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Bracket clamped to mount (i.e., single clamp)

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248 - Supports

248200000 - BRACKETS

248205100 - Specially mounted or attached

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248231810 By resilient clip 31
248230100 Cylindrical mount 25
248231510 By pivoted jaw 11
248231410 By sliding jaw 9
248228100 Designed for a structural beam 7
248231710 By C-clamp 7
248231210 By expanding clamp 5
20100155557Wall Article Support - A mounting apparatus for clamping to a wall so that articles may be supported on the wall by the mounting apparatus is described. Walls suited for use with the invention include wall with a plurality of niches or projecting opposed faces which include rake cavities of a brick wall, each of which include niche or cavity sides, the mounting apparatus including: at least two jaw bodies for engaging with respective niche sides; and a drive apparatus operatively connected to the jaw bodies which includes an expansion drive apparatus for providing at least an expansion drive force to drive the at least two jaw bodies away from one another so as in use to mount the jaw bodies on niche sides which generally face one another, whether or not the niche sides are in the same niche.06-24-2010
20080277550SYSTEM FOR CLAMPING AN OBJECT TO A RAILING AND A TABLE USING THE SYSTEM - Provided are a system for clamping an object to a railing and a table and apparatus using the system. In one aspect, the system for clamping an object to a railing includes: a threaded bolt, a knob secured to a first end of the bolt, a first wing with an elongated body that is carried on the bolt, and a second wing with an elongated body that is threadedly engaged on the bolt. The first wing is positioned on the bolt between the knob and the second wing. In addition, the first and second wings are movable toward and away from the knob between a clamping and a non-clamping position.11-13-2008
20100252705CLIP AND MOUNTING STRUCTURE FOR MOUNTING AN AUTOMOTIVE BUMPER ACCESSORY COMPONENT - Provided is a clip that allows two securing members to be firmly joined to each other without requiring a special working process to the applied to either one of the securing members. The clip for securing joining a first securing member to a second securing member comprises a base plate portion formed with a through hole, a first clamping piece extending from the base plate portion in a front side direction, and a second clamping piece extending from a part of the base plate portion intermediate between the first clamping piece and through hole in the front side direction and further extending above the through hole. A threaded member is passed into the through hole from a back side of the base plate portion to fixedly attach the second securing member to the back side of the base plate portion. As the threaded member advances in the through hole, the fastening member pushes the second clamping piece toward the first clamping piece so as to reduce the gap between the first clamping piece and second clamping piece.10-07-2010
20110133047SUPPORT FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE ATTACHMENT PART AND DEVICE FOR SUPPORTING A MOTOR VEHICLE ATTACHMENT PART - A support for a motor vehicle attachment part for installation at a chassis section of a motor vehicle provided with a receptacle opening. Two support elements that can be associated with opposite cables of the chassis section, are able to be tensioned toward one another by way of a clamping device. One of the support elements comprises a plurality of support arms. The support arms are mounted rotatably relative to one another in relation to an axis of rotation. A device for adhering a vehicle attachment part.06-09-2011
20100207003Support Clamp - A support comprising a generally C-shaped body having two free ends and bridging section. A threaded clamping bolt extending through the clamping bolt has a pivoting jaw at one end and a knob at the other end. The clamp body has a first passageway extending through the bridging section of the clamp body, the first passageway extending in a direction generally parallel to a direction defined by a position of the clamping bolt. The clamp body has second passageway extending through its distal end. The second passageway is generally perpendicular to the first passageway. The two passageways intersect at a grip point, and a set screw or bolt at the grip point communicates with the first and second passageways. The set screw is adapted to hold an elongated member in fixed positions while the elongated member extends through either one of the two intersecting passageways.08-19-2010
248227100 Including hook portion 4
