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239 - Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing

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239583000 Reciprocating 202
239575000 And filter, sifter or screen 7
239581100 Rotary valving 5
20130075500SELECTABLE TAP OUTLET FLOW ADJUSTER - The present invention relates to a selectable tap outlet flow adjustor that is designed to change the water flow from a water tap/faucet to run or spray. The device includes a control disk for selecting the flow state comprising angularly spaced open voids spaced about an axis through which water passes when in use and a spray forming disk. The spray forming disk has angularly spaced open running voids spaced about an axis through which water may pass when in use and perforations in those parts of its body between the angularly spaced open voids through which water may pass at a reduced spray rate when in use. The spray forming disk and control disk are axially rotatable with respect to each other whereby the open running voids of the spray forming disk may be aligned with the open voids in the control disk.03-28-2013
20130161420SHOWER HEAD HANGER - A shower head hanger includes a three-way pipe, a bracket, a face lid, and a rotation valve. The three-way pipe has a rear end which is fixed to a wall. The three-way pipe has a lower end which is connected with a shower head through a tube. The three-way pipe has a front end which is in a forked shape to receive the bracket therein. The shower head is hanged on the bracket. The face lid is located at the front end of the three-way pipe. The three-way pipe has a side wall formed with a valve hole to receive the rotation valve which is used to control communication of the rear end, the front end and the lower end. The shower head hanger of the present invention provides a multi-outflow function for the user to take a shower in a different way.06-27-2013
20090184182NOZZLE APPARATUS - A nozzle apparatus for an agricultural crop sprayer, the apparatus having a control element adjustable using ah external power source for controlling the flow of a spray liquid from a spray line through at least one channel of the nozzle apparatus. Once the control element has been moved to a control position, the position is maintained without further need for external power. The control element may be a ball valve movable to simultaneously select two or more nozzle connections and also to vary flow through the selected nozzle connections.07-23-2009
20120074244ERGONOMIC TORCH REGULATOR CONTROLLER - A torch assembly having features enabling single handed operation. The torch assembly includes a flame control device that can be operated with a user's fingers while the user is holding the torch with the same hand. A controller apparatus of the torch assembly includes a trigger for actuating an on/off valve adapted to permit or stop flow through a fuel line, a regulator adapted to at least partially restrict flow in the fuel line and including a regulator valve, and a controller operatively connected to the regulator to adjust the position of the valve to vary the flow of fuel through the fuel line. The controller is interposed between the trigger and the regulator, and can include a rotatably mounted knob.03-29-2012
20130126645MULTI-FUNCTION OUTLET MECHANISM - The present invention discloses a multi-function outlet mechanism, it comprises a fixed unit, a rotary assembly and two outlet terminals, the fixed unit is provided with an inlet end; the rotary assembly comprises a handle and a control part, the handle is mounted to the fixed unit in a rotating manner, and the control part is arranged in the fixed unit; the outlet terminals are arranged on the fixed unit respectively, and water comes out of the outlet terminals simultaneously or separately along with the relative rotation between the rotary assembly and the fixed unit, the outlet effect of one of the outlet terminals is waterfall water. The present multi-function outlet mechanism integrates multiple outlet terminals into one body, the structure is compact, and the function is various, and the applicability is strong.05-23-2013
239574000 Serially arranged valves (e.g., trap or wet flow line) 4
20130043331Staged Cooling Flow Nozzle Valve - A fuel split control arrangement is provided. The arrangement includes a staged cooling flow control valve and cooling check valve. The staged cooling flow control valve and cooling check valve is connected between the primary and secondary tips of a nozzle in a turbine engine. The staged cooling flow control valve and cooling check valve includes a valve member arrangement operable to prevent fuel flow from the secondary fuel supply manifold to the secondary tip and simultaneously allow fuel flow from the secondary fuel supply manifold to the primary tip such that the primary tip receives fuel flow from both the secondary fuel supply manifold and the primary fuel supply manifold.02-21-2013
20100163654Pneumatic Spray Gun - A hand-held spray gun has a fluid inlet, a nozzle, and a fluid flow path configured to communicate the inlet with the nozzle. A trigger valve opens and closes the flow path. Another valve has a valve body that varies a flow area in the flow path upon moving through a range of positions. A thumbwheel rotates the valve body, which moves through the range of positions by rotating about an axis while remaining stationary along the axis. Additionally, a nozzle assembly includes a base part and a cap part that varies a fluid spray pattern upon rotating about an axis relative to the base part. One of those parts has a projection. The other has a pair of circumferentially spaced-apart stop surfaces defining opposite ends of an arcuate path of movement for the projection when the cap part rotates about the axis.07-01-2010
