit the electrons and an electron emission restrictive region configured to restrict emission of the electrons. The electron emission restrictive region is located on a side surface of the electron source except an electron emission surface on a tip of the electron source and is covered with a different material from the electron source. The electron gun emits thermal field-emitted electrons by applying an electric field to the tip while maintaining a sufficiently low temperature to avoid sublimation of a material of the electron source. The material of the electron source may be lanthanum hexaboride (LaB12-25-2008
20090242757CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM APPARATUS AND METHOD ADJUSTING AXIS OF APERTURE - There are provided a charged particle beam apparatus and a method of adjusting an axis of an aperture capable of adjusting a position of a center axis of the aperture easily and accurately in a short period of time.10-01-2009
20090256074Apparatus and Method for Inspection - Method and apparatus capable of observing a liquid sample. An optical image of the sample and an image using a primary beam, such as an electron beam or charged-particle beam, can be obtained at the same time. The apparatus has a film including a first surface on which the liquid sample is held. The primary beam irradiation column and optical image acquisition viewer are located on opposite sides of the film that acts to block light.10-15-2009
20100258719PARTICLE-BEAM MICROSCOPE - A particle beam microscope includes an illumination system generating a particle beam having a ring-shaped conical configuration. A selective detection system is configured to selectively detect one of two groups of particles having traversed the object region. The first group of particles includes the particles that traversed the object region un-scattered or scattered by a small scattering amount. The second group of particles includes particles scattered in the object region by a greater scattering amount.10-14-2010
20100193685Miniature Neutron Generator for Active Nuclear Materials Detection - This miniature neutron generator is for active detection of highly enriched uranium using a movable detection system. It is a small size, lightweight, low power consumption neutron generator with ease of operation and maintenance. The detector is based on a simplified ion source and ion transport system.08-05-2010
20080302960PROBE ARRANGEMENT - A probe arrangement with a probe for local electrophysiological analysis of cells (12-11-2008
20090039256CHARGED PARTICLE IRRADIATION SYSTEM - A charged particle irradiation system that positions the beam at a target position to avoid irradiation of normal tissue includes an acceleration system 02-12-2009
20110127426Multiple Pass Cargo Inspection System - The present invention is a cargo inspection system, employing a radiation source, capable of scanning vehicles and/or cargo in a wide range of sizes, including conventional imaging areas as well as taller and bulkier enclosures at sufficiently optimal efficacy and overall throughput. In one embodiment, the present invention is a multiple pass inspection method for inspecting vehicles and their cargo, comprising a first pass scan, wherein said first pass scan includes moving a radiation source at a suitable scanning distance, rotating a radiation source at a suitable scanning angle, and moving said radiation source along an object under inspection.06-02-2011
20110017909ELECTRON IMAGING APPARATUS WITH IMAGE PROCESSING - A photoelectron microscope incorporating a magnetic projection lens and an image processing means to improve the spatial resolution by deconvolution of the point spread function.01-27-2011
20100163726Device for Determining Aim Position of Charged Particle Beam, Method of Using the Device, and Treatment Device Employing Device for Determining Aim Position - A subject is imaged for treatment of the subject such as an eye to be inspected, while irradiating a charged particle beam on the eye, so that an aim position of a charged particle beam for treatment can be determined.07-01-2010
20100051803Particle Beam System - A particle beam system is offered which can prevent contamination of the inside of the objective lens, the objective lens being located at the front end of the optical column. The particle beam system has an optical column equipped with a particle beam source for emitting a particle beam and a beam passage pipe through which the beam passes. The system further includes a vacuum chamber connected with the front end portion of the column. The beam passed through the pipe is released from the front end of the column. An inner pipe is detachably disposed inside the beam passage pipe located at the front-end side of the column.03-04-2010
20110068265ELECTRODE UNIT AND CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM DEVICE - A high-resolution sample image is acquired by eliminating both of charge over an entire sample (global charge) and charge in a local region irradiated with a primary charged particle beam (local charge). An electrode unit (03-24-2011
20080315090Objective lens, electron beam system and method of inspecting defect - An electron beam system or a method for manufacturing a device using the electron beam system in which an electron beam can be irradiated at a high current density and a ratio of transmittance of a secondary electron beam of an image projecting optical system can be improved and which can be compact in size. The surface of the sample S is divided into plural stripe regions which in turn are divided into rectangle-shaped main fields. The main field is further divided into plural square-shaped subfields. The irradiation with the electron beams and the formation of a two-dimensional image are repeated in a unit of the subfields. A magnetic gap formed by the inner and outer magnetic poles of the objective lens is formed on the side of the sample, and an outer side surface and an inner side surface of each of the inner magnetic pole and the outer magnetic pole, respectively, forming the magnetic gap have each part of a conical shape with a convex having an angle of 45° or greater with respect to the optical axis.12-25-2008
20100181476Spectrometer for Surface Analysis and Method Therefor - A spectrometer (07-22-2010
