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250282000 Methods 1012
250288000 With sample supply means 239
250286000 Ion beam pulsing means with detector synchronizing means 123
250290000 Cyclically varying ion selecting field means 56
250294000 Static field-type ion path-bending selecting means 20
250289000 With evacuation or sealing means 11
250285000 With plural, simultaneous ion generators 2
20100301206Mass Spectrometer - An ion-ion reaction cell is provided comprising a plurality of electrodes (12-02-2010
20100276587Detectors And Ion Sources - A field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometer (FAIMS) has an analyte ion source assembly by which an analyte substance is ionized and supplied to the inlet of the spectrometer. The ion source assembly has an upstream source of clean, dry air and two ion sources of opposite polarity arranged at the same distance along the flow path. The ion sources are arranged so that the overall charge of the plasma produced is substantially neutral. The analyte substance is admitted via an inlet downstream of the ion sources and flows into a reaction region of enlarged cross section to slow the flow and increase the time for which the analyte molecules are exposed to the plasma.11-04-2010
20100090098RESISTIVE GLASS STRUCTURES USED TO SHAPE ELECTRIC FIELDS IN ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS - A reflectron lens for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer and a method of making same are disclosed. The reflectron lens includes a glass tube having a conductive surface along the length of the tube. The conductive surface has an electrical resistance gradient along its length. The electrical resistance gradient provides an electric field interior to the tube that varies in strength along the length of the tube when an electric potential is applied to opposing ends of the tube. A mass spectrometer incorporating the reflectron lens, a method of making the reflectron lens, and an apparatus for removing lead from the surface of a lead silicate glass tube are also disclosed.04-15-2010
20100044557PARTIAL OVOIDAL FAIMS ELECTRODE - A partial ovoidal FAIMS apparatus for separating ions is presented with inner and outer electrodes that have geometrically matched convex and concave partial ovoidal surfaces, respectively, that share at least one common defining axis and display a nearly constant displacement between the opposing surfaces. The ovoidal surfaces can be that of an egg shaped ovoid, an ellipse, or a sphere. The apparatus can have at least one ion inlet and an ion outlet where the outlet is on or as near as possible to a point on the defining axis in the outer electrode and the inlet or inlets are on, near, or symmetrically disposed about the defining axis of the ovoidal surfaces. Electrical contacts to the electrodes permit the application of an asymmetric waveform and a compensation voltage to at least one of the electrodes. The electrodes are positioned, stabilized, and insulated from each other by a base plate.02-25-2010
20080308722ELECTROSPRAY-ASSISTED LASER-INDUCED ACOUSTIC DESORPTION IONIZATION MASS SPECTROMETER AND A METHOD FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY - A mass spectrometer includes: an electrospray unit for forming liquid drops of an electrospray medium; a voltage supplying member disposed to allow the liquid drops to be laden with a plurality of charges for heading toward a receiving unit along a traveling path; a substrate having a sample surface for placement of a sample and an irradiated surface opposite to the sample surface; and a laser transmission mechanism for irradiating the irradiated surface. The substrate permits propagation of laser energy therethrough such that laser energy is passed on to at least one analyte in the sample via the substrate so that the analyte is desorbed to fly along a flying path intersecting the traveling path to enable occlusion of the analyte in the liquid drops. As a result of dwindling in size of the liquid drops, charges will pass on to the analyte to form a corresponding ionized analyte.12-18-2008
20120175514Mass Spectrometer - In an ion detector, power supplies (07-12-2012
20100163719CONVERGING-DIVERGING SUPERSONIC SHOCK DISRUPTOR FOR FLUID NEBULIZATION AND DROP FRAGMENTATION - A disrupter apparatus comprises a nozzle comprising: a converging section; a diverging section; and a throat between the converging section and the diverging section. The disrupter apparatus also comprises a holder configured to receive a fluid conduit, which comprises an outlet located in the converging section; and a channel disposed about the holder and configured to guide a gas past the outlet of the fluid conduit, through the converging section, through the throat and into the diverging section where the gas travels at supersonic speed and establishes a standing shock wave in the diverging section. A mass spectrometer and a method are also described.07-01-2010
20100072357ELECTROSPRAY ION SOURCE WITH REDUCED ANALYTE ELECTROCHEMISTRY - An electrospray ion (ESI) source and method capable of ionizing an analyte molecule without oxidizing or reducing the analyte of interest. The ESI source can include an emitter having a liquid conduit, a working electrode having a liquid contacting surface, a spray tip, a secondary working electrode, and a charge storage coating covering partially or fully the liquid contacting surface of the working electrode. The liquid conduit, the working electrode and the secondary working electrode can be in liquid communication. The electrospray ion source can also include a counter electrode proximate to, but separated from, said spray tip. The electrospray ion source can also include a power system for applying a voltage difference between the working electrodes and a counter-electrode. The power system can deliver pulsed voltage changes to the working electrodes during operation of said electrospray ion source to minimize the surface potential of the charge storage coating.03-25-2010
20130032708ARRANGEMENT FOR A REMOVABLE ION-OPTICAL ASSEMBLY IN A MASS SPECTROMETER - A device for use in a mass spectrometer allows an ion-optical assembly to be removed, cleaned and reinserted with relatively high positioning accuracy. In particular, the device obviates the need for complex adjustments requiring special knowledge after the reinsertion. The objective is achieved by an arrangement comprising a receptacle and a mount for a removable ion-optical assembly in a mass spectrometer. Favorable implementations provide a mount and a receptacle with three pairs of complementary support elements, the three support elements on the receptacle form a support plane, and, when the mount is inserted into the receptacle, at least two pairs of support elements are engaged and the mount is aligned with respect to the support plane with the aid of the third pair of support elements.02-07-2013
20090101809MASS SPECTROMETRY-BASED QUANTITATIVE ASSAY FOR DETERMINING ABUNDANCE OF MOLECULAR SPECIES IN A COMPOSITION - Provided herein are quantitative LC-MS methods is aimed at identifying and quantifying the molecular species in a composition. Additionally provided are compositions comprising one or more molecular species.04-23-2009
20100044558MULTI-REFLECTING TIME-OF-FLIGHT MASS ANALYSER AND A TIME-OF-FLIGHT MASS SPECTROMETER INCLUDING THE MASS ANALYSER - A multi-reflecting TOF mass analyser has two parallel, gridless ion mirrors each having an elongated structure in a drift direction (Z). These ion mirrors provide a folded ion path formed by multiple reflections of ions in a flight direction (X), orthogonal to the drift direction (Z). The analyser also has a further gridless ion mirror for reflecting ions in the drift direction (Z). In operation ions are spatially separated according to mass-to-charge ratio due to their different flight times along the folded ion path and ions having substantially the same mass-to-charge ratio are subjected to energy focusing with respect to the flight and drift directions.02-25-2010
20090159789MASS SPECTROMETER - A laser light is linearly delivered onto the sample 06-25-2009
