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248122100 Having adjustable bracket 167
248125800 Having vertically adjustable stand (e.g., telescoping rods) 38
20130075543STAND ASSEMBLIES FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Adjustable stand assemblies for portable electronic devices are provided, which allow portable electronic devices to stand-alone in multiple incline positions in both portrait and landscape orientations.03-28-2013
20130075542KEYBOARD STAND - A keyboard stand includes a body having a peripheral wall on the top periphery thereof and a space on the body is defined by the peripheral wall. Two legs respectively extend from two ends of the body. A distance between the two legs is longer than a length of a keyboard and a height of the two legs is higher than a depth of the keyboard.03-28-2013
20090159760ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT MECHANISM FOR DISPLAY DEVICES - An exemplary adjustable support mechanism (06-25-2009
20130048801Low-Profile Stand - The present invention generally relates to a low profile stand for use with mobile computing devices. Specifically, this invention relates to a low-profile stand configured to be placed on a surface and retain a mobile computing device at one or more desirable angles to allow for convenient use by a user.02-28-2013
20120181397Apparatus for Displaying a Bicycle on a Post - A display assembly includes a post, a first shackle provided around the post, a second shackle provided around the post, and a suspension unit pivotally connected to the second shackle. The second shackle is elastically connected to the first shackle so that the first and second shackles are normally pivoted from each other and hence abutted against the post to position the first and second shackles on the post.07-19-2012
20100006715FLOOR STANDING SUPPORT FOR AN LCD OR PLASMA DISPLAY - A floor-standing support (01-14-2010
20120112020PORTABLE DEVICE SUPPORT AND ORGANIZER SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system for supporting a portable electronic device atop a surface includes a planar back side having a top and a bottom for resting on the surface in use, a front side having an upper edge connected to the top of the planar back side, forming an angle between the planar back side and the front side, and a bottom edge, and a cupped bottom connected to the bottom edge, the cupped bottom extending from the front side opposite the angle, and the cupped bottom for resting on the surface in use. The portable electronic device, in use with the system, rests on the cupped bottom and against the front side. An opening formed in the front side and an opening formed in the back side accommodate a cord of the portable electronic device. The back side includes a retainer for the cord.05-10-2012
20120112019MODULAR BEVERAGE HOLDER - A beverage container holder adapted to hold a wide variety of containers including cups, bottles, mugs, and tumblers. The device preferably includes a base, an upright extending upward from the base, and a receiver near the top of the upright. The receiver includes a cup holder which is preferably made detachable so that it may be washed in a dishwasher. The cup holder and receiver include a cutout which is wide enough to accommodate the handle on a coffee cup.05-10-2012
20120112018Magnetic-electric toothbrush holder - A hygienic magnetic-electric toothbrush holder capable of suspending one or more electric toothbrushes, without prejudice to brand or housing style. The present invention is based on the fact that all electric toothbrushes internally consist of parts which are made with iron, steel, or alloys of these metals, which attach through the plastic housing of the electric toothbrush, to an external magnet. The present invention is designed with a magnet for the suspension and a second magnet for the prevention of lateral movement, of the electric toothbrush. The magnets are coated, on the front flat surface, with a non-slip material to prevent sliding of the electric toothbrush. The present invention may be attached to a base unit for the countertop. The present invention may be made of plastic, metal, ceramic, or other hygienic water-proof material. The design of the present invention allows for easy cleaning and inspection to ensure hygienic cleanliness.05-10-2012
20100127136LUG-MOUNT SYSTEM FOR FREE STANDING DISPLAY STAND ARM - A lug mount system in which a generally U-shaped lug engaging member is secured to a display panel member so that information presented by the display panel member is easily viewed. The system is mounted to the proximal end of an arm of a conventional free standing display stand by engagement with a lug on the proximal end of the arm. The lug engaging member and the display panel member may be releasably or permanently secured to one another. The display panel member may include provisions for lighting, animation, electronic displays, and print media. When the display panel member and the lug engaging member are releasably secured together the connection therebetween may be configured so that compound motion is required to release them.05-27-2010
20100084521Universal Supporting System - The invention relates to a relatively universal supporting system and to the components thereof. The basic principle of the invention is to enable the installation and use of accessories produced by third parties and/or original accessories on motor vehicles, around patios or on other similar surfaces. The universal supporting system generally includes an anchoring base designed to be attached to a vehicle or surface, a column that can be mounted in the base and L-shaped supporting arms that are secured to the latter. The invention enables space to be maximised during the installation of accessories owing to the L-shaped supporting arms and the anchoring base which are deployed outside the vital space of the vehicle or surface. As a result, the accessories do not occupy the vital space of the vehicle or surface.04-08-2010
20090250563EQUIPMENT MOUNT FOR WATERBORNE VESSELS - An apparatus for mounting equipment on a waterborne vessel includes a base member configured to support an instrument. An elongate spacer arm is connected to the base member. A selectively deployable elongate transducer arm is pivotably coupled to the spacer arm. The transducer arm is configured to pivot between a deployed position and a stored position. The length of the transducer arm is at least sufficient for the transducer end to reach the water surface when the transducer arm is in the deployed position. The spacer arm is substantially parallel to or collinear with the transducer arm when the transducer arm is in the stored position, allowing the apparatus to be folded for compact storage.10-08-2009
20100219302Portable Gun and Crossbow Holder - A portable gun and crossbow holder is intended to be used to support a gun or a crossbow such that the gun or crossbow may be quickly and easily retrieved. The device is comprised of a body, an attachment member, a pair of removable brackets and a pair of straps. The body consists of two hingedly connected branches allowing the body to be folded and unfolded. The attachment member projects downwardly from a central section of the body and attaches to a support structure. The removable brackets attach to the branches. The distance between the removable brackets is adjustable. Each strap is attached to a bracket to form a sling aligned with the body. The depth of the sling is adjustable. The separated components of the gun and crossbow holder and the folded body are reduced in size and volume compared to the assembled gun and crossbow holder.09-02-2010
