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244 - Aeronautics and astronautics

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244164000 Attitude control 46
244158400 Spacecraft formation, orbit, or interplanetary path 41
244171100 With propulsion 35
244171700 With shield or other protective means (e.g., meteorite shield, insulation, radiation/plasma shield) 34
244158900 Reusable or returnable 21
244172400 Rendezvous or docking 19
244173100 With payload accommodation 16
244172200 With fuel system details 13
244172600 With deployable appendage 13
244172700 With solar panel 12
244158200 Tethered 12
244158300 Inflated 7
244159400 Modular and assembled in space 3
20090173831Method for manufacturing a solar module in orbit - A geosynchronous Solar Power Satellite System is created by an artificial gravity, closed ecology, multiple use structure in low earth orbit that manufactures modular solar power panels and transmitter arrays. This facility takes empty fuel tanks and expended rocket boosters from launch vehicles that are sent into low earth orbit, and re-manufactures them into structural components. These components are mated to solar cells that are launched from earth. The modular solar panels are transported to geosynchronous orbit by vehicles with ion engines, where the panels are mated to other solar panels to collect power. Structural components are also mated to transmitter elements launched from earth. These are likewise transported to geosynchronous orbit. They are mated to the solar power collecting panels and they beam the collected power back to earth.07-09-2009
20110108670Active Tie-Rod System Making it Possible to Hold and Smoothly Release Space Appendages - The present invention consists of an active tie-rod device making it possible to hold and smoothly release space appendages. The active tie-rod device includes a fixed base, an active tie-rod screwed into the said fixed base, a retractable release mechanism for the active tie-rod making it possible, in the stowed position, to hold the said active tie-rod in place, and a nut for tensioning the assembly. The active tie-rod includes an internal heater, and consisting at least partially of a material with a high coefficient of thermal expansion, so that, under the action of the internal heater, the active tie-rod can expand, retracting the retractable release mechanism for the active tie-rod, and consequently allowing the smooth release of the said space appendages.05-12-2011
20120318926Inflatable airlock - An inflatable airlock for use with a spacecraft is disclosed. The airlock has a substantially cylindrical shaped layered shell comprised of an outer meteoroid shield layer, a restraint layer under the meteoroid shield, and an air barrier layer under the restraint layer. There is a door arrangement attached to the airlock and the airlock is adapted to being attached to a spacecraft bulkhead that also includes a door. When inflated, a person can open the spacecraft bulkhead door and pass through from the spacecraft into the airlock or vice versa. When the atmosphere is removed from the airlock, a person can pass from the airlock into space or vice versa.12-20-2012
244171900 With special crew accommodations 2
20110278400CONFORMAL AIRLOCK ASSEMBLY AND METHOD - A conformal airlock assembly for ingress and egress through a door from a high pressure environment to a low pressure environment. The airlock assembly includes a flexible, gas impermeable membrane that cooperates with a support wall in an airtight manner to form an interior pocket over the door on one side of the wall. A gas displacement system, in flow communication with the interior pocket, is selectively operable to flow air out of the interior pocket, collapsing the membrane toward a collapsed condition. An actuation system coupled to the flexible membrane is operable to displace the flexible membrane, in the collapsed condition, away from the one side of the support wall. Such displacement of the airtight membrane creates a low pressure space in the pocket that is selected to be sufficiently proximate that of the low pressure environment. Hence, the door may be opened to permit ingress and egress therethrough without a large pressure differential.11-17-2011
20100308175SPACE VEHICLE SEAT AND SPACE VEHICLE PROVIDED WITH THIS SEAT - The seat specially designed for space vehicles and in particular space planes comprises a rigid hull and parts of axis of which the direction of alignment passes in front of the occupant of the seat and along him; the seat rotates freely around parts of axis according to the direction of the acceleration in order to always place the occupant in the orientation perpendicular to the forces of acceleration.12-09-2010
20100001141Device for Controlling the Heat Flows in a Spacecraft and Spacecraft Equipped with Such a Device - A device for controlling heat flow in a spacecraft which always has the same face facing towards the earth, a pair of mutually parallel opposed North and South faces perpendicular to the North-South axis of the earth and two pairs of mutually parallel opposed East/West and Earth/Anti-earth faces, heat-dissipating or -transmitting equipment being provided on the internal walls of the North and South faces, this device comprising a plurality of heat pipes connecting the North and South faces of said craft to another pair of opposed faces of said craft and forming a heat-pipe loop in thermal-conduction contact with one another.01-07-2010
20090008503SINGLE-WIRE TELEMETRY AND COMMAND - Communication between a payload services unit (PSU) and a payload unit utilizes a single-wire interface used to power the PSU as well as to communicate telemetry and command signals. A telemetry and command (T&C) system includes a payload unit configured to respond to a plurality of commands and generate a plurality of telemetry data, an embedded service module (ESM) within the payload unit, and a payload service unit (PSU) configured to generate the plurality of commands and receive the plurality of telemetry data. A single-wire interface is coupled between the ESM and the PSU and configured to provide power to the ESM, wherein the payload unit and PSU are configured to communicate the plurality of commands and the plurality of the telemetry data over the single-wire interface.01-08-2009
