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248346030 Including attachment or holder for article 126
248349100 Rotatable 25
248346500 With upturned flange, projection, lip, or wall 24
248346110 Coaster or caster cup 23
248346300 Knockdown or collapsible (i.e., reduced in volume) 8
248346200 Filled with fluent material 7
248346020 Pallet type (without structure to receive a handling means) 5
20080210840INTERLOCKING ROLL SUPPORT AND SPACING STRUCTURE - A roll support and spacing member has parallel, connected and nestable first and second sections foldable upon a hinge to provide support structure in the middle of a stack of rolls. The roll support and spacing member has upwardly and downwardly facing, roll-engaging indentations with the sections being separable to provide top and bottom support pieces for engaging rolls in the stack. The sections are movable into superposed relationship with one another. The first and second sections have peripheral flanges located along opposed sides and opposed ends thereof and formed with cooperable interlocking structure positively retaining the sections together when the sections are placed in superposed relationship.09-04-2008
20120138765WORKPIECE-CARRIER - Improved workpiece-carrier in the form of a high-temperature-grating 06-07-2012
20090206223Building material separator with improved dynamic air flow - A separator for separating stacked sheets of lumber or other building materials. The separator comprises a substantially planar top and bottom surface; the top and bottom surfaces extending substantially parallel to one another. The separator further comprises two side surfaces, each with outwardly protruding side edges for preventing the separator from resting on either side surface; and a front side and a back side substantially parallel to the front surface. A plurality of channels extend into the top and bottom surfaces with the channels defining a plateau, coexistent with the top and bottom surfaces, between adjacent channels. Each channel has one or more apertures for creating a substantially vertical airflow passage between top and bottom surfaces of the separator.08-20-2009
20120312951Air Freight Pallet - The present invention relates to an air freight pallet (12-13-2012
20110309222LAPTOP COMPUTER SUPPORT - The present invention is directed to a laptop computer support platform for resting a portable personal computer on. The supporting platform comprising a non rigid base structure having one or several risers to establish an air gap between the non rigid base and the laptop computer. The air gap between the non rigid base and laptop act as an insulating medium and contributes to a thermal cooling effect of the laptop computer. The riser/risers may have a rough texture and/or a non-skid material to further limit motion of the laptop computer. The non rigid base act as a barrier to heat transfered from the lower end of the portable personal computer to the surface underneath. Further, one or several designated insulation materials may be adhered underneath or inside the non rigid base to enforce the heat barrier as well as creating a more comfortable and ergonomically operating position.12-22-2011
248346400 Corrugated structure 2
20110089303LIGHTWEIGHT SUPPORT FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC FACILITIES - A lightweight support includes a corrugated base body having an elongated rectangular configuration defining an upper longitudinal rim and a lower longitudinal rim. The base body is composed of a first layer made of metal, a second layer which is made of rigid foam and applied onto the first layer, and a third layer which is made of metal and applied onto the second layer. Stabilization rails are attached to the base body in order to maintain integrity of the lightweight support when subject to stress. The stabilization rails can hereby be placed on or at or integrated in the upper and lower longitudinal rims, respectively.04-21-2011
20120199718Riser disc for loading rolled goods - A roll riser for supporting rolled goods during shipment is formed as a doughnut from a recyclable material such as corrugated paper or foamed plastic. The weight of the roll riser is selected in consideration of the size and weight to the rolled goods.08-09-2012
20090194659CASSETTE AND HANDLING SYSTEM - An embodiment of the invention provides a cassette comprising a top plate, a base plate, a plurality of posts arranged between the top plate and the base plate and defining an operation space, a securing device comprising a stop mechanism and a clamping mechanism and arranged along with one post. The stop mechanism comprises a stop projection provided on an outer side of the one of posts, a stop bar parallel to the one post and slidable disposed through the stop projection, and a stop block disposed on a side of the stop bar. A lower end of the stop bar extends beyond a plane of the base plate when the stop block is bearing against an upper surface of the stop projection. The clamping mechanism comprises a first connection part with a rotation shaft in a middle portion of the first connection part being fixed to the one post and with one end connected with the stop bar in a transmission way, and a securing portion, which connects with the other end of the first connection part and is driven by the first connection part to move horizontally with respect to the one post when an up-and-down movement of the stop bar leads to rotation of the first connection part.08-06-2009
