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248065000 Brackets 441
248058000 Suspended 86
248056000 Extending through plate 18
248051000 Tool cord or tube 12
248055000 Antifriction element 5
20080272248Acoustic Dampening Pipe Shoe - A pipe support for dampening acoustic propagation from a pipeline is provided. The pipe support can include a support base and a movable base spatially arranged from the support base. One or more fasteners can be disposed through the movable base to the support base, thereby connecting the movable base to the support base. One or more acoustic isolators can be disposed between an upper surface of the support base and a lower surface of the movable base.11-06-2008
20090008513Pipe roller assembly - Roller assemblies for transporting and laterally shifting pipe section, or joints, on oil and gas exploration and production laybarges, drilling/production vessels and platforms, and pipe spooling yards are disclosed. The roller assemblies comprise rollers that are capable of being tilted to facilitate lateral shifting of the pipe sections or joints. The roller assemblies comprise a frame, a tilting assembly, a roller frame pivotally connected to the tilting assembly and the frame, and a roller rotatably connected to the roller frame by an axle. The tilting assembly lifts one end of the roller frame to tilt the roller.01-08-2009
20090140106Clamp for Securing an Object to a Structure - Apparatus and methods provide an electrically isolating clamp that is suitable for use, among other locations, within a composite wing structure and other fuel environments. According to embodiments described herein, the clamp includes a clamp body and cushion. The clamp body is manufactured from a non-conductive material and includes a strap and a base. The cushion may be manufactured from a different non-conductive material to provide at least two layers of electrical isolation between the tube or other object being secured and a structure. The cushion material allows for axial movement of the tube through the cushion. The cushion is disposed between the strap and the base. Shoulder flanges prevent axial movement of the cushion with respect to the clamp body. The clamp may have a cushion retention mechanism to secure the cushion within the strap prior to installation around the tube.06-04-2009
20100155544Chain With Follow-Up Rolling Assemblies - A chain with follow-up rolling assemblies comprises at least one follow-up rolling assembly which can provide a rolling contact between a suspended portion and an unsuspended portion of the chain to reduce the friction resistance and reduce the resultant dust which will contaminate the working environment. In addition, the follow-up rolling assemblies can turn freely with the chain to avoid stopping the movement of chain.06-24-2010
20120273625Workpiece Support Assembly - A workpiece support assembly includes workpiece supporting roller assemblies each including a roller rotatably attached to an end of a swing arm. The roller assemblies are mounted to a frame forming a space between the rollers. A workpiece is positioned within the space and is supported in rolling contact by the rollers for rotation about its long axis. The space between the rollers is increased or decreased to support workpieces of various diameters by rotating the swing arms. The position of the rollers, and thus the distance therebetween are maintained or held by a swing arm lock that engages each swing arm and restrains the swing arms against rotation.11-01-2012
248053000 Train coupling type 2
20090166479COUPLER MOUNTED BRACKET AND TRAINLINE SUPPORT CASTING - A trainline support casting is provided to support flexible brake hoses between adjacent rail cars. The trainline support casting is capable of partial rotational movement during use and is supported on a mounting bracket adapted to mount directly to a coupler head of a cushioned car coupler, insuring a constant distance from the end of the coupler to the trainline support casting and a constant distance of the brake hoses above the ground according to AAR standards.07-02-2009
20100282919Trainline support bracket - A trainline support bracket for connection to a railcar having a yoke and a coupler attached to the railcar and a coupler-uncoupling mechanism housing attached to the coupler having first and second side walls with first and second contoured recess members thereon, and having upper and lower compartments for attaching the trainline support bracket thereto. The trainline support bracket includes a main body connector having an upper connector section and a lower connector section. The upper connector section of the main body connector is for connecting to the coupler-uncoupling mechanism housing of the coupler. The trainline support bracket also includes a lower connecting bracket having a first end and a second end. The lower connector section of the main body connector is for detachably connecting to the first end of the lower connecting bracket; and the second end of the lower connecting bracket is for detachably connecting to a trainline fitting in order to support hose fittings, hoses and a gladhand coupling having a hose connected to the coupling.11-11-2010
20090194644Shielded Frame - The present invention concerns a frame (08-06-2009
20090250559TUBE HOLDING BLOCK ASSEMBLY - A tube retention block assembly having a support body incorporating one or more tube support passageways of discontinuous character extending across the support body. A displaceable retaining yoke member is adapted for insertion into a slot disposed transverse to the tube support passageways. The retaining yoke member includes one or more engagement cradles adapted to at least partially surround and lock in place tubes extending through the tube support body.10-08-2009
20090050753CABLE ELEVATOR - A cable support apparatus for suspending audio and/or video system cables above the floor. The device is configured as a sandwich of at least three layers of electrically conductive foam, including first and second outer layers fabricated from a low density electrically conductive foam, and an inner layer disposed between said first and second outer layers and fabricated from a foam having a higher density and greater rigidity than the foam of said first and second layers. The inner layer includes a V-shaped crotch for supporting a cable with minimal surface contact. The cable support minimizes floor vibrations transmitted to the cable, breaks up resonant vibration modes within the cable support itself, and neutralizes static-electrical charge differentials between the cable and the floor.02-26-2009
