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248309100 - Article holding means

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248316700 Clip 24
248316500 Pivoted jaw 19
248316400 Sliding jaw 16
248316200 Wedging or camming 4
20080245943Apparatus for retaining sheets against a back surface - An apparatus for retaining at least one sheet against a back surface is disclosed herein. In at least one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a wedge member, a roller member, a biasing member, and a release mechanism. The roller member is moveable between a first position where the roller surface contacts the wedge member and a second position where the roller surface is separated from the wedge member. The biasing member biases the roller member toward the first position. The release mechanism is connected to the roller member and moveable between a clamp position and a release position. The release mechanism moves the roller member from the first position to the second position when the release mechanism is moved from the clamp position to the release position.10-09-2008
20120145864QUICK CLAMPING APPARATUS FOR OPTICAL DEVICES - A quick-release device for clamping a quick-change plate of an optical device in a guide on a baseplate, the quick-change plate and the guide comprising complementarily formed guide surfaces, the guide comprising first and second mounting elements adjustable relative to each other, and a device for fixing the quick-change plate in place designed for adjusting the distance of the mounting elements to each other, characterized in that the device for fixing the quick-change plate in place comprises a lever engaging with a earn in a slotted link disposed in the first mounting element, such that a motion of the lever adjusts the first mounting element relative to the second mounting element.06-14-2012
20110155883CAM HOLDER SYSTEM - A cam holder system is described. A cam mechanism allows the holder to accept sheet material and be closed easily, while still maintaining strong holding power. The holder is formed by two or more separate pieces of extruded rigid material that slide together. End caps can be used to hold the pieces in alignment with each other so that they do not slide apart when the holder is opened. The cam is located near the middle of the assembly so that the user has leverage when opening and closing the holder. The holder can be squeezed in one direction to open the holder, and in the other direction to close the holder. A lever arm for closure is located above the cam, and a lever arm for opening is located below the cam. The receiving slot is located on-center so that the holder and the sheet material remain aligned with each other during use.06-30-2011
20120181406Clamping Apparatus for Firearm Rail Mount - A mounting component for engagement of a scope or other component to a firearm mounting rail. A base of the mounting component features first and second translating halves which can be drawn toward each other by rotation of a lever operating a cam to translate a cross member communicating between the two halves of the base. An adjustment is provided to change the length of the cross member extension between the base halves to allow adjustment of the compressive force caused by lever rotation.07-19-2012
248316600 Separable jaw 1
20120132774Bracket Assembly and Method of Use Thereof - A bracket assembly is provided for use in one example for joining a kitchen plinth to an end panel of a kitchen unit. The bracket assembly includes a first bracket part and a second bracket part. The first bracket part has a recess defined therein in which a protrusion member of the second bracket part is engaged therein in use.05-31-2012
20090194658Universal clamp - A universal clamp assembly for receiving an electrical conductor having a variety of diameters without exchanging parts. An insulator includes a support fitting thereon. The clamp assembly includes a keeper fixed to an end of the fitting with two guide arms disposed along two sides thereof. An internally threaded bore in the keeper has a longitudinal axis. An externally threaded bolt is threadedly received in the bore. The assembly also includes a clamp member relatively rotatably receiving and axially restraining the bolt and located adjacent to the keeper for translational movement of the clamp member relative to the keeper along the longitudinal axis of the bolt. The clamp member includes two axially extending sliding arms adjacent the two guide arms. Rotation of the bolt along the longitudinal axis moves the clamp member towards and away from the keeper.08-06-2009