20110297799 FOLDABLE STAND FOR A PORTABLE POWER TOOL - A foldable stand for supporting an object, the stand being capable of being folded between an unfolded position and a thin flat folded position, comprising a top frame having a generally rectangular planar configuration with front and rear support members interconnected with left and right spaced apart side support members, each of the side support members having a hinge generally midway along the length thereof, permitting the top frame to be folded when the stand is in the folded position, a pair of foldable leg structures, one of which is attached to each side of the top frame for supporting the top frame, a retaining structure for engaging the object and a locking mechanism for engaging the object, wherein manipulation of the top frame to rotate the hinge between the folded and unfolded positions causes each of the leg structures to be correspondingly moved between folded and unfolded positions.12-08-2011
20110108683Mounting Apparatus Using Ball And Socket Joints With Gripping Features - The present invention is directed towards ball and socket joint connectors which, when interconnected, form a flexible assembly. In some embodiments, the ball and socket joint connectors are designed and constructed such that the interference fit of the ball and socket causes creep in the material resulting in more even frictions in the various ball and socket joints. In some embodiments, the ball and socket joint connectors utilize an over-molded strip around the outside of the connector to facilitate in their use for gripping. In an exemplary embodiment utilizing the aforementioned ball and socket joint connectors, a tripod apparatus uses legs comprising the ball and socket joint connectors for support and for gripping objects.05-12-2011
20110290958DISPLAY STANDS - A display assembly 12-01-2011
20110290957APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MOUNTING OF CABINETS - A mounting post for supporting a plurality of electronic cabinets, each having different bolt patterns, comprising a hollow post configured to receive a hollow mount at the upper end, a stabilizer plate attached to the lower end of the post, and a hollow mount selected from a plurality of hollow mounts, each having a lower end configured to mate to the post, and having a substantially planar upper surface with openings formed therein corresponding to a unique bolt pattern for an electronics cabinet.12-01-2011
20120097807Solar panel support system - A solar panel support system, having extruded thermo plastic rails, with channels formed along such rails, mounting legs of thermo plastic or metal, and attachment devices for attaching the mounting legs to the channels in the rails.04-26-2012
20090321589Intravenous Fluid Container Stand And Methods For Making Same - According to one embodiment, an intravenous stand for supporting an intravenous fluid container includes a hanger configured to support one or more intravenous fluid containers. A pole, having a first end and a second end, is coupled to the hanger at the first end and a base at the second. A plurality of casters are releasably coupled to the base via a plurality of quick-release members.12-31-2009
20090189029Flat Screen Television Support System - A flat screen television support device includes at least one vertical column extending upwardly from a piece of furniture and a cantilever support extending forwardly from the column and terminating in a free end. A vertical screen mount is connected to the free end of the cantilever support member. A flat screen television is connected to the flat screen television support device and has a rear wall spaced forward of the rear edge of the upper surface of the piece of furniture so that the flat screen television is supported over the piece of furniture between the front and rear edges of the upper surface of the piece of furniture. The piece of furniture may support the entire weight of the flat screen television if the support device is incorporated into a back structure of the furniture.07-30-2009
20090308990BRACKET WITH A HORIZONTAL DISPLACEMENT COMPENSATION CAPACITY - A bracket with a horizontal displacement compensation capacity includes a base, a sliding stand, an elastic element, a displacement compensation linkage assembly, and a support body. The sliding stand slides on the base. Both ends of the elastic element are respectively fixed to the base and the sliding stand. The displacement compensation linkage assembly includes a first rod, a second rod and an abutting piece. The rods are for connecting to the base and the sliding stand. The abutting piece is pivotally connected to the pivoting portion between the other ends of the first and second rods. Via the above arrangement, when the support body is swinging, a displacement compensation action can be generated in the horizontal direction, so that the viewing distance between a supported article and a user can be kept constant. Furthermore, the vertical height can be adjusted and the horizontal distance can be kept simultaneously.12-17-2009
20110139945PORTABLE CHARACTERIZED, THEMED AUDIO/VIDEO MEDIA PLAYER HOLDER - A portable electronic device holder adaptable to hold at least one electronic device is disclosed. The electronic device holder comprises of a media holder for securing the at least one electronic device therein, a themed component adaptable to receive the media holder and an attachment means for allowing the electronic device holder to fit against a surface. The themed component designed as a favorite character provides a friendly appearance to the portable electronic device holder and entertainment to a user. The media holder includes at least one base portion configured to hold an external speaker system that plugs into the electronic device. The themed component includes at least one pocket for receiving at least one arm portion of the media holder. The attachment means is designed to connect with the media holder thereby allowing the media player to fit firmly onto the themed component.06-16-2011
20110139946Universal Flip Stand for portable hand-held devices - The stand has an adjustable arm that will allow users to hang the accessory over any headrest. The arm can be adjusted along a hinge to change the length for varying widths of headrest. The arm can also rotate to be angled for placement on a flat surface such as a table. The device can be placed in the stand vertically or horizontally. A suction cup accessory for the device can slip over the arms to allow it to be mounted to an automobile windshield.06-16-2011
20110198455REMOVABLE STRAP MOUNTED INSTRUMENT STAND - A strap mounted instrument stand includes a pair of hingedly connected plates. The stand is movable between a closed position, in which the plates lie against one another in a generally flat configuration, and an open position, in which the plates are disposed at an angle with respect to one another. A bracket extends in a generally normal direction from one of the plates to support a musical instrument when the stand is in the open position. A securement member secures the plates together in the closed position. Releasing the securement member allows the stand to move to the open position. The stand holds a musical instrument, such as a guitar, in an upright position when not in use.08-18-2011
20080251656Support System - A support system comprises a first component, a second component to be secured to the first component and to be supported, at least in part, thereby in use, and a coupling arrangement for securing the first and second components to one another, the coupling arrangement comprising a lock member secured to one of the first and second components by a crank, and a socket provided on the other of the first and second components and adapted to receive part of the lock member, wherein the lock member and the socket are designed such that the lock member can only be inserted into or removed from the socket when tilted or angled relative thereto.10-16-2008
