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244 - Aeronautics and astronautics


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244131000 Joints and connections 142
244129400 Closures 83
244129300 Windows 42
244130000 Aerodynamic resistance reducing 40
244132000 Skin fastening devices 20
244133000 Materials of construction 16
244129200 Fire prevention devices 15
244129600 Steps 2
20090078827FOLDABLE STEP FOR A VEHICLE, AND A VEHICLE PROVIDED WITH SUCH A STEP UNIT - The present invention relates to a foldable step unit (03-26-2009
20110272524INTEGRATED MAINTENANCE STEP ON HELICOPTER FUSELAGE - Maintenance steps on helicopters (11-10-2011
20100044512Drainage Device, Aircraft, and Method for Letting Out a Fluid that is Present Between the Exterior Skin and the Interior Lining of an Aircraft - A drainage device for letting out a fluid that is present between the exterior skin and the interior lining of an aircraft, wherein the drainage device comprises a collecting vessel and an outlet line. The collecting vessel is designed to collect the fluid that is present between the exterior skin and the interior lining and the outlet line is connected to the collecting vessel and is designed to let out the collected fluid.02-25-2010
20100102171AIRCRAFT CABIN FLOOR STRUCTURES, SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Structures, systems and methods provide a load-bearing aircraft flooring within an aircraft's fuselage. Load-supporting aircraft flooring systems preferably are provided with a longitudinally separated series of transverse bridges having an upper doubler flange which defines latitudinally separated upper openings, and a latitudinally separated series of beams which include an upper flange and a pair of separated depending web flanges received within respective upper openings of transverse bridges. The upper flanges and web flanges of the beams may thus be connected to the transverse bridges. The transverse bridges may include latitudinally separated Y-shaped supports which define the upper openings thereof. According to certain embodiments, the Y-shaped supports include an upper fork region and a lower support post region. The beams may include opposed bridge fixation fingers protruding outwardly from the upper flange of the beam for joining the beams to a respective underlying one of the transverse bridges. Aircraft flooring panels may thus be connected to the beams, preferably by means of flooring fixation fingers protruding outwardly from the upper flange of the beams. Seat tracks for attaching aircraft seats and/or other interior aircraft structures/monuments are preferably fixed to the upper flanges of the beams coincident with its longitudinal axis.04-29-2010
20090212161AIRCRAFT GRAYWATER EJECTION SYSTEM - An aircraft (08-27-2009
20090045287AIRCRAFT WITH REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - Aircraft with reduced environmental impact.02-19-2009
20090014588AIRCRAFT STRUCTURAL ELEMENT PROVIDED WITH A CAVITY AND DRAINAGE ELEMENT - An aircraft structural element having a cavity. The structural element has an opening in a wall of the cavity through which moisture located in the cavity can escape into the surroundings, wherein a drainage element for sealing the opening in the wall of the cavity is provided in the opening. In order that the structural element can be produced with a low expenditure on components and assembly equipment, the drainage element comprises a hollow cylinder which connects the cavity of the structural element to the surroundings, which is provided with an external thread having a predefined external diameter, and a head at one end which has a predefined diameter, wherein the external diameter of the thread is smaller than the head diameter.01-15-2009
20120097793SURROUND FOR AN OPENING MADE IN AN AIRCRAFT PANEL, AND METHOD OF FITTING IT - The subject of the invention is a surround for an opening made in a panel of an aircraft, notably a fuselage panel of the aircraft. The panel comprises at least one exterior surface, the surround is fixed to the panel, forming an interface for fitting a closing-off device, and comprises at least one lip extending towards the centre of the opening. The lip supports the closing-off device and has at least one external face interposed between the external surface of the panel and the closing-off device. The surround is characterized in that it is made of at least two independent components joined together, a first component comprising the lip and a second component being fixed to the panel.04-26-2012
20100065686AIRCRAFT HEATED FLOOR PANEL - An aircraft heated floor panel (03-18-2010
20120025020Fasteners made of a polymer material - Fasteners, such as bolts, nuts and screws, rivets, pins, and retaining rings, made of a highly kinked rigid-rod polyarylene exhibiting outstanding characteristics, notably a high torque and a high tensile elongation, a measure of practical toughness.02-02-2012
20080296433LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURAL COMPONENT IN PARTICULAR FOR AIRCRAFT AND METHOD FOR ITS PRODUCTION - Lightweight structural component including at least one panel and at least one stiffening element oriented one of lengthwise and crosswise. The at least one stiffening element includes two side pieces. Each of the two side pieces is at least partially connected to the panel in a material-locking manner. The two side pieces are connected to the panel at two separate joint zones. A method of producing the lightweight structural component includes milling the at least one panel to form at least one thickened region and joining the two side pieces to the at least one panel at the two separate joint zones. This Abstract is not intended to define the invention disclosed in the specification, nor intended to limit the scope of the invention in any way.12-04-2008
