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20130062499Mini shopping bag holder - An ultra compact, lightweight, sturdy bag holder that comprises an elongated shaped body of rigid material having a predetermined cross-sectional shape and strength that can easily be carried in the palm of ones' hand (FIG. 03-14-2013
20130068923RETAIL PRODUCT ASSEMBLY WITH HANGER - A hanger, for supporting a retail item from a separate support structure, includes a support interface portion, a transverse section, an intermediate section, and a base section. The support interface portion is configured to selectively receive the separate support structure. The transverse section extends from the support interface portion and defines a bottom edge of the transverse section. The intermediate section extends from the transverse section. The base section extends downwardly from the intermediate section. The base section defines two side edges tapered toward one another such that a width of the base section gradually decreases as the base section extends away from the intermediate section. The base section is configured to partially deflect to slide through an elongated opening of the retail item such that during use the intermediate section and the base section are positioned on opposite sides of the elongated opening and the intermediate section extends through the elongated opening.03-21-2013
20130161478Sensor Carrier and Sensor Module, in Particular for Use in a Local Control Unit for Motor Vehicles - The invention discloses a sensor carrier (06-27-2013
20120091313HOLDER AND USER INTERFACE STRUCTURE FOR HANDHELD MOBILE DEVICE - Various embodiments of user interface structures for handheld mobile devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, the user interface structure can include a frame surrounding a carrier portion which secures a mobile device. The shape of the frame can be related to an intended use or application of the mobile device. For example, in embodiments wherein the mobile device is used to play a driving-type video game, the frame can be in the shape of a steering wheel. The structure can be configured to allow the user to grasp and move the frame so as to simultaneously move the handheld mobile device. The structure can further serve as a protective enclosure that can prevent the mobile device from being damaged.04-19-2012
20120286132Arrangement Consisting Of A Support And A Tie Bolt - An arrangement, comprising a bearing support (11-15-2012
20120091312ONE-HANDED, BACK-BASED SUPPORT FOR A HAND-HELD OBJECT - The present disclosure is directed to a protective support device that includes a planar unitary elastomeric body having a central portion and at least two end segments extending from the central portion, each end segment having an opening formed therein, each opening structured to engage with opposing corners of a tablet computer.04-19-2012
20120068046Film-Carrying System and a Film-Carrying Device Used Therein - A film-carrying system and a film-carrying device used therein are provided. The film-carrying system includes a support base, a film-carrying device and a film. The film-carrying device includes a support connection part, an elastic part, and a film connection part. The support connection part is coupled to the support base while the film connection part is coupled to the film. The elastic part has a free end and a fixed end; the free end connects to the film connection part, and the fixed end connects to the support connection part. The elastic deformation of the elastic part provides the film connection part with a degree of freedom in linear displacement, and the film connection part also has a degree of freedom in angular displacement corresponding to the support connection part.03-22-2012
20120068045Film-Carrying System and a Film-Carrying Device Used Therein - A film-carrying system and a film-carrying device used therein are provided. The film-carrying system includes a support base, a film-carrying device and a film. The film-carrying device includes a support connection part, an elastic part, and a film connection part. The support connection part is coupled to the support base while the film connection part is coupled to the film. The elastic part has a free end and a fixed end; the free end connects to the film connection part, and the fixed end connects to the support connection part. The elastic deformation of the elastic part provides the film connection part with a degree of freedom in linear displacement, and the film connection part also has a degree of freedom in angular displacement corresponding to the support connection part.03-22-2012
20120068044HANDS FREE MEDIA PLATFORM - A hands free media platform apparatus is disclosed. The media platform may include a collar, a pair or arms projecting from the collar, and a platform coupled to the arms. The platform is adapted to hold media so that the media is viewable by a user wearing the apparatus without the media being hand held. The apparatus may include adjustable elements providing customized viewing angles of media carried on the platform.03-22-2012
20090200447TILT LOCK MECHANISM AND METHOD FOR A MOVEABLE OPTICAL OR DISPLAY DEVICE - An optical device may include at least one optical element and a coupling section adapted to control relative movement between the at least one optical element and the coupling section. The coupling section may include an engaging element and a detent mechanism adapted to adjustably lock the at least one optical element in a plurality of rotational positions. The rotational positions may include rotational positions around a first axis that is substantially perpendicular to a second axis of the at least one optical element, the second axis being a substantially longitudinal axis of the at least one optical element.08-13-2009
20100001170Earpiece holder with access portal and pivoting clip element - The present invention is generally directed to a retention means for receiving and retaining aural attenuation devices, and specifically to a holder for earpieces that has multiple points for temporarily affixing earpieces with the holder and means for removably attaching the holder to a secondary surface. The holder includes a plurality of access portals through the side surface aspects for accessing the earpiece contained therein and allowing for retention of earpieces having significantly different profiles and geometries. Attached to the holder is a clip element comprising a front and back clip profile. The front and back clip profiles act upon one another to achieve a pinch point useful for allowing the holder to be slidably engaged onto a surface such as a collar, pocket, purse edge or the like. The clip element is attached to the holder through a rotatable mount that allows the clip to move through a 360° planar arc relative to a long axis of the holder.01-07-2010
20120068043PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICE HOLDER SYSTEMS - An assembly for facilitating holding an electronic device, such as a tablet, or the like comprising a cover for detachably receiving and holding the electronic device and a handle mounted on the cover and rotatable about an axis generally perpendicular to the plane of the back of the electronic device.03-22-2012