20130026356System and Method for Ion Implantation with Improved Productivity and Uniformity - A method comprising introducing an injected gas (e.g., Argon, Xenon) into a beam line region comprising a magnetic scanner is provided herein. The injected gas improves beam current by enhancing (e.g., increasing, decreasing) charge neutralization of the magnetic ion beam (e.g., the ion beam at regions where the scanning magnetic field is non-zero) thereby reducing the current loss due to the zero field effect (ZFE). By reducing the current loss in regions having a magnetic field, the magnetic beam current is increased (e.g., the beam current is increased in regions where the magnetic field is non-zero) raising the overall beam current in a uniform manner over an entire scan path and thereby reducing the effect of the ZFE. In other words, the ZFE is removed by effectively minimizing it through an increase in the magnetized beam current.01-31-2013
20130082171Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer - An ion trap mass spectrometer with high sensitivity for detection in the high mass-to-charge ratio is provided. with separate measurement of square-wave voltages on the positive and negative electrode sides applied to a ring electrode in rectifying circuits and smoothing the measured voltages in integrating circuits, respectively, the areas of square-wave voltages on the positive and negative electrode sides are replaced with the peak values h04-04-2013
20090256067Electron capture dissociation in radiofrequency ion traps - A system and method that includes injecting low-energy electrons in a radiofrequency (RF) ion trap in order to dissociate positive ions by electron capture. The system includes an ion trap, a controller to provide RF that can be switched on and off rapidly, and a source of low-energy electrons that can be turned on and off synchronously with the radiofrequency on/off periods.10-15-2009
20100006752REFLECTRON - A reflectron (01-14-2010
20100006751MINIATURIZED NON-RADIOACTIVE ELECTRON EMITTER - A novel, compact non-radioactive electron emitter is provided with a cylindrical shape and with an interior space (01-14-2010
20110006196ION MOBILITY SPECTROMETER - An ion mobility spectrometer is described having an ion filter in the form of at least one ion channel having a plurality of electrodes. A time-varying electric potential applied to the conductive layers allows the filler to selectively admit ion species. The electric potential has a drive and a transverse component, and in preferred embodiments each of the electrodes is involved in generating a component of both the drive and transverse fields. The device may be used without a drift gas flow. Microfabrication techniques are described for producing microscale spectrometers, as are various uses of the spectrometer.01-13-2011
20130161505METHODS OF FORMING LAYERS - A system that includes an ion source, the ion source configured to produce ions having a first energy; an extractor to extract the ions; an accelerator configured to accelerate the ions; a focusing and steering device configured to focus and/or steer the accelerated ions; and a decelerator configured to decelerate the accelerated ions so that the ions have a second energy when they impact a substrate, wherein the second energy is less than the first energy.06-27-2013
20090236512MASS SPECTROSCOPE - A mass spectroscope includes a mass analysis device having a surface provided with metallic members capable of exciting plasmons when irradiated by laser light, the mass analysis device allowing an analyte to be attached to the surface, a light radiation unit for irradiating the surface of the mass analysis device with laser light to ionize the analyte attached to the surface and desorb the analyte from the surface, and a detection unit for detecting a mass of the analyte ionized and desorbed from the surface of the mass analysis device from a time of flight of the analyte. The light radiation unit includes a polarization adjusting mechanism for adjusting a polarization direction of the laser light.09-24-2009
20130214146MS/MS Mass Spectrometer - A mass analysis of a sample having a known mass-to-charge ratio is carried out by performing a scan at a first-stage quadrupole over a predetermined mass range, under the condition that a collision induced dissociation gas is introduced into a collision cell and a voltage applied to a third-stage quadrupole is set so that no substantial mass separation occurs in this quadrupole. Various product ions originating from a precursor ion selected by the first-stage quadrupole arrive at and are detected by a detector without being mass separated. Accordingly, based on the detection data, a data processor can obtain a relationship between the voltage applied to the first-stage quadrupole and the mass-to-charge ratio of the selected ions, with a time delay in the collision cell reflected in that relationship. This relationship is stored in a calibration data memory, to be utilized in a neutral loss scan measurement or the like.08-22-2013
20090026361Microengineered electrode assembly - Microengineered stacked ring electrode assemblies capable of acting as either RF or DC ion guides in an ion optical system, and method of fabricating same are described. The electrodes are fabricated using planar processing as sets of grooved, proud features formed in a layer of material lying on an insulating substrate. Two such structures are then stacked together to form a set of diaphragm electrodes with closed pupils. Arrangements for fabrication by patterning, etching and bonding are described, together with methods for tapering the electrode pupils or otherwise varying the ion path.01-29-2009
20090008542Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer - In a chromatograph mass spectrometer capable of defining an appropriate measurement time range and selectively performing a scan measurement, selected ion monitoring (SIM) measurement or simultaneous scan/SIM measurement in that time range, a total ion chromatogram 01-08-2009
20090250603MAGNETIC ANALYZER APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ION IMPLANTATION - In a magnetic analysis apparatus, high voltage insulation (10-08-2009
20090218481High-Speed Molecular Analyzer System and Method - This invention relates to a device for the determination of the sequence of nucleic acids and other polymeric or chain type molecules. Specifically, the device analyzes a sample prepared by incorporating fluorescent dyes at the end of copies of varying lengths of the sample to be sequenced. The sample is then vaporized, charged and accelerated down an evacuated chamber. The individual molecules of the sample are accelerated to different velocities because of their different masses, which cause the molecules to be sorted by length as they travel down the evacuated chamber. Once sorted, the stream of molecules is illuminated causing the fluorescent dyes to emit light that is picked up by a detector. The output of the detector is then processed by a computer to yield of the sequence of the sample under analysis. The present invention improves over the prior art by using photo-detection of the individual molecules instead of measuring the time of flight to a detector that measure collisions. Unlike mass spectrometry, the method of the present invention does not require the extreme sensitivity required to differentiate between very small mass differences in large molecules. The present invention is therefore more robust than the prior art and well suited for extremely high throughput sequencing of large nucleic acid molecules.09-03-2009
20090272890MASS SPECTROMETER - A sample S is irradiated with a two-dimensionally spread ray of laser light to simultaneously ionize substances within a two-dimensional area on the sample. The resultant ions are mass-separated by a TOF mass separator 11-05-2009
20090026360MASS ANALYSIS DATA ANALYZING APPARATUS AND PROGRAM THEREOF - In a mass analysis data analyzing apparatus, centroid data is used as mass spectrum data to be analyzed. First, peaks on the centroid data are specified in order of intensity as a standard peak for identifying an isotopic cluster. The isotopic cluster is detected by comparing an emerging pattern of peaks near the standard peak and an emerging pattern of peaks of an expected isotopic cluster in the case where each valence is assumed. The valence of the determined isotopic cluster is set as the valence of the peaks belonging to the isotopic cluster, and the peak at the forefront of cluster is selected as a monoisotopic peak. With such a mass analysis data analyzing apparatus, it is possible to determine the valence of each peak and identify the monoisotopic peak in a mass spectrum.01-29-2009