20090242714RAIL AND CLAMP MOUNTING SYSTEM - A mounting system for attaching accessories to surfaces. The mounting system comprises a rail and clamp that includes housing for a bolt having a shaft extending outwardly of the housing from a first surface thereof. A hook extends outwardly of a second surface of the housing to engage the rail. A blade also extends outwardly of the second surface to be received in a channel of the rail. The hook and blade exert pressure on the rail during rotation of a knob along the shaft of the bolt to tighten the blade against the rail for releasable connection of the clamp to the rail, the clamp being adapted for attachment of accessories.10-01-2009
20090050759CLAMPING SYSTEM FOR SUPPORT HARDWARE - A clamping system for support hardware has at least two spaced apart and opposing hooks. At least one of the hooks is movable on the clamping system relative to the other hook. The hooks can be disposed in a first configuration wherein the hooks are insertable into two spaced-apart slots in a slotted support member, and in a second configuration wherein the hooks positively clamp and secure the support hardware onto the support member. A support assembly includes a support member having a plurality of spaced slots formed therein, a support bracket and a clamping system. The support bracket is mounted on a support member by disposing hooks of the clamping system so that they are insertable into spaced-apart slots, and then moving a hook to positively clamp the bracket onto the support member.02-26-2009
20090321598Luminaire quick mount universal bracket system and method - A luminaire system provides for mounting and accessing a light fixture housing without tools. A universal bracket is coupled to the junction box along the ceiling and engages with a top mounting plate affixed to the housing. One or more slide hooks appended to the universal bracket allows the top mounting plate to mount to the universal bracket, and a reinforced spring and locking spring keeps the light fixture housing in place, while preventing rattling between the universal bracket and the top-mounting plate. The housing can be removed from the electrical junction box through the use of a release button affixed to the housing. The button disengages the locking spring from the top mounting plate, thereby allowing the housing to swivel away from the universal bracket and junction box by way of a hanging hook. The hanging hook supports the housing when released from the universal bracket.12-31-2009
20090272864DRAPERY ROD BRACKET - The bracket comprises a support arm that can be mounted to either a vertical surface such as a wall or a horizontal surface such as a ceiling. A rod supporting member such as a ring or hook is removably attached to the arm and is adapted to receive and support a drapery rod. The rod supporting member can be removed from the support arm and attached directly to a surface to provide an inside mount for the rod. A separate mounting clip may be used to mount the rod supporting member to the surface. the mounting clip may be provided with a rod engaging element for centering the rod and a surface engaging element for fixing the position of the rod supporting member on the surface.11-05-2009
248231850 Distinct, separate, article clamping members 3
20120241576MOUNTING SUPPORT ASSEMBLY FOR SUSPENDING A MEDICAL INSTRUMENT DRIVER ABOVE AN OPERATING TABLE - An adjustable mounting assembly, includes a load distributing plate configured for resting on, and being supported by, a top surface of a patient table; a first clamp assembly adjustably coupled to a first side of the load distributing plate and configured for removable attachment to a first side rail of the patient table; a second clamp assembly coupled to a second side of the load distributing plate and configured for removable attachment to a second side rail of the patient table; and an adapter rail fixed to the second side of the load distributing plate and configured to detachably couple to a support assembly interface, such that an adjustable support assembly may be coupled to the load distributing plate to thereby allow for an off-center load attached to the support assembly to be moved relative to the patient table while the load remains substantially supported by the table surface.09-27-2012
20090127416Positively engaging mounting apparatus for securely and detachably retaining of a cylindrical tank - A releasable mounting apparatus for securely retaining of a cylindrical tank in an inverted vertical position adjacent to a seat back assembly of an emergency vehicle including a foot plate and a top clamping assembly between which a tank receiving zone is defined for receiving and holding of a cylindrical tank in the inverted position. The top clamping assembly can include a three part positioning apparatus including a rear positioning device and an upper centering guide as well as a top clamping member. Preferably the top clamping member is movable between a lower clamping position and an upper retaining position for facilitating securing and releasing of a cylindrical tank relative to the receiving zone thereof.05-21-2009
248231610 By separable jaw 2