20080283690Beverage Holder Adapters for Non-Cylindrical, Multi-Sided Food Containers - Adapters are provided for stable holding of non-cylindrical multi-sided food containers in beverage container receptacles, and also packaged food products integrating such adapters, and container support systems including beverage receptacles and the packaged food products held in the beverage receptacles via the adapters.11-20-2008
20100276553SUPPORT MECHANISM AND PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A support mechanism for a portable electronic device comprises two legs and a support bracket. The legs are retractably received in the portable electronic device. When the legs are withdrawn from the portable electronic device, the contact shoulder provides linear contact of the portable electronic device on a surface.11-04-2010
20110006170MULTI-AXIS PHOTOGRAPHIC TRIPOD HEADS - A tripod head comprises a tripod mounting component, an angle adjusting component, and a camera mounting component. The angle adjusting component is configured to allow adjustment and locking of the angle between the tripod mounting component and the camera mounting component about first and second perpendicular axes. The camera mounting component is rotatably mounted to the angle adjusting component to allow the camera mounting component to be rotated and locked with respect to the angle adjusting component about a third axis.01-13-2011
20100140424Apparatus support console with adjustable support plate - In an apparatus support console comprising a pedestal having a foot, a support column extending from the foot and pivot joint structures supported on the column and carrying an apparatus or an apparatus holder, a telescopic member is pivotally supported on the column that is between the pivot joint structures so as to be extendable or retractable and the telescopic structure is provided with locking means for locking the telescopic member to permit secure positioning of the apparatus and locking it in any position convenient to a user of an apparatus supported by the support console.06-10-2010
20090250562Clothing Display and Kit - A display for an article of clothing, such as sports memorabilia jerseys, has a frame and a three-dimensional body including a torso over which the clothing is placed. The top portion of the torso has right and left shoulders and a plunging V-shape in the middle. The torso preferably includes structure to accommodate excess fabric and is supported from a lower portion by a support member or hanger arm that passes through an opening in a rear panel of the frame and is secured to the frame to support the clothing in a non-visible manner. The frame can include a glass front and a matte to display and protect the clothing.10-08-2009
20110220767PEDESTAL ATTACHABLE TO SERVING DISH WITH SUCTION CUP - An attachable pedestal that can be attached to the underside of a plate, serving platter, bowl, serving dish, or the like. The attachable pedestal includes a pedestal with a base that can rest on a surface, and a suction cup that can be attached to an object thereby adjoining it with the pedestal. To facilitate the attachment and retention of the pedestal to the object, a support structure is provided under the suction cup. The support structure is biased towards the suction cup such that when a downward positive force is applied to the suction cup by pressing down on the object, the support structure applies an upward positive pressure. In cooperation, the downward pressure against the suction cup and the upward pressure against the suction cup operate to evacuate air from the cavity of the suction cup. The support structure also provides under support to stabilize the attached object.09-15-2011
20090101766METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM FOR MOUNTING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE UTILIZING A BATTERY COVER - A battery cover for an electronic device including a battery receptacle. The battery cover generally comprises a base and a cover mating element. The base is operable to couple with a portion of the electronic device and at least partially cover the battery receptacle. The cover mating element is operable to couple with the base and interchangeably mate with a reciprocal mating element associated with a mount to couple the electronic device to the mount.04-23-2009
20090101767METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM FOR MOUNTING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A battery cover for an electronic device including a battery receptacle. The battery cover generally comprises a base and a cover mating element. The base is operable to couple with a portion of the electronic device and at least partially cover the battery receptacle. The cover mating element is operable to couple with the base and interchangeably mate with a reciprocal mating element associated with a mount to couple the electronic device to the mount.04-23-2009
20120104190SUPPORT POLE WITH A PREFABRICATED ENGAGING THREAD AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - The present invention generally relates to a support pole with a prefabricated engaging thread and method of using the same. The support pole is especially suitable for use with mailbox posts, birdhouse posts, volleyball posts, fences, or the like. The support pole may be securely inserted or removed from the ground without the need for tools. The support pole has an extended arm that extends in a substantially perpendicular manner with respect to the pole. The extended arm allows a user to apply a force perpendicular to the main support pole so as to help the user rotate the pole and therein force the pole into the ground.05-03-2012
20110127392COLLAPSIBLE AND ADJUSTABLE ELECTRONICS SUPPORT SYSTEMS - A collapsible and adjustable electronics support with a releasably lockable rotatable base having a link with adjustable drag hinges connecting the releasably lockable rotatable base to a receiver for a polygonal support adapter. One or two tools for adjusting the drag hinges are included with first and second releasably snap-fit covers for respective first and second link sides of the link. The covers also cover the adjustable device in the drag hinge ends. The releasably lockable rotatable base is a four-part base with an adhesive part, a flexible and resilient panel supporting an axle, a first rigid panel rotationally fixed relative to the flexible and resilient panel, and a second rigid panel that rotates relative to the first rigid panel. The low profile in a collapsed configuration avoids rubbing the environmental surface to which it is attached. Wire management guides are provided on the receiver.06-02-2011
20100264281Gripping Clip and Mounting Apparatus Using Same - A clamp clip adapted to grip an item, such as a planar sheet. The clamp clip may have pincers adapted to open and close in a scissors like fashion. The clamp may be used with a tripod or a monopod, and in some embodiments a tripod with flexible legs utilizing ball and socket joint connectors which, when interconnected, form a flexible assembly. The ball and socket joint connectors may utilize an over-molded strip around the outside of the connector to facilitate in their use for gripping when wrapped around objects.10-21-2010