20100019068FUEL INJECTOR WITH AN INTEGRATED PRESSURE BOOSTER - Proposed is a fuel injector for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine. The fuel injector has a housing in which are arranged an injection valve element with a nozzle needle, a pressure boosting device, and a first control valve, and a second control valve. The first control valve controls a control space of the nozzle needle and the second control valve controls a differential pressure space of the pressure boosting device. A first return flow connection is provided for discharging the control quantity of the control space of the nozzle needle, and a second return flow connection is provided for discharging the control quantity of the pressure boosting device. The two return flow connections are arranged on different housing parts of the housing.01-28-2010
20100288856MANUAL SPRAY PUMP - Disclosed herein is a hand-operated spray pump configured to discharge a predetermined amount of content upon pressing a button and to suction a residual portion of the content in an end of a nozzle after discharging the content, the hand-operated spray pump including a housing forming the external appearance of the pump, a housing cap configured to seal the internal space of the housing from the outside, the closure configured to mount a container containing content in the housing, the closure being integrally formed with the housing cap, a stem configured to move upward and downward while being connected to the lower end of the button, the shaft configured to move upward and downward along the inside of the housing cap while being coupled to the outside of the stem, a piston configured to move upward and downward along the inner wall of the housing, a compression spring provided between a side protrusion formed at the upper end of the shaft at the side of the shaft and the housing cap, an opening and closing member configured to move upward into and downward from the vertical channel through the lower end of the stem such that the residual content in the nozzle is suctioned after pumping, and a sealing member mounted at the lower end of the stem in a state in which the sealing member is in tight contact with the outside of the opening and closing member inserted into the vertical channel.11-18-2010
239570000 Line fluid operated 4
20120298780CHECK VALVE FOR SPRAY NOZZLE AND NOZZLE TUBE - A check valve for a spray nozzle including a tubular valve body, a shut-off member and a valve seat, wherein the shut-off member is mounted for movement at least in a longitudinal direction of the tubular valve body. The shut-off member is connected to the valve body by a corrugated tube disposed parallel to the longitudinal direction, wherein the shut-off member is biased toward the valve seat due to the spring effect of the corrugated tube. The check valve is suitable for use in, for example, descaling nozzles.11-29-2012
20080237375Connecting tube structure - A connecting tube structure comprises a connecting tube, screw nuts, check valves, and a rotary water-sealing device wherein the connecting tube has a stop plate at one end to mount to a grooved seat of the rotary-sealing device and a cavity at the other end for the accommodation of one check valve with a movable plug supported by a spring to shut off water discharge from the faucet and prevent the return of dirty water. The rotary water-sealing device, having watertight O-rings adapted to the upper section and a V-shaped expanding side wall extending at the lower section, is sealed to the bottom and internal surface of the shower head and enclosed by the screw nut secured to the shower head, providing high-and-lower pressure water-sealing benefit as well as rotation in 360 degrees to prevent the connecting tube from getting twisted up and hindering the smooth transport of water supply.10-02-2008
20110220740PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE - The invention relates to a pressure control valve, particularly for a high-pressure accumulator body of a fuel injection system. The pressure control valve includes a housing and an armature assembly having an armature plate and an armature pin. The armature plate and an end surface of the housing delimit a volume that can be filled with medium taken from the high-pressure accumulator. The volume is reduced by a fill volume.09-15-2011
20100025499SANITARY INSTALLATION ELEMENT - The invention relates to a sanitary installation element (02-04-2010
239580000 Requiring separate insertable tool for adjustment 3
20100116911METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE CALIBRATION OF FUEL INJECTORS - In a method and a device for the calibration of internal combustion engines, in each fuel injector, at least one actuator element (05-13-2010
20130119166FUEL INJECTOR WITH INJECTION CONTROL VALVE SPRING PRELOAD ADJUSTMENT DEVICE - A fuel injector including an injection control device valve spring preload adjustment device is disclosed. The fuel injector includes a transverse access passage extending at an acute angle to a longitudinal axis of the fuel injector. The preload adjustment device includes at least one transverse slot that creates a cantilevered thread portion. The cantilevered thread portion is deformed at a deformation angle to a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis to form a locking feature.05-16-2013
