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Mounted coil holder or spindle (e.g., dispenser or mandrel)

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242 - Winding, tensioning, or guiding


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242598000 Spindle disposed between supports 34
242596000 Opposed stub spindles 15
242597000 Free end spindle support (e.g., cantilever) 12
242594000 Simultaneously available supplies 10
242593000 Axial material delivery 7
242592000 Infinitely variable coil positions 5
20090134267Unwinding device for winding drum - An unwinding device for wound rolls includes a bearing element, a first support element and a second support element mounted on the bearing element. The first and second support elements are adapted to rotatably hold the wound roll on opposed sides. The first support element and the second support element are movable along the bearing element with respect to one another, such that a distance between the first support element and the second support element changes. The unwinding device also includes a drive mechanism adapted to move the first support element and the second support element along the bearing element. The drive mechanism includes a tensioner movable along the bearing element, and a first engagement member disposed on the first support element. The first engagement member is adapted to releasably lock the first support element to the tensioner.05-28-2009
20080258002Hand Held Toilet Tissue Dispenser - A media dispensing device comprising: a handle assembly having a longitudinal body with an axis extending therethrough, the body having a circumference ergonomically defined with a proximal and distal end, a spindle assembly comprising a pressure disc having a radius ergonomically defined, a thickness, and a first and second side with a central axis extending therethrough, and being substantially circular in shape with a center portion having an orifice therein, the center portion being further defined by a substantially frustoconical portion extending radially outward from the second side, the center portion being configured and dimensioned to receive the distal end of the handle assembly, the spindle assembly further having a plurality of longitudinal ribs radiating outwardly from the second side while being integrally formed with the disc and frustoconical portion, and, optionally, an end cap.10-23-2008
20100006693SPOOL ORGANIZER AND METHOD - A spool organizer includes an elongate trough, having end walls on opposing ends, a back configured for attachment to a generally vertical support structure, and a generally open top, whereby spools of elongate material can be placed side-by-sided in the trough in a generally upright orientation.01-14-2010
20080203215TELESCOPIC TOILET PAPER HOLDER - The present invention relates to an improved telescopic toilet paper roll holder which substantially deadens the sound of a roll of toilet paper while being rotated; self-aligns and snuggly holds either a uniform or misshaped roll of toilet paper in place, preventing axial play and mutilation of the paper edges; produces a slight drag while being rotated, preventing paper runaway. This improved holder is comprised of a foamed polymer tube encompassing two hollow cylinders having slightly different diameters, nested together through their inside ends and supporting felt covered pintles on their outside ends, with a helical compression spring inside the larger cylinder urging both cylinders to extend axially; cylinders are provided with a protuberant to keep them from coming apart.08-28-2008
20110073701Sod roll dispenser - A roller for moving, rolling and unrolling rolls of sod. The roller is generally comprised of a top portion including a side shift actuator and at least one attachment member for attachment to a vehicle, preferably a skid steer. The roller also includes a rotary actuator with a shaft, slidably attached to the top portion. A main frame consisting of a top member, side member, base member and an end gate, extends down from the shaft of the rotary actuator. The end gate of the main frame is configured to pivot open and closed. The main frame is configured to rotate with the shaft.03-31-2011
242595000 Peripheral coil support 2
20090308969Fishing line transfer assembly and kit - A fishing line spool support, line guide mechanism, and kit incorporating the same enables users thereof to transfer line from a spool assembly to a reel assembly. The spool support comprises a spool-bearing portion and opposed rails extending in parallel relation to one another away from the spool-bearing portion. A line guide mechanism rides along the rails and comprises spool interfacing structures borne by a carriage member of the mechanism for interfacing with the opposed rims of a spool as borne by the spool support. Together the carriage member and interface units provide line-guiding stop structure for preventing or minimizing line migration during line transfer.12-17-2009
20120267470Silt Fence Unwinder - A silt fence unwinder for manually unraveling and deploying a silt fence. The apparatus includes a base and a back, a front, and a central trough attached to the base. The back has a pair of panels attached to one another and is triangular in shape when viewed laterally. The front also includes a pair of panels but is preferably of an inverted u-shape in cross-section when viewed laterally defined by a rounded top, the rounded top joining each panel. As a result of this configuration, a wound silt fence can be situated between the front and the back within the central trough, and the leading edge of the silt fence can be continuously pulled over and away from the rounded top as the silt fence spins within the central trough and unwinds for use.10-25-2012