20090206210BALING BRACKET - The present utility model relates to the field of the baling equipment for tubular goods. Specifically it relates to a kind of baling bracket. The present utility model provides a baling bracket, including a keel, a stem with screw thread, a bracket, a washer, and skidproof veins. The bracket and washer are connected in series with the keel, whose two ends are nested on the stem with screw thread. One side of the bracket is wider and the other is narrower, and two narrower sides of the brackets are connected to form a groove, which has the skidproof veins. The present utility model is low-cost, convenient and will not part and disperse packages easily. It can be applied to tubular goods of various models.08-20-2009
20100072328QUICK MOUNT ANCHOR SYSTEM - An anchor system is provided featuring a two-piece toggle having a conduit with a passage in-between for passing one or more wires through, and having one end with a crosspiece formed thereon for passing through an aperture in a mounting surface of another device and engaging one side of the mounting surface and a fastener for frictionally coupling the two-piece toggle to an opposing side of the mounting surface of the other device so as to hold or secure the two-piece toggle in relation to the other device.03-25-2010
20100044525Hinge for Cable Trough Cover - A cable trough system includes a trough member including a base wall and first and second sidewalls extending from the base wall to form a trough. The system also includes a cover including a main body with a first end and a second end, and first and second hinge portions coupled to the first and second ends of the main body. Each of the first and second hinge portions includes a first member that extends to an end positioned to contact an inner surface of the first sidewall, a second member that defines an arm that is positioned to at least partially contact the first sidewall, and an extension member that extends from the second member in a direction opposite to that of the arm. The first and second members have a space therebetween sized to receive a portion of the first sidewall.02-25-2010
20100044524JOINT STRUCTURE OF CABLE RACKS - Disclosed is a cable rack joint structure, which is designed to bite into an inner peripheral surface of a bolt insertion hole so as to establish sufficient electrical conduction between cable racks. In the cable rack joint structure, a bolt insertion hole 02-25-2010
20100019104HYDRAULIC HOSE GUIDING DEVICE - A hydraulic hose guiding device allowing hydraulic hoses to be connected to an operational pattern switching valve in a construction machine with better operational efficiency is provided. The hydraulic hoses to be connected to the operational pattern switching valve are lead through a clearance between an operator's cab disposed on an upper revolving superstructure and a cooler chamber of a hydraulic power unit. A guide member that holds the plurality of hydraulic hoses neatly in place by preventing their displacement toward the cooler chamber is disposed between the operator's cab and the cooler chamber.01-28-2010
20120217352Length Profile Device - A long, hollow, multiple sided profile device where at least one of the sides is provided with a bolthole, and where at least one of the sides of the profile is provided with a bolt opening.08-30-2012
20130056588ARRANGEMENT RELATED TO GUIDING OF HOSES AND/OR CABLES - The invention relates to a device for guiding hoses and/or cables miming from a crane jib via its nose portion, wherein a first/upper swing joint (03-07-2013
20110011987PORTABLE MANIPULATOR FOR CARRYING OUT WORKS ON ENERGIZED OVERHEAD ELECTRICAL LINES - A manipulator for lifting conductors of an energized electrical line from a first pole to a second pole. The manipulator has a vertical lifting assembly on which a transverse displacement assembly is mounted. The vertical lifting assembly is attachable to one of the poles by a fastening assembly. The transverse displacement assembly has a mobile element provided with a number of insulators on which conductor holders for receiving the conductors of the electrical line to be lifted are mounted. The transverse displacement of the mobile element and the displacement of another mobile element of the lifting assembly are achieved by motor units controlled by a control unit.01-20-2011
20090261210Modular Carousel Assembly and Method - A modular rotating carousel assembly for storage and unspooling of pipe or cable is provided that comprises a plurality of triangular subassemblies; each triangular subassembly comprises a base member and at least one pair of connecting members; the connecting members are connected together at one end to form an apex and are connected at the other end to the base member; the base members of the plurality of triangular subassemblies are rotatably connected together to form a first circle; wherein the apexes of the connecting members extend outwardly from said first circle; and a plurality of rotating caster members is positioned beneath the rotatable connection of a plurality of said base members. Additional sets of triangular subassemblies are built up on concentric circles until the desired size of carousel is formed. A drive mechanism is provided that includes a motor that rotates a perimeter drive chain that engages sprocket pads spaced about the circumference of the carousel. A modular hub is provided that includes a set of fixed plates arranged in a circle and a set of adjustable plates that are connected to the fixed plates. A set of segments forming a uniform circular shape is attached to the outside surface of the moveable plates and vertically oriented curved plates are positioned about the outer surface of the set of segments to provide a uniform surface for casters to rotate about.10-22-2009