20090294618Clamp-type hard disk mount - A clamp-type hard disk (hard disk) mount includes a base having a hard disk contact surface; two clamping arms pivotally connected at rear ends to two fulcrums provided in and near two lateral ends of the base; and two restoring elements disposed in the base. The two clamping arms respectively have an extension section rearward extended beyond the two fulcrums. Two short rods are separately provided near front ends of the two clamping arms corresponding to two retaining hole provided on two lateral sides of a hard disk. The restoring elements normally push the extension sections of the clamping arms outward, so that the two clamping arms automatically clamp on the two lateral sides of a hard disk installed on the clamp-type hard disk mount.12-03-2009
20090159771HOLDER FOR A LOUDSPEAKER BOX - A holder for a loudspeaker box onto which the loudspeaker box can be slipped. The holder includes a control handle and a clamping device actuatable without tools via the control handle.06-25-2009
20130026324HOLDING DEVICE - A holding device including a hub and a plurality of grappling assemblies attached thereto. Each grappling assembly includes a tension member and a hook connected to the tension member. The hook is adapted to engage an edge of the item. The hook includes a body portion and a pair of arms extending therefrom. The body portion includes a cavity with first and second open ends. The tension member extends into the first open end and a jaw fitting extends into the second open end, wherein the jaw fitting is operative to grasp the tension member. The tension member extends around a thimble that is attached to the hub. The thimble may comprise an arcuate channel extending around an aperture formed through the thimble. The thimble may be rotatably attached to the hub with a fastener extending through the hub and the aperture.01-31-2013
20120112026APPARATUS FOR SUPPORTING AN ASSEMBLY OF CONFLAT-CONNECTED ULTRA-HIGH VACUUM MODULES - An apparatus for supporting UHV modules and attaching accessories thereto without welding and without obstructing any conflat ports includes a bracket attachable to an attachment feature without loss of vacuum. Embodiments permit arbitrary UHV module reorientation. In some embodiments, a supporting circular groove or series of groove segments is provided in the UHV module, and a clamping bracket fitted with holes meeting optical bench standards is attached to the groove by clamping two clamp segments together while fitting a tongue firmly into the groove. The supporting groove can be located in an extension terminating in a conflat flange, or in a separate UHV extender module. In other embodiments, the attachment feature is a plurality of threaded mounting holes that are not associated with conflat ports, do not require enlargement of the UHV module, and permit attachment of brackets without obstructing any conflat ports and without loss of vacuum.05-10-2012
20130068909MOUNTING DEVICE OF A LENGTH MEASURING SYSTEM - A mounting device for mounting a length measuring system extending in a measurement direction, the mounting device including a basic body, a steadying device attached to the basic body and a retainer attached to the basic body. A length measuring system that extends in a measurement direction is fixable on the basic body by clamping between the steadying device and the retainer, wherein the basic body and the retainer are embodied for guiding the retainer on the basic body longitudinally in a manner fixed against relative rotation in a direction of the steadying device by an adjusting element.03-21-2013
20080265119Universal clamp - A universal clamp assembly having a support fitting with arms and a threaded bolt mounted to the arms allowing rotation about a longitudinal axis of the bolt. The bolt is retained against axial movement along the longitudinal axis. A clamp member is rotatably mounted on the bolt between the arms for rotation of the clamp member relative to the support fitting about the longitudinal axis. The clamp member is restrained against axial movement relative to the support fitting and the bolt along the longitudinal axis. The clamp includes a guide opening through which the bolt extends. A keeper is threadedly mounted on the bolt and partially received in the guide opening. The keeper slides in the guide opening along the longitudinal axis and is restrained against rotation about the longitudinal axis of the bolt relative to the clamp member. The keeper is rotatable about the longitudinal axis concurrently with the clamp member.10-30-2008
20110284709SOLAR MODULE ARRAY PRE-ASSEMBLY METHOD AND APPARATUS - The present invention is directed to an apparatus for pre-assembly of an electrically connected array of solar panels for a solar canopy including a substantially planar base member for resting on a horizontal surface; a substantially planar support member; a track member disposed proximate a bottom portion of the support member attached to or integral with the support member or base member for vertically aligning side-by-side and vertically supporting a plurality of solar panels when a side edge portion of the solar panels rests on the track member; and at least two arm members, each having a free end and an attached end, the attached ends pivotally attached proximate to opposing ends of the base member or support member, the arm members being configured and adapted for removably attaching at least two solar panel support channels.11-24-2011