20080210822Very high frequency line of sight winglet antenna - A line of sight antenna supported in an upturned terminal winglet or similar vertical member of an aircraft is disclosed. An aperture is formed in the conductive winglet or vertical member, and the antenna is supported within the aperture by a support mechanism such that the antenna is exposed to the line of sight transmissions. A non-conductive covering may also be used for the aperture. Using the cover, the antenna within the winglet can be configured so that it does not alter the appearance or aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft. Alternatively, the antenna can be coupled to the outside of the winglet or vertical member if cosmetics are not a concern. The frequency range of the antenna can be tuned to cover desired frequency ranges. The antenna position at the winglet maintains a large physical separation from fuselage-mounted antennas thereby reducing interference.09-04-2008
20090166472FLOOR PLATE FOR COVERING A FLOOR FRAMEWORK IN AN AIRCRAFT - The invention relates to a floor plate for bearing upon a floor framework in an aircraft. The floor framework is formed with a multiplicity of transverse beams which are arranged like a truss, and a multiplicity of longitudinal profiles, especially seat rail profiles, which extend transversely to the transverse beam. At least one sub-assembly, for example a kitchen module and/or a sanitary cell, can be fastened on the floor plate. The floor plate bears upon at least four longitudinal profiles and has at least one connecting point, especially an insert, for fastening of the sub-assembly. In addition, at least one system port is provided for the tool-less, pluggable connecting of the sub-assembly to any on-board systems of the aircraft, especially to electrical systems, to feed-air systems, to exhaust air systems, to fresh-water systems or to waste-water systems.07-02-2009
20090050742DEVICE FOR GENERATING AERODYNAMIC DISTURBANCES SO AS TO PROTECT THE OUTER SURFACE OF AN AIRCRAFT AGAINST ELEVATED TEMPERATURES - An aircraft with an outer surface from which flows an aerodynamic stream of cold air and includes at least one hot gas outlet, characterized in that it includes at least one device (02-26-2009
20120292446Vertical Laminate Noodle for High Capacity Pull-Off for a Composite Stringer - An apparatus comprises a composite elongate member, a channel, and a number of composite structures. The composite elongate member has a side configured for attachment to a surface of a structure. The channel is on the side and extends along a length of the composite elongate member. The number of composite structures is configured for placement in the channel and configured to attach a portion of the side of the composite elongate member to the structure. The number of composite structures has layers oriented substantially perpendicular to the surface of the structure. The number of composite structures is configured to increase a capacity of the composite elongate member to withstand forces that pull the composite elongate member away from the structure.11-22-2012
20130119201PROTECTION DEVICE FOR SENSITIVE AREAS AGAINST IMPACT OF FOREIGN OBJECTS - A protection device includes a flexible laminar body resistant to impacts, arranged separately from the body to be protected and put in the way of the beam of possible trajectories with which a foreign object could impact on the object to be protected, and it includes a plurality of energy absorption elements, provided with device clamping elements over a support structure positioned outside of the beam of possible trajectories, in order for the flexible laminar body to intercept an impact trajectory by the foreign object, resulting in its deformation and the subsequent progressive extension of the energy absorption elements reducing the loads to be supported by the support structure. The protection device is applied to prevent birds or other objects from impacting on sensitive areas of aircraft. The protection device is of a textile nature of reduced weight.05-16-2013
20080265095Energy absorbing impact band and method - An energy absorbing apparatus and system for leading edge structures includes an impact member, such as a “bird-band”, of a plastically deformable material of a predetermined configuration positioned with the structure in an area of the leading edge of the structure to absorb energy of an impact of a projectile with the leading edge of the structure, and to redistribute the energy of the impact to the structure, and can break up the projectile, and can increase the impact area. The structure can have one or more sheet members, such as a single sheet, or an inner face sheet and an outer face sheet with a core positioned between the inner face sheet and the outer face sheet. One or more impact members of the plastically deformable material can be positioned with one or more of the single sheet, the inner face sheet, the outer face sheet or the core.10-30-2008
20090108133Split handle for aircraft door - A handle for use in operating a door of an aircraft. The handle is fixed to a shaft and rotates the shaft about an axis. The handle includes multiple separately movable sections, the sections arranged so that each section has a limited range of movement separate from the other. The handle is capable of operating the door when the sections are moved substantially in unison. The handle also provides positive actuation of movable door components.04-30-2009