20090230279Leverage Device and System Using Same - The present invention relates to a leverage device for leveraging a first member into a final position relative to a second member. Also disclosed is a leverage system that uses the leverage device. The leverage device of the present invention at least includes a mounting bracket, an actuating lever, a first linkage member, a second linkage member, and a cam.09-17-2009
20100059654Protective holder for hall-based speed sensor - A sensor assembly includes a lead frame holding a Hall sensor. The lead frame is sandwiched between top and bottom unitarily molded plastic holder halves to protect the lead frame during subsequent overmolding.03-11-2010
20100025562Tool storage device - A tool storage device is adapted for retaining a hand tool thereon, and includes a seat engaging component and a storage unit. The seat engaging component includes a web wall, and top and bottom walls cooperating with the web wall to define a receiving space. Each of the top and bottom walls has a distal edge. The distal edges cooperatively define an opening in spatial communication with the receiving space. The storage unit includes a slidable seat that has a connecting portion extending into the receiving space through the opening, a positioning plate connected to an outer end of the connecting portion and mounted with a positioning seat, and upper and lower engaging components disposed in the receiving space, each extending from an inner end of the connecting portion and abutting resiliently against the web wall of the seat engaging component.02-04-2010
20090032676MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR AIR FRESHENER - A mounting apparatus for securely fixing an air freshener such as a fragrance bag includes a panel of a computer and a fixing box accommodating the fragrance bag. One end of the box is pivotably mounted to the panel, and the other end is detachably fixed to the panel. Because of the mounting apparatus, the fragrance bag can't drop from the fixing box even when the computer is moved.02-05-2009
20130248679DEVICE FOR TRAVERSING AN OBJECT - A device for allowing work to be carried out on or about an object includes at least one gripping arrangement. The at least one gripping arrangement is configured to grip and traverse the object so as to reach a desired location on the object and to anchor the device thereto for allowing the work to be carried out.09-26-2013
20130193302Bow hanging apparatus - Archery artisans using 2108-01-2013
248683000 Mounted by vacuum, adhesive or magnet 12
20130043371MOUNTING STRUCTURE OF MAGNETIC MEMBER, METHOD OF BONDING MAGNETIC MEMBER AND MAGNETIC COUPLING MEMBER, PICKUP UNIT, AND DISC APPARATUS - A mounting structure of a magnetic member at least includes: a magnetic member; a magnetic coupling member mounted with the magnetic member; and an adhesive member bonding the magnetic member to the magnetic coupling member, either one or both of the magnetic member and the magnetic coupling member provided with an adhesion securing portion configured to secure adhesive strength, either one or both of the magnetic member and the magnetic coupling member provided with an adhesive member reservoir portion configured to lead the adhesive member to the adhesion securing portion.02-21-2013
20090302190CHIP HOLDER, FLUIDIC SYSTEM AND CHIP HOLDER SYSTEM - A chip holder for holding a fluidic chip and for providing a fluid connection thereto has a guide adapted such that the fluidic chip can be slid into the chip holder in a guiding direction. The chip holder further has a fastener adapted to press a fluidic connection toward the fluidic chip, such that the fluidic chip is fixed within the chip holder. The guide and the fastener are adapted such that the guiding direction and the direction in which the fluidic connection is pressed exhibit an angle in the range between 45° and 135°, including 45° and 135°. A fluidic system has a chip holder and a fluidic chip inserted therein. A chip holder system has a chip holder and an extension module attached thereto such that the extension module is in contact with the fluidic chip, when the fluidic chip is inserted in the chip holder.12-10-2009
20080217506MAGNETIC TRIM - Magnetic trim (baseboards, crown molding, door jams, etc.) that will be secured to permanent structures (walls or ceilings), using magnetic attraction between a magnet and a magnetic conductor is disclosed. The magnetic properties between the magnets within the trim and the magnetic conductor placed on the permanent structure will keep the trim securely in place while providing for easy removal and replacement of the trim.09-11-2008
20080245947Gripping Mat - A mat having a resiliently deformable mat portion and a securing element provided thereon for securing an item attached thereto against movement and relative to the mat portion is provided. The mat is arranged to grip a support surface on which the mat portion is laid, in use, by formation of at least a partial vacuum between the mat portion and the support surface upon deformation of the mat portion. The mat comprises a projection arranged to urge the item away from the mat when held by the mat, thereby to create a deformation in the mat portion.10-09-2008
20080217505MAGNETIC SECURING DEVICE FOR TRIM - A two-piece magnetic device will secure trim (baseboards, crown molding, door jams, etc.) to permanent structures (walls or ceilings). The magnetic device will be comprised of a thin magnet strip and a magnetic conductor is disclosed. Each of the pieces of the device will be attached to the trim and the permanent structure, respectively. The magnetic properties between the magnets on the trim and the magnetic conductor placed on the permanent structure will keep the trim securely in place while providing for easy removal and replacement of the trim.09-11-2008
20120175491RFID TAG HOLDER - The present invention relates to an RFID tag holder, which comprises an RFID tag carrier used to carry an RFID tag, and a base having a circular surface, a holding portion and at least one magnetic component disposed therein. The shape of the circular surface matches that of the disposing hole, the magnetic component is used to make the disposing hole magnetically attachable to combine the base with the disposing hole, and two clip arms of a holding unit grip the holding portion and hold the RFID tag carrier after passing through two through holes of a metal substrate. The RFID tag holder has the following advantages: fast installation, low cost and reusability; is suitable for disposing holes with any depth and size; reduced interference and improved reading effect; no extra processing cost; dust-proof, water-proof and oil-resistant; and better composability, extensibility and flexibility.07-12-2012
20080258035Plastic Container Provided With At Least One Suction Cup - The invention relates to a plastic container provided with at least one suction cup. Said container comprises a holding recess (10-23-2008