20110168887CHARGED PARTICLE FILTER - A charged particle filter comprises a magnetic deflector and an outer shield. The magnetic deflector has a bore along an axis thereof passing through the deflector from a specimen end to a detector end of the deflector and through which charged particles pass when in use. The deflector is formed from one or more magnets positioned around the bore in a Halbach configuration thereby generating a relatively high magnetic field strength within the bore and a relatively low magnetic field strength outside of the deflector. The deflector has a geometry defining an outer surface and an inner surface, wherein each of the outer and inner surfaces of the deflector taper towards the axis as a respective function of distance in the specimen direction along the axis. The outer shield is formed from a soft magnetic material surrounding the magnet deflector on an outer surface side of the deflector and having a projecting portion which extends in the specimen direction with respect to the magnetic deflector from the specimen end of the deflector.07-14-2011
20080217529METHOD FOR ADJUSTING IMAGING MAGNIFICATION AND CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM APPARATUS - There is provided a method for setting a suitable imaging magnification for each of a plurality of measurement places in a charged particle beam apparatus which images a semiconductor pattern.09-11-2008
20120037801PATTERN MEASURING APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - Provided are a pattern measuring apparatus and a computer program which determine whether a gap formed in a sample (02-16-2012
20100127169Compact, interleaved radiation sources - Compact, dual energy radiation scanning systems are described comprising two particle beam accelerators, each configured to accelerate charged particles to different energies, positioned parallel to a direction of movement of an object to be inspected. The accelerator may be positioned perpendicular to a plane of the conveying system, instead. Bend magnet systems bend each charged particle beam toward a respective target. Alternatively, a single dual energy accelerator capable of accelerating charged particles to at least two different energies is positioned parallel to the direction of movement of the object, or perpendicular to a plane of the conveying system. A single bend magnet system is provided to bend each accelerated charged particle beam toward the same target. The particle beams may be bent through an orbit chamber. Two separate passages may be defined through at least part of the orbit chamber, one for charged particles having each energy.05-27-2010
20110049362Pattern measuring apparatus and pattern measuring method - A pattern measuring apparatus includes: an electron irradiating unit for radiating an electron beam onto a sample while scanning; an image data acquiring unit for acquiring an image of a pattern on the basis of an amount of electrons generated from the sample where the pattern is formed, by the radiation of the electron beam; a measurement region setting unit for setting paired measurement regions each including a pattern edge in the image of the pattern; and a controlling unit for calculating a distance between pattern edges in the paired measurement regions by detecting a shape of the pattern edge in each measurement region, respectively. The control unit calculates edge characteristic curves by finding moving averages of edge profiles by use of predetermined moving average widths, respectively, each edge profile representing the pattern edge in one of the measurement regions with position coordinates of each of measurement points arranged at predetermined intervals, and defines the positions of peak values of the edge characteristic curves as edge positions of the patterns in the measurement regions.03-03-2011
20110049361Particle beam apparatus having an aperture unit and method for setting a beam current in a particle beam apparatus - A particle beam apparatus includes a first aperture unit having an adjustable aperture opening. The particle beam apparatus may include a first condenser lens having a first pole shoe and a second pole shoe. Both the first pole shoe and the second pole shoe may be adjustable relative to a second aperture unit independently of each other. The second aperture unit may be designed as a pressure stage aperture separating a first area having a vacuum at a first pressure, and a second area having a vacuum at a second pressure. Additionally, a method for adjusting a beam current in a particle beam apparatus is provided.03-03-2011
20100219339FOCUSED ION BEAM APPARATUS - The crystal structure of the emitter can be accurately grasped from a FIM image without being influenced by disturbances, such as contamination, and even if the rearrangement of atoms has been performed, whether or not the crystal structure of the emitter has returned to the original state can also be accurately determined. There is a provided a focused ion beam apparatus including an emitter 09-02-2010
20120312985SYSTEMS FOR DETECTING CHARGED PARTICLES IN OBJECT INSPECTION - Techniques, apparatus and systems for detecting particles such as muons. In one implementation, a monitoring system has a cosmic ray-produced charged particle tracker with a plurality of drift cells. The drift cells, which can be for example aluminum drift tubes, can be arranged at least above and below a volume to be scanned to thereby track incoming and outgoing charged particles, such as cosmic ray-produced muons, whilst also detecting gamma rays. The system can selectively detect devices or materials, such as iron, lead, gold and/or tungsten, occupying the volume from multiple scattering of the charged particles passing through the volume and can also detect any radioactive sources occupying the volume from gamma rays emitted therefrom. If necessary, the drift tubes can be sealed to eliminate the need for a gas handling system. The system can be employed to inspect occupied vehicles at border crossings for nuclear threat objects.12-13-2012
20100051802SINGLE-CHANNEL OPTICAL PROCESSING SYSTEM FOR ENERGETIC-BEAM MICROSCOPES - A single-channel optical processing system for an energetic-beam instrument has separate sources for processing radiation and illumination radiation. The processing radiation and the illumination radiation are combined in a single optical path and directed to a sample surface inside the energetic-beam instrument through a self-focusing rod lens. The self-focusing rod lens thus has a working distance from the sample surface that will not interfere with typical arrangements of ion beams and electron beams in such instruments. A combination of polarizers and beam splitters allows separation of the combined incident radiation and the combined radiation reflected from the sample surface and returned through the same optical channel, so that the reflected radiation may be directed to an optical detector, such as a camera or spectrometer. In other embodiments, additional illumination of the sample surface is provided at an angle to the central axis of the self-focusing rod lens.03-04-2010
