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20110192940PIPE LOCATOR AND SUPPORT - An plumbing pipe locator and support is provided for fixing plumbing pipes in position relative to studs in a building. The pipe locator and support comprises an elongated supporting strap having upper and lower sides extending along opposing sides of a longitudinal axis. A first plurality of longitudinally aligned, larger pipe openings are interspersed with a second plurality of smaller, aligned fastener openings that extend into ends of the strap. The upper and lower sides undulate to provide a substantially uniform width between first holes and the adjacent sides and the second holes and the adjacent sides. This undulating surface can provide a strap using less material, with reduced manufacturing time, and a strap that can bend without forming creases or stress fractures.08-11-2011
20110192939Methods and apparatus for mounting devices - A device mounting apparatus includes a mounting base portion having a plurality of opposing pairs of rails. The mounting base portion is adapted for mounting on a support structure. The apparatus further includes a mounting tab affixed to a device for snap in mounting between a pair of rails, whereby the device is captively retained on the mounting base portion, and can be disengaged therefrom by snapping the mounting tabs out of the associated pairs of rails.08-11-2011
20100116946Bracket - This invention relates to novel “bracket” to be used in the operating room of hospitals. The bracket of the invention holds a transducer at the level of a patient's heart in order to easily and accurately record pressures during surgery.05-13-2010
20130032676METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RETAINING CABLES AND FIBRES - There is provided a method of retaining elongate elements, such as cables, glass fibres, wires or connectors, comprising attaching a hook strip to a surface and placing one or more elongate elements onto the hook strip so as to be removably secured by the hook strip. The hook strip comprises a number of upstanding catch elements to retain the elongate elements. This method provides a straightforward way of securing cables, glass fibres and the like and the elongate elements can be repositioned as and when needed with ease simply by pulling them from the hook strip to release them and then urging them back into the hook strip to be retained once again. A fibre management enclosure is also provided with rotatable spools for storing fibres ready for access.02-07-2013
20100108824CABLE MANAGEMENT DEVICE - The invention relates to a cable organization device (05-06-2010
20130082151MOUNTING DEVICE FOR LIGHT PIPE - A mounting device for mounting a number of light pipes includes a connector and a frame attached to the connector. A number of clamping portions are formed on the outer surface of the frame to fix the light pipes.04-04-2013
20090152409Device for Vertically Holding Pipes - The invention relates to a device for vertically holding pipes, comprising a base element in the form of a cylinder segment and at least one door-type access element which is pivotally connected to the base element by means of at least one pivot joint. A closure (06-18-2009
20090194647Cable Management System for Moveable Communication Panels - A cable management system or member has an optional enclosure and annular hubs defining an axis. A rotatable support frame is attached to the annular hubs, with a patching field having a plurality of ports and first and second primary sides attached to the rotatable support frame. Rotation of the rotatable support frame about the axis produces corresponding rotation of the annular hubs. When cable bundles pass through the annular hubs, they may also rotate with the support frame, reducing or eliminating the need for cable slack loops and reducing or eliminating stress at cable/port connection points.08-06-2009
20130056591MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMB TO SECURE METALLIC PIPING AND METHOD FOR SECURING SUCH PIPING - A multifunctional comb includes an upper half-comb provided to be mounted on a support and a lower half-comb provided to be mounted on the support through the upper half-comb and a screw system. The half-combs have arches facing each other to grip the piping. In addition, each of the half-combs has at least two half-bores located in front of each other to form bores of the comb, as well as inter-arches connecting faces. The half-bores, the arches and the connecting faces are continuously covered by an electrically conductive coating in order to ensure the plating function. Moreover, the half-bores, the upper half-comb and the bottom half-comb include structure coupled to the half-combs that can be secured to the support respectively in a temporary and permanent way.03-07-2013
20120112014Cable clamp - A cable clamp includes a single metal plate shaped along an outer periphery of three cables that are triangularly arranged when viewed in cross-section, a mounting flange portion formed with both end portions of the metal plate overlapped each other, and a cable support member inserted between at least two of the three cables so as to support the at least two cables between itself and the metal plate. The cable support member is inserted between two horizontally arranged cables in a direction perpendicular to the horizontal direction as well as perpendicular to a longitudinal direction of the two horizontally arranged cables. The cable support member has a tapered shape on an end side in an insertion direction thereof for facilitating an insertion thereof into a gap between the two horizontally arranged cables.05-10-2012
20120223192HIGH DENSITY CABLE MANAGEMENT BRACKET - A bracket for routing cables in a cable management system that has a mounting portion which is used to mount the bracket to the cable management system and is provided on a mounting end of the bracket. The bracket also has a holding portion that has a plurality of apertures which are to hold the cables. Each of the apertures are provided at a different distance from the mounting end of the bracket.09-06-2012
20090008515WIRE BASKET PATHWAY SYSTEM - A pedestal bracket assembly includes a support clamp and a support plate attached to the support clamp. The support clamp is capable of engagement with a vertical support member in a fixed manner. The support plate has an opening formed therein and is adapted for engagement with at least one wire basket. The opening is configured to receive the vertical support member. The support plate is also moveably connected to the support clamp such that the support plate is rotatable about the vertical support member. The pedestal bracket assembly also includes a plurality of retainer clips spaced apart from each other and releasably attached to the support plate.01-08-2009
20120234987Coupler for Cable Trough - Couplers for a cable trough system including a spacing defined by first and second guiding surfaces, the spacing being sized to receive the terminal end of a trough member into the spacing. One or more springs are carried on the couplers and may be at least partially disposed within the spacing between the first and the second guiding surfaces. The springs urge the terminal end of the trough member against the coupler upon insertion of the terminal end into the spacing. One or more locking elements are coupled adjacent to the springs to move between a locking position and a released position. The locking elements may slide longitudinally or move perpendicularly to the couplers. A first trough member may be released from the couplers independent from a second trough member coupled to the couplers. Methods for use of the couplers are also provided.09-20-2012
20100171003Common Bonding Network Clamp - A clamp used to create a bond between under floor wiring systems and a common bonding network is disclosed. The clamp includes a mounting bracket, a J-bolt and a split bolt for securing wires to the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket has a main body with an aperture and a slot. The J-bolt has a first end and a second end. The first end of the J-bolt is attached at the aperture of the mounting bracket and the second end of the J-bolt is positioned within the slot of the mounting bracket. The second end of the J-bolt is removed from the slot to enable the second end of the J-bolt to pivot away from the mounting bracket enabling the J-bolt to engage a floor pedestal.07-08-2010
20110290952APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR SUPPORTING AN ELONGATED MEMBER - Apparatus and methods for supporting one or more elongated members are provided. A support member for supporting one or more elongated members can include a body; at least four support arms extending from the body, and at least one curved surface disposed between the support arms. Each curved surface can be concave relative to a centerline of the body. At least one curved surface can have a length that is at least twice as long as at least one other curved surface.12-01-2011