20130221189Low Profile Secure Asymmetrical Turn-Lock Coupling Mechanism With Magnetic Rotational Orientation Locks - The device provides a quick release holding capability. The holder apparatus include a top plate attachment for the portable handheld-size device and a base plate mounted on a variety of surfaces via means that include but not limited to: brackets, screws, rivets, etc. Asymmetrical turn lock mechanism in conjunction with magnetic locks prevents accidental release. It also has additional feature where the portable device can be turned 360 degrees in increments of 90 degree angles activating magnetic locks in each 90 degree position.08-29-2013
20120012734SUPPORT WITH SPACER FOR PLAIN DOUBLE FACE DISPLAY, WITH ARRANGEMENT IN SLIDING SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC BENDING AND OPENING - ‘Support with spacer for plain, double face display, with arrangement in sliding system for automatic folding and opening’, presenting support (01-19-2012
20090072118GPS with radar detector - A GPS system includes a frame having a window, a GPS navigator supported by the frame, wherein a display of the GPS navigator is facing opposite to the window of the frame, a radar detector received in the frame to align with the window thereof, and an attaching element attaching the GPS system to an interior side surface of a vehicle such that the display of the GPS navigator is rearwardly facing towards the driver while the radar detector is forwardly sending out detecting signal through the window of the frame. The GPS system integrates the two important driving assistant equipments together, occupies minimal mounting space, and utilize only one car power outlet.03-19-2009
20100237222ACCESSORY STRUCTURE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - An accessory structure for portable electronic device includes a primary member and a resisting member. The primary member includes a seat and a supporting plate. The seat defines a recessed portion. The supporting plate includes a flexible portion allowing the seat to be bent relative to the supporting plate. The resisting member is received in the recessed portion. The resisting member is rotatably attached to the recessed portion.09-23-2010
20130187023Apparatus Stand - An apparatus including a housing; and a stand connected to the housing. The stand is configured to cooperate with the housing for the housing and the stand to support the apparatus on a surface. The stand is movable on the housing between a retracted position and an extended position. In the retracted position the stand is substantially flat against the housing. In the extended position the stand projects from the housing with a general triangular shape.07-25-2013
248684000 Including cutting or piercing of the article 2
20090230280Carrier and Method for Manufacturing Flexible Display Panel - A carrier applicable to a laser releasing process and for carrying at least a flexible display panel is provided. The flexible display panel is formed on a transparent substrate and includes a display main body and a driving circuit module connected to an edge of the display main body. The carrier includes a carrying plate having at least a carrying area for carrying the flexible display panel and a protecting cover disposed on the carrying plate and located at an edge of the carrying area. A receiving space is formed between the protecting cover and the carrying plate for receiving the driving circuit module. The protecting cover is for shielding the driving circuit module to prevent the driving circuit module from being irradiated by a laser beam in the laser releasing process. A method for manufacturing flexible display panel also is provided.09-17-2009
20090026347TAXIDERMY MOUNTING TOOL AND METHOD - A taxidermy mounting tool an apparatus for performing a taxidermy procedure is disclosed, wherein the taxidermy mounting tool includes a plug adapted to be disposed in an aperture formed in the mannikin and formed on an end of a means for posing.01-29-2009
248685000 Retractable within article 5
20130161479SUPPORT APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE EMPLOYING THE SUPPORT APPARATUS - A support apparatus supports an electronic device on a supporting surface. The support apparatus includes a first support leg and a second support leg. One end of the first support leg is rotatably connected to the electronic device, and the first support leg defines a receiving space therein. One end of the second support leg is rotatably connected to an opposite end of the first support leg. When in a closed state, the support apparatus is completely stowed in the electronic device. When the support apparatus is in a first inclined state, the second support leg is received in the receiving space but the support apparatus is oriented in a position obliquely unfolded from the electronic device. When in a second inclined state, the support apparatus is oriented in the position obliquely unfolded from the electronic device, but the second support leg is unfolded from the receiving space.06-27-2013
20110042548PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SUPPORTING MEMBER - A portable electronic device is disclosed. The portable electronic device includes a main body and a supporting member rotatably connected to the main body. The main body defines a chamber for receiving detachable elements of the portable electronic device therein. The supporting member includes a number of supporting sheets which can be folded or unfolded relatively to each other. The folded supporting member is configured for covering the chamber of the main body, and the unfolded supporting member is configured for supporting the main body.02-24-2011
20090321609Portable Electronics - A portable electronics comprises a main body and a supporting device, and the supporting device is rotatably connected to the main body wherein, the portable electronics further comprises an automatic opening device, which enables the supporting device to rotate automatically to a position to form an angle between the supporting device and the main body. The portable electronics can automatically open the supporting device and ensure the supporting device to keep a stable angle to the main body after flicking, which makes it convenient for the user to use.12-31-2009
20120160988FOLDABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE KEYPAD - A foldable electronic device includes a base defining a chamber, and a cover pivotably connected to the base. The electronic device further includes a keypad including a first end pivotably connected to the cover, and a second end moveably received in the chamber. During opening and closing of the cover, the first end of the keypad moves together with the cover and the second end slides in the chamber, thereby changing a space between the keypad and the base.06-28-2012
20100308202ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH SUPPORT - An electronic device, comprising: a back cover, a first support, and a second support; wherein, the back cover forms a receiving groove; the first support comprises a support portion and a connection portion rotationally connected to the back cover; the second support comprises a support portion, at least one hook portion, and a connection portion rotationally connected to the back cover; when in a folded position, the first support and the second support are received in the receiving groove of the back cover; and when in an unfolded position, the support portion of the first support is engaged with the at least one hook portion of the second support; the second support cooperates with an edge of the electronic device to form a stable structure to support the electronic device.12-09-2010