20120234980POLYGONAL SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A polygonal support structure is disclosed herein. The polygonal support structure has a plurality of rigid segments configured to be joined at longitudinal ends by a joint affixed to at least one end of each rigid segment. Each joint is configured to rigidly, rotatingly or hingedly join each rigid segment to an adjacent rigid segment to form the polygonal support structure. A plurality of flexible members are configured and disposed to provide tension between each joint and joints spaced two segments therefrom, in each direction, about the polygonal support structure. One or more joints may be configured to join and un-join two adjacent rigid segments and each rigid segment and each joint may be configured to enable stacking of rigid segment into a compact configuration for transport. In at least one aspect, a polygonal support structure may be configured to support assemblies in a substantially weightless environment.09-20-2012
20120234979METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INSULATING FRAME MEMBER - The disclosure provides in one embodiment a method of insulating a structural frame member of a transport vehicle. The method comprises providing at least one flexible insulation member. The method further comprises providing at least two self-retaining foam insulation members. The method further comprises wrapping the flexible insulation member over a first end of a structural frame member of a transport vehicle and over at least portions of two sides of the structural frame member. The method further comprises positioning one self-retaining foam insulation member on each side of the wrapped structural frame member and in compression fit between each side of the wrapped structural frame member and adjacent structural frame members, such that the self-retaining foam insulation members impart one or more compression forces on the flexible insulation member to secure the flexible insulation member in place without use of any fastener device.09-20-2012
20110114792Sky station - Sky station structure comprises circle center core structure and circle outer Ring structure which comprises multi floor section levels.05-19-2011
20120292448METHOD FOR FORMING A STRUCTURAL COMPONENT OF AN AIRCRAFT OR SPACECRAFT, AND FORMING DEVICE - In a method for forming a structural component of an aircraft or spacecraft a preform comprising at least one band is formed by means of braiding around a core. A severing cut is introduced at least in portions into the at least one band of the preform to form two band portions of the at least one band. The two formed band portions of the at least one band are then deformed into a predetermined shape by means of a deformation tool which can be guided along the severing cut. A deformation device is used to carry out the method. A structural component is produced by means of the method and/or the deformation device.11-22-2012
20120104175Space-based anti-missile defensive system (SAMS) - This invention presents a missile defensive system based on existing technology in which numerous non-explosive, meteor-like projectiles are launched in a shotgun manner from an orbiting space station at an enemy's missiles while on earth or in flight. Collateral damage is minimized with this system. This Spaced-based Anti-Missile System (SAMS) requires international cooperation. An International Orbital Treaty Organization (IOTO) is proposed.05-03-2012
20100012787STRONG BONDED JOINTS FOR CRYOGENIC APPLICATION - A method and apparatus for strong bonded wide joints for cryogenic applications. In one advantageous embodiment, an apparatus may comprise a three-dimensional preform and a plastic matrix. The plastic matrix may be impregnated in the three-dimensional preform to form a softening strip that may be capable of remaining flexible at a temperature at which a gas may have a liquid form.01-21-2010
20120241562Space Debris Removal - A method comprises removing space debris having a relatively low ballistic coefficient by hastening orbital decay of the debris. A transient gaseous cloud is created at an altitude of at least 100 km above Earth. The cloud has a density sufficient to slow the debris so the debris falls into Earth's atmosphere.09-27-2012
20100224730PRESSURE-BASED SEPARATION APPARATUSES - Embodiments of separation apparatuses are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed. In an embodiment, a separation apparatus is provided that is configured to be disposed between a first component and a second component associated with an aerospace vehicle. The separation apparatus comprises a sealed cavity filled with gas, and the separation apparatus is configured to expand based on a decrease in atmospheric pressure. This expansion is configured to separate the first component from the second component.09-09-2010
20090184206PARTICLE-FILLED WING-TO-BODY FAIRING - A wing-to-body fairing for reducing noise due to wing-to-body fairing vibrations in an aircraft, spacecraft, or vehicle may include a honeycomb center having a cavity which is at least partially filled with particle material.07-23-2009
20080265098Configuration and method of use of optimized cooperative space vehicles - A spacecraft system that includes a primary space vehicle and a secondary space vehicle, both of which are designed to optimize payload capacity and launch weight of the primary space vehicle. The primary and secondary space vehicles combine to form an on-orbit space vehicle capable of performing functions and maneuvers that exceed the physical capabilities of the primary space vehicle at the time of its launch. The spacecraft system is designed to minimize propellant containment-related disturbances while maintaining a standard level of functionality. The primary space vehicle is designed to be incapable of independently performing a propellant-intensive orbit change maneuver. Instead the primary space vehicle is designed to couple to a secondary space vehicle having propellant and thrust capability sufficient to perform an orbit change maneuver when the primary and secondary space vehicles are coupled. The secondary space vehicle may also be designed to deliver additional payload to the primary space vehicle.10-30-2008