20130015273Flow Shut-Off Valve For Sprinkler - In one embodiment, a sprinkler valve includes an actuator member that is rotatably disposed within a sprinkler head and restricted from vertical movement. The inside of the actuator member includes a helical groove within an inner cavity. A plunger at least partially fits within the actuator member's inner cavity and further includes a thread that mates with the helical groove of the actuator member. As the actuator member is rotated by a user, its helical groove causes the plunger to move downwards toward the top of a tube or water passage. If fully extended downward, the flat portion of the plunger fully covers and seals the top of the tube, preventing water from escaping from the sprinkler.01-17-2013
239579000 Movable terminal flow member controls valve 1
20090308955WATER SAVING SHOWER NOZZLE - The present invention pertains to a water saving shower nozzle mainly having a main body with a cavity defined therein, and the cavity includes a fan-shaped cavity and a funnel-shaped cavity. Particularly, a plurality of jets are driven by a quasi-blade device inside the fan-shaped cavity, and the funnel-shaped cavity comprises an outlet disposed thereon. In this manner, the jets driven by the quasi-blade device assist in instantaneously conducting less water into the outlet so as to save water; furthermore, by means of the jets performing in a periodical rotation and the configuration of the funnel-shaped cavity, the water can finally be formed in dense water drops and sprayed out from the outlet in multiple directions, thereby achieving the strong water power same to the conventional incessant showering by reducing the water flow.12-17-2009
20110198417PROCESS CHAMBER GAS FLOW IMPROVEMENTS - Embodiments of the present invention generally provide plasma etch process chamber improvements. An improved gas injection nozzle is provided for use at a central location of the lid of the chamber. The gas injection nozzle may be used in an existing plasma etch chamber and is configured to provide a series of conic gas flows across the surface of a substrate positioned within the chamber. In one embodiment, an improved exhaust kit for use in the plasma etch chamber is provided. The exhaust kit includes apparatus that may be used in an existing plasma etch chamber and is configured to provide annular flow of exhaust gases from the processing region of the chamber.08-18-2011
20100140379STACKED PIEZOELECTRIC DEVICE - A stacked piezoelectric device 06-10-2010
20090308954Coupling arrangement and fuel injector - A coupling arrangement for coupling a fuel injector to a fuel rail of a combustion engine, has a fuel injector cup having a central longitudinal axis and is coupled to the fuel rail at a first axial end area of the fuel injector cup, a housing of the fuel injector being arranged at the central longitudinal axis facing a second axial end area of the fuel injector cup, an O-ring seal being arranged between the housing and the fuel injector cup at an axially overlapping area of the fuel injector cup and the housing, a back-up ring being arranged at least partly circumferentially the housing such as to prevent the O-ring seal to be released from the housing, and a separating element being arranged at least partly circumferentially the housing between the O-ring seal and the back-up ring to prevent a contact of the O-ring seal with the back-up ring.12-17-2009
20130048760GAS GENERATOR ASSEMBLY - A gas generator assembly for a restraining device includes: a gas generator including, a housing, a cup-shaped diffuser having a gas discharge port and attached to one end of the housing, a cup-shaped gas flow controller assembled with the gas generator, an outer diameter of the diffuser being smaller than that of the housing, a gas flow controller having a bottom surface, a circumferential wall portion and an opening portion, the bottom surface being provided with a communication hole for allowing passage of gas flow, the circumferential wall portion surrounding the gas discharge port, the gas flow controller being attached to form a gap between a peripheral edge of the opening portion and the housing, and gas, discharged from the gas discharge port, colliding the circumferential wall portion, the gas flow being divided into both sides in an axial direction to flow out from the gap and the communication hole.02-28-2013
20090302135Protective Encapsulation - An electrical device such as a piezoelectric actuator is protected against permeation by injurious fluids such as fuel (diesel/gasoline) and water by encapsulating the device with a shape memory metallic material. The shape memory metallic material may be in the form of a tube manufactured to the required dimensions for encapsulation of the device. The tube may then be plastically deformed, such as by stretching, before being placed over the device and heated above its transformation temperature to recover its original shape. The invention is particularly suitable for protecting passivated piezoelectric actuators.12-10-2009
20130062439SEESAW CONTROL SHOWER - A seesaw control shower has a switch unit and a fixed unit with several outlet functions. The fixed unit has a groove to assemble with the switch unit and connect to the water source. The switch unit has an elastic pushing rod, a seesaw and a driving element. The first end of the pushing rod is connected to the groove. The driving element is and connected to the pushing rod. The seesaw is rotatably disposed inside the groove with one end as the axis. The other end of the seesaw has a W shaped inclined surface forming two apex angles. The second end of the pushing rod can withstand one of the two apex angles rotate the seesaw. The second end of the pushing rod can withstand one of the apex angles to rotate the seesaw.03-14-2013