248686000 Embedded within article 4
20100133414MOBILE TERMINAL HAVING SUPPORTING MEMBER - A mobile terminal having a supporting member is provided. The mobile terminal includes a main body having a first hinge portion, a first part mounted in the main body, and the supporting member having a second hinge portion connected to the first hinge portion. The supporting member is inserted into the main body and coupled to the main body by rotating about the first hinge portion. By integrally forming the main body of the mobile terminal and the supporting member, a manufacturing cost of the mobile terminal can be reduced and inadvertent loss of the supporting member by a user can be prevented. Further, when the supporting member is stored in a folded position in the main body of the mobile terminal, the supporting member can be used for aesthetic purposes and can provide an enhanced external appearance.06-03-2010
20090026348Object Caddy - A method and apparatus for the hands-free holding and carrying of objects.01-29-2009
20110101199Magnetic soap holder - The device of the present application is essentially a soap-holding device that suspends the bar of soap from the top surface as opposed to placing it down. The primary objective of this device is to receive various bars of soap through the implementation of a magnet, in a way that prevents them from creating soap-scum and from accumulating harmful bacteria that can form on dirty and unsanitary surfaces. It also creates an intriguing atmosphere to the bathroom or kitchen, while adding a little fun and excitement to washing with bar soap.05-05-2011
20120025056FIXTURE FOR PROTECTIVE RAILING - This invention relates to a concrete embedment fixture for mounting of protective railing. The fixture has a tubular member (02-02-2012
248687000 Anti-mar or nonslip e.g., cushioned 4
20080272268INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE HAVING A CABLE RETAINER AND A CABLE RETAINER FOR AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An internal combustion engine has a cylinder which has a cylinder longitudinal axis. The internal combustion engine has at least one cooling fin. In order to route the cable in a defined fashion so that the internal combustion engine can be arranged even in a constricted installation space, a cable retainer is provided which is arranged on at least one cooling fin of the internal combustion engine and which retains at least one cable. A cable retainer for securing at least one cable to an internal combustion engine has at least one receptacle for at least one cable and at least one means for positioning the cable retainer on the internal combustion engine.11-06-2008
20100102197SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COVERING A MONITOR SCREEN - A screen cover temporarily protects the screen of flat panel monitors. The screen cover generally includes a planar screen shield, which may be positioned in front of the monitor screen, and a plurality of elongated retention arms that are moveable between releasing and secured positions, which engage a rear surface of the monitor. The retention arms may include one or more articulating joints that employ springs to bias the retention arms toward a secured position. Some of the retention arms may extend from corner covers that removably receive corner portions of the shield. Springs may be slidably coupled with the corner covers to removably secure the corner covers with the shield under tension.04-29-2010
20090101789ANGLE REGULATOR AND EQUIPMENT WITH THE ANGLE REGULATOR - An angle regulator (04-23-2009
20090134305FOOTPAD - A footpad includes an anti-slip pad and a fixing member. The anti-slip pad provides an inner recess. The fixing member has a base corresponding to the inner groove, extending outward a plurality of holding pawls from a lateral side of the base and the holding pawls are disposed at the circumference edge of the lateral side equidistantly in a way of spacing apart a gap from each other. The fixing member is capable of being inserted into the inner recess and the holding pawls are capable of engaging with the base of a product such as the telephone set, the stationery or the office article easily without loosening to perform the function of resisting slip.05-28-2009
248688000 Stand, foot or prop 22
20130026335Device suitable to rest the back when one is standing in the upright position - This device allows one to rest the back when standing for a long time in an upright position.01-31-2013
20130082159REINFORCED LEG DEVICE FOR CHARCOAL BROILER - The present invention provides a reinforced leg device for a charcoal broiler, and the reinforced leg device comprises: reinforced steel wires which are provided at the front and rear edges on the bottom surface inside a housing of a portable charcoal broiler; insertion holes which are formed in sets on the left and right sides of front and rear sidewalls which form the width of the housing positioned on the upper side of the reinforced steel wires; and leg units which are stored by being inserted into the insertion holes of each set, and function as support legs after being unfolded. The leg units comprise: insertion bars which are inserted into the inside of the housing through the insertion holes of each set; first bending bars which are vertically inclined toward the inner side of a vertical surface of the insertion holes from the outer side of the housing of the insertion bars when the leg units are folded; support bars which are bent in the width direction of the charcoal broiler on the lower end of the first bending bars, and function as supports of the housing when being placed and unfolded on the external bottom of the housing; and width connectors which are bent in the width direction on the end of the support bars, and function as legs by allowing lower ends to be connected together.04-04-2013
20120097830ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT FRAME WITH MANIFOLD - A support frame attachable to a pressurized gas cylinder pallet is disclosed. The support frame includes an adjustable first support member having a first brace and a second brace and a second support member having a third brace that extends from the first support member. The first support member is adjustable to move the first and second brace into engagement with the pallet and the third brace is slidable along the second support member to also move the third brace into engagement with the pallet. The three points of contact stabilize the support frame on the pallet such that a manifold can be connected to the support frame for connection to the cylinders on the pallet. Also disclosed is a kit including the support frame and the manifold.04-26-2012
20120025057Body- mounted portable viewing system for electronic devices - The present invention is an apparatus and method for holding portable electronic devices at a comfortable line of vision and adjustable for each user to enjoy reading or web browsing or any other use of these electronic devices. The invention will be mounted on the user's waist belt.02-02-2012
