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Plural joints

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248 - Supports

248200000 - BRACKETS

248274100 - Adjustable

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248278100 Vertical pivot at right angle to horizontal pivot 34
248284100 Horizontal pivots 22
248282100 Vertical pivots 10
248286100 Single horizontal pivot and sliding joints 9
248277100 Lazy tong type 4
20130032682SCISSOR LINKAGE MECHANISM - A mounting apparatus for an object including a rear mounting plate, a linkage system having first, second, third and fourth links, each of the first, second, third and fourth links includes first and second ends, and a swivel assembly. The first end of each of the first and second links is pivotably secured to the rear mounting plate, the second end of each of the third and fourth links is pivotably secured to the swivel assembly, the second end of the first link is pivotably secured to the first end of the third link, and the second end of the second link is pivotably secured to the first end of the fourth link. The linkage system includes a first gear and a second gear, and the first gear is rotatably connected to the second gear.02-07-2013
20120001044Display Tilting Device - The present invention relates to a display tilting apparatus, and more specifically, to a display tilting apparatus, in which an eccentric shaft and a rotating shaft are rotatably installed at both ends of upper and lower link members having a symmetrical structure, and a display apparatus mounted on a tilting plate can be tilted by rotating upward and downward using a motor of a small capacity regardless of the weight of the display apparatus through interactions between the upper and lower link members.01-05-2012
20130146727Three-Stage Display Panel Mount - A three-stage display panel mount is an apparatus used to mount a display screen on a vertical wall, but the apparatus allows a user extend the display screen from vertical wall and rotate the display screen to be perpendicular to the vertical wall. The three-stage display panel includes a first-stage frame, a pair to scissor mechanisms, a pair of gas-spring struts, a second-stage frame, and a third-stage frame. The first-stage frame mounts the apparatus on the vertical wall. The pair of scissor mechanisms allows the second-stage frame to extend away from the first-stage frame, and the pair of gas-spring struts stabilizes the movement of the second-stage frame. The third-stage frame can rotate the display panel away from the second-stage frame and includes a pair of collapsible angles, which can either position the display panel parallel to the vertical wall or support the display panel perpendicular to the vertical wall.06-13-2013
20130187019SWING ARM, TILT POSITIONABLE MOUNT FOR ELECTRONIC DISPLAY - A flat panel display mount that enables full motion positioning of a display while maintaining a very thin profile for the mount such that the display can be positioned as closely as possible to the wall when desired. 07-25-2013
248287100 Horizontally and vertically sliding joints 3
20120112025MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR AN ELECTRONIC TEACHING BOARD - The invention relates to a mounting system (05-10-2012
20100133402VISUAL DISPLAY UNIT MOUNT - The present invention provides an apparatus (06-03-2010
20120235001ADJUSTABLE HOLDER FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - An adjustable holder for an electronic device includes four pivotally attached telescopic arms. The left, right and bottom telescopic arms include an elongated sleeve and an extendable arm that moves in and out of the sleeve. Each extendable arm has a forward projecting fin with a raised edge. The top telescopic arm includes a top elongated sleeve, a secondary sleeve and an extendable hook arm. In use, the arms are rotated and extended to fit the length and width of an electronic device, which can then be cradled between the left, right and bottom fins. The hook arm is used to suspend the electronic device from any suitable fixture and a tilt arm is used to adjust the viewing angle of the cradled device.09-20-2012
248285100 Single vertical pivot and sliding joints 3
20120032046ADJUSTING MECHANISM AND PROJECTOR HAVING THE SAME - An adjusting mechanism adapted to adjust a position of a projection unit relative to a fixing object is provided. The adjusting mechanism includes a base, a sliding plate, a first screw, and an elastic element. The base is adapted to be fixed to the fixing object. The sliding plate is slidably disposed on the base along a first axis and adapted to be fixed to the projection unit. The first screw is fixed to the sliding plate and screwed to the base, wherein the first screw drives the projection unit to move relatively to the base along the first axis when the first screw is rotated. The elastic element is compressed between the base and the sliding plate along the first axis.02-09-2012
20120228453TELESCOPIC ARM FOR A PC TABLE - Rotating telescopic column that includes an outer sleeve (09-13-2012
20110155880Holder Apparatus - Holder apparatus (06-30-2011
20100006727POSITIONING SYSTEM WITH TILTING ARM SUPPORT FOR IMAGING DEVICES - A positioning system for imaging devices is provided. The positioning system includes an imaging element and a tilting arm support having the imaging element coupled thereto. The tilting arm support includes a linkage to tilt the imaging element when the tilting arm support moves.01-14-2010