20100133400RAIL CLAMP - A clamp for attaching a medical device to an OR table rail, including two closable clamp jaws that close to an extreme position that leaves inadequate room for the rail. A handle actuates the jaws apart, and a spring biases them together through a range of jaw positions. A lock member is biased to swing through a range of lock positions in which it progressively engages and locks the jaw mechanism through its range of jaw positions. A pair of bars carries the medical device on the clamp, and allows it to be adjustably positioned with respect to the rail.06-03-2010
20080203255Secure, Quick Attachment and Release Bicycle Support Systems - A device and method of clamping bicycles in a mouth (08-28-2008
248231310 By cam or wedge 2
20120211617CLAMP ASSEMBLY FOR MOUNTING PANELS TO I-BEAMS - A clamp assembly is provided for securing a panel or fairing to an I-beam, and comprises a pair of side blocks and a clamping block, together with a single bolt to secure them in place. Each of the side blocks as an inclined wedge surface, and the T-shaped clamping block has similarly sloped wedge surfaces along the sides of the leg of the T. When a bolt this passed through side legs of the side blocks, and through or under the clamping block, a sliding and wedging action between the inclined and sloped wedge surfaces occurs. Moreover, a clamping action between the top surface of the clamping block and the lower surface of the lower flanges of the I-beam is also induced.08-23-2012
20080302933MOUNT FOR MOTION PICTURE LIGHTS IN AERIAL LIFTS - A mount suitable for use in mounting a motion picture lamp to a rail of a boom lift includes a clamp having a slider body with a first rail contacting member and a throughhole for receiving a post. A second body is pivotally coupled to the slider body and has a second rail contacting member. The second body is pivoted relative to the slider body to secure the rail of a boom lift between the first and second rail contacting members. The disclosed design allows for simultaneously clamping of the rail and securing of the clamp to the post of a motion picture lamp.12-11-2008
20110174947PANEL FASTENING SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a fastening system for a panel. The fastening system includes: at least two mounting rails which each has a plurality of engaging open cavities formed therein; and a plurality of engaging slide blocks respectively engaging with the engaging open cavities; wherein the panel is disposed on the mounting rails and fixedly connected with the engaging slide blocks respectively. Basing on the engagement structure, the present invention can be fastened on a surface of a mounted object via two rails and provide high tensile strength and simple installation. The present invention can fix different shapes of panel assemblies on a roof, the ground, a wall or a surface of a framework safely, quickly and stably, and the present invention has a simple structure, light weight and low total costs.07-21-2011
20100044540FLANGE MOUNTING FOR HOLDING A TOWER SECTION - It is described a clamping device for mounting a holder element, in particular a holder element for a wind turbine element, to a support unit. The clamping device includes a clamping element, a fixing element and a mounting element with at least one fixing portion. The mounting element is adapted to be fixed to a support unit. The clamping element is adapted for clamping the holder element to the mounting element. The fixing element is adapted to provide a clamping force to the clamping element for providing a stiction between the holder element and the mounting element. The fixing element is adapted for being flexibly fixed to the at least one flexible fixing portion of the mounting element.02-25-2010
20090008521Clamping device for a webcam - A clamping device for a webcam according to the present invention comprising a first arm having an extending base bearing the webcam, with a guide rail mounted at each lateral side of the base, between which the first slots are mounted for connecting purposes; a second arm having a pair of first shafts; and a connecting member having a pair of sliding tracks corresponding to the guide rails of the first arm, a pair of second shafts corresponding to the first slots with connecting purposes, and a pair of second slots with connecting purposes corresponding to the first shafts of the second arm invention comprising a first arm having an extending base bearing the webcam, with a guide rail mounted at each lateral side of the base, between which the first slots are mounted for connecting purposes; a second arm having a pair of first shafts; and a connecting member having a pair of sliding tracks corresponding to the guide rails of the first arm, a pair of second shafts corresponding to the first slots with connecting purposes, and a pair of second slots with connecting purposes corresponding to the first shafts of the second arm.01-08-2009