20090206232MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BASE FOR MOUNTING A FLAT PANEL DISPLAY PRODUCT - A multi-functional base for mounting a flat panel display product, comprising: a bottom plate suitable for being placed on a work table, a mounting plate for holding the flat panel display product, and an upright post between the bottom plate and the mounting plate, wherein the upright post comprises a lower upright post connected to the bottom plate and an upper upright post connected to the mounting plate, and a slide lifting device is mounted between the lower upright post and the upper upright post. The base according to the present invention is ergonomic and convenient for use.08-20-2009
20100140446Wood-Plastic Composite Foot Device for Furniture - A foot device for wooden furniture includes a main body made of a wood-plastic composite and having a top end, a bottom end, and an outer peripheral face which interconnects the top and bottom ends and which has a plurality of interconnected flat face portions each extending from the bottom end to the top end. A plurality of decorative layers are respectively attached to the flat face portions and each have a wood grain pattern. A screw rod is fixed to the main body, is surrounded by the flat face portions, and projects upwardly from the top end of the main body. The foot device has a wood-like appearance and can be produced from waste wood.06-10-2010
20100187399FURNITURE-FOOT ASSEMBLIES - A foot assembly is adapted to be removably attached to the elbow of a sled-type leg of a piece of furniture that is adapted to be supported upon a surface. The furniture-foot assembly includes a body defining a hollow interior adapted to removably receive the elbow of the leg and a bottom exterior portion. A glide is adapted to be removably mounted to the bottom exterior portion of the body and supported upon the surface for gliding movement of the furniture-foot assembly relative to the surface.07-29-2010
20110024602Motorcycle Stand - A motorcycle stand includes first and second legs pivotable relative to one another between a maximum spread configuration, an intermediate spread configuration, and a storage configuration; the legs being generally parallel to one another when at the storage configuration. The motorcycle stand includes a biased plunger operatively coupled to the first leg and a pin operatively extending from at least one of the first and second legs. The second leg includes a first cavity configured to receive the plunger when the first and second legs are at the intermediate spread configuration. The first and second legs are maintained at the intermediate spread configuration when the plunger is received in the first cavity. The pin includes a distal segment for insertion in a motorcycle axle, the distal segment being neither parallel nor perpendicular to the first and second legs.02-03-2011
20100072345Cone support - A cone support for use with a stud, the cone support includes a hollow truncated cone with an apex and a base. The hollow truncated cone includes an apex aperture disposed at the apex and a base aperture disposed at the base. The apex aperture has a threaded internal diameter. The apex aperture and base aperture communicate with a cone chamber, the cone chamber is disposed within the interior of the cone and between the apex aperture and the base aperture. The stud is placeable within the apex aperture, the cone chamber and the base aperture such that the cone support protects the stud from shear forces when the stud is stressed perpendicular to its axis.03-25-2010
20120145878MULTI-PURPOSE POSITIONABLE SUPPORT FOR ACCESSORIES SUCH AS PORTABLE DIGITAL DEVICES - An accessory support device includes a carriage unit and a plurality of manually bendable leg assemblies. Each leg assembly includes an inner section, a middle section, and outer section, with the sections being interconnected by pivot joints. The pivot joints are bendable by hand and substantially retain the position to which they are bent.06-14-2012
20120097831DISPLAY DEVICE CASE, STAND AND ACCESSORY SYSTEM - A sleeve system for a rectangular electronic device enables adjustment of the electronic device from landscape orientation, wherein the longer side of the electronic device is horizontal, to portrait orientation, wherein the longer side of the electronic device is vertical, while the electronic device is engaged with the sleeve system. The sleeve system may be used on a user's hand, or with an accessory such as a tabletop stand, wall hook, garment or headrest cover for a seat. A rail may be provided to support multiple instances of the wall hook.04-26-2012
20100288908Portable container - The portable container includes an open upper bucket portion with a single telescoping support column or leg extending concentrically therebeneath. Four feet extend from the lower end of the column, with one foot having an extendible rod therein. A bail or handle extends from the upper portion of the bucket. The device may be used for the carriage of a number of different goods, but is particularly well suited for holding a supply of baseballs or softballs for pitching practice. The device may be deployed at the pitcher's mound, with the foot extension rod providing additional stability when the device is deployed upon the slope of the mound. The low center of gravity of the device when collapsed allows it to be carried within a motor vehicle or the like without undue risk of tipping or spilling of the contents, even when goods are being stored within the bucket portion.11-18-2010
20120312955Handle for hand held device - A combined handle and stand for a hand held device, such as a notebook computer, forms a case with gripping edge guards on the left, the right, the bottom and the top, all of which are affixed to a back guard. The back guard forms a support ring and a snap-lock. A circular handle support fits into support ring and forms a receptacle for mating with snap-lock. A handle is mounted into opening of circular handle support so that handle pivots from one edge between an open position and a closed position. The handle forms a cut-out to make room for snap-lock. The opening, at the edge opposite pivot edge, forms a recess for ease of opening the handle from the closed position. Once in the open position, the handle can be gripped by a human user with the non-dominant hand of the user so that the user can then use the dominant hand for input to the hand held device. The circular handle support can turn to four stable positions. A pair of legs are pivotally mounted in side gripping edge guards, forming a stand for the hand held device when in the open position. When the legs are in the open position, then the combined handle and stand can rest on a table or desk or other surface at an angle, thereby supporting the hand held device at an angle. When not in use, the legs are pivoted into the closed position.12-13-2012
