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241 - Solid material comminution or disintegration

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241198100 Cooperating comminuting surfaces (e.g., jaw crusher) 157
241101010 Combined or convertible 114
241033000 With automatic control 99
241038000 Including means applying fluid to material 83
241277000 Rotating comminuting surface 74
241068000 With separation or classification of material 63
241168000 Hand support comminutor 63
241291000 Comminuting elements 60
241083000 Comminuting surface provided with openings to permit discharge of material 44
241285100 Comminuting mounting means, frames or other normally stationary structure 32
241370500 With means to protect operator from injury 29
241107000 Plural rotary or oscillatory surfaces cooperate with common surface (e.g., chasing mills) 28
241170000 Loose grinding body comminutor (e.g., ball or rod mills) 28
241100000 With independent removable or detachable material receiver or receiver engaging means 24
241191000 Rotary striking member, rotor structure 22
241065000 With temperature modification of material 16
241195000 Rotary striking member or hammer 15
241189100 Rotary striking member with circumferential or tangential flow 12
241274000 Stationary comminuting surface or material bed 12
241185500 Rotary striking member with feed or discharge conveyor or regulator 9
241152100 Series material flow only through plural comminuting zones 9
241098000 With agitator 9
241820100 Helical pusher inside tube moves material toward perforated member 8
241063000 With simultaneous control of interrelated feed, drive and/or surface positioning means 6
241188100 Rotary striking member with axial or radial flow of material 5
20130026271CONICAL IMPACT MILL - A conical impact mill has a rotor assembly (01-31-2013
20120097776SHREDDING CUTTER AND MACHINING METHOD THEREOF - A machining method of a shredding cutter includes steps of (a) assembling blades on a cutter shaft to be machined, and pre-locating the blades on the cutter shaft by a clamp; (b) rolling or extruding the cutter shaft at positions between the blades by a rolling cutter, so that the cutter shaft between the adjacent blades is formed with embossed parts on two flanks of each of the blades; and (c) withdrawing the rolling cutter, and each of the blades being fixed on the cutter shaft by the embossed parts on the two flanks thereof. A shredding cutter machined by the machining method mentioned above includes a cutter shaft and a plurality of blades, the blades are arranged on the cutter shaft with a predetermined spacing, embossed parts are formed on the cutter shaft between the adjacent blades, and the blades are fixed between the embossed parts. The present invention has a strong unitary structure, high precision, high yield, which is beneficial to reduce the processing cost and the cost of materials.04-26-2012
20080245913Conical-shaped impact mill - An impact mill including a base portion on which is disposed a rotor rotatably mounted in a bearing housing, the rotor having an upwardly aligned cylindrical surface portion coaxial with the rotational axis. The impact mill is provided with a mill casing within which is located a conical track assembly which surrounds the rotor to form a conical grinding path. The mill casing is provided with a downwardly aligned cylindrical collar which may be axially adjusted to set a grinding gap between the rotor and the mill casing. The rotor is provided with a plurality of impact knives complementary with a plurality of impact knives disposed on the inside top surface of the mill casing. In addition, the impact mill can be formed of separated conical sections. Finally, power is transmitted to the rotor of the impact mill by a synchronous sprocketed belt, accommodated by a sprocketed drive sheave, wherein the belt is in communication with a power source.10-09-2008
20090256017MIXING IMPELLER WITH GRINDING PEGS - The present invention relates to an apparatus and method of manufacturing the apparatus for grinding and evenly disseminating solid materials within a vehicle or carrier. More specifically, the apparatus of the present invention may be comprised of an impeller with a plurality of grinding pegs extending therefrom. The plurality of grinding pegs extend from two faces of the impeller wherein the grinding pegs work in concert with a plurality of grooves on the impeller to finely grind the solid material and improve the turbulent flow within the vehicle. The end result is that the impeller of the present invention improves the efficiency of finely grinding and evenly dispersing the solid particles within the vehicle.10-15-2009
20090134257Conical-Shaped Impact Mill - An impact mill including a base portion on which is disposed a rotor rotatably mounted in a bearing housing, the rotor having an upwardly aligned cylindrical surface portion coaxial with the rotational axis. The impact mill is provided with a mill casing within which is located a conical track assembly which surrounds the rotor to form a conical grinding path. The mill casing is provided with a downwardly aligned cylindrical collar which may be axially adjusted to set a grinding gap between the rotor and the mill casing. The rotor is provided with a plurality of impact knives complementary with a plurality of impact knives disposed on the inside top surface of the mill casing. The conical track assembly can be a series of assembled conical sections or one unit with varied number of serrations in either a vertical or sloped configuration. This flexibility allows for greater compatibility with the feedstock being milled.05-28-2009