20110290954SUPPORT BRACKET FOR MOUNTING WIRES TO FLOOR BEAMS OF AN AIRCRAFT - A support bracket for mounting wires, cables, conduits and the like to floor beams of an aircraft passenger cabin floor without modification to the floor beams, the floor beams having a top flange, a bottom flange, and a vertical web. The support bracket has a support body with cable support cradles where each cradle has a cradling surface and a tie wrap passage; and at least clamping block connected to the support body with at least one adjustable tension bolt, the clamping block having a beam engaging surface wherein tension in the at least one bolt urges the beam engaging surface toward the support body.12-01-2011
20110290951CABLE MANAGEMENT DEVICE FOR BUNDLES OF CABLES IN AN AIRCRAFT - A cable management device accommodates bundles of cables in an aircraft. The cable management device includes a star shaped cable management element and a retaining clamp. The star-shaped cable management element includes a plurality of outer-radial recesses disposed in an outer radius of the star-shaped cable management element that are spaced apart from each other. Each outer-radial recess is configured to accommodate a cable inserted therein. The retaining clamp is disposed around an outer circumference of the star-shaped cable management element so as to encompass the star-shaped cable management element and close the outer radial recesses. The retaining clamp includes an attachment portion configured to affix the cable management element to a stationary supporting structure.12-01-2011
20100078529COLLAPSIBLE FRAME - A cable management frame assembly comprising a collapsible frame chassis and a plurality of positionally configurable cable management fixtures that can be affixed to the frame chassis without the use of tools or additional hardware such screws, nuts or bolts. A panel mount allows patch panels and equipment to be mounted to the frame chassis without the use of tools or additional hardware.04-01-2010
20090146021Clamp for interconnecting orthogonally oriented pipes - A clamp for connecting a pair of orthogonally disposed pipes. The clamp may comprise a pair of identical clamp halves or brackets, or a pair of mirror-image clamp halves or brackets, each bracket having a centrally located plate portion having one or more apertures, an upper surface, a lower surface and spaced apart ends, each of the ends carrying a curved jaw designed to conform to cylindrical outer surfaces of the pipes. The lower surfaces of the plate portions of the pair of clamp brackets are disposed in confronting relationship with their apertures in alignment, the pair of brackets being coupled with one or more fasteners passing through the aligned apertures. The end jaws of one of the brackets are in opposed relationship with the corresponding end jaws of the other of the brackets, wherein the end jaws of the coupled brackets define a pair of generally cylindrical pipe gripping surfaces each having a longitudinal central axis. The orientation of the jaws relative to their respective plate portions is such that the longitudinal central axis of one of the pair of generally cylindrical pipe gripping surfaces is orthogonal to the longitudinal central axis of the other of the pair of generally cylindrical pipe gripping surfaces.06-11-2009
20090146020METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR BRACING PIPES - A method and system for bracing pipe, conduit and ductwork, which includes a mounting plate attachable to an underside of a structural flooring member, an elongated support member attachable to an underside of the mounting plate, and at least one elongated channel member. The at least one elongated channel member attaches to a side of the elongated support member, wherein the at least one elongated channel member is adapted to receive a fastener for attaching at least one conduit member to the elongated channel member.06-11-2009
20100084518Control Panel Mount Having One or More Strain Relief Features - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a control panel mount having one or more strain relief features. The mount has a base and a tether. The tether has a first end and a second end. The first end of the tether is rotatably connected to the base. The second end of the tether is adapted to receive a cable tie.04-08-2010
20100006709CABLE RETENTION CLIP - A cable retention clip (01-14-2010
20090283645Cable Bracket - A cable bracket may be stamped from sheet material and folded to form a generally rectangular cable bracket suitable for attachment to, or within a wall or other construction space. The cable bracket may releasable secure multiple cables and or conduits. Two or more spring elements may be formed in the bracket to control and secure the cables within the bracket. A cable bracket may be secured to a metal, wood or concrete building element using any suitable fastener such as screws, nails, rivets and or bolts.11-19-2009
20120032034LATERAL STORAGE SPOOL FOR OVERHEAD CABLE PATHWAY - A system including an overhead cable pathway structure and a cable storage device that mounts overhead to the cable pathway structure. The cable storage device including a storage spool and a cable pathway exit having a curved surface that guides excess cable exiting from the overhead cable pathway structure to the spool.02-09-2012
20120037766CABLE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - A cable management apparatus includes a base mountable on a wall or other surface and a flexible elastic loop having a hanging loop portion adapted to hang on the base for supporting one or more cables through the flexible elastic loop. The base may include a post extending outwardly for supporting the flexible elastic loop on the post. The cable management apparatus may also include a removable grooved collar for receiving the hanging loop portion of the flexible elastic loop. The removable grooved collar surrounds the post and slides onto the post.02-16-2012
20080290224Apparatus for Carrying Cooling Water Away From the Narrow Sides of a Slab - The invention relates to an apparatus (11-27-2008
20130119208FIR TREE MOUNT FOR CABLE TIES - The disclosed device provides an improved mounting assembly for securely supporting elongated items against a surface. The assembly provides a mount with an integrally formed flexible tie for retaining the items.05-16-2013
20100264279Cable organizer, storage and porting utility - The cable caddie is an apparatus for organizing, storing and porting cables and is made from a durable flexible fiber strap piece between 3 and 6 feet long forming the base layer, a terminal or handle coupled to at least one end of the strap, and at least one Velcro strip piece with one end of the strip piece coupled on to the flexible strap base layer and the distal end having the mating Velcro fiber forming a loop when mated when the distal end is folded upon the coupled end. Wrapped or wound cable are held in the Velcro strip loop formed when the strip is folded over the wrapped cable loops and onto the mating Velcro side securing the cable loop to the base layer. Several such Velcro strips for easy looping about and securing the cables to the base strap carrier, can provide organization and allow easy porting of many cables, as the base strap can be rolled up and carried by the handles attached.10-21-2010
20120091291WIRE-GUIDING ELEMENT - A wire-guiding element (04-19-2012
20100140422Vertical Cable Manager - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a bracket for mounting a vertical cable manager to a rack. The bracket includes a first portion extending in a first direction, a second portion extending from the first portion in a second direction substantially perpendicular to the first direction, and a third portion extending from the second portion in a third direction substantially perpendicular to the second direction and substantially parallel to the first direction. The first portion of the bracket is adapted to be snap-fitted to the vertical cable manager.06-10-2010
20090057497Innovative Duct Bank Spacer - An Innovative Duct Bank Spacer allows the manipulation of the duct bank spacer to accommodate multiple conduit sizes in a single ready-made duct bank spacer. The inventive device includes PVC Pipe that is fitted thru drilled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) slats. PVC pipe spacers are placed in between the HDPE slats to accommodate the conduit size and spacing needed and/or required. The PVC Pipe is glued into PVC couplings at each end of the Innovative Duct Bank Spacer to secure the placement of the PVC pipes. Two or more Innovative Duct Bank Spacers may be easily joined together with a piece of PVC pipe at either end to create an even larger duct bank spacer.03-05-2009