20130075561SLIDE ASSEMBLY WITH TILT MOUNT - A slide assembly with tilt mount includes an outer slide segment defining a first length and an inner slide segment slidably engaged with the outer slide segment. The inner slide segment defines a second length that is less than said first length. A mount is carried by the inner slide segment and includes a mounting bracket configured to support a piece of electronic equipment, such as a monitor. At least one pivot assembly is interposed between the mount and the inner slide segment. The at least one pivot assembly permits the mount to be tilted relative to the inner slide segment. Preferably, the slide assembly permits at least four locked positions of the monitor or other electronic equipment.03-28-2013
20100078537Universal mounting apparatus - A ball-and-socket joint assembly includes a stationary object, a movable object, and a mounting apparatus. The mounting apparatus has first and second rigid link sections, each link section having an upper socket section and a lower socket section, so that an upper receiving space is defined by the two upper socket sections and a lower receiving space is defined by the two lower socket sections. The assembly further includes an upper coupler having an upper ball that is received for rotation inside the upper receiving space, with the movable object secured to the upper coupler, and a lower coupler having a lower ball that is received for rotation inside the lower receiving space, with the stationary object secured to the lower coupler. A link member secures the link sections together with the upper ball retained inside the upper receiving space, and with the lower ball retained inside the lower receiving space.04-01-2010
20090236484SUPPORT FOR THE HOLDING AND POSITIONING OF A UTILITY LOAD IN SPACE - In a support for holding and positioning a utility load in space having a base (09-24-2009
20100171018Kinematic ball screw adjusters - The present invention provides a kinematic mounting apparatus comprising: a plurality of spherical mount means; and a plurality of grooved mount means; wherein said mount means are operable to support a platform. The present invention relates to adjustable mounts. In particular, the present invention relates to mounting arrangements for optical devices requiring linear and tilt adjustment whereby a platform, which is usually either a mirror or a support for a mirror, should remain in a stress free condition at all times.07-08-2010
20110290971ADJUSTABLE DISPLAY BRACKET - A rotatably adjustable mounting bracket for attachment to a display device and a mounting system affixable to mount surface and providing rotational adjustability of the attached display about an axis substantially perpendicular to the principal plane of the display device. The device mounting bracket including at least one set of openings comprising a plurality of openings located in the plate to substantially align with mounting holes located on the display device. Each of the openings having an adjustment portion adapted to receive a portion of the display device fastener attached to the display device and moveable within the adjustment portion to permit rotational movement of the display device relative to the mounting bracket.12-01-2011
20090179126STAND FOR FLAT-PANEL DISPLAY - A stand for a display device, such as a flat-panel display, selectively accommodates mounting surfaces having disparate orientations with improved stability and durability, to facilitate viewing of the flat-panel display in either of at least two physical states of orientation as necessary or desired, specifically, with respect to both horizontal and vertical mounting surfaces. The stand includes a pivoting arm for receiving the display device, the pivoting arm including a locking member having at least two locking devices; a support arm for receiving a base; and a locking release coupled to the pivoting arm by a pivot pin and coupled to the support arm by a releasing pin for loading an elastic member, the locking release including a lever having an upper end for receiving the pivot pin and a lower end for receiving the releasing pin and compressing the elastic member, the upper end including a set of locking devices formed in correspondence to the at least two locking devices of the locking member to enable a selective engagement between one of the locking devices of the lever and one of the locking devices of the locking member.07-16-2009
20090189040Angular orientation device for solar panels - There is provided an angular orientation device (07-30-2009
20110266407INSTRUMENT ASSEMBLY SUPPORT APPARATUS - An instrument assembly support apparatus is disclosed. In some embodiments, the instrument assembly support apparatus may be for supporting an instrument assembly. The instrument assembly may include an instrument support arm. In some embodiments, the instrument assembly support apparatus may include a base fixedly mountable onto the external frame, a pivot assembly mounted for pivoting relative to the base, an arm assembly extending along a longitudinal axis, and a support assembly configured to support the instrument assembly on the arm assembly.11-03-2011
20090090830DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SECURING A BOW - A device and method for securing a bow while hunting is provided. The device generally includes a base, a support arm rotatably mounted to the base, a connecting arm connected to the support arm, and a retaining arm rotatably connected to the connecting arm and mounted for rotation between an open position and a closed position to secure the limb of the bow. The support arm acts as a lever arm wherein the weight of the bow causes the connecting arm to move and the retaining arm to rotate from an open position to a closed position to secure the limb of the bow.04-09-2009
20090272866Articulted Arm With Adjustable, Spring Loaded Joints - This invention relates to a support auxiliary means. Particularly, it relates to a multi-directional mechanical jointed arm for supporting and suspending articles and its use as a free hand accessory, characterized by comprising at least three ball joint and socket, adjustable at any spacial position and direction providing a three dimension movability and ability to hold suspended articles in a specific determined point selected at such space. Cellular or mobile telephones are equipments where this device has a broad application.11-05-2009