20100148020FLAT-SCREEN MONITOR SUPPORT - A flat-screen monitor support comprises a body having means for attachment of a monitor thereto and a locking means operable to lock against a support post extending through the body and through the locking means. The locking means supports the body to prevent the body from sliding down the post under the weight of a monitor attached to the body. The body is rotatable relative to the locking means about an axis of a support post extending through the body and locking means, when the locking mechanism is locked to the support post. In addition, a support base for securing a flat-screen monitor support to a table surface, comprising a support post having a support plate secured to one end thereof, a seat cup to sit on a table surface and receive therein the support plate with the support post upstanding from the table surface, and a clamp bracket to sit on the support plate with a tightening means positionable against an underside of a table surface, to clamp the support plate, seat cup and table top together. Once secured to a table top, the support plate is rotatable relative to the seat cup and the clamp member to enable a user to position a flat-screen monitor relative to the support base.06-17-2010
20100155547FIXING MEMBER OF SOLAR BATTERY MODULES - A fixing member of solar battery modules for fixing edges of module glass to a roofboard by solar battery modules supporting a first frame body, including: a to-be connected portion to restrict the first frame body from moving upward; a pedestal to restrict the first frame body from moving downward; a portion connecting the pedestal and to-be connected portion to restrict solar battery modules from moving in a direction perpendicular to a longitudinal direction of the first frame body and outwardly along a surface of solar battery modules; and a plate-like portion extending outward farther than one side of the pedestal, the fixing member being fixed to the roofboard through the plate-like portion, supported on both sides of the portion connecting the pedestal and to-be connected portion such that upper surfaces of adjacent solar battery modules are substantially flush with each other, and slidable along the first frame body.06-24-2010
20100155546SUPPORT STAND WITH INTERMEDIATE CONNECTING ASSEMBLY - An exemplary support stand includes a base, a connecting assembly, a support bracket, two first hinge assemblies, and two second hinge assemblies. The connecting assembly is arranged between the base and the support bracket. The first hinge assemblies rotatably connect the connecting assembly to the base. The second hinge assemblies rotatably connect the connecting assembly to the support bracket. The connecting assembly comprises a connecting bracket and a connecting plate partially received in the connecting bracket. The connecting plate, the connecting bracket, one first hinge assembly, and one second hinge assembly form a quadrangle.06-24-2010
20100176253APPARATUS FOR CONNECTING SUCKING PLATE AND TABLEWARES FOR TABLE PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - Disclosed herein is an apparatus for fastening tableware. The apparatus includes a piece of tableware, a suction unit, a support column, and a locking unit. The tableware is provided with a space in which food is contained. The suction unit is closely attached to a desk or table using vacuum pressure. The support column is configured to protrude upwards from the suction unit. The locking unit is used to couple the tableware to the support column. When the support column and the tableware are coupled with each other, the difference in vertical position between the tableware and the support column is adjusted so that the tableware is not inclined.07-15-2010
20100012795PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT - A support member for playground equipment may include a first section with a flared end and a second section with a tapered end. An opening may be disposed in the flared end of the first section and an elongated slot may be disposed in the tapered end of the second section. When the tapered and flared ends are initially connected, the openings may be aligned and a fastener may be inserted into the aligned openings. When the tapered and flared ends are forced together and overlap a greater amount, which may create a more secure connection, the fastener may help keep in the first and second sections in alignment and may help prevent unintended rotational movement of the first and second sections.01-21-2010
20090184215LUG-MOUNT SYSTEM FOR FREE STANDING DISPLAY STAND ARM - A lug mount system in which a generally U-shaped lug engaging member is secured to a display panel member so that information presented by the display panel member is easily viewed. The system is mounted to the proximal end of an arm of a conventional free standing display stand by engagement with a lug on the proximal end of the arm. The lug engaging member and the display panel member may be releasably or permanently secured to one another. The display panel member may include provisions for lighting, animation, electronic displays, and print media. When the display panel member and the lug engaging member are releasably secured together the connection therebetween may be configured so that compound motion is required to release them.07-23-2009
20110042530FLEXIPOD WITH FLEXIBLE BENDABLE LEGS WITH A GRIPPING SURFACE - A flexipod is provided. The flexipod device includes at least one flexible, bendable leg with a grippable surface. In one embodiment, the flexible and bendable legs comprise a first continuously flexible and bendable solid core material and a second sheath material which substantially encloses the first core material. Embodiments of the present invention can be bended, twisted, or otherwise manipulated to selectively secure the flexipod to objects having various shapes and sizes. The flexible and bendable legs increase the flexipods versatility and overall securability.02-24-2011
20110114804SUPPORT STAND FOR FLAT-PANEL DISPLAY MONITOR - A support stand includes a bracket and a base connected with the bracket. The bracket includes a main body, a movable member, and a resilient member. The main body defines a receiving slot therein, and the movable member is partially received in the receiving slot, with opposite ends of the resilient member resisting the main body and the movable member. The base includes a latching member sleeved on the main body of the bracket. The latching member includes a latching portion for impelling and guiding the movable member to be received in the receiving slot of the main body, and the movable member to contact the resilient member. After the movable member passes over the latching portion, an elastic force created by the resilient member extends the movable member from the receiving slot of the main body, and the movable member is latched in the base.05-19-2011
20100163693LOCKING DEVICE FOR RETAINING A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT - A locking device for retaining a musical instrument can be attached to a stand assembly by a base member. A support unit with an entrance opening supports a portion of the instrument. A force such as gravitational can cause the support unit to rotate a biased locking member to close the entrance opening. Removal of the instrument permits a biasing force to open the locking member.07-01-2010
20090218454Case for a Portable Electronic Device - The invention generally relates to a case to hold a portable electronic device. The case may be a holder for a personal media player and includes a clip, a cradle, a swivel mechanism, and a connector mechanism. The clip has elastic properties. The cradle includes a pair of cradle bases and is configured to hold the personal media player. The swivel mechanism is connected to the cradle. The connector mechanism is positioned to retain the clip to the swivel mechanism and is configured to permit movement in at least two axes.09-03-2009