20090008481COMBINED PRIME VALVE AND ELECTRICAL PRESSURE CONTROL FOR PAINT SPRAY PUMPS - A combined prime valve and electrical pressure control apparatus including a prime valve actuator, an electrical pressure control actuator, and a control housing containing the actuators, with each coupled to a single shaft having a cam assembly for selectively actuating the control apparatus to one of a prime mode and a spray mode and the electrical pressure control is operable within a range of pressure settings by movement of the shaft while the control apparatus remains in the spray mode. The actuators are oriented diametrically opposite and offset along an axis of the single shaft with respect to each other, and contact the cam assembly and respectively contact a lever for a prime valve and a pressure switch carrier. A setscrew in the carrier provides adjustment of the pressure at which the switch is actuated.01-08-2009
20100032503Multilayer Piezoelectric Element and Injector Using the Same - In a multilayer piezoelectric element comprising a plurality of piezoelectric layers and a plurality of metal layers which are alternately stacked one upon another, the metal layers includes a plurality of high resistance metal layers having a higher electrical resistance than adjacent metal layers on the both sides. The high resistance metal layers are regularly arranged so as to interpose a plurality of different metal layers other than the high resistance metal layers. In another multilayer piezoelectric element in which a plurality of piezoelectric layers and a plurality of metal layers are alternately stacked one upon another, at least one layer of the metal layers is formed by a plurality of partial metal layers disposed between the piezoelectric layers.02-11-2010
20080210787Fuel Injection Device For an Internal Combustion Engine Using Direct Fuel Injection - Disclosed is a fuel injection device comprising a housing and a valve element disposed therein and cooperating with a valve seat located in the area of at least one fuel discharge port. The valve element is composed of several parts while at least two parts of the valve element are coupled to each other via a hydraulic coupler.09-04-2008
20080245904Valve Arrangement - A shut off valve arrangement for use in a fuel injection system includes a shut off valve member operable between a closed position in which the shut off valve member is engaged with a shut off valve seating and an open position in which the shut off valve member is disengaged from the shut off valve seating to control the supply of fuel to the injector through a fuel supply passage. The shut off valve member includes a first surface that is exposed to fuel pressure within a shut off valve control chamber, a second surface exposed to fuel within the fuel supply passage and a third surface exposed to fuel pressure in a balance chamber, wherein the shut off valve arrangement is provided with a control valve for controlling the pressure of fuel within the shut off control chamber, thereby to control movement of the shut off valve member between the open and closed positions. The shut off valve arrangement is further provided with communication means between the fuel supply passage and the balance chamber so that a balancing force acting on the third surface due to fuel pressure in the balance chamber opposes an opening force acting on the second surface.10-09-2008
20120267456MEMBER JOINT AND SPRAY NOZZLE UNIT USING THE SAME - A member joint, in which a great rotating force is inevitably transmitted to a union nut connecting two members at the time of relatively rotating both the members, is structured such as to reliably carry out corotation prevention of the union nut, without complicating fixation of the nut and releasing of the fixation and without causing enlargement in size and deterioration of durability of a connecting portion. In a member joint (10-25-2012
20110139906FUEL INJECTOR - The invention relates to a fuel injector and, in particular, to a common-rail injector for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine with a multi-part injection valve element, which can be adjusted between an open position and a closed position. A first part and a second part of the injection valve element are coupled to one another via a hydraulic coupler, which is bounded radially by a first guide for the first part and by a second guide for the second part. According to the invention, at least some sections of the first and the second guide are surrounded at their outer radii by fuel under high pressure, and the pressure realized in the hydraulic coupler is lower than the pressure radially outside the guides.06-16-2011
20120104121FUEL INJECTION VALVE - A fuel injection valve that promotes formation of thin membranes of fuel within injection holes and promotes atomization of spray is obtained. Holes provided in an injection hole plate 05-03-2012
20100258655RAM AIR OUTLET DUCT - A ram air outlet duct (10-14-2010
20130126644Threaded Injector Mount - A system for mounting an injector to an exhaust conduit in an exhaust treatment system includes a boss having an externally threaded surface. The boss is adapted to be fixed to the exhaust conduit. A retention member is adapted to be coupled to the injector housing to transfer an axial load to the housing. An internally threaded nut includes a flange engaging the retention member. The nut threadingly engages with the boss to clamp the housing of the injector to the boss as the nut is rotated.05-23-2013
20090072054Fuel injection apparatus - A fuel injection apparatus for an internal combustion engine includes a fuel supply passage (03-19-2009