20120025048Artist's palette and umbrella clamp - One embodiment of a device for mounting an artist's palette and shade umbrella to a tripod and of the type comprising a body having a clamping aperture on one edge thereof and a means of fastening an artist's palette and umbrella to said body. The body is made of a rigid and lightweight material to provide a stable and portable platform. Other embodiments are described and shown.02-02-2012
20090294617GRIPPING MECHANISM FOR GRIPPING PORTABLE OBJECT - A holding device. The holding device can hold portable objects such as MP3 players, mobile phones, navigation devices, etc. The holding device has one or more arms, which can grip the portable object. In predetermined orientations, one arm is prevented from moving outward, to prevent the held portable object from falling even when it is being inserted or removed from the holder.12-03-2009
20090266963Clamp, system and/or method for securing an article to a fixture - A clamp, a system and/or a method secures an article to a fixture. The clamp, the system and/or the method may prevent a theft and/or a removal of the article from the fixture. The clamp is attached to the article, such as, for example, a laptop computer. A vertical member extends from the clamp and may be situated within a recess of the article to prevent the clamp from being removed from the article. A tether secures the clamp and/or the article to the fixture. The vertical member of the clamp may have a plunger that may be depressed by the article while the article is situated within the clamp.10-29-2009
20090101781FIXING APPARATUS FOR HARD DISK DRIVE - An exemplary fixing apparatus is for mounting a hard disk drive (HDD) having a plurality of holes defined in sidewalls and includes a first side plate, a bracket, and a plurality of fixing pins. The bracket includes an end plate, and a second side plate perpendicular to the end plate. One end of the first side plate is pivotably attached to a free end of the end plate of the bracket. The other end of the first plate includes a latch extending therefrom. The second side plate includes a latch extending from a free end thereof, to detachably engage with the latch of the first side plate. The fixing pins are attached to the first side plate and the second side plate to engage in the holes of the HDD.04-23-2009
20090200443Mounting device for securing plate-shaped elements - A mounting device for securing plate-shaped elements (08-13-2009
20090101782Clamping device for electronic products - A clamping device for electronic products includes a combining member and a clamping base that is made of elastic steel sheet having its outer periphery coated with a layer of soft rubber and its central portion bored with a combining hole. Thus, after the clamping base is combined with an electronic product by the combining member, the electronic product can be hung on a user's girdle by turning over the elastic steel sheet of the clamping base, and an earphone line can be wound on the steel sheet in a space between the clamping base and the electronic product, having great practicability and convenience in use.04-23-2009
20120193496HOLDER FOR HANDHELD ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A holder for being placed by a handheld electronic device is disclosed. The holder includes a board having two long holes and two fastener assemblies separately corresponding to the long holes. Each of the fastener assemblies has a post penetrating the long hole, a bracket and a supporting pad. The bracket and supporting pad are disposed on two opposite sides of the board and at two ends of the post.08-02-2012
20120138764CLAMP FOR A PLATE ELEMENT, ESPECIALLY FOR A PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE - A clamp for at least one plate element, with a first clamp part and a second clamp part, the clamp parts adjustable relative to each other between an open position and a clamping position for the plate element, and with at least one elastomer profile that is arranged between the two clamp parts and that has an area with a U-shaped cross section for gripping the plate element. The elastomer profile has a clamping section that is clamped between the two clamp parts when the clamp parts are in the clamping position.06-07-2012
20110001030INSTALLATION BRACKET - The object of the invention is an installation bracket for mounting a first component on a second component, especially an installation bracket for mounting a solar collector on a rail that, in turn, is mounted on part of a building such as, for example, a roof.01-06-2011