20080277551Rotating bracket assembly for collapsible and permanent building-frame construction - A rotating bracket assembly comprises first and second members, each of which defines a channel having opposing sides coupled to a common base. The first member is nested within the second member with adjacent opposing sides being hingedly coupled to one another so that the first member can freely rotate 360° relative to the second member to achieve a plurality of rotational positions. A first plurality of holes formed in the opposing sides of the first member at least partially align with a second plurality of holes formed in the opposing sides of the second member for each of the rotational positions.11-13-2008
20130119219Articulated Mechanical Arm - An articulated wall mounted mechanical arm includes a swivel joint for attachment to a wall surface through a bracket. The swivel joint is formed with a central open-ended pass-through space which is dimensioned and configured to enable cabling (for example an electric cable) with a cable connector attached to pass through the space and enter a lengthwise extending open sided channel formed in an arm section of the mechanical arm. Removable covers and/or caps are provided selectively to close the open side of the channel and at least one open end of the pass-through space.05-16-2013
20090179127PAN SYSTEMS - Pan systems are provided. Pan systems illustratively include a hobby servo motor having a splined output shaft, a rotatable auxiliary shaft that is approximately parallel to the splined output shaft, and a one piece support frame. In an embodiment, the one piece support frame has a top panel, a center panel, a first side, and a second side. The top panel and the center panel are approximately parallel. The first side and the second side are approximately parallel. The top panel and the center panel are approximately perpendicular to the first side and the second side. The top and center panels illustratively each include a hobby servo motor aperture and an auxiliary shaft aperture. The hobby servo motor is positioned within the hobby servo apertures and the rotatable auxiliary shaft is positioned within the auxiliary shaft apertures.07-16-2009
20100258694SUSPENSION DEVICE - The present invention concerns a suspension device for free positioning of equipment in rooms used for medical purposes. Multiple open-profile links, comprising a central link (10-14-2010
20100213335SWIVELABLE FIXING SEAT - The present invention discloses a swivelable fixing seat, which comprises the casing sleeves the seat body. The seat body has at least one elastic element and a guide slot. Compressing the elastic element makes the accommodation base and the two movable clamp members retract into or protrude from the casing, whereby the unused fixing seat occupies less space. The casing has a shaft thereinside. A screw fastens the shaft to the seat body, and another screw penetrates the guide slot and fastens to a screw stud of the seat body. Rotating the shaft drives the screw to slide in the guide slot to guide the rotation of the electronic device. Then, the electronic device is positioned at a specified angle.08-26-2010
20100243839DEPLOYMENT APPARATUSES - Embodiments of the present invention include a deployment apparatus comprising a deployment object, a deployment arm, a deployment link, a pivot housing, at least two linear guides, and a gas spring. The deployment object is coupled to the deployment arm, which is pivotally coupled to the deployment link. An opposing end of the deployment link is fixedly coupled to a structure. The pivot housing is adjacent the connection between the deployment link and the deployment arm. The pivot housing is slidingly engaged with the at least two linear guides. The gas spring is coupled to the pivot housing, which pushes the pivot housing to an upper end of the at least two linear guides and causes the deployment link to rotate the deployment arm from a stowed angle to a released angle and results in a displaced vertical distance.09-30-2010
20110127397MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR DISPLAY EQUIPMENT - The present invention provides a mounting system for securely mounting display equipment, such as a monitor or a display screen. The mounting system comprises: a support structure (06-02-2011
20090314911CAB SUPPORTING APPARATUS OF WORK MACHINE - A cab frame (12-24-2009
20090039224Extension arm devices and methods of manufacture - The present invention provides enhanced extension arm assemblies for supporting various user devices such as flat panel displays and other equipment. The extension arm assemblies include endcaps that connect to a mounting device or to other equipment. In order to stably support the weight of the user device, the endcap, and in particular the endcap shaft, needs to be fabricated accordingly. In one embodiment, the shaft of the endcap has an enhanced cruciform configuration where corners along the shaft are radiused or otherwise curved. In another embodiment, the endcap shaft is formed of wrought steel and the main body of the endcap is cast onto the shaft. These shaft configurations provide superior strength and stability. Another endcap configuration integrally casts a tube with the endcap body and provides enhanced range of motion for the extension arm. Methods of manufacturing these devices are also provided.02-12-2009