20100237223REPLACEABLE FOOTPAD STRUCTURE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A replaceable footpad structure for electronic device has a shell, on which a hanging hole is configured. The footpad structure includes a rotary buckling assembly, a rotary knob and a pad body. The rotary buckling assembly has a seat plate, from which a bolt and an arm are extended. The seat plate is connected by passing through the hanging hole, and the arm is snapped in the shell by a rotary manner. The rotary knob has a threaded hole inter-engaged with the bolt, while the pad body is connected to the rotary knob. Thereby, under the circumstance without any aid of tool, the footpad structure can be dismantled from or assembled to the electronic device quickly.09-23-2010
20110036965ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING ADJUSTABLE TABLE STAND - An electronic device includes a main body and a table stand connected to the main body for supporting the main body. The main body comprises a positioning member. The table stand defines at least two positioning holes. The table stand is operable to rotate relative to the main body. The positioning member is operable to be selectively inserted into either one of the at least two positioning holes, such that the table stand is operable to form a corresponding predetermined angle with the main body.02-17-2011
20120298836Implement Support Stand - A support stand for an implement such as farming equipment is provided. During use of the implement when the implement is connected to a tractor, the support stand is in a stowed position adjacent to a surface of the implement. When the implement is disconnected from the tractor, the support stand is rotatable outwards from the surface of the implement and downwards towards the ground and rests against the ground to maintain the implement in a generally upright position.11-29-2012
20120326003MULTI-FUNCTION TABLET COMPUTER GRIP WITH 360-DEGREE ROTATING FINGER RINGLET - A multi-function, 360-degree rotating computer tablet grip is described that allows users to hold and manipulate a tablet computer with one hand. The tablet grip including rubberized pressure grips or contact points on each end to secure the back plate of the grip to a tablet computer. The back plate of the grip includes a 360-degree rotating disc with a flip-up ringlet through which the user's fingers are inserted positioned to allow the user to grip and control the tablet. Additionally, a kickstand is attached to the rear of back plate by a hinge attachment on one side.12-27-2012
20130134291Holder for Electronic Device with Support - A protective holder for the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch™, electronic books, electronic tablet computers and other portable devices having a frontal LCD, OLED, touch screen, or other display that employs a form-fitting backplate with corner frames for cradling the device while leaving the entire frontal aspect unobstructed is disclosed. The holder may include a series of contoured side grippers on each side of the backplate for clamping the device in place without obstructing the LCD screen (or access to it for cleaning or otherwise). The holder may include a fully-adjustable kickstand for upright hands-free viewing of the device at several landscape and portrait angles and the holder may also include a built-in moveable directional sound reflector and noise shield improves audio performance, and a detachable belt clip allows belt wearing. The holder has an extreme slimline folded profile to facilitate pocket insertion, minimize bulk and create an eye-catching aesthetic.05-30-2013
20130140426TILT FOOT MECHANISM OF PROJECTION DISPLAY DEVICE - Provided is a tilt foot mechanism of a projection display device, in which the number of components is reduced to lower costs. The tilt foot mechanism includes foot (06-06-2013
20130175426MULTI-MODE HOLDER FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A stand for an electronic device such as a mobile phone retains the electronic device by the device being slid between a front surface and at least four retention points. Some versions have four retention points in essentially a square pattern thus allowing the device to be slid into a retaining position in two distinct orthogonal directions. This provides for both a portrait and a landscape support configuration. Some embodiments have a leg that also acts as a hook or a clip.07-11-2013
20130112846BROOM REST AND/OR BROOM HOLDER - A broom holder, which includes a base portion and a receiving portion having a groove therein, which receives a handle of a broom and/or the like within the groove. The base portion includes a base plate having a generally flat and/or planar surface, which provides a surface upon which the broom holder rests against a vertical surface and/or wall, and wherein the base plate has a curvature thereto.05-09-2013
20130126699Fixing Device - The fixing device of this present invention provides a fixing device of a sucking disc type with smaller volume and simple structure, connects to a housing case of the portable electronic device by a locking screw, and comprises an elastic rubber plate and a resilient metal sheet. The elastic rubber plate has an air-hole. The resilient metal sheet also has a through-hole. The resilient metal sheet forms a tiny gap with the elastic rubber plate, when the fixing device is pressed onto the smooth surface of the metal or glass object, the air between said rubber plate and the smooth surface of the metal or glass object going through the through-hole into the tiny gap and going out of the elastic rubber plate via the air-hole.05-23-2013
248689000 Mounted by clamping means 8
20130119227HAND-HELD SUPPORT FOR A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC PRODUCT - A hand-held support is adapted for supporting a portable electronic product. The hand-held support includes a grip, a clamping seat for clamping the electronic product, and a connecting mechanism for interconnecting the grip and the clamping seat in such a manner to allow for adjustment of a relative angle between the grip and the clamping seat. The clamping seat includes a clamping wall having two clamping portions that are opposite to each other and that are adapted to contact respectively two opposite sides of the electronic product for clamping the electronic product therebetween, and a base portion interconnecting the clamping portions.05-16-2013
20090014622Traveling Laptop Beverage Container Holder - The presently claimed invention discloses a portable beverage container holder that can be used by an end user during travel to hold beverages and other types of items. The portable beverage container can be used in conjunction with a laptop computer or other type of planar surface and can be folded up when not in use to minimize its size during storage. The device also includes a means for clamping to a laptop computer and other planar surface that minimizes damage to the laptop computer and enables an end user to quickly clamp and unclamp the device during transit.01-15-2009
20110017901Cane holder - The cane holder is a support device for the upper end of a conventional cane. The cane holder includes a main body having upper and lower surfaces, a front edge and a rear edge, and a pair of opposed side edges. An opening is formed through a central portion of the main body for receiving a portion of the cane. A slot extends between the front edge of the main body and the opening so that the portion of the cane may be inserted and removed from the opening via the slot. Preferably, at least the lower surface of the main body is substantially flat, allowing the lower surface to rest on a to flat surface, such as a tabletop, to support the cane. The rear edge of the main body may be substantially flat for resting against a wall, or may be concave for receiving the leg of a chair.01-27-2011