20110284708Universal End Clamp - A clamp has a body, a wedged channel nut, and a bolt. The body has a first component extending from the body and configured to engage a module and a second component having a tapered body surface. The wedged channel nut has a first flange and a second flange extending from opposing sides of the nut and configured to engage a rail and a tapered nut surface having an angle substantially identical to the angle of the tapered body surface of the second component, wherein the tapered nut surface engages the tapered body surface. A bolt extends through the wedged channel nut and the body. When the bolt is tightened, the nut and the body secure the module and rail together.11-24-2011
20100187391MOUNTING BRACKET FOR SOLAR PANEL APPLICATIONS - A bracket is disclosed for attaching solar panels to roof structures. The bracket may comprise first, second and third planar portions, the first and third portions generally parallel to each other, and the second planar portion disposed at an oblique angle with respect to first and third portions. The first portion may have a plurality of elongated stiffening members disposed at oblique angles with respect to a longitudinal axis of the bracket. Gussets may be provided across the transition between the first and second portions, and the transition between the second and third portions. The gussets and stiffening members are shaped, sized and oriented to enhance the strength of the bracket. The bracket may have a drain hole to allow water to pass through the bracket, and a plurality of fastener holes are provided to enable the bracket to attach to a variety of different solar panels and roof structures.07-29-2010
20090173857Fastening Spider and Method of Fastening - A fastening spider (07-09-2009
20090289160SUPPORT ASSEMBLY - An electronic sign having slotted frame cabinets, whereby each slotted frame cabinet can conveniently be attached to one or more vertically or horizontally positioned adjacent slotted frame cabinets by using connecting components which are generally located around the periphery of one or more slotted frame cabinets. Connecting components including splice bars, splice plates, and mounting clamps are aligned in, positioned along, and secured to backing bars which are co-located in backing bar slots in one or more of the slotted frame cabinets. Lift eyes can be variably located in one or more lift eye slots. The use of externally located connecting components, which do not extend through the cabinetry, minimize the entry of environmental elements into the interior of the electronic sign. Multiple slotted frame cabinets can be connected without the removal of LED display panels. Bracket assemblies and clamping assemblies are provided.11-26-2009
20110198465AIRCRAFT RACEWAY MOUNTING AND CLAMPING APPARATUS - An aircraft raceway mounting apparatus comprising an attachment formation for attachment of the apparatus to an aircraft structure, a raceway receiving formation for receiving a raceway, the raceway receiving formation comprising a snap fit formation for retention of a raceway. An aircraft raceway clamping apparatus comprising a concave raceway receiving formation having a raceway support region and a mouth, a bridge member configured to at least partially span the mouth, a clamping member movably mounted to the bridge member to advance into the mouth.08-18-2011
20090014611Drink holding device - A drink holding device for attachment to an arm of a chair is provided. Such drink holding device includes a holding member. The holding member has a generally hollow interior for receiving and supporting at least one of a cup, a bottle, and a can. The holding member is manufactured from a first predetermined material and has a first predetermined size and a first predetermined shape. A securing mechanism is operably connected to the holding member at a predetermined location thereon and is engageable with such arm of such chair for securing the holding member to such arm of such chair.01-15-2009
20090166493ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH LIGHTING APPARATUS - An electronic device includes a base with a through hole defined therein, and a lighting apparatus. The lighting apparatus includes a bracket mounted to the base, a pivoting member pivotably attached to the bracket, a light fixed to the pivoting member, at least a resilient member arranged between the bracket and the pivoting member to restore the pivoting member, and a sliding member mounted to the bracket with a first end. A hippocampi-shaped slot is defined in the pivoting member for receiving a second end of the sliding member, the pivoting member is driven by the at least a resilient member to pivot and the second end of the sliding member slide in the hippocampi-shaped slot for achieving the pivoting member pivoting out or pivoting back through hole of the base.07-02-2009