20090095896METHODS FOR DETECTION, IDENTIFICATION AND QUANTIFICATION OF IMPURITIES - Provided is a method comprising introducing a sample comprising a plurality of oligonucleotides into an ion pair high performance liquid chromatography column having a buffered mobile phase and allowing at least a portion of the oligonucleotides to separate; allowing the oligonucleotides to elute from the column; and introducing the oligonucleotides into a mass spectrometer and quantifying at least a portion of the oligonucleotides by mass spectrometry. In the method, at least a portion of the oligonucleotides are co-eluting oligonucleotides that differ in mass by no more than 20%; and the buffered mobile phase causes at least 50 mole percent of co-eluting oligonucleotides to have the same charge when they enter the mass spectrometer.04-16-2009
20090309013Electrode structure for drift tube in ion mobility spectrometer - Disclosed is an electrode structure for a drift tube in IMS comprising a ring electrode, for each of two surfaces of the ring electrode, at least a part adjacent to the inner radius is formed into a cone, and the angles formed between the cones and the axis of the ring electrode are different from each other. The electrode structure of the present invention can alleviate, even eliminate, the accumulation of space charges in the drift tube. Such structure is particularly suitable when the electric field in the drift tube is low in strength or a great number of ions pass through. Meanwhile, the structure allows a significant decrease in the size of the outer radius of the electrode, while the inner radius remains constant. In this way, it is possible to effectively reduce the outline size of the drift tube and thus make the IMS compact.12-17-2009
20110139974ION-TRAP MASS SPECTROMETER DRIVEN BY A MONOLITHIC PHOTODIODE ARRAY - A chip-scale ion-trap mass spectrometer driven by a monolithic photodiode array and a method of fabricating the same. A high-voltage photovoltaic source is located in proximity to the ion-trap mass spectrometer structure. The high-voltage photovoltaic source includes monolithically fabricated and serially connected photodiodes. An external light source illuminates the photodiodes to generate a high voltage across the photodiode array. An RF voltage modulation is attained by modulating the light source at a desired RF frequency. The high-voltage photodiode array may be monolithically fabricated in association with the ion-trap mass spectrometer. The photodiode array requires a small area compared to the ion-trap mass spectrometer size as the spectrometer typically possess a very small capacitance and a low power consumption.06-16-2011
20080210854FOREIGN MATTER OR ABNORMAL UNSMOOTHNESS INSPECTION APPARATUS AND FOREIGN MATTER OR ABNORMAL UNSMOOTHNESS INSPECTION METHOD - A foreign matter or abnormal unsmoothness inspection apparatus is constituted by a detecting member for detecting a foreign matter or abnormal unsmoothness by measuring smoothness of a surface of a substrate-like measuring object, a marking device for providing an dent on the surface of the measuring object with a predetermined horizontal distance from the foreign matter or abnormal unsmoothness, and a mass spectrum measuring device for measuring a mass spectrum of secondary ion emitted from a position with a predetermined distance from the dent by detecting the dent through impact and scanning of the surface of the measuring object with a primary ion beam.09-04-2008
20090283669Ion Implanter For Photovoltaic Cell Fabrication - Ion implanters are especially suited to meet process dose and energy demands associated with fabricating photovoltaic devices by ion implantation followed by cleaving.11-19-2009
20090294641AUXILIARY DRAG FIELD ELECTRODES - Auxiliary electrodes for creating drag fields may be provided as arrays of finger electrodes on thin substrates such as printed circuit board material for insertion between main RF electrodes of a multipole. A progressive range of voltages can be applied along lengths of the auxiliary electrodes by implementing a voltage divider that utilizes static resisters interconnecting individual finger electrodes of the arrays. Dynamic voltage variations may be applied to individual finger electrodes or to groups of the finger electrodes.12-03-2009
20090266979ION ATTACHMENT MASS SPECTROMETER AND ION ATTACHMENT MASS SPECTROMETRY METHOD THEREOF - An ion attachment mass spectrometer includes an attached ion generation unit which generates attached ions by attaching positively charged metal ions to the molecules of a measurement target substance, and a mass spectrometry unit which performs mass spectrometry of the attached ions. The mass spectrometry unit includes a mass separation chamber to select attached ions having a specific mass number from the attached ions, an ionization chamber to dissociate the attached ions having the specific mass number, and a mass analysis chamber to analyze the dissociated ions.10-29-2009
20080245961Nanowire Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometric Analysis - This invention relates to a nanowire-assisted method for mass spectrometric analysis of a specimen. More specifically, by using nanowire which can fix a specimen and perform desorption/ionization of the specimen while effectively transferring laser energy to the specimen to be irradiated, thereby enabling to perform mass spectrometric analysis without using a matrix solution. This invention, by effectively performing desorption/ionization of a specimen using the above-mentioned nanowire, enables to effectively perform qualitative-, quantitative-, and micro-analyses of specimens as well as low molecular weighted specimens. Further, this invention enables to the typical device of mass spectrometric analysis used in MALDI-T of MS. In particular, this invention can perform mass spectrometric analysis of a specimen with molecular weight of less than 1,000 Da and perform quantitative analysis by fixing a specimen with a predetermined area.10-09-2008
20110266428APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR GENERATING ELECTRIC FIELDS - Apparatuses and methods relating to generating an electric field are disclosed. An electric field generator may include a semiconductive material configured in a physical shape substantially different from a shape of an electric field to be generated thereby. The electric field is generated when a voltage drop exists across the semiconductive material. A method for generating an electric field may include applying a voltage to a shaped semiconductive material to generate a complex, substantially nonlinear electric field. The shape of the complex, substantially nonlinear electric field may be configured for directing charged particles to a desired location. Other apparatuses and methods are disclosed.11-03-2011
20100102216CHROMATOGRAPHIC MASS SPECTROMETER - A chromatographic mass spectrometer 04-29-2010
20080237457Method and apparatus for chromatography mass spectrometry - The results of mass spectrometry are compared; correspondences are established between individual components contained in different samples; the results of establishment of correspondences are checked; and varying components are extracted. At least two samples are compared with respect to the ion intensity corresponding to retention times and mass-to-charge ratios obtained by chromatography-mass spectrometry on the samples having a plurality of components. In ion groups observed as mass spectra, a correspondence between the retention times at which the same component is supposed to be observed is established by determining coincidence between the mass-to-charge ratios and determining that the ion intensity fall within a designated variation.10-02-2008
20090166522MASS SPECTROMETER - The analyst previously enters the mass of a fragment that desorbs in the first dissociation with other analysis conditions, as the precursor ion selection reference for the second dissociation through the input unit 07-02-2009
20080290266METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EXTRACTING ION BEAMS COMPOSED OF MOLECULAR IONS (CLUSTER ION BEAM EXTRACTION SYSTEM) - A new type of triode extraction system, a Cluster Ion Beam Extraction System, is disclosed for broad energy range cluster ion beam extraction applications while still being applicable to atomic and molecular ion species as well. The extraction aperture plate contours are set to minimize the beam cross over and at the same time shield the source from excess extraction electric fields thus allowing smaller values of the extraction gap. In addition, a novel focusing feature is integrated into these new optics which allows the beam to be either focused or de-focused in the non-dispersive plane by using a bipolar bias voltage of only a few kV over a broad range of beam energy. This is a superior solution to a stand-alone electrostatic lens solution, for example an einzel lens, which would require tens of kV of bias voltage in order to be able to focus an energetic beam.11-27-2008