20110240830PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE HOLDERS - In some cases, a portable electronic device holder may include a holding member, a first arm attached to the holding member, a second arm attached to the holding member, a first mounting member attached to the first arm, and a second mounting member attached to the second arm. In other cases, a portable electronic device holder may include a holding member attached to a support member, and one or more mounting member attached to the support member. The one or more mounting members may be for mounting a portable electronic device. The holding member may include a slot and finger grooves for permitting a user to hold the portable electronic device holder.10-06-2011
20100019122MULTIPURPOSE SUPPORT FOR ATTACHMENTS MOUNTABLE TO THE TOW HITCH OF A VEHICLE - The present invention provides a multipurpose support for attachments mountable to the tow hitch of a vehicle. The support comprises a main body adapted to receive an attachment and a coupling means for a quick release coupling of the main body to the tow hitch of a vehicle.01-28-2010
20080237440Mounting device for a line replaceable unit in an aircraft and a method for using the same - A mounting device for a line replaceable unit in an aircraft, and a method for using the same. The mounting device provides for easy installation and removal of a line replaceable unit from overhead mounting apparatus or mounting rails in an aircraft, in particular, an Airbus. The mounting device includes a fixing block having a least one opening, and at least one assembly including a shaft portion passing through the opening, a clamping element and a visual position element whose orientation indicates an orientation of the clamping element. The assembly is operable such that the clamping element secures the device to a component of the vehicle when positioned in a first position, and releases the device when positioned in a second position, and the visual position element provides an indication of whether the clamping element is in the first or second position.10-02-2008
20080217507Writing assist device - A writing assist device includes a hand-receiving body having an exterior surface with a convex contour for ergonomically receiving the palm and/or fingers of the hand of a user from underneath and a base adapted to easily move by pushing or pulling on a writing surface to allow writing by the user. The body includes an inclined channel for receiving a writing instrument, such as a pen or pencil, and a securing element to releasably secure the writing instrument at an inclined angle in the channel. The channel is disposed on the body such that the thumb and index finger of the user lie on opposite sides of the channel during writing in manner that generally resembles the natural gripping of a pen or pencil between the thumb and index finger of an able-bodied person to impart a more natural feeling of writing control. A removable, stretchable cover can be placed on the exterior surface of the body for the comfort of the user before the user places his/her hand on the device.09-11-2008
20110233377APPARATUS FOR ATTACHING A DEVICE TO A CIRCULAR STRUCTURE - An apparatus for attaching a device to a circular structure is disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a clamp body attached to the outer surface of the circular structure using a strap, which can be attached to the clamp body using a spring that maintains an attachment force to prevent movement of the clamp body over a wide range of temperatures and temperature cycling of the circular structure and the strap. In one embodiment, the device can be installed in the clamp body and coupled to the outer surface of the circular structure using one or more spring washers that maintain an attachment force between the device and the outer surface of the circular structure to prevent detachment of the device from the outer surface of the circular structure over a wide range of temperatures and temperature cycling of the circular structure.09-29-2011
248690000 Mounted by hook or loop 10
20100127152Remote control carrier - A carrier for use in removably attaching a remote control unit to a person's hand comprises a support section having a portion adapted to overlie and be secured to the user's hand and wrist in position to receive a sleeve within which the remote control unit is accommodated. The support section of the carrier and a portion of the sleeve are provided with cooperable hook and loop fasteners which securely, but separably, fasten the sleeve and support section to one another. The sleeve has along one side thereof a window formed of transparent material which is sufficiently deformable and resilient as to enable an externally applied force to be transmitted to keys or switches underlying the window. The remote control body has a projection which extends through an opening in the retaining sleeve for releasably retaining the remote control body within the sleeve.05-27-2010
20090321610SUPPORTING MEMBER AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE INCLUDING THE SAME - The invention provides a supporting member and an electronic device including the same. The supporting member according to the invention may dispose an object on a target firmly. Furthermore, the supporting member includes a circular body and a plurality of bumps. The circular body has an outer surface and is sleeved on the object. Moreover, the bumps are formed on the outer surface, and the height of each bump is different from each other. Particularly, when the circular body is sleeved on the object and disposed on the target, some of the bumps contact the target.12-31-2009
20090039232HOLDER JIG FOR ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING - A jig for connecting a part to a body for an on-line painting process may include a plastic adaptor and a metal hanger. The plastic adaptor may be configured to be connected to a part to be painted, and the metal hanger may be removably connectable to the plastic adaptor. The metal hanger may be configured to be connected to a body to be painted.02-12-2009
20110084193BROOM STABILIZER DAMPER - A stabilizer-damper for stabilizing a broom, mop, or other long-handled device while such device is resting against a countertop or other surface. The stabilizer-damper is a device that provides stabilization to prevent the long-handled device from falling to the floor and also provides a damping effect to lessen the intensity and harshness of the sound if the long-handled device happens to fall to the floor. The stabilizer-damper fits onto the handle and provides a frictional surface to resist movement of the handle.04-14-2011