20100012791System and Method for Passing Conduits Through Structural Members with Minimal Adverse Effect - A conduit adapter system enables routing of conduit through one or more structural members of width W with minimal weakening of the structural member or members, and includes a first section of conventional round conduit on one side of the structural member or members, and a second piece of round conduit on an opposite side of the structural member or members, and a bridge conduit section of sufficient length to pass through the structural member or members, the bridge conduit section having a symmetrical cross-section with a first dimension significantly less than a second dimension, and an area at least as large as the area of the round conduit sections. The bridge conduit section passes through an opening through the structural member or members of substantially the shape of the cross-section of the bridge conduit section such that the first, smaller dimension of the opening is in the direction of width W of the structural member, and is joined by adapter sections to the round conduit on each side of the structural member or members.01-21-2010
20090008512WIRE BASKET PATHWAY SYSTEM - A wire basket for supporting cables includes a plurality of wire frames connected together in a side-by-side manner in forming a generally flat bottom and first and second opposed upraised end portions so as to form a generally U-shaped frame. Each wire frame is formed of a single closed section of wire comprising at least one radial bend positioned at opposite ends of the wire frame. The wire frame may also include an extended mounting member attached to the frame such that a distal end of the mounting member is generally aligned with and extends beyond the bottom portion.01-08-2009
20100213324ARRANGEMENT FOR INSTALLING CABLES ON OUTER SURFACES OF CRANE STRUCTURES - The invention relates to an arrangement for installing cables on outer surfaces of crane structures (08-26-2010
20080277535RISER ASSEMBLY - A riser assembly comprising a CPVC standpipe of specified outside diameter receives a riser clamp defined by two identical bars. Each bar has a substantially hemicylindrical section, a long straight section and a short straight section with the hemicylindrical section in the middle. Each straight section has a through hole closely spaced equidistant with the hemicylindrical section to receive fasteners. The long section of each bar is mated with the short section of the other bar. The inside surface of the hemicylindrical section may be radiused a bit to relieve the edges. The resulting riser clamp 11-13-2008
20130020445POINT-OF-SALE ORGANIZER - Embodiments of organizers for point-of-sale systems are disclosed. In one embodiment, an organizer includes a planar surface, a mounting bracket, a pole, and an adjustable arm. The pole illustratively fits within apertures in the planar surface and the mounting bracket, and the adjustable arm is connected to the pole and to a monitor mounting plate. In another embodiment, an organizer includes a surface, a mounting bracket, and a monitor support. The surface is configured to be positioned above a cash drawer and is held in place utilizing a front lip and side lips. The mounting bracket is configured to be positioned below the surface and behind the cash drawer. The monitor support passes through apertures in the surface and the mounting bracket, and is configured to position a monitor relative to the cash drawer.01-24-2013
20110284701Cable Tray Cable Routing System - The present invention is directed to a wall mount bracket that supports a cable tray in a cable routing system. The wall mount bracket includes a back wall and a sidewall. The back wall has a top, a bottom, sides and mounting holes positioned therebetween. The sidewall extends outwardly from one side of the back wall. The longitudinal wires of the cable tray are positioned on the sidewall of the wall mount bracket. The sidewall also has a distal end with an engaging member that receives a bottom longitudinal wire of the sidewall of the cable tray.11-24-2011
20120286106CABLE RETAINING RING HAVING SLIDE CLOSURE AND CABLE SUPPORT TRAY INCLUDING THE CABLE RETAINING RING - A cable retaining ring includes a base having at least one mounting opening or at least one mounting projection for connecting the cable retaining ring to a cable support tray, an elongate interior defining a cable retention region, a gap through the ring for allowing a cable to be placed into or removed from the interior, and a slide mounted on the ring and shiftable between a first position substantially blocking the gap to prevent the cable from being placed into or removed from the interior and a second position unblocking the gap.11-15-2012
20090294598Coupling assembly for lighting fixtures - The present invention relates to a coupling assembly (12-03-2009
20100032530AUGMENTED TRACK TO FACILITATE REMOVAL OF STIFFENING LAYERS FROM A CABLE RETAINED IN THE TRACK - An apparatus to support a cable is provided and includes a channel shaped track, in which the cable is retained, which is formed to define a plurality of pairs of holes on opposing sides of the track at substantially equal intervals and slots that each extend from respective tops of each of the holes to an exterior surface of the track, and a plurality of support members, each of which extends across the track and between at least a portion of adjacent pairs of the holes, to thereby be respectively positioned to prevent the cable from propagating toward the exterior surface of the track.02-11-2010
20090189025TELESCOPING COVER FOR CABLE TROUGH SYSTEM - Systems and methods for covering a trough member. A cover system can include a static portion coupled to a side wall of the trough member and defining a pocket. A sliding portion is selectively received in the pocket and is movable between an extended position and a retracted position. Opposite side walls of the trough member each include a static portion, and a sliding portion which telescopes to provide access to an interior of the trough member.07-30-2009