20120286107SUPPORT PROFILE FOR A SUPPORT ARM SYSTEM - The invention relates to a support arm profile for a support arm system, comprising a receiving space for cables or the like which is open toward the surroundings, wherein a connecting element is moulded inside the support arm cross-section and is connected indirectly or directly to two opposite side walls of the profiled support element. In such a support profile, high profile stiffness, which meets all the requirements of a support arm system, can be achieved in that two delimiting elements are connected, spaced apart, to the connecting element, and that the delimiting elements extend from the connecting element at an angle to the side walls.11-15-2012
20100200707CABLE MANAGEMENT ACCESSORIES - A vertical cable manager includes a pair of side members, one or more midsection members connected between the pair of side members, and a lashing bar assembly connected to the one or more midsection members. The lashing bar assembly includes a base and a lashing bar mountable relative to the base, thereby forming at least one loop for cable management.08-12-2010
20090101765Stackable Mount Assembly Including Indexing/Locking Features - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a stackable mount assembly that includes indexing and/or locking features. The stackable mount assembly includes a plurality of mounts. Each mount includes a hub and a fastener. Indexing features prevent the hub from freely rotating about the fastener, but allow the hub to index or rotate about the fastener at an index angle. The locking features prevent the hub from rotating about the fastener, locking the hub in a desired position and/or orientation.04-23-2009
20090212172Device for receiving oblong objects - The device for receiving oblong objects comprises a bottom wall (08-27-2009
20090224111Modular support, assemblies, methods and systems - A modular support assembly receives and/or stores elongated objects that may be primarily cylindrical in shape, such as fluid conduits including hydraulic tube, pipe and hose. The modular support assembly includes a plurality of interchangeable modules of differing or similar sizes to create an adjustable assembly whose overall shape and number of modules can change depending upon the intended use of the assembly. The modules comprise sliding engagement portions that are disposed along a periphery of the modules and allow interengageable attachment to other modules. The modules also comprise apertures that can vary in size to accommodate various sizes of objects. The modules can be disassembled by sliding module portion halves apart, facilitating easy assemblage of the modules either before or after the objects retained therein have been positioned, and subsequent removal of individual objects from the assemblage.09-10-2009
20090256032Device for Vibration-Damping Fastening of at Least One Object to a Support Element - In devices for fastening at least one object (10-15-2009
20100148016MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT FOR THE ENERGIZING CABLES OF AN ELECTRIC MOTOR OF A REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR - The invention refers to a mounting arrangement for the energizing cables of an electric motor of a refrigeration compressor, the electric motor being mounted in the interior of a casing of the compressor and the energizing cables presenting an end connected to the electric motor and an opposite end operatively connected to an electric current power source, external to the casing, through the latter. The arrangement includes at least one immobilizing means mounted internally to the casing, so as to retain the energizing cables, maintaining at least part of the extension thereof in a predetermined positioning in the interior of the casing.06-17-2010
20090250561Fluid device mounting structure - A fluid device mounting structure is provided for installing a plurality of fluid devices on a support assembly. The support assembly includes a support member for supporting connecting portions of the fluid devices by the support assembly, so that the fluid devices are freely disposed in three dimensions.10-08-2009
20090261213CABLE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - A cable management apparatus (CMA) is attached to a slide assembly. The slide assembly includes a stationary rail secured to an electronic equipment rack and a slidable rail slidably engaged with the stationary rail, the CMA includes a pair of holding arms, a connecting member, a first mounting assembly, and a second mounting assembly. The connecting member is capable of foldably connecting the two holding arms. The first mounting assembly includes a first mounting bracket and a first locking member attached to the first mounting bracket. The second mounting assembly includes a second mounting bracket and a second locking member attached to the second mounting bracket. The first mounting bracket is pivotally engaged with one of the holding arms and capable of being retained to the slidable rail by the first locking member. The second mounting bracket is pivotally engaged with the other holding arm and capable of being retained to the stationary rail by the second locking member.10-22-2009
20100258685UTILITY HOLDER - A utility holder which may be used to retain utility lines may include a holder having a first portion having at least two pairs of fingers defining at least two receiving sections wherein the receiving sections may be sized to accept utility lines; a second portion having a base wherein the pairs of fingers extend from the base with the longitudinal axes of the receiving sections being substantially parallel.10-14-2010
20120193485CABLE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - A cable management apparatus includes a cable support, and a coil spring. The cable support includes a first support and a second support. A rail assembly includes an outer rail and an inner rail slidably attached to the outer rail. The first support is rotationally attached to the inner rail and the second support is rotationally attached to the outer rail. Opposite ends of the coiling spring is respectively connected to the first and second supports. The coiling spring is bendable to make an angle between the first and second supports be changeable.08-02-2012
20100001144HOLDING MEANS FOR A HYDRAULIC COUPLING - Holding means (01-07-2010
20090072098Support bracket for mounting wires to floor beams of an aircraft - A support bracket for mounting wires, cables, conduits and the like to floor beams of an aircraft passenger cabin floor without modification to the floor beams. The floor beams have a top flange, a bottom flange, and a vertical web therebetween. The support bracket includes: a support body having a number of cradles where each cradle has an engaging surface and a tie wrap passage; and at least one beam engaging member connected to the support body, the beam engaging member having a beam clamping surface and biasing device to urge the beam clamping surface toward the support body.03-19-2009
20080265105CABLE PROTECTION AND GUIDE DEVICE - A cable protection and guide device in which wear damage in mounting portions of a mounting bracket is avoided and the mounting bracket is reliably and strongly mounted so that the cable is smoothly protected and guided. The mounting operation of the bracket is easy. A cable protection and guide device includes a mounting bracket having a mounting hole which surrounds and accommodates a tap bolt. A threaded portion 10-30-2008
20100301176DEVICE FOR GUIDING LINES, HOSES, OR THE LIKE - The invention relates to a line guidance device for guiding cables, lines, hoses, and the like between one locally fixed and one movable connection point, wherein the line guiding device has at least one support unit having a substantially band-shaped design, and retaining elements designed in one piece with the support unit, wherein the retaining elements are formed from the support unit and protrude from the same in a substantially transverse fashion toward the support unit.12-02-2010
20100301177DEVICE FOR LAYING A CABLE HARNESS IN AN AIRCRAFT - A device for bridging a cable harness between two aircraft structure elements of an aircraft includes an elongated connecting rod having a plurality of radial snap-in holes and configured to bridge a space between the two aircraft structure elements and affix to at least one of the two aircraft structure elements. The device also includes a cable guiding element having at least one receiving section for receiving the cable harness and at least one attachment section circumferentially surrounding the connecting rod, the attachment section having a resiliently held radially directed locking pin, wherein the locking pin corresponds to one of the plurality of the radial snap-in holes so as to form a clip connection and a positive locking engagement between the at least one attachment section and the connecting rod.12-02-2010