20120286133ELECTRONIC DEVICE, A SUPPORT DEVICE THEREOF AND A MTHOD FOR ASSEMBLING THE SAME - A support device is adapted to be attached on a housing body of an electronic device. The support device includes a support leg and a movable unit. The support leg includes at least one first hook engaging separably at least one first hooking groove of the housing body. The movable unit is connected movably to the support leg, and has a second hook engaging separably a second hooking groove of the housing body. The second hook is movable relative to the first hook against a resilient force of a resilient element from an engaging position, where the first and second hook are not permitted to be disengaged from the first and second hooking grooves, to a releasing position, where the first and second hooks are permitted to be disengaged from the first and second hooking grooves.11-15-2012
20120132784AMBULATORY INTRAVENOUS (IV) TRANSPORT AND DELIVERY DEVICE and METHOD of USE THEREOF - Provided are device, system, and method for storing and/or transporting a fluid-filled pouch for ambulatory intravenous (“IV”) transport and delivery of IV solutions to a fully mobile patient, wherein the IV fluid pouch is maintained and constantly infuses the patient from a constantly elevated position relative to the insertion point on the patient, while at the same time providing the patient with free, unrestricted range of motion without requiring any pump or electrical or mechanical connection to maintain IV infusion, in any location indoors or out, regardless of the terrain or patient's activity.05-31-2012
248692000 Open hook 4
20100108857Spray Bottle Carrying Apparatus - A spray bottle carrying apparatus comprised of: comprised of: an upper portion having a first end, a second end, a top surface, and a bottom surface; a gripping member positioned on the upper surface and having a plurality of ribs disposed thereon; a first arm and a second arm each having opposed surfaces which face each other to form a recess into which a spray bottle can be temporarily positioned; an aperture which partially exposes the neck of the bottle to facilitate assembly and a lower portion substantially perpendicular to the upper portion and extending downward from the second end of the upper portion to form an integral, one-piece apparatus such that the lower portion can be affixed to an item of clothing.05-06-2010
20130026336HANGABLE CUP HOLDERS - In one example, a holder for a frusto-conical beverage cup useable in conjunction with a frusto-conical sleeve, such as a corrugated paper heat sleeve, to hold the cup and enable it to be hung from a suitable hanging feature, such as a car door handle, includes an elongated vertical shank portion having front and rear surfaces and a pair of recurvate hooks respectively disposed at upper and lower ends thereof, an upper one of the hooks defining a downwardly opening channel, and a lower one of the hooks defining an upwardly opening channel.01-31-2013
20080272269HOOK FOR PAINT CAN AND PAINT BRUSH - An inventive elongated, generally horizontally oriented hook that is used to simultaneously carry a paint can and a paint brush at the waist of a user in order to liberate one or more of the hands, to alleviate fatigue and/or to prevent accidents. In a preferred embodiment, the hook has a clip portion which allows the hook to be removably attached to the belt or directly to the pants of a user. The hook further comprises a proximal bend and a distal bend, the former of which can be removably engaged to the bail of a paint can, while the latter can removably engage a paint brush. In one preferred embodiment, the elongated hook is made with a single piece of cylindrical wire.11-06-2008
20090134306HEARING AID AND SUPPORTING HOOK TO BE ATTACHED TO A HEARING AID - A supporting hook to be attached to a hearing aid, includes a connection end, an output end and an attachment ring. The connection end has a guide, around which the attachment ring is rotatably mounted. The attachment ring has a protrusion which engages with part of the hearing aid in order to attach the connection end to the hearing aid. A hearing aid is also provided.05-28-2009
248693000 Including flexible suspension means 4
20120160989EYEWEAR MOUNTING DEVICE - In an eyewear mounting device, a pressing surface portion is formed at an end of a frame, a pair of supporting arms is provided on the pressing surface portion at an interval, a shaft around which a tightening band is wound is provided between tips of the supporting arms. An operating member rotationally attached between the supporting arms has a pressing operation portion, a pulling-up operation portion, an elastic piece and an engaging claw. The engaging claw is engageable with any of a plurality of protruding portions provided in a longitudinal direction of a surface side of the tightening band. This configuration results in easy operation of the operating member in the state where the eyewear mounting device is worn on the face. Further, only one operating member is used as the component member, thus resulting in easy assembly of the eyewear mounting device.06-28-2012
20100213346HANGER DEVICE - A hanger device includes an open-back metal housing having two sidewalls formed with a notch each, and a hook connected to a bottom thereof; a plastic seat embedded in the metal housing and having a transverse recess; a release control element vertically slidably connected to the plastic seat; and at least one tension spring located between the release control element and the plastic seat. The notches have outward and downward inclined upper edges and a vertical sectional shape the same as the recess. The hanger device can be firmly attached to a horizontal rail with the inclined upper edges of the notches tightly hooked to a rearward and downward inclined upper end surface of the horizontal rail and a projected block on a top of the release control element upward pushed by the tension spring into an open-bottomed channel at a lower end surface of the horizontal rail.08-26-2010
20130234001ORNAMENT HOLDER FOR A CELLPHONE - An ornament holder for a cellphone has a securing member, a connecting member, a cover, an insertion member and a plurality of loops. The cover and the connecting member each has a connector comprising a column, a positioning portion and an engaging portion, and connecting member and the securing member each comprise a concave portion configured to engage with a connector on another of the cover and the connecting member, each concave portion comprising a positioning slot and an engaging slot; the plurality of the loops are used for connecting the securing member, the connecting member and the cover to the insertion member.09-12-2013
20130187024PORTABLE SUPPORT DEVICE - A portable support device is configured to receive a portable electronic device thereon, and includes a generally planar support base, a neck strap, and two struts coupled at one end to the support base and at the other end to the neck strap. The struts can rotate with respect to the support base. The neck strap can be worn around a user's neck, allowing the support base to rest in front of a user's mid-section. Spacer bars can provide for separation between the user's mid-section and the support base. Clamps or other fixing mechanisms can be used to retain the portable electronic device on the top surface of the support base. Clasps or clutch plates can be used to restrain the rotational movement of the struts relative to the support base.07-25-2013

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