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242 - Winding, tensioning, or guiding

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242564000 With drive mechanism 44
242558000 With supply coil replenishment 40
242563000 With detector, indicator, or control 27
242551000 With attachment to preceding material 20
242557000 Mobile unwinding station (e.g., wheeled conveyance) 13
242566000 With particular guide or guard 13
242562000 With material end separator (e.g., doctor blade or jet) 11
242565000 With unwinding limit 2
20100084503Rewinding toilet paper spindle - A toilet paper spindle which is simple and effective at rewinding the amount of toilet paper and restricting the amount dispensed is disclosed and described. The toilet paper spindle can include a central spindle, an outer sleeve, and a rotation biasing member. The central spindle can include engagement ends which prevent or minimize movement of the central spindle with respect to the mounted spindle holder. The outer sleeve can be oriented concentrically about the central spindle and can minimize or prevent relative movement of a standard toilet paper roll mounted thereon. The rotation biasing member can be oriented inside the outer sleeve to allow axial rotation along a common axis between the outer sleeve and the central spindle during removal of toilet paper from the toilet paper roll. The biasing member also acts such that the outer sleeve returns to a biased position after removal of the toilet paper is complete effectively rewinding the roll.04-08-2010
20080315030Fiber optic rapid spooling tool - A spooling tool for paying out a fiber optic cable prewound on a spool region of a drop box or on an associated spool, when installing a cable at a user's premises. In one embodiment, the tool includes a base plate and a stud projecting from one side of the plate. An elongate arbor has one end secured to the stud in such a manner as to support the arbor perpendicular to the base plate. The arbor is dimensioned to pass through an axial passage in the box so that the box pivots on the arbor when the cable is unwound by an installer. A cap mechanism at the opposite end of the arbor retains the drop box on the arbor, and applies enough drag on the box to inhibit it from free wheeling on the arbor.12-25-2008
20110215187Toilet paper holder and dispenser system - The invention consists of a tower like container of height enough to hold 4 (but not limited to 4) rolls of toilet paper, stacked vertically, as they would appear on a toilet paper, and a headpiece above the tower that holds and dispenses a roll. The head piece (dispenser) consists of two arms that extend forward in a classic toilet paper holder manner; but instead of a long cylinder pressed between them with the help of a spring inside, there is a slot in the top of each arm where a short cylindrical piece sits to hold the roll like two fingers inserted into the ends of a tube, and is attached to a flexible strip of plastic or other material that would allow it to stay in place, yet flex upward and outward, when pressure is applied to it from below.09-08-2011
20090189009ROLLED PRODUCT DISPENSER AND HOLDER FOR USE THEREWITH - A holder appliance suitable for axially supporting a rolled product is disclosed having a holder and a rigid or semi-rigid root section. The holder includes a body having first and second ends and an engagement surface disposed therebetween contactable with a planar end surface of the rolled product, and a protrusion extending from the engagement surface toward the rolled product, the protrusion being engageable within an opening in the planar end surface. The root section is disposed at the first end and a tab disposed at the second end of the body. The tab extends radially away from the axis of the rolled product and axially away from the engagement surface. The tab has a greatest radial portion displaced from a plane defined by the engagement surface in a direction opposite to a direction in which the protrusion is extended. The tab has a contour that mirrors a user's thumb.07-30-2009
20090072071TAPING HEAD - Taping heads having an applying arm connected to a buffing arm are described. The taping heads include at least one buffing cam and buffing cam guide are described. Taping heads having two buffing cams and two buffing cam guides are also described.03-19-2009
20130126661CORD ORGANIZER - An illustrative embodiment of the present invention relates to a cord organizer having a base with first and second posts extending therefrom. First and second flexible nubs couple with the first post and the second post, respectively. The first and second flexible nubs each extend substantially outward from the posts and in a direction opposite and away from the other flexible nub. The result is a cord organizer device formed of two posts around which a cord may be wrapped in a figure-eight pattern. The flexible nubs at the ends of each post help to hold the cord onto the posts by preventing the cord from slipping off the ends of the posts on its own. However, when the cord is to be un-stowed from the cord organizer, the cord can be pulled straight away from the cord organizer, causing the flexible nubs to elastically flex to allow the cord to pass without requiring undue pivoting or rotating of the cord organizer, and further without causing twisting of the cord about its longitudinal central axis. The flexible numbs may be removable and replaceable to enable personalized customization of the cord organizer by a user.05-23-2013
20090127374CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE SCRAP REMOVAL FOR TAPE PROCESS - In one embodiment, an apparatus for removing scrap from tape material on original backing paper includes a supply reel, at least one cutting member, at least one heating member and/or cooling member, and at least one removal member. The supply reel is for supplying and unrolling tape material on original backing paper. The at least one cutting member is for cutting unrolled tape material while on original backing paper. The at least one of a heating member and a cooling member are for at least one of heating and cooling cut unrolled tape material on original backing paper. The at least one removal member is for removing scrap cut unrolled tape material from original backing paper.05-21-2009
20080251629Safety shield for use with the winch wheel of a boat lift - A safety shield (10-16-2008

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