20100133392METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR GUIDING AND SUPPORTING AN ELONGATED FLEXIBLE MEMBER - The present invention relates to a member for guiding and supporting elongated flexible members such as wires, cables and other flexible lines that can introduce services and utilities into a residential, commercial or similar building structures. The guiding and support members receive and support at least one of the elongated flexible members so that it can be pulled around a corner without being damaged. Additionally, the guiding and support members can be used when the elongated member is only being pulled in a straight run or to organize elongated members that have already been run. Sweeps, including roller sweeps and cradles, can be secured to the guiding and supporting members to maintain a predetermined radius in the flexible members and reduce the amount of friction on the flexible member as it is pulled. This reduction in friction results in a smoother pull of the flexible member and a reduction in the amount of force needed to pull the flexible member.06-03-2010
20110042529ROUTING ASSEMBLY FOR WIRES IN ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLIES AND THE LIKE - The present invention provides an assembly for routing and retaining wires or cables in an electronic assembly or the like, including: an elongate member; and a plurality of annular structures disposed in a spaced apart relationship about the elongate member, wherein each of the plurality of annular structures defines a plurality of channels about its circumference, wherein each of the plurality of channels is configured to receive and retain a wire or cable.02-24-2011
20110114801CABLE SUPPORT DEVICE - The invention concerns a cable supporting unit with the following components or features: 05-19-2011
20110114802SYSTEM FOR HOLDING CABLES, HOSES, TUBES OR THE LIKE - The invention relates to a system for holding elongated objects, which system comprises holder modules (05-19-2011
20090032651Hinge for Cable Trough Cover - A cover for a cable trough system includes a main body that defines a planar surface with a first end and a second end, and a first hinge arrangement at the first end of the main body. The first hinge arrangement includes a planar member that extends from the first end, the planar member including a planar detent, an intermediate member that extends from the planar member, the intermediate member including a first arm with a first intermediate detent and a second arm with a second intermediate detent, and a distal member that extends from a distal end of the planar member, the distal member including a distal detent. The planar member, the intermediate member, and the distal member together define a space sized to receive a portion of a wall of a trough member.02-05-2009
20110240805MULTI-JOINT CABLE PROTECTION AND GUIDE DEVICE - There is provided a multi-joint cable protection and guide device that fits well with a flexible belt member in a flexed posture, that steadily protects and smoothly guides cables that assume the flexed posture, that requires fewer parts and that may be readily connected and disconnected corresponding as desired according to usage. The multi-joint supporting member has the flexible belt member in which cable inserting tubular portions are unitarily molded in parallel and a train comprising a plurality of block bodies flexibly connected with each other by concave-convex snap-fittings. The train of block bodies is inserted through the cable inserting tubular portions to control and support straight and flexed postures of the flexible belt member and each block body has a flexion outer peripheral-side curved surface whose curvature is equal to a radius of a flexed circular arc in the flexed posture.10-06-2011
20110147541CABLE STRAP LOCATING DEVICE FOR A WIRE HARNESS AND A WIRE HARNESS ASSEMBLY USING THE SAME - A cable strap locating device for a wire harness is disclosed. The device extends along an axial direction and the device includes a head and a tail. The head has a top surface, at least one side surface abutting the top surface, and an opening extending through the head and at least one side surface and substantially perpendicular to the axial direction. The tail is configured to be attached to the wire harness and extends from the head and along the axial direction.06-23-2011
20090039209Tube Connector - This invention relates to a tube connector for connecting a plurality of tubes, said tube connector comprising: a first cover including a first groove and a third groove; a second cover including a second groove and a fourth groove, said first and second grooves forming a first tube accommodation space, and said third and fourth grooves forming a second tube accommodation space; a fastener for fastening the first cover and the second cover; and a springy member secured between the first and the second covers for detaching the same when the fastener is loosened.02-12-2009
20100038495UMBILICAL MEMBER MOTION LIMITING DEVICE AND ROBOT HAVING THE DEVICE - An umbilical member motion limiting device is provided on a robot which has a forearm, a wrist portion, an operating tool attached to the end of the wrist portion, and the umbilical member connected to the operating tool through the forearm, for limiting the motion of the umbilical member corresponding to the motion of the robot. The motion limiting device comprises a swing portion attached to the wrist portion so as to swing around a swing axis and a limiting portion arranged on the swing portion for limiting the motion of the umbilical member. Thus, the motion limiting device can minimize interference due to surplus length of the umbilical member and avoid contact of the umbilical member with external equipment.02-18-2010
20110068234FASTENING ELEMENT FOR A CABLE HARNESS - A fastening element for fastening a longitudinally extending article, in particular a cable or a cable loom, which is to be fixed to a component, in particular to a motor vehicle body part, with a wrapping tape. The fastening element comprising a body including a first cheek element, a second cheek element, and at least two connection struts which connect the cheek elements to one another in a longitudinal direction of the body, and which define an opening for receiving the tape. The tape is insertable into the opening substantially transversely to the longitudinal direction, in order to circumferentially wrap the article with the wrapping tape.03-24-2011
20090026326CABLE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS FOR FANS - A cable management apparatus for managing a power cable (01-29-2009
20110024578INTRAVENOUS OR ELECTRICAL LINE ORGANIZER DISPENSER - An intravenous or electrical line organizer dispenser is provided. The dispenser comprises a flexible backing support separable into a plurality of sections. Each section, constitutes a line organizer by itself, includes several spaced apart longitudinally channel connectors which are designed to snap-fit intravenous lines or electrical cables thus keeping the lines separated and organized. Each individual section is also provided with a means to secure the two opposite sides of the flexible backing support which can be rolled longitudinally inwards for protection and organization of the lines or cables during patient transport. The backing support is also able to be rolled outwards for display and organization of the lines on an intravenous pole. The line organizer dispenser is made of a continuous flexible sheet roll of a plurality of line organizer sections with a perforation line between sections so that the user can select and tear off the length required.02-03-2011
20110253847CABLE GUIDE UNIT WATER-PROOF DEVICE FOR RAILWAY VEHICLE - A waterproof cable guide device for a railway vehicle comprises an elastic member having a plurality of through-holes penetrating in a forward and backward direction and screw insertion holes penetrating in the forward and backward direction, the plurality of electric cables being inserted into the plurality of holes, respectively, the elastic member being divided in positions of the through-holes or having slits extending from an outer peripheral surface of the elastic member to the through-holes, respectively; a press casing surrounding a front surface and an outer peripheral surface of the elastic member so as not to cover the through-holes and provided with screw insertion holes communicating with the screw insertion holes of the elastic member; and screws inserted into the screw insertion holes, in a direction from forward, and tightened with respect to the cable guide; the screws being inserted into the screw insertion holes in the direction from forward and tightened with respect to the cable guide in a state where the electric cables are inserted into the through-holes, respectively, to cause the elastic member to be compressed by the press casing to closely contact peripheral surfaces of the electric cables.10-20-2011