20110114793ZERO-SHOCK SEPARATION SYSTEM - A system and corresponding method for a launch vehicle or spacecraft for releasably connecting a first body (05-19-2011
20110315825ROTARY CASING OF SATELLITE ANTENA HAVING AN ANGLE ADJUSTABLE DISPLAY SCREEN - A rotary casing of a satellite antenna having an angle adjustable display screen includes a supporting arm, a hollow casing, a rotating means and an adjusting and controlling assembly. The casing has a panel provided with two keys and a top surface provided with a window. The rotating means is provided in the casing and controlled by the keys to drive the rotation of the supporting arm. The adjusting and controlling assembly is provided in the casing and includes a control unit and a display unit. The two keys are electrically connected to the control unit to drive the supporting arm. By this arrangement, the control unit receives an adjustment instruction inputted by the keys and transmits the instruction to the rotating means to generate a corresponding amount of rotation, while the control unit converts the instruction into a numerical value to be displayed on the display unit.12-29-2011
20100038490METHOD, SATELLITE, AND A SYSTEM OR AN ARRANGEMENT WITH AT LEAST ONE SATELLITE FOR DETECTING NATURAL OR ARTIFICIAL OBJECTS, AND THE USE THEREOF IN THE EXECUTION OF SAID METHOD - The invention relates to a method, a satellite, and a system or an arrangement with at least one satellite for detecting flying objects that are located in the vicinity of a planet, planetoid or similar celestial bodies. The invention further relates to the use thereof for carrying out said method and particularly to a constellation of LEO satellites (LEO=Low Earth Orbit) as an early warning of ballistic missiles, wherein said constellation comprises only satellites on equatorial orbits or orbits with low inclination. Satellite constellations in the low earth orbit (LEO) for missile detection are used for early warning of ballistic missiles, either by detecting the combustion phase of the flying object or by detection during the free-flight phase. The viewing direction of the sensors can be directed directly toward the earth or at an angle past the atmosphere.02-18-2010
20090127398Modular spacecraft - A modular spacecraft incorporating a launch vehicle interface design that also functions as a berthing or docking interface for the spacecraft. The vehicle interface utilizes existing launch vehicle components to minimize cost and time to flight. In addition, the spacecraft is constructed from off-the-shelf launch vehicle components that enable a low cost construction as well as a secondary payload carrying functionality.05-21-2009
20110127382Sky/space elevators - Sky/Space elevators structure comprises circle cylindrical structure provide multi floor Section levels. major center structure of center elevator provide transportations from Bottom cockpit levels to top cockpit floor levels.06-02-2011
20120286097METHOD FOR CLEARING SPACE DEBRIS - Disclosed is a method for clearing space debris in geocentric orbit, wherein, in geocentric orbit, a spatial region having a greater resistive force than atmosphere in the geocentric orbit is provided, space debris passing through the spatial region is decelerated by the resistive force, and the decelerated space debris is dropped from the geocentric orbit.11-15-2012
20120286098STABILIZATION OF UNSTABLE SPACE DEBRIS - Disclosed herein, in certain embodiments, is a method of altering the stability of unstable space debris. In some embodiments, the method further comprises changing the orbit of the unstable space debris.11-15-2012
20130175400Extending the Schwarzschild Derivation to a Pseudo-Spherical Space-time - This invention explains what anti-matter and black holes really are and how they can be used in a space ship to achieve space travel.07-11-2013
20130099059SATELLITE HAVING A SIMPLIFIED, STREAMLINED, AND ECONOMICAL STRUCTURE, AND METHOD FOR IMPLEMENTING SAME - The invention relates to a satellite having a structure that includes a circular launching interface ring and at least two main planar apparatus-holding walls that are substantially parallel to the axis of the ring and rigidly connected to one another and to the ring. Each wall directly bears on the ring by a base of the wall, and each wall is rigidly and directly attached to the ring by at least one somewhat point-by-point connection on at least one point or area of tangency or intersection with the base of the wall and the ring.04-25-2013
20110210208TECHNIQUE FOR DE-ORBITING SMALL DEBRIS FROM THE NEAR-EARTH SPACE ENVIRONMENT - System and method for inducing rapid reentry of orbital debris including determining a spatial extent of the orbital debris, and deploying dust to the orbital debris to enhance the drag on the orbital debris.09-01-2011
20130153709PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR A VEHICLE THAT LEVITATES - A levitation system of a vehicle is provided. This system allows a vehicle to levitate and move in all directions. The vehicle can travel in Earth atmosphere. Also this system could be used in space for space travel allowing accelerations never reached before and cover large distances with great autonomy. If a miniaturization of the system is successful, then the system could be applied in a multitude of already existing transport systems, as a complement or as a principal source of movement. Although the purpose of this invention is to levitate and move a vehicle in a three dimensional space, the same system is perfectly applicable to move a vehicle in a two dimension space. The centrifugal force is applied in this system and an internal or external source of energy is necessary to allow the system to operate.06-20-2013

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