20090121089Industrial robot having electric cable connecting movable body and fixed body thereof - A robot comprises a fixed body, a movable body, and a flat-shaped cable. The fixed body is at least unmovable in a vertical direction. The movable body is movably connected to the fixed body in a predetermined movable range in the vertical direction and has an end to which a tool is attached, the tool performing operations on a workplace. The cable bundle has a plurality of cables for electric power supply and control communication among the fixed and movable bodies and the tool. The cable bundle has two ends. One end is fixedly connected to a fixing position of the fixed body, while the other end is fixedly connected to a fixing position of the movable body which is equal to or higher than the position of the fixed body in the vertical direction in a state where the movable body is located at a highest highest position within the movable range of the movable body.05-14-2009
20080245932Composite tube clamp and method for making same - The present invention is an improved composite clamp having a greatly reduced profile, eliminating most of the block portion of the prior art clamp to substantially reduce the weight. The composite clamp of the present invention can be appropriately described as a “composite strap clamp”. The clamping sections are molded in an arcuate shape without the presence of block material. To provide high strength, reinforcing fibers comprising structural woven carbon fiber cloth are used together with a thermoplastic, thermoset, or thermosettable polymer. Continuous reinforcing fibers extend longitudinally through the clamping sections to provide high strength and low delamination.10-09-2008
20110266401ELECTRICAL WINDING AND TERMINATION INTERFACE - Methods and devices are provided for supporting a wire having a minimum tolerable bend radius. The device comprises a core portion with a longitudinal axis supporting at least a first portion of the wire and a flange portion attached to the core portion supporting at least a second portion of the wire. The device has at least one hole with a first opening in the first surface defined by a first rim and a second opening in the second surface defined by a second rim. The hole allows the wire to pass through and also supports the wire. The hole is oriented in three dimensions to forestall a bend that may occur in the wire having a bend radius that is less than the minimum tolerable bend radius of the wire.11-03-2011
20130119206CABLE SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A cable support structure, used in a solar application or other applications, comprising a cable structure which comprises latitudinal cables extending between two sides of an enclosure of a roof, panels or solar modules being arranged in a row on the latitudinal cables forming an array supported by the cable structure, the cable structure in turn being supported by the sides of the enclosure in such a way that weight of the array and force loads on the array are completely or partially distributed on the sides of the enclosure.05-16-2013
20080283683CABLE PROTECTION AND GUIDE DEVICE - A cable protection and guide device includes comb teeth-shaped connecting link units. A plurality of side plates of each unit are interconnected through coupling portions. Stopper links of an opposing unit fit between adjacent side plates and interengage the coupling portions. Stopper links limit the bending angle. Connecting arms are integrally molded with the side plates and reside on the bending inner circumferential side of the device opening/closing arms are integrally molded with one of the side plates and reside on the bending outer circumferential side. The comb teeth-shaped connecting link units are opposed to each other.11-20-2008
20110204190ELONGATED STRUCTURE FOR MOVABLE SECTION - In an elongated structure for a movable section, a plurality of operational linear elements such as conductive wires are arranged in parallel in a belt-like sheath member, and an outer region of the sheath member, which is defined by a bend of the sheath member, has a larger rigidity than that of an inner region of the sheath member, which is defined by the bend of the sheath member. When the sheath member 08-25-2011
20090140105Ringed Tubular Sheath and Device for Making Such a Sheath - Ringed tubular sheath comprising two open shells (06-04-2009
20090001227Cable System - A method for mounting a cable duct on a supporting surface. The cable duct includes openings for applying attachment elements, forming parts of the supporting surface into at least three hitches. The hitches are placed corresponding to the openings in the cable duct and the cable duct is mounted on the surface through the hitches.01-01-2009
20120068024Expansion joint for a cable tray apparatus for a people mover system - An expansion joint is disclosed for a cable tray apparatus for a people mover system. An expansion joint is inserted or positioned between a pair of generally rectangular electrical cable trays having first and second ends. The cable trays are connected in an end-to-end relationship. The expansion joint has first and second ends and is positioned between the pair of cable trays so that the first end thereof is connected to the second end of the adjacent cable tray and so that the second end thereof is connected to the first end of the adjacent cable tray. The expansion joint includes body portions which are slidably movable towards one another or slidably movable away from one another to compensate for expansion and contraction of the cable tray apparatus.03-22-2012
20120068023Cable tray apparatus for a people mover system - A cable tray apparatus is provided a people mover system such as a Sky Train or the like. The cable tray apparatus is made up of a plurality of identical cable trays which are secured together in an end-to-end relationship. The cable trays are selectively laterally horizontally adjustable with respect to one another and are selectively vertically adjustable with respect to one another to correspond to curves in the roadway of the system and to correspond to elevational changes in the roadway of the system.03-22-2012