20090206222DISPLAY AND DETACHABLE BASE ASSEMBLY THEREOF - A display has a base, a pivot unit and a screen. The base has a hollow hole. The hollow hole is formed downwardly on the top of the base and has a top opening and at least one wedge hole. Each wedge hole is formed through and at the bottom edge of the bottom of the hollow hole. The pivot unit is mounted detachably in the hollow hole of the base and has at least one engaging element. Each engaging element is formed on the outer surface of the pivot unit and is mounted detachably through the wedge hole on the base. The screen has an indentation formed on the bottom of the screen for connecting the screen to the pivot unit. Therefore, the pivot unit can be detached conveniently from the base.08-20-2009
20120205509OPERATING TABLE - An operating table has a movable base which is provided with four casters, wherein the casters are each pivotable via a pivot lever. The pivot levers are connected to one another by a common drive and a linkage.08-16-2012
20130161471MINI-TRUSS THIN-SHEET PANEL ASSEMBLY - A mini-truss thin-sheet panel assembly, in one embodiment, a substantially rigid thin-sheet panel assembly having a non-rigid thin-sheet component includes the thin-sheet component which has selected plan area and shape, a hacker having a plan shape and area substantially similar to the thin-sheet component, and plural riser elements of selected height and configuration each extending from the backer to distal ends connected to a reverse surface of the thin-sheet component, the riser elements being configured and disposed in an array which causes the assembly to have substantial rigidity in a selected direction in the thin-sheet component.06-27-2013
20090090834Support box for supporting a laptop computer - In a support box for supporting a laptop computer, comprising a bottom wall and side walls, the side walls extend from the bottom wall to different heights so as to provide a top support area which is level when the support box is placed onto the inclined seat surface of a car seat for supporting the laptop computer horizontally in a position convenient for a person sitting on a seat next to the laptop computer.04-09-2009
20120025050MOVABLE BASE WITH CONTROL SURFACE - In a further embodiment, a method of controlling a base assembly can be provided. An actuation member can be pumped to deploy one or more wheels to lift a base assembly on said wheels. Further, a pin can be received in a holding portion on a semi-planar contoured surface in response to the pumping of the actuation member. The wheels can be held in a deployed position via the pin being held in the holding portion. Further pumping of the actuation member can separate the pin from the holding portion and retract the wheels from the deployed position.02-02-2012
20090140116Fixing base for furniture accessories - A fixing base for furniture accessories comprises a base body that is intended to be fixed to a furniture surface by a mounting surface thereof. A tongue, is intended to rest at a corner of the surface of the piece of furniture and a tooth, that faces the tongue, is intended to be inserted into a hole on the surface of the piece of furniture. A hooking lever is rotatable on the base body from an unhooking position to a hooking position controlling means for moving tooth and tongue towards one another to cause the tooth to engage in the wall of the hole with a reaction on the tongue resting on the corner of the piece of furniture.06-04-2009
20080302940SCOOTER HOLDING DEVICE - A scooter holding device and method of manufacturing a scooter holding device is disclosed. The scooter holding device has a top end having a first end and a second end, a wheel holding recess positioned at the first end a second wheel holding recess that is transverse to the first wheel holding recess at a second end. The scooter holding device is used to hold and store a scooter when the scooter is not in use.12-11-2008
20090184228MULTI-PURPOSE TRIVETS - A multi-purpose trivet comprising a base and at least one insulating pad removably coupled to the base. The base comprises a support surface and optionally a peripheral wall, wherein the peripheral wall elevates the base to define an air space. The at least one insulating pad is removably coupled to the base and is adapted to be separately used for gripping and handling hot objects having a temperature of up to 580° F. when removed from the rigid base.07-23-2009
20120068035FREE BALL BEARING, SUPPORT TABLE, CARRYING EQUIPMENT, AND TURNTABLE - A free ball bearing includes a retainer ball-pressing ring, the retainer ball-pressing ring including a substantially cylindrical pressing member inserted in an internal space between the semispherical recessed surface and the main ball toward the base end; the retainer ball-pressing ring being moved from a pressing position to a standby position along the unit center axis by the ring moving mechanism; the pressing member restricting or preventing rotation of the plurality of retainer balls by pressing the plurality of retainer balls when the retainer ball-pressing ring is at the pressing position; and the plurality of retainer balls of which the rotation is restrained or prevented by the pressing member being released when the retainer ball-pressing ring is at the standby position.03-22-2012
20090050768Olympic weight plate loading device - A device used to elevate Olympic Weight plates from the floor that have been placed on an Olympic Barbell, particularly useful with floor-generated exercises such as the Deadlift that require additional plates of the same diameter to be loaded onto the bar as previously loaded plates rest vertical on the floor. The use of the device allows the user to minimize effort in the plate loading process to ensure that optimum strength and energy go towards the designated exercise. This device is manufactured with specific materials so as to provide the user with a sturdy and durable, yet inexpensive piece of exercise assistance equipment which can be used for a multitude of floor-generated Olympic and Powerlifting exercises.02-26-2009