20110253846CABLE GUIDE UNIT WATER-PROOF DEVICE FOR RAILWAY VEHICLE - A waterproof cable guide device for a railway vehicle, comprises an elastic member of a substantially rectangular prism shape, which has a plurality of through-holes into which the plurality of electric cables are inserted, respectively, the plurality of through-holes penetrating the elastic member in a forward and backward direction, the elastic member being divided in positions of the through-holes or having slits extending from an outer peripheral surface of the elastic member to the through-holes, respectively; a plurality of divided press casings into which a casing is divided in a vertical direction and in a lateral direction, the plurality of divided press casings surrounding a front surface, right and left side surfaces and upper and lower surfaces of the elastic member so as not to cover the through-holes; a first fastener member which tightens the plurality of divided press casings toward the cable guide; a second fastener member which tightens the plurality of divided press casings closer to each other in the vertical direction; and a third fastener member which tightens the plurality of divided press casings closer to each other in the lateral direction.10-20-2011
20080203244RADIANT FLOOR TUBING COLLECTOR AND ORGANIZER - A collector holding conduits, such as tubing for a radiant floor heating system, in place and changing the direction of the conduits from a vertical direction to a horizontal direction is provided. The collector has: a substantially flat bottom edge; a first side; a second side; a first guide channel and a second guide channel. The first guide channel runs in a first direction at a first opening and transitions along its length to run in a second direction at a second opening. The second guide channel runs in a first direction at a first opening and transitions along its length to run in a second direction at the second opening. The first direction is substantially perpendicular to the second direction.08-28-2008
20080203245SEALING CLIP ASSEMBLY - A sealing clip assembly is configured to secure at least a fluid-conveying tube to a structure. The sealing clip assembly includes a main body and at least one auxiliary dampening member. The main body includes a first tube support portion connected to a second tube support portion through a hinge. The first tube support portion includes a first tube channel, while the second tube support portion includes a second tube channel. The auxiliary dampening member covers the first and second tube channels, such that the auxiliary dampening member overhangs the main body at ends of the first and second tube channels.08-28-2008
20100320336PC LINK - A PC link having base, a cable hole defined in the base for receiving the power cable of an electric apparatus, a retaining arm extended from one lateral side of the base and defining with the base a retaining hole and a gap, and an elastically deformable guide portion extended from the free end of the retaining arm at one side for enabling said second cable be forced through said gap into said retaining hole and then held down in said retaining hole by said elastically deformable guide portion.12-23-2010
20110133040SUSPENSION SYSTEM FOR MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY - A suspension system for supporting surgical devices inside a patient's body cavity comprising an external frame, a plurality of elongated members extending from the external frame and through the patient's skin into the body cavity, and an internal platform located inside the body cavity. The internal platform includes a plurality of links reconfigurable from a first elongated position wherein the links are substantially aligned along a longitudinal axis for insertion to a second position wherein the links are angled with respect to one another to form a non-linear configuration.06-09-2011
20120205502SUPPORT APPARATUS FOR SUPPORTING UTILITY CABLES AND UTILITY TRANSMISSION LINE INCLUDING SAME - Embodiments provide apparatus for supporting at least one utility cable for spanning above ground, the apparatus comprising a centrifugally cast prestressed concrete pole, a structural adapter, and a cable support structure including an open lattice frame.08-16-2012
20110147542CABLE ORGANIZER - A cable organizer including a front surface and a rear surface, wherein the front surface and the rear surface define a width therebetween; a first end and a second end, wherein the first end and the second end define a length therebetween; a bottom surface, wherein the bottom surface is adapted for placement proximate a work surface; a top surface, wherein the top surface comprises at least one aperture for receiving a cable therethrough, and wherein the top surface comprises at least one of a tab and detent which is controllably bendable, thereby facilitating releasable insertion of a cable into at least one cable channel such that the cable is retained in the at least one cable channel during normal use and removable by a user upon upward displacement of the cable by the user.06-23-2011
20110147540Mounting Arrangement For Connecting Components To A Machine - A mounting arrangement for connecting components, such as a wiring harness or hydraulic lines, to a machine may include a planar attachment portion, a neck portion extending from the planar attachment portion, and a head portion extending from the neck portion. The head portion includes an end, a main section, and one or more retention ears extending from the main section and disposed adjacent the end. Further, the planar attachment portion, the neck portion, and the head portion are unitarily formed.06-23-2011
20100019106CABLE TRAY - A cable tray has a pair of opposed side rails with a pair of aligned through bores. One or more stacked cable support blocks extend between the opposed side rails. A lower rung extends between the rails at the pair of aligned through bores. The lower rung has an upwardly opening channel extending along its length receiving the bottom edge of a lowermost one of the cable support blocks. The lower rung also has at least one opening extending through the lower rung in alignment with the pair of aligned through bores. A fastener extends through at least one opening of the lower rung and through at least one of the pair of aligned through bores in the side rails.01-28-2010
20090230256Adapter for stacking cable hangers - An adapter for use with a cable hanger which includes a U-shaped member having a center portion with legs securing a cable and securable to a structure. The adapter includes (1) a center platform defining an opening therein adapted to receive the legs of another cable hanger, (2) a pair of clamping members on opposite ends of the platform with feet spaced from the center platform and directed toward each other, and (3) legs on opposite sides of the platform and adapted to engage the cable hanger whereby the feet are held against the cable hanger center portion when mounted thereon. The clamping member feet are spaced apart less than the length of a cable hanger center portion, and the clamping members are elastically flexible to allow the feet to be separated sufficiently to clear opposite ends of a cable hanger center portion when mounting on the cable hanger.09-17-2009
20110062292Non-metallic support stanchion - A cable rack arm and support system suitable for underground power and communication service is made from a non-metallic polymer that will not rust or corrode. The cable rack arm is adapted for mounting to existing underground stanchions or for stanchions of a more modern design. Each cable rack arm is securely mounted to the stanchion. Each cable rack arm then supports one or more cables in cable rests or saddles molded atop the arm, thus keeping the cables accessibly organized in a manhole, tunnel or vault. Plastic cable ties may be used to secure the cables to the cable rack arms. Nonmetallic pins may also be used to secure the cable rack arms to the stanchions. The stanchions may be made of nonmetallic composite material that includes a fiberglass cross-layered knitted apertured mat for increased strength.03-17-2011
20130146720Two Shot Tube Retention Fastener with Anti Material Peeling Feature - A tube retention fastener includes a polymeric material body having first and second walls and a semi-circular sleeve defining a longitudinal cavity. First and second deflecting wings individually connected to one of the first or second walls are directed toward a longitudinal axis of the longitudinal cavity in a non-deflected condition. An elastically resilient material isolation member includes a first portion fixed to the semi-circular sleeve, and first and second contact ends fixed to the first and second deflecting wings. Isolation member free extending portions are positioned and freely extend between the first portion and the contact ends. First and second wing receiving cavities are created between the deflecting wings and the first and second walls in the non-deflected condition. The deflecting wings, the contact ends and the free extending portions elastically deflect into one of the wing receiving cavities when a tube is positioned between the deflecting wings.06-13-2013
20120097804CABLE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - A cable management apparatus includes a bracket having a post, and a clamp mounted to the bracket. The clamp includes a support plate, a binding member to accommodate cables, and a latch member. The binding member and the latch member are positioned on opposite sides of the support plate, respectively. A through hole is bounded by the support plate and the latch member. The post of the bracket extends through the through hole of the clamp and adjustably engages with the latch member to adjustably fasten the clamp to the bracket.04-26-2012