20090321586Cable Retainer - Device including flexible main sheet, two fold regions, and two flexible flap sheets. Main sheet has first and second opposite sides and edge surrounding sides. Fold regions are located along two spaced-apart portions of edge. Each flap sheet has first and second opposite sides. Flap sheets are integrated with main sheet at fold regions. Flap sheets are configured for being bent toward first side of main sheet. Main sheet is configured for being bent to move fold regions toward each other, while retaining bias for moving fold regions away from each other. Apparatus including trough and device. Trough includes base member integrated with two spaced-apart wall members forming side walls in trough. One side of each flap sheet in contact with a side wall. Main sheet is bent with fold regions at least partially positioned toward each other, and configured for retaining bias for moving fold regions away from each other. Methods also provided.12-31-2009
20090289151Coolant Line Clip Assemblies for Use With Fluid Delivery Systems - The present disclosure provides a fluid clip for use with a coolant system for electrosurgical procedures. The fluid clip includes a clip housing having proximal and distal ends and a channel defined therethrough. The channel is dimensioned to receive tubing for carrying a cooling fluid from a cooling source. The fluid clip includes a luer that includes a passageway defined therethrough. The passageway is dimensioned to securely receive the tubing such that the tubing extends through the luer for reception within the channel defined in the clip housing. The luer includes one or more interface on a surface thereof that matingly engages a corresponding interface on the clip housing. The interface on the luer cooperates with the interface on the clip housing to limit rotation of the tubing.11-26-2009
20090078831Holder for a pipeline - The invention relates to a holder (03-26-2009
20100258683Frame - A frame of modular form for cable entries, pipe penetrations or the like is disclosed. The frame comprises at least two identical end modules. Depending on the desired dimensions, one or more intermediate module is placed between the end modules. The modules form at least one opening to receive the cable entries, pipe penetrations or the like. The frame may cover the openings of the frame before the cables, pipes or the like are received.10-14-2010
20110057076Cover For Cable Fitting Base - A cover is releasably secured to a fitting base. The fitting base includes a bottom and sidewalls with a top edge. The cover includes a top having a latch receiving area, a bottom opposite the top and a sliding latch. The sliding latch is positioned on the latch receiving area of the cover. The sliding latch includes a first end with a finger tab, a main body and a second end with locking feet. In the closed position, the sliding latch secures the cover to the cable fitting base.03-10-2011
20090108145Cable Pathway System - A cable pathway system has a base with a bottom, a generally planar top surface, a first side, and a second side. The base is configured to be secured to an electronic equipment enclosure and also has an aperture formed therein and a wall positioned adjacent to the aperture. The wall has a curved surface that extends from the top surface to the bottom. A first sidewall extends from the top surface along the first side and extends generally perpendicular to the top surface and substantially along the length of the first side. A second sidewall also extends from the top surface along the second side and extends generally perpendicular to the top surface and substantially along the length of the second side.04-30-2009
20110108678EXHAUST SYSTEM HANGER OF VEHICLE - The present invention relates to an exhaust system hanger of a vehicle, in which two protrusions facing and spaced apart from each other are integrally formed at a center portion between both distal ends of the hanger, and the two protrusions selectively contact each other to increase a spring constant, when the shape of the hanger is elastically deformed by external force beyond a predetermined elastic value.05-12-2011
20100163689MANIPULATOR - A manipulator includes a mechanical arm, a cable positioned in the mechanical arm, at least one cable protection device, and a plurality of fasteners. The at least one cable protection device is fixed to the mechanical arm by the fasteners. The mechanical arm defines a receiving slot, in which the cable is partially received. The at least one cable protection device includes a fixing member and a resilient arm. The fixing member is connected to the mechanical arm, opposite to the receiving slot. The resilient arm is capable of swinging relative to the fixing member.07-01-2010
20090032649UMBILICAL-MEMBER PROCESSING STRUCTURE FOR INDUSTRIAL ROBOT - An umbilical-member processing structure for an industrial robot which includes a forearm having a tool managing and relaying device and a wrist with proximal end rotatably connected to the forearm and having a work tool mounted on the distal end thereof, with an umbilical-member connected to the work tool being disposed to run along the wrist via the tool managing and relaying device: wherein the forearm has a first reduction gear which reduces the rotational speed of a driving source to drive the forearm in rotation; the first reduction gear having a first insertion hole for passing the umbilical-member therein; and wherein the wrist comprises a first wrist element having a through-path in communication with the first insertion hole and rotatably connected to the forearm, and a second wrist element having a second insertion hole in communication with the through-path and rotatably connected to the first wrist element; and wherein a conduit for passing the umbilical-member from one end to the other end is provided in the first insertion hole of the forearm, in the through-path of the first wrist element, and in the second insertion hole of the second wrist element; and wherein, with one end of the conduit being inserted in the first insertion hole so as to permit movement in an axial direction and in a direction of outer circumference of the conduit, the other end of the conduit is held on the second wrist element in cantilever fashion by a conduit holding member so as to restrict movement of the conduit in the axial direction thereof.02-05-2009