20090050769FLAT DISPLAY SUPPORTING APPARATUS - A flat display supporting apparatus includes a main unit (02-26-2009
20130214110ERGONOMIC MOUSEPAD - A mousepad having a particularly ergonomic form factor is provided for operating a mouse or other peripheral input device thereon. The mousepad is particularly well suited for protecting the wrist and forearm of users from abrasion and discomfort arising from inadvertent contact with a desk, table or other support structure that is supporting the mousepad. The mousepad is configured to mask a corner of such support structures with a portion of the mousepad that has a gradual curvature. The mousepad may include a base portion having an upper surface upon which the mouse device can operate and a clamp portion to selectively attach the mousepad to the desk, table or other support structure. Methods of attaching the mousepad to a desk, table or other support structure are also provided.08-22-2013
20090152427Mouse Pad - A mouse pad has a base and a release sheet. The base has a substrate, an adsorbent layer, a non-slip layer and at least one perforation line. The substrate has a top face and a bottom face. The adsorbent layer is formed on the top face of the substrate. The non-slip layer is formed on the bottom face of the substrate. The at least one perforation line is formed through the base to define a central segment and a peripheral segment. The release sheet is detachably mounted with the non-slip layer of the base to aid printing. Therefore, a surface provided by the mouse pad is uniform and the peripheral segment can be removed to allow the entire central segment to be covered by printing.06-18-2009
20120104213CARBON NANOTUBE FILM SUPPORTING STRUCTURE AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - A carbon nanotube film supporting structure is provided. The carbon nanotube film supporting structure is used for supporting a carbon nanotube film structure. The carbon nanotube film supporting structure includes a body and a number of voids. The body has a surface defining a support region. The voids are defined in the support region. A void ratio of the support region is greater than or equal to 80%. The present disclosure also provides a method for using the carbon nanotube film supporting structure.05-03-2012
20090242718TEMPORARY CLAMPING STRUCTURE FOR ELECTRONICS - A bracket includes a first surface being fastened to a mounting surface, and a second surface disposed opposite the first surface, to which second surface a body of the electronic device is fastened. A fitting concavity is formed in one of the electronic device body and the bracket. A fitting convexity is formed in other one of the electronic device body and the bracket and fittable into the fitting concavity. A cover, which covers the electronic device body, includes a cover attaching and detaching mechanism, which one of attaches and detaches the cover to and from the electronic device body. For a detached state the cover is rotated to be completely detached from the electronic device body.10-01-2009
20100155560Stage apparatus - The present invention reduces the footprint of a stage apparatus to achieve a more compact apparatus. Using a Y-axis shaft having a magnet on the inside and a Y-axis mover constituted by a coil that surrounds the Y-axis shaft as a Y-axis drive part for moving a Y-axis movable body makes the drive part smaller than a linear motor. Consequently, a lateral part that faces a side gliding surface is arranged downwardly of the one Y-axis mover, to thereby eliminate the footprint occupied by the lateral part when lined up side-by-side with the Y-axis drive part.06-24-2010
20100155561Tool Moving Module for a Positioning Platform - A tool moving module for a positioning platform comprises: a base on which is disposed a support table, and on the top of the support table is a pivoting portion; a support frame having a pivoting portion to be pivotally connected with the pivoting portion of the base to enable the support frame to be pivoted about the base to change its tilt angle, on a top of the support frame being formed a carrying surface around a periphery of which being arranged plural clamping members; at least one tilted control assembly disposed between the base and the support frame and located at the same side. After being fixed on the support frame, the positioning platform can be adjusted to a tilted position to substantially reduce its horizontal width, thus facilitating the transportation work.06-24-2010
20110226920Keyboard adjustment apparatus and associated method - The computer keyboard adjustment apparatus has a support plate that receives a computer keyboard thereon. The support plate, screw dome/wheel and the magnet lock are attached to each other. The magnet lock is anchored to the base. A lock lever is also provided for adjustably, locking the support plate at any desired angle/position. The support plate at this point is operating on an axis moving within the circumference of the axis design. Manipulation of the lever-lock allows the support plate to move forward, backward, and side-to-side. The support plate, once elevated, can tilt or incline as well as decline.09-22-2011
20100258700MOUNTING DEVICE - A support device is provided herein and includes a pliable support structure. The support device further includes a plate structure for use with the pliable support structure. The plate structure is disposed on the support structure. A coupling member is associated with the plate structure allowing for other members to be coupled to the support device. Elevating assemblies are optionally further included to elevate elongate structure supported by the support device.10-14-2010