20100038508Support Arm - The invention relates to a support arm for an apparatus, preferably for a display screen, comprising a first fastening part for attaching the support arm to a frame or a wall, a first member, at one end coupled to the first fastening part and at another end coupled to a first pivot joint which makes rotation about a first axis of rotation possible, a second member which, at a first end, is coupled to the first pivot joint, and, at a second end, is provided with a second pivot joint which makes rotation about a second axis of rotation possible, a second fastening part for attaching the apparatus to the support arm, which second fastening part is coupled to the second pivot joint, the first and second axes of rotation essentially being parallel to one another.02-18-2010
20110253865APPARATUS FOR POSITIONING A DEVICE - An apparatus for positioning a device. The apparatus includes a coupling member, a first arm, a second arm, and a sloped support member. The coupling member defines a first opening and a second opening. The first arm passes through the first opening, and the coupling member is movably connected to the first arm. The second arm passes through the second opening. The sloped support member is releasably connected to the second arm. The apparatus has at least five degrees of freedom.10-20-2011
20130193290Low-profile quick-adjust mount for laptop computer - A mount is provided for removably attaching a laptop computer releasably connected to a platform in a vehicle. The mount includes a handle, an interface bay, a pivot plate, a plurality of holders, and a collar. The handle mounts to the vehicle. The interface bay removably attaches to the platform onto which the computer mounts. The pivot plate mounts to the bay. Each of the holders wraps around the handle and attaches to the pivot plate. The collar releasably secures the pivot plate at an angle relative to vehicle horizontal. The platform can rotate in pitch relative to the handle and can pivot in roll relative to the pivot plate.08-01-2013
20100019111DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SECURING A BOW - A device and method for securing a bow while hunting is provided. The device generally includes a base, a support arm rotatably mounted to the base, a connecting arm connected to the support arm, and a retaining arm rotatably connected to the connecting arm and mounted for rotation between an open position and a closed position to secure the limb of the bow. The support arm acts as a lever arm wherein the weight of the bow causes the connecting arm to move and the retaining arm to rotate from an open position to a closed position to secure the limb of the bow.01-28-2010
20120056055CHASSIS MODULE FOR FIXING ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A chassis module for fixing electronic devices includes a fixing chassis unit and a first movable chassis unit. The fixing chassis unit has a fixing chassis body and a first fixing retaining structure disposed on a first lateral wall of the fixing chassis body. The first movable chassis unit is detachably disposed in the fixing chassis body. The first movable chassis unit has a first movable chassis body, a first movable retaining structure disposed on a first lateral wall of the first movable chassis body and mated with the first fixing retaining structure, and at least one support element bent downwardly and extended from one lateral wall of the first movable chassis body. Therefore, after the first movable chassis unit is assembled in the fixing chassis unit, the support element provides support function for the first movable chassis unit to prevent the first movable chassis unit from inclining or collapsing.03-08-2012
20130099081UNIVERSAL ARM SYSTEM - A universal arm has a proximal end, a distal end and a middle portion therebetween. The middle portion has a plurality of interconnected ball and socket pieces. A plurality of clamps are selectively fixedly connected to the distal end of the universal arm by a connection that permits the selective rotation of each one of the plurality of clamps by 360° with respect to the distal end of the universal arm.04-25-2013
20130126688SUPPORT FRAME FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A support frame for supporting an electronic device includes a fixing base for grasping the electronic device, two support assemblies, an angle adjusting mechanism connecting the fixing base to the support assemblies, and an adjusting plate. The angle adjusting mechanism includes a connecting member, a mating member, and an adjusting assembly. The connecting member is connected to the support assembly. The adjusting assembly includes an adjusting shaft and an adjusting cap engaged with the adjusting shaft. The connecting member and the mating member are sleeved on the adjusting shaft. The adjusting plate is sleeved on the adjusting shaft, and positioned between the connecting member and the mating member.05-23-2013
20080197256ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT ARM FOR AUDIO VISUAL DEVICE - An adjustable arm supports a device housing with respect to a base and allows the position of the device housing to be adjusted as desired. The adjustable arm has segments joined by pivot joints, with passages therethrough to allow wires to be strung through the arm segments and joints so as to be shielded by the arm. The joints can be either dual-pivot joints or single pivot joints, and for both types of joints, the frictional resistance of the joints can be adjusted. In some embodiments, the elements of the arm can be strung onto the wiring prior to assembly.08-21-2008
20130200235ADJUSTING MECHANISM, IN PARTICULAR IN THE INTERIOR FITTINGS AREA OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - The invention relates to an adjusting mechanism, in particular in the interior fittings area of a motor vehicle, in which a support structure is movable relative to a base element.08-08-2013

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