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248 - Supports

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248323000 Adjustable 47
248342000 Fittings 39
248339000 Hook type 20
248318000 Receptacle or bowl 10
248320000 Releasable for lowering 2
20130043364Party Gift Wreath Apparatus and Methods - A gift wreath apparatus hangs similar or different reusable gift boxes to be filled. In one example, a plurality of hangers is configured for removeably and slidably hanging the reusable gift boxes from the wreath member. A plurality of fasteners are configured for attaching one of the reusable gift boxes in a substantially closed configuration to one of the hangers and for detaching the gift box from the second hanger end whilst keeping the box closed. The fastener can comprise a hook on the free end of the hanger and a ribbon secured to the lid of the box. The box ribbon is bow tied and the bow tie hung from the hook. The apparatus can be assembled from a kit of parts. A method for assembly can be provided in an instruction manual provided with the kit of parts.02-21-2013
20120001047Hanging Storage on Storage Spacers Located Above Each Other - The present invention relates to a storage goods carrier (01-05-2012
20130043363TEMPORARY AFFIXING DEVICE - A temporary magnetic affixing device (02-21-2013
20130068910Technical field and industrial applicability of the invention - A device that can be used to moor, tether or suspend an article has a spool mounted in a support frame. A flange of the spool may have holes or cleats so that a free end of a tape, rope, webbing, strap or the like wound on to a hub of the spool can be attached to the flange preferably by a clipping mechanism such as a carabiner attached to the free end thereby preventing the spool from rotating further. In this way the length of tape withdrawn from the spool remains fixed. Alternatively the end of the tape may be passed via a hole or cleat or the like and tensioned before being tied off.03-21-2013
20100006729CLEVIS HANGER AND METHOD OF INSTALLING THE CLEVIS HANGER - A clevis hanger has an upper strap and a lower strap. The upper strap can be supported by a hang rod or the like. The lower strap and the upper strap can be snapped open and snapped closed such that the lower strap can be secured to the upper strap without additional hardware.01-14-2010
20090189044Storage-providing support device - A support device capable of providing additional storage space in close-quarters, wherein the device can be hung from two points to provide a volume comprising the floor of the device and in some embodiments a vertical surface such as a wall to which the support device is attached, either by hooks affixed to the vertical surface, to by attachment to any two other stationary points. Items such as towels, laundry and various and sundry other items may be conveniently stored using the device.07-30-2009
20080283707OBJECT HANGER - A hanger for hanging an object includes a flexible belt, a fastener and a ring. The fastener has a first fastening member and a second fastening member, which are respectively mounted on the flexible belt and detachably coupled with each other. The ring is sleeved onto the flexible belt and located between the first fastening member and the second fastening member. The ring defines with the flexible belt a piercing space having a width greater than a thickness of the first fastening member of the fastener and smaller than a combined thickness of the first fastening member and the second fastening member of the fastener. Thus, when the flexible belt is pulled by an external force, the first fastening member and the second fastening member can be maintained engaged with each other without separation by means of the restriction of the piercing space.11-20-2008
20090256044SUSPENSION SYSTEM AND METHOD - The present invention is directed to a system and method for suspending a personal radiation protection device. The system includes a support member and a cable mechanically suspended from the support member. The system also includes a member for counter-balancing the weight of a personal radiation protection device. The counter-balancing member is attached to the cable. The system further includes a member for attaching the counter-balancing member to the personal radiation protection device.10-15-2009
20090039226SUPPORT HANGER - A support hanger system adapted to hang away from a top chord of a truss assembly using the upwardly facing planar surface of the top chord as the support surface for the downwardly extending support hanger. The support hanger assembly utilizes an elongated threaded member extending away from an operatively connected cross member. The cross member is oriented in transverse relation to the axis running along the length of the elongated threaded member. The cross member is adapted to fit through an acceptance slot extending through an upper base plate structure of the top chord such that the operatively connected threaded member extends downwardly from the upper base plate structure between downwardly projecting leg elements on either side of the acceptance slot. A channel support member adapted to reside between the leg elements may be disposed at a position below the cross member.02-12-2009