20090250560Utility Tray Module for Power Plant Construction - Utility tray for accommodating cables, pipelines, and other utilities comprises a plurality of tray modules. The tray module has a hanging strip that attaches to the structural component of the concrete, such as welded studs and rebars. Concrete locking groove is provided to interlock the concrete wall, thus rigidity of attachment to the concrete is enhanced. A vertical locking protrusion and a vertical locking groove are provided to position and interlock tray modules vertically. A lateral locking fin and a offset notch are provided to interlock tray modules laterally. Tray modules can be made by extrusion method and roll-formed method. The tray modules are assembled laterally and vertically to form a utility tray of desired length and height. Besides accommodating utilities, the utility tray can serve as the construction mold during concrete pouring.10-08-2009
20100123048Cable bus support block and system - A cable bus system with a bus housing and a cable bus support block is provided. The support block has a body that has a front face, a back face, and a top face. The body defines a first cable receiving feature that extends from the front face to the back face. Indicia is present on the body for use in indicating a cable that is to be disposed within the first cable receiving feature. Also provided is a cable bus support block with a body formed at least partially by a polymer and an antidrip additive. The antidrip additive functions to minimize dripping of the body during burning of the body. Also provided are one or more slots located at the first cable receiving feature for heat dissipation.05-20-2010
20110006168SUPPORT RAILS - A support rail structured to support a plurality of rods for transport. The support rail has an elongated body with an elongated passage therethrough. The body has a cross-sectional shape resembling two trapezoids coupled along their minor bases with the upper trapezoid being smaller than the lower trapezoid. Passages extend longitudinally through each trapezoidal portion of the body. The passage through the upper portion is structured to accommodate the band. The passage in the lower portion is divided into sub-passages by at least one support. The band is passed through the first passage and wrapped about the rods.01-13-2011
20100320334Device and Method for Mechanically Bonding & Grounding Painted Cable Trays - A suspension tray is provided that is adapted to hold a plurality of cables and/or wires that includes a device for electrically bonding and grounding the tray. The tray comprises a series of spokes forming a wire mesh support on which the cables and/or wires are placed. The device (which serves to electrically bond and ground the tray) comprises a plurality of conductive elements affixed to the wire mesh support. Each conductive element may comprise two side portions and a middle portion. The two side portions are preferably sealed with a paint composition and the middle portion comprises a conductive surface that is capable of electrically bonding and grounding the tray.12-23-2010
20100078528CABLE TRAY FOR A WIND TURBINE TOWER - A cable tray for a wind turbine tower includes a first section; a second section spaced apart from the first section; and an elastomer member connecting the first section to the second section.04-01-2010
20090121088Pipe/cable enclosure and method for enclosing pipes and cables - The invention relates to a pipe/cable enclosure for pipes and cables of a medical diagnostic device, said enclosure surrounding the pipes/cables running from the diagnostic device to a partition wall and having at least one folding wall element with folds which, in the assembled state, is disposed folded at the folds around the pipes/cables, thus surrounding the pipes/cables.05-14-2009
20120153090Roof mounted air hose and electrical cord holder - A roof mounted air hose holder is provided which is adapted to be mounted on roofs having different pitches. The air hose holder may also be mounted on a flat roof. In a modified form of the invention, one of the air hose reels of the air hose holder may be replaced by an electrical cord reel. In another embodiment, both of the air hose reels may be replaced by electrical cord reels.06-21-2012
20120205497METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STORING AND RECHARGING ELECTRONIC DEVICES - An organizer and method of use is disclosed, wherein the organizer includes a plurality of movable and repositionable walls, and securing devices for movably and repositionally attaching the divider walls to a support to accommodate different sizes and shapes of electronic devices to be stored and recharged. Routing devices position cables for recharging electronic devices leaning against the divider walls.08-16-2012
20090090819HVAC DUCT ASSEMBLY AND SUPPORT - A support assembly for supporting a flexible duct includes a radius strap for maintaining the desired angle of bend for the flexible duct. The radius strap retains its shape through ribs along the back side of the strap. The assembly is secured at both ends to the flexible duct via arms branching off of cross pieces which branch off from the radius strap. The arms contain slots which allow varying connection devices to pass through and across indentations at the ends of the ribs to secure the flexible duct to the assembly itself and to varying pieces of HVAC equipment.04-09-2009
20120205498CABLE PROTECTION AND GUIDE DEVICE - There is provided an articulated cable protection and guide apparatus that can securely guide and cables between a machine frame-side fixing end area and a machine movable-side moving end area without scattering abrasion powder of the articulated supporting members and the cables to the outside and that can be easily installed in the machine frame-side fixing end area and the machine movable-side moving end area. Connector units, fixed to the machine frame-side fixing end area and the machine movable-side moving end area, integrally retain articulated end portions of the articulated supporting member, cable end portions of the cables and slot end portions of the flexible belt member and seal the slot end portions of the flexible belt member.08-16-2012