20090014638Security Gate System and Security Gate Control Method - Provided are a security gate system and a security gate control method capable of accurately inspecting inspection targets in a short period of time.01-15-2009
20120292495MASS SPECTROMETER AND MASS SPECTROMETRY - A mass spectrometer possessing both high resolution and durability in a simple, compact structure compared to mass spectrometers of the related art, and characterized in possessing a linear ion trap unit containing a multipolar rod electrode including rod electrodes having fine orifices to allow passage of electrons or ions; a mechanism to move the ions inside the linear ion trap unit along the axis of the multipolar rod electrode; and a detector to selectively detect by mass, ions ejected from the linear ion trap unit.11-22-2012
20090179145Dopant Delivery and Detection Systems - An ion mobility spectrometer (07-16-2009
20090026362GAS ANALYZER - A plurality of molecule components included in a gas are to be ionized at the same time by PI method. For instance, a plurality of molecule components included in a gas generated at a certain instance are accurately analyzed in real time based on PI method. A gas analyzer is provided with a gas transfer apparatus for transferring a gas generated from a sample in a sample chamber to an analyzing chamber; an ionizer for ionizing the gas; a quadruple filter for separating ions by mass/charge ratio; and an ion detector for detecting the separated ions. The ionizer is provided with an ionizing region arranged in the vicinity of a gas exhaust of the gas transfer apparatus, and a lamp for applying light on the ionizing region. Since the lamp outputs light which has light directivity lower than that of a laser beam and travels by spreading, the gas entered the ionizing region in the ionizer receives light in a wide range, and the gas components inside are ionized at the same time.01-29-2009
20090184241Ion mobility spectrometer - The present invention achieves an ion mobility spectrometer which is small-sized but has higher selectivity. In an interior of a drift tube, air flow moving from a detector side to an ion source side is generated, and there are arranged, in order from an upstream side of the air flow to a downstream side thereof, a first region where a flow rate increases in a flow direction, a second region where the flow rate is constant, and a third region where the flow rate decreases. Light irradiation mechanisms for dissociating an ion are provided in the second region.07-23-2009
20090014637Mass Spectrometer - An ion guide or ion trap 01-15-2009
20090200457AUTOMATIC CLEANING OF MALDI ION SOURCES - In an ion source that generates ions by matrix-assisted laser desorption (MALDI), ion acceleration diaphragms having apertures though which ions are accelerated and which have become contaminated by matrix material, are cleaned by temporarily heating the diaphragms. During the cleaning process, the sample support plate is moved aside but remains in the ion source housing, and the heating is preferably limited to regions surrounding the apertures in the diaphragms. In one embodiment, the diaphragms are heated by irradiation generated by infrared laser diodes.08-13-2009
20090050797METHODS AND DEVICES FOR ATOM PROBE MASS RESOLUTION ENHANCEMENT - In an atom probe or other mass spectrometer wherein a specimen is subjected to ionizing pulses (voltage pulses, thermal pulses, etc.) which induce field evaporation of ions from the specimen, the evaporated ions are then subjected to corrective pulses which are synchronized with the ionizing pulses. These corrective pulses have a magnitude and timing sufficient to reduce the velocity distribution of the evaporated ions, thereby resulting in increased mass resolution for the atom probe/mass spectrometer. In a preferred arrangement, ionizing pulses are supplied to the specimen from a first counter electrode adjacent the specimen. The corrective pulses are then supplied from a second counter electrode which is coupled to the first via a passive or active network, with the network controlling the form (timing, amplitude, and shape) of the corrective pulses.02-26-2009
20090230298DATA PROCESSOR FOR MASS SPECTROMETER - A main peak list is created with the data obtained by an MS09-17-2009
20090230296RADIAL ARRAYS OF NANO-ELECTROSPRAY IONIZATION EMITTERS AND METHODS OF FORMING ELECTROSPRAYS - Electrospray ionization emitter arrays, as well as methods for forming electrosprays, are described. The arrays are characterized by a radial configuration of three or more nano-electrospray ionization emitters without an extractor electrode. The methods are characterized by distributing fluid flow of the liquid sample among three or more nano-electrospray ionization emitters, forming an electrospray at outlets of the emitters without utilizing an extractor electrode, and directing the electrosprays into an entrance to a mass spectrometry device. Each of the nano-electrospray ionization emitters can have a discrete channel for fluid flow. The nano-electrospray ionization emitters are circularly arranged such that each is shielded substantially equally from an electrospray-inducing electric field.09-17-2009
20090001261CHROMATOGRAPH MASS ANALYSIS DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS - A chromatograph mass analysis data processing apparatus is provided for obtaining pertinent information, with a simple operation, on a compound series including a plurality of compounds whose structures and characters are similar. Based on the data obtained by a chromatograph mass analysis, a two-dimensional isointensity line graph is created and displayed with a retention time and a mass-to-charge ratio on the two axes and with a signal intensity represented with a contour (S01-01-2009
20090242747Removable Ion Source that does not Require Venting of the Vacuum Chamber - A method and apparatus of combining an ion volume, a lens stack, and an ion optic that similarly cooperates with a detached multipole ion guide is herein incorporated into a single sub-assembly that can be removed from a mass spectrometer instrument without venting. Such an arrangement allows an operator to clean all parts of the ion path that get contaminated in normal operation, reassemble and reinsert in a timely manner and then pump down to an acceptable vacuum without having to vent the system.10-01-2009
20100264303ION IMPLANTER FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC CELL FABRICATION - Ion implanters are especially suited to meet process dose and energy demands associated with fabricating photovoltaic devices by ion implantation followed by cleaving.10-21-2010
20100148051ION FILTER - An ion filter (06-17-2010
20100019139MICRO DISCHARGE DEVICE IONIZER AND METHOD OF FABRICATING THE SAME - A micro discharge device (MDD) ionizer and a method for fabricating the MDD ionizer are disclosed. The MDD ionizer includes a dielectric barrier having a first open end connected to an electrically conductive capillary tube and a second open end connected to a sample collection capillary tube. A circular high voltage electrode can be positioned around the dielectric barrier in close linear proximity to the conductive capillary tube and sealed by a non-conductive epoxy. A plasma discharge can be formed in a flow path through the dielectric barrier when an AC potential is applied between the high voltage electrode and the electrically conductive capillary tube utilizing an electronic controller. Such a plasma discharge in the flow path of the sample achieves soft ionization of gaseous sample molecules. The high pressure region generally occurs in the plasma region (where the ionization occurs). The ions thus are drawn (i.e., pushed or pulled) toward the high vacuum region located downstream where the detector(s) can be located.01-28-2010
20100258714MULTI-ELECTRODE ION TRAP - This invention relates generally to multi-reflection electrostatic systems, and more particularly to improvements in and relating to the Orbitrap electrostatic ion trap. A method of operating an electrostatic ion trapping device having an array of electrodes operable to mimic a single electrode is proposed, the method comprising determining three or more different voltages that, when applied to respective electrodes of the plurality of electrodes, generate an electrostatic trapping field that approximates the field that would be generated by applying a voltage to the single electrode, and applying the three or more so determined voltages to the respective electrodes. Further improvements lie in measuring a plurality of features from peaks with different intensities from one or more collected mass spectra to derive characteristics, and using the measured characteristics to improve the voltages to be applied to the plurality of electrodes.10-14-2010