20120138761CORBELLED-SUPPORT APPARATUS - A corbelled-support apparatus includes a support which has a horizontal surface and a vertical surface, a corbel which has opposed top and bottom ends, and a platform positioned concurrently on and supported concurrently by the horizontal surface of the support and the top end of the corbel. The corbel is secured to the vertical surface of the support. The platform is for receiving and supporting display items with respect to the horizontal surface of the support and the corbel.06-07-2012
20090072105APPARATUS FOR MOUNTING A WHEELCHAIR BACK - An apparatus for mounting a wheelchair back that provides a high degree of support and adjustability such that it can be used with wheelchairs that originate from a wide variety of different manufacturers. In order to provide this custom fit, the present invention provide for depth adjustability, height adjustability and angle adjustability of a wheelchair back. The present invention also provides the convenience of a quick-release wheelchair back so that the wheelchair occupant can easily remove the back of the wheelchair from the canes so that the wheelchair can be collapsed and stored. The present mounting system also provides a two point mounting system that is reliable yet simple to use.03-19-2009
20120193493RAIL VEHICLE HAVING AN INSTALLATION HOUSING SECURED BY MEANS OF A BRACKET - A rail vehicle with at least one installation housing secured to a car body of the rail vehicle by a bracket is provided. The bracket is secured to the housing in a height-adjustable manner.08-02-2012
20090039222SHELF BASE CARRIER COMPRISING DISTANCING ELEMENTS - The invention relates to a shelf base carrier which can be suspended or inserted into a vertical wall rail, comprising a lower holding section equipped with a bearing surface for the shelf base which extends from a wall in a horizontal manner on said upper edge, and a clamping element for clamping the shelf base to the rear end which is oriented towards the wall, and which extends above and away from the wall. According to the invention, a lower distancing element can be fixed in a separating manner to the holding section and an upper distancing element can be fixed in a separating manner to the clamping element. The lower and/or the upper distancing elements can be fixed in a first and a second position. In a first position, a first, smaller distance and in the second position, a second larger distance are provided between the bearing surface and/or the lower edge of the clamping element and the contact surface of the respective distancing element is determined by the held shelf base. By combining the first and second positions of the upper and the lower distancing element, the shelf bases can be fixed at various thicknesses, for example, 8 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm.02-12-2009
20090108158Bracket and wall mount having the same - A bracket and a wall mount equipped with the bracket are disclosed. The bracket may include: a securing piece, which may be coupled to the mass, and of which one end may be coupled to the wall surface; and a supporting piece, which may be coupled to the wall surface, and which may be configured to support the securing piece such that the securing piece is at an acute angle with the wall surface. The bracket is easy to install and allows levelness adjustments even after installation.04-30-2009
20110240816UNIVERSAL CRIB CLAMP AND METHOD OF USE - A universal clamp for use on a crib and a method of securing the clamp to the crib. The clamp includes a first base and a second base removeably coupled to a crib. The first base includes an aperture and is configured to receive a strap and a recess. The second base includes a shaft configured to be received within the recess of the first base, a spring coupled to the shaft and being biased to retain the shaft within the recess, and a cam buckle connected to and pivotable with respect to the second base. The second base is configured to rotate with respect to the first base, and the cam buckle is configured to receive the strap to secure the clamp to the crib.10-06-2011
20110240815SNAP-ON HOOK AND COVER FOR SUNSHADE - A one-piece molded holder clip is provided for retaining an associated sunshade rod. The clip has a body in which a hook element is formed with the body and having a generally C-shaped conformation to receive the rod therein. A sunshade guide surface is formed in the body and extends substantially tangentially from the hook element. A fastener is formed with the body and extends from a rear surface of the sunshade guide surface. First and second legs are received over a bracket extending from the automotive vehicle frame and at least one of the legs includes a locking tab dimensioned for snap-fit engagement with an associated bracket. A cover is formed with the one-piece body and extends from the hook element, and covers the fastener to provide an aesthetically pleasing design.10-06-2011