242591000 Discrete coil positions 1
20110139921CABLE DISPENSER - A stand for delivering coiled cable has first and second side elements, each of which has a wide flat base portion and a tall central column. First and second bottom braces are configured to connect the first and second side elements near the flat base portions. A third handle brace is configured to connect the first and second side elements near the tall central columns. A shaft is configured to be positioned between the first and second side elements, with the shaft configured to receive a cable spool, such that when the spool is positioned on the shaft between the first and second sides, cable from the spool may be allowed to be removed from the spool by spinning the spool on the shaft. The cable can not exit the spool and fall between the outside of the spool and the insides of the first and second side elements.06-16-2011
20080272224Storage rack for temporary irrigation system - A storage rack for an irrigation system, comprising at least a first pair of parallel rails arranged on a first substantially horizontal plane, operatively arranged to hold at least one spool, at least a second pair of parallel rails arranged on a second substantially horizontal plane, the plane located beneath the first plane, and the second pair of parallel rails located directly beneath the at least first pair of parallel rails, the second pair of parallel rails operatively arranged to hold at least one spool, cranking means operatively arranged to selectively engage and simultaneously drive two spools, where one of the two spools is located on one of the at least first pair of parallel rails, and a second of the two spools is located on one of the at least second pair of parallel rails.11-06-2008
20130082134Document Processing Apparatus Component, Document Processing Apparatus Assembly and Method for Operating the Same - A component is disclosed. The component includes a base member having an upper surface and a lower surface and a substantially tubular member attached to and extending away from the upper surface of the base member. The substantially tubular member includes a body formed by an outer surface, an inner surface, an upper lip surface connecting the outer surface to the inner surface and a document landing surface. The body includes a thickness (T) extending between the outer surface and the inner surface. The document landing surface is connected to the inner surface. The inner surface and the document landing surface define a cavity extending through a portion of a length (L) of the body. An assembly is also disclosed.04-04-2013
20100282891CABLE SPOOL WITH HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT CAPABILITY AND METHOD OF PERFORMING THE SAME - A spool and method of adjusting the same are disclosed. The spool is configured to provide a retainer for cable. The may include an upper flange, a lower flange, a plurality of access slots, a center portion, and a plurality of support legs. The support legs are configured to support the spool at a first distance above a securing surface, the support legs being adjustable to provide at least one additional distance that is different from the first distance.11-11-2010
20120292426Adhesive bandage dispensing arrangements - A bandage strip includes a plurality of flat adhesive bandage packages of conventional configuration, having sealed therein an adhesive bandage comprising a pad and an adhesive substrate for adhering to a patient and holding the pad in place on the patient's skin. The packages are adhered to an elongated substrate in end-to-end, spaced relation to form a flat, elongated bandage strip, with perforations in the substrate between the packages. A user can dispense a length of substrate, sever it at the perforations, and remove the bandage from the substrate for use in the conventional manner. In another embodiment, a flat adhesive bandage strip comprises an elongated substrate with at least one continuous strip of absorbent material on one side extending in the elongated dimension of the substrate and an adhesive portion adjacent each outside elongated edge of the substrate, with a release liner adhered to the adhesive portion and covering the pad. In this embodiment a user can cut off a desired length of bandage that is most suited to the application at hand. A bandage dispensing device is attachable to the wrist of a user for convenient dispensing of bandages from a strip of individually packaged bandages.11-22-2012
20120292427COMBINATION STRAPPING PACKAGE AND DISPENSER - Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a combination strapping package and dispenser that includes a first strapping coil holding compartment and a second strapping coil holding compartment configured to be nested together and to define a coil receiving or holding area. The combination strapping package and dispenser is configured to hold a strapping coil during shipment from the manufacturer or distributor to the end user and additionally during the use of the strapping by the end user such that the end user does not need to remove the strapping coil from the combination strapping package and dispenser. In certain embodiments, the combination strapping package and dispenser of the present disclosure is configured for mid-range amounts of coil which are easier to transport and use, is compostable, and requires less cost to ship.11-22-2012