20090184203COOLING CHANNEL FORMED IN A WALL - A wall element having at least one cooling channel formed therein, the wall element presenting an inside surface and an outside surface, the channel comprising a hole and a diffusion portion, the hole opening out at one end in the inside surface, and at the other end in a diffusion portion where it forms an orifice, the diffusion portion flaring around said orifice and being defined by a bottom wall and a side margin. Said bottom wall presents a first plane portion into which the hole opens out, and a second plane portion situated in front of the first plane portion, said first and second plane portions being inclined in the thickness of the wall. The oriented angle of inclination of said first plane portion is less than the positive oriented angle of inclination of said second plane portion.07-23-2009
20100213316CABLE PROTECTION DEVICE - PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent a cable from being damaged by rubbing against a helicopter.08-26-2010
20100219295RETRACTABLE SYSTEM FOR AERONAUTICAL SENSORS - The invention discloses a retractable optical sensor (09-02-2010
20100320323INSULATION PACKAGE FOR INSULATING A CABIN OF A VEHICLE - An insulation package is provided for insulating a cabin of a vehicle that includes, but is not limited to at least one wrapping foil and at least one core layer of an insulation material. The wrapping foil envelopes the core layer at least in some regions and includes, but is not limited to at least one opening for feeding-through a holding element. On the wrapping foil a fastening element is arranged that is designed to establish a mechanical connection with the holding element fed through the opening. This can be a positive-locking or a non-positive-locking connection. By integrating the fastening element in the insulation package, the expenditure for separate fasteners can be saved so that the installation time and the different components can be reduced.12-23-2010
20110084170TAIL-MOUNTED POINTABLE SOLAR PANELS FOR SOLAR-POWERED AIRCRAFT - An aircraft tail section has a first tail component and a second tail component, the first tail component being positioned further forward than the second tail component with respect to a nose of the aircraft. Each tail component has two surfaces, each of the two surfaces of at least one of the first and second tail components comprises a solar panel configured to collect solar energy. Each tail component is rotatable with respect to a centerline of the aircraft such that an offset angle of between zero degrees and 180 degrees is formed between corresponding surfaces of the first and second tail components. Preferably, the tail components are rotated into (i) a takeoff and landing configuration that is substantially horizontal, and (ii) a crosswise configuration during flight such that collection of solar energy is maximized.04-14-2011
20110084169ECU MOUNTING SYSTEM FOR A LIGHT AIRCRAFT - A system and method for mounting engine control units. The engine control unit (ECU) mounting system is placed within a compartment of the light aircraft, aft of the firewall. The ECU mounting system uses a bracket that holds the electrical control units. The electrical control units are mounted through a firewall and are accessible via the adjacent compartment.04-14-2011
20090026317TRANSLATING FLAP DRIVE DOOR - In one embodiment, an apparatus is provided for covering and uncovering a flap opening in an aircraft. The apparatus comprises a door member, a torque tube roller member, at least one roller member, and a biasing member. The door member may be adapted to cover and uncover a flap opening. The torque tube roller member may be attached with the door member, and may be adapted to be pushed by a torque tube member attached with a flap of an aircraft. The door member may be adapted to be driven from a closed position covering a flap opening into an open position uncovering a flap opening. The roller member may be attached with the door member and may be adapted to follow at least one track member. The biasing member may be attached with the door member for biasing the door member towards a closed position covering a flap opening.01-29-2009
20100258675Drag-Optimised Ram-Air Duct And Process For Controlling A Mass Flow Of Ambient Air Or Cooling Air Through A Ram-Air Duct - A ram-air duct (10-14-2010
20110253840METHOD FOR INSTALLING AN INERTIAL REFERENCE UNIT IN AN AIRCRAFT, AND AIRCRAFT EQUIPPED IN THIS WAY - The invention relates to a method for installing an inertial reference unit in an aircraft, in which: a reference unit support (10-20-2011
20080203229Windblocker For Use In Aircraft - A windblocker adapted to be anchored in the interior of an aircraft, comprising a tensioning device adapted to be centrally disposed in a cross-sectional area of the interior of the aircraft, securing straps that extend radially from the tensioning device to mounting points provided on a load-bearing skeleton of the aircraft and adapted to be secured to the mounting points when the windblocker is installed in the aircraft interior, and fabric segments supported on the supporting straps and filling spaces provided between the securing straps.08-28-2008
20100193637DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE-CONTROLLED LOCKING MECHANISM - A differential pressure-controlled locking mechanism (08-05-2010
20100019088Tank module for a structurally integrated vacuum sewage system for aircraft - A tank module for an aircraft is designed for being fitted into the aircraft fuselage from outside. The tank module comprises at least one receptacle and a shell section that forms an outer end of the tank module and is connected to the receptacle. The shell section can be fitted into a fuselage opening in such a way that the receptacle is positioned in the interior of the aircraft fuselage.01-28-2010