20100038505PORTABLE OBJECT SUPPORT - According to one representative embodiment, an adjustable support apparatus for supporting an object includes a coupling mechanism that has a first portion and a second portion. The apparatus also includes a support base that is movably coupled to the first portion of the coupling mechanism in a ball and socket arrangement to form a first joint. The support base includes an object support surface. The apparatus further includes a clamping mechanism that is movably coupled to the second portion of the coupling mechanism in a ball and socket arrangement to form a second joint. The clamping mechanism includes a clamping portion and an adjustment portion. The adjustment portion is adjustable to secure the clamping portion to a fixed structure. The support base is movable relative to the clamping mechanism via the first and second joints.02-18-2010
20080203254LOUDSPEAKER BOX WALL HOLDER - Loudspeaker wall holder and method of mounting a loudspeaker box. The loudspeaker wall holder includes a base mountable on a wall surface, an arm coupled to the base, and a holder comprising a clamping device. The holder is mounted on the arm and is structured and arranged to receive a portion of a loudspeaker box. The instant abstract is neither intended to define the invention disclosed in this specification nor intended to limit the scope of the invention in any way.08-28-2008
20100320343TWO-LEVEL CLAMP FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES - A clamp for attaching rectangular photovoltaic modules on a module rail is constructed so that the upper edge of a first module can be installed at a greater height than the lower edge of a second module. The upper edge of the first module rests on a first supporting surface and the lower edge of the second module rests on a second supporting surface, with the both supporting surfaces disposed on a base and having the same slope. The edges of the modules are affixed on the supporting surfaces by way of a bracket (12-23-2010
20120145855MOUNTING DEVICE FOR FIXING PERIPHERAL DEVICE TO SERVER - A mounting device includes a clamping device, a spacing device, and a receiving device. The clamping device includes an upper clamping element and a lower clamping element. The upper clamping element includes a first side plate and an upper clamping plate, the first side plate defines a guiding element and a number of position holes thereon thereon. The lower clamping element includes a second side plate received in the guiding element and a lower clamping plate opposite to the upper clamping plate. The second side plate defines a spacing hole therethrough. The spacing device is positioned on the first side plate and extends outward a position pole, the poison pole penetrates the position hole and receives in the spacing hole for fixing the lower clamping element. The receiving device is rotatably connected with the first side plate and defines a receiving room.06-14-2012
20110147554HOLDING DEVICE OF FITMENTS - A holding device of fitments is disposed to a support on one side of the fitment and comprises a holding plate including a coupling portion extending from one side of a bottom thereof; a connecting set including a disc extending upward from one end thereof, a fitting segment extending downward from another end thereof, and an insertion on a distal section of the fitting segment; a clamping set comprised of first and second engaging portions, an acting surface of each of the first and second engaging portions including an uneven contact section to engage with different supports, and including a receiving member with a through aperture to receive the fitting segment and the insertion.06-23-2011
20120145854WALL-MOUNTED SUPPORT ASSEMBLY FOR BATHROOM ACCESSORIES - A wall-mounted bathroom accessory support assembly for supporting a bathroom accessory and adapted to be affixed to a bathroom wallboard. The support assembly includes: a mounting bracket; a fastener assembly adapted to affix the mounting bracket to a wallboard; and an accessory post assembly including an accessory post and a post adapter permanently affixed to the accessory post. The accessory post includes a wall defining a central body and a distal portion configured to support a bathroom accessory. The accessory post wall defines an open interior region and an access opening extending through the wall. The post adapter is disposed within the interior region of the accessory post wall and including an axially extending pedestal that includes a cantilevered flange. The mounting bracket includes a catch mechanism. The post adapter cantilevered flange engages the catch mechanism to releasably secure the accessory post assembly to the mounting bracket.06-14-2012
20120145856GUIDE RAIL HAVING A QUICK FASTENING DEVICE - A guide rail configured to be mounted on bars of a grid side part of a household appliance or furniture. The bars run horizontally and are bent at an angle in bent end regions. The guide rail includes a quick fastening device including two mounting elements attached in end regions of the guide rail and configured to be detachably fixed to the bars of the grid side part. A first mounting section partially encloses one of the bars in a longitudinally extending region of the bar. A second mounting section partially encloses the bar at one of the bent regions of the bar. One of the mounting sections faces a rear bent end region and is open in a direction towards a rear of the guide rail. A resilient catch lug extends upward from the leg and engages behind the bar that is enclosed by the mounting elements.06-14-2012