20100193677Detection arrangements in mass spectrometers - An approach to extending the dynamic range of the detector of a mass spectrometer is described. In one embodiment, in the case of high intensity beams, means are provided to deflect the ion beam, after the collector slit (08-05-2010
20100243880RELATING TO A MASS SPECTROMETER - This invention relates to mass spectrometers comprising a reaction cell and where mass spectra are collected both from unreacted ions and also from reaction product ions. In particular, although not exclusively, this invention finds use in tandem mass spectrometry where mass spectra are collected from precursor and fragment ions. The present invention provides an arrangement where ions may be sent to a reaction cell for fragmentation or other processing before onward transport to a mass analyser. Alternatively, ions may be passed directly to a mass analyser along a bypass path.09-30-2010
20100243879High mass resolution low aberration analyzer magnet for ribbon beams and the system for ribbon beam ion implanter - The present invention provides a mass analyzing magnet which can bend a very wide charged particle ribbon beams through angles between 90 to 200 degrees. The shorter dimension of the ribbon beam is aligned with the magnetic field. The magnet can focus the longer dimension of the ribbon beam through a resolving slot inside the magnet for mass or momentum analysis. The magnet pole is shaped to increase the mass resolving power and to provide the focusing force in the direction of the shorter dimension of the ribbon beam. This magnet can achieve high mass resolving power with very small system aberrations for very wide ribbon beam. This feature is of significant value, for example, in the ion implantation industry. The ribbon beam width can be 300 mm, 450 mm and even 1000 mm. Integrated with the present invention, the ion implanter systems can be built to provide mass analyzed ribbon beams for various applications. The system will have much lower cost and much better ribbon beam quality than the ion implanters which are using conventional mass analyzing magnet.09-30-2010
20090020693CHROMATOGRAPH MASS ANALYSIS DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS - The invention provides a chromatograph mass analysis data processing apparatus in which operators can easily obtain information about plural compounds that characterize a difference between plural samples on the basis of the result of a multivariate analysis. A set of data collected by LC/MS analyses of plural samples is subjected to a multivariate analysis (principal component analysis) to create and display a loadings plot. On this loadings plot, the operator can specify a range A to select one or more characteristic data points that seem influential in the grouping of the plural samples. In response to this operation, one or more markings B indicating the peaks corresponding to the data points selected within the range A are displayed on an isointensity line graph whose two axes indicate the retention time and mass-to-charge ratio. These markings enable the operator to check, for example, that the compounds that are influential in the grouping of the samples belong to a specific compound series.01-22-2009
20110057094METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DIGITAL DIFFERENTIAL ION MOBILITY SEPARATION - A method for differential mobility separation of ions using digital-drive based high voltage fast switching electronics. The digital waveform delivered to the spectrometer is characterized by at least two substantially rectangular pulses of different amplitude and polarity. The control circuitry allows for waveform frequency, duty cycle and pulse amplitudes to be varied independently. Balanced as well as unbalanced asymmetric waveforms can be designed for optimum differential mobility separation of ions. The digital drive is designed for differential mobility spectrometers including parallel plate and segmented plate multipoles of planar symmetry, as well as multipoles of cylindrical symmetry, which may optionally be arranged in series. The use of the digital drive establishes alternating electric fields during which the displacement as a result of ion oscillation is determined by mobility coefficients.03-10-2011
20090321625Ion Implanter Having Combined Hybrid and Double Mechanical Scan Architecture - A system and method are provided for implanting ions into a workpiece in a plurality of operating ranges. A desired dosage of ions is provided, and a spot ion beam is formed from an ion source and mass analyzed by a mass analyzer. Ions are implanted into the workpiece in one of a first mode and a second mode based on the desired dosage of ions, where in the first mode, the ion beam is scanned by a beam scanning system positioned downstream of the mass analyzer and parallelized by a parallelizer positioned downstream of the beam scanning system. In the first mode, the workpiece is scanned through the scanned ion beam in at least one dimension by a workpiece scanning system. In the second mode, the ion beam is passed through the beam scanning system and parallelizer un-scanned, and the workpiece is two-dimensionally scanned through the spot ion beam.12-31-2009
20090166521ELECTRODE DESIGN FOR AN ION SPECTROMETER - Apparatuses and method are provided. For example, in one embodiment, a ring electrode includes a plurality of sub-rings adapted to provide an electric field inside a spectrometer. The sub-rings have an internal sub-ring radius. There is a ring insulator between adjacent sub-rings. Each said ring insulator has substantially the same internal radius as the sub-rings. In another embodiment, a method is provided for insertion of the ring electrode inside the spectrometer.07-02-2009
20090321624Ion trap, multiple electrode system and electrode for mass spectrometric analysis - An ion trap, a multiple-electrode-pole system and an electrode pole for mass spectrometric analysis. The electrode pole (12-31-2009
20100133428MASS SPECTROMETRY APPARATUS - A mass spectrometry apparatus configured to allow a user to designate an upper limit value UL together with a lower limit value, as a peak sorting condition. A data processing section is operable to determine whether respective peak intensities of a plurality of peaks appearing on a mass spectrum fall within an intensity range Ath defined by upper and lower limit values UL, LL, and exclude any peak out of the intensity range Ath. The remaining ions are selected as precursor ions, for example, in descending or ascending order of peak intensity so as to perform an MS06-03-2010
20090065687MULTIPLEXING MATRIX-ANALYTE STEREO ELECTRONIC INTERACTIONS FOR HIGH THROUGHPUT SHOTGUN METABOLOMICS - A shotgun metabolomics approach using MALDI-tandem mass spectrometry was developed for the rapid analysis of cellular metabolites. Through the use of neutral organic solvents to inactivate endogenous enzyme activities (i.e., methanol/chloroform/H03-12-2009
20110031388FARADAY CUP ARRAY INTEGRATED WITH A READOUT IC AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURE THEREOF - A detector array and method for making the detector array. The array includes a substrate including a plurality of trenches formed therein, and includes a plurality of collectors electrically isolated from each other, formed on the walls of the trenches, and configured to collect charge particles incident on respective ones of the collectors and to output from said collectors signals indicative of charged particle collection. The array includes a plurality of readout circuits disposed on a side of the substrate opposite openings to the collectors. The readout circuits are configured to read charge collection signals from respective ones of the plurality of collectors.02-10-2011
20090039244ION GENERATING DEVICE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING ION GENERATING DEVICE, CHARGING DEVICE, AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A surface of a discharge electrode of an ion generating device of the present invention, other than a surface in contact with a dielectric body, is coated with a protective layer made of a metal that is gold or a combination of gold and nickel. This allows the ion generating device to generate ions evenly and stably, and to have a longer life.02-12-2009