20120001032SUPPORT DISC FOR SUPPORTING HIGH FREQUENCY (HF) COMPONENTS - The present invention relates to a support disc for supporting high frequency (HF) components, in particular in HF coaxial cables or coaxial plug-in connections, having a support body with a longitudinal bore additionally comprising at least one cross-sectional bore.01-05-2012
20120001031FASTENING ELEMENT FOR ELONGATED MATERIAL - A fastening element for fastening elongated materials in a motor vehicle with an anchoring part, which engages in the wall, to which the fastening part is attached, is proposed. The anchoring part has two spreading arms and a seal which circularly surrounds the anchoring part.01-05-2012
20120153093Electrical Cable Routing Method - A cable routing device for segregating and environmentally protecting electrical power cables and control/communication wires. The cable routing device includes a base portion, a first and a second side wall portion that define a channel along with the base portion, an interior insulating wall separating the channel into a first and a second section, and a removable cover portion located opposite the base portion and contacting the first and second sidewalls06-21-2012
20120153094CABLE FIXING STRUCTURE AND AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE - There is provided a cable fixing structure which improves actuation reliability of a device and facilitates decision of a wiring layout. The cable fixing structure A for fixing cables including a group of signal cables and a group of power cables includes: a support member; a first cable clamp which is mounted on the support member and in which a cable insertion hole for retaining the group of signal cables inserted therethrough is formed; and a second cable clamp which is mounted on the support member, in which a cable insertion hole for retaining the group of power cables inserted therethrough is formed, and which is disposed away from the first cable clamp in a direction intersecting an axial direction of the cables.06-21-2012
20120056046FASTENING DEVICE HAVING A COMPENSATING RAIL FOR TOLERANCE COMPENSATION - A fastening device for fixing lines in the engine compartment of a motor vehicle, in particular lines for the air conditioner. Fastening recesses are provided in the engine compartment, on which the fastening device can be anchored. The fastening device has a clip base for this purpose. A clip head is used for fastening the fastening device to the line. At least one of the fastening clips is situated so it is longitudinally movable on the compensating rail, so that the fastening device can be adapted to the installation situation.03-08-2012
20120043432Pipe anchor for railroad car - An assembly such as a pipe anchor to be mounted on a structural support member to hold a pipe or other elongate article in a desired location. A base portion includes a cradle having slide channels on a pair of opposite side walls. A clamping body includes flanges that fit in the slide channels. Locking tabs that may be extensions of the flanges may be bent to engage retention faces of retainer legs on the base portion to keep the clamping body in place, yet permit it to be removed by straightening the locking tabs.02-23-2012
20120012714DUAL-ARM CABLE-MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - One embodiment of the present invention employs two articulated cable-management arms, each articulated cable-management arm pivotally mounted, at a first end, to a system frame or rack and pivotally mounted, at a second end, to a component-system enclosure or sliding component-system-enclosure mount. The articulated cable-management arms provide mechanical channels through which cables connected to the back of a component-system enclosure are routed together to a structural member of the rack or frame.01-19-2012
20120012713SLIDE ARRANGEMENT FOR CABLE DRAWER - A drawer slide having first and second rails interconnected by a center rail. The center rail includes a spool configured to provide half-speed travel of the center rail relative to the travel of the first rail. The drawer slide is configured for use with a drawer assembly having a drawer and a chassis. The drawer assembly further includes a radius limiter secured to the center rail. The radius limiter travels at half-speed relative to the drawer. The radius limiter also automatically rotates relative to the travel of the drawer. The chassis includes sides including threaded backing plates, and mounting brackets. The mounting brackets include tri-lobed holes for receipt of a reciprocally shaped washer and a fastener for mounting the brackets to the chassis sides.01-19-2012
20110095140PIPING SYSTEM - The invention consists in a system for placement of conduits to a property site comprising a conduit receiving channel member which is shaped to receive a selected plurality of conduits. The channel member has one or more access points adapted to enable access to a portion of the channel member. The arrangement enables easy detection of service pipes to and from a property site. Preferably the/or each access point is in the form of a box. The invention further includes within its scope a structure fitted with or otherwise connected to such a system.04-28-2011
20120205501PIPE BRACKET FOR VEHICLE - A bracket for carrying pipes on an underside of a vehicle includes a molded body laterally spanning a recess in the underside of the vehicle. The molded body can have an angled forward face for deflecting underside road debris. The bracket can additionally include an integrally molded carrying structure extended upward from the molded body for carrying one or more longitudinally extending pipes within the recess.08-16-2012
20120153095CONDUCTIVE FLOATING PIPE ASSEMBLY CLIP - An isolating clip for holding tubes, fluid lines and the like is provided with a rigid outer shell and a flexible insert. The insert includes an outer body and a tube seat suspended from the outer body by flexible connectors. Bumpers can be provided in the space between the outer body and tube seat to limit deflection of the tube seat.06-21-2012
20090057499METHOD FOR TRNASPORTING A PIPING STRUCTURE - The invention is a method of transporting a pipe mounted within a plurality of brackets, each bracket having a body, an arm coupled to the body, a support guide located within the arm and configured to provide support to the pipe, a base coupled to the body and configured to attach a platform, the base further configured to provide support to the body, a spacer coupled to the body and configured to maneuver the bracket, wherein each bracket is configured to maintain support for the pipe while the bracket is maneuvered by the spacer. The method comprises the following. Position the plurality of brackets with the spacer proximate to the transporting surface. Set the spacer of each of the plurality of brackets on the transporting surface.03-05-2009
20090057498CABLE SUPPORT AND METHOD - A J-hook cable support includes a semicircular saddle, a stem at one side of the saddle, and a tip at the other side of the saddle. The stem includes protruding tabs able to engage snap-on brackets in order to engage structural parts, or to couple multiple cable supports together. The stem may have two pairs of tabs at different heights along the stem away from the saddle. The tabs may be bent pieces of the metal of the stem, bent toward the back of the stem, away from the cable-receiving area defined by the saddle. The snap-on brackets may include one or more pairs of notches for engaging the tabs of one or more of the cable supports. A wire retainer may be used to close off the cable-receiving area, with the wire coupled to both the tip and the stem.03-05-2009
20100243826LINE ROUTING CLIP - A routing clip for securing a line to a structure comprising: a base for attaching the clip to a structure; and a clamp comprising: a first flexible strap which extends from the base and has one or more projections extending from its side; and a second flexible strap which extends from the base and has a passageway for receiving the first flexible strap and a locking surface which is arranged to engage one of the projections on the first flexible strap to prevent the first flexible strap from being withdrawn from the passageway. At least part of the clip is made from an elastomeric material.09-30-2010
20100133391FRAME WITH CABLE MANAGEMENT - A cable management frame assembly comprising a collapsible frame chassis and a plurality of positionally configurable cable management fixtures that can be affixed to the frame chassis without the use of tools or additional hardware such screws, nuts or bolts. A panel mount allows patch panels and equipment to be mounted to the frame chassis without the use of tools or additional hardware.06-03-2010