20110174936MODULAR STAND WITH MOUNTING PROVISIONS - The stand has modules to form a support base with elongated support members with wheels or legs. The stand can either incorporate two spaced load supporting posts or a single post extending from a spanner module that connects between the elongated support members. When two load support members are employed the user can step between the posts. When a single post and spanner are employed the user can step as far as the spanner near the center of support. The support members diverge from their centers provide a wide stance of the wheels or legs for stability. At the upper end of the post or posts a load support platform is carried either directly on a single post or through a cross-piece on a two post configuration. T-shaped slots in the post can be utilized to attach loads to the posts and a panel extending between posts. In either configuration a spilt wheel at the level of the load support allows for the user to maneuver a wheeled version of the stand and serves as a fender protecting equipment carried on the load support platform.07-21-2011
20100065695SUPPORT STAND - A support stand includes a stand neck and a stand base. The stand neck includes a base part that is formed at a lower end portion of the stand neck and a plurality of hook tabs that is formed on a side face of the base part and extends downward relative to a top face of the base part. Each of the hook tabs has an engagement prong. The stand base includes a receiving portion that receives the base part of the stand neck within the receiving portion and a plurality of engagement tabs that is formed on a side face of the receiving portion and extends downward relative to a top face of the stand base. Each of the engagement prongs of the hook tabs of the stand neck is engaged from below with respective one of the engagement tabs of the stand base.03-18-2010
20100065694HINGE ASSEMBLY - A hinge assembly includes a pivot shaft, a first supporting member, a second supporting member, and a positioning member. The first supporting member is rotatably sleeved on the pivot shaft. A positioning protrusion is formed on the first supporting member. The second supporting member is non-rotatably sleeved on the pivot shaft. The positioning member has an elastic portion and is non-rotatably sleeved on the pivot shaft. A positioning groove receiving the positioning protrusion is defined in a periphery of the positioning member and adjacent to the elastic portion. An LCD device is further provided in the present disclose.03-18-2010
20100123052MOUNTING BRACKET MECHANISM FOR FIXING A MONITOR - A mounting bracket mechanism includes a first stand, at least one beam locked on the first stand, at least one second stand disposed on a side of the first stand and locked on an end of the beam in an adjustable manner relative to the beam, and least one hanger for connecting a monitor and hanging the monitor on the beam so as to fix the monitor.05-20-2010
20110073720Method and apparatus for stabilizing a standing infant - An apparatus for stabilizing, with respect to a grounded surface, an infant standing on a horizontal surface, the apparatus comprising: a grounded support structure configured for transmitting a ground force from the grounded surface; an outer support structure, operably coupled to the grounded support structure, configured for receiving the ground force and transmitting an outer support force; a connecting structure, disposed inside and operably coupled to the outer support structure, configured for receiving the outer support force and transmitting a connecting force; and an inner support structure, disposed inside and operably coupled to the connecting structure, configured for being disposed around the torso of the infant and for receiving the connecting force and transmitting a stabilizing force to the infant, there being no obstruction between the inner support structure and the horizontal surface.03-31-2011
20110024581Drink holder with utility hook - A drink holder with utility hook is provided which comprises a single shaft having a lower end for securely inserting into an outdoor ground, and an upper spiraled section defined by a plurality of convolutions dimensioned to hold a beverage receptacle. A utility hook is formed at the upper end of the spiral structure for hanging keys, sunglasses or other accessories.02-03-2011
20110253848Mass transfer column and a crown element for a mass transfer column - The crown element for securing a packing in a mass transfer column comprises an elongate sheet which comprises a roof element, a wall element and a bottom element. A first bending line is formed between the roof element and the wall element and a second bending line is formed between the wall element and the bottom element. Incisions are formed in the roof element and grooves are formed in the bottom element. The number of incisions is smaller than the number of grooves.10-20-2011
20120199705Item Support Stand For Use Outdoors - An item support stand comprising a central support bar extending an entire length of the item support stand, where the central support bar includes a main body and a lower portion; an end at the lower portion of the support stand, where the end sticks into a ground to enable the central support bar to stand upright; a top beam attached to a top portion of the central support bar, where the top beam curves down and out to create a support bar at each end; and a retaining member fastened to the top beam wherein the retaining member provides radial support for an item placed within the retaining member and resting upon the support bar.08-09-2012
20100320337Gift support structure - A structure having a base for supporting vertical struts to display in a generally linear manner Christmas stockings containing gifts thus making each stocking readily identifiable to the gift recipients with improved stability for the structure. This stability is enhanced by angularly offsetting adjoining pairs of the struts relative to each other and with respect to the sides of the base.12-23-2010
20100320338HOLDER FOR A GARDEN HOSE DISPLAY - A holder for displaying a garden hose includes a base, a holding board, and a plurality of supporting rods disposed between the base and the holding board. The base has positioning holes at four corners and a center of the base, and a plurality of protrusions disposed in a predetermined arrangement on an upper surface of the base. Two long side edges of the base have an inclined or beveled surface, and the holding board has a plurality of fastening slots with different depths on both of two opposing sides. The fastening slot has a V-shaped opening with a narrowing end and a curved surface at the end. The curved surface has three evenly placed flanges, and each flange narrows or tapers from an upper side to a lower side of the holding board. A lower end of two lateral sides of the curved surface has a stopping edge. The narrowing opening of the fastening slot assists a positioning movement, and the arrangement of the three flanges and two stopping edges stabilizes the positioning of the garden hose.12-23-2010
20100116948Apparatus for securing items to a microphone stand - A device according to the present invention includes a support bracket coupled, or adapted to be coupled, to a longitudinal support member, such as a microphone stand, and a receiver extending from the support bracket. The support bracket is generally formed in a coil. The receiver may be integrally formed with the support bracket, or may be removably coupled thereto. A plurality of interchangeable receivers may also be provided.05-13-2010