241134000 Parallel material flow through plural comminuting zones 4
20090057451DUAL CONDIMENT GRINDER - A grinder having two condiment-receiving compartments each with a respective rotary grinding mechanism dispenses from one or other of the compartments depending upon whether a rotary input is turned clockwise or anticlockwise. First and second gear trains transmit torque between the rotary input and each grinding mechanism, with a one-way clutch provided in each gear train and an auxiliary gear allows both grinding mechanisms to rotate in the same sense.03-05-2009
20090020637MULTIPLE ROLL CRUSHER - A multiple roll crusher is provided for crushing of mineral material, more particularly of coal or oil sand. The multiple roll crusher includes at least three crusher rolls (01-22-2009
20080223967Enhanced ore communication process and apparatus - A method and apparatus for comminuting particulate material by interparticle comminution in a bed of particles are disclosed. The apparatus includes a vertical roller mill with a horizontal grinding table rotating about a vertical mill axis. At least one grinding roller presses resiliently against a bed of particulate material on the grinding track and applies a compressive force. The geometry of the mill is such that the roller engages the bed of particulate material with a substantially pure rolling action. This minimizes shear forces applied to the particle bed and minimizes the reduction of fines.09-18-2008
20090194620DROP-IN ANVILS FOR AN IMPACT CRUSHING APPARATUS - The present invention provides an impact crushing apparatus that includes a housing, a chamber defined within the housing, a rotor assembly for receiving material and throwing the material radially outward, a lid for closing the chamber, and a plurality of anvils positioned around the rotor assembly and configured to break apart the material. The lid includes a plurality of openings positioned about its perimeter and the plurality of anvils are slidably receivable in the plurality of openings, wherein the anvils include a top portion and a bottom portion having an impact surface configured to break apart the material, the top portion being supported by the top surface of the lid and the bottom portion positioned within the chamber such that the material collides with the impact surface of the plurality of anvils and breaks apart.08-06-2009
241273100 Multi-barbed comminuting face (e.g., grater) 4
20110290926ADAPTABLE MULTI-GRATER SET - An adaptable multi-grater set has a special wing configuration that allows it to be attached on different bowls and stewpots. The multi-grater set has side-accessories, such as the wings which can be put on an axis, a scale part, mini bowls, and different grater blades/slicers which can be fixed on the wings.12-01-2011
20100252669Food cutting device - A hand-held device for cutting food using a circular cutting motion is disclosed. The devise is comprised of a circular disk attached to an annular ring that is designed to be held by a user. The circular disk has one or more cutting edges oriented to cut food that is pressed against the circular disk and moved in a rotational direction. In one embodiment, a plurality of grating elements are used to grate food pieces such as cheese. In an alternate embodiment, cutting elements that cut slices and julienne strips are employed. An optional embodiment employs mechanisms that adjust the height of the cutting elements that cut slices and julienne strips. An optional food holding assembly may be incorporated in the device.10-07-2010
20090050723Cheese grater - The invention provides a food grater assembly comprising a base; an external cylindrical portion removably attached to the base; a grater disc disposed within and removably attached to the lower end of the outer cylindrical portion; an inner divider having a cross wall dividing the inner space of the inner cylindrical portion in two equal portions; said divider being able to rotate freely within the external cylindrical portion; a plunger disposed within the divider, said plunger having a plurality of annular ridges disposed along a portion of its length; said plunger portion having a closed bottom wall and a slot defined axially and longitudinally along a portion of is length; a pair of engaging strips flexibly attached to and disposed in the wall of the external cylinder, each of said engaging strips having horizontal ridges along a portion of the inner surface thereof for engaging and disengaging the horizontal ridges of the plunger; and a cap disposed on the upper end of the inner plunger portion.02-26-2009