20120056045Line Guide - A two piece line guide is shown where the user can remove a pin or screw and rotate one portion of the line guide to open it and allow the user to install, remove or replace a line in the guide. In one embodiment the line guide opens in a vertical manner and in a second embodiment, the line guide opens in a horizontal manner. The line guides can be affixed to a flat surface while others can be affixed to a post or stanchion either with fasteners or lashings or both.03-08-2012
20090065655PART CLAMP AND NAILING MACHINE - A part clamp is temporarily held in a short cylindrical portion provided on a contact arm of a nailing machine and is nailed to a building body or the like by the nailing machine. The part clamp is provided with a base portion having a through hole at its center for inserting a nail therethrough, and an engaging portions for engaging with the short cylindrical portion. When the part clamp is pushed in the axial direction of an injection port of the nailing machine, the part clamp is temporarily held in the short cylindrical portion. The load to push the part clamp to engage with the short cylindrical portion is lower than the load to push the contact arm to slide along the injection port.03-12-2009
20120126067CABLE ROUTING DEVICE - Device for routing cables, more particularly intended for routing and distributing electric cables having an elongated shape (05-24-2012
20090026323Network Cable Bundling Tool - A network cable bundling tool is disclosed, comprising an inner fitting retained within an outer jacket assembly. The outer jacket assembly comprises a first outer jacket half coupled to a substantially identical second outer jacket half, securing the inner fitting therein. The outer jacket assembly comprises a cylindrical housing, an intake orifice defined within the intake housing, and a plurality of funneling projections coupled to the cylindrical housing wherein the plurality of funneling projections form an array assuming the general shape of a truncated faceted cone. In operation, network cable wires are inserted into the inner fitting, and the inner fitting is then secured within the outer jacket assembly. The network cable bundling tool is then displaced in the desired direction of combing, arranging the network cables into an organized and space-efficient shape.01-29-2009
20120132759Cable and Other Element Securing Method - The method includes the utilization of clips or hooks or other securing elements of any configuration or means of attachment that may be affixed to the body of a gutter guard for the purpose of receiving and securing heating cables and/or other cables or elements. Additionally, the method includes the use of openings or grommets within the body of a gutter guard through which cables or other elements may pass and be secured.05-31-2012
20120312933SUPPORTING AND GUIDING DEVICE FOR POWER LINES FOR EXCAVATION DEVICES - A supporting and guiding device for power lines 12-13-2012
20090314902Network Cable Bundling Tool - A network cable bundling tool is disclosed, comprising an inner fitting retained within an outer jacket assembly. The outer jacket assembly comprises a first outer jacket half coupled to a substantially identical second outer jacket half, securing the inner fitting therein. The outer jacket assembly comprises a cylindrical housing, an intake orifice defined within the intake housing, and a plurality of funneling projections coupled to the cylindrical housing wherein the plurality of funneling projections form an array assuming the general shape of a truncated faceted cone. In operation, network cable wires are inserted into the inner fitting, and the inner fitting is then secured within the outer jacket assembly. The network cable bundling tool is then displaced in the desired direction of combing, arranging the network cables into an organized and space-efficient shape.12-24-2009
20120228437ARTICULATED CABLE PROTECTION AND GUIDE APPARATUS - There is provided an articulated cable protection and guide apparatus that can securely and stably guide a large number of cables, can assure durability of articulated supporting members that operate between straight and bending postures for a long period of time, and can be easily disassembled and assembled at a machine frame-side stationary end-side connector unit or at a moving end-side connector unit. The articulated cable protection and guide apparatus comprises: a stationary end-side connector unit for affixing each stationary end of articulated supporting members, cables and a flexible belt member integrally to a machine frame-side stationary end area; a moving end-side connector unit for affixing each moving end of the articulated supporting members, cables and a flexible belt member integrally to a movable-side moving end area.09-13-2012
20110121141MULTIJOINT CABLE PROTECTION AND GUIDE DEVICE - The invention provides a multijoint cable protection and guide device that steadily protects and guides cables and the like that assume flexed and straight postures. The device includes a flexible belt member in which a plurality of center tubular portions through which cables are inserted and a pair of right and left side tubular portions disposed in parallel along the center tubular portions. The center tubular portions and the pair of right and left side tubular portions are integrally molded. A pair of right and left multijoint supporting members is inserted through side tubular portions of the flexible belt member. The multijoint supporting member is composed of a large number of block bodies that are flexibly connected together by concave-convex fittings.05-26-2011
20120298808Method and Apparatus For Adjusting The Height of a Failed Furniture Cylinder - A system for adjusting and maintaining the height of a failed adjustable cylinder used in furniture is provided. The clamps 11-29-2012
20090065656Molded plastic pass through article with flexible transverse lock arms - An electrical connector has a connector body in the form of a molded plastic pass through article that has a cylindrical portion that is inserted into a panel hole. The article has a flange at one end of the cylindrical portion engaging an insertion side of the panel, and a plurality of supports extending from an opposite end of the cylindrical portion in an axial direction away from the cylindrical portion. A plurality of flexible transverse lock arms are attached to the plurality of supports and extend therefrom in cantilever fashion. The plurality of flexible transverse lock arms are spaced from the cylindrical portion in the axial direction and terminate in lock feet that engage the back side of the panel.03-12-2009