20120145841FLAT PANEL DISPLAY INCLUDING A HINGE ASSEMBLY - An apparatus for a flat panel is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a flat panel assembly and a hinge mechanism coupled to the flat panel assembly. The hinge mechanism is adaptable to an industry standard mount and a non-industry standard mount. A system and method in accordance with the present invention allows for the replacement of a non-VESA standard compatible display mount with a display mount that is compatible with the VESA standard. Utilizing the system and method in accordance with the present invention, such a replacement can be accomplished with minimal effort, and in an efficient manner.06-14-2012
20110215206PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT MOUNT FOR A SATELLITE ANTENNA SYSTEM - A mount for mobile electronic devices such as a satellite dish antenna system. The mount includes a tripod and an elongated post member supported on it by a universal joint or pivot mechanism. The post member extends along a longitudinal axis and the pivot mechanism allows the post member to be moved about two, substantially perpendicular pivotal axes relative to the tripod to align the longitudinal axis of the post member with the vertical. Once the axis of the post member is aligned vertically, the alignment system of the attachable satellite dish will then have a proper reference from which to aim or direct the dish (e.g., azimuth and elevation) for best reception and transmission. The mount includes an arrangement of cables extending between the tripod legs and adjustable straps extending between each tripod leg and the post member to provide a very strong and stable support for the satellite dish antenna system that is attachable to the upper end of the vertically aligned post member. The tripod is designed to be foldable into a compact configuration for easy transport and storage with each tripod leg folded onto itself and positioned under a central member of the tripod. The folding and unfolding of the tripod and the alignment of the post member to the vertical on it can all be done by one person without the need for any tools.09-08-2011
20090173845ELEVATING MECHANISM FOR FLAT-PANEL DISPLAY MONITOR AND PNEUMATIC CYLINDER USED FOR ELEVATING MECHANISM - An exemplary elevating mechanism used for a flat-panel display monitor includes a support structure, a sliding structure, and a pneumatic cylinder. The support structure includes a pair of guide rails. The sliding structure is mounted to the support structure and is capable of sliding along the guide rails. The pneumatic cylinder includes a cylinder body, a piston shaft, and a first piston. The cylinder body is connected to the support structure. The piston shaft includes a first end received in the cylinder body, and a second end opposite to the first end connected to the sliding structure. The first piston is positioned in the cylinder body and partitions the cylinder body into two chambers. The two chambers are filled with gas. The first piston is fixed to the first end of the piston shaft and defines a through hole for communicating the two chambers.07-09-2009
20110315833SURFACE ANCHOR WITH AUTOMATIC COVER - Surface anchor with automatic cover, for firmly and securely fixing a functional surface element, which includes a surface anchoring device (12-29-2011
20120205503Tablet Computer Holder and Support - A foldable support for a tablet computer or other object is an upright, self-standing or anchorable device. A base having foldout wings is adapted to be rotated in place and anchored under the legs of a person in a seated position, or under the person's torso for a reclining or supine person. The support includes a body with a recessed portion into which the base is attached about a horizontal axle to enable the rotation. Two arms are rotatably pinned together with the other ends attached to ball joints on the body and a receptacle. The receptacle holds the tablet computer or other object and includes a frame housing with rotatably attached rods that extend outwardly from side openings in the frame. A gripper is mounted to the far end of each rod to hold the corners or edges of the tablet computer or other object mounted between the grippers.08-16-2012
20110049313HAIR ACCESSORY HOLDER AND ORGANIZER - A hair accessory organizer for holding many different types of hair accessories. The hair accessory organizer is magnetized to hold hair accessories either wholly or partially made of metal. In addition, the hair accessory organizer holds non-metal hair bands and hair accessories. The hair accessory organizer is capable of resting on a countertop, in a drawer or hung on a wall or door. The hair accessory organizer has a curved top member that holds substantially “U” shaped hair bands both on its top surface, and on its bottom surface. Two rings allow for attachment sites of hair clips and hooks. The hooks provide attachment sites for elastic hair bands and the like.03-03-2011
20100096515Convertible Display Stand System and Method - A convertible mounting system for selectively positioning a flat panel display on either a generally horizontal surface or a generally vertical surface. In some embodiments, the convertible mounting system includes a first mount portion and a second mount portion. The first mount portion cooperates with the second mount portion in a first orientation to position a flat panel display on a generally horizontal surface. The first mount portion also cooperates with the second mount portion in a second orientation to position the flat panel display on a generally vertical surface.04-22-2010
20120160973SUPPORT STAND FOR SUPPORTING ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A support stand includes a base; two support rods rotatably mounted to the base; a positioning rod retained on the base, the positioning rod can remain in a bent state after being bent by itself; and a support board removably positioned above the base by the corporation of the support rods and the positioning rod.06-28-2012
20110180674Display Mount - A display mount system including a hinge, a leaf and a fastener. The hinge can be attached to the display. The leaf can extend from the hinge. The leaf can include a fastener to connect the leaf to a receiver. The receiver can be a base or a mounting bracket.07-28-2011
20100270442Neutral Field Tray and Surgical Method - A neutral field tray includes an attachment portion for removably attaching the tray to a mayo stand, a base coupled to the attachment portion, two sidewalls extending upward from opposite sides of the base, a distal endwall extending upward from a distal end of the base, a cover extending between the sidewalls above the base adjacent the distal endwall, and support for positioning at most a single instrument above the base with a distal end of the instrument underneath the cover and a proximal end of the instrument elevated relative to the distal end of the instrument. A method is also provided for using the neutral field tray.10-28-2010
20120074271Electronic book, tablet computer and smart phone stand - A stand which holds an electronic device such as the electronic book such as the “Kindle” manufactured and sold by Amazon, a tablet computer such as the “iPad” manufactured and sold by Apple or a smart phone such as the “iPhone” manufactured and sold by Apple, and maintains said device in a comfortable and convenient viewing position is disclosed. Said stand consists of a lightweight material such as steel, stainless steel or plastic which is simple and inexpensive to manufacture and sell and is also simple to use. One embodiment of said stand is manufactured to be collapsible and easily portable, manufactured in two parts to fold flat.03-29-2012