20100065732ANALYTICAL SYSTEM WITH PHOTONIC CRYSTAL SENSOR - A system for determining whether interaction occurs between a trial substance and a target substance. The system includes a photonic crystal sensor having a photonic crystal structure and a defect member disposed adjacent the photonic crystal structure. The defect member defines an operative surface able to receive the target substance and the trial substance. The system further includes a light source that inputs a light signal to the photonic crystal structure and the defect member. The light signal is internally reflected, and a resultant output signal is outputted. The output signal relates to whether the trial substance interacts with the target substance at the operative surface. Furthermore, the system includes an identity detector that identifies the trial substance that interacts with the target substance.03-18-2010
20100065731QUADRUPOLE MASS SPECTROMETER - A quadruple mass spectrometer capable of reducing a settling time-period necessary in a process of changing, in a pulsed or step-like pattern, a voltage to be applied to a quadruple mass filter in a scan or SIM measurement. In the SIM measurement, an optimal settling-time calculation sub-section sets a length of the settling time-period according to a difference ΔM between a next-measurement mass value and a mass value used in an adjacent measurement, and the next-measurement mass value. This makes it possible to shorten a duration of a repetitive cycle in the SIM measurement or increase a time-period assignable to a measurement operation, while ensuring a voltage stabilization time-period sufficient to detect ions having the next-measurement mass value.03-18-2010
20110095174Charged-particle detector - This ion detector includes an MCP and a plurality of planar dynodes respectively having a plurality of slits. The plurality of planar dynodes are stacked via spacers parallel to an electron output plane of the MCP, and the first stage planar dynode is opposed parallel to the electron output plane. In accordance with this ion detector, it is possible to obtain output signals having the linearity reaching mV order, and to shorten its pulse width to approximately 600 ps.04-28-2011
20090146054END CAP VOLTAGE CONTROL OF ION TRAPS - An ion trap for a mass spectrometer has a conductive central electrode with an aperture extending from a first open end to a second open end. A conductive first electrode end cap is disposed proximate to the first open end thereby forming a first intrinsic capacitance between the first end cap and the central electrode. A conductive second electrode end cap is disposed proximate to the second open end thereby forming a second intrinsic capacitance between the second end cap and the central electrode. A first circuit couples the second end cap to a reference potential. A signal source generating an AC trap signal is coupled to the central electrode. An excitation signal is impressed on the second end cap in response to a voltage division of the trap signal by the first intrinsic capacitance and the first circuit.06-11-2009
20090146053MASS SPECTROMETER - In a mass spectrometer for carrying out mass analysis while microscopically observing a two-dimensional area of a sample 06-11-2009
20110253887CARGO SHIPMENT SECURITY ENCLOSURE, METHOD, SYSTEM, AND METHOD OF MAKING - A cargo shipment security system includes a flexible body configured to completely enclose and contain cargo within an internal environment having a predetermined pressure. The system includes a sealable vacuum port disposed on and through the body and configured to couple with a vacuum source for creating a vacuum within the internal environment. The system includes one or more sealable ports disposed on and through the body, positioned to cause a turbulent flow through a predetermined volume of the internal environment of the body when the vacuum source is applied at the vacuum port and fluid is caused to enter the internal environment. The system includes one or more detectors positioned to intercept fluid flowing from the internal environment to an external environment outside the body, in such a way as to enable detection of the presence of a substance exiting from the internal environment.10-20-2011
20080203286APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COOLING IONS - An apparatus for secondary ion mass spectrometry is provided having a target surface for supporting a sample on the target surface and an ion source configured to direct a beam of primary ions toward the sample to sputter secondary ions and neutral particles from the sample, A first chamber having an inlet provides gas to maintain high pressure at the sample for cooling the secondary ions and neutral particles, the high pressure being in the range of about 1008-28-2008
20100116979MASS SPECTROMETER - One virtual rod electrode is composed by a plurality of electrode plain plates arranged in the ion optical axis direction, and four virtual rod electrodes are arranged around the ion optical axis to form a virtual quadrupole rod type ion transport optical system (05-13-2010
20090189063MASS SPECTROMETER SYSTEM - During the structural analysis of a protein or peptide by tandem mass spectroscopy, a peptide ion derived from a protein that has already been measured and that is expressed in great quantities is avoided as a tandem mass spectroscopy target. A peptide derived from a minute amount of protein, which has heretofore been difficult to analyze, can be automatically determined as a tandem mass spectroscopy target within the real time of measurement. Data concerning a protein that has already been measured and a peptide derived from the protein is automatically stored in an internal database. The stored data is collated with measured data with high accuracy to determine an isotope peak. In this way, the process of selecting a peptide peak that has not been measured as the target for the next tandem analysis can be performed within the real time of measurement and a redundant measurement of peptides derived from the same protein can be avoided. The information contained in the MS07-30-2009
20100059670Two-Dimensional Radial-Ejection Ion Trap Operable as a Quadrupole Mass Filter - A two-dimensional radial-ejection ion trap is constructed from four apertured electrodes having inwardly facing hyberbolic surfaces, with each electrode being spaced from the centerline by a distance r that is greater than the hyperbolic radius r03-11-2010
20110260046Tomographic Atom Probe Comprising an Electro-Optical Generator of High-Voltage Electrical Pulses - A tomographic atom probe uses electrical pulses applied to an electrode in order to carry out evaporation of the sample being analyzed. In order to produce these electrical pulses, the tomographic atom probe comprises a high-voltage generator connected to an electrode by an electrical connection comprising a chip of semiconductor material. The probe also comprises a light source which can be controlled in order to generate light pulses which are applied to the semiconductor chip. Throughout the illumination, the chip is rendered conductive, which puts the high-voltage generator and the electrode in electrical contact so that a potential step is applied to the latter. The probe also comprises means for applying a voltage step of opposite amplitude to the previous step at the end of a time interval Δt10-27-2011
20090278036"DROPLET PICKUP ION SOURCE" COUPLED TO MOBILITY ANALYZER APPARATUS AND METHOD - An ion mobility analyzer includes at least one of a “differential mobility analyzer”, an “ion mobility spectrometer” and a “differential mobility spectrometer”, to which charged molecules of interest are fed. Ions are fed to the ion mobility analyzer from a “droplet pickup ion source” including an electrospray ion source at a capillary end, from which charged droplets formed from a solvent mixture having substantially none of the molecules of interest emerge. The charged droplets are pulled by an electric field into a “pickup region” filled with a buffer gas at a pressure or a region close to the surface of a sample, where the charged droplets incorporate the molecules of interest and transfer the charge of the charged droplets to the molecules of interest, when the liquid in the charged droplets has evaporated in a heated desolvation region that is separate or integral with respect to the “pickup region”.11-12-2009