20130020446RETAINING RAIL FOR ACCOMMODATING A HEATING PIPE - For a retaining rail for accommodating a heating pipe of an underfloor heating system, comprising at least one side wall (01-24-2013
20090026322Cable routing device - A cable routing device for installation on a post of a computing system board, includes a tube shaped main body having a hollow inner cavity. The main body includes a lower generally cylindrical portion having a first inner diameter sized to achieve a clearance fit over the post, and a flexible upper portion having a general shape of a truncated cone when in an unflexed condition, the flexible upper portion having slits arranged approximately opposite to each other thereby defining two sides to the flexible upper portion, the flexible upper portion having a second inner diameter proximate to a top of the flexible upper portion. When the flexible upper portion is in the unflexed condition, the second inner diameter is smaller than the first inner diameter and smaller than an effective diameter of the post, and when the two sides are flexed in an outward direction the device achieves a clearance fit over the post. The device further includes a cable clip molded to the main body, and configured to retain a plurality of cables.01-29-2009
20100181438CABLE ROUTING DEVICE - Device for routing cables, more particularly intended for routing and distributing electric cables having an elongated shape (07-22-2010
20130009018METHOD OF CABLE FABRICATION - The embodiments disclose a method of cable fabrication, achieved by encasing a flat piece of steel in silicone to form a flexrail, attaching two or more flexrails to a cable in a secondary bonding operation to create a flexible self-supporting cable and encasing two or more flat pieces of steel and one or more flat cable elements in a continuous automated encasement bonding operation to create a flexible self-supporting cable of any length.01-10-2013
20130015300TELESCOPIC COLUMN, PREFERABLY FOR FURNITUREAANM Klinke; NorbertAACI AugustenborgAACO DKAAGP Klinke; Norbert Augustenborg DK - A telescopic lifting column (01-17-2013
20130015299ADAPTER FOR FASTENING A SUPPORT PROFILEAANM Koerner; StefanAACI EschenburgAACO DEAAGP Koerner; Stefan Eschenburg DEAANM Neuhof; MarkusAACI Enhringshausen-NiederlempAACO DEAAGP Neuhof; Markus Enhringshausen-Niederlemp DEAANM Root; PaulAACI Bad EndbachAACO DEAAGP Root; Paul Bad Endbach DE - The invention relates to an adapter for fastening a support profile, comprising a profile receptacle having a supporting section, and a fastening side which at least in some areas is spaced from the supporting section, wherein a cable maneuvering compartment is formed between the supporting section and the fastening side and is spatially connected to a feedthrough of the supporting section and at least one cable feedthrough. Using said design, cables coming from a wide variety of directions can be fed to the adapter in a simple and organized manner.01-17-2013
20080197240Coupler for Cable Trough - Elements, couplers, systems, and methods for joining two or more trough members. A locking element for a coupler of a cable trough system includes a frame member including a shaft, a pawl member including first and second ends, and defining an aperture, the shaft of the frame member extending through the aperture so that the pawl member pivots on the shaft, and a member positioned to engage the first end of the pawl member to pivot the pawl member about the shaft into a locked position. When a force is applied to the first end in a direction opposite to that exerted by the member, the pawl member moves about the shaft into an unlocked position.08-21-2008
20120256058TILTED MODULE FOR ASSEMBLING NETWORK DISTRIBUTION DEVICE - A tilted module adapted to assemble a network distribution device and disposed between a frame and at least a panel of the network distribution device, characterized in that the tilted module having a casing adapted to allow a protruding portion to be disposed at a front of the casing of the tilted module and extend toward two ends thereof to form two tilted surfaces positioned proximate thereto, respectively, the tilted surfaces each having a wall disposed thereon and adapted to engage with the panels, wherein a plurality of fixing elements each extend backward from the casing to engage with the frame, such that the casing is mounted on the frame, thereby allowing the network distribution device thus assembled to facilitate wiring management and saves layout space.10-11-2012
20100308181PIPE SUPPORT BASE - To provide a pipe support base with good workability which has the solid body, the channel groove formed on one of four side longitudinal surfaces of the solid body, and the engagement member fitting over the surface of the channel groove and designed to function as the rail for the pipe fastener to slide along the channel groove.12-09-2010
20110303797POWER POLE EXTENDER - A power pole extender for extending the length of a base power pole includes a housing having a central divider separating a first channel within the housing from a second channel within the housing. The power pole extender interfaces with the base power pole such that the first and second channels communicate with power and communication channels of the base power pole, respectively, allowing power and communication wiring to extend therethrough. The power pole extender includes a first support sleeve partially disposed within the first channel and extending outwardly therefrom and a second support sleeve partially disposed within the second channel and extending outwardly therefrom. The first and second support sleeves provide structural support to the interface between the power pole extender and the base power pole. The power pole extender may be secured to the base power pole by a detachable clip.12-15-2011
20130206926AIRCRAFT ELECTRICAL CABLE RACEWAY - An electrical cable raceway for an aircraft, the electrical cable raceway being formed at least in part from a ceramic material.08-15-2013

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