20120199681ROTARY GRATER - A rotary grater includes a main body having a portion of one side formed from a resilient material. An internal grating barrel includes a plurality of grating teeth and is configured to grate cheese or other food items. The barrel is positioned for rotation inside the main body, such that cheese within the main body can be urged against the barrel by pressure against the resilient material, which will collapse as the food item decreases in size.08-09-2012
241166000 With comminuting member cleaner or scraper 3
20130175379Apparatus for Circulating Comminuted Materials - An improved scraper plate assembly is provided on a comminuting device having compliant rounded edges, sloped walls, and reduced height for placement along recycle flow paths within a comminuting apparatus when circulating subdivided waste material from between a pair of scissor rolls for further delivery to a scissor roll for further movement and subdividing of the subdivided waste material. A comminuting apparatus is also provided.07-11-2013
20090121061Robot system and method for unblocking the primary crusher - At present, the unblocking of the primary crusher is carried out manually or using mechanical equipment which means the crusher stops for a long time and is less available. There is also a high level of exposure to the risks associated to unblocking procedures.05-14-2009
20100206970DEVICE FOR COMMINUTING FEEDSTOCK WITH SCRAPING ELEMENTS - A device for comminuting scrappable feedstock by way of cutting or shear-cutting is provided that includes at least one rotor situated within a housing. The rotor has a plurality of rotary disks which are situated at an axial distance from each other, forming spaces, and which are fitted on their circumferences with comminuting tools which interact with additional comminuting tools to perform the comminution work. Stationary scraping elements extend into the spaces in the radial direction. To achieve a largely unhindered flow of stock through the device, it is proposed according to the invention to situate the stationary scraping elements in the dead zone of the at least one rotor with regard to the direction of stock flow.08-19-2010
241283000 Reciprocating comminuting surface 3
20100051732Connector and high frequency vibration device having the same - A connector is provided, which is applicable to a high frequency vibration generator of a high frequency disintegrator. The high frequency. vibration generator has an axially installed operational portion for outputting high frequency vibration energy. The connector includes a connecting portion axially connected to the high frequency vibration generator, an action portion axially extended from an end of the connecting portion, and an inlet and an outlet, which communicate with the action portion and are located on different planes from each other. A high frequency vibration device having the connector is also provided.03-04-2010
20110068206CRUSHER FOR CRUSHING A SILICON LUMP, AND SILICON LUMP CRUSHING APPARATUS HAVING A PLURALITY OF CRUSHERS - [Problem] A crusher which can transmit energy to be applied to a piston to a silicon lump highly efficiently, and a silicon lump crushing apparatus which can crush a silicon lump into small pieces by suppressing the production of powders as much as possible and enables the automation of the crushing work of a silicon lump.03-24-2011
20100206975BUCKET TYPE JAW CRUSHER - A bucket type jaw crusher comprises a hydraulic motor connected to one end of an eccentric main shaft, a flywheel connected to the other end of the eccentric main shaft, and a counterweight for balance adjustment fitted at an intermediate section of the eccentric main shaft between the hydraulic motor and the flywheel. A movable jaw teeth side load receiving section of a toggle plate is placed at an upper position than a bucket side load receiving section of the toggle plate, and while movable jaw teeth are reciprocated by rotation of the eccentric shaft, an object to be crushed is pressed against stationary jaw teeth by the movable jaw teeth via rocking motion of the toggle plate.08-19-2010
241284000 Mutual attrition or compression comminutors 3
20130026275Apparatus and Method for Processing Recyclable Asphalt Materials - Recyclable asphalt material is processed within a drum for delivery in a heated mass containing aggregate-sized pieces for reuse. The drum is mounted for rotation about a longitudinal axis and a mounting arrangement compensates for thermal expansion and contraction of the drum while enabling the desired rotation. The mounting arrangement includes at least one mounting ring placed coaxial with the longitudinal axis and spaced from the drum by a radial spacing. Support rollers support the mounting ring for rotation about the longitudinal axis, and links couple the drum with the mounting ring. Each link has one end coupled pivotally to the drum, and another end coupled pivotally to the mounting ring. The ends of the link are offset circumferentially relative to one another such that the link is movable to vary the radial spacing in response to thermal expansion and contraction of the drum relative to the mounting ring.01-31-2013