20080272285Ion Mobility Spectrometer Comprising a Corona Discharge Ionization Element - An ion mobility spectrometer is disclosed wherein the ionization element is a corona discharge source (11-06-2008
20100213364SMART FAIMS SENSOR - A smart FAIMS sensor system and method includes a 2/2-electrode filter that pumps the ions through the system and separates the ionic species, a detector for collecting the separated ions and generating a detector signal in response to the collected ions, and a controller configured to change the operating parameters of the system in response to changes in the sensor's environment detected by the sensor. The ability to dynamically change the operating parameters of the sensor enables the sensor to maintain high sensitivity to environmental threats while decreasing the incidences of false positive events.08-26-2010
20090039243Detection systems and dopants - An ion mobility spectrometer has a drift chamber (02-12-2009
20100102217MS/MS MASS SPECTROMETER - The length of the collision cell (04-29-2010
20080315080Electrostatic Trap - An electrostatic trap such as an orbitrap is disclosed, with an electrode structure. An electrostatic trapping field of the form U′(r,φ,z) is generated to trap ions within the trap so that they undergo isochronous oscillations. The trapping field U′(r, φ,z) is the result of a perturbation W to an ideal field U(r, φ,z) which, for example, is hyperlogarithmic in the case of an orbitrap. The perturbation W may be introduced in various ways, such as by distorting the geometry of the trap so that it no longer follows an equipotential of the ideal field U(r, φ,z), or by adding a distortion field (either electric or magnetic). The magnitude of the perturbation is such that at least some of the trapped ions have an absolute phase spread of more than zero but less than about 2π radians over an ion detection period T12-25-2008
20120061560ION IMPLANTING SYSTEM - An ion implanting system includes an ion beam generator configured for generating a first ion beam; a mass separation device configured for isolating a second ion beam including required ions from the first ion beam; a holder device configured for holding a plurality of substrates, wherein the holder device and the second ion beam reciprocate relative to each other along a first direction to make the plurality of substrates pass across a projection region of the second ion beam; and a first detector configured for obtaining relevant parameters of the second ion beam. The above ion beam implanting system may increase the ion beam utilization rate. The ion implanting system further comprises a second detector arranged on the holder device which could fully scan across the projection range of the second ion beam and obtaining the relevant parameters of the second ion beam.03-15-2012
20120153137METHODS FOR SEPARATING COMPOUNDS - Methods and systems for analyzing samples using multi-dimensional chromatography are disclosed.06-21-2012
20090032695Miniaturized Ion Mobility Spectrometer - By utilizing the combination of a unique electronic ion injection control circuit in conjunction with a particularly designed drift cell construction, the instantly disclosed ion mobility spectrometer achieves increased levels of sensitivity, while achieving significant reductions in size and weight. The instant IMS is of a much simpler and easy to manufacture design, rugged and hermetically sealed, capable of operation at high temperatures to at least 250° C., and is uniquely sensitive, particularly to explosive chemicals.02-05-2009
20100213363MASS SPECTROMETRY UNIT - A mass spectrometry unit of the present invention includes a mass spectrometry portion that detects ion current values of a gas to be measured according to mass-to-charge ratio, to thereby measure partial pressures of the gas to be measured. The mass spectrometry unit further includes: a control portion for preliminary storing a record of a mass-to-charge ratio of a specific gas that decreases a function of a specific portion of the mass spectrometry unit, in which if an ion current value with the mass-to-charge ratio of the specific gas detected by the mass spectrometry portion is not less than a predetermined value, the control portion outputs a warning signal denoting a functional decrease in the specific portion.08-26-2010
20100096541MASS SPECTROMETER - An electrode member (04-22-2010
20120132794Apparatus And Components Thereof For Liquid Chromatography - The invention provides chromatographic apparatus and components manufactured from a corrosion resistant alloy typically comprising iron, nickel, chromium and molybdenum. The apparatus and components exhibit superior biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, especially to mobile phases containing chlorides. They are especially useful in HPLC and HPLC, and are particularly useful in conjunction with chromatographic separation media comprising particles smaller than 2 μm diameter.05-31-2012
20090140135Electrode structures - This invention describes an electrode structure formed from a plurality of individual electrodes, the plurality of electrodes being arranged relative to one another to define a three dimensional geometric structure with individual ones of the plurality of electrodes located at each of the vertices of the geometric structure and wherein each electrode of the cell presents a curved surface to each other electrode of the cell. Such a structure may be configured as a RF ion guide, mass filter or ion trap.06-04-2009
20090014639Mass Spectrometer - A method is disclosed of identifying parent ions by matching daughter ions found to be produced at substantially the same time that the parent ions elute from a mixture. Ions emitted from an ion source (01-15-2009
20080308721ION TRANSPORT DEVICE - A device for transporting and focusing ions in a low vacuum or atmospheric-pressure region of a mass spectrometer is constructed from a plurality of longitudinally spaced apart electrodes to which oscillatory (e.g., radio-frequency) voltages are applied. In order to create a tapered field that focuses ions to a narrow beam near the device exit, the inter-electrode spacing or the oscillatory voltage amplitude is increased in the direction of ion travel.12-18-2008
20100237231Apparatus and method for ion beam implantation using scanning and spot beams - An ion implantation apparatus with multiple operating modes is disclosed. The ion implantation apparatus has an ion source and an ion extraction means for forming a converging beam on AMU-non-dispersive plane therefrom. The ion implantation apparatus includes magnetic scanner prior to a magnetic analyzer for scanning the beam on the non-dispersive plane, the magnetic analyzer for selecting ions with specific mass-to-charge ratio to pass through a mass slit to project onto a substrate. A rectangular quadruple magnet is provided to collimate the scanned ion beam and fine corrections of the beam incident angles onto a target. A deceleration or acceleration system incorporating energy filtering is at downstream of the beam collimator. A two-dimensional mechanical scanning system for scanning the target is disclosed, in which a beam diagnostic means is build in.09-23-2010
20120298852SYSTEMS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY - A mass spectrometry system is mounted with (1) an action planning module for determining a measurement schedule provided by a combination of an MS analysis and an MS11-29-2012
20120326018HIGH-SPEED PARTICLE DETECTOR FOR DISCRIMINATING CHARGE STATES OF IONS - Detected ion charge states are discriminated in a mass spectrograph using a superconducting stripline detector (SSLD) as the detector thereof. A set of mass spectra of the singly charged or higher ions, the doubly charged or higher ions, the triply charged or higher ions (and successively higher ion charge states) are determined by measuring the mass spectra successively while decreasing the bias current flowing through the superconducting stripline detector. Then, the data of singly charged ions alone can be determined by subtracting the data of the doubly charged or higher ions from the data of the singly charged or higher ions. In a similar manner, the data of doubly charged ions alone, the data of triply charged ions alone (and similarly successively multiply charged ions) can also be determined.12-27-2012
20120286148QUADRUPOLE MASS SPECTROMETER - Disclosed is a quadrupole mass spectrometer, which is capable of, during an SIM measurement, maximally reducing a settling time-period necessary for an operation of changing an input voltage to a quadrupole mass filter in a staircase pattern, and preventing unwanted ions from excessively entering a detector during a course of changing between a plurality of mass values. Under a condition that a response speed of a DC voltage U to be applied to quadrupole electrodes is less than that of an amplitude of a high-frequency voltage V, a control section 11-15-2012