20090314913Keyboard tray - A keyboard tray includes a chamber accessed through opposite side slots through which slides a slidable mouse tray. The slidable mouse tray and a lower keyboard body include groups of one of guide and reinforcing ribs and guide and reinforcing slots. A mouse cord supporting member can be utilized with either of opposite exposed side portions of the slidable mouse tray. The keyboard try is also preferably constructed of two bodies having alignment pins and openings for accurate registration incident to assembly of the keyboard tray.12-24-2009
20130126692BASE FOR HARD DISK DRIVE AND HARD DISK DRIVE INCLUDING THE SAME - There is provided a base for a hard disk drive formed by press processing, the base including: coupling parts corresponding to coupling units to be coupled to components for operating the hard disk drive and formed by depressing a predetermined region of one surface of the base to thereby protrude the predetermined region outward from the other surface thereof, wherein the coupling parts are closed by a cap member.05-23-2013
20090032666Mouse pad - A mouse pad includes an intermediate layer attached to a base layer, and a coating layer attached to the intermediate layer and arranged for allowing an image or pattern to be applied onto the coating layer with an image output facility by the users themselves. The mouse pad includes a release layer detachable from the base layer for protecting the base layer. A punch line is formed in an outer peripheral portion of the mouse pad for being detached or released from the base layer. The punch line of the mouse pad is preferably not formed in the release layer. The mouse pad includes a thickness for no more than 1 mm for allowing the mouse pad to be applied with the image with the image output facility.02-05-2009
20080203262Support member systems and methods - The present disclosure includes a number of system and method embodiments. One such system embodiment includes a first support member, a second support member and a third support member including a plurality of longitudinally spaced aligning holes extending therethrough. The first support member extends in a z direction of a (x, y, z) Cartesian coordinate system, the second support member extends in an x direction and the third support member extends in the y direction. Also, the first support member, the second support member, and the third support member are rigidly fastened together via three removable fastening members.08-28-2008
20120305732BIN RETAINER PANEL - A bin retainer panel has a planar wall having a first end having a bent edge extending along a length of the first end; and first and second side ends each having edges bent at an acute angle with respect to the planar wall. The first and second side edges each has a plurality of protrusions formed thereon. A bin retainer panel has a planar wall having a first end having a bent edge and a second, opposite end having a bent edge; and first and second side ends. The first side end has an edge bent at an acute angle with respect to the planar wall. The first side end edge has a plurality of protrusions formed thereon.12-06-2012
20120043445TRUNCATED PYRAMID SHAPED SHIPPING BASE - A shipping base shaped like a square, truncated pyramid for use with a washing machine of the type having an undercarriage suspended below the wash tub. The shipping base has an opening in the top of the truncated pyramid into which the washing machine undercarriage is lowered until the undercarriage is suspended within the space defined by base, and an integrally formed frame-like pallet for supporting the washing machine. The opening is only slightly larger than the dimensions of the undercarriage so that the shipping base prevents any significant lateral movement of the undercarriage or the washing machine tub.02-23-2012
20110155884FRICTIONAL HOLDING PAD - A frictional holding pad removably attaches handheld items, such as a cell phone, to a surface, such as a dash, to allow storage of handheld items on the surface with the pad to prevent the items from shifting or sliding due to the movement of the support surface. A smoother application side of the pad clings to the handheld item by specific or mechanical adhesion, and a contoured exposed side of the pad clings to the surface by specific or mechanical adhesion. The smoother application side of the pad can have a greater surface area than the contoured exposed side so the pad remains with the handheld item when removed from the surface. Indicia can be formed on the pad. The pad can be translucent or transparent. The pad can include an expanded vinyl material or a polyurethane material.06-30-2011
20090134301Appliance base for an appliance - An appliance base for an appliance for supporting the appliance during manufacture and use, with the appliance base including a skeletal outer frame structure including a generally elongate “U”-base rail member and first and second “U”-side rails extending outwardly from the first and second ends of the “U”-base rail at generally right angles therewith. The outer frame structure defines four corners and a support area intermediate the “U”-base rail member and the “U”-side rails. The appliance base includes an inner frame structure including an index ring disposed in substantially the center of the support area, a plurality of diagonally extending support members with a diagonal support member extending inwardly from each corner of the outer frame structure and fixed to the index ring, and a front rail member extending between diagonal cross members on a side opposite from the “U”-base rail member.05-28-2009
20100207004PLINTHS - A plinth constructed of plastics material including a platform; a continuous side wall depending from said platform and adapted to rest on the ground, said side wall including one or more peripheral portions and one or more divider portions, each of said one or more divider portions dividing the platform into at least two load bearing sections and each divider portion including two spaced apart divider wall portions joined by a bottom wall adapted to rest on the ground so as to support the adjacent load bearing sections of said platform, said platform, said divider wall portions and said bottom wall providing a continuous top face.08-19-2010