20120261527WIRE HARNESS INSTALLING STRUCTURE - The wire harness installing structure has a wire harness, which includes a cylindrical protection sheath that holds a plurality of wires in a bundled state, wired across two structures, by making the wire harness stride over a movable linking part that links the two structures in a pivotable state. A movable part wiring section of the wire harness, which is to be installed for a prescribed length section that strides over the movable linking part, includes a non bundled part in which the protection sheath is peeled off to make each of the wires therein movable; and a stretchable protective member that covers the outer circumference of the non bundled part so as not to restrict a movable state of each of the wires.10-18-2012
20100327127Composite Appliance Base - A composite appliance base used for manufacture and assembly of various appliances such as a clothes washing machine, clothes dryer, or the like. The composite appliance base includes a heater box, an electric motor mount, a fan shroud, and at least one duct. There are also various inlets which are used for water hoses (in the case where the composite appliance base is used for a washing machine or the like) as well as exhaust ducts and integrated cable clips. In one embodiment, the composite appliance base includes a base portion and a fan shroud, as well as a first duct in fluid communication with the fan shroud. The composite appliance base also includes a second duct which functions as the heater box; the heater box is operable with a heater device to heat air flowing through the heater box, the duct, and the fan shroud.12-30-2010
20120261528DEVICE FOR SECURING PIPES HAVING VARIOUS DIAMETERS - A device for vertically holding pipes for elevator systems on oil drilling platforms has a basic element with a pivotable door element. A closing movement for forming a cylinder liner is carried out by a lockable adjusting cylinder. The cylinder liner is formed by interchangeable cylinder segments to form a cylinder liner of different size diameters in the basic element and door element. The cylinder segments are arranged interchangeably via rear guide profiles and associated profile rails in the basic element and door element. Upper sides of the cylinder segments are connected to corresponding receptacles via retaining rings which are able to be pushed on horizontally. By receiving pipes in the cylinder liner and an occurring load, a spring-loaded actuating arm is adjustable in height via a cylinder segment. Locking of the hydraulic adjusting cylinder for the closing movement is controllable via an associated load sensor10-18-2012
20120261526FRAME-LIKE HOLDER FOR A SOLAR PANEL, WITH A CABLE HOLDER - A frame-like holder for a solar panel includes a substantially L-shaped profile having at least one first leg that is orthogonal relative to the solar panel in an installed position of the solar panel and at least one second leg that adjoins the at least one first leg at an end of the at least one second leg that faces away from the solar panel. A cable holder is integrated into a front face of the at least one second leg of the L-shaped profile, the cable holder including a groove extending along the front face and being configured to receive and secure the at least one electric cable.10-18-2012
20120267484DEVICE FOR FASTENING HEAT TRANSFER MEDIUM LINES TO A CONTAINER - A fastening device for heat transfer medium lines comprising a strip-shaped carrier element (10-25-2012
20100181440Articulated Cable Management Systems and Methods For Use Thereof - Systems and methods are provided for facilitating cable management. Thus, an extensible articulated arm is disclosed for stacking/organizing cables and cords in-line with an exhausting airflow. The articulated arm typically includes a series of pivotally connected elongated members. The articulated arm is generally mounted relative to a structure near an exhausting airflow. An elongated cable management conduit may be secured relative to each elongated member, such elongated cable management conduit generally defining an elongated channel adapted for receiving one or more cables/cords therethrough. Each elongated cable management conduit is typically configured such the width of the elongated cable management conduit is greater than its height. Thus, the cables/cords received through the elongated channel are arranged relative to a plane in-line with the exhausting airflow. This aerodynamic design enables the cable management conduits to act as airfoils in promoting efficient airflow of exhausting air around the articulated arm.07-22-2010
20120080565CABLE TRAY AND ORGANIZER - A cable organizing device which mounts to an underside of a desk or to a wall, such that cables from computers and other equipment can be quickly and easily wrapped around the device, thus taking up the slack in each of the cables and keeping them off of the floor. The cable organizing device includes a plurality of loop hooks on each side, spaced apart such that individual cables can be wrapped around and between the loop hooks in a variety of ways. The device is designed to be easy and inexpensive to manufacture, yet sturdy and versatile in use. The cable organizing device can handle any type of wire or cable material, and the cables can be connected at both ends before being wrapped onto the cable organizing device. A mounting aid is included with the cable organizing device, thus making it easy for a person to install.04-05-2012
20110248125Removably mountable intravenous tubing holder - A tube holding apparatus includes a mounting block having a block fastening end with a block fastening structure for removably securing the mounting block to a support surface and having a tube engaging end with several tube retaining structures. The block fastening structure includes a first fastener section of hook and loop fastener material secured to the block fastening end and a second fastener section of hook and loop material for mounting to a support surface to which the apparatus is to be secured, so that the mounting block can be removably secured to a support surface. The mounting block is configured as a panel and formed of resilient material and each tube retaining structure includes a tube receiving slot having substantially parallel slot sides extending into the mounting block and a slot width narrower than the diameter of a tube to be retained by the apparatus.10-13-2011
20120325983TEMPLATE ASSEMBLY FOR CONDUIT INSTALLATION - A template assembly is configured to facilitate efficient installation of a plurality of conduits in generally parallel relationship with each other. The assembly includes at least one template member having a generally planar configuration, with a plurality of conduit-receiving openings defined therein. A template support can be provided which is configured to receive the template member in a generally vertical orientation. It is contemplated that a plurality of the template assemblies, including a plurality of the template members and template supports, are arranged and spaced apart relationship along a plurality of generally parallel conduits, so that that conduits, and template assemblies can be positioned, as an integrated unit, thus facilitating efficient installation and positioning of the conduits. Another aspect of the present invention contemplates that at least one stabilizing element is inserted through one or more of the template members, and into the surrounding region. Floating of the assembly during pouring of associated concrete is desirably abated, as the concrete covers and stabilizes the template supports.12-27-2012
20120286108BOOM MOUNTABLE ROBOTIC ARM - A boom mountable robotic arm for temporarily supporting an elongate conductor includes a rigid member such as a beam or beam assembly adapted for mounting onto the upper end of a boom for example using a boom adaptor, at least one electrically insulated support post mounted to the rigid member, where each post temporarily supports an elongate electrical conductor, and at least two rotation devices for selectively controllable rotation of the rigid member and the electrically insulated support posts about at least two corresponding axes of rotation.11-15-2012
20120138753Hook Terminal For Vehicles - A hook terminal is disclosed, the terminal including: a hook unit formed with an upper side-opened fixing groove into which a cable of several strands can be inserted; a fixing unit integrally formed with a bottom side of the hook unit and fixed to a main body; a cable disengagement prevention unit formed at an upper end of the hook unit to inhibit the cable from being disengaged; and a plurality of pressure lugs formed at the hook unit to inhibit the cable from moving to an axial direction by applying pressure to an external surface of the cable, whereby the cable disengagement prevention unit fixing the cable by way of hot pressing work inhibits the cable of several strands from being disengaged and from moving to an axial direction.06-07-2012