20120286149METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING BEAMS OF NANODROPLETS FOR HIGH SPUTTERING RATE OF INERT MATERIALS - A method for milling of a workpiece of inert material by nanodroplet beam sputtering includes the steps of providing aliquid; electrohydrodynamically atomizing the liquid to form charged nanodroplets; and directing the atomized charged nanodroplets onto the workpiece to selectively remove material. The method is used for broad-beam milling the workpiece of inert material, for precision micromachining and/or for three dimensionally profiling organic samples via secondary ion mass spectrometry. The liquid is electrosprayed in a cone-jet mode in a vacuum and average nanodroplet diameter, nanodroplet velocity, and molecular energy of the nanodroplets is adjusted by changing liquid flow rate and the acceleration voltage applied to the ionic liquid as it is atomized. Apparatus for performing the method are also included embodiments.11-15-2012
20130009050ABRIDGED MULTIPOLE STRUCTURE FOR THE TRANSPORT, SELECTION, TRAPPING AND ANALYSIS OF IONS IN A VACUUM SYSTEM - An abridged multipole structure for the transport and selection of ions along a central axis in a vacuum system is constructed from a plurality of rectilinear electrode structures, each having a substantially planar face with a first dimension and a second dimension perpendicular to the first dimension. When a voltage is applied across the second dimension, an electrical potential is produced at the planar face whose amplitude is a linear function of position along the second dimension. Two electrode structures can be arranged parallel to each other with the first dimension extending along the central axis or more electrodes structures can be arranged to form multipole structures with various polygonal cross sections. Additional embodiments can be used to excite ions into secular motion, inductively detect the ions, and thereby generate a mass spectrum.01-10-2013
20100051798SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DECREASING SETTLING TIMES IN MS/MS - Systems and methods are provided for optimizing the performance of a mass spectrometer system when multiple measurements are made. For example, the total settling time of different components or stages of a mass spectrometer, such as a tandem mass spectrometer, are decreased by optimally ordering the measurements.03-04-2010
20130015341MULTIPOLE ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR ITS FABRICATION - A multipole rod assembly, such as used as mass analyzer, is fabricated using rods adhesively attached to shoes, which are then attached to isolation rings. A fixture is used in conjunction with precision-made spacers to precisely assemble the ion mass analyzer. The rods and shoes can be made of metal, while the isolation rings are preferably made of insulator, such as ceramic. The shoes and isolation rings need not be made to high precision, as the spacer ensures high accuracy in alignment and symmetry of the rods. Consequently, the rods are the only precision machined parts in the ion mass analyzer assembly.01-17-2013
20130015340MULTIPOLE ASSEMBLY HAVING A MAIN MASS FILTER AND AN AUXILIARY MASS FILTER - A multipole rod assembly for use in a mass spectrometer has a plurality of rods aligned around and parallel to a common ion optical axis. Each rod consists of two rod pieces that are collinear with one another. Each rod piece has an opposing face that is perpendicular to the axis and faces the other rod. One rod piece has a recess is its face. The rod pieces are physically connected together with an insulating piece located between the two rod pieces to electrically de-couple the rod pieces. The insulating piece has a shape and size that allows it to fit entirely within the recess so that, during operation of the mass spectrometer, the insulating piece is substantially screened from the ion optical axis.01-17-2013
20090309015NEUTRAL/ION REACTOR IN ADIABATIC SUPERSONIC GAS FLOW FOR ION MOBILITY TIME-OF-FLIGHT MASS SPECTROMETRY - The content of the invention comprises a concept of reactor for isolated ion transformations induced by collisions with neutral species. This reactor is also an interface between mobility cell and orthogonal injection TOFMS based on supersonic adiabatic gas flow with variable controlled composition directed along the axis of a multipole ion guide with sectioned rods for possibility of creating of controlled distributions of RF, DC and AC rotating fields.12-17-2009
20080230686Charged-particle detecting apparatus - The present invention relates to a charged-particle detecting apparatus having a structure which enables adjustment of a potential distribution so as to stably maintain flight loci of charged particles without depending on a change in a voltage-applied state. The charged-particle detecting apparatus comprises a first electrode, an MCP, a second electrode, a third electrode that functions as an anode, and a rear cover arranged in order along a predetermined reference axis. The third electrode is arranged on the opposite side of the MCP with respect to the second electrode, and is electrically connected to an output signal part via a capacitor. In particular, the first electrode is arranged so as to become a part of the outer surface of the charged-particle detecting apparatus, and components positioned between the first electrode and the rear cover have contours with section sizes equal to or smaller than that of the contour of the first electrode when viewed from the first electrode side toward the rear cover.09-25-2008
20080217524Document sampler and method of sampling a document - A document sampler can be arranged to receive a document in an insertion area of the document sampler. With such arrangements, a document can be directly inserted into a document sampler without an extra step of swabbing a document with a sample collection device. By eliminating the extra step of swabbing a document, the efficiency of sample detection is improved, sample detection is performed more rapidly, and operating costs of sample detection are decreased.09-11-2008
20100308215System and Method for Ion Implantation with Improved Productivity and Uniformity - A method comprising introducing an injected gas (e.g., Argon, Xenon) into a beam line region comprising a magnetic scanner is provided herein. The injected gas improves beam current by enhancing (e.g., increasing, decreasing) charge neutralization of the magnetic ion beam (e.g., the ion beam at regions where the scanning magnetic field is non-zero) thereby reducing the current loss due to the zero field effect (ZFE). By reducing the current loss in regions having a magnetic field, the magnetic beam current is increased (e.g., the beam current is increased in regions where the magnetic field is non-zero) raising the overall beam current in a uniform manner over an entire scan path and thereby reducing the effect of the ZFE. In other words, the ZFE is removed by effectively minimizing it through an increase in the magnetized beam current.12-09-2010
20120273668SMART FAIMS SENSOR - A smart FAIMS sensor system and method includes a 11-01-2012
20090309014Method and apparatus to sharply focus aerosol particles at high flow rate and over a wide range of sizes - A method and an apparatus are described to focus sharply a wide range of particle sizes for particles suspended in a relatively high flow rate of carrier gas. The particles are accelerated through a continuously converging ladder of smooth contractions, each designed such that: (i) the flow remains laminar at substantial Reynolds numbers; (ii) a certain band of particle sizes is focused in each contraction, without substantial defocusing of larger particle focused in one or several preceding contractions; (iii) the form, length, and ratio of entry to exit diameter of each contraction, as well as the number of consecutive contractions are chosen such that all particles within a given relatively wide range of sizes are focused at the end of the ladder of contraction steps into a relatively narrow focal region. The focusing apparatus coupled to a collector device constitutes a new type of virtual impactor, termed a focusing virtual impactor, which can also be used as a powerful particle concentrator.12-17-2009

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