20100320342RAIL MOUNTING APPARATUS - Rail mounting apparatus including a base having a mount surface including at least one tab for mounting a first edge of the rail relative to the mount surface, a side surface including a guide clip, and a connector guide slot extending from the side surface; a mounting clip including: a body slidingly mounted in the guide clip, a rail engaging member at a first end of the body for engaging a second edge of the rail, a connector mount at a second end of the body; and a connector extending through the guide slot and received in the connector mount of the mounting clip, wherein coupling of the connector to the connector mount slidingly moves the mounting clip in the guide clip to engage the rail engaging member with the second edge of the rail and hold the second edge of the rail relative to the mount surface of the base.12-23-2010
20080308695Universal pot holder - The universal vase holder is an article for holding a vase, pot, or ornament to a supporting object. The universal vase holder comprises: a base; a brace attached to said base and extending downward from said base; a first telescoping member telescopically attached to said base; a second telescoping member telescopically attached to said base; a first arm attached to said first telescoping member and extending rearward from said first telescoping member; a second arm attached to said second telescoping member and extending rearward from said second telescoping member; and a support attached to said base and extending forward from said base.12-18-2008
20110049316HINGE FOR TONNEAU COVER AND MOUNTING ASSEMBLY - A hinge for a tonneau cover and a mounting assembly includes a right hinge, a left hinge, four connectors, a first clamping device, and a second clamping device. The first clamping device is attached to the right edge of the truck bed, while the second clamping device is attached to the left edge of the truck bed. The right hinge includes an upper plate, a front plate, a downward plate, and a lateral plate. The left hinge includes an upper plate, a front plate, a downward plate, and a lateral plate. The hinge for the tonneau cover and the mounting assembly can be mounted without drilling the truck bed and is compatible with various models of pickup trucks and can be mounted in the pickup trucks with or without the bed liner.03-03-2011
20110089299CHASSIS WITH RUBBER PADS - A chassis includes a base body and a rubber pad. The base body includes a bottom plate and a side plate perpendicular to the bottom plate. A mounting portion is defined in a junction portion of the bottom plate and the side plate. The rubber pad includes a resisting portion and a clamping portion perpendicularly extending from the resisting portion. The rubber pad is detachably received in the mounting portion, with the resisting portion locking with the side plate and the clamping portion engaging with the bottom plate.04-21-2011
20100288896SWIVELING WINDOW MOUNT - A clamp, detachably attachable to the upper edge of a vehicular window, supports one end of a swiveling arm. The other end of the arm rotatably supports a conventional platform for a spotting telescope, a telescope, or camera or other device. A handle extends from the platform for selective rotation of the supported device about the vertical and the horizontal axis. Thereby, the supported devise may be repositioned into or out of a vehicle and rotated about the vertical and horizontal axis to be aligned with the subject of interest.11-18-2010
20120132770Adjustable Attachment for an Applicator Box - An adjustable attachment for an applicator box to attach a handle, the adjustable attachment including a mounting plate for attachment to the applicator box having raised portion defining an enclosure between the raised portion and the application box, the enclosure accessible from at least one side, and attachment portion to attach to the handle, and a clamping assembly to clamp the attachment portion to the mounting plate and including at least one threaded member associated with a thumbwheel, rotation of the thumbwheel moving the clamping assembly between a clean condition which at least temporarily fixes the application box and handle relative to one another and a free condition in which the applicator box and handle are movable in relation to one another.05-31-2012
20120074282PANEL MOUNTING ASSEMBLY - A clamp, assembly and method for connecting a panel to a vehicle including longitudinally opposed end portions that are initially snap-fit in a loose slip-fit orientation to a vehicle support in order to adjustably fit the panel and finally coupled in a non-slip-fit orientation about a periphery of the contour of the vehicle support to fix the panel.03-29-2012