20100237182DEVICE HAVING A LIFTABLE STRAP SUPPLY REEL - A device having a liftable strap supply reel includes a housing, a liftable mechanism and a pushing force generator. The liftable mechanism is pivoted on the housing and it has a first arm that is disposed with a rotatable strap supply reel. The liftable mechanism contains a home position, a critical position, and a lift-up position. When this lifting mechanism is positioned at the lift-up position, the pushing member generates a force to create a torque so that the strap supply reel stays at a height near a waist of a human. So, the strap supply reel can be lifted up to a height approximately near a waist of a human. It can be operated by one hand. In addition, it is convenient to repair or replace the strap.09-23-2010
20080308667TISSUE ROLL HOLDER - A tissue roll holder includes a sucking member having a threaded rod connected to and extending upwardly from a central portion of a flexible disc body, an abutting plate disposed above the disc body and permitting extension of the threaded rod therethrough, and a mounting seat disposed on the abutting plate for mounting a tissue roll and having a threaded hole that engages the threaded rod. When a peripheral portion of the disc body is pressed by a peripheral abutting portion of the abutting plate and is attached sealingly to a supporting surface, the mounting seat is rotatable about the threaded rod relative to the abutting plate so as to move the threaded rod and the central portion of the disc body upwardly away from the supporting surface, thereby forming a vacant space between the central portion of the disc body and the supporting surface.12-18-2008
20120187233RECORDING APPARATUS AND ROLL MEDIUM LIFTING DEVICE - A roll medium lifting device of a recording apparatus includes: an elevating unit that has a loading unit therein and can be raised and lowered in the vertical direction; an operation lever that is rotatable about a fulcrum; and a cam that performs force transmission by converting rotational movement of the operation lever in the vertical direction to vertical movement of the elevating unit at a position closer to the fulcrum in the operation lever. Further, when the operation lever is rotated to cause the cam to move the elevating unit upward, a portion of the cam that makes contact with the elevating unit faces to the moving direction when the elevating unit is moved upward.07-26-2012
20100025519ROLLER ASSEMBLY FOR WEB MATERIAL DISPENSER - A roller assembly in a wipe material dispenser has at least one pair of cooperating rollers arranged to feed the wipe material. The roller assembly comprises a first and a second roller, wherein each roller comprises a central longitudinal core on which is mounted a number of parallel and axially spaced discs. Each roller has regions of reduced diameter between adjacent discs, and the first and the second roller are located so that the axial location of the spaced discs on the first roller coincides with the regions of reduced diameter between adjacent discs on the second roller. A roller suitable for use in the roller assembly and a dispenser including such an assembly are also provided.02-04-2010
20100288868SPOOLING ARRANGEMENT FOR CONTINUOUS COMPOSITE SUCKER ROD - A coiling arrangement for a continuous composite sucker rod for a well sump includes a spool having a substantially cylindrical shape. A support structure rotatably supporting the spool about a rotation shaft, and for translatory movement. A guide arrangement moves the spool reciprocally such that the reciprocal motion of the support structure is along a direction that is parallel to the axis of rotation of the shaft. The rod is thereby accumulated on the spool in a spiral manner with minimal lateral deflection. In one form the spool is reciprocal relative to its support shaft. In another a support structure is reciprocal with the spool.11-18-2010
20120286087SPINDLE ADAPTER - A spindle adapter, comprising a cylindrical core having an interior surface defining an interior open space along a longitudinal axis of the cylindrical core through which a spindle may be passed, a number of pusher bases placed along the longitudinal axis of the interior surface of the cylindrical core, a number of pusher pins radially engaged with the pusher bases, and a number of ribs radially engaged with the pusher pins.11-15-2012
20130112802SHEET MATERIAL DISPENSER - A sheet material dispenser which may be coupled magnetically or with a clamp to an object such as a refrigerator, a vehicle, shelf, counter, barbeque grill or other suitable surface is provided. The dispenser comprises a generally tubular canister comprising a top portion, a bottom portion, and ends. The back of the canister may comprise a horizontal member extending between said ends. The horizontal portion further comprises a magnetic strip which permits the canister to be mounted to a ferrous object such as a refrigerator, vehicle, or barbeque grill. An end of the canister comprises a clamp adapted to permit the canister to be mounted to ferromagnetic surfaces as well as non-ferrous surfaces. Another end comprises a magnetic portion adapted to permit the dispenser to be mounted in alternative positions on various surfaces.05-09-2013

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