20100133405HOLDING UNIT FOR PANEL TRANSMITTING DEVICE - A holding unit for a panel transmitting device provided with a robot of an articulated joint type to hold a panel of various types and transmit between processes includes a supporting means and a plurality of moving means. An end of the supporting means is movably supported and fixed to the robot and the other end of which extends along a width direction of the panel. Each of the moving means is provided with a moving bar an end of which is provided at a side of the supporting means and is able to rotate and slide in a thickness direction and a width direction of the panel so that the other end thereof may hold the panel. With the unit, precise position adjustment can be achieved in a cost-effective manner.06-03-2010
20090065672Anchor Dock Equipped with a Bracing Rack - An anchor dock includes an anchor body, an adsorption portion and a bracing rack. The anchor body has a lower shell and an upper shell. The lower shell has a conical side surface formed at a sloped angle. The upper shell is located on an upper surface of the lower shell. The adsorption portion is located below the anchor body. The bracing rack is formed in a U-shape and surrounds the upper shell and has two ends hinged on the anchor body.03-12-2009
20110114811INTERFACE APPARATUS FOR MOUNTING A PORTABLE ILLUMINATION TOOL & RELATED ILLUMINATION ASSEMBLY - An illumination tool fixture is generally provided. The fixture comprises an illumination tool receiving sleeve and a clamping assembly operatively received at an end thereof. The sleeve is generally characterized by first and second sleeve segments, each having first and second sleeve ends. The second sleeve end includes an interior circumferential wall segment characterized by a taper, and a thread bearing outer surface segment. Manipulation of a portion of the clamping assembly, namely a clamping ring thereof, establishes a wedged interference engagement for an illumination tool within the fixture.05-19-2011
20120199716Method and System for Luggage Connector - A luggage connector that may be used with a baby stroller or wheelchair to transport rolling luggage is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the connector includes a first arm and a second arm. Clamps are disposed at a distal end of each arm. The clamps are used to secure the connector to a handle of luggage and a portion of a frame such as a stroller or wheelchair frame. Each arm is adapted to rotate about a central axis so that each respective clamp may be rotated and positioned appropriately to secure the connector to the frame. In addition, a rotating hinge is provided to adjust to a desired angle between the two arms to accommodate the connector being secured to the frame and rolling luggage.08-09-2012
20080203259BRACKET - A bracket includes a body with a first clamp and a second clamp. The first clamp is pivotably mounted and operatively engaged with a first lever that is pivotable between a release position and a locking position. A second lever is operatively engaged with the first lever to prevent the first lever from pivoting from a locking position to a release position.08-28-2008
20110001029AUTOMATIC MOUNTING APPARATUS - An apparatus includes a bracket, a pushing member having a pushing surface, a magazine member to fitting about a plurality of clamping rings, a sending member, a fixing member fixed to the bracket and a resisting member fixed to the fixing member. The fixing member defines a positioning hole for fixing the magazine member, with the clamping rings freely sliding through the positioning hole. The sending member includes two guiding rods fixed to the fixing member, two elastic elements fitting about the corresponding guiding rods, and a moving board slidably mounted to the guiding rods. The elasticity of the elastic elements urges the moving board to drive one of the plurality of clamping rings to resist against the resisting member. When the pushing member is moved towards the fixing member, the pushing surface pushes the one clamping ring to clamp a shaft of a connecting piece.01-06-2011
20100019116DEVICES FOR SUPPORTING AND TRANSPORTING SHEET MATERIALS - In one exemplary embodiment, a low-profile clamping system generally includes first and second elongate supports engageable with an edge portion of a sheet material for supporting at least part of the sheet material against bending. A fastener can releasably couple the first and second elongate supports to the edge portion of the sheet material. The first and second elongate supports define a channel for receiving the edge portion of the sheet material into the channel when supporting the sheet material. In another exemplary embodiment, an apparatus for transporting a sheet material generally includes a frame, at least one wheel coupled to the frame for allowing rolling movement of the frame, and an adjustable vice coupled to the frame for securing a sheet material in the vice on the frame.01-28-2010