20100078540Safety retention device for an actuator - Applicable in installations that comprise a reaction bar (04-01-2010
20080217499Ceiling Mounted Lift for a Multi-Purpose Projector - A ceiling mounted lift for a multimedia projector that can be installed into a hollow ceiling. The same is equipped with a frame-shaped base plate (09-11-2008
20090108163DECORATIVE MINIATURE SLED GIFT CARD HOLDER - A decorative miniature sled gift card holder includes a deck, runners positioned beneath the deck, a gift card retention device, and a hanging device, with which the holder may be hung. The use of various types of sleds, such as sleds and sleighs with runners attached to the underside of the deck, as well as toboggans which incorporate wood runners on the underside of the deck, is contemplated. The gift card retention device includes at least a pair of vertical extensions affixed to opposite sides of the upper surface of the deck, which provide lateral alignment of a gift card on the deck. It may also include a stop attached to the upper surface at one end of the deck and horizontal extensions coupled directly to the vertical extensions, which provides longitudinal positioning of the card in one direction and within a horizontal plane overlying the deck, respectively.04-30-2009
20090020674RIGGING DEVICE - A rigging device includes a fixture having opposed first and second ends, opposed upper and lower faces, and a bracket extending away from the upper face of the fixture between the opposed first and second ends of the fixture to engage a hoist line of a crane. A support is mounted to the fixture proximate each of the opposed first and second ends on either side of the bracket extending away from the lower face of the fixture terminating with an engaging element movable between a disengaging position and an engaging position.01-22-2009
20090159772Automobile window insert and accompanying window tool for hanging automobile accessories from an automobile window, together with attached automobile accessories - A unique automobile window insert and accompanying window tool for hanging automobile accessories from an automobile window, allowing for an incredibly secure and convenient attachment of automobile accessories to an automobile window. This invention allows automobile accessories to be within easy reach and stay in place even if accidently bumped or when traveling at high speeds or over uneven terrain. In addition, this invention includes any and all automobile accessories whatsoever, to be utilized by either the driver or passenger of an automobile, that may be attached to an automobile window by using the automobile window insert and/or accompanying window tool. These automobile accessories include, but are not limited to, all manner of cupholders, cellphone holders, iPod/MP3/satellite radio holders, CD holders, sunglasses holders, garbage holders, tissue holders, accessory/food trays/holders, and any and all types of holders, trays, containers, vessels or receptacles whatsoever. The automobile window insert and accompanying window tool, together with the attached automobile accessories, collapse into a convenient and easily carried and stored configuration when not in use.06-25-2009
20120056065SUSPENSION DEVICE - A suspension device for suspending a sign or another article from an elongated object, which suspension device (03-08-2012
20080224012Industrial Hangers for Framing and Method of Fabricating the Same - An industrial hanger is provided for coupling a device to a truss. The hanger apparatus includes a first member having a first support surface, a second opposed support surface, and a threaded portion extending between the first and second support surfaces. The hanger apparatus also includes a second member having a first support surface, a second opposed support surface, and a threaded portion extending between the second member first and second support surfaces. The first member is coupled to the second member such that the first member threaded portion and the second member threaded portions define a substantially circular threaded opening that is sized to receive a threaded rod therein.09-18-2008
20080224011Shower caddy attachment - A shower caddy attachment device has a hanging member that has an upper semicircular edge that hangs from a shower pipe above a shower head. A top stopper having a grip surface and a stopping face is disposed to face the hanging member. The bottom clamp pivots in connection with a pivot location on the hanging member so that it locks with location on the hanging member. The bottom clamp is preferably made as a half pipe. The shower caddy attachment device loop is preferably a flat structure. A flat portion on the top stopper defines an area between the shower head and the wall. The flat portion with the optional ridge portion provides a space between the wall and the shower head.09-18-2008

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