20130062449LIFTER BAR ASSEMBLY AND GRINDING MILL INCLUDING SAME - A grinding mill including one or more lifter bar assemblies mounted on a shell rotatable around a central axis thereof. Each lifter bar assembly is for lifting at least a lifted portion of a charge including ore, and includes a main portion for lifting and directing a main part of the lifted portion in a main part direction substantially orthogonal to the central axis of the shell. The lifter bar assembly also includes one or more terminal lifter bars located proximal to one or both of feed and discharge ends of the shell, for lifting and directing terminal part(s) of the lifted portion of the charge. The terminal lifter bar is positioned for directing the terminal part of the lifted portion of the charge at least partially in a terminal part direction which is substantially non-aligned with the main part direction.03-14-2013
20130206888PROCESSING METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE SOLID STEEL SLAG - A system for disposing high temperature solid state steel slag includes a working barrel (08-15-2013
241187000 Rotary striking member with moving cooperating surface or member 2
20130119174DEVICE FOR MICRONIZATION OF SOLID MATERIALS AND ITS USE - A device for increased micronization efficiency of solid materials. The device comprises a housing with two discs, separately driven by motors through axles, such that the discs rotate in opposite directions. Each of discs bears at least two or more wreaths of blades such that two adjacent wreaths that belongs to different discs do rotate, relatively one to another, in opposite directions, forming an area where micronization of material takes place. The wreaths of blades of different discs are faced one against another. All blades of wreaths are identical, in the shape of a “T”, and include three wings; two wings are dimensionally identical and set under the right angle, whereas the third wing is set dimensionally larger than the other wings. Centerline of all three wings meet each other in the center of the blade, on a circle that goes through half of the wreath.05-16-2013
20120325949DEVICE FOR MECHANICAL SEPARATION OF MATERIAL CONGLOMERATES FROM MATERIALS OF DIFFERENT DENSITY AND/OR CONSISTENCY - A device for mechanical separation of material conglomerates includes a separating chamber with a feed side and a discharge side, where the separating chamber is surrounded by a cylindrical separating chamber wall and has at least two consecutive sections, in each of which at least one rotor with impact tools, wherein the rotors have a rotor casing, the radius of which increases towards the discharge side, wherein the difference between the radius of the rotor casing and the radius of the separating chamber wall decreases from the feed side towards the discharge side, the directions of rotation of the rotor in the section facing the discharge side and the rotor of the section which lies ahead in the direction of the material flow are counter-rotating, and the rotational velocity of the rotors in the sections from the feed side towards the discharge side of the separating chamber, increases.12-27-2012
241320500 With sink drain stopper interlock 1
20100294866FOOD WASTE DISPOSER AND THREADED MOUNT SYSTEM - A food waste disposer and mount system has a threaded sink flange and a food waste disposer. The threaded sink flange has a tubular body portion and a flange portion extending radially outwardly from a top of the tubular body portion. The tubular body portion has a threaded portion. The food waste disposer has an upper food conveying section that includes a housing having an upper, annular portion having a threaded portion. The upper, annular portion of the housing of the upper food conveying section is threaded to the threaded portion of the tubular body portion of the threaded sink flange when the threaded sink flange is disposed in a draining opening of a sink to mount the food waste disposer to the sink.11-25-2010
241032000 With overload release means 1
20130186989PADDLE ASSEMBLY - A radially projecting member (e.g., a paddle assembly) including a pin having a head; a paddle pivotally engaged to the head; and a shear member engaged to the head and to the paddle, the shear member being constructed and arranged to fracture to permit pivotal rotation of the paddle relative to the head.07-25-2013
241099000 Bottle breakers 1
20080197222Flexible and sealed apparatus for disposing of fluorescent lamp tubes and other mercury containing bulbs - A reclamation system for breaking, consolidating, and shipping used fluorescent lamp tubes comprising a breaking chamber consisting of a flexible portion or tube where multiple lamp tubes are broken by being struck with a mallet. The breaking chamber is then ready to be packed and sent to a recycling depot. In another embodiment, the broken tubes are dumped directly from the breaking chamber into a receiving drum. When the drum is full, the breaking chamber is folded back and forth on itself and stored on the lid of the receiving drum. This seals the drum, without being opened in the field. A protective cap is then attached and the filled drum along with the breaking chamber is shipped to a recycling depot where it is emptied, cleaned, re-furbished, and returned to the field ready to receive another load of fluorescent tubes.08-21-2008

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