20120074314STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING A DEFECT IN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT MANUFACTURING PROCESS - The present invention discloses a structure and a method for determining a defect in integrated circuit manufacturing process. Test keys are designed for the structure to be the interlaced arrays of grounded and floating conductive cylinders, and the microscopic image can be predicted to be an interlaced pattern of bright voltage contrast (BVC) and dark voltage contrast (DVC) signals for a charged particle beam imaging system. The system can detect the defects by comparing patterns of the detected VC signals and the predicted VC signals.03-29-2012
20120261572INSPECTION SYSTEM - An inspection system has at least one radiation source and at least one L-shaped radiation detector for radioscopy of an article to be inspected. The radiation detector has a horizontal detector surface and a vertical detector surface and the radiation source is spaced apart from both detector surfaces. The inspection system is given a simple design by the horizontal detector surface running below the article being inspected and the radiation source being arranged in an upper corner position.10-18-2012
20120318975HIGH-VOLTAGE SUPPLY UNIT FOR A PARTICLE BEAM DEVICE - A high-voltage supply unit is provided for a particle beam device. The high-voltage supply unit includes at least one high-voltage cable for feeding a high voltage, and at least one measuring device for measuring the high voltage. The measuring device has at least one first capacitor, and the first capacitor is formed by at least one first section of the high-voltage cable.12-20-2012
20080224035Pattern displacement measuring method and pattern measuring device - An evaluation method and apparatus is provided for evaluating a displacement between patterns of a pattern image by using design data representative of a plurality of patterns superimposed ideally. A first distance is measured for an upper layer pattern between a line segment of the design data and an edge of the charged particle radiation image, a second distance is measured for a lower layer pattern between a line segment of the design data and an edge of the charged particle radiation image; and an superimposition displacement is detected between the upper layer pattern and lower layer pattern in accordance with the first distance and second distance.09-18-2008
20130146763Image Processing Device, Charged Particle Beam Device, Charged Particle Beam Device Adjustment Sample, and Manufacturing Method Thereof - An object of the present invention is to provide an image processing apparatus that quickly and precisely measures or evaluates a distortion in a field of view and a charged particle beam apparatus. To attain the object, an image processing apparatus or the like is proposed which acquires a first image of a first area of an imaging target and a second image of a second area that is located at a different position than the first area and partially overlaps with the first area and determines the distance between a measurement point in the second image and a second part of the second image that corresponds to a particular area for a plurality of sites in the overlapping area of the first image and the second image.06-13-2013
20080197280METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING PATTERN DIMENSIONS - It is difficult for a material having low resistance to electron beam irradiation to obtain an electron microscopic image having a high S/N ratio. A conventional image smoothing process can improve stability of measurement, but this process has a problem of measurement errors for absolute values, reduction of sensitivity, deterioration of quality of cubic shape information and the like. In the present invention, by performing an image averaging process without deteriorating cubic shape information of a signal waveform in consideration of dimension deviation of a measurement target pattern, measurement stability is compatible with improvement of precision and sensitivity. Accordingly, it is possible to realize measurement of pattern dimensions and shapes with high precision and control of a highly sensitive semiconductor manufacturing process using the measurement.08-21-2008
20080197279Radiation Inspection System - Disclosed is an inspection system for inspecting a cargo by using radiation, comprising: a main plate conveyor; a radiation scanning unit that spans said main plate conveyor and is provided above said main plate conveyor, for scanning the cargo provided on the main plate conveyor; auxiliary conveyors that are provided at the front end and rear end of said main plate conveyor, respectively, so as to load the cargo to be inspected onto said main plate conveyor and to unload the inspected cargo from said main plate conveyor; and lifting devices for lifting said auxiliary conveyors. The inspection system according to the present invention occupies less area, has simple corollary equipments, a lower operating cost, and excellent compatibility, and can be widely applied.08-21-2008
20080197278Device for detecting position of steel bar in structure and method thereof - Gamma rays, X-rays or ionizing irradiations from two radiation sources penetrate through a steel bar in a reinforced concrete structure. Images of the steel bar are thus projected on two films. Through geometric relationships between the images and the steel bar itself, thicknesses between the steel bar and surfaces of the reinforced concrete structure are obtained. The position of the steel bar obtained according to the present invention is reliable and accurate. And the data obtained can be used for structure safety.08-21-2008
20110272576CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM APPLIED APPARATUS - Provided is a multi-beam type charged particle beam applied apparatus in an implementable configuration, capable of achieving both high detection accuracy of secondary charged particles and high speed of processing characteristically different specimens. An aperture array (11-10-2011