20120074270Combined Guitar Stand, Repair Station with Wall Mount/ Display Feature - A guitar support structure for standing a guitar on it's end (a basic stand), for supporting a guitar in a prone position (for repairs and service) and for displaying a guitar (via wall mount feature) or other string instrument. It can be crafted from fine wood (or plastic or metal) featuring folding support legs, dowel supports, neck cradle and separate wall bracket for wall mount display. Combined guitar stand, repair station and wall mount/display is comprised of a main plank of wood (or plastic or metal) with rear mounted support legs permanently attached by piano (or similar) type hinge. Folding support legs allow stand to lie flat (prone) on desktop or floor allowing service repairs (stringing and minor repairs). The main stand can attach to a separate wall bracket that can be mounted on a wall, thereby freeing up floor space and reducing the chance of damage.03-29-2012
20120228439SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR PROTECTIVE WEAR - A support apparatus has a base having at least one portion positioned to rest on a solid surface, at least one vertical support extending upwards from the base, the vertical support having a lower fixed portion and an upper adjustable portion, at least one horizontal support extending outwards from the vertical support, the horizontal support positioned to be insertable into a protective garment while being worn by a user.09-13-2012
20120318936Stand for supporting a flower or plant - A stand for supporting a flower or plant comprises a circular projection; spaced apart L-shaped legs attached to the circular projection; a V-shaped member spaced away from the circular projection to the L-shaped members; a horizontal support member spaced away from the V-shaped member and attached to the L-shaped legs for adding rigidly to the stand; and spaced apart Z-shaped legs attached to the L-shaped legs and including a horizontal section parallel to the circular projection and a vertical section parallel to the L-shaped legs. A further embodiment provides a stand having a circular projection for supporting a flower or plant; a utility bar for supporting the circular projection; and pivotal leg members attached to the utility bar for arcuate movement in a supporting position and in a collapsed position for non-use of the stand. The stand structure allows lawn work to be performed around and/or beneath the stand.12-20-2012
20100327129SUPPORT STAND - A support stand includes a mounting assembly mountable on a table top, a suspension arm coupled to a vertically arranged rod member of the mounting assembly to hold a rotary barrel, a swinging arm pivotally connected with its bottom end to the rotary barrel of the suspension arm, a stretcher mounted in a frame bar of the swinging arm and a holder frame assembly coupled to the top end of the swinging arm to support an object. The stretcher includes a sleeve that has its bottom end coupled to arched sliding slots of the frame bar of the swinging arm by a pivot pin, a connection frame plate pivotally coupled between the pivot pin at the bottom end of the sleeve and a mounting lug at the rotary barrel, a spring member mounted around the sleeve and stopped above a stop flange of the sleeve and an adjustment screw assembly mounted in the sleeve and stopped above the spring member for allowing adjustment of the elevation of the supported object with less effort and positive positioning of the supported object after an elevation adjustment.12-30-2010
20100327128Support leg - A support apparatus includes a permanently bendable support rod having one of a pair of anchors secured to each end, and a pair of fasteners that cooperate with the anchors for connecting the support rod between an external structure, such as but not limited to a free standing pole or post, and an adjacent fixed structure such as a floor or wall. Each anchor is formed of a substantially rigid foot having inner and outer arced surfaces, an aperture formed through the foot, and a rod connector structured for securing the anchor to one end of the support rod. The pair of fasteners are each operable through the aperture of the foot of one of the anchors.12-30-2010
20120298812Support Structure - A support structure having a body, an arm or plurality of arms connected to the body, a quick release device constructed and arranged to move the support structure from a support mode capable of supporting a cover, to a collapsed mode not capable of supporting a structure. A kit for creating a shelter having a support structure, a cover, and a kit housing.11-29-2012
20110248127Display - Devices are disclosed having a magnet disposed thereon, operatively configured for retaining a ferrous element thereagainst.10-13-2011
20120280093CHAIR MAT DISPLAY - A display comprising a base, a backboard attached to the base, a bracket mount attached to the front side of the backboard, and at least one removable bracket attached to the bracket mount.11-08-2012
20120325985ROTARY STAND FOR TV SCREEN OR MONITOR - A rotary stand for TV screen or monitor, which require an adjustable angular position relative to its vertical axis, secured in a holder in a bearing column, mounted rotationally in a fixed mount, fitted with a controlled electric drive of the bearing column bi-directional rotation and a potentiometer for electric adjustment of the bearing column angular position is described together with a support stand that is mountable to a lateral wall. A potentiometer directly coupled with the bearing surface, and a friction clutch, as a component of a kinematic drive chain, transfers torque from the electrical drive to the bearing column. The stand has a programmable control system enabling the limit angular positions of the screen secured in the holder on the bearing column to be automatically set and programmed.12-27-2012
20100181442DEVICE FOR PLACING RECEPTACLES, SUCH AS PLATES, PROVIDED WITH A PRODUCT - Device for placing dish-shaped receptacles above one another, comprising a vertical column disposed on a mobile frame, the column carrying a number of vertical rows of support members. Each support member comprises two protrusions situated in one horizontal line and a third protrusion in the middle between the two other protrusions, and at a certain distance below them. The column is formed by a number of profiles that are U-shaped in cross-section, which with the back portions of the U face each other. The two protrusions that are in one line are formed by spaced apart indentations or recesses formed in the legs of each U-profile, for forming the protrusions and the third protrusion is formed by arms, attached to an elongated beam and which arms have been inserted in openings disposed in the back portion of each U-profile.07-22-2010
20100181441Musical Instrument Stand having Holding Function - A musical instrument stand includes a top seat including a seat body and a holding unit. The holding unit includes two pivot members, a torsion spring, and two holding rods. Thus, when the musical instrument is pulled upward relative to the holding unit to detach from the two holding rods of the holding unit, the two pivot members of the holding unit are pushed upward by the restoring force of the torsion spring so that the two pivot members of the holding unit are moved upward to the expanding position, and the two holding rods of the holding unit are moved to space from each other such that the neck of the musical instrument can be removed from the two holding rods of the holding unit easily and conveniently.07-22-2010
20090200437Adjustable Height Keyboard Support - A vertically adjustable keyboard support is mounted on a pair of U-shaped members having crossed legs pivoted on a horizontal axis providing scissor linkage support for adjusting the height of the keyboard to accommodate the keyboard operator in a standing position as well as in a sitting position.08-13-2009
