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241 - Solid material comminution or disintegration

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
241015000 With application of fluid or lubricant material 129
241025000 Combined 108
241240100 With classifying or separating of material 85
241030000 Miscellaneous 81
241023000 With heating or cooling of material 42
241005000 By utilizing kinetic energy of projected or suspended material 36
241027000 Subjecting material to impact by moving comminuting surface 33
241001000 By operations other than force of contact with solid surface 20
241028000 Wood and similar natural-fibrous vegetable material 18
241029000 Plural successive comminuting operations 16
241006000 Cereal and other seeds or seed parts 13
241022000 Application of solids to material 10
241003000 With solidifying, consolidating or shaping 7
241002000 With cell rupturing or liberation of contained liquids 6
241026000 By contact between relatively moving portions of material 6
241014000 Selective or differential comminution of mixed or bonded solids 2
20130181075METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR RECYCLING ASH - Methods and system for recovering metals from combustion ash containing ferrous and nonferrous metals, including the steps of providing a feedstock source of ash, comminuting the ash to substantially reduce the particle size and liberate metal particles therein, separating the metal particles from the comminuted ash by particle size to obtain ash with a reduced metal content, at least one ferrous product and at least one nonferrous product.07-18-2013
20130181076SIMULTANEOUS PRECONCENTRATION AND PRESELECTION OF AT LEAST ONE GROUP OF UPGRADABLE POLYMER MATERIALS ORIGINATING FROM GRINDING WASTE OF DURABLE GOODS AT END OF LIFE - The invention relates to a process for the simultaneous preconcentration and preselection of at least one group of used polymer materials of various compositions, as a mixture with one another and with contaminant materials, originating from the destruction, by grinding, of durable consumer goods that have reached the end of life, which can be recycled in the fields of plastics processing. This process is characterized in that it comprises, in order, a) a step of separation in a hydraulic medium, the density of which is adjusted to a value ds between 1.100 and 1.900, b) a step of separation of the supernatant fraction from a), a step of grinding c) the supernatant fraction from b), then a step d) of mechanical separation of the fraction originating from c) followed by a wetting step e) and a final step f) delivering preconcentrated and preselected used synthetic polymer materials.07-18-2013

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