20110036932SPRAY APPARATUS - A spray apparatus is provided, which can prevent a disadvantage which can occur when falling down. A microcomputer of an apparatus main body sets a total spray counter to zero (S02-17-2011
20110017845INTEGRATED CONTROL CIRCUITRY AND COIL ASSEMBLY FOR IRRIGATION CONTROL - An irrigation control device comprises a coil adapted to develop an electromagnetic flux sufficient to cause actuation of irrigation equipment. Control circuitry is electrically coupled to the coil to receive control signals from an irrigation control unit and to control the flux at the coil. A spacer is configured to maintain the coil at a predetermined position relative to the control circuitry.01-27-2011
20120037729Insertion Type Fluid Volume Meter and Control System - An insertion type fluid volume meter and control system comprises a non-ferrous pipe, an electromagnet device, a pair of electrodes, a flow control valve, and a flow controller. The electromagnet device is for building up a pulsed square wave magnetic field across the conductive liquid flowing through the non-ferrous pipe. The pair of electrodes are disposed on outer surface of the non-ferrous pipe for detecting an electromotive force induced by Faraday's induction law. The flow control valve is disposed in the non-ferrous pipe for controlling amount of flow. The flow controller is configured to receive output signal consisting of the induced electromotive force from the pair of electrodes and control the flow control valve base on the measured flow amount.02-16-2012
20130146681Flow Channel Member, Liquid Ejecting Head, And Liquid Ejecting Apparatus - A flow channel member includes: an ink flow channel having a horizontal flow channel; a self-sealing valve disposed on the downstream side of the ink flow channel and configured to open and close the ink flow channel; a pressurizing unit configured to apply a pressurizing force to the ink in the ink flow channel from the upstream side; and an air bubble trap provided in the middle of the horizontal flow channel for storing an air bubble, wherein the air bubble trap includes an air-bubble permeable wall formed of an air-bubble permeable member configured to allow permeation of the air bubble and is configured to cause the air bubble coming into abutment with the air-bubble permeable wall to be a flat shape and to be pressed against the air-bubble permeable wall so as to bring the air bubble into surface contact with the air-bubble permeable wall.06-13-2013
20120312902BUTTON WATER-SAVING SHOWER - The present invention discloses a button water-saving shower, it comprises a body and a water-saving mechanism, an inlet passage communicating with the water resource and an outlet cavity are arranged in the body; the water-saving mechanism is arranged in the body in a up-and-down sliding manner, and comprises a pressing mechanism similar to the automatic ball pen and a floating cover connected to the pressing mechanism; the outlet cavity is communicated with the inlet passage and comprises at least one inlet hole of which the outlet sectional area is changed along the up-and-down movement of the floating cover. The shower can achieve the water-saving function through button and achieve the switching of the outlet functions through the water division unit with easy use and good practicability.12-13-2012
20130020414SPRAY GUN NOZZLE TIP WITH INTEGRATED SEAL AND AUTO ALIGINING FLUID PATH - A nozzle includes a body having a first bore and a first liquid inlet. A liquid tip assembly, including a second bore and second liquid inlet, is inserted into the first bore with the first and second liquid inlets axially aligned. Sealing rings between the liquid tip assembly and first bore define an annular fluid path coupling the first and second liquid inlets. The liquid tip assembly further includes a liquid opening that is sealed by an axially moveable fluid tip positioned in the second bore. A slidable seal is formed between the fluid tip and second bore. A front of the body includes an aperture configured to receive an air cap secured to the body by a retaining ring. The air cap includes an air opening associated with the liquid opening to provide atomizing air. The nozzle may be easily assembled and disassembled from a front of the nozzle.01-24-2013
20130181069SPRAY HEAD FOR A DEVICE FOR DISPENSING A FLUID PRODUCT - A spray head for a fluid dispenser device, including a hollow body having a substantially cylindrical sleeve and extending along a longitudinal axis (A), a substantially radial end wall provided with a spray orifice; and a spray profile upstream from the spray orifice. The spray profile includes at least one channel that is non-radial and/or non-axial relative to the longitudinal axis (A). The head, the spray orifice, and the spray profile are made as a single piece, the spray profile including a central pin, the internal end of the central pin, arranged inside the hollow body, being of shape that is conical or frustoconical, so as to guide the fluid towards the at least one non-radial and/or non-axial channel, the internal end forming an outlet valve.07-18-2013
20100301144Low-Flow Faucet Wand - The present invention provides a low-flow wand including a waterway and a flow valve. The waterway includes a flow path. The flow valve is disposed in the flow path. The flow valve is operable to control a rate of fluid flow through the flow path. The flow valve allows a low rate of fluid flow in a default mode and a high rate of fluid flow in an actuated mode.12-02-2010

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