20120261535NON-PENETRATING MOUNT FOR AN ANTENNA - A non-penetrating mount for an antenna having a base having a first side with a first planar surface, a plate having a second planar surface wherein the plate is configured to reside within the base and wherein the plate is configured to lie in a plane that is parallel to the first side of the base wherein the plate is configured to move toward and away from said base, wherein the base and the plate each include two or more of friction elements configured to frictionally engage a rafter without penetrating through said rafter from a first side of said rafter to a second side of said rafter.10-18-2012
20120267494Enclosure Clamps And Clamp Systems - Enclosure clamps and clamp systems are provided for fastening a cover to an enclosure body to provide an explosion-proof container, while minimizing the number of bolts used over conventional systems. The enclosure clamps and clamp systems create a sufficient force so as to provide a flamepath between the cover and the enclosure body. The enclosure clamps described include a channel for receiving the cover and a flange on the enclosure body. The enclosure clamp is secured to the enclosure body by one or more bolts and/or by a cam actuated securing mechanism. The clamp systems described include a force distributing plate secured to a cover by cam actuated securing mechanism that is coupled to an enclosure body. The enclosure clamps and clamp systems allow a user to attach or remove the cover from the enclosure body more easily than possible with conventional explosion-proof enclosures.10-25-2012
20120080574Method and apparatus of attaching a stringer between a pair of posts - A method and apparatus for attaching a stringer between a pair of posts includes a removably attachable bracket for supporting and aligning one end of a stringer between a pair of posts. The alignment bracket attaches to a post with compression clamping arms which are easily repositioned to adjust one end of the stringer. The method of attaching a stringer between a pair of posts uses a pair of stringer alignment brackets clamped onto two spaced posts for supporting a stringer between the posts. The stringer is leveled by repositioning the stringer alignment bracket at one end. One person can easily and rapidly attach the stringers between posts in the construction of a fence or deck.04-05-2012
20100181449PRODUCT DISPLAY HIGHLIGHTER - A product display highlighter has a product carrier body for containing and displaying product, and which is configured to fit with a relatively larger display in a manner in which the product carrier body of the display highlighter and products therein are physically set apart from the products of the larger display. The product display highlighter can be placed at any of multiple locations on a larger display, and multiple product display highlighters can be used in connection with a single larger display.07-22-2010
20120138760UNIVERSAL CLAMP ASSEMBLY - A shaped clamp member having a symmetrical four section bent flat plate configured to fit the round surface of the rod and configured to fit the surface of the square spindle, a shaped abutment member having a symmetrical three section reversible bent flat plate configured to fit round surface of the rod and reversing the second clamp member is configured to fit the surface of the square spindle, and, thus, functions to enable a universal pole clamp able to fit one or more sizes and configurations of deck railing or deck spindle or utilized to support one or more sizes and configurations of poles or round rods.06-07-2012
20110309218Lid Support Device - A lid support device and method for supporting a container lid for a container. The lid support device features a handle connected to a fan shaped lid rest. The lid rest comprises a clip. The clip extends through the container and the container lid to secure the device to the container lid and the container. The handle height is adjustable so that the handle and lid rest support the container lid when it is not covering the container. The device features a base that is the mirror image shape of the lid rest.12-22-2011
20130200234MOUNTING CLAMP AND MOUNTING CLAMP CONFIGURATION FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE INSTALLATION - Disclosed are photovoltaic module mounting assemblies with mounting clamps for connecting multiple photovoltaic modules into a photovoltaic array. One embodiment of the mounting assembly includes mounting clamps that are positioned on the mounting assembly parallel to the scribe lines of the module. Another embodiment of the mounting assembly uses mounting clamps that are configured to hold a portion of the module at a predetermined distance away from the photovoltaic cells of the module.08-08-2013

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