20120145863SUPPORTING STRUCTURE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS - A supporting structure for portable electronic products is disclosed. The supporting structure includes a main body and a first supporting unit. The first supporting unit has a first finger portion and a second finger portion. The first supporting unit is disposed on one end of the main body. The first finger portion corresponds to the second finger portion. The supporting structure allows the user to easily and stably hold a portable electronic product.06-14-2012
20120001046ADAPTER FOR SUPPORT PROFILES - The invention relates to an adapter (01-05-2012
20090134300Handheld equipment holder with mechanical latch - A tool holder designed for battery operated power tools is attachable to a belt and has a quick release to allow access to the power tool. The tool holder grasps the power tool at the handle between the battery pack of the tool and the housing containing the operative part. The tool holder is made of a flat material such as metal or a high-density plastic and comprises a mechanical latch that secures the power tool within the holder until the user disengages the latch to allow removal of the tool.05-28-2009
20120211626HOLDER FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A holder for holding an electronic device on a wrist includes a band which can be connected around the wrist and a case connected to the band for holding the electronic device securely. The case includes a first receptacle and at least one second receptacle. The first receptacle is used for securing the electronic device to the holder. The at least one second receptacle receives at least one accessory of the electronic device.08-23-2012
20120223204MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR DISK DRIVE - A mounting apparatus includes a bracket receiving a disk drive, a locking member and a first resilient member. The bracket includes two first sidewalls and two second sidewalls. Each first sidewall is connected to the two second sidewalls and defines a number of through holes. The locking member includes two frames rotatably secured to the two first sidewalls. Each frame includes a number of pins. The first resilient member is connected to the two frames. Each frame is rotatable between a first position, where the pins are inserted in the bracket via the through holes, and a second position, where the pins are located out of the bracket. The first resilient member is deformed when each frame is rotated from the first position to the second position, and each frame is rotated from the second position to the first position when the first resilient member returns.09-06-2012
20120223203APR PLATE DEVICE - A strip-like protrusion and a corresponding strip-like groove are respectively configured at a first holder and a second holder of an APR plate device, such that as an APR plate is clamped by the first holder and the second holder via their clamping surfaces, the strip-like protrusion and the strip-like groove further push and slightly deform the APR plate for enhancement of the clamping toward the APR plate, thereby preventing problems of buckling or tearing of the APR plate due to insufficient clamping force of the holders.09-06-2012
20110121153STRUT CLAMP - An assembly includes a first structure and a clamp configured to clamp the first structure to a second structure. The clamp may include a top portion configured to extend through the slot, where the top portion includes a head, a neck portion coupled to the head and a cylindrical body coupled to the neck portion. The clamp may also include a rotatable nut located adjacent the slot, where the rotatable nut has an opening to receive the cylindrical body. The clamp may further include a spring nut configured to receive a portion of the cylindrical body. The rotatable nut is configured to be turned such that when the head of the clamp is aligned with the slot in the first structure, the top portion of the clamp is configured to lower into the opening and clamp the first structure to a second structure.05-26-2011
20110210223Clip and Support Member - Insertion force for installing a clip to a body panel, and retaining force of the clip after installation, are obtained by an engagement leg section. A click sensation when the clip is installed to the body panel is obtained by a click leg section.09-01-2011
20100314521FLEXIBLE ARM STOWAGE RETAINER FOR VEHICLE - A stowage retainer is provided for retaining an object, such as a portable electronic device, in a vehicle. The retainer includes a body having at least a bottom wall and side walls. The retainer also includes one or more flexible retention arms extending from the body for retaining a device in the retainer. The flexible retention arms each comprise a flexible inner wire and a soft outer covering material. The flexible retention arms are bendable to reform into a desired configuration to retain a device in the retainer.12-16-2010

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