20130175411STAND ADAPTER FOR PROJECTOR OR RECORDING DEVICE - An imaging system is provided. The imaging system comprises a stand, adapter, and imaging device that allows for a imaging device's housing bottom to be free of female threaded holes for attaching to the stand, by positioning the female threaded hole within an adapter which is exterior of the imaging device's housing. The adapter does not occupy precious imaging device housing interior real estate thereby allowing the housing to be extremely compact. The imaging device comprises a mating system that removably secures the adapter. The imaging device is therefore removably secured to the stand via the adapter.07-11-2013
20130099071Pallet support system - A device for supporting and stacking pallets is formed from a relatively small number of components which are removably connected to each other and which can be readily assembled into an operating configuration or disassembled into its individual components. The device, in its assembled configuration, includes channels for removably receiving advertising material or other displays around the outer perimeter of the assembled configuration. The advertising or displays around the perimeter of the device conceal space within the device and the pallet supporting the merchandise on display. The assembled configuration of the device is arranged so that the merchandise supported by the device is at a height to attract the attention of potential consumers. The advertising material around the perimeter of the assembled device, in addition to concealing the space within the device, also serves to attract the attention of potential consumers to the displayed merchandise.04-25-2013
20130112818SCREEN SUPPORTER - The present invention relates to a screen supporter comprising an upper support used for fastening a screen, a base and a support arm. The support arm is pivoted with the upper support through an upper rotation shaft, and pivoted with a torque device on the base through a lower rotation shaft. When the screen and support arm are rotated for lowering the height and folded, the support arm drives a lower core shaft, the lower core shaft drives a cam of the torque device to rotate for changing the position of a contact part which compresses an elastic unit, so a proper supporting torque is generated for working with the downward-pressing torque generated by the screen at different positions thereby fully supporting the screen, and a greater downward-pressing force doesn't required to be applied for lowering the height and folding the screen, thereby saving the required force for operation.05-09-2013
20130181097Conduit and Stanchion for Photovoltaics - A connection device for photovoltaic panels and related devices providing for the electrical, or other, interconnection of photovoltaic panels and related devices to other devices through structural and non-structural stanchions that act in an additional capacity as conduit.07-18-2013
20130153718RECONFIGURABLE TRIPOD MOUNTING SYSTEM - A multipoint reconfigurable system and method supporting a wide-variety of configurations that permit adaptation of the mounting system to the user's specific needs. The present invention includes embodiments directed towards multipoint connection bodies, monolegs, flexlegs, lanyard heads, secure connectors, snap connectors, and combinations thereof as well improved structures and methods for implementing these systems and methods. A reversible monopod includes a telescoping columnar monopod body including a proximal end and a distal end; and a coupler coupled to each the end, the coupler selected from the group consisting of a quick-connect type 1 coupler, a quick-connect type 2 coupler complementary to the quick-connect type 1 coupler, a threaded ¼″-20 stud connector, and combinations thereof.06-20-2013
20100314509SOLAR ARRAY SUPPORT METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Systems and methods for disposing and supporting a solar panel array are disclosed. The embodiments comprise various combinations of cables, support columns, and pod constructions in which to support solar panels. The solar panels can incorporate single or dual tracking capabilities to enhance sunlight capture. The embodiments encourage dual land use in which installation of the systems minimizes disruption of the underlying ground. Supplemental power may be provided by vertical axis windmills integrated with the columns. Special installations of the system can include systems mounted over structures such as parking lots, roads and aqueducts. Simplified support systems with a minimum number of structural elements can be used to create effective support for solar panel arrays of varying size and shapes. These simplified systems minimize material requirements and labor for installation of the systems.12-16-2010
20100314508Apparatus with flexible tripod and electronic device - A flexible support apparatus, such as a tripod, supporting an electronic device, such as a personal video player. The flexible tripod may include ball and socket joint connectors which, when interconnected, form a flexible assembly. The flexible support apparatus allows the user to view the device in a variety of locations with enhanced ease, comfort, and allows for a variety of viewing angles.12-16-2010
20120018595HOLDING DEVICE FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - According to one aspect, the subject application involves a holding device for an electronic device. The holding device includes a first clip adapted to cooperate with a peripheral portion of the electronic device. A second clip opposes the first clip and is separated from the first clip by a first distance. The second clip is adapted to cooperate with a separate peripheral portion of the electronic device. A substantially-elastic band is provided to extend between the first clip and the second clip, and a back plate is at least partially disposed between the first clip and the second clip.01-26-2012
20130193281RELEASABLE LOCKING CONNECTOR - A connector for an equipment support includes a housing having an interior area defined by a wall. The interior area extends inwardly from an opening on one end thereof. The wall has one or more longitudinal slots extending through the wall. The connector includes one or more engagement pads positioned in the interior area and being radially moveable in the longitudinal slot. The engagement pads have an exterior engagement surface and a tapered interior engagement surface. The connector includes a plunger moveably positioned in the interior area. The plunger defines a tapered exterior surface that tapers radially inward from a first end thereof and terminates at a seating end. The tapered exterior surface slidingly engages the tapered interior engagement surface. The plunger defines an activation portion. The engagement pads move radially in response to a force applied to the activation portion of the plunger.08-01-2013
20130206931COMBINATION CELLULAR TELEPHONE STAND AND SAFETY SPACER - A device for providing a stand with legs to support a cell phone on a flat surface, which stand may be pivoted into a spacer to maintain spacing between the phone and a user's head.08-15-2013
20130206932APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR SECURING A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT - Apparatus and methods for securely storing a musical instrument. A support member supports the musical instrument at first portion of the musical instrument, the first portion is proximal to a base of the musical instrument. A grip member secures the musical instrument at a second portion of the musical instrument, the second portion is distal from the base of the musical instrument, the securing comprises the grip member changing from an opened position to a closed position in response to the musical instrument being placed onto the support member.08-15-2013

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