20080237408CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An apparatus for managing cables and configured to attach to a side of an electronic device is disclosed. The apparatus has a first planar member which has a plurality of attach points that match a plurality of attach points on an electronic device. The first planar member defines an aperture at least as large as a cable to be attached to the electronic device. The apparatus also has a second planar member parallel to the first planar member. The second planar member has a plurality of attach points that match a plurality of attach points on the electronic device. Additionally, the apparatus has a first support bar connected to and positioned normal to the first planar member and the second planar member.10-02-2008
20130175408HINGED CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A device for managing a plurality of cables in a multi-cable environment includes a stationary member having a plurality of stationary channel portions. At least one movable member is movably secured to the stationary member. The at least one movable member has a plurality of movable channel portions corresponding in number and general configuration to the plurality of stationary channel portions. A plurality of indicia-bearing areas are provided, corresponding in number, and adjacent, to the plurality of stationary channel portions. The at least one moveable member is moveable between a cable placement position in which cables can be placed in the respective stationary channel portions, and a cable retaining position in which the cables are secured in channels formed by the cooperation of the stationary channel portions and the movable channel portions.07-11-2013
20130175407Pipe Alignment Device - A pipe alignment device that enables the placement of water lines to provide stability comprising: a principle C-clasp opening; a first pipe bracket attached to the outer perimeter of the principle C-clasp opening; and a second pipe bracket attached to the outer perimeter of the principle C-clasp opening, where the first pipe bracket and second pipe bracket each include at least one C-clasp opening for receiving a pipe. The first pipe bracket and second pipe bracket each include two C-clasp openings of a second diameter size and the principle C-clasp has a first diameter size. The first diameter size is larger than the second diameter size.07-11-2013
20080217489Tube supporting system - A tube supporting device is described which in a preferred embodiment comprises ferrules (09-11-2008
20080210829STRAIN-RELIEF DEVICE FOR CABLES AND WIRE-GUIDING ELEMENT - The invention relates to a strain-relief device for cables, in particular optical waveguide cables, the strain-relief device (09-04-2008
20080197241Automobile Cable/Conduit Retainer - A retainer for a conduit, cable or the like, preferably a fluid conduit in an automobile, includes a retainer body having attaching portions to be mounted to an automobile body part, damping portions for dampening conduit vibrations, an insertion portion that constricts from the outside to the inside, and a receiving portion for the conduit. The retainer body is integrally molded of a plastic material. The receiving portion has three or more engaging portions which are arranged circumferentially of and engage the conduit and which are connected by resilient arms to the retainer body in a manner that, in the event of conduit vibrations, the resilient arms shall yield easily and elastically like leaf springs in all axial and radial directions and shall decouple the vibration-induced forces from the automobile body part.08-21-2008
20130146721ADJUSTABLE CABLE MANAGER - A cable manager includes a first portion and a second portion that cooperate to retain at least one cable. The first portion of certain types of cable managers is configured to be held in one or more rotationally fixed positions relative to the second portion. For example, the second portion may include at least one retaining arm that extends at least partially over a cable cradle of the first portion when the second portion is rotated to a closed position and that allows access to the cable cradle when rotated to an open position. The first portion of certain types of cable managers is configured to be held in one of a plurality of axially fixed positions relative to the second portion to accommodate cables of different diameters.06-13-2013
20130153715Support Apparatus for Supporting Dosimetry System in Proximity to Reactor Apparatus - An improved support apparatus is structured to support a dosimetry system within an interior region of a containment apparatus. The dosimetry system is supported in a region between an interior surface of the containment apparatus and an exterior surface of a reactor apparatus that is disposed within the interior of the containment apparatus. The support apparatus includes a retention apparatus having a plurality of brace elements that each have a receptacle formed therein. The receptacles are aligned with one another when installed within the interior of the containment apparatus. The support apparatus further includes a tube apparatus that includes a plurality of tube segments that are connectable together. The dosimetry system is situated within an elongated cavity formed in the tube apparatus. The tube apparatus is situated in the receptacles and thereby supports the dosimetry system on the containment apparatus.06-20-2013
20130153716HARNESS SERVICE LOOP RETAINER - A wire harness retainer assembly can generally include a strap member and a loop retainer. A housing portion can comprise a housing body that defines a receiving portion and a pair of apertures formed therethrough. The loop retainer can have a distal insertion end and form a loop that is configured to loop around a portion of the wire harness. The loop retainer can further comprise a pair of detents. The loop retainer can be configured to be slidably inserted into the receiving portion of the housing portion to an installed position where the detents are received by the pair of apertures. In this regard, the wire harness retainer assembly provides a simple and convenient way to capture the extra length of a wire harness service loop while providing an easily removable connection when service to a specified control module is desired.06-20-2013
20120280092FIXTURE DEVICE FOR AN AIRCRAFT TUBING - A device to attach an aircraft's piping that includes a clamping ring made up of two jaws shaped into a gliding arc breaker separator and including at least one transverse support cut-out for at least one tube.11-08-2012
20110290953CABLE HOLDER AS WELL AS KIT AND CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM COMPRISING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a cable holder for guiding a plurality of computer-network cables, including a loop with an inner circumference at least partially adapted to provide a support for the cables. The loop is formed of a first leg and a second leg extending essentially parallel to each other and being interconnected at a proximal end segment of each of the first and the second leg via a yoke, and a closure section, arranged at a distal end segment of each of the first and the second leg. The closure section includes at least one flap which is arranged at the distal end segment of the first or the second leg and extends towards the opposing distal end segment of the second or the first leg, respectively. Further, the invention relates to a kit and a cable management system comprising the cable holder. In order to easily add and remove a plurality of cables to and from the cable holder, respectively, the present invention provides that the at least one flap abuts the opposing distal end segment of the second or the first leg, respectively, in a resting position of the at least one flap, the at least one flap being adapted to be resiliently deflected from its resting position.12-01-2011
20130187012CABLE RETAINER - A device and method for securing a plurality of electrical conductors in a bundle. The device (07-25-2013
20130187011APPARATUS FOR HANDLING TUBES AND ELECTRICAL LEADS - A device is provided to easy the handling of lines provided to a patient in a hospital stetting. The device may handle single lines, or may handle a plurality of lines which may include one or more tubes and/or one or more electrical leads. The device provides tension to restrain parts of the lines and allows a patient to easily pull out a length of lines when needed. A plurality of lines is also provided having one or more tubes and one or more electrical leads that are joined together along a substantial length and which have connectors at each end.07-25-2013
20120006947WIRE MANAGEMENT ARTICLE - A wire management article includes a base sheet and a plurality of wire management elements. The base sheet has a major surface from which the wire management elements project. The wire management elements define a plurality of channels. Each channel is configured to retain at least one wire. The wire management article may include a cover sheet releasably attached to the base sheet. The wire management article may be part of a wire management system.01-12-2012

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