20110180680SOLAR MODULE FRAMES HAVING WATER DRAIN - The invention relates to a frame for a solar module, wherein the frame comprises a plurality of aluminum extruded profiles, which form the sides of the frame and which are connected to each other at the corners thereof, wherein at least one aluminum extruded profile comprises at least one hollow chamber, wherein the frame comprises corner elements, wherein at least one corner element comprises a discharge opening, and the discharge opening is connected to a hollow chamber of at least one adjacent aluminum extruded profile.07-28-2011
20110180679WEIGHT PLATE - A weight plate for securing portable structures employing a low-profile, planar plate having an aperture formed therethrough. The aperture is configured so as to allow the base of the leg of a structure to pass through. The plate is subsequently transposed so as to lock the base of the leg underneath the plate while the leg of the shelter passes through the plate and an opposite side of the plate extends away form the leg.07-28-2011
20120080575La Reyna - Are you tired of seeing your delicious baked foods fall off the aluminum containers due to their faulty structure? We have the right solution for you. La Reyna is a steel base that was built to support oval or rectangular shaped aluminum containers in order to prevent the spilling of baked foods and dangerous personal bums that occur as a cause of the spilling of hot foods. The base's strong and steady structure is guaranteed to give you the support necessary to take your food out of the oven without having to worry. Its strong handles were designed to give you the support that you had been waiting for in your kitchen.04-05-2012
20100181456SUPPORT FOR DIRECT LIGHT DISPLAYS - The present invention relates to supports for stacking multiple display elements. The supports are connected in a firm way to one another by a hinge which can, if required, be easily disconnected.07-22-2010
20080197260COMPUTER HOUSING - A computer housing includes: a housing body; a first supporting plate mounted in the housing body; a second supporting plate mounted in the housing body and cooperating with the first supporting plate to define a mounting space therebetween; and an operating lever pivoted to the second supporting plate, formed with an engaging tongue, and rotatable relative to the second supporting plate between a first angular position, in which the engaging tongue extends into the mounting space for retaining a box-like device in the mounting space, and a second angular position, in which the engaging tongue is disposed outside of the mounting space for permitting removal of the box-like device.08-21-2008
20130146734PROTECTION STAND - A protection stand comprises a planar surface having first and second sides. The first side of the planar surface comprises a plurality of conical stands that converge away from the planar surface. The second side comprises first and second layers, wherein the first layer is positioned between the planar surface and the second layer and comprises an adaptable cushion for conforming to the surface area of the object resting on the protection stand. The second layer comprises an assembly side and an attachment side, both of such sides comprising an adhesive bond for securing the assembly side to the first layer and the attachment side to the cross-sectional surface of the object resting on the protection stand.06-13-2013
20110233363Structural composite glulam-steel rig mat - A Structural Composite Glulam-Steel Rig Mat includes a unique steel frame. The unique steel frame includes unique lifting eyes for cranes in the corners of the rig mat and smooth radius steel channel around the perimeter of the rig mat to enable easy handling by forklifts. The unique steel frame surrounds unique full length, engineered glulam beams which together with the steel frame make the resulting rig mat significantly stronger than the traditional rig mat.09-29-2011
20110309221CRADLE FOR PORTABLE COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A cradle for a portable terminal includes a first housing with a keypad mounting area, and a second housing is adapted to be cradled obliquely after being slid back from the first housing while being maintained in opposite to the first housing. First and second members, a first rotary link coupled to the first member, and slidably coupled to the second member, the second member being rotatable about a rotary axis to position the first and second members obliquely after the second member is slid. A second rotary link is rotatably coupled to and adapted for supporting the first link. A rotary unit is formed integrally with and protruding from the second rotary link. A link stopper is formed integrally with and protruding from the second rotary link, and the link stopper is coupled to a stopper formed on the first rotary link.12-22-2011
20130206947Paint Container Holder - A holder for a paint container can be used on uneven surfaces. The holder comprises a support base. Pivotally coupled to the support base is at least one leg and/or a lifting member. The at least one leg is selectively positionable for fixing the angular orientation of the at least one leg relative to the paint container support base. The lifting member may be located to support a paint container across a lateral axis extending substantially above a combined centre of gravity of the holder and the paint container.08-15-2013

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