20120298801AIRCRAFT WING AND SENSOR - An apparatus is disclosed which includes an aircraft wing and a sensing unit. The sensing unit includes: a blister on an underside of the aircraft wing; a first and second sensor, at least part of each sensor being either housed in the blister or mounted on or integrated with an outer surface of the blister; wherein the first sensor is arranged to measure a first parameter; the second sensor is arranged to measure a second parameter; a measured value for the first parameter is dependent on a speed of the aircraft in a first direction; a measured value for the second parameter is dependent on a speed of the aircraft in a second direction; the first direction is in a plane perpendicular to an aircraft lateral axis; and the second direction is in a plane perpendicular to an aircraft roll axis.11-29-2012
20110226902AIRCRAFT COCKPIT WITH INFORMATION DISPLAY DEVICE - An aircraft cockpit that includes an information display device with a screen having a display surface and a rear surface opposite the display surface, and a cable harness connected to the screen. The rear surface includes a mechanism for retaining the cable harness substantially wound against the rear surface. The information display device is mobile within the cockpit.09-22-2011
20120325966Flight Vehicle Fairing Having Vibration-Damping Blankets - Vibration-damping blankets are attached to the back surfaces of fairing panels of a flight vehicle (e.g., an aircraft or spacecraft) to reduce vibration, fatigue, structure and airborne transmitted energy, and cabin noise. In one case, the flight vehicle fairing has an exterior comprising exterior surfaces of a multiplicity of removable panels. A method of retrofitting the flight vehicle with vibration-damping blankets comprises: removing a panel from the flight vehicle exterior; attaching a vibration-damping blanket to a back surface of the removed panel; and installing the panel with attached vibration-damping blanket on the flight vehicle with the exterior surface of the panel forming part of the flight vehicle exterior. In one embodiment, the vibration-damping blanket comprises polymeric (e.g., aromatic polyamide) fibers in a nonwoven structure.12-27-2012
20130009010SYSTEM FOR DRAINING WATER CONDENSATION IN AN AIRCRAFT - The invention relates to an aircraft comprising:01-10-2013
20130020438Flexible Truss Frame and Method of Making the Same - A composite frame includes a plurality of truss elements covered by a cap. The truss elements are flexibly coupled with each other and with the cap. The frame flexes to conform to a contoured surface to which it is attached. Once attached, the installed frame provides the required rigidity to the structure.01-24-2013
20130175394ADJUSTABLE SPRING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ADJUSTING SPRING RATE - An adjustable spring system includes an adjustment member adjustable relative to a coil spring to provide a desired number of unsupported coils. A method of adjusting the spring rate of the spring includes detecting a condition, and driving the adjustment member with an actuator in response to the detected condition. An effective length of the spring is changed with the adjustment member.07-11-2013
20080197236LIGHTWEIGHT COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND METAL THRUST RECOVERY FLAPPER VALVE - The present invention provides a thrust recovery valve that is less expensive and lighter weight while maintaining required system safety. It utilizes valve doors made partially of plastic material and uses aluminum structure on the outer surface of the door, with a main structure made from fiber reinforced plastic material. The structure of the door is made from injection molded, fiber-reinforced plastic, called the “insert” having complex geometric features including the aerodynamic inner surface, the sculpted hollow inner surfaces for weight savings, and grooves required to hold seals and energizing springs. The “plate”, shaped to match the airplane skin contour, provides reinforcing structure on the external surface of the airplane.08-21-2008
20110284690Utility Device System For Releasing Or Capturing Disbursements For The Atmosphere By Means Of An Aircraft - An aircraft carrying oxygen, gases, and/or fluid advancement tanks is flown to heights greater than ground level and released out to the atmosphere, or gathered in tanks contained in the fuselage. The system is regulated by the atmospheric height or by an attendant such as the pilot or automation on the aircraft. The device includes a supply of oxygen, gases, and/or fluid advancements tanks, release or capture device, hoses, hose regulators and a relay switch. The idea here is to equip all aircraft with this utility system of oxygen, gases, and/or fluid advancement tank capabilities. As each aircraft flies to its intended destination, it helps the environment by feeding oxygen, gases, and/or fluid advancements into the atmosphere to promote cleaner, clearer, better-used atmospheric layers and maintained surface viabilities.11-24-2011
20130200213INTERIOR COMPONENT CARRIER SYSTEM, AIRCRAFT INTERIOR COMPONENT MODULE AND ASSEMBLY METHOD - An interior component carrier system for use in assembly of aircraft interior components in an aircraft includes a retaining system with at least one retaining element. A first connection device for connecting the retaining element to a first aircraft interior component and a second connection device are provided on the retaining element. On the retaining element a structural retainer is provided for fastening the retaining element to an aircraft structure. The interior component carrier system includes a hinge connectable to a second and a third aircraft interior component such that the third aircraft interior component is pivotable about a longitudinal axis of the hinge relative to the second aircraft interior component. The second connection device mounted on the retaining element is configured to be connected to the hinge and/or to a region of the second or third aircraft interior component, that is adjacent to the hinge.08-08-2013

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