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244 - Aeronautics and astronautics

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244076000 Automatic 95
244990200 Specific control connection or actuator 84
244220000 Pilot operated 69
244087000 Rudders and empennage 45
244096000 Airship control 15
244990140 Trim tab 3
20090146003FLIGHT CONTROL USING MULTIPLE ACTUATORS ON PRIMARY CONTROL SURFACES WITH TABS - A flight control system for an aircraft directs a primary surface that is pivotable with respect to the aircraft with a moveable tab located at the end of the primary surface. A primary surface actuator maintains a position of the primary surface. A tab actuator moves the tab with respect to the primary flight control surface. A controller configured to coordinate the movement of the primary flight control surface with the movement of the tab by deflecting the tab with respect to the primary flight control surface, thereby allowing aerodynamic forces acting upon the deflected tab to position the primary flight control surface at a desired position. The primary flight control surface can then be maintained at the desired position by the primary surface actuator.06-11-2009
20100019083CONTROL SURFACE OF AIRCRAFT - Aircraft control surface (01-28-2010
20090072085LIVE TRIM TABS - A trim tab is disclosed for use on an aerodynamic foil that has first and second surfaces which extend between a leading edge and a trailing edge. Structurally, the trim tab includes a tab member that is bounded by slits formed through each surface to extend from the trailing edge toward the leading edge. Also, the tab member is bounded by a slot formed between the slits on the second surface to establish a flange between the slot and the trailing edge. Further, the trim tab includes an actuator that is mounted on the foil between the slot and the leading edge. The actuator includes an actuator arm that is connected to the flange. As a result, extension and retraction of the actuator moves the tab member about a hinge-less tab that is created on the first surface.03-19-2009
244093000 Stabilizing weights 1
20120267474HEAVIER THAN AIR INTERNAL BALLAST - A vehicle suitable for use in high-altitude applications use may include a gas impermeable body and a flexible barrier separating the body into multiple sections or compartments. The compartments may include a lift compartment for holding lift gas, such as lighter than air gas, and a ballast compartment for holding a ballast, such as heavier than air gas. A valve may permit passage of the ballast from the ballast compartment to an exterior of the body. The body may have an oblong shape, with fins attached to an exterior back end thereof. The vehicle may have only internal ballast compartments, without including a hopper external to the body.10-25-2012
244990120 Drag 1
20110024556Aircraft with yaw control by differential drag - An aircraft having an elongated fuselage and a lifting surface fastened to the fuselage. The aircraft has a device for controlling the torque around the yaw axis GZ of the aircraft in which aerodynamic forms that have devices to generate aerodynamic drag are fastened to each end of the lifting surface at non-zero distances from each side of a vertical plane of symmetry XZ of the aircraft. The drag-generating devices are commanded to produce a different aerodynamic drag at each of the two ends to generate a yaw torque on the aircraft. The aerodynamic forms, for example, have winglets improving the aerodynamics of the lifting surface, and provided with aerodynamic drag generators.02-03-2011
244091000 Vertical fins 1
20090026311Aircraft tail assembly - An aircraft tail assembly planform comprising curvilinear leading edges (01-29-2009
244990130 Flutter control 1
20110253832Slat support assembly - A support assembly for deployment and retraction of an aero surface from an aircraft is disclosed. The assembly comprises a guide track, a primary support arm having one end coupled to a carriage mounted on the track such that the primary support arm is rotatable relative to the carriage about multiple axes, and a control arm having one end coupled to the primary support arm and a second end pivotably attachable to a fixed support forming part of the structure of the aircraft. The assembly being configured such that, when the carriage is driven along the guide track, the control arm causes the primary support arm to pivot about said multiple axes to deploy and/or retract an aero surface pivotally attached to an opposite end of the primary support member along an arcuate path.10-20-2011
20080283660Aircraft Braking System - A method of braked pivot turning an aircraft, the aircraft comprising a fuselage and a landing gear assembly located to one side thereof. The landing gear comprises a bogie with wheels mounted thereon, at least one wheel being located on a first side of the bogie and at least one wheel being located on a second side of the bogie. The method includes the steps of applying thrust (11-20-2008
20100170982Aircraft without pilot (for commercial and military use) - My innovated aircraft doesn't need pilots to fly in the designated airport; rather, it needs air worthy aircraft and airport's communication/navigation systems. By responding with the communication/navigation system of the airport and inbuilt system of my innovated aircraft, it can do all the jobs of the present aircraft but without requiring any pilot to fly. Therefore, aircraft accident due to pilot error, hijacking etc can be controlled on the aircraft and air transport will be safer than that of present aircraft.07-08-2010
20090179109System and method for adjusting control surfaces for wind tunnel models - A system and a method for adjusting and locking a control surface that is movably arranged on a wind-tunnel aircraft model and comprises a drive arrangement for driving the control surface, and a locking arrangement. The drive arrangement comprises a first drive motor, arranged in a fixed manner relative to the control surface, at least one first connecting rod eccentrically connectable to the first drive motor, and at least one lever, whose one end can be held on the first connecting rod and whose other end can be held on a fixed point of the aircraft model. The locking arrangement can be attached in a fixed manner relative to the control surface and is further designed to block a relative movement between the control surface and the aircraft model.07-16-2009
20090218442TRAILING EDGE AIRCRAFT STRUCTURE WITH OVERHANGING COVER - An aircraft structure comprising: a rear spar; and a composite cover attached to the rear spar and having an overhanging portion extending to its rear. The overhanging portion of the cover comprises one or more ramps along which the thickness of the cover reduces. A second cover is attached to the rear spar and overhangs to its rear. A hinge rib is attached to one or both of the covers, and an aerodynamic control element such as an aileron, rudder or elevator is pivotally mounted to the hinge rib.09-03-2009
20110174920FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM ESPECIALLY SUITED FOR VTOL VEHICLES - Flight control systems have plural control subsystems with redundancies organized so as to provide continued but degraded control power over critical aircraft flight operating parameters even if any one complete control subsystem catastrophically fails. One example described in detail for a VTOL craft includes four groups of controls, each group comprising inputs relating to six degrees of freedom of the vehicle, at least one control computer and a plurality of actuators; each group utilizing 25% of required flight control power for the vehicle.07-21-2011
20120211598Variable Pitch Airfoils - An apparatus may comprise an inflatable control surface for an aircraft and an end of the inflatable control surface configured for attachment to a fuselage of the aircraft. The end of the inflatable control surface may be configured to be rotated about an axis to control movement of the aircraft during flight.08-23-2012
20120241556APPARATUS FOR ADJUSTING A SURFACE OF AN AIRCRAFT MODEL, SURFACE UNIT, AIRCRAFT MODEL, AND USE OF AN AIRCRAFT MODEL - An apparatus for adjusting a surface of an aircraft model includes, but is not limited to a first linear adjustment unit with a first retaining body that is movable along a first axis, a second linear adjustment unit with a second retaining body that is movable along a second axis, and an angle adjustment unit. The second linear adjustment unit is arranged on the first retaining body, and the angle adjustment unit is arranged on the second retaining body and is configured to adjust and lock an angle between an attachment surface and a retaining surface. Consequently, precise positioning of surfaces of a wind-tunnel aircraft model does not require specially manufactured and individually adapted fittings for each setting position to be moved to.09-27-2012
20110210200CONTROL SURFACE ASSEMBLIES WITH TORQUE TUBE BASE - Control surface assemblies have a torque tube base. In one embodiment, a method includes moving an aerospace vehicle through a medium; and moving at least a portion of a control surface assembly to generate a force for controlling the vehicle.09-01-2011

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